Special Celebration Sale Decision - Save Our Bones

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The Special Release Celebration Sale Begins
Tuesday July 21, at 11am ET (US Time)

Countdown to the Sale:

2009-7-21 11:00:00 GMT-04:00

Save Our Bones Celebration Sale Package

Here's what you'll get when you order the Special Release Celebration Sale Package:

  • FREE Copy of the New Expanded Edition of The Bone Health Revolution
  • Don’t Drink The Water
  • How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Bone Health Alternatives
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Save Our Bones VIP Answer Center
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Save Our Bones Power Foods Checklist
  • Save Our Bones Cheat Sheets
  • Save Our Bones Action Sheets
  • Save Our Bones Success Sheets
  • Save Our Bones Weekly Progress Tracking Tool
  • FREE Personal 1 on 1 Phone Consultation with Vivian
  • FIRST 24 HOURS ONLY: Golden Ticket to Live Online Video Seminar

I haven’t settled on a price yet. I and my staff are still working out the details and I’ll have more updates for you as we get closer to the big day.

The Special Release Celebration Sale Begins
Tuesday July 21, at 11am ET

Countdown to the Sale:

2009-7-21 11:00:00 GMT-04:00

The Top 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Damaging Your Bones... And More!

  • Stop The Bone Thieves! report
  • Email course on how to prevent and reverse bone loss
  • Free vital osteoporosis news and updates.
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  1. June Anne Brorsen

    I wish I would have found your website sooner, I have ordered the Bone Health Program, hoping it will help me. Thanks for the E-mails.
    These new books sound good.

  2. Jeannie

    I just had a follow up bone scan yesterday. It has gotten worse from the previous scan of last year. I was going to look for info on drugs when I came across your website. I’m going to order your book. To bad I missed your release sale as I’m sure I won’t be able to afford the whole package. Can’t wait to read it and I thank you for all of your time and effort in research.

  3. SHIRL

    Ordered & received “Bone Health Revolution” about 3 weeks ago. Any way I can just order your updated information sheets? I don’t need a copy of the book I already have. Keep up the good work.

  4. Elisabeth Mertens

    The celebration sale should have started half an hour ago. Were can subscribe?

  5. Arlene Kubart


  6. Marion

    Congratulations to the winners! Can we see their comments please as the winners’ stories/comments do not seem to be on the responses available to us to read.

    Kind regards,

    Marion Shaw

  7. brenda curry

    Dear vivian, I
    I am very interested in this package. I pray I can swing the purchasing it. when you officially start the sale.

  8. Pam Bodie

    My Bone desity in 10-08 was -4.0, The doctors put me on Forteo.
    I have copd and the osteo. I walk on the treadmill a 1/4 mi and take
    short walks, also been using exercise bike to help with mobily in the left hip it still is not flexiable, daily since Oct.08. My body weight is 105 so I can’t take pain killer and work. is it true that salt is not good?
    I started using a caine it helps with me getting around and can now stand straight.

  9. Beth

    I am very interested in this package. I pray I can swing purchasing it when you officially start the sale.

  10. Brenda

    very interested in package………especially in natural remedies to improve bones………need a price

  11. Felice Bourne

    Dear Vivian,

    I’m so excited about the new information coming out on Tuesday.
    I’ve been devouring the book and doing everything I can to follow the program. Gave up the Actonel, increased the calcium and magnesium, test my urine every AM, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, etc.
    I cannot walk more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time without getting a back ache. Are chair or bed exercises effective?

    Thank you for saving so many of us from harmful prescriptions and eating the wrong foods for our bones.

    Gratefully yours,

  12. Lorena

    I am fifty years old and premenopausal but received an osteopenia diagnosis over three years ago. My daughter was diagnosed at 22 years old. I ordered your book a few months ago and have been following your guidelines. I look forward to having a bone scan at the end of the year.

  13. Georgia Jones


  14. Brenda

    Very interested in buying the package….waiting for a price

  15. Dennie Cohoon

    Vivian, Got your message and info on pre-sale package of new material, but, like others, would like to know the price. Am very interested. The sale starts tomorrown, so perhaps you will have a cost price by then.

  16. Darlene F. Doerfler

    I’m so looking forward to all the new material. I have so enjoyed the original and have shared it with others. Can you tell me the value in having another bone density test? My first was 2years ago.

    Looking forward to receiving my package.

  17. Terry Johnson

    I was scheduled to receive that yearly injection (Aclasta or Reclasta).I was so lucky to find you in time on Google. I am impatient to order the package deal tomorrow. More impatient to receive it…
    Thanks for all the good advices you give us. You are very generous.
    Longue vie and take care.

  18. Carolyn Sexton

    Sounds great but l am a little anxious on the price. I do have an e- copy of your first book but would love a hard copy.
    I have had a small improvement since following your wonderful advice without taking any meds. Haven’t used the weights as much as I should though and this gets me energized again to do so!
    When do you announce the price? Too bad the times are so uncertain, especially for us retirees.
    But, thank you Vivian, for undertaking this great challenge for all of us!!! You do come across so sincere and the advice I have read makes very good sense!!!

  19. Jeanette

    Dear Vivian,

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in May and filled the prescription for alendronate that the doctor gave me. However, the night before beginning to take it, I decided to “google” alendronate and was then afraid to take it. That is where I saw your website and began writing you and finally ordered your book. Your book makes a lot of sense and brings together a lot of good information. I wish I had waited for the new one, however, because shortly after receiving it, your announcement came about an updated version. Here’s hoping.

