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As a member of the Save Our Bones community, I'd like to share ‘Simplecise!' with you for FREE as a thank you for spreading our message.

‘Simplecise!' reveals the no-work workout for healthy and strong bones… and it’s all backed by scientific studies. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking optimal bone health without drugs and makes a perfect companion to the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Imagine being able to do do a complete bone health workout while doing your everyday chores and activities. Finally, you can workout without changing your regular daily routine and not even break a sweat. I’ll show you how, and it’s all FREE.

In fact, here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover inside my new report ‘Simplecise!':

  • The secret to bone strengthening and the one thing you can do to “supercharge” the process.
  • The one type of exercise that is significantly more effective than all others… the answer may shock you.
  • How the key to an effortless bone health workout lies in a little-known NASA study
  • And much, much, more!

Feel free to share ‘Simplecise!' report with friends and family.

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Note: If you don't follow the instructions above, the file will not be saved to your hard drive.

The report is in PDF format. To open PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You probably already have it. If you don't you can download a free copy here.

The Top 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Damaging Your Bones... And More!

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  1. Oana Milton

    Hi Vivian, Thanks for sharing the fitness report. Do you want to have a good shape leg without looking at them like a bodybuilder or professional athlete? One simple way of achieving is that leg raise exercise. But for optimum toning and stronger leg muscles, you must add more resistance by adding weight for example ankle weights in your workouts. Read More:

  2. mylene

    HI Vivian I am reading your book and would like to know if Alfalfa is acidifying or Alkalizing because on page 133 under Silicon it is acidifying and on page 102 it it is Alkalizing food. Could you let me know which is correct as we eat a lot of Alfalfa. Hope to hear from soon. Regards Mylene.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Mylene, alfalfa is alkalizing! I apologize for any confusion. 🙂

  3. Kay

    Hi Vivian,I am diagnosed with spontaneous intracranial hypotension. CFL.The rupture is in the thoracic spine.I need to lose 10 lbs,my lumbar is also a mess.Because of the cfl I am not able to stay upright for a long period time.i am doing treatments including blood patches.Is there a program you can recommend for me?Looking forward to hear from you.

  4. sylvia


  5. Walter O. Lituan

    does it mean that the pharmaceutical companies are fooling the people just to have a big sale on their milk product?

  6. Christal Swickard

    I just received the Osteoporosis Reversal Program a week ago. I have switched my drinking water and started eating the food in the right proportions. I have been looking for the calcium to take and discoved one product that also has strontium citrate with it. What is this and should it be avoided?

  7. diane

    Thank you very much for sharing your Simplecise report with us.It makes a great deal more sense and is easy to do at home.I already go to a gym 3 times a week,but this sounds really easy and less stressful on my joints!Thanks again.

  8. Leonard Green

    Hi Vivian,
    I used to be an athlet and still do a lot of workouts though I feel more pain. Your recommendations are good. I like walking outside for a long time. It’s good idea to wear weights at home but it should be done with many precautions. I wear heavy wellness belt to avoid pressure on a bit crooked backbone. The weight for legs: I have hip tendon sprain and so I can try very small weight. Jogging is also good but on the even mild surface (soft ground,etc). Look at the technics of jogging. Walking is also should be done not on asphalt. Snikers should be special (very soft) So the word IMPACT should be understood properly. Slight jumping on the good surface and with the good snickers is O’K. Dancing is O’K with the same idea but without weight of the whole body on one leg. Ski is O’K. Long standing position is bad. I use sporting belt when I do cooking. By the way for doing all exercises it’s necessary to do some preparations:
    – warm up (running or fast walikng in am ; I do it on the stairs and outside)
    – and this is very important – stretch exercises for the BACK and other
    If you have questions, please ask
    Thank you

  9. Coral Vorster

    Please can you email me the note pages where i can monitor my progress on. Tt appeared briefly then disappeared.
    many thanks

  10. Dee

    Hi Vivian, I was surprised that I was unable to download your latest excwrcises as I have been able to get every thing else. My anti-virus will not let me open your program.

  11. Velma Sturm

    Vivian: Have enjoyed the comments and suggestions. THANK YOU very much for ‘telling ‘me the truth about our bones!
    Velma Sturm

  12. Velma Sturm

    Am in a nursing care home; all the water is”florid”; either ice, or water…what to do? Right now, I am in bed with an incredible head cold. Am using hot lemon water; drinking lots of water. Is there a way to decrease the effects the ‘florid?

