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Doctors Recommended Cigarette Smoking

In 1949 Doctors recommended smoking cigarettes. Today they recommend taking osteoporosis drugs…

Click the triangle play button below to watch this shocking video footage from an actual 1949 RJ Reynolds advertising campaign.

Here's another print ad. Notice that the image of the doctor along with the message at the bottom of the ad implies that doctors believe that Lucky Strike Cigarettes are “Your throat protection against irritation, against cough.”

doctors and osteoporosis

Shocking isn’t it! This TV advertisement proves that doctors were recommending smoking cigarettes, while completely ignoring available research (that started in the 1930s) linking cigarette smoking to lung disease.

Now What Does This Have to do With You and Your Bone Health?

Think about this. Doctor’s today are widely prescribing drugs for osteoporosis and osteopenia, completely ignoring the many studies that prove their dangerous side-effects.

According to an article by Consumer Affairs (February 2007), Merck, the maker of Fosamax, has put aside $48 million to set up a defense fund for lawsuits related to the debilitating side-effects of Fosamax. Does Merck know something that the general public doesn’t?

But you’re not like the majority of people who continue to blindly believe television advertisements. You know better.

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  1. dom senioraw gdansku

    As a teenage girl, I would like to say that I find this post brilliant! And as for the “double standard” of the photos, I am inclined to disagree. There is a difference in the demeanor and intention of these from the ones described in your article. This is a lesson that should be taught to many teenagers, but unfortunately is not instilled upon them by their parents. All I see in your photos is a family having fun together. Like I said, this article is absolutely wonderful! Goodnight and God bless:)

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Dom! And I couldn’t agree more. Young people need to be taught the truth about smoking!

      • longdy

        Hello , Doctor , so I have a question “If I don’t take screws from my shoulder, what happen ?, and how long can I keep it ? “.
        I know it may wrong from the top pic please apologize about that.
        I hope see good result from you
        Thanks in full of respect

  2. george harris

    I HAVE ordered your info but there still remains a connection to bone cancer.
    multiple myeloma to be exact. Will proper nutrition reverse it???

  3. jenifer rose moss

    i tried taking Actonel, for the last 4 months. effects… stomach cramps
    diarrea, afraid to eat out , incase…..
    told my doctor, had stool tests,[not sure, but 1 of these tests showed
    doctor still advising i take the monthly actonel.
    have a colonospy arranged.
    no matter the outcome of the tests, i have arranged to see a naturalist,
    who will look at what my blood lacks, and treat me,from her ananlysis.

    it seems to me, that doctors give the same amount of dosage to all.
    i am a small person, and would think a smaller metablism would require
    less dosage. i am not taking this drug again.

  4. theresa


  5. Charlotte

    Hi, I am interested in the food list; however I can’t afford your book. I am on SS and not enough to cover my needs. I hope you can kindly point me to where I can find a good FOOD LIST for bone building. I would be forever ingratiated to you.

    Thank you

    • Customer Support

      Charlotte, I encourage you to click on the smiley face in the upper right-hand corner of the website. That’s customer service, and we’d be glad to help you in any way we can.

  6. Suresh Patel

    This is my reply to Pete of Nottinham U.K.I don’t think Vivian is trying to get rich overnight. She means well and please remember that she too has to survive like the rest of us, and you need money to survive. I admire Vivian’s extraordinary courage in defying the medical establishment and create such a wonderful product. Can you follow her footsteps? Try going against the current for a week only and see what happens. Please leave Vivian alone.

  7. low potassium diet kit

    Wonderful! I have been looking for this information , thanks for posting, low potassium diet.

  8. JD

    I thought this might interest you. It has helped me.
    Treatment with Potassium Bicarbonate Lowers Calcium Excretion and Bone Resorption in Older Men and Women
    Bess Dawson-Hughes, Susan S. Harris, Nancy J. Palermo, Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa, Helen M. Rasmussen and Gerard E. Dallal
    – Author Affiliations

    Jean Mayer United States Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University (B.D.-H., S.S.H., N.J.P., H.M.R., G.E.D.), Boston, Massachusetts 02111; and Bouve College of Health Sciences (C.C.-S.), Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts 02115
    Address all correspondence to: Bess Dawson-Hughes, Jean Mayer United States Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts 02111. E-mail:

    Context: Bicarbonate has been implicated in bone health in older subjects on acid-producing diets in short-term studies.

    Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the effects of potassium bicarbonate and its components on changes in bone resorption and calcium excretion over 3 months in older men and women.

    Design, Participants, and Intervention: In this double-blind, controlled trial, 171 men and women age 50 and older were randomized to receive placebo or 67.5 mmol/d of potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium chloride for 3 months. All subjects received calcium (600 mg of calcium as triphosphate) and 525 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

    Main Outcome Measures: Twenty-four-hour urinary N-telopeptide and calcium were measured at entry and after 3 months. Changes in these measures were compared across treatment groups in the 162 participants included in the analyses.

    Results: Bicarbonate affected the study outcomes, whereas potassium did not; the two bicarbonate groups and the two no bicarbonate groups were therefore combined. Subjects taking bicarbonate had significant reductions in urinary N-telopeptide and calcium excretion, when compared with subjects taking no bicarbonate (both before and after adjustment for baseline laboratory value, sex, and changes in urinary sodium and potassium; P = 0.001 for both, adjusted). Potassium supplementation did not significantly affect N-telopeptide or calcium excretion.

    Conclusions: Bicarbonate, but not potassium, had a favorable effect on bone resorption and calcium excretion. This suggests that increasing the alkali content of the diet may attenuate bone loss in healthy older adults.

    Received July 30, 2008.
    Accepted October 15, 2008.
    Articles citing this article
    Hypercalciuria Associated with High Dietary Protein Intake Is Not Due to Acid Load
    J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 2011 96: 3733-3740
    AbstractFull TextFull Text (PDF)
    A Diet High in Meat Protein and Potential Renal Acid Load Increases Fractional Calcium Absorption and Urinary Calcium Excretion without Affecting Markers of Bone Resorption or Formation in Postmenopausal Women
    J. Nutr. 2011 141: 391-397
    AbstractFull TextFull Text (PDF)
    Effects of Potassium Chloride and Potassium Bicarbonate on Endothelial Function, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, and Bone Turnover in Mild Hypertensives
    Hypertension 2010 55: 681-688
    AbstractFull TextFull Text (PDF)

    • Betty

      I would like to know if Vivian recommends this. Thanks

  9. Katherine Paterson

    Me too! Your website told me that my card info was incorrect so I gave up!

  10. Catherine Smith

    Hi Vivian,Thanks so much for all the valuable information,you give us.I have taken a lot of the bone density meds and have been off them, for over 1 or 2 years.Just had a recent bone test and was recommended to take Prolia injections, twice a year and it would improve my bone density in 6 months.It is another drug, that takes away, the old bone. I am afraid of this and do not want to take it.What is your opinion on this? Thanks again, Vivian.