  20. Joan Arnold

    I just ordered your book 2 days ago and am eagerly awaiting it. Was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and did not like the idea that this was a disease, so a day later, found your website and you stated Osteoporosis was not a disease. Wow! was I excited to hear that. I had been given a prescription for fosomax and bought it, but did not want to put it into my body and then saw your article. You have saved me a worse fate than I have now, for sure. Thanks for all your study, research and sharing this with all of us. Loved seeing all the comments from others who have been down this road and are now on to a new path. Thanks again, Joan

  21. Mary Beardsley

    Hi Vivian –
    Thank you for all you hard work and research. I am a beginner in your program and have not completed the reading of your first book but will be finished soon. I think your VIP answer center is a fabulous idea as I have many questions. I also look forward to our one-on-one consultation. I didn’t know I would get that. I anticipate your new five chapters, Don’t Drink the Water, How to Talk to your Doctor, and the sheets mentioned in the video. Please may I have the healthy recipes too? Thanks so much.
    Mary Beardsley

  22. Reve

    My last bone density test diagnosed osteopenia and my doctor has been trying to find a medication that will not create side effects for me. I’ve tried two different prescriptions with no success, and it has now been suggested I try a yearly shot instead. I feel I need a lot more information before making that decision. Your Free Guide offered some of that information, but I was disappointed that your marketing tactics creates fear and shock for many who are desperate for your help and are concerned it will be affordable. For me and many others, more time than a week is needed to plan and budget for needed items.

  23. Marce Welch

    After swearing off Evista just before Christmas, 2008, I was delighted to learn in April about Vivian’s book. It was obvious that my diet was filled with acidic foods. No wonder my bones were in bad shape! I immediately gave up sodas, coffee and tea, breads, crackers, and cheeses. When I went for my six month bone density scan in mid-June, I was shocked to learn that my bone density had increased by 8.8%! I argued with the doctor for about five minutes, suggesting that she must have my report mixed up with another patient’s. This because since 1999 my density had been growing less and less each time I had a scan. It was so frustrating because I was taking Fosamax for about eight years, exercising in aerobics and weights class regularly, trying to eat correctly. By simply giving up the above mentioned foods, including more fruits and veggies, continuing my exercising plan along with weight lifting, and including an extra vitamin D supplement, this amazing turn around had occurred in less than six months! I was so excited that I wanted to run up and down the street telling everyone I met! Thank you for all your research and encouragement, Vivian. This is a most amazing surprise!

    • Doris

      I almost 74 and was told that I could only get a bone scan every 2 years. I have osteopenia and the doctor has been wanting me to start Fosomax, but I have politely refused. Your comments on not eating acidic foods is very interesting. I, too, am exercising 4 mornings a week, line dancing 1 morning, and have a yoga class 2 evenings a week. We have been trying to eat right for many years, but your comments make me more aware of our diet. Thanks for sharinging your info.

  24. Rolande Pinkerton

    How do I order, and how much is it? The sale begins tomorrow, and I’d like to know how to do this?

  25. Shirley Steinman

    I, as well as many other women, have been on hrt for the last 30 yrs.
    as of the last 12 years I am on the estraderm patch strictly estrogen, and I have felt o.k. But, I have osterporosis and osteoarthritis, and
    my bone density is still low. Thryoid problems have arisen in the last
    3 years, I am on synthroid, low dose. However, I am very aware of the latest finds concerning actonel,et al. I have been on it for 6 years, and still my bone density is low. Try, try, as I might, nothing has really worked for me. I am hoping your new discovery, or techniques are the answer. I am very concerned price-wise, not working, etc.

  26. Cathy winding, I agree with Vivian as I have a lot of information already

    I can’t wait to receive

  27. Sonia

    I hope I will be able to afford your package. Right now I am holding a prescription for BONIVA that my doctor gave me two weeks ago but I am afraid to fill it. I took Actonel for 2 years (had acid reflex & also diarrhea often) and my bones improved….then I stopped taking it after I read about osteocrenosis. Just had a DexaScan and not good results so doc prescribed Boniva.

  28. Nancy

    Hi Vivian,

    Sounds exciting. I know these offers are valuable, but when coming up with a price, please keep in mind that everyone is really struggling to make ends meet these days and usually, unfortunately, the first thing we let go is our health. I know myself, as much as I would like to become more knowledgeable, I also cannot usually afford to purchase these offers even though I know I cannot afford not to. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing and I wish you the best in your promotion.

  29. Debi Curry

    I have marked the calendar ! I have fought the fight for so long now. (12yrs) and I’m only 50. Tried everything….. even those scary Pharmacy poisons. I am married to an Organic farmer,so I do try to eat the best that I can. Yet, still I am in the same boat. I have taken it much to prayer. God showed me my “thought life” was too heavy with sadness and unforgiviness, and anger. So I have been clearing and cleaning my heart and mind. Freedom… what a gift! I have been drinking Organic Raw cow milk and taking “New Chapter” Bone Strength. Also taking Strontium at bedtime. I’m able to brush my teeth without pain. Look’n forward to learning more wonderful things from you and others ! Be blessed, thank you

    • Carla


      I believe you’re on the right path with the thought life idea. As you probably know, there’s a LOT in Scripture about bones. I particularly like Isaiah 58: 5-14 (especially verse 11)! May God richly bless you and especially your bones!


