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The holiday season is winding down, and thanks to gifts from loved ones and friends, you might end up with a huge stash of candy, cookies, and other treats. Most often, sugar flows so freely during this time of year that it always seems to be a “white Christmas” – white with sugar crystals!

While it’s OK to cheat on rare occasions, the widespread and continual use of sugar will certainly take a heavy toll on your health. One “heavy” toll from eating too much sugar can be weight gain. But gaining weight from consuming a “food” that is high in calories and devoid of nutrients is not the only way that sugar affects your health.

Every Body System is Affected by Sugar

Refined white sugar damages your health from head to toe, negatively affecting your brain, your digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems, and even your skin as it contributes to eczema. Sugar also causes water retention, kidney stones, and liver disease. And sugar can damage your pancreas, which gets exhausted as it has to put out so much insulin in response to the sweet onslaught. And we haven’t even talked about the role of sugar in tooth decay!

There just doesn’t seem to be a body system that is not affected by sugar.

Avoiding Sugar

Given the widespread, negative effects of sugar on your body, it makes sense to avoid it. There are all kinds of reasons for doing so, but most of them can be condensed into three major categories. Today we’re going to look at these top three reasons to avoid sugar.

Reason #1: Sugar Damages Your Immune System

Have you ever wondered why children sometimes come down with an illness after a birthday party where candy, ice cream, and birthday cake are served in abundance? It may not just be all the “togetherness.” Sugar actually suppresses the immune response within hours of ingestion, and also causes long-term damage to the immune system. Sugar accomplishes this in a couple of ways.

Sugar Keeps Immune Cells from Doing Their Job

First, sugar suppresses a fundamental immune function called phagocytosis. Phagocytes are cells that engulf and ingest foreign matter such as bacteria and pathogens, and phagocytosis is the term for this process. Sugar decreases phagocytosis by crippling the phagocytes. This disabling of the phagocytes peaks within 2 hours of sugar ingestion. As far back as 1973, a study published in The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc.1 explained this phenomenon.

Think about this in the context of sweet treats during the holidays – which also happen to be smack in the middle of cold and flu season.

Sugar Competes with Vitamin C

The second way that sugar damages your immune system is by competing with vitamin C, one of the Foundation Supplements in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. You see, insulin transports sugar into and out of cells. Insulin acts like a carrier, so to speak. Insulin also carries vitamin C into and out of cells. If it’s too “busy” with the sugar, the vitamin C doesn’t get into the cells where it needs to be – particularly the phagocyte cells mentioned above. Phagocytes need vitamin C to function properly and engage in the process of phagocytosis. This is how sugar does its nefarious work on the immune system.

Reason #2: Sugar Destroys Your Brain

If any reason should shake you up, this is it. Sugar messes with your mind, and I don’t mean the way the leftover holiday cookies are “calling your name.” It’s much worse. Sugar actually contributes to Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most devastating examples of degenerative brain damage in our society today.

Sugar promotes the formation of something called Advanced Glycation End products, or AGEs. AGEs are proteins that have been “glycated,” or bonded to a sugar molecule. So obviously, the presence of sugar means more opportunities for these proteins to bond with a sugar molecule to create an AGE. Combined with the prevalence of protein throughout the body, consuming sugar means that AGEs have the potential to be absolutely everywhere.

AGEs Hurt Your Bones and Your Brain

AGEs actually weaken collagen, a substance that gives your bones a strong foundation. Collagen provides a sort of skeleton for your skeleton; it creates a crisscrossed protein infrastructure that provides flexibility to the mineralized collagen that makes up the majority of your bones’ total substance.

Perhaps the most deleterious effect of AGEs, though, is how these glycated proteins can accumulate and lead to Alzheimer’s disease. The presence of AGEs in the beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles characteristic of Alzheimer’s suggests their role in the formation of these destructive tissues.2 Biopsies done on the brains of deceased Alzheimer’s victims show far more AGEs present than in the brains of those without this disease.

Reason #3: Sugar Robs Your Bones of Minerals

When you think of sugar crystals, imagine them acting like sandpaper on your bones. It’s not too far-fetched an analogy – sugar depletes your bones of key nutrients, specifically calcium, magnesium, and copper. I’ll explain.


This mineral is the “poster child” for bone health. Calcium supplements are often the first thing people think of when they think of managing their osteoporosis with mineral supplementation.