    Catherine Smith

  11. Christine

    I am currently on Letrozole which is an estrogen inhibitor, for breast cancer. This drug will slowly deplete my bones, so I am very interested in anything that will avoid this.

  12. oeasarn

    Great goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too magnificent. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it wise. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific website.

  13. efeun

    I love and am a HUGE fan of your site! Hope you will take the time to check out my blog.

  14. Saeed Forouzesh

    After how many years using Osteofos weekly, I have to stop it and how should I do it?

    Please advice me ASAP, because I am really worry about it.

    Thank you very mush indeed.

    Safa Pursharif

  15. Mari

    I just watched the video from the 40’s about doctors promoting smoking. In those days advertisers could make any comment or claim they wanted. I doubt anyone of those people were real doctors. I am almost 70 and I have never heard a doctor say smoking is good for you. This is why advertisers now have very strick laws on who they say is promoting their products. This is, also why you see comments like “spokesman is a paid actor” or “this person is a paid spokesperson” for what ever. I do not think this shows any correlation between smoking and bone loss. I know you believe doctors are deceiving us, but it is more they do no have all the facts. AND the drug companys push these drugs big time. Have you found medical journals to backup your claims that doctors really know a better way to take care of bone loss, but they are deceiving us by just pushing drugs?

    • leanderjuel

      Although healthy skepticism is certainly warranted about most things these days, I can attest to the fact that when my husband went to see his family doctor in the late 40’s/early 50’s in a large city’s metropolitan clinic, that MD smoked throughout the appointment. No one in my husband’s family had ever smoked so this was one of those first impressions that became indelible since even then, to them, it seemed so out of place or unhealthy for both professional and patient.

      So, did the MD ever verbally suggest to his patient that cigarettes were a healthy affectation? No. But, especially for a child, the mere observation of another person’s actions can speak far louder than words. And that’s what these advertisements were designed to do: Visually impress and prompt new curiosity in the viewer to make them motivated enough to experiment on their own, unbelievably in this case, for false reason of health and fresh breath.

      To answer Mari directly, I, for one, don’t think the majority of allopathic practitioners know how far astray from their own professional Oath they have been led by the chemically biased influence of big pharma funded medical schools or otherwise similar training. With more than a few elderly loved ones I have advocated for over the years, there have been too many MDs who have cast their eyes aside or moved right along in that appointment after I have tried to inspire their participation in getting their patient on fewer drugs, and better nutrition. In other words, they don’t know enough about this biochemically natural realm even to the point of saying when I have suggested a targeted supplement, ‘Well, you can try it, but I don’t think it will make a difference one way or the other.” In my book, not good enough. Since we ARE organically complex beings, we need every doctor of integrity to know and understand the interconnectedness of bodily systems more holistically.

      Instead, I heard from a friend only the other day that her diabetic and often cranky 90 y/o father-in-law was on no less than 27 [!!] medications to which I exclaimed, “Now that sounds criminal, and no wonder he’s so unhappy…since not a one of us was born with even the slightest deficiency of a drug.”

      Keep up your impressive work for the greatest good Vivian, and may we all be, or soon become, vigorously strong of bones, heart and fully engaged mind.

  16. rudy

    Doctor prescribed my wife injection of bonviva for almost 3 years, but the bone density is even worse than before and up to that she has a very bad necrose. Now we have tried with a basic cure, I have read that if there is to much acid in our body, the leaver compensate it taking calcium away from the bones. With basic cure she had a very good improvement and she is feeling much better than before. I believe that nature is the only way to cure our body.
    Thank you so much for your very interesting articles.
    We are living in switzerland therefore our english is not very perfect.
    Kind regards

    • Clinton

      Have you tried eliminating milk from your diet?

  17. Karen

    The book is too expensive in hard copy and unavailable (to date) in local libraries. The handbook downloaded from the website dribbles information but doesn’t really tell you anything which is pretty frustrating. As someone here has commented, 30 pages to print and what do you discover? That you need to buy the book !! Once you have downloaded it from the website you get bombarded with emails which are desiged to shock, scare or sell. How about attributing some intelligence to the women who are endeavouring to do something for themselves and making this information a little more accessible ?
    Obviously it is good information but we should not have to complete an obstacle race to get it.

  18. grace

    I bought the book Save our Bones Program last year. I cannot follow 100% the food/diet program but i tried 90%.iam taking Raw calcium 750mg a day from vegetable and also Calcium supplement with magnesium,total of more than 150mg of calcium a day,i take vit d,multivitamin. Doctor said i have to have 150mg calcium. I stopped drinking cow’s milk and replaced with almond milk.I had a Bone density done this month of April2012,a year I started. your program.Result of my Bone density was worse-4.8, others too has increased. Am I missing something? Thanks for any feedback.

    • Lea

      To the person whose bone density got worse after starting the SaveOurBones Program. I am a Naturopath myself and I can only ask the question? Is your system more acidic than alkaline. A simple urine test will uncover this as from reading all the other comments, the body needs to be predominantly alkaline for optimum absorption of minerals including much needed calcium from whatever source it comes. Obviously what you’re doing needs to be looked into, but that’s my first question. Regards Lea


    My second and fifth disc ‘s are herinated .Doctor’s are telling me that they are not serious enought be be operated on .I’am in severe pain twenty for hour’s a day 365 day’s of the year .And have been since i had a industeral accident in 1965 .Had a severe blow on top of my head .I received a broken ankel and bruise on my head.The doctor who attended me at the hospital xrayed my head and ankel but not my back .So it is not mentioned in the compensation report.

  20. Alvin Schlangen

    I’ll be on trial in May to preserve the right to healthy foods, raw milk being one of them. I will promote your info regarding milk and the bad effects of this dead food on bone health. I have your e-book. Followup is ok, but please stop “selling” this idea to those that are IN.

  21. ruth hanna

    Dear Vivian,
    Thanks for the download of the Natural Bone Building Handbook. I read it from start to end. There are some good suggestions, especially about acidity.
    But I think it is really only written for people like you, who have or had osteoporoses and no other disease. My husband for instance has some trouble with his kidneys and his doctor suggests he does not eat much fruits because of the Vitamin K which is harmful to the kidneys. Now when you suggest to take extra Vitamin K, it seems to me that you should mention that people with kidney problems first consult their doctor. The same goes for other diseases. What may be good to fight osteoporoses may harm some other part of the body.
    So please do take that into account.
    Thanks for your effort to help. I appreciate it
    All the best and greetings
    Ruth hanna

    • Alvin Schlangen

      If you get your K from real food, you will not likely harm your bones. I recommend for real food info. This news about confinement milk being harmful does not surprise me even though I grew up on a dairy farm. Only healthy animals can provide health-giving food and confinement cows are not that. Add processing, extraction and supplementation with questionable quality ingredients and you have a recipe for population control.