  30. Mary Jennische

    Your video was very interesting. I have been diagnosed with a low bone density and a possibility of hip neck fracture. I was prescribed Fosamax generic drug, however I was afraid to take it. I would like to see your natural program. I don’t want to take a lot of drugs. I would like to know the cost as soon as possible so that I an mail a check. Will I still be able to get all of the bonus’ if my postmark is within the first 24hrs of the beginning of the sale? Looking forward to your reply.

    Mary Jennische

    • Mary Jennische

      Will I still get the bonus’ if I mail a check during whatt time span after the sale begins? Please email an answer. Thank you. Mary J.

  31. Janet Williamson

    I have a 38 year old son who has been taking seizure medications, topamax and depakote, for 35 years and was recently diagnosed with well established osteoperosis which is a long term side effect to those medications.

    As a result he has been put of fosamax and then a calcium supplement which he did not tolerate. The Dr. then prescribe an annual infusion which, after research, does not seem like a safe alternative.

    We have more recently been researching a more natural way of improving his bone health and are just beginning to learn about proven natural remedies that would be less caustic to his system.

    I’d love to have some of the information you are advertising.

    Hope to hear more

  32. marion

    When I was first diagnosed in 2002, following a total hysterectomy, the hospital prescribed Fosamax which I tolerated very well. I took this for 6 and a half years. However, more recently, I had a scan and my bone density was found to be lower. So I was then prescribed Calcium lozenges, but still, after another scan one year later (2009) my bone scan showed a further deterioration so I was sent to a Consultant.

    My Consultant said that I had not absorbed any of the oestrogen that I had originally been prescribed 6 and a half years ago (my then GP then cancelled the prescription once he realised it wasn’t helping), so my current situation is that I have been waiting two and a half months for the letter to come to my new GP, this time suggesting that I be put back onto oestrogen patches, but a different kind. He said that this would have a PROTECTIVE effect on me with regard to breast cancer. However, when I asked my GP about taking oestrogen, she said it can CAUSE breast cancer, so I am left confused. I have also discovered that as well as my Mother, and my auntie, I have 2 cousins who also have or had osteoporosis. Whilst trawling through the internet, (still waiting for the oestrogen prescription despite 2 phone calls to the hospital – no sign) I fell upon your site, which captured my interest immediately. More recently, I found that you are doing all this extra information to help us, and your approach just quite simply makes sense to me and I think it was such a mistake to take the fosamax. I was simply shocked and horrified to learn what it contains. I like your common sense way of explaining things and putting it in bite size pieces, so that I can read a bit at a time and absorb it. It simply makes such sense. I wish I had known about it all before.

    Thank you!

    Marion Shaw

  33. Priscilla Sparks

    I’m eager to find out about your new package, but I will be on
    vacation until Sat. July 25. Hope it’s not too late to order. I will
    not have access to a computer. I have taken Fosamax and had
    a problem swallowing. Now I’m on Evista. What do you think?
    I hope this will get me off drugs for good.

  34. Sally Kotoff

    I am in the midst of reading your book and I am finding it very interesting. I had strong reactions to Didrocal and Fosamax and stopped taking bone building drugs a few years ago. Four years ago I fell and broke my femur. Needless to say life has not been the same since. At the moment I am experiencing my third foot fracture and I would like to know before I start your eating plan how to figure out the balance between alkalyn and acid in my diet.

  35. Cecilia Jackson

    What you say in your video all makes sense. I have been following the advice in your Bone Health Revolution book as best as I can. The first thing I did when I came across your info on the internet in Jan 09 was to stop taking Actonel which I had been taking for seven months. I find the 80% to 20% of alkalizing to acidifying foods a little difficult, but am doing my best. I have been drinking distilled water for over 20 years, and now I hear that that is not good! I am waiting to hear what the price of your special package will be.

  36. merle levine

    To Vivian

    Very good presentatio. I would like to get your package, but I do not send money on internet. Can I send a moneyorder?


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Merle, Of course! You can mail a money order or personal check (in US dollars) and make sure that it’s postmarked between the sale dates of July 21st and July 28th.

  37. Gilda

    Hi Vivian,

    Just saw your video, looking forward to see the pricing, hopeing I can purschase it. I do have your first book, really enjoyed it, and I have stop drinking coffee and soda since Jan.1 2009 with doing that and everything else I am doing I look forward to my next bone density test, which isn’t until Feb.2010. It just gives me more time to see your new studies and to keep tring to improve myself. I have read, if your body is to acidic it takes calcium from your bones to make sure your body is balance, that was a concern of mine because I know my body is very acidic and keep it balance is very hard to do, because most foods we eat are acidic. Thank you for your time.

    • Kathy Jones

      Hi Vivian:

      I ordered the Bone Health Revolution and received it just yesterday. I read the entire book yesterday. I also hope there could be a special package containing the new components since I have the New Expanded Edition. I would have waited a week if I had known about the special package offer. Thank you so much for all the information as this is what I was searching for to improve my bone health.