  13. Dr Kandan

    Dear Dr Vivian

    I hope we (( Renmedy without medicine). I am going to have a speek, about you and your experience, and taking your litratur as refference, This will be helpfull, that you becomde more famous and to make the reader in arabic countries to have attention to your efforts.
    I hope you can take this in consideration and yo support me in my activity.
    Waiting for your more commet

    Best regards
    DR Kandan

  14. Emily Mkandawire

    This is very exiting and i love sharing with freinds. Idont like seeing people sufering when i have the knowledge. Keep it up.

  15. Bee

    Several contributors have mentioned the shock/surprise they had when they were diagnosed with osteoporosis, despite having done all the right things (diet and exercise)and having no obvious risk factors. I had exactly the same reaction myself when I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in hip and lower spine. I have been prescribed alendronic acid and calcium/D3 tablets.
    According to the radiologist who gave me my DEXA scan, 80% of our bone density is genetic and therefore only 20% can be changed/affected by exercise,diet or lifestyle. Hence calcium tablets and medication must have their place, especially in older people whose calcium absorption is not as good.
    Look to your family history. My mother and aunt both lost height noticeably as they aged and my sister, 3 years older than me, has already lost 2 inches! I, on the other hand, have lost barely 1/8th inch in height but at 65 already have osteoporosis. The whole thing is extremely frustrating and you have to make your own decisions!
    Many thanks to Vivien for all the invaluable information she sends out. The more we know and understand, the better able we are to take action.

  16. Barbara Ferguson

    I received my book Saves My Bones and I have started to put some things in action. Today I printed the Simplecise and I want to use the weights, I have a wrist weithts but I can also use it on my Ankles, I have been doing the excerises, but now I think that the weights will be a lot better to do and easier for me, but I will still do the stretching. I started a few days to walk with the wraist weights, I was walking all the time but without weights, so tomorrow I will switch to the ankle.

    But I cannot get into the web site with the weights, they say it is not for new members.
    So please let know.

    Thank you.

  17. Joyce Birnbaum

    I meant 80/20 balance! Sorry.

    Perhaps you can show me some sample meals that would help me.

    I intend never to go back to Bonita or Fosamax. It is far better to just take my chances with proper nutrition and exercise but I couldn’t download you exercise program!

    • Beverly Huneycutt

      I have been dianosed with osteoporosis and have ordered the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. It has not arrived and I need help with meal planning.

  18. Joyce Birnbaum

    I need an explanation on how to apply the 80/40 balance to my meals.

    Please answer.

    Thank you.

  19. Joyce Birnbaum

    Do you have recipes that show the 80/20 balance? I don’t know how to apply it to my meals.

  20. Joyce Birnbaum

    I have already purchased the book. I am looking here for the exercise publication you ae referring to but it doesn’t come up!

  21. Susie Clark

    This booklet that advises wearing weights at home instead of walking, jogging, or doing other weight bearing (meaning your OWN weight at earth’s gravity) exercise is putting one’s own health (and safety) at the bottom of the list. As previously mentioned, Mayo Clinic advises against wearing ankle or wrist weights. Also, learning to enjoy a good walk three or four days a week is good for spiritual and psychological health as well as your bones, circulation and heart. So, I would advise just using alkaline foods, the 80/20 rule is a standard, drink water, stay with organic produce (no pesticides (which are always acid as well as toxic) and learning to enjoy an evening or morning walk. Using hand weights for specific exercises can also be bone building, but should be taught or learned from an expert. Good luck to all.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Walking is indeed an excellent weight bearing exercise, Susie. And in Simplecise, In Simplecise I write about wearing weights (with a warning to never wear ankle and wrist weights at the same time) around the house only while doing regular chores, not to use them during walks.

  22. wwwmarge

    Cardiovascular Exercise

    The Mayo Clinic does not recommend the use of any size ankle weight for cardiovascular exercises such as running or walking. Ankle weights can put excessive strain on the joints, which can increase your risk of injury. It’s better to increase the intensity or duration of your cardiovascular exercise routine.

