Stop Doing This With Aluminum Foil - Save Our Bones

When I think of aluminum foil, I think of my gray cat Lucy. That may sound strange, but I'll explain. My sons and I found her abandoned in our backyard, just before a hurricane in the summer of 2004. Merely 10 days old, we nursed her back to health. And since then, she’s turned into a chubby and happy kitty, who loves to play with crushed aluminum foil balls.

But aluminum foil may not be all ‘fun and games'. A recent study has shown that heat causes aluminum from the foil to leach out into foods in significantly harmful amounts.1

Aluminum Accumulates in the Bones and in the Brain

The researchers found dangerously high levels of aluminum in foods after being cooked, reheated, and even cooled on aluminum foil. The cause for alarm is that when aluminum accumulates in the body, it can lead to osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

What’s more, Dr. Zubaidy, one of the study authors, comments that:

“The higher the temperature, the more the leaching. Foil is not suitable for cooking and is not suitable for using with vegetables like tomatoes, citrus juice or spices.”2

On the other hand, the researchers also noted that foil can be considered safe to wrap cold foods, since no leaching was observed without heating. They also did not find a difference if the shiny or dull side were in contact with food.

Aluminum Competes With Calcium, Weakening Bones

High aluminum levels in the body alter bone mineralization, matrix formation, as well as parathyroid and bone cell activity.3 Ironically, one of the most common signs of excessive aluminum accumulation is hypercalcemia or high calcium levels in the blood.

This happens because the presence of aluminum impedes calcium deposition in bone, thus leading to elevated blood calcium levels.3 As a result, PTH secretion, the hormone secreted by the parathyroid hormone, is greatly depressed.3 Additionally, chronic aluminum toxicity greatly reduces osteoblast population and inhibits bone mineralization, resulting in osteoporosis.3

Mounting Evidence Links Aluminum to Alzheimer’s

While the study is less adamant about the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s than it is about the osteoporosis connection, it does point to evidence that aluminum is deposited in brain tissue. The researchers note that previous studies have found an aluminum build-up in autopsies performed on Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Protect Your Bones and Your Brain

In view of this, you really should avoid using aluminum foil or aluminum utensils for cooking. So here are a few simple steps you can take right away:

  • Never cook, heat up, or place hot food on aluminum foil. Use foil only to store cold food in the refrigerator, or to wrap cold sandwiches. I use tempered glass pans. They are easily available in just about every supermarket or hardware store.
  • Avoid storing tomatoes, citrus fruits, or spices in foil.
  • Replace foil with wax paper if you wish to store food while still hot. Or use glass food storage containers. I keep a variety of sizes handy in my kitchen.
  • Never use aluminum pots or cooking utensils. Instead, invest in stainless steel pots and pans.

As you can see, it’s easy to avoid aluminum in the kitchen.

To your aluminum-free life!


1 Mohammad FS et al. “Effect of Aluminum Leaching Process of Cooking Wares on Food”. Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 6(2011) 222-230.
3 Cannata Andia JB. “Aluminum toxicity: its relationship with bone and iron metabolism.” Nephrol Dial Transplant (1996) II (Suppl 3): 69-73

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  1. Jane Toomajanian

    I make my own seitan (wheat meat for vegans) and most all of my recipes call to wrap the loaf with aluminum foil and steam. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative to wrapping in foil so that I can steam it?

    • Nancy A Stein

      you can place a piece of parchment paper between the foil and your seitan

  2. Roxanne

    I’ve been ordering colostrum powder through the mail which can sit in my hot mailbox for hours after traveling in the Florida heat for an unknown length of time. I hadn’t paid much attention but this product is packaged in what appears to be “aluminum” lined envelopes. Am I rightfully concerned?

  3. Bobriana

    Made toast on aluminum sheets in toaster oven for years and heating small items on aluminum foil lined pans. Should I be worried?

  4. Bobriana

    I put a sheet of aluminum foil in my toaster oven and make toast every day. I also heat small items on aluminum foil lined pan in my toaster oven. Doing this for years. Should I be worried?

    • Bobriana

      duplicate- please delete

  5. Ruth

    I understand how bad aluminum foil is in cooking and health products. What about irons that have aluminum soleplates. Are they safe?

  6. Michael

    I have always used aluminum foil on the grill due to the grates getting rust over the years. So what’s a good alternative for that?

    • Larry Moss

      I cook on my patio 2-3 times a week. I scrub my grate prior to cooking and after my fire is curing and burning down in preparation for cooking, I place the grill/grate over the fire
      on the rack killing any bacteria. Then I briefly remove the grate/grill placing the food to be cooked on the hot grill/grate and then the grill/grate is placed back over the prepared coals for cooking. This is a 71year olds suggestion..

    • Christa Crawford

      I have done some reading and found that Reynolds plays a big part in the tobacco industry, they supply the foil in every pack of cigarettes! Do you believe it is being absorbed into the filers, I do.

    • Anna

      Clean your grates. Use a wire brush and elbow grease.

      • Brandie

        Actually wire brushes can be quite dangerous to use for cleaning grills. The wire bristles can come off and you not see them and become stuck in food. And then ingested while eating. I’ve saw many cases of this in the news and actually know someone that it happened to. It can cause a lot of damage.

      • Anna

        …and then lightly coat with oil before next use.
        Clean while hot after every use using wire brush

  7. joe

    This is hard to believe,knowing my greatgrandparents and grandparents and great uncles and aunte live till there mid ninties,they all used alluminum foil,are you sure it not going to be used as an excuse for chemtrails that spray aluminum in heavy doses in the air and soil as a cover up for health problems that I,m sure are going to come up,and in the opposite dirrection,floride was okay for years in our water supply…

    • HitEmWithTheHEINNN

      As to you point about your relatives who used foil and lived to be old, Google “The anecdotal fallacy”. I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not, but your way of thinking is severely flawed. “My grandpap smoked a pack a day and lived to be 90”, therefore, cigarettes aren’t dangerous. It’s just bad logic. And as to the rest of your statement, I have NO idea what you are trying to say. Maybe you were drunk when you posted.

      • Hazel

        That’s being a bit harsh, HitEm. When “Grandpap” smoked a pack a day, it was pure tobacco, did not contain thousands of chemicals, one of them being arsenic.

  8. LWar

    I was vaccinated as a child and yet still got the Mumps,Measles,Chickenpox and everything else. I also had Scarlett Fever. Which at the time required everyone in contact to be quarantined. So to vaccinate or not to vaccinate?? I know my answer.

    • Mike

      To vaccinate or not. When I was a kid in the 1950s polio scared people to death. 1952 was the worst breakout in history. I don’t know how old you are or if you even know what polio is. They developed a vaccine for polio and now there are only about 12 cases in one country. It should be considered eradicated by next year. There is only one survivor left that has spent his entire life in an iron lung just so he can breath. Smallpox, one of the worst diseases ever has been eradicated from the face of the earth by vaccination. To vaccinate or not?

      • Brenda

        Yes always,,,we got mumps and measles but we could have died if we hadn’t gotten the vaccine,,,

  9. sara

    lol cancer has always existed… why do you believe that things just pop into existence when we’ve given them a name? also, do you think that maybe we’re just more aware of cancer because there are more people in the world than there ever were and we’re more aware of diseases and able to diagnose them now?
    for the love of god vaccinate your children, we don’t need new outbreaks because of conspiracy theorists, unless smallpox and mumps sound like a good time to you

    • Brad

      Anybody who pushes Vaccines should look at the rise in Autism ADHD since the use of Vaccines began. And anyone who raves of there success should site any and all victories of the vaccination industry, outside of smallpox.