  38. E C

    I just saw your video and it sounds interesting. I purchased your book a couple of months ago. I injured my leg when walking to Compostella in Spain. Fell a few times with backpack on. While in Spain we first thought tendonitis, x-rays didn’t show anything. Weeks and weeks later back in US mentioning it to doctor we had MRI done. They found a “suspicion” of stress fracture in tibia. Several weeks later, being on crutches during that time, another x-ray was done. It seems it hadn’t healed. Dexa-scan done, revealing osteoporosis. That really surprised me. Every time over the years when having a heel test, results were great. Even a Dexa-scan done during those years never showed any osteo. Was put on Fosamax. I have been taken Fosamax for several years. And have been complaining about my stomach. All kinds of tests done, nothing wrong. I asked my doctor, who “treats” my osteo, why is my body losing calcium? His answer: you are losing calcium because you have osteo. That’s not where I was coming from. My reasoning was, if your body is healthy you shouldn’t be losing calcium, you get osteo because you are losing calcium. Not the other way around. After reading your book I got the idea that, maybe, my body was losing calciium was because I was on Prevacid for a long time. Also after reading your book I stopped taking Fosamax. My doctor doesn’t know yet. When having my yearly check-up in August I will tell her and will also ask for another Dexa-scan, just to see whether there will be difference with the last one.
    It took a while, but I feel so much better now.
    Looking forward to the new material, and like everybody else I hope price will be reasonable.

  39. Madeline Driver

    I am in Scotland and have just watched your video after receiving my confirmation of despatch of your book. If I had only waited! I have had different bad side effects from both Foxamax and Actonel and have stopped my medication myself so I am very very excited about your program. I’d love the package, but hope you manage to keep the cost down.

  40. VICTOR

    DEAR vIVIAN i have ben diagnosed with OSTEOPENIA. Havent checked it out on the net. My intermist prescribed BONIVA. Overpriced and already have some of the side affects. Had surgery for AAA with stents inserted against my aneurism in my aortic arteries. My doc said dont fall since that could be fatal. AM finicky eater. Avoid seafod and raw veggies Expect to order your offer.

  41. terri

    I am excited to see your new research. I am a nurse practitioner and very involved with natural remedies and want to be able to share my success (of my own bone issues!) with my own patients. Please consider a reasonable pricing structure so everyone has access – that always seems to be one very important obstacle my clients face. Thanks!

  42. Seny

    Looking forward to it. Hope price is reasonable. Thanks for
    doing the research for us.

  43. Colleen

    I just saw the video and will also be eager to read all the new material. I also suffered from the side effects of both Actionel and Fosamax. They both bothered and upset my stomach immediatedly after starting them.

    I hope your information can help me to improve my numbers too.

    PS. I must compliment you on your beautiful complexion.

  44. Susan

    I do believe that Vivian’s products are great and I am sure her books are full of wonderful information, but in addition to supplements, woman need to balance their hormones. PROGESTERONE is the key to building bone, and, adequate levels of TESTOSTERONE play an important role in building bone also. There is tons of research showing how important it is to use bio-identical hormones to return the body back to balance. Dr. Lee was the pioneer discovering how wonderful progesterone is for a woman’s body; from bone growth to breast cancer prevention. I HAVE BEEN RESEARCHING BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES FOR 15 YRS. I GUIDE WOMAN THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS FOR $25.00 INSTEAD OF $200, BECAUSE I AM INTERESTED IN CHANGING WOMEN’S LIVES FOR THE BETTER. I HAVE WRITTEN A WOMAN’S GUIDE THAT IS BEING PUBLISHED. MY PASSION IS TO HELP WOMEN GET THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT ALL THEIR HORMONES SO THEY CAN PARTNERSHIP WITH THEIR DR. SO THEY CAN GET THEIR LIVE’S BACK. I HAVE HELPED WOMEN ALL OVER THE US FIND A DR.,AND FOLLOW THEIR PROCESS. I HAVE A LOT OF WORTHWHILE KNOWLEDGE. BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES ARE MADE IDENTICAL TO THOSE YOU WERE BORN WITH. I WOULD BE HONORED TO WORK WITH YOU AS A TEAM. PLEASE CALL ,330.497.8927 OR EMAIL, sberkey@teacher.com
    Susan Berkey
    Bio-Identical Hormone and Health Coach LLC
    Juice Plus Wellness Coordinator

  45. wilma greene

    Your new pkg. sounds great, i am no very computer literate, so i will need help in using the chat room, asking for personal help from you, etc. Usually get a bone scan on Sept. or Oct. am anxious to see how i’m doing since stopping Actonel 150 mg. as of March 1st.
    Enjoy your e-mail messages, keep them coming. My dentist is about to start some Peridontal surgeries, he is a FIRM believer in the Fosamax & Actonel prescriptions, but did not argue with me when i told him I had discontinued Actonel.

    • Marion

      Have you heard of osteonecrosis of the jaw? You need to look into this is you are still taking fosamax before you start any major dental work.

  46. Linda

    Hi Vivian, I just ordered your book and have not received it yet as well. I am so excited to receive it and explore this alternative solution from someone who has already experienced this personally. I sincerely hope that some sort of discount consideration will be given to those who have just ordered who are anxious awaiting its arrival. This sale seems like something I cannot live without but certainly want to be able to afford it. I am desperate to reverse both my osteoporosis and osteopenia without medication. My doctors look at me as though I have three heads when I refuse the present medications he is prescribing. I also have hypothyroidism which is another huge battle I am fighting and would like to have one source where I can maybe get answers that could accommodate both problems.

  47. Peggie

    I live In Canada. I ordered your Bone Health Revolution book & it cost me $51.20 I will not be ordering anything more from you or anyone else in U.S. The first 6 chapters of your book, was all information that was already on the computer.

  48. Jan Zallla

    The “How to Talk with your Doctor” book does not interest me at all since I have no issue there. The most important thing I am interested in is the new, supplemental information not already found in my current copy of “The Bone Health Revolution.” Thank you.