    Read more:

  23. Barbara Bassett

    I have had 4 bone tests; results – fine, then osteopenia, osteoporosis and then osteopenia again. After the 2nd test I was prescribed Fosomax, quit in a few weeks, then prescribed Boniva, quit that too, both because of side effects I couldn’t tolerate. The bone tests and all the hype about osteoporosis feels like a gimmick to me. I watch what I eat and exercise, also do all my own chores and take care of a sick husband. A little low back & hip arthritis, otherwise doing ok. Thanks for all the good advice.

  24. shakuntlla

    i have not used you program as yet.No comment.

  25. ARLENE

    Vivien, I have stuck to your Osteoporosis Reversal Program pretty much and used the ankle and wrist weights throughout the last year. My recent bone scan proved your point, I have gone from osteoporosis to mild osteopenia during that period. I will continue your program and spread the word.
    Thanks, Arlene

  26. Micki Kline

    Thank you Vivian!! Now I know an angel.

  27. Margarita

    Thank you again, Vivian, for all your good work and precious help! Just now, I don’t have any interested friends to share this new information with by e-mail but, of course, I will do that when I see them and talk to them.
    Best wishes from Margarita

  28. Ruby Warren

    Hello Vivian:
    I just now ordered a copy of “Osteoporosis Reversal Program” I am 77 & been told I have osteoprosis
    also virtually bone on bone in my right shoulder. I took Fosamax for a few months a few years ago, then ONE dose of Reclast, got to researching & decided it wasn’t for me. I also have back pain much too often, have had both ankles broken a few years ago, so I can use all the help I can get to save my bones.
    I lost my husband two years ago & have to do everything myself so I really need help.
    I am looking forward to learning all I can do in addition to the exercise I already do,from the “Osteoporosis Reversal Program”.
    Thank you so very much for the opportunity.
    Keep up the good work, I know everyone appreciates the help, I certainly do!

  29. goldie

    I once saw a clip of Vivian demonstrating 2 exercies for increasing bone density in the back, where can I find it?

  30. Yvonne

    Hi Vivian: I thoroughly enjoyed your free booklet. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis over 10 years ago and have never taken a drug. Your way, is the way. Big PHARMA will not be too happy.

  31. Anna Marie

    I would like to review your report on Simple Exercise but was not able to down load it even though I have an Adobe Reader 9???? Also, I do not like to involve my friends on what I feel is personal to me as a marketing technique….

    • Ann

      I can’t download the exercises either. I would love to see them!

  32. Szczuczynska

    Many thanks for the advice on bone preservation
    and building. Sounds very sensible and likely
    to be more effective than the daily calcium/
    vitamin D supplements which my doctor has
    recommended. I believe too much calcium can have adverse effects on the body. I shall send him a copy of your report. (Doctors still have a lot to learn about human physiology, don’t they?)

  33. mary braunger

    I received your Osteoporosis Reversal Program book and was sorely disappointed. I paid close to $70 for a soft-cover book similar to books that can be purchase in any bookstore for a mere $15-$20. (I’m returning it for a full refund.)

    And the download book on exercise is misleading as well. There is no indication of any bone-strengthening exercise except for the mention of walking and moving around the house… AFTER we have purchased the weights you suggest.

    I feel like I’ve been exploited.

    Mary Beth Braunter

  34. Ange

    I have been unable to download the Simplecise report.
    I am finding the information on bone health very interesting. I can relate to many of your readers concerns as I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at an early age and was given prescription drugs as the cure. I did not have the script filled but looked for alternative advise instead.
    I have just had one parathyroid gland removed as blood test showed to much calcium showed up in my blood and supposedly it was getting it from my bones causing a depletion of bone calcium.The parathyroid gland was enlarged.
    Have you had any knowledge of this happening to anyone before.

    • Sharon

      Hi. Two doctors wanted to remove my parathyroid but weren’t sure which one to take out so they wanted to
      leave 1/2 of one. It was not inflammed at all.

      I went to a wonderful doctor in tucson, AZ and took natural supplements for a long time. now my parathyroid is okay.

      he said the cause in my case was from the hypothalamus which controls the glands. I took supplements for that also.

      haven’t taken a new bone scan yet.

      how did you like this e-book? I haven’t gotten it yet.

