Yet Another Good Reason To Avoid Osteoporosis Drugs - Save Our Bones

A very seldom mentioned effect of bisphosphonates (drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva) is that these drugs block very important metabolic pathways. Even if you never took bisphosphonates, you will benefit greatly from using this message to improve your health. Perhaps this information is not often brought to light because of its complexity, but I consider this information extremely valuable and would like to share it with you. So let’s get started…

Bisphosphonates can be cataloged as nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous; the former is the most widely prescribed for treating osteoporosis. Like statins – drugs used to lower blood cholesterol levels – nitrogenous bisphosphonates begin their action on bone metabolism by blocking the enzyme farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FPPS) which is involved in the mevalonate pathway (also called the HMG-CoA reductase pathway). I’d like to point out here that while statins disrupt the mevalonate pathway to stop cholesterol synthesis, they do not bind to bone surfaces.

Subsequent inhibited steps of the mevalonate pathway result in osteoclasts that lack a ruffled border and are therefore unable to resorb bone. Bone resorption is necessary for new bone deposition, thus forming healthier and “younger” bone. FPPS, in turn, forms another enzyme, farnesyl diphosphate (FPP). The latter is an important catalyzer for the production of ubiquinone, also recognized as CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10).

In the year 2000, scientists at the Merck Research Laboratories observed the effect of bisphosphonates on laboratory rats, providing the first data of in vivo evidence that these drugs do have an effect on the mevalonate pathway disruption on osteoclast activity. This was published in the Endocrinology Journal, and a few years later, another study was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry authored by Yan Ling and team, confirming that bisphosphonates are “potent inhibitors of FPPS” and that “FPPS catalyzes the synthesis of farnesyl diphosphate (FPP), an important precursor of sterols, dolichols, ubiquinones, and prenylated proteins.”

In short, bisphosphonates interfere with the production of CoQ10 (ubiquinone), resulting in a potential deficiency that could be damaging. That’s because CoQ10 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin-like antioxidant that is present in practically all cell membranes (thus its name ubiquinone), and is involved in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary usable energy form by the cell’s mitochondria – the cell’s “power-house” – needed by the cells to perform their tasks.

CoQ10 has many important functions in the body. Once converted into ubiquinol, it operates as an antioxidant on its own and in synergy with Vitamin E, another very important antioxidant. There are several studies that show other benefits of CoQ10 ranging from positive results on cardiac health and endurance training, cancer, diabetes, periodontal disease, and neurological conditions. Further scientific studies need to be done before definite conclusions can be reached, including data interpretation on blood and tissue levels, but common sense would dictate that low levels of CoQ10 are not a desirable condition for anyone.

One important and still unanswered question is the possible link between a higher risk of developing atrial fibrillation (irregular and rapid heartbeat) – a debated possible side effect of bisphosphonates – and low levels of CoQ10 caused by the drugs.

The highest concentrations of CoQ10 in the body are found in organs that require the most energy to function properly such as the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, and the liver. Unfortunately, normal ubiquinone production decreases with age and while it is present in some foods – mainly fish, fish oils, organ meats, and whole grains – the amounts needed are greater than what can be obtained from those sources. It is estimated that a normal dietary intake of CoQ10 is around 10 mg/day of coenzyme. Also, age seems to be a factor in a decreased capacity of converting ubiquinone into ubiquinol.

So what should you do about this, you might ask? Here are some action steps:

  • Since foods have low levels of CoQ10, you should take a daily CoQ10 supplement. This applies even if you are not taking bisphosphonates or statins, and especially if you took them in the past.
  • CoQ10 supplements are widely available and come in two forms: ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the most usable and beneficial form of CoQ10. Taking 100mg of ubiquinol once a day is an excellent supplemental dosage.
  • It’s important you get them in gelatin capsule form. Researchers at the State University Hospital in Copenhagen, who have extensively researched CoQ10, recommend it in a soft gelatin capsule for optimal bioavailability. The same study conducted at the hospital found that powder and tablet forms of the supplement had practically no effect on increasing its blood levels.

So there you have it. Now you know a well-kept secret about CoQ10 and osteoporosis drugs. And you also know what you can do to benefit from the amazing energy and vitality it offers.