  49. Heidi

    Credit card in hand, I was on your site to order a copy for my dad as a birthday present, as well as one for myself, when the new book was announced. I was told I had “a little thinning at the hips” 3 years ago. My dad’s lowest T-score was -2.8. Super-healthy diet/ exercise/ takes no prescriptions dad wasn’t about to take the prescribed Fosomax. Learning it’s side-effects while earning my BSN, I began my research and was floored at the findings!
    I am baffled at the mystery of what the price is going to be. Since I am waiting to order this as a gift that will likely be late, I’d like to know if I can afford it in my pre-employment status, or purchase a different gift with the intention of buying our book packages once I am working. Any possibility you can share the price now? Thanks!

  50. Lindsay Blair Rennie

    Hi Vivian,
    I have just finished watching Video and Like the idea of the book for How to talk to your Doctor. We both know Doctor,s will first perscribe fosavance or actonal. This seems to be their language as I have spoken to specialist on being hesitant on taking fosavance. It has been a couple years and now put on actonal and read the reviews on this. I must read chapter 8 on the Bone Health Revolution as my bone density tests I am not to happy with.
    I am glade we got in touch a couple years back.
    Looks like I will be more into this than depending on or waiting for Doctor.
    Sign me up for new book

  51. Elaine Schaeffer

    I like the other being on a fixed income and interested in your new work since this came about before I order the orginial book. I am still researching so I had not order. I believe you may have a web site that I have not been to yet.I am reading your email that I got after signing up from a health newletter I get. I do not but I just got in with a doctor and I brought the info on my health that I personal have been doing since 2000 because of no insurance. Picked up Medicare and went. They were putting me o fosmasx from my result from a health fair and a density test done that day. I was disapointed in that without finding out how active I was or anythng else. I like the doctor just fine but am not taking this. Today when i went for a pap test they asked me about it and i said i was not taking it at this time that I believe their was a better way. They said they do not all the effects and it was my choice. I am as I had mention before and you said was good citracal the new one with bone density builder. I have not been on any thing like but for the last month and that is the way it ended. So I am encourged for a lot of reason that would take to long to say. But if is about health I am for learning. So waiting to see how this goes and thanks for what I have receive and learned it just makes me want to do better.

  52. Rebecca Lagundino

    I just finished watching your video clip just now. I am very excited to have a copy of your new edition with all the pluses. I just hope it will be very reasonably priced & affordabable for me and the rest of the senior citizens with limited income like me.
    Glad to have found your website, that I have an alternative to those prescription drugs. I really don’t want to take any of them. I was determined to use the natural remedy.

  53. DEENA


  54. Nelda Ruby

    I stopped taking the 3 bone medicines and I am trying to eat right. I have put faith in the first book I bought from you. Guess I am disappointed that you now have more information to share, thinking the first book had all the information I would ever need. Being on a budget, I’m hoping the books aren’t too expensive that I can’t buy them.

  55. Charlotte G

    I am excited about your offer and anxious to see the pricing. I read your first book, and yes, still have some questions I would like clarified. Also heard about water, but since I gave up soda and coffee and now only drink water or green tea, am anxious to hear what you have to say. The cheat sheets sound wonderful as I am always referring to the book.

  56. Glenn Beagles

    Dear Vivian:
    It is good to hear that you are increasing your information to buyers. And, I see that you will give the new items to those who have bought before. I have! So, I will look forward to receiving your materials.

    PS: I notice that most all of your responders are women except for one man (Ron). Is the bone problem really only about women?

    Thanks, Glenn

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Glenn, I appreciate your kind words. Osteoporosis is not only about women, but more women are diagnosed with it than men.

      • Nancy Shand

        Can you please clarify for me what is included in the package for which we must sent our check dated between 2lst July-28th July?

        I have been receiving you e-mails for some time, & did stop Fosomax
        but found that the amount of Vitamin D was so tiny but comparison with the new understanding of our need for Vit.D that it ridiculous.

        Maybe I finally will explore your procedures, if I can find out what they are.

        God bless you perseverance and the caring that drives it.

  57. Anna May Beausoleil

    I already had the experience of having two compression fractures in my spine due to trying to lift my irrigation gate. Do you have any advice for me? I hate taking Fosamax and I did take Forteo for 2 years. Any help for me?

    • Pam Bodie

      Is the forteo working for you? you are the first one I’ve seen that taking it. I’ve been on it for 9 months now. Started in Oct 08, I’m in a lot of pain with the arthris in the left hip and can’t walk very well. I started using a caine. In October of 08 my bone density was -4.0.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Anna, I understand your situation. The fact that you already have two compression fractures makes it even more important that you build strong and healthy bones the natural way.

  58. Pauline Hope

    Sounds great. Hope I can afford it!
    After diagnosis, was prescribed Alendronic Acid [ Actonel ]l, stopped taking it after 2 months after discovering your website. Have been following the supplement course + lots of fresh veggies as I have an allotment and grow my own. Had a heavy fall recently, but no breakages, maybe my bones are stronger than the bone density test?
    K2 is VERY expensive in the UK compared to the USA.
    Look forward to hearing the price of your offer.

  59. Cynthia Kuehn

    I am so excited about your new releases! I cannot wait to order mine on Tuesday July 21. This is exactly what I have waited for. Don’t Drink The Wate will confirm what I have heard, but the Main Street Media does not agree. How to Talk to Your Doctor. Well, I will be telling my doctor at 9:00am that morning I am not taking Fosamax. I will hurry home and order your new books. Thanks for all of your help. I am on the road to even better nutrition and a continuing bone building way of life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Cynthia

  60. Arlene Kubart

    Your Video was great and I appreciate all your hard work.
    I have already purchased “The Bone Health Revolution” and love it.
    How about a special package containing just the new components and a downloadable update of the three new book chapters.
    Also, I have already downloaded “The Natural Bone Building Guide” that you provided us and would hate to be purchasing the same valuable information with your new release.