  35. mary Deacon

    i have been unable to down load the simplecise report

  36. Karen Winger

    I enjoyed your book “Save our Bones”. It
    confirmed my belief to go natural and avoid the
    much hyped drugs. My doctor is mad at me.

    Would you please tell us your exercises with the chair? The audio version is hard to remember. Something that we can download on
    paper would help a lot. We can refer to it
    everyday. Thank you so much for helping our bones.

  37. Dottie

    I was a nurse and in that capacity I stood for many hours, walking and lifting, pushing and pulling. I was a single parent, of 2 with no other financial help so I worked and worked…

    I worked two 16 hour shifts on the weekend, my norm, went to bed and woke up with fractures in two of my toes. The x-ray was neg. for fractures, but I knew they were broken. Six months later, I had to fight for an order for a repeat x-ray. The new x-ray showed old fractures in the 2 toes. I was 44 years old.

    No doctor ever suggested that I get a bone scan just, “Stop working so much.” Recently at age 57, a new doctor ordered a scan which showed I now have severe osteoporosis, have lost several inches, and according to my scan, my right hip is about to break. I no longer can work and I suffer in pain every day. Oh, by the way, right before the scan, I had blood work done and my calcium level was normal, but the vitamin D level was low.

    I am very scared because I took the Reclast infusion at the doctor’s recommendation and I now find out it has bisphosphonates in it similar to the type they put in laundry detergent and it doesn’t promote bone growth. None of them do except one that you have to inject daily and it has risks of causing bone cancer.

    I will gladly accept any suggestions anybody can give. Thank you for your time.


  38. Josephine

    I am very interested in a natural alternative to increase my bone density. After a dexa scan following a fracture, I was found to be way down the scale, with osteoporosis. Concerned by the diagnosis, I followed the prescribed regime and for 18 months was on aldronic acid, when the extreme acidity of it made it impossible for me to continue. Since then, approximately a year ago I have been taking Protolos which has not caused me any noticeable problems so far. I have only recently connected to the internet and have now read up on the long-term problems which can result from these drugs, as well as the Adcal which was also prescribed. I would like to go ahead and order the book but need to find the money first. It is wonderful that Vivian has taken the trouble to document the pitfalls of the drug therapy and offer advise on a safer appoach.

    • Marlene

      Hi, I am 56 years old and have been diagnosed with sever osteoporosis.(5 months ago) I started taking Boniva out of sheer fear of what was going to happen to me. The side effects have been so bad I have decided not to take it any more. I too have financial problems that kept me from purchasing the Save our Bones Program. But I just purchased it yesterday the program was only a little more than what my Boniva was costing me. If you can not figure out a way to purchase it the library has some good books on homeopathic, diet, and exercise programs. The books I got were very helpful but I still can’t wait to get Vivian’s program. Good Luck

  39. Liz V

    I just received my Save our Bones Program Book…After receiving the devastating news from my last Bone Scan I can’t wait to start…I will keep you updated… Thanks you for giving us a choice.

  40. Susan B.

    I spoke before the US Senate a few years ago on the topic of osteoporosis . Would you be willing to mail me a free copy of your book and information? I speak before the public and would be happy to promote your book when asked questions. I,like you feel that the experience has taught me a lot. Thank you. Sincerely, Susan Burdick If you e-mail me I would be willing to give you my address and any contact information that you would need. Thank you for what you are doing to help others! Susan

  41. Loura

    Thanks so mach for all Your E-mails.I move forward very slowly. My English no good enough.I am Russian-speaking. But I enjoing reading and axploring the way increase bone density. Thanks for the information.

  42. joyce lesley

    I have not been able to download the Simplcise booklet.

    Joyce Lesley

  43. joyce lesley

    I truly enjoy my “save our bones” book which I received this past week.

    It is really informative, and easy to read.

    Joyce Lesley

  44. sheila

    Thanks for your e-mail i enjoy reading them. I don’t know what i have was told after my bone scan to take 1500mg of calcium 1000mg of vit.D. My doctor call left a message on my answering system that i have very mild age related bone loss and to repeat bone md in 3yrs . I am concerned about my bone health. I am 63yrs. i was 142lbs in weight but ikeep losing pounds since Nov. 2009 when i was given seasonal and HINI vaccine together now iam 120lbs.I was 5ft 8ins. in height now5ft 7ins.I do not know what to do i try to download simplecise report nothing happened.