      • everyonebutyou

        Dude, Brad, it is hard to even address the level of stupid you are exuding. POLIO would be the first thing I shouted into your hear after slapping the shit out of you. Let’s see, then there’s measles, tetanus, smallpox (as you said), and others. You people (those that are against vaccines) just want to be against something. You depend on the comfort of the comradery formed between you and the other ignorant pissants who simply choose a topic to be for or against by the attention it will get you. You want to live like you are in a third world country, bitch? Then go do that. Give up one of the major luxuries that we have, available because people infinitely smarter than you worked their asses off to try to make things better… You are a dipshit, man.

        • Bruce

          Um…… everyonebutyou…. you are inaccurate re. your views on polio.

          We still have polio among us……… but now it’s called GBS, AFP, aseptic meningitis, consackies, and transverse myelitis. These different labels started to be used just after 1954 when the Salk and Sabin vaccines were introduced. Prior to 1954, they were all considered “polio”. Also changed after 1954 were the physicians allowed to make the official diagnosis (CDC scientists), amt of observation time (3-4 wks and then 6-8 wks, as opposed to 1-2 days previously), and the epidemic standard (changed from 20 cases in 10,000 population to 35 in 10,000).

          The epidemic was eradicated by the stroke of a pen.

          And consider these facts:

          …. that most of the cases of polio from the 60’s on thru at least the 70’s were caused by the vaccine itself. Dr. Salk admitted to that in congressional testimony.

          …. and there is also the SV40 monkey virus that has been linked to later cancers and tumors in babyboomers….. and then their kids.

          Small pox vaccines actually started more outbreaks than prevent them.

          Measles mortality rates decreased 98% in the U.S. and U.K. in the century leading up to the first singles measles vaccine. What caused the decrease…. sure wasn’t the shot.

          As far as 3rd world countries go…. it would be a lot better use of aid money to send food and to construct sanitation and clean water facilities… than to give shots that actually causes more problems.

          • Kremator Kandie

            I see she had nothing to say after this comment ha ha…vacating is just assaenine…and if you think this makes it like living in a 3rd world country your an idiot…go get an education…

  10. Roy

    I’ve always believed that teflon coming off all those teflon coated pots & pans has contributed to our cancer epidemic also along with the aluminum problem.

    • everyonebutyou

      What cancer epidemic? Do you know what epidemic means?

      • Sandy

        To all of you…think of the industrial revolution and all the environmental issues that had come to our mother earth since then. That’s why there’s an increase with cancer. That’s one of the reasons for leukemia. Cigarettes are not natural even when they are totally organic. Not all organics are safe. Plastic is a huge environmental toxin. ADHD , ADD, and other anxiety disorders can blame plastic, stress, war, arguments, inability to communicate….ok. Now, what causes all of those. WE do. Educate yourselves and you might stop sounding like you think you could be president, too. ?Peace, Love and commitment to health and a healthy world to live in…actually, that comes first.


    My husband used an aluminum foil wrap to heal a painful toe and now he is a firm believer in aluminum wraps. Is this practice safe? Thanks for any answers.

    • Pamela Chester

      Cannot resist comment because my mind took a trip back to the 50’s…….after we finished decorating the Christmas tree………I got to recover the large cardboard star for the top of the tree………with……..aluminum foil! Took a long time to cover those “points!” I loved those moments of fond memories ……with….foil.

  12. Scott

    Is it OK to heat things in a toaster oven on wax paper?

    • Wil Chambers

      I could be a wiseinhimer and say yes, as long as you brush the petroleum laden paper kcarefully with a mixture of diesel and gas first.

    • __

      Use parchment paper.

    • Jeanette

      I use Baking paper to line oven trays, brilliant for baking on in the oven

    • Susan Loberg

      I think the wax in waxpaper would melt. Not sure if parchment paper would be better.

      • Sherry

        Don’t use wax paper, it will catch on fire in your oven! Parchment paper will eventually catch on fire if on high heat for a period of time, it can smell your house up some when it starts drying out

  13. Sher

    Lots of research out there but you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink, or think. And I didnt even go older than 2016.

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  14. Emily Arnold

    Jack (your post on 4-22-16), I beg to differ with you on the matter of aluminum. Many years ago, I can’t count them, I attended a seminar. The speaker was a doctor from U.S.C. I no longer have his name or official position at the medical school. This man was on a mission to determine why so many people were dying from Alzheimer’s. It was not an easy challenge and took a long time. But he had an idea and set out to find answers. He went to numerous surviving families of deceased Alzheimer’s patients. He asked what kind of cooking utensils the Alzheimer’s patients (women and wives mostly) had used. The answer was always that aluminum had been used. I believe these women were not young at death and used the aluminum for many years. This led to the doctor performing autopsies on many former Alzheimer’s. Almost without fail guess what he found – that’s right, aluminum! He said to our group, “People – go home today and break off the handles of your aluminum pots and pans!” That was something to think about, although not for long. I got rid of my aluminum and have never use it since.

    Sorry I can’t do a better job of backing up my true story, but this was a very, very long time ago and now I am far from being young. This happened, and I’m certain that there is much on the subject to confirm such facts.

    One more thing: There should be a law against making unsubstantiated un-medical claims of the sort that were made.

    As an aside, the good doctor spoke of deodorant containing aluminum and it’s effects broken skin. Stay away from aluminum!

  15. B2

    There is absolutely no scientific data reflecting that aluminum foil is harmful when used for cooking or when it comes in contact with your skin. Google “aluminum foil MSDS”. Enough said!

    • James

      Well in that case we are all fine then! If the MSDS says it – its got to be true!
      Yes, i am being sarcastic.

  16. Gokulaesh

    thanks i don’t know this i have been using Rock Crystal for years – supposedly free from Aluminium or not

    • Discobiscuit

      If you have been using that stupid crystal as deodorant for years, then you have been smelly for years….that crap doesn’t work…. it’s for hippies

      • Sandy

        You stink!
        Sweet smelling flower child.???????

      • Yvonne M McIntosh

        How stupid to assume someone smells because they use a natural deodorant. Bem cooking with aluminum and the brain decay has already started?

      • Anna

        Body odor comes from a poorly functioning lymphatic system. Just cause you don’t wear deodorant does not mean you smell

  17. Gokulaesh

    i had a dosa then i warped four times. Is this right or wrong

  18. Crablante

    Ku ku ku koo

    • Crablante


  19. Jack

    There is no link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. There is no substance to the claims of this article. There should be a law against making unsubstantiated medical claims of this sort. We wouldn’t have kids dropping dead from their stupid parents not vaccinating them if we did.

    • James

      And Jack, I wonder if the rise in all cancers and the declining health of our society in general has anything to do with those great vaccines you spout. For a world so advanced in medical technology, it is very odd we are at the same time probably the sickest we have been as a human race. Of course as the expert i am sure you will have other causes you may like to share with us?

      • Discobiscuit0709

        The rise in cancers is in direct correlation to the rise in HUMAN POPULATION!!! duh…. more people? More people with cancer… have you researched this “rise” in percentages of population????

    • Bob

      Ohhh .. you are so wrong Jack. Yes, there is a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s and if you would embrace the current studies you wouldn’t post such uselessness. Thanks anyway for your nonsense.

      • Bruce

        Didn’t you notice, Bob? Jack segued from aluminum and neuro damage (Alzheimer’s) to vaccines……… i.e. mercury and neuro damage. Bob belongs to the “heavy metals don’t cause neurotoxic affects on the human body” camp. He’s probably a paid shill. Maybe he should try to debate Dr. Haley Boyd.