    • Marion

      I think this is a great idea as I have already purchased the ‘old’ book, and am an OAP with limited budget.


  61. Jennie

    Thank you for your tremendous work, I read your BONE HEALTH REVOLUTION. and looking forward to see the expanded one..
    only concern is the price.. if price is right, your updated information will enhance my journey toward fixing my osteoporosis..
    thank you again for your e-mail update..

    torrance, CA

  62. Jill Reinke

    I enjoyed the video and bought the first book. I, like many of the others are hoping the price is right as I would love to be able to purchace the new material. Thanks for all you do!

  63. Louise Ventrella

    I do not know if I will be able to afford your books but anything free you can send to me via my e-mail will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your kindness.

  64. Catherine

    Thank you for this wonderful offer. I do hope that I will be able to afford it as I am unemployed & so is my husband(he is a stroke victim) We’ll see.
    The Don’t Drink the Water Book upsets me as I have serious kidney disease with a very low 24 hr creatinine clearance. I need to drink lots of water at this stage of my life. My heart is in constant Afib & I take lots of meds including coumadin. For these reasons I refuse to take the Evista that my doctors(all of them) insist I take.
    Thank you for all your research & sharing of heathful natural ways to deal with osteoporosis. Mine is severe.
    God Bless You

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Catherine, I am going to make sure that everyone can get the celebration sale package. I’d like to clarify about Don’t Drink the Water; it does not imply that you shouldn’t drink water, it reveals what type of water is the healthiest and best to drink.

  65. Jessie

    Hi Vivian
    Thanks for all the work you are doing on this subject. I have been taking Fosamax for 10 years and now I plan to stop taking it due to your information.
    Waiting anxiously for your price on the new set fo books.
    As I am a 70 year old woman it is a hard decision as what to do.

  66. Valerie

    I also do not need another copy of the book I’ve already bought. Please offer a bigger discount to your already loyal fans who have purchased your original book but want more information.

  67. Sue

    Hi Vivian,

    I am really excited about your expanded program but being on a fixed income I hope I am able to afford it. I also was on Actonel for 2 years and almost ruined my stomach. It made my Bone Density better but it is not worth it feeling sick all the time. I am looking forward to the new program because I don’t like popping pills.


  68. Ann

    I am a victim of years of taking Fosamax for severe osteoporosis. In 2007 I suffered a spontaneous nontraumatic fracture of the femur that required a rod insertion. I continued on Fosamax until about a year ago not knowing or being advised by anyone of this awful side effect. The bone density done recently is about the same as the one done almost two years ago. I had recently been advised to go on Forteo injections, but have decided against it because of what I see as serious risks and tremendous expense involved. (I do not want to be a guinea pig again!) I hope to find answers in an alternative treatment to help me control the osteoporosis. I am encouraged by what I have seen so far regarding your program. I am looking forward to more information about the cost.

  69. Maria Rangel

    Thank you so much for your great work!!! We’re so lucky to have someone like you do all the research for us so we can have a better life. I can always use another one of your books, even if I already have one, because I give them away to my friends so they can be more informed about their bones. Can’t wait for the release of your wonderful package!!!!! Forever grateful!!!
    Maria Rangel
    San Jose, CA

  70. Amy


    I just placed an order yesterday for The Bone Health Revolution.
    Now, I see the special offered above. Will I be eligible to receive the additional resources pictured above, when you decide on a price??

    I look forward to reading your book because I don’t think a pill is the answer to everything.


  71. Gloria Ferriday

    Sounds exciting, though as with a few other people, I am worried about having to purchase yet more books, and my ability to take this all in. Also, I have always drank lots of water, so now I am worried about what the heck to drink instead. Hope this is not too difficult to change, so wait with bated breath!!!

  72. Esta

    Thanks again, Vivian!
    I am looking forward to ordering the new program… knowledge is power in this case and I, too have my little horror story with the conventional drugs… not as serious as most, as I recovered from one Actonel pill… and decided not to be poisoned slowly… i.e. a reduced daily dose… My doctor is a good guy and I will share this with him… I think he will be receptive… small town… we all know eachother…
    Blessings to you, my supportive friend….

    • Gail

      I, too, suffered from just one Actonel pill – red rash and sore, aching joints for 3 weeks. I love the idea of controlling bone loss without the poisons. I purchased the Bone Health Revolution in April and now am looking forward to more information.

  73. Kay

    I read “The Natural Bone Building Guide” and found it extremely informative . . . will some of this information be included in your new books . . . how much percentage wise will be new material?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kay, Thanks so much for your kind words about the free guide. While it does contain relevant information on how to naturally build strong and healthy bones, the new package includes the New Expanded Edition of The Bone Health Revolution for free, with 14 Chapters that cover everything you need to conquer osteoporosis without taking drugs. Plus 2 brand new books: Don’t Drink the Water and How to Talk to Your Doctor.

  74. Anne Olssen

    Hi Vivian:

    I so enjoyed your video. I, too, am taking better care of myself since receiving your first book. As I have said in past e-mails- the book is my Bible. Like many of your supporters I am a senior citizen and on a fixed income so price is very important to me. I am so anxious to receive the info re: price and hopefully I will be able to afford it. Thanks again for your support and dedication.