  22. Martin

    All this information in the programme is way too much. We only need the basic details about what to do. I think mostt of the information in the programme is available free on other sites.

  23. ashley

    I’d like to buy the book, hard copy, not a download. Downloading uses up a whole ink cartridge , a lot of paper and is time consuming. I’d like to buy the book and pay for it online and have it shipped hard copy to my house in Canada, we don’t all live in the US

  24. Nereida Leopardi

    I was recommended this website by my cousin.I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.You are amazing! Thanks!Best Regards Lawrence

  25. stella

    tengo osteosporis y no quiero continuar con fosamax porque he leido los problemas que trae quiero saber como me curo naturalmente sin medicina. gracias

  26. Joyce Preston

    I started out on Actonel for a couple of years due to results from bone density tests. After awhile I started to get severe hand cramping and problems with my jaw.We reduced the dose in half, the pain subsided and then we changed to fosamax 70. Due to the expense we have been on the generic form (osteofos 70)for about 4-5 years now. I currently am 60 yrs old with no bone fractures to date thank God. For about 2-3 months I started getting severe shoulder pain when sleeping. Then pain in my fingers and hands. Now the pain has gone through out my whole body almost like a flu symptom that usually subsides around 2pm after taking advil multiple times a day. I stopped the fosamax around 2-3 weeks ago and am hoping that this pain also starts to leave my body as it tends to make you completely helpless to do almost anything. Any advise or info would be greatly appreciated.

    • jmnjrsgm

      Please see a rheumatologist and check for PMR (polymyalgiarheumatica) disease which produces pain like you describe.

  27. joyce Birnbaun

    I look forward to this program. I am halfway through the manual now wand can hardly wait to learn how to eat!

  28. Joan Gilbert

    I just received my Save our Bones book. It is clearly written; however, the change in diet seems so radical, although I realize it will hopefully help. Last year 2011 I had a Bone density test, which showed osteopenia, was not put on meds; however in one year I fractured two ribs. one in 2010 and one in 2011., a few weeks ago. I am now going to have another bone density test, and today i have tried to start the new eating habits 80% alkaline, 20% acidity. I would like some feedback on this diet, and is there a number I can call to reach someone for some guidance andsupport around this new way of life.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Joan,

      If you have questions about following The Osteoporosis Reversal Program, just send an email to or click the big yellow Customer Support link at the top of any of our web pages (there’s a little picture of a life preserver next to it). Using either of those methods, your question/issue will go directly to customer support where we can assist you. 🙂

    • Joan Gilbert

      please reply to my comment I just posted it, however I do not see a reply to my question Joan Gilbert

      • Joan Gilbert

        Vivian: please reply to my question written on Thursday, July 21st 2011 thank you

  29. Marjorie Mangrum

    I am 78 years old and just three months ago suffered an upper femur break. Dr. says textbook case of Fosamax victim. I have purchased your Save our Bones plan but would like some ressurance I have a good chance of helping myself…. or is it too late??? Thanks.

  30. Bonnie White

    Why does this information lead-in have to be so loooooooooooong? I am interested but just don’t have time to read over 30 pages on-line. Just get to the point!!

  31. Barbara

    I am 64 years old and just started hormone replacement therapy for osteopenia. The only other medication that I take is Levthroyxine that has increased since I started hormone therapy. I am having side effects but have been reassured that it is only temporary. Is this a treatment that you would recommend?

    • Edgar

      6 years ago my wife asked if she should stop taking hormone replacement pills due to the articles she had read about cancer. She was told the studies were flawed, and the benifits far outweighed the risks.

      % years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 uterian cancer. Thanks Doc.

  32. catherine gray

    y bone desity tests reveal -3’s..My dortor wants me to take 50,000 units of vitamin D weekly plus I now take a 1500 calicum with vitamin D. I feel this is too much. I get a Reclast infusion yearly ( have recently had my third one. I have never broken a bone and was diagnos 10 years ago. At this point I am confessed. I don’t want to break a hip (75 years old), very active and have no pain. What should I do. I think doctors are perscription happy. Thanks Catherine

    • Clinton

      Keep up your studies on the internet. A veterinary in Georgia has valuable info on DOGTORJ.COM. A few Doctors have broken away from the Med/Pharma combine and relate some useful information. Here are a few:
      Dr. Douglas, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Blaylock. Even they are a little slow in getting on board against the gluten and A1 Beta Casein problems. No one needs to succumb to cancer, diabetes, Parkinsons or a litany of other problems anymore since we no longer have to rely on the medical profession for cures.

  33. Jeannie

    I am 77 years old & been following Great Taste No Pain for over a year (after a diverticulitus attack). I lost 26 lbs when I had the attack & have kept the weight off. My question is, I shouldn’t have milk with your program. Sherry Bresia’s plan doesn’t omit milk & I’m a bit confused. I have had to change my eating habits quite a bit with her plan & your plan would make even more changes. I do have osteopenia but worse yet, I have a lot of bulging discs on my back & lately they are causing great pain. I’ve gone to chiropractors for years but they don’t seem to help my pain any more. I hesitate going to my primary doctor because he would want me to take prescription drugs or see a specialist which I’m almost positive he would say surgery. I am very perplexed as to what I should do. I need your opinion. Thanks so much! Jeannie

    • Marianne

      Check out My son-in-law got great relief learning how to balance the muscles supporting his spine. Perhaps it will be a benefit to you too.

    • Dorothy Holmes

      I had a hip pain on the right side when I walked. The Orthopedic Dr. X-rayed me & said my spine was closing in places, & that’s why I was 1-2″ shorter than I use to be. He sent me to Therapy & after 3 weeks the pain started to go away.I used a machine that they strapped my legs down, & my arms pulled me over to stretch my spine. I was sitting in a special chair to do this.
      On Sherrie Brescia’s web page,(GREAT TASTE NO PAIN) there was info about “NUBAX’, & I ORDERED ONE OF THEIR MACHINES. It took about 6-7 weeks, using this machine, which was similiar to the one I used in therapy. On this “NUBAX” machine, you are on your knees, & holding on to handles, & moving, stretching forward. Its adjustable, & very sturdy. You only use it 2 Minutes in the a.m., & 2 minutes in p.m. Then the pain was gone. I had already made an appointment with the Dr. , of course it was several weeks before I could get in to see him , & by now the pain was gone again. He X-rayed my back again, & said spaces were back & that’s why the pain was gone, because they wern’t pressing on the nerves. He said if it works, keep doing it.
      Otherwise, I’d have to have a back operation in 3 places to correct the condition. What I have is called “Spinal Fractures”. He would have to do a “Balloon Kyphoplasty”.
      For now the pain is gone, & 4 minutes a day is not hard to do. It would take me longer to drive to therapy. Thanks to the NUBAX machine, I don’t need surgery anymore for now. You can see a video of how this works on the Internet.
      Thanks, NUBAX

      • Brenda

        How do I order this machine?