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  1. Lu Ferreira

    I am a 58 yr old female 5,2 ” and weigh 155 pounds. I have been active with weigh training since I turned 40 yrs old . I excercise on a regular basis 3 -4times a week. I was diagnosed at 48 yrs old with osteoporosis ( onset of menopause) with a bone density of a 60 yr old. I was then told to take Fosamax which I was on for a couple of months and then decided I was not going to take it . A couple of years later the doctor recommended Boniva and I was probably on it for a yr and then Reclast for another year . Bone density stayed the same through all these drugs. In the meantime 2yrs ago I fracture my right hip in 2 places, without any fall. At that time, my doctor suggested the Prolia shot every 6 months to see if this would improve my bone density . I had about 3 Prolia shots and I stopped it. For the past 2 yrs I have been concentrating on strength training and my bone density has improved. She is now asking me to go on Crestor for my high cholesterol . I am wondering what I can do now to improve on my bad cholesterol . Total Cholesterol is 262 with LDL168 – HDL 82 Triglycerides 58. any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the great information you provide .

    • Damita

      Avoid all statins and investigate natural means. Statins can cause severe muscle problems. I know a friend who is wheelchair bound because of statins. Check out Dr. John Whitaker’s site. Your doc sounds like a pill pusher.

  2. Suzi Markovitz

    Fantastically fantastic bless you, It is my impression your trusty followers may well want more information like this keep up the terrific effort.

  3. Gloria Bray

    I haven’t received your messages lately and would like to be added to your list again.

  4. Fred S

    Dear Vivian,
    I have just purchased your program. It is extremely informative. I am on a statin (Crestor) due to the family history of heart problems.

    Do you recommend staying off the statins for a while whilst helping the bones to recover. I also take the CoQ10.

  5. Chris woytasik

    Thank you for sending me the book via email, I am still reading it and trying to understand all. I have decided to stop taking boniva, I have taken it for ten months and am not feeling very well, I started because I broke my hip, can you give me any idea how long it will take to feel better? I also would like you to help me, what are the most important things I can do to help my bones. Please help me . Thanks so much

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Chris, welcome! I am so sorry you are not feeling well after taking Boniva, but you are in the right place. 🙂 How long it takes you to feel better is highly individualized, so it’s impossible to answer for sure. But there are certainly some things you can do to help yourself recover from the side effects of Boniva! Have you looked into Rapid Cleanse? It’s a 7-day cleanse designed to help your body get rid of osteoporosis medications. I encourage you to take a look!

      If you haven’t already, please download your free report, the Natural Bone Building Handbook – it’s a great way to get started. 🙂

      Good for you for being proactive about your bone health!

  6. Berit

    HI, Very interesting, is there a way to get a list of sources for this information?

  7. shirley

    I can’t wait to get my Osteoporosis Reversal Program, and start reading and fallowing all your advices. How long do I have to wait to get them?

    I have 2 inmune diseases plus a severe osteporosis, and more health problems. I was taking Fosemax, Actonel and Forteo inyections for 2 years, any of these medications helped me. Dr. want to put me in Reclax infusion once a year I think so. I refused after reading of the side effects.
    I hope to heard from you soon.
    Sincerely Shirley

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Shirley, that’s wonderful that you’re excited about the program! Feel free to share your experiences with the community. Good for you for taking your health into your own hands!

  8. Lena

    Thank you for all your good information.

  9. Margaret Miller

    Thank you once again for your wonderful knowledge
    Margaret ( England )

  10. Josephine Raj

    Thank you for the article regarding CoQ10. I take BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol 100mg, one gel capsule 3 times a day because I am taking statin drug,so to balance it,I take this regularly without fail.
    There is a company here in Uk that does regular 30 days Auto shipment,if anyone from Uk is interested contact Agora Health UK

  11. Brian

    Does CoQ10 come in vegiecaps? I cannot have gelatin softgels.

  12. website

    Good Job. Thank you for doing such a good job. I will definitely return again to see what’s new and inform my coworkers about this website

  13. cancer du foie

    hello there and thank you in your information ? I’ve certainly picked up something new from proper here. I did then again expertise a few technical points the usage of this site, since I experienced to reload the website many times previous to I could get it to load properly. I were thinking about in case your web host is OK? Not that I am complaining, however slow loading instances instances will sometimes have an effect on your placement in google and could damage your high quality rating if advertising and marketing with Adwords. Well I’m adding this RSS to my email and could glance out for much more of your respective intriguing content. Make sure you update this again soon..