  75. Carol

    I love the package deal you are offering! I am a little nervous about the price though. I don’t know if it will be affordable to me or not since the price has not yet been published. I will be disappointed if I cannot afford it. Will you be offering alternative sale options such as offering a discount for the new edition of Bone Health and one of your other books ordered together?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Carol, I will offer the New Expanded Edition of The Bone Health Revolution for free along with the New Release Celebration Sale package.

  76. Ethne Fenton

    Thank you for keeping me updated with all the info of your new books as well as the fantastic sounding upcoming Celebratory Sale, I am interested in purchasing the whole pack. Would it however be worth my while as I live in London in the UK? Would I be able to benefit from the so called VIP support line etc. How much would the package eventually cost me when you take into account the postage & packaging. Would I have to pay any duties when the books are brought into the UK? I look forward to hearing from you regarding the above. Keep up the good work & keep the email & info coming.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Ethne, I’m still working on the price for the package, but let me tell you that no matter where you live, you’ll benefit from the information in my books and the other materials. Also, having lifetime access to the Save Our Bones VIP Answer Center is a tremendous support system to everyone in our community. Just imagine how wonderful it is to be able to get your answers right away, connect with members, and ask me questions directly! I wish I would have had that when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis…

  77. Alison Schewitz

    H Vivian,
    Thank you for keeping me updated with all the info of your new books as well as the fantastic sounding upcoming Celebratory Sale, I am interested in purchasing the whole pack. Would it however be worth my while as I live in London in the UK? Would I be able to benefit from the so called VIP support line etc. How much would the package eventually cost me when you take into account the postage & packaging. Would I have to pay any duties when the books are brought into the UK? I look forward to hearing from you regarding the above. Keep up the good work & keep the email & info coming.
    Best wishes
    Alison from not so sunny London

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Alison, All offers are available worldwide, including the VIP Answer Center. I’m still working on the price for the sale, but I do know that you don’t have to pay duty when the books are shipped to the UK.

  78. Margot Wolski

    If you can make your books available in installment payments that would help a lot of us who don’t want to use credit cards at 28% interest but could make 3 – 4 monthly payments.

    Thanks for considering this alternate billing method.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Margot, I am currently working on affordable payment options. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

  79. Patricia de Looze

    I agree with all the comments already made and would like to extend my gratitude and thanks for all the information you have passed onto us.
    I do already have a copy of your first book so also wonder if it will be possible to purchase the new chapters only. I am worried about the cost as I am in the UK so obviously postage will be more expensive on top of your package. Also would I still be able to make use of the other benefitsthat you offer from the uk?
    Many thanks again for all your hard work.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Patricia, I appreciate your kind words as well as all of the other wonderful and inspiring comments. I and my staff are working on how to make the new package affordable and easy to get, even for loyal readers like you who have already bought the original book. And all the other offers, such as lifetime access to the VIP Answer Center, are available worldwide.

  80. Marysia Dunlop

    Hello Vivian

    I enjoyed listening to your video, it is very explicit in the way you are describing your books and your package looks wonderful. I am delighted that you gave me a chance to watch it. Good luck with all of your sales. I appreciate all the help that you have given. I and many women out there are now taking better care of the bodies and bone health, all because YOU care.

    take care

  81. Katy

    I so enjoyed your Video and enthusiasm! And your dedication to help yourself and others to find an alternative, natural way to have better health! Thank You Vivian for all the work you have done on this subject for so many people to benefit from!! I think the package you developed will be more than worth what ever you come up with! Even though we all have money issues this day and age, in the long run it will be worth it!!! So glad to get this email, my computer had been down for a while.. but am back, just in time!..

  82. Jean

    What a narrow escape I had! I was due to receive a slow injection of Zometa, which I ‘Googled’ and found you.

    I ordered the book but had to make a decision before its arrival. When I rang to possibly cancel treatment I found out that my vitamin D test (taken the previous week) had registered low – they had not even informed me and were going to let me go ahead!!!!! I would have been one sick puppy. That cemented my resolve to refuse outright and cancel. What a lucky thing that was. I’m now following an 80/20 regime. Having very successfully taken a natural approach to my rheumatoid condition and now living pain free, I have embarked on increasing my bone density in a similar fashion.

    Thank you, not just for your hard work and commitment, but for exposing the dangers of taking these all too common and so often destructive drugs – it can’t have made you popular in some sectors.

    You are our champion ‘Jimminy Cricket’.

  83. Gai Ihaia

    Thank you so much for your dedicated work to help others with osteoporosis. At present I have your first book.

    Personally I would love the forum and chat room etc but since I have a good relationship with my doctor I don’t believe I would need that book.

    Is it possible to buy just the updated version and the sheets as a celebratory offer and still get a VIP life time membership.

    Also after the launch of your new books will all books be available to buy separately.

    Thank you once again

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Gai, for now I’m offering the package for the limited time celebration sale, and because many in our community have bought the original book, I’m offering the New Expanded Edition for free.

  84. Julie

    Your package sounds great, I do hope I can afford it.
    I am so confused about the meds I got diagnosed with osteoprosis when I was 28 I’m now 31 it was because I had e.ds for 10 years, I’ve stayed off meds but the doctors keep saying for me to go on them, I do hope your new info can help me.

  85. Ellen M. Johnson

    I was diagnosed with osteoporis 4 weeks ago and placed on Boniva. I experienced every side effect that’s listed and even now my jaw is locking up when I brush my teeth. I started to research the side effects of Boniva and your site came up. What an eye opener! I ordered your book “The Bone Health Revolution” and am amazed of the research that you have taken to provide us readers of this valuable information. I do not intend to take anymore pills but to continue a natural drug free regiment.