        • Rosemarie Dreyer

          I’ve used the Nubax Trio and have been helped greatly. The program also gives you exercises that can help build your muscles to relieve the pain of herniated discs.

  34. Barbara Esrock

    I would like the book and live in South Africa.
    Is it available here as I dont want to pay in
    dollars. The conversion is too high.

  35. shiva

    i am not getting any result. what should i do ?

  36. Riobert Jenkins

    I ask again is Calcitonin bad along with Actonel. Sorry about my typing I peck and hunt.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Riobert, as I say in the free Natural Bone Building Handbook, “The issue with calcitonin products is that they alter the bone resorption process, thus affecting bone remodeling. And, as you know by now, the bone remodeling process is what helps bones remain ductile and therefore, less prone to fracture.”

      And Actonel is a bisphosphonate; I’ve written extensively about the negative effect of bisphosphonates on this blog, as well as in The Natural Bone Building Handbook.

  37. Judy McKenzie

    I was one of those to whom a Dr way back when suggested that I take up smoking which of course has come back to bite me big time with osteoporesis!! And now recomending the drugs which I am not keen on taking.

  38. emprial

    thats great .. excuse me i want number for smart doctor for bouns or email … i want neccessary now please help me .. i have a problem

  39. Edna LeBlanc

    Vivian: I haven’t yet received my book in the mail, and I am anxiously awaiting it. Before I knew about you I was aware that my bones were getting thin. (Some of my T scores as low as 3.2) and for several years I have refused to take the medicines offered. I had my bone density tested again last week (2/18/11), so after they faxed me the results of my scan, my husband started looking on the internet for help for me and found your site. I again made a visit to my doctor to discuss the results of the test and took several pages that my husband had printed up of your findings On “You Can Restore you Bone Density”, As you would guess, she was quite bothered by what I had brought, ex; asking me how did I know that You, Vivian didn’t pay all those people to say those things. As I knew, you couldn’t have because we already knew of other sites that show all the side effects of their medicines, etc. I told her to give me two years, and then we would check the scan again. Needless to tell you she was not happy, telling me that it is my body, etc. But, i promised myself that I would try hard to do everything you suggest, I look forward to getting my book and any e-mails you can send us. Thank you, Edna

  40. Barbara Ritchie

    When I began taking alendronic acid about 8 years ago, I was told that it would restore the lost density to my bones. The ONLY “side effects” mentioned were the possible tummy upset ones- NOw, my dentist tells me that it might be exceedingly problematic were I to have to have a tooth extracted!

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get the Alendronic acid OUT of one’s body (thus making it safe to have dental surgery)??????

  41. Sue Clements

    Hi Vivian,
    At age 30 I had a partial hysterectomy and by 45 had to have my last ovary removed. My GYN Doctor never told me to take extra calcium even though he knew I was not going to take HRT meds. I did a homeopathic solution to HRT meds. At age 53 my pain mgmt Dr. found out that I had Hypo-thyroidism and still no Dr. told me to have a bone density test or to take calcium supplements. Now at age 61 my GYN Dr. says,(after I requested a bone density test) oh my Lord you have osteoporsis in your lower spine and osteopenia in your hips! Why did you not take a calcium supplement. Duh! because you told me I didn’t need it. I am very active and also help senior citizens clean thier homes, those who are 10 to 20 years older than myself. I am now taking 2,000 mgs. of calcium w/magnesium and a diet high in calcium along w/ Vit. D2 50,000mg. a week (for the last 3 years)continued excercise and I am not drinking 3 glasses of milk a day because again I was told by the Dr.s that I should not have milk because of my LDL level. My HDL is 102 and my LDL is 130 and my Triglycerides are at 68. What else can I possibly do? I feel great even though mu GYN DR. feels as if I am going to shatter? This does make for a secure feeling about ones physical well-being. I am buying your book and pray it helps me to build my bones. Confused and aggravated in Annapolis, Md.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Sue,

      I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all this. I think you’ll find the Osteoporosis Reversal Program a sane and easy to follow alternative that will help you regain your bone health.

      • PAULINE

        My doctor who doesnt agree with bone brittling medicines tells me there is a new product about to hit the market that is a good one. The bad news is you have to be on bisphiferols (you know what I mean ) and transfer over to it or be – 3.50.
        What should we do?
        Im in australia

  42. Ralph Sedgley

    After a bonescan showing borderline osteoporosis I started on Fosamax but stopped due to chronic diarhea. A female cousin of similar age (78) responded similarly and went off it. She is now satisfied taking caltrate and Vit.D.
    My elder sister who has taken Fosamax and Vit.D long term still has very brittle bones and recently had an arm fracture.
    Today I read of a long term study (from 1989) published in J.of Endocrinology and Metabolism, of a group of more than 2000 elderly people, out of whom 120 had been taking a biphosphonate drug for about 3 years. The study, evaluated by staff of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, found that frail elderly people with the degenerative bone condition and who are taking a mainline anti-osteoporosis drug have extended their lives by an average of five years. They are outliving similarly aged people who do not have osteoporosis. The researchers were surprised. The newspaper report had no data on how many had gone off the drug. You might follow this up.

  43. Micki Kline

    At 60 I broke my pelvis, 6weeks later its healed. I found I was already doing many of the things Vivian recommended. Now I can do the rest because I intend to enjoy my whole life!!

  44. F

    I want to buy your book in paperback. When are you going to release it in paperback?

    • Grace

      I just ordered the book this month (Jan) and received it in paperback form. Did it use to be hardback?

  45. Theresa

    I am 52 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor wants me to take medication, of which I refused. I am taking calcium, magnesium, and trying to eat calcium fortified foods. I am confused on what the best calcium to take, when to take it, and my daily intake.
    I am a smoker, and yes I know I need to quit, but I am trying to figure out a system to build my bones.
    Any answers to these questions would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Nancy Newman

      The best calcium to take is Oscal 500 + D. You should take one pill 3x each day and also you should add a Nature Made 2000IU’s of vitamine D gel pill with each Oscal pill. Eat a well balanced diet high in wheat and fiber. Drink at least 3 glasses of vit.D fortified Broughton’s skim milk daily. Eat only lean meats, preferbly baked, boiled, or simmered. Eat fish and chicken at least two to three times a week. Lots of fresh cooked green vegies. Eat whole grains and whole wheat cereals for breakfast with the skim milk. If the thought of skim milk makes you shiver, you have probably never tried Broughton’s. And do lots of stretching, walking, and light weight bearing exorcising at least 3 days a week for at least 20 to 30 min. I have increased my bone dynsity from -3.4 to -2.7 in the past two years doing this. It is simply a matter of common sense when it comes to your diet and exercise. No matter how bad I hurt, I won’t let myself become discouraged. It is payin off in the long run. It is not going to happen overnight, it is going to take a matter of a few years. After all, you did not develope osteoporosis overnight.