        {Insert Bob’s immediate thought……. “Quack”}

        Bob wants us to accept such great and unbiased science as that performed by Eli Lilly back in 1929…… when they used a strong dose of mercury on 22 terminal meningitis patients. After they all died within a few days, they blamed the deaths on the prior diagnosis, while claiming that mercury is safe in humans. Great science!!! Or should I say $cience? I don’t think my 10th grade biology teacher would have accepted that study if I had tried it.

        Of course our side isn’t supposed to know what real science is.

        • Yvonne M McIntosh

          Heavy metals can kill with a slow awful illness..especially if one has poorly detoxing SNPs and they’re “turned up”. Low glutathione levels for example combined with mercury fillings. Ignorance is bliss for some.

  20. Betty

    Unless these “studies” are coming from real scientists I refuse to believe them. People are to quick to read something on line and blindly believe it. How can you seriously take this article seriously when it says to use wax paper instead of aluminum foil. Yeah…..because wax is so much better to ingest.

    • leslie

      That is amazingly ignorant on just every level! Firstly, and this one’s obvious, wax is inert. That means it can’t harm you. You missed the one real catch not mentioned in the article that is dioxides in paper, which are volition and easily can enter your food, which is why drinking coffee from paper cups is bad. Secondly, tacitly disbelieving anything before conducting even the most cursory of investigations for yourself is absurd. Questions that can be quickly used to ascertain validity of claims would be is this an industry sponsored test and how were findings obtained? what one generally sees is industry sponsored tests telling the public that food additives, paints and solvents or drugs for example, are safe. These “findings” are cherry picked to cull only the neutral or positive results desired and then these are published. When you find tests critical of products’ safety, you can be generally sure that there was little money incentivizing their endeavor in the first place. Your comment is troubling lay illogical. Maybe you use too much tinfoil….LOL

      • Conflict Resolution Kevin

        Did you use a thesaurus much? Big words are useless when misused or used with poor grammar. This article and your post are incredibly misleading. The aluminum exposure needed to harm someone is not possible by aluminum foil. Unless you overcook every meal in foil on a BBQ for the next 30-40 years, I think we are safe to use foil. Aluminum is only dangerous when you work around it in. For example, years of working around and inhaling aluminum dust 5 days a week for multiple years. It’s only a health risk to people working in industries like factory work, mining, welding, and agriculture. Please focus on reality instead of making yourself sound smarter with big words that no one really uses in normal conversations.

  21. Sherin.k.v

    I had hot food (rice,spicy dishes) daily 3 times for covering the foilpapper,is this any problem for health…?

  22. Jimmy

    I’m a hypochondriac and I’m very worried because not too long ago I took a couple bites out of a potato that was cooling down in aluminum foil. Very scared right now. Hope someone can reassure me. Contemplating making myself puke.

    • leslie

      lol, too late, Jimmy. Just get your amalgam fillings removed by a dentist who is trained to safely remove them and use naturopathic protocols to safely remove metals such as aluminum, lead and mercury. We all have a lot, so don’t freak out. Just start now.

  23. Judy

    No one likes a know it all. Where are your concrete facts anyway????

    • James

      Well you keep using it, and if your health fails – well you were warned. Move on!

  24. Mick

    I can see why the world is going down hill”EVERY THING I EAT IS ILLEGAL IMMORAL OR FATTING’. Just for the record I will not write down the population of china, but I believe that MSG is high in their cooking, how much Alzhimers their?

  25. Richie

    I’m more worried about the mercury from my fillings. I had most of them redone and I feel so much better. Have always cooked potatoes in aluminum foil on the grill have never heard of this.

    • Elle

      Richie… for your potatoes get some potato nails. Weber sells a good set for about $10. Then put a nail in the potato with a little olive oil on the outside. Place it on your grill. The nail helps cook the potato evenly! They are wonderful with no foil! I also cook them in the oven this way too.

    • CarlCarl Lj

      Stop using aluminum foil and threw away my aluminum pots and pans in 1972. can’t believe there are still some using utensils and cooking with Foil. As for Mercury I had all my fillings replaced in the early 1980’s. I had gas problems and burping problems and most people were aware of it when I spoke become I had to stop to respond to the gas coming up from my stomach. After I replace the mercury fillings it stopped immediately and has never returned. My stomach is strong now and I can eat anything with no problem. If you haven’t gotten it done do it as soon as possible. good luck to all!

  26. Mary

    There is a lot of talk about how good coffee enemas can be but the coffee beans comes in foil lined bags.

    I have bought rose hip granules but they come in foil lined plastic. How can you win?

    • leslie

      It’s worse than you think…it’s plasticized aluminum…same as in juice boxes for kids. No wonder most of them seem to be drooling idiots these days, or that could just be the vaccines and dumbed down public school curriculum.

    • James

      They should be fine, as long as they didn’t cook them in the aluminum foil, the article said it was fine to store cold/room temprature food in aluminum foil, (although coffee is technically a spice, and it says don’t spices in it for some reason)

  27. laura

    interesting info… I really wonder about the aluminum and pans… mother always cooked with these as well as she drank 5 to six cans of diet soda direct from the can. she had early onset Alzheimer.. everyone said she was too young at age 58 to have this but there really is no definitive way to determine until death with an autopsy performed… very sad… YES… we did have an autopsy done on her brain when she passed and it CONFIRMED positive for the alzheimers disease… very scary, especially if this disease is something that can possibly be hereditary….

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am sorry to hear about your mother, Laura. The good news is, you have knowledge she did not have, and you have more control over your heredity and genes that you may think. 😉

  28. Delmar Mitchell


    • nick

      So true look at our wheat and flour additives and coke beverages slow kill, lots of auto immune diseases.Rich corporations destroying the human race all for greed.

    • leslie

      at least you could start by TURNING OFF YOUR CAPS BUTTON. ? giving all of us a headache,vas well.

    • Shakman

      Because you are speaking the truth, you must be a conspiracy theorist. a lot of these people read naturalnews dot com…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Wise words, Delmar!

  29. Sue W

    If the recipe calls for me to wrap food in aluminum foil or if I don’t have a lid that fits the pot I always wrap/cover the food in grease proof paper or baking paper first so that the foil does not come in contact with the food.

    • Paul

      You are probably just trading one toxin for another, so I guess you need to pick your poison. Grease proof paper uses wax, which comes from oil, and parchment uses silicon. I’ve found that neither fully insulate the food from the aluminum, and wax melts in the oven, so putting that on food is probably not the best idea.

      Aluminum reacts with acids and bases, and I suspect the degradation I’m seeing on barbecue that I wrap for freezing is due to an electrochemical reaction with the smoke and salt on the meat. I wrap the meat in wax paper to protect it, but over the long term it still degrades in places because the wax paper is probably somewhat porous, so maybe the solution is plastic bags.

      • Sarah

        Heads up….there is oil in everything. Toothpaste, tylenol, lotions, makeup. So I guess I will stop brushing my teeth, taking meds for pain, moisturizing and looking good. I will just sit on my couch or lay in my bed that is coated in flame retardant to stay safe.

        • leslie

          That flame retardant will asphyxiated you with plumes of toxic gas and then your couch will explode?

        • Alana

          Think Dirty is a great new app that rates the toxicity level from 1-10 of skin care products, shampoo, and makeup. I scan products before I purchase them. So you can look beautiful without putting cancerous/toxic items on the largest organ of your body, your skin. We can make your own toothpaste free of fluoride and chemicals. And as Hippocrates said let your food be your medicine. Check out Zero Waste Home for awesome alternatives that save money, are healthy, etc.

