The One Osteoporosis Treatment That Can Cause Breast Cancer - Save Our Bones

There’s a treatment for osteoporosis that’s quite popular, and it appeals to those who prefer more natural methods. This treatment mimics a substance in your own body, a substance that, when you have low levels of it, can contribute to lower bone density.
So getting more of this substance makes sense, right?

Not so fast…

Osteoporosis is associated with aging. And part of aging involves decreased hormone levels. This is a natural part of aging, but the medical establishment would have you believe that these natural hormonal shifts, known as menopause in women, are some sort of disease that must be “cured.” Aging is also looked at as some sort of disorder that must be staved off for as long as possible.

Enter Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

In an effort to recapture youthful levels of key hormones – particularly estrogen – drug manufacturers have developed medications that contain hormones (or synthetic substances that mimic hormones) to replace the ones you’re making less of as you age.

But natural hormonal changes are not a “disease” that needs treatment. There’s plenty of proof that tampering with the body’s natural hormones is problematic – take this list of side effects of taking estrogen, for example:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Hot flashes
  • Leg cramps
  • Deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increased risk of breast cancer

Feeding Cancer

The last side effect listed above – increased risk of breast cancer – is particularly disturbing. Estrogen actually “feeds” breast cancer cells – most tumors in the breast are estrogen-receptor positive. This means that breast tumors receive “signals” from estrogen that stimulate them to grow. Putting more estrogen in the body would increase the number of signals to the estrogen-receptor positive cancer cells, effectively “feeding” the cancer.

But What about Bioidentical Hormones?

There seems to be the impression that hormones used in hormone therapy that are derived from plants and therefore more “natural” are safer than their synthetic counterparts. Known as bioidentical hormones, these are just as risky if not riskier than the hormones used in conventional HRT (hormone replacement therapy). More importantly, bioidentical hormones fall into the same category as conventional ones: they simply are not necessary.

Not Worth the Risk

Taking any sort of estrogen as a way to treat osteoporosis just doesn’t make any sense from a risk-factor standpoint. Why risk your health to take hormones to treat a condition that isn’t even a disease? When you consider that menopause and the associated drop in estrogen levels are designed by nature, then fighting that process (especially at great risk to your overall health) makes little sense.

What does make sense is the latest information on breast cancer treatment and prevention through natural means. Such information has been top secret…until now. Thanks to Lee Euler and Susan Clark, this valuable information is now available to all. I'll explain, but first, you need to know about…

The Big Cover-Up

Since there’s no way of profiting from natural substances and protocols that can’t be patented, much to our detriment, natural breast cancer treatments have been “shelved” by Mainstream Medicine.

Let (Graceful) Aging Happen

Our culture is youth-obsessed, most likely because aging is associated with chronic “diseases” that can take a real toll on your quality of life. And then, doctors prescribe toxic drugs to “treat” those “diseases”… Ah, the magic of one little neatly packed pill!

Fortunately, you know better.

You know that as you journey through the different stages in your life, you can feel and look fantastic, and that once you take your health into your own hands, it’s easy to attain wellness.

And as I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, try to let go of the urge to be perfect. Think about whose standards you’re measuring yourself against – your own, or society’s? Society would have you think that aging means that you can no longer do what you were easily doing before, that aging is a “problem”. But aging is a natural process; it’s how we’re designed, and it should not be confused with an illness. So eat a balanced diet, exercise, and enjoy life no matter what your age.

Stay healthy!

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  1. Marilyn B

    I am dealing with metastatic breast cancer (estrogen receptor positive, her2 negative) and have been advised to take letrozol blocking all estrogen in my body. I already have osteoporosis and am hesitant to take letrozole along with vibrance an oral chemo. Any suggestions about how I can protect my good estrogen and stop the bad estrogen?

  2. Kerry

    I am not a fan of western medicine and becoming more and more skeptical of naturopathic medicine everyday. I will however say it seems hypocritical to actually say that the medical industries are witholding known health information because they are unable to profit from it, when you are only willing to offer it through purchase of your products. I also see no evidence or research studies to support any of your suggestions and i think its a bit strange for a doctor to use a scare tactic in choosing which disease is worse (cancer or osteoporosis) while downplaying the severity of osteoporosis as “graceful aging” when in reality suffering a hip fracture from this condition has been linked to higher mortality rate within one year. I’m not saying you dont have good ideas or suggestions, just that this site seems very gimicking and i as a potential consumer I would appreciatiate more factual information with links to back up your claims and less heavy marketing strategies and pictures of ppl in lab coats.