      • Joan Gilbert

        thank you for your comments, I take it you are not following the 80 20 diet> that Vivian Goldsmith printed,the diet that I would feel more comfortable which I basically follow sounds more dueable. Please respond thank you I am at the beginning of this, cracked a rib recently, have not been able to exercise, but try to eat well.

      • Joan Gilbert

        Is from the Save your Bones book, or was this your own way of eating? I am at the beginning of this journey and am trying to figure out which way to go, Vivian’s diets doesn’t seem to be well yrounded, it seems very stringent, I eat the way you do; however I cracked two ribs one this year and one last year, although last
        Please respond thank you

    • Sue Clements

      I also was diagnosed with ostepororis and osteopenia in my hips. You need to have your Dr, take a Vit.D test on you to see if you have enough Vit. D. You need Vit.D to help absorb the Calcium. My Dr.s found out that I had a Vit. D defficiency and noone told me to take calcium. We must work for ourselves as we pay the Dr.s who tell us nothing. Stay strong and eat calcium fortified foods and forget milk. Yogurt is good, salmon,green veggies, almond milk,organic soy milk and try to quit smoking. It’s hard as I was a smoker too. Write me anytime. God Bless and Good Luck Suzie

      • Joan Gilbert

        thank you Suzie, sounds good, I will keep you posted,

  46. Lorraine Bunk

    What I can do to improve my bone density with out drugs??

  47. Lourdes M. Poey

    Is there an easy way to test your body’s ph level or how’s it done?

    • Sue Clements

      yes, go to a whole foods store or a health store. They have strip test which can determine your PH levels.

  48. Jean

    I broke a hip after a bad fall when I was 51 years old. I was told I had mild osteoporosis and put on Actonel and vit C, which I have now taken for ten years. My bone scans show some improvement but I am now terrified of the potential side effects. When I have mentioned this to two doctors, they have dismissed my fears saying the risks are extremely small, and it is imperative that I continue taking it. I am not convinced and would really like to come off the drug. I am wondering how long does to take for the drug to leave the body and has it done irreparable damage.

    • Boris Zivanovic

      Dear Jean
      Iam so sorry and sad to hear how doctors try to convince people to use drugs for osteoporosis.Lust week i wrote about the most natural miracle food on this page(have a look on the bottom of the page),dont poision your self with drugs,try COLOSTRUM or BOVINE COLOSTRUM it is one of the best natural miracle food ,reach with all vitamins ,minerals,enzime and all property for healthy bones,you dont have to buy one by one mineral or vitamin,you got them all in ,, COLOSTRUM,,.
      Go to this webside and find out how colostrum is good for allmost everything

  49. mecdes

    since I saw the paper which affect my taking drugs (which I am never happy with ) I wanted to revert to your idea and taking your order ,but it will takesometime to order it .

  50. Donna Norman

    Daughter’s doctor recommended Strontium for bones. More Vitamin D, Actonel, Strontium, Calcium…..hopefully this will improve my bone density scores. My doctor prescribed Reclast but I am afraid of that.

    • Nancy Newman

      I have had all three of my Reclast IV’s. I have not had the first side effect. Along with the changes in my diet to lots of fresh veggies, lean meats, chicken, and fish, whole grains, and wheats, and yes, milk but Broughtons skim milk, my bone dynsity has improved from -3.4 to -2.7 in the past two years. I also say on a good exercise routine. I take Oscal 500+D and 2000IU’s of Nature Made Vit.D, three times a day after each meal. I still get in pain but it takes time to undo the damage to our bones once the damage is done. As far as the Reclast, the risk is very minemal. That is why they will only do three IV’s. One a year for three years. After that is when the risk becomes high.

  51. Marlene

    I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in April 2010. I took Boniva for 5 months and have just stopped because of the side effects. I have been doing more research on the side effects of these drugs and will never take them again. I am reading different books on reversing osteoporosis naturally. I am very interested in Save our Bones Program, but my husband has been unemployes for 16 months and at this time I can’t afford even the lowest price of the program. I do keep checking my e-mails to read different comments that have been sent to me. I will eventually become part of this program.

  52. Peter Booth

    I have rad all the comments. Do not agree with them all. If you want to help people who have this terrible complaint then why charge so much for the book. All you are doing is making a fast buck at the expense of suffering people. I recieve so many E-mails from people trying to get rich overnight. Think of others and charge a reasonable price for your book. Peter Nottingham UK.

    • Sue Clements

      I agree !00%

  53. Jennie Cupertino

    My Primary Dr. ordered my bone density test.I have Osteoporosis. My grandmother’s sister had it. He prescribed Fosomax. My husband had been taking this medication. For five weeks he was vomiting on and off. By the 6th week that stoped, but now he is very tired all the time. My husband is having a BMAC procedure in Oct. on both hips. My husband is also legally blind and on SS disability. I have a small cleaning business for myself. I have to work. I told the girl at the pharmasy to cancel that RX. Today they call me, that it’s ready for me to pick up. I don’t know what to do? I made an appt. with my OBGYN dr. in Sept. She is going to go over everything with me. I bought Vit. D3 I bought Calcium with Magnesium and Zinc. I even bought 2lb. weights, my doctor told me to do this. I also clean houses. I really have heard nothing but bad things about this drug. I guess I will wait and see what my Dr.saids when I see her in Sept.

    • Sharon Donohue

      3 yrs ago when I was just 70, I finally gave in and had 2 hip replacements done 2 months apart. They turned out well for which I am very grateful. It was at that time that I learned I was osteopenic, then when I had a DEXA scan done, it averaged out to osteoporosis, but not severe. My once-in-a-while GP doctor gave me a prescription for Boniva. First, tho, I was offered a sample pill (once a month type) and I asked for the side effects print out. I read that first thing. After reading only part way thru, I said, “What the hell?” Next I said, “NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH”. It is a mystery to me why anyone would take these drugs for any reason if they first bother to read the list of side effects. Same goes for all Statins (for cholesterol control). If you have to trust someone, make sure it’s not a dr with a prescription in hand. Read, read, read. Trust yourself. You have the wonder of the universe sitting inside your skull. When in doubt, THINK. Just about anything you ever wanted to know can be found on the internet. We are the only ones who should be or can be in charge of our own health. Drs can be used for advice and assistance, but never for giving over to them the responsibility for our health and our bodies.
      best wishes for a healthy future

      • Bonnie White

        I so like your attitude. I read, read, read, too but everything is contradicted by the next thing. What to believe ??? I just had the bone test – was put on 4 weeks of Vit. D which ends today but I just can’t decide to go back to Dr. I’ve said before, I am sooooooooooooo confused and all this stuff has made me distrust mt Dr.