Sugar is so acidifying that it causes your body to take calcium from your bones and excrete it through your urine. This same effect occurs equally in people prone to kidney stones and those who are not prone to this problem. 3


If you’ve been part of the Save Our Bone community for a while, you know how important magnesium is. Sugar raids and ravages your body’s magnesium supplies as well: “Osmotic diuretics such as mannitol and glucose cause a marked increase in magnesium excretion,” says a study published in The Clinical Biochemist Reviews.4 Mannitol and glucose are, of course, sugars.


Do you think of copper when you think of bone health? My regular readers know this, but it if you’re new to Save Our Bones, make sure you consider this important mineral in your osteoporosis management.

Copper does double-duty as a bone-building mineral (it works with an enzyme that develops bone) and an antioxidant (copper joins with superoxide dismutase to prevent cellular free radical damage).

Sugar prevents this vital mineral from being absorbed, especially in conjunction with high fat intake5 (and so many sugary treats have unhealthy fats in them!).

Taking Practical Steps to Avoid Sugar

So now that I’ve presented the three main reasons for avoiding sugar, it should be easy to avoid it, right? Actually, sugar has an addictive quality that makes it tough to avoid even if you are well aware of the reasons (however motivational those reasons may be!). Rather than “white-knuckling it” over sugar avoidance, try coming up with a plan.

Get Your Sweet “Fix” Elsewhere

Bone-healthy sugar substitutes such as stevia and raw honey are highly effective ways to “wean” yourself off of sugar. Or when you crave a sweet treat, grab an alkalizing fruit instead.

Don’t Have it Around the House

Eating sugary foods is easy when they are in your refrigerator, freezer, pantry…Instead, stock up on healthful foods so when the sweet tooth strikes, only healthy options are available.

Renew Your Taste Buds

Try avoiding or sharply decreasing your sugar intake for about 10 days. This gives your taste buds time to renew themselves, and your new taste buds will be more sensitive to sweetness, helping you to crave less of the sweet white stuff. 

Think About Your Food Choices

Being mindful of what you eat is also important. Popping a piece of candy in your mouth may be almost reflexive if you have it around the house (see above!). Instead, think through your food choices and make healthy ones. Plan your meals and your snacks. This is made easy if you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, where I present helpful food charts and dietary information so you can make an informed choice about what you eat every day.

Support from Save Our Bones

And last (but perhaps most important), as a member of the Save Our Bones community, you have access to supportive community members and Save Our Bones staff. You also have access to key information to help you on your journey. Sometimes, just being able to have others come alongside you is the key to winning the battle over sugar.

Stay healthy!


1 Sanchez, Albert J.L., et al. “Role of sugars in human neutrophilic phagocytosis.” The American Society for Clinical Nutrition. 1973 Nov; 26(11):1180-4. Web.

2 Nobuyuki, Sasaki, et al. “Advanced Glycation End Products in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases.” The American Journal of Pathology. 1998 October; 153(4): 1149–1155. Web.

3 Lawoyin, S., et al. “Bone mineral content in patients with calcium urolithiasis.” Metabolism 28:1250-1254.1979.

4 Swaminathan, R. “Magnesium Metabolism and its Disorders.” The Clinical Biochemist Reviews. 2003 May; 24(2): 47-66. Web.

5 Wapnir, RA and Devas, G. “Copper deficiency: interaction with high-fructose and high-fat diets in rats.” The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc. January 1995. Vol. 61 no. 1; 105-110. Web.

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  1. J

    Your information is so informative….thank you , it is very much appreciated. I always read your comments and never doubt what you say.

    Is it possible to do a small health issue about sugar …specifically…..for children to read and understand?

    Banks woo the kids to “save”……..saving their bones from an early age is just as important.

  2. Joane Imoto

    permaculture course

  3. Linda

    I have had several compression fractures, have lost 5 and 3/4 inches in height.
    Prednisone was one large contributing factor. Have Multiple Sclerosis and Polymyalgia.
    I have had a very stressful life, another factor is the stress.
    Sugar consumption was a big issue for me so I increased eating a very healthy diet
    with lots of vegetables, salads, nuts, lean protein and I switched to stevia.
    There is warning here, I told my nutritionist how I use stevia in my several cups of tea, in my salad dressings, to sweeten my yogurt, etc.

    Well stevia according to her is acid, tea is acid, I was also making smoothies with protein powder, stevia and fruit.
    I am paying for it now, this last fracture has affected my whole life.
    I share this to warn others…to avoid what I am living with.
    My nutritionist also does not recommend Strontium in large doses either but a small amount in my calcium supplement along with other bone building items.