  45. Adele

    I am feeling more positive about the future – I am enjoying reading the emails and responses from others.

  46. Carmela Gerace

    I AM ENJOYING YOUR E-mails immensely

  47. sheila

    thankyou for the bone exercise plan is it enought for me to follow your plan and program i am on arimidex for breast cancer

  48. Jackie Waite

    I’ve taken one form or another of “bone meds” for almost 11 years. Thank God I found this site and had a good dialog with my doctor that I was no longer taking meds. He agreed!!!! based on my personal health and exercise and eating program. (I am now waiting for my book on what foods to eat, etc. from “saveourbones” I am very excited to start. I LOVED YOUR Simplrcise advise. I just bought wrist/ankles weights and have not used them yet because I thought I had to be doing an exercise program to be wearing them. I hadn’t thought to just wear them around the house. DUH. Thanks so much – these will be my weekend workouts.

  49. ilse lofgren

    Got your book. Thank you for doing all the research for this importand cause. I am 73 and my Dr. wanted to put me on the osteoperosis medication, but after reading up on it I declined to get involved. I have been trying to do my own thing with Wateraerobics and Turbosonic Vibrating Machine at my chiropractic Dr. office for about 2 years, and it seems to be helping.


  50. ilse lofgren

    Got your book. Thank you for doing all the research for this importand cause. I am 73 and my Dr. wanted to put me on the osteoperosis medication, but after reading up on it I declined to get involved. I have been trying to do my own thing with Wateraerobics and Turbosonic Vibrating Machine at my chiropractic Dr. office for about 2 years.


  51. Dodie Sher

    You sound like a very nice person who has a lot of empathy. Your letters are very informative. Thank you for such important notes


  52. sandra welsh

    i was diagnosed with established osteoporosis i realy dont know what that means. if it is all my bones i just dont know. i am on aledronic acid and calcium tablets i also have crohns disease i am on steroids i have been on them for over a year and that worries me. i was away getting a mri scan on my spine and my back.

  53. karen

    i am lactose and gluten sensitive. will your diet program be all wrong for me? i know in your book you offer ways of eating certain foods together…am interested in getting your book. i do have osteopenia just had my scan done. ugh. hip and spine. i was told to take 1,200 mg. of calcium and 1000 mg. vit. d. and see you back in 2 years for another scan. i can’t believe that is all these dr’s are telling us to do.

  54. kate

    In reading the comments in which women say they do all the right preventive things and still get osteoporosis …. is it possible that T-scores and Z-scores are purposely skewed to show BMD loss? In other words, you can’t win for losing with that DEXA! That way, your MD or health care provider automatically recommends a bisphosphonate drug (ie Fosamax, Boniva, etc.) and pharmaceutial companies take your money and laugh all the way to the bank!!

    • Maddie

      I believe the DEXA results are linked with the drug companies plan to SELL MORE DRUGS….I believe doctors get rewards for making quotas…I am 53, healthy, I ski, sail, kayak, bike, etc…I had a bone scan and was told I had -2.5 results in a scan, given a prescription for fosamax. No one even offered an alternatine natural diet/exercise plan (as if I needed one)!! I don’t eat meat, I have been eating spinach, kale, lentils. yogurt, kefir for years. I have been taking calcium with D for years, I work on a boat, so I get plenty of sunshine….I am very confused by my diagnosis. I am trying to learn all that I can about bones.

      • Teri

        I too was shocked. At 50 I had a score of
        -4.5 in my spine. I’m an exercise instructor and vegetarian. I have even grown 1/2 an inch in the past 2 years. I think I grew from teaching yoga 5 times/ week. Still aren’t people with osteoporosis suppose to shrink? It doesn’t make sense. I also walk alot and teach aerobics. What Vivian says makes sense to me. I’m not going to take the drugs.

  55. kate

    Great info! I have used leg and wrist weights for my workouts for years, so nothing new there. Still got osteoporosis, though, according to my primary care physician. However, i just purchased a weight vest and wear it daily for an hour. I am currently searching for a listing of optimal supplements and nutrients to take for my weight, condition and age. That would be very helpful and much appreciated!!