  54. Clara

    I have taken Fosomax for a year and after I had my bonedensity test it was worse. I stopped taking any more. I am eating well,but what is the best diet ?

  55. Margaret Wilson

    After breaking an arm I was scanned and severe osteoporosis was diagnosed. I was put on alendronic acid and a calcium and vitamin D supplement a year ago. If I stop the medication will my bones be able to regrow as I am now past the menopause. I am 63 years old and otherwise active and healthy.

  56. Jeannine Farris

    I had an atrial/fib attack about 8 years ago and have been on warfarin (coumadin) since. Since I have to limit my intake of brocolli, etc. (vitamin K), what are my alternatives?

    • Karen Norton

      I have also taken coumadine for 8 years and I have to be on it the rest of my life. I am 48 and have just found out I have osteopenia so I was wondering if you have any information if that makes osteopenia worse or since I have to limit my Vitamin K intake is there anything else I can do or eat? I am going to do everything I can to reverse this, osteporosis runs in both sides of my family…

  57. Mary

    I had cancer at 47 and was not given any info. about the risk of Osteoporosis. However, at 57 I had a fall and after an X-ray it appeared that unbeknown to me I had had a few tiny ‘breaks’ in the bones of my left hand. I was totally unaware and I can’t remember suffering any pain.I was given Cacit and for some years continued to take this. I had reflux and not much else but in 2002 I changed doctors. The new doctor Fosamax alongside Calci-Chew. I have not felt well ever since. I had a bad fall 6 weeks ago and nothing happened apart from being shocked and it occurred to me that maybe I need not continue taking this dreadful drug. I’ve stopped.My doctor ( a different one)agreed I should. She was totally supportive of me and I have recently had a Dexa scan to see the state of bones as they are now. The last Dexa scan I had was about 8 years ago. I am not Osteoporotic but I am Osteopenic. I will not take Fosamax ever again. I still feel poorly, I’m always terribly tired and I continue to have muscle ‘ache’, reflux and many more other problems, finding it difficult to swallow is one which is really horrible,and until I started taking medication for my bones, I felt fit as a fiddle, once I got over the cancer problem. I’m 75 years old and I am increasingly having difficulty in walking .My weight is increasing far more than it should and no wonder since I can’t walk about. Could this all be down to taking such medication.? I think so.

  58. Claudia

    I have never read anything from a doctor before, encouraging cigarette smoking. this is shocking, that they could lie like this. shameful !

    • EVA

      I allso have never read anything from a doctor before, encouraging cigarette smoking. this is
      that they could lie like this. shameful !

      • mary

        Reading comprehension is important, you need to go back and reread. This is just showing what Dr’s use to think many yrs ago.

  59. Barbara Marks

    I have already left my comment – please advise whether it is possible to buy your
    Save The Bones book in the U.K. Many thanks.

    • Pamela Iles

      Where can I purchase Osteoporosis Reversal Program in the UK and also how much is it

    • Dianne

      Yes, you can buy the book in the UK.

      • Helen

        Where can you buy the Save Your Bones Program book in the UK?

  60. Therese

    Do you know anything about the use of whole body vibration therapy for the treatment of osteoporosis?

    • Pres

      I am a man diagnoses with oa. I am 60 made it! Worked in military hospitals all my life. Well now I have two new hips thank you zimmer. Spine is crumbling. Now what two heart stents 05 and hernias all repaired. Now you ladies chase me. What’s up with this all my life I was married now a widow and suddenly all my young dreams fulfilled. Theses new hips are great but I don’t want to get any worse so I try to eat well and follow vitamins ect. As a man what can I do? You ladies have all the drugs. This is so exciting think I’l find a cig lol… Any suggestions for this X football biker kick ass type who is loosing testrazone ha as I type

  61. Therese

    I have taken Evista, Boniva, Actonel, and Forteo. I have had severe reactions with each of them; anything from severe flu-like symptoms lasting for days to watching hands full of my hair wash down the drain. Could this be my body trying to tell me something?? Uncle!!
    I just started the program and have great expectations. I won’t take anymore of these drugs!

  62. Teresa

    I don’t want to giving my credit card detail on the computer. Where I can buy this book in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA?

    • Ellayna

      Can I buy the ‘Save our bones PROGRAM’ in Australia???? I live in Sydney. Can’t wait to get started as I have osteopina. I had Thyroid cancer five years ago, my thyroid was removed and therefore I am required to take thyroxine ( a thyroid replacement hormone) for the rest of my life… Would this medication increase the incidence of osteoporosis?

  63. Pat Richards

    I have Osteoporosis and my Dr. put me on Fosamax but I have heard so many bad things about it also I have heart problems, acid reflux, and stomach ulcers,so should I start the medicine?
    Pat Richards

  64. Brenda

    I was just diagnosed with osteo. and I am 58. I was told that I have the bones of an 80 year old. I was given a prescription, looked it up on the internet, really bad reviews, chose to go to the local health food store instead. I was given vitamen K, Strontium and a list of vitamins that I already take. My blood tests showed that I had good levels of vit D, and calcium. I am not overweight, am very physical, dont drink pop, dont smoke, already walk a lot, etc. So why did I get this??? My mother has it. That is it??? There has to be a better answer. Now I am told that I need to do weight lifting and walking on level surfaces for at least 45 min, preferably with weights on. Ugh!!

    • Helen

      Magnesium, copper, zinc and boron are also very important for the absorption of calcium into our bones. I found out that my magnesium levels were low compared with my calcium levels so supplementing with magnesium or one of the other minerals may be the issue.

  65. m.agnes Hayes

    Idon’t like giving my credit card on the computer can I buy this book in newfoundland and lab. canada, im waiting for a hip replacement IM taking glucosamine chondroitin &msm and tylenol, regardsa mary agnes

    • Victoria Stewart

      Wonderfull information it sure would be great if our Family Doctors would stop playng footsie with large Drug Companies. Thank you very much Victoia LOndon Ontario Canada

  66. Marv Johnson

    I saw my doctor yesterday and told her that I was not going to take Fosomax or any other of the drugs related to osteoporosis. Her answer to me: “Give yourself a 3-month break from the drugs,make an appointment with me in September and maybe you will become BRAVE during that time.” REALLY DOCTOR???? REALLY???:

  67. neville

    Im a 57 year old male diagnosed with op 6 months ago .Doctor put me on fosamax have been taking for 6 months but now my heart goes into a/f.Have had 2 operations for a/f and have been very well until the fosamax .I threw the fosamax away and am feeling better allready.I thought i was going to die from fosamax the way it made my heart react.I would love to know what i can take in its place ,im not going to take any more prescription drugs for o/p.