  3. Elaine Wiggins

    This article fails to mention the tens of thousands of women who have been oopherectomized and hysterectomized and are not in “natural” menopause. I lost both ovaries when I was 33 years old in 2005, hardly a natural part of aging. Without HRT, I could and can not function. I started out with a T score spine -3.2 one year after my hysterectomy and eventually it dipped to -3.8 T score spine by 2014. I was on the Vivelle Dot patch, full dose, almost the entire time (except the first two years). I also did stints of natural progesterone cream but could not tolerate it. I started on Prolia in 2014 due to my rapidly declining bone density and chronic bone pain and stress fractures. My scores have improved tremendously, however, I am having chronic back pain and brusing on my spine 2.5 years into Prolia, and have had two back to back colds lasting two weeks in duration both times, one in January, the other towards the end of February. never in my life have I had two colds, let alone one, in the span of two months. My immune system is shot. Very frustrating. I am also taking loads of supplements, eat very healthy, exercise a lot. I was doing more strength/weight bearing for a long time but with my back pain/injuries it is nearly impossible right now without making it worse. Which will lead to further decline in bone strength. This disease is horrible. Knowing what I know now, I would NEVER have had a hysterectomy or allowed anyone to take my ovaries unless I was dying of ovarian cancer.

  4. Simi

    I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia. I am told it is because I refused HRT after my hysterectomy in 2001. My doctor is advising I should start HRT now for 2years followed by bisphosphonates. Will save our bones programme help me as I am terrified of using HRT and bisphosphonates. Would appreciate any advice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Simi, I don’t advocate HRT because certain hormones naturally dwindle with age. You certainly do not have to take any drug or synthetic hormone that you are not comfortable with! I welcome you to this site where you can get all kinds of excellent information to help your research efforts. I know you will make an informed decision!

  5. Elaine H. NJ

    Thank you Vivian for all you’ve contributed to helping us save our bones naturally. The discussion on bio identical hormones is enlightening and of concern. I so appreciate knowing that they are not as safe as we’ve been led to believe. I would not want to take them systemically but my vaginal dryness is so bad at age 58 that I’m starting to have incontinence. My gynecologist is very concerned about what will happen to me in the next 10 years and has recommended compounded estrodil to be inserted vaginally. Do you know if using it this way (topically is how she describes it) is much safer? I”m sure there are others who may have a similar question. Thanks for all the time and caring you give to all your readers.

  6. dorthy

    I do not eat soy and try to avoid it because it is an estrogen. Everything has some soy in it and it annoying to try and buy food without this additive.

  7. Marie S

    Vivian, I have just purchased your book and am reading the additional info you have posted here. At 51 I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and would like to know your opinion of “Fosteum”. It is classified as a “super food” and therefore not covered by my insurance. However, I am more inclined to go the expence rather than risk the side effects of Boniva or others.

  8. Teri

    Hi Vivian,
    I was wondering if you have ever heard of MTHFR? It’s basically a mutation in which Folate does not get processed correctly and is a cause for many health conditions. A person with this mutation needs to take Methylfolate. My natural path doctor found this condition in me after taking a blood test and feels that is what caused my early osteoporosis at the age of 50.

  9. Alana Demers

    Vivian, please comment on Dr. John Lee’s recommendation on the use of progesterone cream applied in small doses on thin-skinned areas of the body. Although he has passed away, his book/research was ground breaking in an estrogen dominant culture. I see that a couple of other readers have also asked you this question. Please advise. Also, I used natural compounded bio-identical hormone creams in very small doses for my early menopausal symptoms formulated with my feedback by a female doctor specializing in menopause. These creams were a great help to me and I had no side effects.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Alana,
      Thank you for writing in! My position on hormone replacement is the same – I still don’t recommend hormone supplementation, because I believe hormonal shifts are natural body processes. Supporting your body through hormonal changes is, in my opinion, a healthier way to make the symptoms of hormonal shifts less severe. 🙂

  10. alice furey

    I was given a Reclast infusion about three weeks ago – this was my second year for this – the first year I had severe pain in my spine which lasted about 15 minutes – this year I developed a headache during the infusion and also a rise in blood pressure. I then discovered my vision was blurred. My rheumatologist assured me this was not a side effect of Reclast – the next day, when my blood pressure continued to be very high, I went to see my primary doctor who went on the internet and found that this was indeed a side effect. I came home and went on the internet to find out the same thing plus other side efects. This stuff should not be on the market. I will not take it again and intend to talk to my rheumatologist about his failure to know about this. I also will check on any medication that I am given by a doctor and will refuse anything that I don’t think is safe.