  56. Suzanne McNeal

    I am following your diatary and supplement guidelines, but am unable to exercise my lower body and put any stress on my feet. I am wearing a strap-on cast right now. I have experienced a second stress fracture in my right foot within six months. I am able to go to the gym and work on my upper body, but nothing for my legs/feet. I have ordered a DVD entitled “Sit and Be Fit” and plan to use same to get an aerobic workout until my feet are stronger. I have been diagnosed as in osterpena. — Thank you for providing me with information that obvivously need.

  57. susan atwell

    I had come across a clinic specializing in osteoporosis just prior to finding you.Can you contrast your advise/work in this are with the Women to Women program in Maine.?I do not want to be confused as I attempt to treat the osteoporosis I have.
    Thank you
    Susan Atwell

    • Allison Ifferte

      Hi Vivian:

      Your exercise report is fabulous….but someone mentioned to me that wearing a weighted vest around the house several hours would also put pressure on the spine without a workout….I truly need your opinion. Thanks again, Allison

  58. helene lafontaine

    I am very interested in your book but would like to see the table of contents before purchasing it. Thank you very much.


  59. Elaine Koretsky

    I am following the directions in your book, but a few items are confusing.
    Olive oil is listed as alkaline, but olives are acidic. And I do not understand the role that rice plays in the alkaline/acid thing.
    Please reply.

  60. jeanne

    Am 64. Pelvic fracture (from tripping), a year ago, severe osteoporosis due to Graves diseases (resolved) and hyperparathyroidism (resolved thru surgery). Now dealing with Arimidex due to BC. Any suggestions re: exercises, etc? Would appreciate speaking with you- I have one free consult with you( bought your program) but do not know how to arrange it. Please let me know. Thank you!

  61. Susan Ring

    Hi Vivian,

    I take a super supplement called Vemma. It has 65 trace minerals and 12 vitamins in a 2 oz. liquid serving. It has 1000 mg. of Vit. D3. It is the best supplement on the planet. I too was diagnosed with Osteopenia and also take red rice yeast capsules as opposed to the traditional meds on the market. I had a Dexa scan this year after going off Vemma for 6 months (personal reasons) and was really sorry. So, now I take between 2-4 ounces of Vemma a day. I also take calcium and magnesium
    daily, eat lots of kale and other greens plus do 20 minutes of intense exercises and can really tell a difference when I stop taking my regimen.You can bet I won’t be stopping any time soon!! In 2 years, I will have another dexa scan and hope that it radically improves.

    The exercises I do are 5x a week and I love them. I know you said you don’t publish the email, but you can. My email address for Vemma is

    Thank you.

    • Carolyn

      Found your reply to Vivian very interesting. Have just joined her website a few weeks ago.

      Wondered if you would mind commenting on your execises in more detail. Also, did you go off your vitamins and then back on because of bone loss?

      Thank you for your time,

  62. maria Fama

    I head my bone test donne for the frist time sex months ago and the docttor sad you have it, i was not soprisd because my hip wore sore . she put me on actonel . reading all the side effect i dont want to take them no longer. i want to go naturel .i dont have pan eny more that is good , but i stel have a long way to go ,with your helo and wisdom i will go on. thanks.

  63. marie

    Thank you Vivian, i will download the info. I sent you many of my friends name & emails.
    I will let you know about my decision.

  64. Lois George

    It bothers me that none of the people writing in have mentioned getting their D3 level checked. One person mentioned taking a capsule containing D2. It is important that you know that D2 is the vegetable form of D and is not efficiently used by the body.For many years it has been common knowledge that strong bones require vitamin D in addition to Calcium and several other minerals and vitamins. When it was first discovered that babies and children were not getting enough vitamin D and were developing rickets, it was decided that vitamin D would be added to milk. The daily requirement for vitamin D was set at 400IU, the amount that would insure that a child would not get rickets. At that time, it was not known that this vitamin was important for many other processes in the body. For awhile, the D in the milk for babies and young children was enough to prevent rickets. Older children got out into the sun during the summer months and stored enough for the winter months. And then sun screen was invented and we were told to apply sunscreen before going outside. Then computer games took the place of outside games and suddenly we began to hear of new diseases. I know I have osteoporosis because I have not been out in the noon day sun for the past 20 or 30 years. I know my sister had rheumatoid arthritis and degeneration of her spine for the same reason.