    • Boris Zivanovic

      Hi,I am so sorry to hear,so many people screw up by doctors and their medicine.If you want to save your bones and prevent or reverse osteoporosis ,you absolutely have to try the most natural product in the world,it is miracle food,and doctors will never tell you about that.The name of this miracle food is ,,COLOSTRUM,,or ,,BOVINE COLOSTRUM,,.It is one of the reachest food on the planet with all vitamins,minerals,amino acid,longevity hormon igf-1,and many more,so you dont have to buy one by one mineral or vitamin.Iam 60 years old,and ive been on COLOSTRUM for lust 15years and my bone density is like when i was 20 years old.COLOSTRUM is not only good for Bones density,it is good for immunity,high blood pressure,cholesterol,vision,memory,bowel cancer,prostate problems and so much more.You can find much more regarding COLOSTRUM on the Internet web

      • Boris Zivanovic

        Iam realy sorry i gave you rong web side reagardig COLOSTRUM natural miracle food
        To find all about COLOSTRUM
        1.Benefits of COLOSTRUM
        4.And much more
        Go to

        • beryl ward

          i will have a look at the web site for colostrum thanking you i am 70 and just got the computer beryl

  68. Mary Rose Hewett

    That’s not a big surprise. I mean if you check the books back in 1957 they thought asbestos suits were safe to guard against fire in certain jobs. My dad just died from Mesothlelioma and never smoked a day in his life from inhaling asbestos on his job. What they tell you today may kill you tomorrow. Best thing is to use your common sense and quit thinking doctors are gods. They are just human beings who every once and while get it right.

    • Bonnie White

      My Dad died from Mesothelioma. A hard hard way to die. He was a boilermaker for Union Pacific. They thot asb. was a miracle then but it killed his WHOLE crew. They used it for everything!! It was in his bones and eve Mayo Clinic in Minn. did not find it early enough to save him. He had no coice to use it but today we can be informed and try to save ourselves from misery – although we will all die. (Sorry)

  69. BECKY

    Hi Vivian:
    I just turned 48, have not gone thru menopause yet, had a hip replacement (right) side this past november, then almost to the day, three months later, slipped on the house at a friends house and shattered my femur….same leg…i have always been prone to breaks off and on since childhood, but i am getting concerned as to why this all is happening already…i will need the other hip done in the near future as well…i had a dexa scan last week and was told that the density is within normal range but bones are not real good…so many people are shocked; like me, all we have ever heard about is bone density, yet mine is fine, but yet the bones are not real healthy…until the last year before my hip replacement, i exercised, have taken vitamins religiously since i was 20, and don’t abuse alcohol or drugs…why is my body breaking down so bad? any help or comments you have would be appreciated. Thanks and God bless you, Becky

  70. Mark S Filby
    Sorry. I follow the evidence and facts and avoid media hype, sensationalism and overt lies.
    Maybe we should examine the evidence and ignore opinions? Mine is not a popular stance because there is no money or profit in my way. Cancer is ignorance and fast/processed foods. Totally curable and also an unpopular stance. Look up Don Tolman if your game. Follow the money and follow the lies. Is there any conclusive evidence orjust subjective speculation? 5 a day keeps all sorts of dis-ease away. If you have FACTS please change my mind.

  71. Kim R

    I’m 52 w/ osteorporois of the spine. My Dr. has me taking calcium, magnesium and Vit.D and will have to start taking one of the drugs to prevent further bone loss. Any recommendations yo have would be appreciated or if you have experienced any side effects please inform.

    • Helen

      Add vitamin K2 to the equation.

  72. carol thompson

    Several years ago I took fosamax for 2 1/2 yrs.
    & developed a bad case of hearburn. prior to
    this time I didn’t know what heartburn was.
    My sister took fosamax for 3 yrs & she developed
    heartburn & stomach problems. Doctors have
    suggested forteo, after reading all the side
    effects & than decided against that. Now my
    doctor suggested reclast. I am really undecided
    at this point.

    • Dawn Miller

      I took Fosamax about 2 years yet got worse, so they upped the dosage for another 2 years all during which I too had Acid Reflux and it still did not help. Next they put me on Forteo, At the same time I began to take D3 about 8,000 IUs daily, I was more consistant with my Calcium, and I exercised more( well, the best I could:) I’m in a wheele chair but can walk a little with a walker which I try to do every day for the weight bearing.) Anyway in a year and a half my bone density improved, was it the Forteo or the Vits. and exercise or both? your guess is as good as mine. It seems you can take Forteo only 2 years why? thats srary whats in it? Now they want me to take Reclast But Reclast is Fosamax in liquid form ( true no Acod reflux since it doesn’t enter the stomach) But I took it FOUR YEARS and got WORSE!! so WHY WOULD I WANT TO TAKE IT AGAIN? NO!!! I would like to try Vivians Save the Bones Programs but I just can’t afford the Book right now and besides I’ve read at least 2 notes here of people that have been waiting quit a while and have still not received their book. Is it safe to order? or is the book so popular they can’t keep it in stock?????????

    • Dianne Jacobson

      Look up Dr. Stephen Sinatra on the internet. He has a whole section on bone health and what to take. DON’T TAKE FOSAMAX OR ANY OF THOSE OTHERS.

    • Mark S Filby

      Ditch the medication and try raw foods instead. Doctors should have health warning labels on them. They bury their mistakes and the FACTS support this statement. In Australia our doctors kill in excess of 100,000 people p.a. This makes smoking, driving cars and dangerous sports look very safe by comparison. And this is only what is directly reported and admitted to! I have a rule in life that says, If they wear a tie, they have been trained to lie. Educate yourself and look past the illusion of pharmocracy. You have free will, so exercise it.

  73. Patty Morris

    I have been taking alendronate approx. 9yrs.
    It was time and money wasted for I know that I have gotten shorter in height within the last 2 years. I have stop taken the pills this month.

  74. Benny Nathan Altis

    The American Medical Association (AMA) is on the payroll of the Cooperation’s
    (Big Business) The AMA and the Doctors are getting rich trying to kill us.
    Heart disease, cancer, and most of the other so called diseases is a product of our diets from eating animal products.
    Coke and the other soft drinks weaken the enamel on our teeth. Today, the cost of a tooth extraction in Vancouver, Washington is $100 to $300 a tooth.
    Less not forgets the AMA and most doctors recommends drinking wine and some alcohol. The majority of the adults in my neighborhood are alcoholics.
    Also they say drugs are good for us. Yesterday and today, we he have and had an epidemic drug abuse in our youth and adult population. There are rumors we have had at least one president who had a drug problem.
    I use to pass out DVDs on curing cancer from the inside. I stopped because people could not accept the evidence. Good luck Benny

    • viktoria

      so tell me how can I get a couple of those DVD’s very interested

    • Mark S Filby

      It’s not just the American system that’s in the lap of big pharma, it’s global. I know you Americans like to think your the only ones on Earth, but newsflash, there a billions of us out there. Your greed driven corporations ruke the world with money and fear. Every society that stemmed from the UK is the same. Our society is shot to pieces by self interest and the love of money.
      Our diets are killing us and yes we drink soft drinks that are death in a bottle. So are the medications. So is your flouridated water, the processed foods, and garbage we pour into our stomachs. When you say that doctors say drugs are good for us, did you mean pharmaceutical drugs or are you refering to illegal street drugs? Do some research on Google and Youtube and discover the many cures for cancer. Cancer is a Fungus by Dr Tulio Simoncini is a ripper. He got sacked for telling the truth. Marijuana is the most demonized plant in history thanks to the oil boys pushing nylons and plastics into our lives and killing millions for money. Finally, get your mojo back and keep handing out dvds and have faith in yourself. Why would you let anyones opinion bother you when you have the FACTS? Harden up a bit and get back in there and fight for life.