    The acid/alkaline chart is very helpful to learn about beneficial foods.
    I felt I needed to share some of my story,

  4. Mr. God of Cars

    Everything written against sugar in this page is wrong. Sugar does not harm the immune system, it, like saturated fats, actually help it in their job. Replace the word “sugar” by the words “polyunsaturated fatty acids”.


  5. Carol Simpson

    Vivian. I am 5 years in embracing a life style change of healthy eating and living. I have made remarkable success in reversing osteoporosis and not on any traditional meds from the doctor at age 66. My only concern is sugar. I am afraid of sugar and don’t want it in my diet as much as possible. Even though you say that stevia is a better choice than sugar, when I go to the store there are so many look a likes. Can you send me a picture of the stevia you suggest or the brand you suggest as a better choice. I want to get the right one. Thank You. Carol

  6. Irma Gonzalez

    I am now 60, i took Fosamax for 5 years and decided to stop it. After a year without taking medication my t-score when down. Doctor suggested to start using Evista. My question to you is – how sure will your program work if leaving it a year ago made my osteoporosis worse.

  7. Perry

    Is agave nectar as good as the honey in place of sugar?

  8. mary

    I just read about the benefits of taking natural Strontium for increasing bone density.

    Can you recommend supplementing with this trace mineral?

    Thank you,

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Mary,
      I actually do not recommend a separate strontium supplement…strontium does increase density and both trabecular and cortical strength, therefore making bones denser and thicker. However, thicker and more densely packed bones lack flexibility and tensile strength. Also, strontium is denser than calcium and gives false bone density test results.
      Most of the algae-based calcium supplements do contain a small amount of strontium that is actually part of the algae, but that’s ok. We have a small amount of strontium circulating in our blood (around 350 mg), and the amounts in most algae-based calcium formulas won’t make a difference.
      I hope this helps answer your question about strontium!

  9. Dolores


  10. Elaine

    I have a friend who eat sweets like crazy and always has. She has an excellent bone density. The funny things is she has a hard time walking and her legs hurt all the time but good bones test. I am just the opossite. lot’s of energy no leg problems of any kind but bad density. I do not even take the test anymore because I do not believe in them since i read your report on how machine can be so differetn at my age i do not worry about it and keep trying to eat right and avoid bad things. i guess we wait and see who does the best in years to come. thank you

  11. Kit

    RE the sugar debate…How do you rate Xylitol as a sugar substitute ?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Kit, Xylitol is an acidifying sugar alcohol. It’s marketed as a naturally occurring sweetener, but xylitol and other sugar alcohols are created through a manufacturing process. Because the body does not require insulin to metabolize xylitol, it is mainly used as a sweetener for diabetic patients.I suggest sticking with bone-healthy, alkalizing sweeteners like stevia and honey. 🙂

      Just a note – feel free to use the Search feature at the top of the page! Just type in the topic you’re interested in, and if I have written anything on it, all articles will show up for you to read. 🙂

  12. Nu Ly

    I am seldom eat cake, cookies,or candies, but if it is limited a small sum, I think it’s okay. Occasionally I take ice cream. Thank you for your

  13. Jael Schwab

    Sorry, but I don’t like either of the two colors.

  14. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Have Two Main Problems. My Doctor And My Husband Are Against Me Doing Your Program. My Husband Won’t Even Try It!
    What Can I Do To Convince Them That This Is A Good Program To Follow?
    Please Help Me! And I Thank You VERY MUCH, IN ADVANCE, For Anything You Can Do On This Matter!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I can help you on how to deal with your doctor, Leslie. Go back to the Program and re-read Doctor Communication Tutorials, so you’ll know what to say. Now in regards to your husband, that’s another story… I haven’t yet written “Couple Dialogues”… maybe one day I will 🙂



    • michael box

      I would like to see a simple stradigy to follow to conguor bone loss. Yes its not real simple in all involved but a simple stradigy after you have learned all that is involved. Possibly taking quizes to show you are ready.?? The sugar information is really good but if you would want to learn more where would you go ???.

  15. Josephine Petrovic

    Dear Vivian
    I do hope you have found my rather lengthy post about my own story of osteoporosis – above and the doctor’s regime I have been prescribed. I hope u can answer my questions. Thanks kindly, Jo Petrovic

  16. Rebecca Hall

    This is a really good piece on sugar avoidance. I don’t eat sugar or sugary things and since I’ve not eaten them, just don’t like them -at all. Sugar really is a habit. As a child I was given sugary things and just the thought of them now makes me feel ill! Anyone can re-educate their taste. I started to age 12 when I refused milk in tea and coffee because I didn’t like milk on its own, but mostly because I thought it ‘sophisticated’. (I now only drink very mild white teas). Once I got used to it, I never took it again. Natural foods really are best and the most delicious.Thank you.