    Getting your D level is as simple as just asking that it be checked when you have a physical. Even for those of us here in the South, the vitamin D can no loner be obtained this time of the year from the sun. Next April begin sitting in the noonday sun with as much skin exposed as is decent for 5 or 10 minutes. Do this every day while slowly increasing your time. DO NOT BURN. If a very light complexioned person’s skin turns the least bit pink , go inside immediately. your skin has built in protection against taking in too much D3, so you do not have to worry about getting too much. Do not shower for a few hours as it takes time for your skin to process the rays, changing them into vitamin D.

    Between now and next spring, supplement your diet with vitamin D3 capsules or tablets, or take cod liver oil, or use a tanning bed that supplies the D3.

    Google *Vitamin D Council*. These doctors are publishing their studies about vitamin D.

  65. Linda

    In regard to your Simplecise. I just purchased a 20 pound weight vest. It comes with different pockets that hold 1/5 pound weights in each. I am starting out with 8 pounds for one week and will add some pounds each week till I get to 20. I think wearing a weight vest will be a better way to up my weight walking. I like your idea though!

  66. Barbara Gilmore

    Hello Dr. Vivian,

    I just received your book, “The Bone Health Revolution.” I have read a good deal of it and find it helpful and just confirming many things that I have read and learned over the years. As you stated in your book, many women become so frightened over this idea of osteoporosis. I can relate.

    I was diagnosed four years ago with osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia in my hip. I was on Evista for three years and a year ago last June I decided to come off the meds and go natural. I have done the exercise at the gym taking classes every week. I have tried to be careful with my diet, eating certain foods for bone building purposes and on target with all the vitamins (I am still being tested for my vitamin D count, which was 32 last test), but to find out last month when I had another bone density test my T-score went up. My spine from 2.7 to 3.0 and my hip slightly increased. Discouraged wasn’t the word. I began to cry in my frustration.

    The endocrinologist I saw last February had me go through many tests to see if there was another problem for my low bone density. All tests proved negative. I spoke with this dr. last week after he had reviewed my most recent bone denisty test and his advice is for me to take Boniva for the next 5 years. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. I have an appointment to see this dr. on Tuesday to discuss my tests and hear what he has to say in more detail and for him to answer some questions that I have. Thanks for the info.on meeting with doctors to discuss our medical situations.

    I am only 58 yrs. old and very concerned about how much bone I have already lost in my spine in just two years. My thought was to go back on the Evista for one year and do your program.

    I am at a crossroad in my decision. I pray that after Tuesday the road will be made much clearer to me.

    Barb G.

  67. Sharon Anderson

    Very excited to start the program. Have already put a few of your suggestions in place. Just finished reading the book yesterday so I’ll let you know my progress as the weeks and months go by.

    Decided for sure to not take any of the drugs so your program gives me new hope. I feel very empowered. We own our own wellness company and have a fabulous chewable calcium. It contains calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, and calcium gluconate, along with Vitamin D(2), dandelion green powder, alfalfa powder, bromelain, papain, flaxseed oil, magnesium stearate, and a few other ingredients. I feel blessed about this.

    • Susan B.

      Do you have an e-mail address for your company where I can see the products that you offer? I am very interested in the chewable calcium. Thank you. I am also looking for calcium gum.

  68. Dorothy Russ

    I sent two friends names and tried to download the Simplecise Report and nothing happened. What do I do now?

  69. gerry kupper

    I’ve filled in my name & emailaddress and also 1 of my friends info, and it won’t let me download the report????

  70. Millicent

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank you for the information, I shall do what you have suggested with the ankle and wrist weights. I shall share the same with my friends who walk with me every mornings.

    Have a great day.

    Millicent Caesar

  71. Marcela Ritter

    Hi Vivian,
    I went to see my doctor yesterday. I was so dissapointed because he told me that my osteopena was mild and took me off Boniva and put me on Evista. Evista’s side effects sound even worse I don’t know what to do. I need to read your book to prove him wrong.

    • Jackie Waite

      I took Evista for one year because I thought anything has to be better than Fosamax and Boniva and the like. I have nice thick hair and after about 4/5 months I noticed my hair was thinning and was showing loss when I shampooed and when I brushed my hair. It had thinned considerably by the end of the year and I quit takig Evista. My endocronologist said hair loss was not a side effect. It’s been a couple of years off and my hair is thickening up again. I quit going to that endocronoligist.