    • Stacey

      That is excellent thinking! Thanks for sharing!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good thinking, Sue!

  30. dede

    hi everybody,

    i wanted to mention something else i feel is so important for trying to avoid alzheimer’s –

    please learn about “msg,” and (what represents the G in msg, monosodium) Glutamate.

    i never thought of msg, i thought it was just something i’d heard people talk about being in chinese food,
    and then i started to learn that it is in nearly EVERYthing,

    both under many disguise names (such as YEAST, or even “natural flavors;” labeling laws allow it to be hidden),

    it is also naturally present in a scary amount of foods (such as any food containing gluten, the protein from wheat),

    and even used as a pesticide on crops (as far as i know, it is not yet used on organic crops – but note, other organic products like organic serial…all natural or organic doesn’t mean that something doesn’t have any glutamate in it…),


    it is called an “excitotoxin,” because it _excites brain cells to death_ and can cause any of the neurological diseases like alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, ALS, MS…

    it’s very hard to avoid, but please try to learn about all the disguise names and ways it is hidden, and also the natural foods in which it is present, and do the best you can…

    and beyond msg, i also wanted to mention that there are other kinds of excitotoxins –

    aluminum is one(!),

    and some others are called CARAGEENAN – which if you read labels, is in nearly everything, from food to even toothpaste and all sorts of items,
    as well as XANTHAN GUM, and also acacia gum (or “gum of acacia”), and similarly “locust bean gum,” and basically any other type of “gum” you may see listed on labels –
    they are used as thickening agents, and used a lot in things like ice creams, milk substitutes such as, but not limited to(!) coconut milk, almond milk (just try to find one without any type of carageenan, xanthan or other ‘gum’ added to it, it feels impossible!), dairy creams/half&half etc. and just almost EVERYTHING…must read labels…

    i never thought anything of these or msg, and then i found out about them and i realized how dangerous they are, and how pervasive(in so many things) and i just want to tell everyone about them and protect everyone!

    there may also be other excitotoxins i’m forgetting, so definitely please read as much as you can…

    also want to mention a ‘word’ about cancer – especially women’s cancer, but not just for women – please learn about the beneficial hormone:


    conventional medicine has us thinking that estrogen is the most important hormone for women, and even that women need to use estrogen replacement,
    but (even someone above mentioned how she tried to do everything right…not use deodorant and, eat healthfully yet she still developed cancer …she had been given HRT hormone replacement therapy)

    estrogen has a …dark side. (as well, for men, does testosterone. testosterone can convert in the body to bad substances, or can too much of it, just like with estrogen. both women and men need Progesterone, just men need less than women).

    please learn about “estrogen dominance,” (which can cause menstrual problems, fibroids, weight gain, and so much more) and supplementing with natural progesterone cream (and make sure the cream you get says somewhere on its label “USP” …which means it has been pre-converted to natural progesterone…not just “yam cream,” which is not effective…)

    and most importantly, make sure you use _enough_ of the progesterone cream – a lot of women had used it and not felt good, because, adding a “little” progesterone but not enough, _activates estrogen receptors_ which we don’t want!

    you have to use enough progesterone to make IT the abundant hormone (as a low starting point, i’ve read that 100-200mg a day, in divided doses [so for example if you’re trying 200mg a day, use 100mg in the morning and another 100 at night. but some woman need to go many times that, and not only might it help protect against estrogen [and testosterone] related cancers, but the women [or men] feel wonderful–])

    there is a woman named wray who is extremely knowledgeable on progesterone and, helps so many women, and she is so compassionate, she is an ~angel~… (she does sell a cream, but you don’t have to use hers, i use another brand that has a metered pump – it has a pump dispenser that contains 20mg progesterone per pump, so it helped me figure out how much i needed to use…)

    try searching online for “progesterone wray” and it should hopefully bring up some pages…

    one last thing! to help your body avoid having as much estrogen to begin with,

    you may have heard about wanting companies to remove BPA from their plastics…because the chemical BisPhenol-A is one (of many others…) that is an endocrine disruptor and causes toxic estrogen excess,

    and everything from the bowls we microwave our food in (which is no good, for two reasons! microwaving being the second…), to the plastic bags that even healthful foods like frozen green beans come in, to even NON-food items, like shampoo, is likely to contain BPA, or other “xeno-estrogens,” substances that mimic (bad)estrogen in the body…

    please look in to switching to tempered glass bowls and, trying to find alternative food and personal care products that are either labeled as “bpa free,” or come in glass bottles…

    just do the best you can… any amounts of these substances that you can cut out, is less that your body has to bear–

    i hope this info has helped someone and maybe will help someone avoid alzheimer’s and/or cancer… god bless!

    • pj

      the G in MSG stands for glutamate, one of the 22 essential amino acids that most living things, including humans, need to function. It’s DNA codes are GAA and GAG. Your body is using this stuff to build proteins 24/7 to keep you alive. The MS part of MSG is sodium, the first half of salt. Sodium isn’t particularly good for you in large quantities, just like salt. But it doesn’t cause cancer and everything you’re claiming, lol.

      They did a bunch of MSG studies in the 90’s and the only person that had a reaction to it was actually on the placebo.

      Stop spreading this pseudo-scientific nonsense.

      • to pj

        PJ- you are right in some ways, but not all. I know this is an old post so you may never see my comment but it is ‘free glutamate’ that causes the problems. When it is bound it is fine. Check out Dr Blaylock’s book Excitotoxins to learn more. He is a respected, and now retired neurosurgeon who did this research about msg after his own father contracted Parkinson’s disease and the medical community could not help him. As a neurosurgeon he wanted to find out why so many cases of neurological diseases like alzheimers, ms, parkinsons, and als were becoming normative, and he seems to have uncovered some very important information that everyone should know to protect themselves from future harm. The best thing we all can do is eat from nature and avoid as many processed foods as possible.

        Even supplements and vitamins can contain all kinds of excipients which are toxic. Bob Marshall at Quantum Health (I think) is a place I get some excipient free supplements-he is expensive, so I can only afford to buy some things, but at least it’s a place to go to look. (I have no personal connection to him, but used to listen to his very helpful radio broadcasts, which are now on line, still on radio too)

        It has become a world where one must be hypervigilent to stay healthy. More in the US than other countries, because our laws are so lax. Many things that we allow to go in our foods are banned in other countries-and the same manufacturers create separate healthier products for export-I find that rather maddening. Why not give your own people better products!?

        The only way I believe we can change this is through grass roots efforts. We live in an economy based on profit. And rich companies can sway those in political power with their money. But, we as ‘the people’ do have the right to stand up and let our voices be heard. You have the power to change the world. You can put your money into products you believe in. Buy organic. Write letters to manufacturers if you like their product about what you would like to see them change. Sign on line petitions about the things you believe in and create your own petitions and bills. We have a voice. Let’s use that voice to make our country a better place.

        My friend, God bless her, who has passed on recently, wrote a letter to Alexia foods and got them to open up to create an organic version of their potatoes. She did this in her late 80’s. Whether you are young or old, you have the power to help others and the world with every choice you make every day.

        Thank you Vivian for your helpful article about aluminum. I am grateful that it was there when I needed help in this area. Do I understand correctly that aluminum used on cold things, like my carob powder which comes in a plastic aluminum lined bag is safe as long as it was not heated in the bag? I am hoping this is so.