  17. Dr Semiyu Olagolden Salawu

    Thank you so much for you unending efforts at making the health of the universe your concern. PLEASE, I need to remind you about my order of the last offer. I am yet to receive my own. I am in NIGERIA, hope that has nothing to do with my not getting it. I got the DENSEXERCISE the same day but the book has not yet arrived. Pls let me know the present situation of it. Thanks for your anticipated reply. Dr. Semiyu Olagolden Salawu, Abuja, Nigeria

    • Customer Support

      Dr Semiyu, please contact Customer Support by clicking on the smiley face at the top of the page. Then we will be able to help locate and track your order! Thanks so much.

  18. marie

    What about using sweet n low?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Marie! As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, all artificial sweeteners are acidifying and made of synthetic chemicals that hurt your bones and your overall health. Sweet ‘n Low (saccharin) has unhealthy metabolic end products, including formaldehyde. Besides, stevia tastes so much better than the fake stuff!

  19. Chandrakant P. Patel

    Dear Dr. Vivian,
    While I have to appriciate your own experiencial and studied researches that I had read before, this latest information about Sugar does not make an appeal to my mind. For man is not merely chamical organism.

    Sweet foods are classified as Sattvic food in Bhagavadgita by Sri Krishna and many ancient text of Hindu Scriptures and in Ayurveda also. It is not correct to blame Sugar for every malfunctions in the body. Optimam amount of any single item of food as a part of balanced diet is not at all harmful, provided it is well digested and not consumed out of greed or to satisfy the palate. Human organism is a a very complex system consisting of interpenetrating consciousness planes and parts such as physical, vital, mental, psychic, spritual, supramenrtal which are inseparably connecred with universal and transcendental consciousness. All sorts of forces enters and exits in and out of Man’s consciousness. This is the Truth given and explained by Integral Biune Yogi Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and they have provided to humanity the sciencwe of health and healing based on this theory of Unity of Conscxiousness. The glaring inadequacy of researches of medical science, especially of Allopathy, is that it studies an organ of body, a part of body-consciousness, out of the context of the total human consciousness and morever it applies findings of studies made on animal organism straightway to man, which is absolutely unscientific. Samples chosen for studies are never adequate and representative of total population of humanity. In short, in its present nature the medical science is an ignorant and illogical science. Alzheimer has psychological, environmental [social,physical and universal environments]and genetic and atavistic genesis. Chemicals are secondary,(not root causes), material factors determining Alzheimer and all other illnesses of the body. In fact,so many doubtful scares regarding calories, oils, butter, Ghee, fat, sugar, milk, etc created by the allopathy constitute a very potent and oppressive subtle social mental environment that menifests through health providers and thus acts against all inbuilt immunity and auto-reparing power of body by demolishing natural mental faith of man’s mind in one’s wellness. These scares are further promoted by vested business interests and they profit but public, the customer, is at loss. For books containing knowledge of Integral Health and healing Web: http// and may be refferred to.

    Chandrakant P. Patel Ph. D.
    An Integral Psychologist and Integral Psycho-therapist

  20. Illya

    Hi Vivian-Wish you a great new Year with health and family. About the 2 colours I prefer B but as others write if you are getting older you like to have it very clear due to eye-side. I tried to follow your books but after a fall 3 years ago I tripped again and ended in hospital. I do have osteoperosis but HP is nearly normal and cholesterol too after taking virgin coconut oil maybe 3x a week.If often my thyroid macs-up.Now my feet and partly legs are very swollen but decided not to take bananas for a while. Get too much potassium with all my vegetables.With the sugar-I don’t take any but whatever you eat like bread there is sugar in. Hope people stop taking sugar like some in my family and friends. By the way I got told with the test for osteoperosis that I should not worry and not trying to do something because I can’t reverse it due to my age.I am 76 – 5.6. and 48 kilo’s. Lost too much weight with an attack of vit.D3 for 4 month-2000 mg. I never will take it again and warn every one. It is the oil taken out from the wool from the sheep. It is all the chemicals they are using with it. I met 2 other ladies in the hospital and have the same and still have the swollen legs too. I never have taken any tablets in my live due to allergies with the thyroid. Any chemicals and I am sick . Thanks Vivian for communicating with all of us.

  21. joyce Cormack

    I’m so grateful for your SANE approach to this medical humbuggery . Keep on sending us these informational emails.
    .thanks, Joyce

  22. Rosemarie


    I so appreciate all that you do, and all the information & hope you give us for the future.