    I am excited about your new books and helpful sheets but I do agree with the others that I do not need another one of the same books ie: The Bone Health Revolution. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to your updates. Now to tell my doctor that I do not intend on taking anymore pills!!!

  86. Lynn

    I just recently purchased your first book, and hope this new set is affordable. I have been on Fosmax for 7 years and my T scores have gotten worse. I hope I can turn things around. Thanks. Lynn

  87. Melody T. Horner, Culver City

    I would like to buy the new expanded The Bone Health Revolution, but I’m not sure I can afford the whole package, especially as I wish to pay by check in order to stop using my credit card. I am an information “hound” so I may like to buy the other books separately, month by month.

    I got my doctor to agree that I could use certain supplements instead of taking Fosamax (I did not even meet the criteria set by her database!!). She set another bone density scan for me for October 2010. I want to pass that test.

    I am a Certified Nutritionist, a nutrition counselor, but it is hard to know how to work because I am not a Registered Dietitian. I have a home-business but what I need are referrals. Thanks for listening.

  88. Gerri Lilly

    Thank you so much for all you are doing to educate us on how to strengthen our bones and how we should talk to our doctors. In spite of taking Actonel for the last 3 years, I have slipped into Osteoporisis and Osteopenia. Now my doctors talk about Fortensia (sp?). It’s a scarey thing so I look forward to whatever help you can give. Thanks Vivian. Gerri

  89. Huguette

    Sounds very interesting; looking forward to the info on the package.

  90. Debbie

    I have been holding off getting your book because of price. This new package deal sounds great but I am fearful of it being more than I can afford. I have recently found out that I have osteoporosis and need to deal with it naturally as I refuse to take the marketed medications. I am anxiously awaiting your price to see if I can purchase. I do appreciate all of the emails and advice that you pass along. Thank you!

    • Helen

      I also am waiting to here the price.I only hope I can afford it.

  91. Debbie Schnefke

    I ordered your 1st book 6 months ago.I am trying to follow in my food choices; I am on an awesome dietary supplement, I exercise 6 days a week, i stopped the meds 1 year ago because my sister had $6000 worth of dental work due to taking them. I have a family history of osteoporosis and I have a condition where I have a deficiency of collogen in my system. I am hoping for a much improved report in the fall at my next bone density scan. Years past I have been consistently slipping on scores. I am hoping too for those of us who purchased your first book that the price of your program will be adjusted.

  92. Nicole

    I stumbled upon your website a few days ago in hopes of finding clear, scientifically-backed information to share with a friend who has recently been coerced into taking Fosomax by her well-intentioned, but nonetheless brainwashed doctors. We were both already planning on ordering your book, but now are truly excited about the new edition and the other new books in this offer.

    My suggestion for you for those who have recently purchased your book, would be to have a special package containing just the new components, and a downloadable update of the 3 new book chapters.

    Also, if you offered an additional discount for those of us who would like one for ourselves and one for a gift, that would be awesome!

    Thanks again for all of your pioneering efforts…you really are making the world a better place for those of us who are lucky enough to have heard of you.

  93. charlotte

    me too!

  94. Claire

    Looking forward to this package. Hope I can afford it. Thanks

  95. Stefania

    Looking forward to the new resources of information coming on tuesday july 21,2009 … Thanks again , Vivian .

  96. Renee

    I was diagnosed about three weeks ago… I am anxious to get started on your program as I feel that every day counts! I do not know if I want to wait for the special sale week to purchase. I would like to have the book yesterday. Please give the price difference of just having your main book, as I would like to order it today. Thanks!

  97. Julie Johnstone

    I have severe osteoporosis and am still quite young so am very concerned as I cannot take certain osteo medication. I am not able to work at the moment so do not the income to afford extra expenses. I only hope that this package is affordable for people like myself.

  98. 4demama

    This is exactly what was needed. I am a very active 53 year old and had to address my bone density issues of 2.8+ this year. Trusting my physician of over 20 years, I took a one month dose of actenol and thought I was going to die . When my doctor said it was all in my head, I started looking on the internet and found your website and just kicked myself for going against my own instincts (I have a 13 year old who has ADHD that I have treated with natural remedies since she was 6) I ordered your original book which was very science-tech and informative, however, I was hoping for a more comprehensive approach to dealing with all the issues and simplifying what really can be done and how. (you must have read my email)…thank you, Vivian. I believe this package will be very successful!

  99. G

    Thanks Vivian, for your informative video and I must say I am overwhelmed by making us all feel so special with the exclusive content you are offering with your Special Release Celebration Sale Package! 🙂

    A few weeks ago on a Friday, my 83 year old mother’s doctor wrote out a prescription. My mother left the office, drove home and then returned to her doctor with your book to loan it to her for one week. A week did not pass because on Monday morning, my mother’s doctor asked her to come visit in the afternoon. The first item discussed by my mother’s doctor was gratefully acknowledging the wisdom of your book which she had devoured over the weekend. The second item was to have my mother witness the tearing up of the prescription. The third item was to inform my mother that she will be advising all her patients to order your book.

    My mother and I are doing our best to follow your book’s suggestions, and we are both looking so forward to ordering your Special Release Celebration Sale Package! 🙂

    Thanks Vivian!

  100. Sue

    I am looking forward to your special celebration pkg. on bone health. Thank you for all your hard work! Sue

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