        Are people aware that it is possible to use forms of aluminum in the US, in cheese? I was shocked at this as pizza is one of my weekly treats. Now I fear American cheeses. Also I was recently at a wonderful sauerkraut making meet up group (it contains probiotics and is very healthful) I noticed on the salt that was provided that the label besides containing salt contained some ingredient involving the word aluminum and was dismayed. I am used to using pure sea salt or pink salt and had no idea they were adding this to conventional salt. Would love to hear a comment about this Vivian if you have any knowledge in this area.

      • jmla

        Please read the studies done back in the 1950’s. Msg was used in a study and the government knew how bad it is and said the name would keep changing to trick people. Companies can use lower quality food and use msg to improve the taste.

        The other thing is they injected mice with msg which caused them to get fat and used them to study diabetic issues. The big surprise is the obesity problem. In our country can be linked to msg since almost every food that has been processed in a,y way has it . oh by the way. Mice naturally do not get fat. That’s why they used msg on them.

      • Beth

        I’m sticking to Holly’s advice. My research alo leads me to avoid msg in any form. It’s addicting and making us hungry and fat. It is also linked to all the diseases she listed. You, however may eat as much of it as you like. Remember, once elements combine, a new substance is formed.

        • Concerned Citizen

          The racism here is unbelievable. Thank you PJ for trying to help these ignorant people. It’s good enough for BILLIONS of Asians, but not your special Western body? In many Asian countries, they literally have MSG on the table right next to the salt. If what you’re saying is true, why aren’t billions of people on the other side of the world all suffering from headaches, obesity, and diabetes? It’s because you’re being ignorant. Like many things that get blown out of proportion, MSG is only bad for you when taken at alarming levels, especially without food. Salt can kill you too if you take enough of it. By the way, salt is much more lethal and it takes much less of it to kill you. The user PJ is correct, and apparently the only one to actually read Wikipedia FACTS instead of reading all this opinionated click-bait propaganda.

        • Beth

          *dede, not Hollie.

    • Hollie

      You are an angel! Both my grandmothers have Alzheimer’s. My mom and I are trying to figure out how we can escape a similar fate. Thank you for your peals of wisdom!

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        You are most welcome, Hollie! I am so glad you’ve found this information for you and your mother. 🙂

    • bob

      I just wear a tin foil hat it protects me from everything you talk about here … grandma lived to 96…without tip toeing around all the “studies”…..

      • Leslie

        Your grandmother grew up in a simpler time that didn’t have all the chemical additives we are eating today. But I have to agree–tin foil hats are a lot of fun.

  31. Bobby

    How about storing coffee in those vintage aluminum coffee canisters? They are not coated or anything – it seems ok to store ground coffee in them. Any thoughts?

    • dede

      dear bobby, hey…i wouldnt store anything in or use any aluminum at all…i don’t think just heat causes the aluminum to transfer, but why take any chances, right? 🙂

      correction to my earlier post…i meant to say organic CEREAL 🙂 oh and i forgot to mention, BPA is even used to (invisibly) line metal cans! except for from a few companies that have removed bpa…one company i know of is “eden foods” and i think i had read on a can from “muir glen” that they have… god bless all 🙂

      • FuDede

        You should have just deleted your entire comment since it was all bs. You don’t have any idea what you are talking about. Just bc you read something on the Internet and someone claimed that thing was proven in a study doesn’t make it true.

        • jmla

          So how do you get your true information.?

  32. Nicky P

    Yea Vivian! You’re right! “Evelyn, parchment paper makes an excellent “package” for steaming fish.”

    I tried that, and had an excellent “package” for the steaming fish my girlfriend was cooking up. Thank you!

    You have saved me from dementia!

    Alzheimer’s runs in my maternal family, but only as far back as we have records… a generation or two. Beyond that we do not know. However, I don’t believe it is genetic. I believe it is related to the outdated habits which some members of my mom’s family keep… such as covering EVERYTHING in aluminum foil! My mother is only 53, but I can already see the same symptoms I saw in my great Aunt who had Alzheimer’s. I tell my mother about the risks of aluminum foil but she refuses to listen. I’ve even printed her a research article to read… she just exclaimed that it was “silly”. What can I do to help her realize that it would be beneficial to consider reducing or eliminating aluminum foil from her life?

    She may never listen though. She refuses to cook with any pans that are not Teflon… despite being told it is bad for her. Her pans are even scratched up from her using metal spatulas with them… And she is feeding this food to a lot of people. She babysit’s other people’s kids, has 8 kids of her own, and cooks for church and school functions. EVERYTHING she fries is cooked on Teflon and immediately wrapped in aluminum foil if it’s not being served.

    She also refuses to use real butter to cook with, even though I’ve bought it for her to replace her margarine. She won’t use vegetable oil, even though I’ve bought her alternatives. I’ve even bought her cast iron and stainless steel cookware which she threw out before I could “influence” my younger siblings with such “foolish” ideas. I don’t know what is wrong with her. But how can I get her to stop and begin cooking right for my 7 younger siblings and the people she cooks for?

    • Muah

      I suggest you tell her the facts as often as you can like x, y, z slowly destroys your neurons because of a, b, c when you consume micro x amounts of Teflon & a person on average consumes an average of (insane number) from just one pot in just 1 year so that means you’re getting huge x’s amounts of it in your brain from the x amount of pots you have. You can go on to do more exponential math if she’ll listen. Keep saying stuff like that until the light comes on. Or you can tell her she’s just like her mom.

      • leslie

        It is likely that the mothers and clergy are much more informed than your mom. Tell them her practices and use peer pressure on your mother.

  33. evelyn soterana

    thank you vivian for this very informative articles of yours regarding using aluminum foil. specially when it comes to heating..My goodness,i didn’t know that.i usually did steam fish wrap with aluminum foil.. its more risky rather than using olive oil to fry fish..i never,never did it again,thanks so much for sharing us..God bless you..

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Evelyn, parchment paper makes an excellent “package” for steaming fish. 🙂

  34. Juvy

    Dear Vivian and all the members of these community,

    Thank you for all the informations I have just read today. First it is about the deodorant .i do not have body or armpit odour, so I never used Deodorant in my life. But when I shower I will scrub my armpit with a lemon just the extra juice after I have squeeze them from my salads or when I wake lemon drinks. I do not cut half and and used it for rubbing. Then this year December I havle a cancer didnt reach to my lymph node I am 72 years now. So this deodorant is not only to blame for getting cancers.

    I am also very resourceful of what I will eat to prevent cancers and other disease but I got cancers just the same. But I do not blame the foods I will blame the medications I was given.firstly I have my fibroids operation. Than I was given an HRT.Then after few years of taking I have read in the news papers that it wil cause cancer, so I stop, it’s too late then. The second medication was irbesatan for blood pressure,it was 150 mg. I was also for that for quite a while then I have again read inthe news papers and have seen in theBBC news that the irbesatan can cause cancer. So I stop again.that is why I got cancer.

    About aluminium foil I never used them because I knew that it can cause Alzheimer’s and I am not fond of eating tin foods due to Alzheimer’s reason. So I hope I will not have one. My mother died 97 no Alzheimer’s she eat very simple diet. She is not also fond of vegetables only once in a while. Meat no only at week ends.she eat fruits of course she drink coffee never drink tea because she will have Constipation. She drinks hot pure chocolate. She also smoke with tobacco leaves.meaning not a cigarettes .

    I hope this wil teach lessons also to those wanting to learn on how other people live and live long .as the doctor said love your liver and live longer. Said Doctor Sandra Cabot.