    Blessings in 2013

  23. Nicole

    Is honey actually good for our bones? I am still trying to figure out whether honey should be part of my diet on a regular basis. What do you think, Vivian?

  24. Marlena June Bennett

    Well, you have answered a question that has been plaguing me for two days: Where in the world did I put the three bottles of pills that I got in the mail about 3 weeks ago? I have no recollection of receiving them, nor putting them anywhere that I would have a problem with finding them. Now I think it is because I am a sugarholic! I have eaten so much sugar in the past two months, I am scared. I had a CBC test a couple of days ago and although the blood sugar count is down, the cholesterol and triglycerides are up from last test in July. If it were possible to have an Alzheimer’s test, I think I would fail it – from all the sugar I have ingested. Maybe while I hunt for all the sugary things in the house to dispose of, I will find the pills. Hopefully. Thank you, Vivian, for giving me the push I needed to cut waaaay down on the sugar (I know I will never be able to completely cut it out of my diet). Happy New Year!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I hope you find them, Marlena!

    • Gwen Johnson

      You are not alone in the over board consumption of sugar in the past couple of months. I have binged until I am sickof sugar and still got up out of bed to eat it. Beginning yesterday I said to myself “one day at a time, one hour at a time I must stop this madness. So yesterday I didn’t eat any sweets (the sugar forms I am referring to. I did use Stevia on my oatmeal and today I used one TBSP if strawberry preserves on an English muffin and got back into Weight Watchers which helps me tremendously in finding and keeping new and healthier normals for my life.
      Nonetheless sugar is always an impending problem waiting to gobble me up as quickly as I gobble it up. However, I have indeed learned that after about 3 weeks of abstinence from sugar it no longer is a problem for me and am able to eat a little of something sugary and diabolical like cheese cake or a bit or two of cheesecake without binging.

      • Gwen Johnson

        Oops. I meant to say cheesecake or chocolate without binging.

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Good for you, Gwen! One day at a time is a great way to move forward. 🙂

  25. Art M. Eugenio

    Thanks, Vivian, for unselfishly sharing all your information to “Save Our Bones”. I want you to know how much I really admire you for this, and I sincerely appreciate all the effort you put in to produce such interesting and meaningful applicants. Blessings to you, your family and your staff.

  26. Maria J.Mckenney

    Hello Vivian, thanks for your consejos. Abaut 38 years ago many Doctors in Colombia told me Dont take, sugars, honney, brownsugar for the Kind of artrtites I have, or Lupus Artritis. I avoid it, or cake. I am taking stivia for some time, bifore I was takeng different kind de suit in mi coffee. I take one cup in the morning, no more. I do exersaces, I am taking acuatic arobicts three times at weeck. Some time two .- But I dont Feelin well. I,m t5aking Osteo Bone Builder, Vitamin.K 2,nd Vit. D-3 one pild. Dsily. My lowerback, my Knee, My R.legs es very bask. I have,Lupus, Arthritis, osteorosporosis, Etc. etc. Thanks Vivian, Maria J.Mckenney….

  27. Amanda Neill

    I am impreswed with your community and comment and read them regularly
    I prefer the orange colour as it reminds me more of bones joints and ligaments – wheras I think of the purple/pink as more organic. As an anatomist I have writren on the anatomy of bones, joints and ligaments and find your analysis of their physiology and how changes in diet and behaviour can affect structure -very interesting and supplimentary to consideration of their structure – STRUCTURE IS FUNCTION – and now FUNCTION CAN DETERMINE STRUCTURE

  28. Anapearl

    I, too, need a concise explanation that I can give my doctor as to why I do not want to take any more medications for osteoporosis. I’ve had 2 years of Forteo shots and now she is pushing me to take Reclast (annual shot) so that we won’t “lose the progress we’ve made.” That improvement was minimal. What can I tell her?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I understand that it can be difficult talking to a doctor who is pushing osteoporosis drugs! Here are some thoughts on handling this. First, realize it’s your health and your body. It is not your doctor who will reap the consequences, positive or negative, of any action you take concerning your health — it’s YOU! Although many doctors appear to be “giving orders,” and many of us have been conditioned to believe that a doctor’s word is gospel, the final decision is and must be yours.

      I don’t know whether you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. If you do, take a look at the Doctor Dialogues report you received with the program, which goes into detail about how to talk to your doctor about your bone health.