      • Micki Kline

        Facts are mj may cure some things but it causes damages to other things like lungs and the brain. Not really so safe. I have read much of the lit out there.

  75. Marianne McConville

    Ihave received all of th information that you have furnished and thank you so much for this, but I have sent a chedk to you for the book almost three weeks a go foryour book and have not received it as of this date. I called the # number to order the book andnever could get and answer only a recording stating that someone would be with me soon (recording. I would appreciate someone checking on this for me. Pleae let me know when sthe book will be sent or should I stop payment on my check in case it has been lost in the shuffle. I really would like tp get started pn ypur [r9gram.
    Please let me hear from you.

    Marianne McConville Thank you

  76. Pat G.L.

    I, too, have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Doctor want to write a prescription for Fosomax, plus I’m to take 600 mil of Calicium plus Vitamin D three times daily. I do not want to take the Fosomax, so what else can I do and what other vitamins would be a plus for me.

    • David Edmunds

      I am 72 and have been on hormone therapy 15 months for prostate cancer which I will stop next month.I have been on fosamax for the same period.Should I stop fosamax immediately and what do you suggest?

    • Shirley Batchelor

      Over consumption of calcium is considered to be a problem with bone health – visit this website for another point of view.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Pat, that’s precisely why I created the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. In it you’ll find a natural and drug-free way to increase bone density including a list of supplements, exercise recommendations, and much more.

      • jen

        went into menopause at 47, had bone test at 50, was told I have osteoporosis. On medicade so can’t afford the book but wish I could get the information.

    • Mark S Filby

      Raw Foods. Heal Thyself. Take responsibility for your own health. Instead of wasting your money and life supporting big pharma businesses, support your local vegetable growers and start laughing again.

      • heber barbe

        All green raw is very good in special englishspinich broccoli ect.
        get reed of the frypan when you cook you kill every good that is in the food

    • Kim R

      My Dr. informed me Fosomax was not good and has proven to cause more issues than results.

    • Faigy

      I took fosomax for 6 months — according to directions — and have had reflux ever since. It did a job on my esophagas. On the other hand, my mother (96) has taken fosomax for many years without any problem. It did not prevent her from fracturing a femur (thigh bone), however. She now uses a walker.

  77. Ingrid

    I am wondering about this …

    Is it any good in anyone’s experience .. has anyone here tried it??? I dont know about the Strontium Ranelate, as have heard both good and bad things about it??? Please comment as I am very curious – I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis … which does sound strange. I had a bad accident with a particularly nasty fracture in 2005 and was diagnosed in 2006. I have taken extra calcium, but nothing else as I am worried about side effects.

    I have not yet received the book(s) … hope to get them soon???

    Thanks, Ingrid

  78. Khorshed

    I have lost the e-mail you sent where you also included info re bananas being good for bones and a recipe for green plantain. Can you resend it back to me. Many thanks.

    • penny irving

      yes please would like answer to this qquestion

  79. Buffy

    I have been recommended to take Forteo, by two physicians. One is a major research physician from USC. I am in constant pain from osteoporosis, but I also have, Lupus SLE, Celiac, Reynauds, Sjorgen’s along with a few I can’t even remember. The previous email stated Reclast was great. Not sure what to do at this point. I am following diet from Vivian’s book but only for a few weeks. I would love to get off Oxycontin and Vicodin-it’s been almost 10 years and I am 56 years old. Anyone have any thoughts? Other than just get off the pain meds-I can’t get out of bed if i do.

    • Melodee Vale

      I am addressing the person who is 56 with osteoporosis and pain. I am 58 with severe -4 -5 osteoporosis. I take Forteo and have been for 3 months. I don’t feel side affects. I am under the impression it helps to create bone mass but speaking to Dr’s has not confirmed this.I feel that I need to take this beause of severity. Have you found the reason for the osteoporosis? I have spinal fractures disc bulges with annular tears. The pain is terrible. Pain is what I need guidance with.

  80. Marie

    Caryn, how long have you been on the once a year intravenious Reclast (which is what my physician wants me to have)? Thanks for your response and contributing details about your experience.

    • terry

      i too am curious about reclast experiences(my doctor wants me to get this infusion).at 52 & an otherwise healthy person(exercise,eat right,take supplements)i am baffled by this diagnosis!

  81. Bob Pannekoek

    I have received an injection called zoladex. I have prostate cancer and this injection is supposed to stop the production of testosterone.
    I have been told by the specialist that I will have to do something about the osteoporosis that was also detected. All three treatments available through the medical profession have terrible side effects and I have decided to give these treatments a miss. Can the “Save Our Bones” program be used while the slow-release zoladex implant is in my body? Is it possible that the said program will worsen bone-cancer?

  82. Jean Gjersoe

    I’m thinking about getting your book. I have several health problems, Limited Sclerderma , Raynauds, and now Ostoprosis, so I must be careful. I love everything I have read from you and I don’t want to take the drug Evista , which my doctor prescribed. Do you know anything about Evista?

    • Joan Bee.

      Unfortunately, none of this has helped my osteoporosis, which gets worse by the day.
      I have multiple fractures and spontaneous rib francture, even though I have followed everything that Vivian advises.
      Now doc wants me on Evista, because I refused to take the bisphosphonates. Please advise me re Evista. Gynecologist suggested going back on HRT.

      • nancy lee

        I took evista for 2yrs until my next bone scan,results osteopenia went into osteororosis

      • Mark S Filby

        Please look up Raw Foods by Don Tolman and take control of your life before the medicos kill you. Don’t believe a word I type, just do your own research and follow the FACTS.


    I have been in agony for the last 3 weeks since I took my second dose of Boniva, I would love to do anything to get this off the market so no one else has these side effects

    • Michel Ann

      What were your side effects? I took Boniva but had no adverse reactions. After reading Vivian’s information I am worried that my bones will be fossilized! I wanted to go back to
      Boniva but was looking for an alternative. Please let me know what you experienced while you were taking Boniva.

  84. Shirley g.

    While I appreciate the information, I’m trying to understand how you know about my osteoporosis. I’m a dinasaur when it comes to technology, so I consider that part of the reason.

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