    I believe in simple living like my mother, but I can’t follow perfectly because there are very many buy one get one free epically doughnuts .i bake my own cake sometimes because I reduces my sugar.

    This is all for now. Til next time.

    Love from juvy

  35. riya

    my grany is suffering from huge constipation 3-4 days and now doctor has told a medicine named dulolex and eleesa. eleesa medicine is a kind of stick of glycerine which is to be coated with a cream ‘duloloex;. but the eleesa stick is wrapped with aluminium foil and by mistake my mom hadn’t took it out from the wrapper and inserted the stick as it is which was wrapped. please tell the solution how to extract it from the body. it can be very hazardous. can it be extracted manually by excreatery system. please reply.

  36. Mohamed

    We have come to a point where we have forgotten the older method of preparing our meals and this seems to affect our well being. Not only aluminum foil but also the use of cling film in microvave oven may also be harmful

    • al

      We have totally forgotten that canned foods and preservatives were made for war times…we are just lazy n getting sick because of it…canned foods are cheaper and easier than making a meal …all I can do is spread the knowledge I know and hope people listen! Hurts to see people suffer though…no matter the situation…sometimes just having a poor diet alone will make ur body dysfunctional n stressed and stress brings disease and illness its so sad the aluminum company should have a warning do not do this with foil disclaimer sad they dont care who it might effect they just put the phone

  37. john

    you have more to fear from the aluminum in your body deodorant than you do in cooking foil, and I doubt you’ll be giving that up any time soon unless you switch to all natural deodorant. additionally, every restaurant I have ever worked in uses foil to help prepare most dishes, so unless you plan on avoiding dining out, you will be consuming a ‘significant’ amount of aluminum in the future regardless. I wouldn’t worry about aluminum poisoning, you are more likely to cause deficiencies in your body from eating the genetically modified foods themselves. have a good day ladies!

  38. dev

    good article. was sort of an eye opener for my ignorance on aluminium leaching into food.

    However, the question arises: virtually every family has a table oven and every oven comes with 2-3 aluminium trays which are used to cook, heat or reheat food.

    should the government not ban the oven manufacturers from selling aluminium trays or put some warning on them?

    is this one of the reasons of a higher incidence of alzheimer’s in North America?

  39. Teri

    QUESTION: I sometimes use those aluminum cooking “nails” when baking potatoes since it gets the insides done so much faster. Do you know if there is a problem with this since it’s such a small amount of aluminum touching the inside of the potato?… also, the inside of the potato, where it is in immediate contact with the “nail” is pulled out with the nail. Thank you.

  40. Annabelle

    Have been using Rock Crystal for years – supposedly free from Aluminium.

    • Bobriana

      It contains Alum, which is still Aluminum. That is why that crystal works.

  41. Carol

    When you’re baking a casserole and it needs to be covered in the oven, the recipes always say to cover with aluminum foil. What can be used instead?

    • Morticulus

      Don’t waste your time with trying to find covers and you can buy glass casserole dishes that have a glass lid! Might cost more, but isn’t your life more important than trying to save a little money? Glass, Stone Ware, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Ceramic cook ware is safe!

    • Synnove

      I cover my casserole with ‘food parchment’ before I wrap it with the foil.
      I have also used ‘wax free’ wax paper (costco carries that). The food parchment is a bit heavier which I prefer.

  42. Edith

    Dear Vivian,
    Thanks for all the informative information! Keep these great posts coming.

  43. Edith

    Dear Vivian,
    Thanks for all the informative information that helped me carve out my lifestyle for the better.

  44. Nu Ly

    I have known the aluminun many years, thank you for your helping us – everything relates to osteoperosis.

  45. Carol

    Thank you so much for all your help,especially liked that I was unaware of aluminum foil.will never wrap my Thanksgiving turkey again with that.

  46. Laura

    I don’t perspire a lot and I am happy to rub a dab of baking soda in my underarms. Dr. Oz has said that it is bacteria that causes the odor. Keeping our armpits clean and dry is important, but we need to figure out if we need to put something on on, then it needs to be safe. When at home by myself, I don’t use anything. Who said we need to smell like a flower which we have trained our noses. What was it like before deodorant and anti-persperants were invented? I have heard that Neosporin is like deodorant without the scent, and I tried that when I had an irritation in the armpit after shaving.

    • Marla Riedling

      For deodorant I use 3 T each coconut oil, and zinc oxide powder, a few drops of essential oils and vitamin e. Mix and put in old washed out deodorant container. Put in fridge to harden. This is also good for sunscreen. A little goes a long way. It will turn your underarm white so put it on at night and usually it’s gone by morning. One application lasts on me for about 4 days. You can also use vodka and zinc oxide powder, or vitamin C powder-dab some vodka under the arm with a cotton-ball and sprinkle the zinc oxide on top. These all control bacteria and although you sweat you won’t stink! I’ve been doing this for about 12 years. God bless!

    • Nina

      Laura, about under arm deoderant – I saw a woman guest on Dr Oz say she and her family use a raw lemon, cut in half, and rub it on their arm pits as deoderant. I loved the idea, because I don’t use aluminum chlorhydrate anti-perspirants; I believe the aluminum leaches into our lymph glands through our under arms and causes breast cancer and Alzheimers… So I tried the lemon, and IT WORKED GREAT! I can’t help but wonder if the natural Vitamin C in the lemon is also penetrating the skin under the arms, an antioxidant actually helping protect against disease. This lady said she uses the same lemon for about a week. My experience agrees with that.

  47. Lucia Shalon

    HI’, Vivian
    Thank you for let us know the dangers of Aluminum Foil, now I will be more careful to used. About the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I have reading the Book and I will follow step by step your Program. Thank you for sharing Valuable knowledge Informations with us. But first I am going to start with Rapid Cleanse.
    God Bless You.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      To your new-found bone health, Lucia!

  48. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH FOR LETTING US KNOW The DANGERS Of ALUMINUM FOIL TO OUR BONE HEALTH! And Also The Fact That Aluminum May Cause Osteoporosis And Alzheimers As Well!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re very welcome, Ms L.!

  49. Sherry

    Here is an interesting site!!!! Lots of great glass/steel products for food storage & children.

  50. sisir Majumder

    Thanks for your vivid presentation.The adverse effects of Aluminum foil in our food items is a dangerous sign of health problem..People are not aware of the fact that Aluminum accumulates in the body by way of leaching out—it can lead to Osteoporosis and AlZheimer.Citrus food items can make more harmful effects on human body.

  51. Jonathan Lowe

    I don’t think that aluminum foil not touching food is any safer than if the food is wrapped in it. One of the reasons that foil is used in cooking is to prevent the loss of water from the food your cooking, this collects on the foil and drips back into the container and onto the food.
    Now, water is an extremely active chemical, it vigorously reacts with many metals including aluminum carrying some of that in solution back into the food, so find another way of covering your food while cooking or even storing in the fridge as until the food dries out completely water will condense on the inside of your foil wrapper, react with the aluminum and soak back into the food; until the surface of the foil oxidizes, then it’s less likely to be a problem. Eventually water will attack that too.

  52. Helena.H.

    I have known about aluminium for 50 years. A friend of my late parents died of aluminium poisoning. Why do they still make it?

  53. Vickie

    How about using aluminum in your hair? My hairstylist uses aluminum sheets when she highlights my hair to wrap around each piece that’s being highlighted. Any problem with this?

    • rob

      this a great question Vickie, all hair stylist use aluminum foil when adding colour to the hair

  54. YL

    The same thing applies even more so to eating canned foods.