    • Yvonne Wagner

      Do more reading, please don’t just take advice from Doctors unless you know for sure that they keep updated. That their information doesn’t just come from drug companies ! If it does, guess what…..more synthetic drugs along with their side effects ! Take them and you need other drugs to treat the side effects….a viscous circle,

  11. MARGARET Mc Connon

    Happy New Year Vivian ,and thanks for all your information.

    Two years ago, the doctors were concerned re a breast mass and took me off.

    My bone density dropped dramatically, my life went into tail spin, with hot flushes, not sleeping and pain.

    At this moment , I am in agony with herniaiated disc and trapped sciatic nerve. I have followed SOBP over 12 months.

    In desperation, last night, I decided that I will go back and ask to be put back on HRT .

    Tonight, I read all these comments and info. and I’m even more confused.

    I have tried every herb on the market, but am exhausted with non-stop flushes and lack sleep.

    I wonder if the quality of life is not more important than the quantity??

    Best wishes to all for 2013 Margaret

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Margaret, I am so sorry to hear of your struggles! As always, your health is in your hands – since you have the program and you are a frequent visitor to the site, you are well able to make an informed decision that is the right one for you and your body. I wish you health!

  12. Frannie

    One more time, Vivian…I didn’t see your answer to using progesterone cream as suggested by Dr. John Lee. Could you address this? Love your website.

    • Yvonne Wagner

      I don’t see a response either from Vivian about her views on Dr Lee’s books. It would be very interesting to find out. Unfortunately Dr Lee is no longer with us. If he was I’m sure he would look into all these conflicting opinions and give us all guidance….
      Yvie :-0

  13. thea

    I never cease to give thanks to Vivian for all the wondeful information she has given us to “Save our bones” Her book is forever in my reach and I keep “dipping” in to its wonderful and informative pages. Thank you Vivian. my very wishes and regards- Thea White.

  14. Barbs

    Does anyone know if colecalciferol strong tabs 50,000IU (taken once a month) are safe to take. I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and do not want to take fosamac thanks

  15. Edgar Murfin

    Interesting report re oestrogen – your contra-arguments to use of this to ‘cure’ osteoporosis seem sensible. Do similar arguments apply to the use of testosterone supplementation for old men like me? I’m 75, and it seems my development of osteoporosis coincided with a gradual loss of libido and ability to respond appropriately to stimuli. I’m not actually worried about the libido – to be frank, it’s rather nice to free of it much of the time – but the osteo remains a big problem, especially after most of my lumbar vertebrae are now badly compressed, to the point my hips and lower ribs are in permanent contact. The effect of compressed abdominal contents can be imagined, as well as the extraordinary care necessary to avoid rib fractures from bending and twisting the trunk. It seems fairly certain that a lack of testosterone is implicated in osteoporosis, and i wonder if men supplementing with the hormone face similar risks as lassies supplementing with oestrogens.

    • nancy

      for men an endocrinologists can help with testosterone levels. That doctor helps with quality of life and testosterone levels

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Edgar, you raise an interesting question! Not nearly as much research as been done on testosterone supplementation as estrogen. However, the Save Our Bones philosophy still applies – aging and the corresponding hormonal shifts are natural processes, and supporting your body through the changes is healthier than supplementing with hormones. 🙂 Thanks so much for chiming in!

      • Susan

        Vivian, if you don’t think we should take any form of natural hormones, much less HRT, then what do you suggest for the horrible hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, vaginal dryness, moodiness, fuzzy thinking and the list goes on. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO???????

        I think it’s wonderful if you’ve never had these problems associated with menopause, but plenty of us do, and I would not be fit to live with without progesterone, so what do you suggest in its place?

        • Carolyn Restagno

          My body was allergic to ALL the synthetic hormone replacement products and I was beside myself because I had SEVERE symptoms and was going crazy. I had panic attacks 3 times and 2 of those times I wound up in the hospital emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. Doctors were no help–just looked at me blankly and had nothing to suggest. I was desperate after awhile. First I tried Kava Kava. I had used it for stress at work and it works quite well–one or 2 pills and you are cool as a cucumber. That worked for some of the jittery symptoms I was experiencing. When that was no longer working I tried Maca, another herb. It worked well for a time, too. As I continued my journey in menopause, I needed something stronger. I tried progesterone cream for awhile, but my chiropractor, who had written a book on women’s wellness, told me it builds up in your system after awhile, and he didn’t recommend it. He tested my saliva, and my estrogens were all in normal range, but my DHEA was borderline and my testosterone was high. He but me on an herbal preparation that contained ginseng, which I found out that my body cannot tolerate either, and I had a panic attack from that, too! I finally found a product called ProgonB to maintain the progesterone levels, and I only took one little pill a day (I always start out with the lowest amount on any new supplements to see whether I can tolerate the product) and that worked for me. I was able to stop those a couple of years ago. I am now 65 and had occasional hot flashes until this past summer, but I think I am finally through post-menopause symptoms! It has been a l-o-n-g journey–21 years for me from the very 1st symptom. Do your research, read as much as you can, and go slowly–you will find something that works for you!