      Here’s one of many suggested approaches in this 23-page report:

      “Thanks for your advice, doctor. I am also quite worried about Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, and appreciate all your recommendations to help me combat this condition. But I’m also very worried about the possible side effects of the drug you are prescribing. What I’d like to do is to cautiously weigh the pros and cons, and then make my own decision. By the way, I know
      about a nutritional and drug-free way to conquer Osteoporosis/Osteopenia that has no side-effects whatsoever. One less thing to worry about, doctor…don’t you think?”

      Just some thoughts! Good luck with your doctor dialogue. 🙂

  29. Anapearl

    Vivian, I wanted to respond to your poll regarding website color–but I found both of the options to be quite undesirable. The contrast was not comfortable for my eyes because it was glaring, and at the same time it was not easy to read. The neon pink and black option was especially off-putting. Keep in mind the characteristics of your target population…most of us are not in our early teens. 🙂

    I have plenty of experience dealing with web-based graphics, and I know that there is a better option out there! Your current banner is pleasant on the eyes and provides a nice amount of contrast for visual discrimination. Something along that line would be professional and classic; it would suit your audience and your message nicely.

    • kb

      tho’ i voted on fuscia , also prefer current colouring if that’s an option.

  30. Avis Mawson

    Wonderful article on Alzheimers and I have had it hit my family. How does one living in Canada get a copy of the book ad I believe it said it was only available in the United States.? I would be interested in getting one as I have a niece who is presently fighting it.. Thank you!

  31. Shula

    Appreciate this messages, I’m sending it to my friends.


  32. Dee Dee

    I was on Boniva for over 8 years. I am currently on Nexium because I have Barrett’s cells in my esophagus because of an NSAID I was taking for rheumatoid arthritis. Is there any hope for me. I am trying to wean my body off Nexium.

  33. Joan Fitzpatrick

    I am getting emails to sell me Algae with Strontium. Is that a yes or no?

    I think your book said not to take strontium — but please confirm….even doctors are promoting it.

    Thank you

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Joan,
      Strontium actually hardens bones unnaturally and alters their tensile strength, actually making them more prone to fracture. Also, strontium is denser than calcium and gives false bone density test results. So I do not recommend taking the Strontium Boost or any additional strontium supplement. Most of the algae-based calcium supplements do contain a small amount of strontium that is actually part of the algae, but that’s ok. We have a small amount of strontium circulating in our blood (around 350 mg), and the amounts in most algae-based calcium formulas won’t make a difference. What I do not recommend is a separate, additional strontium supplement.

      I hope this helps clarify things for you!

      • Josephine Petrovic

        Hi Vivian
        Twenty-three years ago in 1989, I developed a terribly painful back following the birth of our last child (5th child born when I was 41). Finally I was sent to a specialist who ran a bone density scan and found I had advanced osteoporosis with crush fractures).

        I remember this particular specialist told me it would be something I would be stuck for life with, and he had a debate with his colleague as to whether he should put me on Oestrogen therapy or steroids. Steroids – to strengthen the muscles which support the bony structure – won the day and from then on I had a Durabolin injection every 4 – 6 weeks. It took care of the pain, but I began to put on weight until after 4 years I quit in protest. Eventually my weight went right up to 120 kg.

        Four years ago I hurt my back whilst nursing, and it became obvious to my Rheumatologist that the osteoporosis was the culprit and my bone density was very poor.

        He told me if I followed his prescription religiously, then in another 20 years my bone density would be better than ever. So I’ve had 2 Rocaltrol (Calcitriol) capsules each morning and a sachet of Protos (Strontium Ranelate) at least 2 hours after supper – usually when I wake in the middle of the night.

        My most recent bone density study did in fact show a marked improvement and I do not get otsteoporotic pain in my back.

        Are you suggesting that this protocol is in fact not advantageous and I should not be following the doctor’s orders? I am very open for direction, but as I suffer from a lot of back spasm, I do not want to do anything that will make it worse. Can you please advise me. Thank you, Jo Petrovic.

  34. Soley

    Thank you so much for this precious information about sugar.! Have a question though.. My mother has metastatic breast cancer. Bones and lungs.. She is trying hard and more stabile now, thank God. I am trying to keep her off sugar but oncologists say, we have so much sugar in our body. Eating some sugar don’t hurt.. Besides chemo, they are giving her “Zometa” once a month. I know this is poison. But, what can we do? Is there anything natural I can give my dear mom to help her to stay with me longer?

    Thank you.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Soley, I am so sorry you are going through this tough time with your mother’s health. Because my research is focused on bone health, I don’t have any recommendations for cancer specifically. But I think you are doing a wonderful job of looking out for her health in whatever way you can – she is lucky to have a daughter so dedicated!