  55. Puteri

    Bless you, Vivian, for sharing valuable knowledge/information with us all.

    I had a bone scan done some 3 weeks ago. Will be receiving my results end of August.

    Until then, my best regards.


  56. Patsy

    For all those who are getting away from commercial deodorant, you might like this recipe. I have used it for years and love it. 1/4 c. soda, 1/4 c. organic cornstarch, 5 T coconut oil. Mix well
    and store in glass jar. Sometimes I use a little more coconut oil…depends on how warm your house is. It just takes a little bit.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s a great recipe, Patsy! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Kathleen Wendling

    Do your comments about aluminum also pertain to the aluminum in Baking Powder?

    What do you suggest to use for wrapping baked potatoes ? The foil keeps the skins tender.

    • Veerendra

      I have shaved with a Braun for 15+ years. I find this new sahevr to be an improvement over previous Braun sahevrs. Positives: Big improvement is in design. The pulsonic is slimmer and easier to hold when shaving. After 3+ weeks I can honestly say that it shaves better/closer. One can flush the sahevr clean with tap water when traveling or away from the cleaning/charging unit. Negatives: It is noisier when shaving and when cleaning. Also the side trimmer is not user friendly as in past models. The past models let you use the side trimmer to cut neck hairs when needed. This is not possible now. Overall better.

    • Carol

      Try rubbing the baked potato skin with olive oil and place it in a glass dish of just on the oven rack and bake it.

  58. r "mickey" gutierrez

    Hola Vivian,
    I just finished reading your suggested review on the book “Awakening Alzheimer’s.” OMG, you have put me into something that may be of significant help in my wife’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Thank you Vivian for enlightening me and everything you do our bones and general health!

  59. Mary

    If I cover a dish with foil to be heated in the oven, I place a sheet of parchment paper between the foil and the food in the glass dish. But is this adequate? Will parchment paper prevent the aluminum foil from leaching into the food when it’s heated? I would love to know.

    • Daphna


      I use baking paper for cooking and it’s great!
      But… can I still use alluminum foil just to cover
      the pan if it doesn’t touch the food while being cooked/baked in the oven?



  60. Joy Corin

    Weleeda makes a spray deoderant that Works. It comes in a glass bottle. (Sometimes we add some liquid grapefruitseed extract to it for extra protection if we’re down South or in high humidity.) I like the Citrus scent best. It can be found or ordered through most health food stores.

  61. Monique O'Rourke

    What about the use of foil trays to catch drips at the bottom of the oven ? I wonder if that is safe enough as it does not come into direct contact with the food.

    Does anyone have an answer to this question?

    Thank you,


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yep, I do! So long as it doesn’t touch the food, it’s OK, according to this latest study.

  62. Sue

    Thanks for another valuable tip. Can we use plastic food storage containers to store leftovers (warm) and then re-heat in a microwavable glass or ceramic dish? I have loads of plastic food storage containers that I use every day for leftovers — both cold and warm.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s a whole other story, Sue. Plastic has its own issues,as well as using the microwave. If you wish to use plastic for food storage, make sure it’s BPA free 🙂

  63. Gerald E. Hill Sr.

    I dont know if it had anything to do with her getting Alzheimers, but my mother who had that terrible disease, used Mum deodorant every day of her adult life. I”m told that the product has an aluminum base. She lived to the age of 94, and the last 12 years were miserable for her and her family

  64. sally

    Vivian, is there a temperature level to avoid or is it any heat? I can see the example of the baked potatoes on a grill where temperatures can be very high, but what about when you line a rimmed baking sheet to with foil to keep it clean, then bake on it? For example when you start ribs in the oven at 350, or roast chicken at 375.

    One other aluminum product that raises concerns – aluminum take out or home meal replacement containers. Same concern? When you start thinking about it, aluminum is used a lot of places. Also disposable pans for catering, also for cookouts, picnics, available at the grocery store. Really, it’s in use in a lot more places than just thinking about foil.

    I do use parchment a lot and will re-think my use of foil, but I would appreciate more details.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The study doesn’t give exact temperatures, but it does say that even cooling foods on foil leeched aluminum into the foods…

  65. LynnCS

    Oh, Vivian. If you only knew how important your work is. I want to give you a hug. I have avoided aluminum for many years. Can’t imagine cooking in it or going back to the old deodorants. Actually since going all raw I haven’t needed antismell agents. It’s ok to sweat, just a bit anti social to smell. With all the greens on my raw food plan, no more smell..problem solved. Those times I broke down and fell off the wagon and ate any animal products, Oooops! Fell onto the smell wagon again too. It doesn’t even work for me when I eat things that are prepared foods, like breads…well, who knows..could have been the cheese and/or the peanut butter too. Well back on the healthy food again and definitely avoiding any aluminum.

    I am afraid to say that most restaurants use aluminum pots, even the so called healthy ones. I have seen it for myself. For me..raw is the best so far. Thanks again for the great research. It’s a lot of work, I know!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      And a hug back to you, Lynn!

  66. Donna

    Or even better than waxed paper, use baking parchment paper!!

  67. mary

    I have been aware of many of the hazards of using aluminum
    foil for many years–I use parchment paper in many ways
    instead, and glass bowls. However, check out where glass
    bowls are made before you buy any for storage purposes.
    Much glassware contains lead, which comes with it’s own

  68. Sherry

    Any ideas on what to use instead of foil on BBQ for bkd potatoes etc?

    • Anna

      Hi !Fo potatoes I use special pot …put it on the gas kitchen ( only !)and potatos are like from fire !

  69. Chato Joves

    What is the maximum Vit D we can take per day without risks of getting toxic substances?
    I heard some saying one can take as high as 5000 mg – is this too much?

    And we can take only 500 mg (which is the absorbable amounr) calcium at a time, right?

    Please send reply to email my address.

    Thank you

    • sally

      I have taken 5000 D3 per day for several years now, because my annual blood work revealed I was critically low. Something to keep watch on. Low levels of D3 have been linked to cancer and many people are low in D3. Talk with your doctor. If a conventional doctor won’t help, is not interested, find an alternative or functional medicine doctor in your area.

  70. Joan

    Never touch it i read a book 0nce on how to heal your life by Louise Hay she had a piece in it about aluminium so i have to thank her for that would not touch it for cooking ever again thanks Vivian for up dating that.

  71. TOM MAYS, MD


  72. Jean

    I was using a non-metallic deodorant when I had radiation after breast cancer surgery: Alra. To be honest, I did not find it very effective, but later discovered that just plain old milk of magnesia is quite effective as a deodorant. Of course, it’s not non-metallic, but it does not contain aluminum. Several of us are awaiting some answers from Vivian re safe deodorants, and she’ll perhaps be gracious enough to clue us in, even though I think it’s beyond her area of interest.
    Having said all that, I must say I’m somewhat put off by all the promos of books and health care products that “you can get only here” or “they don’t want you to know” which then require the use of charge cards on the web (which I don’t do). If I’d signed on for everything thus promoted I’d be out hundreds of $$ a year; not good on a fixed income!
    Nevertheless, thanks Vivian for sharing your expertise!

  73. Judy Kruzan

    Regarding aluminum —
    I have seen this question asked previously, but have not seen that you have answered it — What about underarm anti-perspirants that contain aluminum? Does that type of aluminum accumulate in the brain and cause Alzheimer’s Disease, too? Would it be better to just use “deodorant” and not “anti perspirant?” If so, which brand is the best as I don’t like wasting my money by buying brands that don’t work! Please address this concern in a Life Style news article… Thank you.