  16. Joyce E Hall

    Hello and Happy New year Vivian. Hope you are enjoying the start of this New Year, 2013. I am wondering what discoveries our year will bring. I am doing well and still find my SaveOurBones book my major resource to combat osteoporosis. I am sure over these next twelve months more good news about saving our bones will surface. Vivian I trust your research and knowledge. I look forward to your new discoveries over these next months. Stay on top of it Vivian…. Don’t forget me, Joyce

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Joyce, you are most welcome! And don’t worry – you won’t be forgotten! Please keep contributing. 🙂

      • Amy

        Dr. Vivan everybody body is different i took it for 2 years it was great best sleep ageing gracefully bs hmm tooth lose pain bk pain hot flashes who are u kidding lmao

  17. Nu Ly

    Thanks, I never enter HRT.

  18. Sylvia

    I agree with this, I do not believe in taking hormones (premarin) the mares urine for menopause, I use herbs and find them very effective. This is cancerous.


  19. wendy

    And progeterone?

  20. tom burr

    I am 79 yrs old and really feel good.I work 8-10 hrs a day. Putting up 18 cords of wood this last fall had little or no negative effects on me. It’s true eating good balanced meals a day with several cups fresh fruits and vegs is the one thing everyone must accomplish. So many go on with their lives as usual and later have problems that are mentioned in the book of Saveourbones. One must take heed especially when they are young to follow this information. Then when you are older you may be in excellent shape. But non the less actually all of one’s life must keep good health that is specified in the book. burr

  21. Carol Cook

    Some of the comments just amaze me! Too many seem to think Vivian wrote the book mentioned….wake up people and really read what is on the page!!!
    If you don’t want the book, don’t buy it! Obviously Vivian thought it would be of interest to many. True, there are far too many sites that overcharge for their goods but nobody is twisting your arm to make you buy! Vivian’s program was well worth the money and surely all the naysayers can’t expect her to do it for nothing. The Save Our Bones program has been a real help for me and I appreciate all that Vivian is doing!

    • Jane

      Well said!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Carol, I am so pleased to know you have found the Osteoporosis Reversal Program helpful! Thank you for letting us know.

  22. Chris

    I feel you are 100% right on!

  23. karen

    You’re right about HRT. I took it and had a clot in my ankle, ended up in the emergency room, had a stent in one leg and an “umbrella” in the vena cava, and could have died. two weeks in the hospital. never again.

    Good you are putting this info out there.

  24. Dr. Dean Raffelock

    The information about bio-identical hormone replacement being even more dangerous than pharmaceutically altered estrogens is totally erroneous. Estrogens are essential for bone growth. Even in a man’s body testosterone is converted into estrogen to enhance bone growth and health. Bio-identical hormones are the exact same molecular size and shape as the hormones our bodies make. So their benefit is this not just that they are derived from natural sources. Plus there are ways to help excrete the potentially harmful forms of estrogen (4 and 16-hydroxyestrone). Since estrogens are genomic hormones (meaning they turn on and off DNA programs) they along with normalizing other genomic hormones are often the most effective thing to help bone density.

    • nancy

      well said, and true the medical field hasn’t caught up with this yet and pharmaceutical companies have nothing to gain. be your own advocate!

    • Trudy

      Thank you, Dr Dean, for this info. I was prescribed HRT patches (Estalis) a few years ago by a specialist to increase my bone density. Together with Vivian’s diet I managed to get to nearly normal levels within 2 years. I am quite confused with all the bad news (side effects) of HRT. I just feel better with it overall – better sleep, no hot flushes etc.
      I am a very active person (63 years old) and exercise a lot, almost daily and keep fit and slim. I am especially scared of the risk of breast cancer. Should I continue applying the HRT patches or stop?
      Many thanks from Australia

  25. Margit Cathrine Moller

    All your info is very interesting however when you recommend a book it can be frustrating if that particular book cannot be found in an eBook version.
    My preference when it comes to buying books nowadays is eBook.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Margit, The Breast Cancer Cover-Up is available in digital or printed format. 🙂

  26. Carol Lawson

    I had my DEXA in Nov. and had a decline of bone mass. Two years ago I had a score of -2.6 this past score was -3.35 and Z=-1.00.I am very concerned with having a hip fracture.