  35. Ann T.


    What about organic sugar? Is it not ok to use? I use organic sugar in my tea for meals but for any other drinks I use stevia such as hot tea or hot chocolate. Stevia is much more expensive than organic sugar.

  36. Tina

    Thank you for your effort to educate so many of us about our health.

    I read somwhere that honney and cinnamon are god to help control diabetis. Is it true?
    A teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of hot milk or soy milk.
    I have been taking it for about a year.



  37. Helen Edel

    I am working on the suggestions in the Save our Bones program. I agree Christmas is a tough time to try to keep away sweets. Although I have gained some weight I plan to join the Senior Center Fitness program this year and lose it. My daughter has gone thru the cleansing program along with me. I had no problems following the program because I do avoid many of the foods that we have to be without. I try to avoid chemical processed foods as well.

  38. Elizabeth M. Wright

    Dear Vivian…
    Thank you so much for this article about overdosing on sugar. I find that
    if I eat too much sugar, my blood pressure goes up and I don’t think as
    well. You have given me an incentive to avoid sugar and eat more fruit (which I really like.) Sometimes we need a little “push” to do the right
    thing… Thanks again… HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH GOD’S BLESSINGS !!!

    • Dee Dee

      When I eat a lot of sugar, the next day I find I am not able to think clearly. I call it sugar dementia.

  39. Crete Sham

    Happy New Year Vivian – thanks for all your invaluable advice , so well presented and well researched – I feel very indebted to you – God bless you – I’m off sugar as from this moment!!
    Keep on sending !
    Love, Crete

  40. Lee

    Regarding your website colors, pull the blue, green and yellow from your book. It’s very soothing to me and not a jarring as the other two.

  41. Monique O'Rourke

    Happy New Year Vivian !

    I always new sugar was not good but I did not know to what extent!
    During the holiday period I made ”sucre à la crème” candy with brown sugar and heavy cream, boiled to make a fudge like texture. I can’t stop at one piece of that stuff – What a treat! No more though, for a long long time. I will go back to grabbing dates or figs or pure dark chocolate for my sugar ”fixes”. What is the difference between raw honey and regular ?

    I have a question for you which may be unusual. I would like to put on a few pounds. I am a fit 65 yrs old but I find myself a little too thin. Any ideas of what foods I could eat (without compromising good health, of course)

    Thank you,

    Monique from Ottawa, Canada

  42. Gloria

    Please tell me what you think about organic Coconut Sugar. I purchased a package recently because I understand that it is also a very good subs- titute for white sugar and also good for diabetics.

    Thank you and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!


  43. Susan

    For me, I would say it’s impossible to completely give up sugar. It is such a part of American culture and of every social occasion on the planet, not even counting the holiday season. Yeah, I know it’s bad, but in moderation I don’t see a problem. As long as I’m not eating pie and cake and cookies, etc., to excess, and not every day, I think I’ll be okay; however, that being said, who knows how much better I would feel mentally and physically if I ditched it altogether. But I don’t think I’ll ever know. I will say the more fruits I eat, the less I want sugary stuff.

  44. Claire

    I don’t like either color you have shown. I much prefer the soft green and gold with small accents of blue and orange that you show on your promotion for your book.

    • Shirley

      Agreed – neither the orange or hot pink are terribly appealing.

    • Lee

      Hi Claire – We’re thinking on the same plane! I wrote my comment before I saw yours.

  45. Pat

    Vivian, is there any studys on Natural Cane Turbinado sugar? (Sugar in the raw)I have found out through my testing of it ( ph test strips ) to be akaline. Could you check this out for me please?! Thanks Pat!

  46. Veronica Tan

    Sugar is bad, people Who have good teeth don’t take sugar


    Thanks for your advice of intaking of sugar. i want to know as we have taken in more sugary things during this x’mas what will we do to wash the sugar content that has intered the body.

    • BManey

      I have eaten more sweets during the holiday season than the previous 10 months. I would like to know how to repair the damage done. Thanks

  48. Rosemary

    One other piece of news about minerals. I read a couple of years ago that we should be taking magnesium at a different time from taking calcium. I couldn’t believe it because most formulas of calcium comes with magnesium combined. Well I searched for one year to find out why.

    Calcium overrides magnesium and keeps the Mg from being absorbed properly. So now I take Mg one hour before eating calcium foods to give it a chance to do its job. Many years ago I read about the importance of magnesium for our heart to function properly. When we are low on Mg, our body sends it to our heart taking it from our muscles and bones, thus jumpy leg syndrome, or tingling in our limbs. It is a very important mineral for our heart.

