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“I Bet Your Doctor Never Warned You of This Invisible Bone Burglar”

Ignoring This Can Sabotage Your Bone-Building Efforts

I’m referring to a bone burglar that creeps up on you in unexpected ways… and the worst part is that you may not even realize it.

“But I'm doing everything to increase my bone density”, you're thinking as you read this.

Sure, as a Save Our Bones community member, you know what to do to build your bones.

But you may have overlooked something that's crucial to your bone health: controlling stress.

Are You Anxious, Nervous, or Worried?

I know how that feels. Because we all have moments of increased stress in our lives. But more often than not, stress remains as a constant uninvited intruder that can wreak havoc in our wellness.

What Stress Does to the Body

It's no secret that stress can affect many aspects of your physical health, causing:

  • Digestive problems
  • A weak immune system
  • Skin disorders
  • Cardiovascular symptoms
  • High blood pressure
  • and more…

These are just some examples on how stress can negatively impact your health. And this might surprise you:

Stress Speeds Up Bone Loss

Stress raises levels of the “flight or fight” hormone cortisol, which has an acidifying effect on the pH. My regular readers already know this but it bears repeating. An acid pH is what causes calcium to leach out of the bones to correct the pH imbalance.

For that reason I bring you…

Save Our Serenity…

… Where you'll find everything you need to naturally control your stress levels so you'll protect your bones and your overall health. Save Our Serenity aims to help you avoid the damage caused by chronic stress. In it, you’ll discover tools for mitigating stress in realistic and natural ways to help you…

Achieve a Calmer, Happier and Healthier Life

In Save Our Serenity I show you little known techniques that help you:

  • Identify your stressors
  • Eliminate or reduce sources of chronic stress
  • Accept and manage unavoidable stress

And the best part is that you'll discover how to do all of the above with the help of 100% natural stress busters, including delicious foods, fragrant herbs, supplements and even fun activities.

But that's not all. In addition to discovering what works and what doesn't work to naturally control the stress in your life, in Save Our Serenity I give you the tools to create…

Your Own Individual Stress Reduction Plan

In Save Our Serenity I've removed all the guesswork so you can effectively get rid of the stress in 4 easy steps that will work best for your individual lifestyle. In other words, you'll be able to create your own stress reduction plan based on your specific circumstances and needs.

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