    I did have three months not being able to walk with broken bones in foot from an accident. Perhaps this had an impact on my score. I had such hope to improve and not regress.
    Vivian I would appreciate your opinion of the calcium I am taking and what else I might do to improve. I am taking Ultimate Bone Gro Formula. Dr.Cutler
    True Health.

    • Customer Support

      Carol, please feel free to click on the Customer Support icon (smile face) at the top of the page – then we can help answer some of your questions and concerns. 🙂

  27. LynnCS

    Vivian. Thank you so much for doing all the research you do. I couldn’t do it, so it is appreciated. I have learn a lot from you, mostly free. My experience with doctors who want me to get on hormones is extensive. No time for it here and this mob mentality on here today makes it an unwelcome place to post. All I can say is thank you for giving us a review of what’s available and my option is to take what I want and leave the rest. With the catty/selfish way that people are posting I’m not sure I want to return here.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Lynn! And I understand your concerns, but this is an open forum and I welcome everyone’s voice. 🙂 I hope you will keep your “voice” in the conversation!

  28. Kim

    I’m very glad to see people stepping up and expressing their frustration over the way our health information is being presented. WHY IS EVERYTHING SUCH A SECRET?!?!?! There are so many changing “facts” and recommendations out there. First it is good for you to do or take _____ then, with additional research it is bad to do this or take that ….. It is so frustrating to never know for sure what is real and good or what is being put out there to sell books and supplements!! I get at least 15 emails a day from “Doctors” selling supplements and books/newsletters – Mercola, Vivian, Cutler, WC Douglas – and health and finess “coaches – spark people, Joel, Josh, Jessie, John, Jillian,Susan Somers, Prevention, etc – It seems that everyone is just trying to SELL you. Most days I actually try to read them all – and it’s just so overwhelming – if I bought and used what I “think” I need after chewing thru all this info – I’d be taking probably 20 pills a day, a couple of drink powders, and a few sprays and would need a second job to pay for supplements alone! Come on – what is your health worth to you?? every thing is “1/2 off or on sale now” for 39.95 plus shipping – and don’t even get me started on the @#$% auto-ship!!! Can someone please share a few secrets for free? If you really want to make the info available – feel FREE……. getting off my soapbox now….. thanks.

    • Jim

      I understand your predicament because it happened to me.
      Too many emails, unless you have nothing better to do.
      Many of them issue each other’s info, so there is often a lot of duplication as well. Supplementation can be good as we age and our levels drop. I suggest that you step back, decide who you think is ideal to inform you, perhaps 2 only, and unsubscribe the others. Some can be trimmed to a weekly summary also.
      I like this program because it is focused on nutrition.

    • Jose L. Suescun

      Kim: Nothing is free. You have to pay the “vig”. I receive emails from all those people and more. 20 pills/day is nothing for me. I could take many more of all those goodies and I find new ones every day. Nick Nolte was taking 60 pills/day, when he went to correct/improve his health. I could take even more and spend $1,000/month, which I will do when I receive my cash flow from my just started China Basmati rice growing business. The oxygen treatment for breast cancer is probably the one from the German biologist Dr. Joanna Budwig (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese)and the chemical one comes from the American chemist Jim Sheridan, who killed cancer cells not by cutting the blood supply, but lowering the voltage of them until they disintegrate. 80% cure rate, terminal cancers included. If anybody has cancer, I can help without to from the establishment. I live in Europe.


    I have been on bio-identical hormones since 1995 following a total hysterectomy in 1994. I studied John Lee’s work which explained that estriol (E3) is not only a cancer preventative but actually destroys cancerous cells. My salivary assay test revealed exactly what my body needed. I have had excellent health since taking it and my bone density improved significantly.

    Thank you,

    • Margit Cathrine Moller

      I was glad to read your comment as I am taking Bio-identical hormones myself and I am doing and feeling fine.
      Reading Dr. Vivian Goldschmidts comment on bio-identical hormones not actually being beneficial to us made me somewhat concerned however now I am at ease again after having read what you say.