    • Nina

      Hi Judy, about under arm deodorant – as I was telling Laura on this site, I saw a woman guest of Dr Oz say she and her family use a raw lemon, cut in half, and rub it on their arm pits as deodorant. I loved the idea, because I don’t use aluminum chlorhydrate anti-perspirants; I believe the aluminum leaches into our lymph glands through our under arms and causes breast cancer and Alzheimers… So I tried the lemon, and IT WORKED GREAT! I can’t help but wonder if the natural Vitamin C in the lemon is also penetrating the skin under the arms, an antioxidant actually helping protect against disease. This lady said she uses the same lemon for about a week. My experience agrees with that.
      I also have the solid salt crystal product; it works ok, but the lemon works better for me.

    • rob

      using anti- persperant if you think about it for a second, it stops you from sweeting, it`s like putting a plastic bag over your skin. it`s usually the ant-persperants that have the nicest smells and thats what most people go for not realising what they are doing.

    • Samee

      After soaping up during a shower, I use baking soda to rub my armpit and wait awhile before rinsing it with water, then dry up, no commercially made deodorant for me and the baking soda works very well.

      • Armande

        Just plain white vinegar is suppose to be good for sweat smell. If no one wants to use deodorants, try rinsing your arm pits with white vinegar. It does work and how much cheaper can you get? Also fantastic for your hair. No need for expensive cream rinse when you have vinegar around.
        For a plus, vinegar is a desinfectant. By the way it also is a good weed killer. Just check it out on the internet. I have been using it for 3 years now and it works great. What do you pay for weed killers? I use a one gallon bottle, and add 1 cup of table salt, with a few drops of dish detergentn shake it until all salt is disolved put in a spray bottle and voila, go kill those weeds. I actually bought a small pump at the hardware store and it fits right on my vinegar bottle, put the batteries and go to town. Do not use on grass…it will kill it too. And no pollution.

  74. Rebecca

    I would definitely not use wax paper on hot foods! The “wax” is petroleum -based and easily leaches into foods. Glass is best, and soy wax paper is safer than petro based. For the reader using the “crystal” deodorant, a splash of peroxide is cheap and safe. Somewhere I read that those crystal deodorants have toxins, sorry I can’t remember where but I got a nasty rash that took about a year to go away from that stuff. unbleached parchment paper can be used instead of aluminum foil, but you can’t let it get too hot or it burns.

  75. Marilyn

    I suppose this would include the “non-stick” aluminum foil which I use on my boiler pan or line baking dishes for meats and fish. Is this correct?
    Can you cover a casserole dish with aluminum foil if it doesn’t touch the food when baking?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Marilyn, the problem occurs when foil touches the hot food.

  76. Josephine

    There is so much we don’t know that is usually kept from us by Commercial Enterprise. It’s wonderful that Vivian keeps delving into these matters and willingly shares them with all of us who are seeking to improve bone health and general health. Vivian, you are a Star, keep up the good work, your rewards will be a thousandfold.

  77. R. Mackay

    Thanks so much for this information. Is there a way to get the aluminium back out of the body?

    • Jeff

      Several options to this:
      1) Magnesium rich foods. The ‘gatekeeper’ of toxins.
      2) Coriander, also known as cilantro.
      3) Bananas, they have Aluminium in them but in the negative (-)ion form, safe for animals. Aluminium foils and cookware are the positive [inorganic] (+)ion form. The body will replace the toxic (+) form with the [organic] (-) ion form.
      4) Chlorella, tablets, or powder sprinkled on the foods. Acts as a ‘binder’ to carry it out. Must not be cooked or heated!
      Further info: forget the foils/paper etc., buy either a glass or ceramic dish with a matching LID.

    • sally

      Get yourself tested for metal toxicity (urine testing protocol), then depending on the results you may look into chelation. I’ve been through it when I tested out off the chart high for heavy metals. No more metals now, but I am going to be retested soon as an update.

    • Terri Lee

      I was wondering the same thing. Is there a way to get the aluminum out of your body, since obviously we have all be exposed to it for many years.

  78. joyce A. K. SMith

    I bought in CVS Pharmacy, but others will also, a DEODORANT made of Crystal salt. It comes in either a liquid or a solid. The solid is what i bought. You get the tip of it moist & rub under that arms. IT works! My friends have used Tom’s but say they did not have luck with it.
    About ALuminum foil, can you use wax paper in the oven, like you would use foil? ALso I have been using the product you once suggested. IT is a WHOLE FOOD Calcium with the minerals in it, made by NEW CHAPTER. IT is the Best!
    thanks, Joyce Anne k.S.

    • LynnCS

      I used Tom’s for years. It doesn’t seem to work at first, but the ingredients are such that the effect is accumulative. Keep using it and it is amazing.

  79. Nancy Rondeau

    Thanks for the update on this; I have always thought this might be the case. Most restaurants cook with aluminum pots and pans. My son is a trained chef and that is what is used in commercial kitchens. Was conflicted about the use of aluminum foil and now you have confirmed my fears. Thanks again for the great information.

  80. Jewels

    I always wrap my food in oven bake paper & the in foil is this safer than directly in foil or just as bad??

  81. Berislav

    Can you, pleas, provide the full literature reference to the mentioned Nobel Priz wwinner paper?

  82. Allen Ola

    I heard about the aluminun long tme ago. But you have a better
    explantion. Thanks and God Bless.

  83. Amina Al Awady

    Thank you very much for the information! I used a lot of aluminuim foil even for heating foods! and from today i will learn not to do to have a healthy bones and for my family too! chiao and God bless you always!

  84. Mary

    Aluminum, Wow, people have used this product for years and yet its only now the danger it causes is discovered so late after countless have suffered and died. What a shame that scientists use man to make money.

    Thanks Vivian for enlightening me.


  85. Glenn

    Thanks for the alfoil tip Vivien

    Can you please tell me if the same thing apiece to underarm
    Deodorants ? They also have an aluminium base.

    Please advise.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Of course aluminum applied on skin is bad for you. Fortunately, there are several brands that don’t contain it, but chances are you’ll have to settle for plain deodorant rather than antiperspirant.

    • Audrey Beaumont


      This leads me onto wondering the medium/long-term effects of hair spray. The tiny chemical globules must surely affect lung tissue?

      • Marianne

        Most of the OTC beauty products, sun screens, and cosmetics contain huge amounts of toxins! There are several websites that list all of the toxic ingredients like parabens and formaldyhyde that are known to cause cancer. Check out the Environmental Working Groups’s Skin Deep website. There is also a Dr. Samuel Epstein from the University of Chicago who has done extensive research in this area and has had several articles on toxins in our cosmetics. Just another example of big business NOT being our friend!

        I believe the tiny drops of hair spray are going to affect your entire body, not just the lungs. For example, the skin is the largest organ of the body as well. I try to avoid hair spray as much as possible, as well as nail polish and perfume. I used to wear it constantly but my health is more important. I use “natural” products some of the time. Better Botanicals makes nice beauty products like Kokum Butter. I do not make money from them, just saying. I also eat only organic foods and primarily a whole food, plant-based diet. It is delicious and nutritious and not that expensive, if one does not eat out a lot and avoids junk foods. 🙂

        • LynnCS

          Great post. I have found that applying a dab of a healthy hair gel while my hair is wet helps me keep my style in place and I don’t need spray. It took time for me to learn to arrange it and dry it with a dyfuser or air dry while finger styling. When I want to crisp it up, I get the ends of my fingers damp and push and form a little and it dries and stays put again.

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