    I know it’s a pain to take pills at different times but in this case, it’s worth it.

  49. Rosemary

    I gave up sugar in coffee or tea many years ago which was my main source of the stuff. I can’t eat anything sweet anymore. It actually makes me feel sick if I have anything that tastes too sweet. I even have to make my own ice cream (which is delicious ).

    Recipe: in a blender, a few ice cubes, half a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc and non fat organic plain yogurt. Blend and enjoy. Natural protein, potassium, calcium, vitamin C …all in one bowl of Ice cream! Top it with some organic dark chocolate shavings or chopped walnuts. I can’t figure a way to take out the calories….YET.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you, Rosemary! Isn’t it interesting how your taste buds get so much more sensitive to sugary sweetness when you cut back? Thanks for sharing!

  50. Friday Oboh

    I am afraid. how does this affect age 40 and above. Can they avoid taking sugar in totality?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You don’t have to avoid sugar totally – that is pretty much impossible! Maybe you could check out some of the tips above on decreasing your sugar intake, and try substituting stevia a little at a time. Please don’t be afraid – stress is hard on your bones! 🙂

  51. anne

    Happy New Year, and here’s to healthy bones and feeling good. Thank you for all the information you readily supply for us to heed

  52. Julie

    Not so sure about the copper. The water supply in most houses goes through copper pipes,and I think we get more than enough from that.

    Copper is very easily overdone.

  53. Rosemary

    Hi Vivian

    Thank you for your inspiration to get off the “pills”. I took Alendronate for 5 years before coming off it a couple of years ago.

    A recent DEXA scan showed a curious result which I am not sure to give much credibility – my right hip had improved to -1.7; the left hip had improved to -2.0; whilst the spine had deteriorated to -3.1. Previous scans had shown -2.5 on both hips and spine. Should I request a second scan?

    A couple of months ago, I had a heavy fall and broke my left wrist. The plaster was removed after 4 and a half weeks as the consultant felt it had healed sufficiently. Surely that is an indication that my repair system is in good working order.

    Should appreciate your opinion regarding the scan. Many thanks and good wishes for 2013.

  54. Linda Morales

    In today’s article on sugar, stevia & raw honey are mentioned as alternatives. I would like to know if agave is as good or better than honey & why or why not. I hear it is low glycemic? Also please explain why “raw” honey? I have also heard sugar is sugar, no matter what form,…….your body does not know the difference? Thanks for clarification. Linda

    • U DUMB

      YOU ARE STupid

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Linda,
      Unfortunately, agave is a bit controversial – some brands may contain unbound fructose, because in some cases, the syrup is refined, a process that uses chemicals which alters the way fructose is metabolized. You can avoid this by getting organic agave, and choose a brand that does not use chemicals in processing.
      But there is still controversy about the nectar’s ash residue as well. Some claim it’s a low acid food, others claim it’s neutral to slightly alkaline. So because of these unresolved issues, I recommend honey or stevia as better alternatives. 🙂

      A note on raw honey – raw honey has not been heated, so it has all of its nutrients intact. And honey is full of nutrients, unlike standard white table sugar!

  55. Gwen Strobridge

    HAPPY NEW YEAR are a great help to so many folk..God Bless…….Gwen

  56. Anath

    Tks a lot ,very informative, will pass it to others.

  57. Christine Anagnostopoulou

    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Thank you very much for your informative and very helpful news letters__

  58. Anne Fairbairn

    Happy New year Vivian,

    I just love your new website. I am deeply appreciative of all your information to educate people in many countries of bone health. I tell everyone I know how good you are.

    Thank you again,

    Many Blessings to you,


  59. AideenO'Mara

    Wow!This was amazingly good and powerful persuasion for me the candy queen!
    From the sugar province of South Africa, kwaZulu Natal.
    THANK YOU, Aideen

  60. Elizabeth

    I realize that you have written extensively about this, but would you write a consise explanation to present to a totally unbelieving doctor to explain why the decision not to take Fosamax or another such drug is actually a wise one.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Elizabeth,
      You are right – I have written extensively on this! I encourage you to search the website and discover some of the truths about bisphosphonates such as Fosamax. It’s impossible to sum up adequately in a short comment of this nature, but the bottom line is, there is ample research that points to the damaging effects of osteoporosis drugs, and to the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to peruse all the information on the site, and I hope you’ll continue to contribute to the conversation!

    • Ole Fjord Larsen

      The reply should await Elisabeth’s oath that she has NO connection to Big Pharma whatsoever.

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