  30. Joy

    Thank you for your unending source of valuable information! It takes a certain amount of courage to fight against the hypes that are given out by the media and the physicians. You are doing a priceless work to so many of us and so needed. Thank you–keep it up; it DOES make a difference in our overall health!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      And I thank you for your kind words and for being a part of the Save Our Bones community! 🙂

  31. L. Cameron

    Some natural health proponents recommend using progesterone cream, derived from natural sources, to help retain bone density. A small amount is massaged into the skin daily. Could you comment on this idea? Thank you.

  32. Joyce E Hall

    I am from a large family. Thirteen live births. I am 12th. Nobody in my entire family have had Cancer. I attribute this to the fact that we ate POOR. IE: Bean Soup, Home made Vegetable Soup, Portion control was used because the food had to feed a lot of people. Fish every Friday. As an adult I have fed my own family somewhat similar. I have eaten lots more beef than my family ever did. Thank God I am healthy. I attribute this to many things mostly good genes. Vivian has played a huge part in my bone health. She arrived on the sene just in time for me! I prefer having it all fre, but that isn’t the America I was brought up in. Free Enterprize! It’s a good idea. I love Vivian’s help and I want everything I can get. It is up to me how much I can afford to pay. Somethings are free good ideas are almost always free. Thanks Vivian for your help with my osteoporosis problem. I am greatly improved in the bone density department.

    I look forward to the SaveourBones Program helping me continue to live healthy with good bones. I dont follow every lead of yours, by I read every lead of yours. So when needed it’s in my processor. My your program continue to bless us all. Best Regards. Joyce

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Joyce, I’m so glad (and proud of you!) that your bone density has improved.. And I thank you for your kind words from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  33. Shula


  34. Jilly

    And here is a link to an article I just found about whey protein being bad for you.

    I don’t have the right answers, but just wanted all of us to at least read both views on whey protein.

  35. Debbie

    I took Bio-Identical hormones for three years to help my bones and now have breast cancer Stage II. These are not any safer than regular HRT drugs. Better to have osteopenia or osteoperosis than breast cancer.
    Stop taking these if you have started.

    A friend.

    • Susan

      But you might have gotten breast cancer anyway. It’s hard to know the source of all breast cancers. Without my natural hormone cream from Bezwecken products, I would die of hot flashes. I just couldn’t live with the misery. I tried to go at it with just diet, and nothing worked to stop that, but I am sorry for your diagnosis and wish you well

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Debbie, thank you for your contribution, and I sincerely wish you a full recovery.

  36. Adrian Antrum

    Hi Vivian, My wife Daphne aged 64 with Chronic Fatigue issues and osteoporosis has been using ‘SERENITY@ Bio progesterone cream for the last 10 years, 24 days out of 30. Is this natural product classified as Bioidentical? It is a US product that we ship to the UK. We would be very interested in your comments.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Adrian & Daphne Antrum

  37. Lori

    I don’t agree with you about bio-identical hormones. If you read the latest research you will find that it actually helps all the side effects you listed. Be sure you use the creams to by pass the liver and progesterone must be taken with estrogen.

  38. Gina

    How can you say the mainstream medical is covering up the simple use of something to help prevent cancer (because there is no money to be made) but you are trying to make money – by buying a book – instead of just telling everyone what this simple secret is???

    • Jillian

      Gina, (January 8 2013)
      your comment posted, as i read it, implies that Vivian’s research results, indicate a fiscal priority over the medical awareness from her findings……wake up. Of course we are all entitled to an opinion, BUT there is much hard work in the shared knowledge here and after all, we all have to try and make our way in the world, no one can do that for you. Update yourself on the background of some of today’s mainstream drug companies and the atrocious coverups going on……the
      knowledge in print gives you an INFORMED choice and believe me, good health is a result of doing your homework. Jillian (67yrs of age)

    • Nancy Didriksen

      I tried to click on REPLY to view your responses to the comments, but only brought up this screen. Are your responses available?

      I agree, in part, with several of the posted comments. I am far more in favor of natural methods to treat anything, but I believe integration is the key.There is also a place for drugs, used appropriately. I also question the provision of information linked to the sale of some item. Not just on your website, but by the sale of suplements by many of the practioners whose newsletters I subscribed to for years. Additionally, there is disagreement among you, e.g., Nan Fuchs, Ph.D. promotes a supplement containing strontium and you do not recommend this; soy milk is more acidic than cow’s milk in a recent book, etc., etc., etc.
      I am a clinical health psychologist trained using the scientist-practitioner model. I, personally want to see the science behind these claims as well as a balanced approach to a treatment program or patient compliance will be low in the majority who participate. I, for one, will continue to have cake on my birthday and watch my sugar intake the rest of the year, although I have osteoporosis.