  72. betty

    simple exercise. my cane is weight and it is simple. so using two canes would be advised. truly simple would include our using something that we have, without special ordering! you built me up for a disappointment!

    • betty




  73. Terry

    My dr. diagnosed me with Osteopenia 3 years ago and recommended and gave me a prescription for Fosomax which, after reading all the “side effects” decided not to take it! I had to admit to him a year later that I did not take the drug. Just a month ago my dr. recommended I have another bone density test and he informed me that it has gotten worse and is now “osteoporosis” in my hip and back. I was scared and didn’t want to go on those drugs so went on the internet and found your “Save your Bones without Drugs”. Needless to say I was delighted and felt it worth it to look into. I’ve started the program and praying that next year when I have a bond density test……..that it will be much better and that my dr. will be surprised!!!!

  74. iren

    I have osteopenia ,mild but i play tennis the past 20 years run 5k.aerobics ,walk 3 miles once a week tennis is 5 days a week ,there is no more things that i can do ,i take requered calcium mvitamis ….well still hapens so all the reports does no good for soame peopels …

  75. iren

    I just was diagnost with mild osteopenia ,big shock …i play tennis every day for over 20 years take calcium walk regulary run 5k,i do aerobics …what hapened? i can not do anymore exercise then what i do daily so…with all the things out there soame time still we get it .iren

  76. Zella Warren

    I was recently referred to the Cleveland Clinic at Weston, Fl. for my severe opteoporosis. I had been on five different kinds of medications for this disease since 2002. The result being a messed up stomach and esophagus and years of prilosec all to no avail. I
    went back for my second visit on 9/10/09. After a new bone density test and back xrays I was told that I do not even have osteoprosis, only a mild case of osteopenia in my hips.
    Dr. DeSantis has agreed to monotor me on the saveourbones and to see him again in one year. This is a good case of what is talked about in the book, “Save Our Bones” Thank you for your efforts to get the word out and now I am looking forward to this latest info about how to exercise (for one that hates to exercise)!

  77. Elvia Banegas

    Hi Vivian,

    Even though I don’t know you, you have made yourself accessible to all of us people that have discovered your secret! I’m patiently waiting for the book to start taking action on getting my strong bones back to what they were before, if at all possible. I signed up at a local gym, but I only do the treadmill for 2 miles and some other light exercise to lose on my midsection every chance I have. When my doctor told me I was showing signs of osteopenia I was shocked!! She gave me a prescription for Boniva. I did not fill it but instead decided to Google the medicine name and that is how I found out about your book and now this Simplecise. I also will make every effort to follow through on what the book tells me I should do. I’m a Christian and so this past Sunday I received prayer for healing. I will keep you posted on my progress as time goes on. I will share this information with my friends but I want to make several copies to post on bulletin boards for people to read or they can take down the info to research themselves on the internet. Thanks! Elvia

  78. Ruth

    Thanks for the information, it will come in useful to preserve my bone density as my age progresses! 🙁

  79. Margaret Dorrance

    How can I recommend your information if I have not read it?

    • Len ( the aussie )

      You simply drop in a friends name and emaile address and then you download the report … Yes all good information and all doable . I’d suggest IF you have a Lawn Bowls club around you then it is a magic way to go for passive ecercise . The game gets you out in the sun for the VITAMINS AND THE EVEN TERRAIN AND SOFT WALKING is excellent.Keeps the mind fireing too and the competetiveness is another thing . have fun …

  80. Debra

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for sending the exercise booklet and information.

    • joyce lesley

      I really am enjoying “Save our Bones”. I received my book last week and find it very informative. Joyce Lesley

  81. gloria talarico

    Hi Vivian, Thank you for the special exercise report. I am very concerned about my bone health, and I’m trying hard to save my bones and my husbands too.

  82. ann whalley

    I am looking forward to getting the exercise programme

  83. brenda curry

    Hey Vivian, Thank you for sending me that imformation on special excrise Report. I read it Iam maze that you can work out,with out using excrise eqipment that you can hurt yourself on.just simple of using ankle weight and wrist weight for building strong bones.eventhough excrise equipment is sometime boring but I still like to walk on the treadmill and take a walk outside is that ok to do.

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