      • Jose L. Suescun

        Apparently Dr. Fusch does not know about the clot risk of Strontium.I email to Advanced Bionutritionals and Dr. Fusch anout it, but got no answer

  39. Ghada

    Vivian, what about the bioidentical progesterone and Estrogen creams which are made of plants, are these also dangerous if we use them?

  40. Jane

    After an emergency total hysterectomy surgery in 1994 I was given a big pharmacy hormone. I had problems with them. I finally found bioidentical hormones and now I stay comfortable. If I skip many days using the cream, the hot flashes return. Hot flashes really interfere with my life w/o my special compounded bioidentical hormones. I am 72 years and hot flashes won’t go away w/o help. So, what is the help for the problem? My intergrative medical M.D. does have them made according to my testing results which is done every 6 months and then adjusted as needed.

  41. marianne

    Very, very well spoken!

  42. Florence

    Vivian, I don’t know how to thank you for posting this information. My sister in law was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and we’re devastated. I got the book right away and that will be my life-saving gift to her (for $20, what a steal!) Thanks so much for making this available!

  43. Shirley

    I see I am hardly alone in my reaction to yet another promotion to listen to a long video/audio sales pitch only to discover that the ‘free’ info is only provided in conjunction with a subscription to another ‘health letter’ or similar. While I have subscribed to the Save Our Bones program and GREATLY appreciate Vivian’s articles (recovering from burst fracture of L3 vertebra), I do find this new trend to be very disappointing. Vivian, please quit promoting others’ sales pitches.

    • Alan

      What a lot of stupid Bitchy comments against a FREE OF CHARGE post that gives a WARNING and provides a link for further information.
      Vivian is OBVIOUSLY not getting $20 per sale,
      would be in violation of the author’s copyright if she made all of the author’s research available.

      I consider exceptionally foolish the complaint against
      “promotion to listen to a long video/audio sales pitch”
      I see no video here.
      I hear no video here.

    • Carol Davis

      Yes,I agree. Vivian , you should make all new discoveries like this as addendums to your Book, for a fee of course.

  44. Jimmie

    I felt like I was reading an advertisement from Prevention Magazine. If this were true, why would you charge? It makes you look as though you are chasing that almighty $$$$.

    • Customer Support

      Jimmie, thanks for your thoughts on this, but Vivian is not the author of The Breast Cancer Cover-Up.

  45. Edna LeBlanc

    Vivian, Your words today are true. I had to have a hysterectomy at age of 28, My doctor (at the time), started giving me estrogen….at 36 I had a Mastectomy…. I now do not go to doctors, and I take vitamins and try to do what you tell me…I am 73 years of age now, and Sometimes I’m afraid of eating, because i think I forget the things you tell me….One day I wish you would just tell me what to eat at every meal!!!…Edna

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Edna, I am so sorry you had to go through that at such a young age! But good news that you are healthy at 73 and being mindful of what you eat. 🙂

  46. Nancy


    I just posted a comment about my google search, and when I went back to the SaveOurBones article to see how it looked, I noticed your reply to the other comments. It is true that there is lots of free info you have generously given. What I strongly object to is dangling a secret piece of information in front of sick or dying people, charging them money for it (or profiting from those who are selling it) only to discover that it is old information that is freely available to those who have the energy to search for it.


    • Esther

      All these comments are unfair. So nobody complains that pharmaceutical companies don’t give their drugs for free? And don’t you realize that this is not a book that Vivian wrote? Come on! Instead, we should be happy that for a mere 20 bucks someone could get their hands on this info… Just giving my thoughts here… and I love this website!

  47. Esther Rinaldo

    Please advise of your thoughs on MCHC as an alternative method to treating osteoporosis, the pros and cons, where it an be purchased etc.
    Thank you

    • Pat

      I am taking mchc. I don’t know whether it is the best alternatine supplement or not but I get it through All Star Health on the internet. The company that makes it is MRM. It is called Bone Maximizer 111.

      • Helene

        Please advise om mchc as I don’t know what that is?

        • Customer Support

          Helene, it’s Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite Complex, which is technically inorganic. Send us an email for more information when you have a chance 🙂

  48. marjana

    Vivian is submitting alternatives in order to enlighten all of us. Do doctors tell us everything? They do not have all the answers and are closely tied to drug companies, so work with ‘blinkers’ on their eyes. Most doctors only have a minimun of two hours training in nutrition so how can they give patients the full picture. For instance, do they advise patients to avoid GM grown foods as they can cause cancer and also interfere with our DNAs? I am not a doctor but I know this to be true. The body has its own eco system and responds to natural alternatives better than to aggressive drugs. And without the side effects.

    For anyone reading this post, I have just received the most wonderful video link to a ‘you tube’ film. Already it has had over 3 million views so word is spreading. The title is: “THRIVE: What on earth will it take”.
    It is a full length film, but very well worth watching as planet and Health issues are explored and explanations given on the “system” of things on earth at the present time.


    • Jane

      Amazing film, beautifully filmed and a real eye-opener. I would urge anyone to watch it.

  49. Shelby

    waitiing on Vivian’s reply to these comments.

  50. LeAnn Weaver

    Vivian you need to read this webpage
    Evidence in support of HRT. I prefer BHRT because of the evidence.
    Where is the evidence to support your article?

  51. Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

    I’m sorry you find it disturbing that I’ve recommended a product to the community that I consider good. The Save Our Bones website has a wealth of information on how to beat osteoporosis naturally and stay healthy – there are hundreds of posts with lots of invaluable, free information. The point of mentioning a product is to inform my readers so they can decide if they want the product or not. Nobody is forced to buy anything, but everybody has access to the information on this website. 🙂

  52. LeAnn Weaver

    I don’t see any evidence Vivian to back up your ideas here. There is evidence to support BHRT – it has been widely ignored by conventional medicine because there is no large profit margin. Read this to see that the evidence is not there You make strong statements here that are not backed up by evidence.

  53. Jane

    I, as well, was immediately struck by this hypocrisy… in one paragraph hearing a complaint that this protein isn’t researched or used because the drug companies would not profit from it… in the next being required
    to purchase a $20 book if we want to find out what this protein is. It isn’t the first time this ploy has been used on this web site. It’s very

  54. Carleen Rowan

    Pretty much agree with comments above–if you know something, you should share with us FOR FREE. After all, we paid plenty to join your program and expect updates. You have gotten so you are constantly trying to sell us something–are you in business to improve osteoporosis or market other people’s product? That is a question you need to sit down and ask yourself first and foremost.

  55. Carmen

    Your own explanation about the causes of orteoporosis refers to a hormone deficiency, addressing the problem requires HRT, now this is also bad? Please clarify!

  56. Joanna Molloy

    I find it upsetting that having explained how the profit motive prevents cures for cancer from being adopted, we are not told what they are without buying further books. In othe words we are kept in ignorance by the profit motive of the writer of the article. We;ve already bought some books and cannot endlessly b uy more, having read what was only advertising when we were expecting to be told something at the end of the article. I’m disgusted at the hypocrisy. You are all in the profit-motive game. *I know something wonderful that will save huimanity but I’m not going to tell you what it is unless you give me money for it.”

    • Helen

      I’m afraid I feel I must join in with expressing my dissapointment that this information can’t be shared freely. Unless the book is presenting chapters of contraindications and other research relating to the reletive effigacy of this protein, then what are we paying for? Is it a whole book written on anecdotal evidence with the sole purpose of justifying its publishing? or is it a book that the author is hoping will pay for the considerable time given for its medically based studies substantiated by data?

    • stormy

      I find that most everyone is in it for the money. Since I have both osteoporosis and have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, I am particularly disturbed that in order to find out more I have to pay more. I already purchased the SOB Program. I doubt that this woman has a cure or SHE would be shouting it from the rooftops. There are many places out there that “claim” to have cures for so many different things, and the claims wind up to be bogus.

      • Jose L. Suescun

        Stormy: I can give you a very effective cancer cure for free. It is called Protocel and manufactured in the US. If you email me, I will find and give you the info to buy it. Stay away from conventional Rx and try this first. It has 80% success rate.


    • Amanda S

      I totally agree. The irony of stating that this miraculous breast cancer treatment has been “shelved” by Mainstream Medicine because there’s no way to profit from a natural, common substance that can’t be patented – and then charging people to access it. It does raise questions of integrity.

      • Donna G

        Very well said, Amanda.

    • Majella Lynch

      I support your comments Joanna. I had exactly the same reaction upon reading this article. And …really if this protein does exist I don’t believe cancer research is that profit motivated not to recognise the potential curative effects of such a protein. Why isn’t the research acknowledged appropriately so that thinking people can make up their own minds? Oh that’s right you have to pay for that! Vivian’s writing is usually very evidenced based and I am disappointed by this.

  57. Finetta

    Vivian, what about RAW milk which contains all the good enzymes which are destroyed with pasteurization?

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