  14. Herminia

    Dear Vivian: Thank you for the article on CO-Q10 (Accel).I have been taking for some time now. Is fantastic!.I am grateful for making me a better informed with all your knowledge.Blessing. Herminia

  15. Ali

    I would like to know if CoQ10 is strictly a chemist line or is it also available from health food stores?

  16. Ali

    I would like to know if CoQ10 is strictly a chemist line or is it also obtainable from health food stores?

  17. Wendy Mac Farland

    This was a fascinating article. I will need to reread it. How informative to find out that it Fosamax etc. interferes with CO-Q 10. CO-Q 10 is sooo important. If I ever visit Florida I want to visit you Vivian.

    Is your Densercise book still on sale? I walk border collies about an hour a day but I worry about my wrists and neck area. I am overweight-190 pounds and I am 5′!0″ and due to the fact I walk alot my doc never thought I needed a bone scan. Should I get one anyway?

  18. Lowana

    Hi Vivian..what devestating news..I have just given up Actonil after 6 years and recently…before I gave up Actonil, I started having heart fibrillations so am now on Sotalol (Solavert) to slow down my heart rate and I feel awful…sleepy, unenthusiastic, dry mouth etc…do you think my heart will return to normal now I’m off Actonil or is it too late?

  19. Carol

    Dear Vivian,
    Thanks for this information about CoQ10 Ubiquinol. Without help from a person like you who is guiding us in the right direction we often buy the wrong vitamin.
    Thank you for your knowledge and research and in giving it to us. Could not get this from many doctors.

  20. Goldie

    Thanks for all your hard work doing research and then sharing with us.
    Keep up the good work.

  21. Gloria Jones

    I have low thyroid, and I was losing my hair and having digestive problems. My doctor put me on Nature-throid, which is a tiny pill, a little larger than a pinhead, that I take once a day. Is that the same as Syn-throid? I didn’t think it was bad for bones. Why does medicine that helps one condition, make another one worse? I now have a full head of thick hair, and my stomach problems are much better. I don’t want to get off the thyroid, which I think is a natural substance rather than a drug, but I don’t want my bones to suffer either as a result. Seems like when you’re on one thing, it affects something else, or as the old saying goes: Six of one and half a dozen of the other. Your feedback would be very helpful.

  22. Gloria Jones

    I take coenzyme Q-10 in soft gel form, 100 mg. per day. I was taking the 200 mg. dosage, but thought that might be too much. My doctor recommended it originally for my gums which were subject to frequent infections, and it seemed to help quite a bit. It’s always reassuring to know that I’m taking the right things to not only help build bones, but for other health considerations.

  23. Sara Oglesbee

    Hi Vivian,
    Love your book! My son who is 19, and has 22Q syndrome, has also been diagnosed with osteoporosis. We are going to see an endocrinologist next week and I refuse to have him on the drugs. But it is so difficult to have him eat and drink the way in which I am trying to get accustomed to. He is all of 95 pounds and has had 2 open heart surgeries after birth. He his not on any medicines other than an inhaler to keep his lungs strong. Any advice for osteoporosis in someone so young? He has had blood work done before and his calcium levels seem to be fine, thyroid fine, no celiacs disease. Right now the doctors are puzzled.
    Anything advice?
    Sara Oglesbee

  24. Tina

    My doctor sent me for a dDxa scan and anounced I had no option but to go on Fodomax. All went well for a few years but the ache in my hips got worse and went back as I developed trouble swallowing! The Fosomax burned my throat so badly that I envisage in the future it will give me throat cancer! Then he insists each time I come for blood pressure check that I go on the 15 minute infusion of Aclast! But reading this I have been a silly goose and realise your health starts with yourself, why leave your doctor in charge who only knows about drugs! And the side effects are shoved underneath his expensive carpets! I now take Cq10 and calcium citrate and also yoghurt in the morning with my half a glass of oatstraw tea, a great one for your bones! my next Hexa scan is the end of this year so I can find out if all my altered eating worked

  25. Velma Sturm

    Is Lemon an acid, will it become alkalizing in tap water?

    • Gloria Jones

      I’ve read where lemons, although they are acidic, are also included in alkaline diets, so don’t let the real sour taste fool you. They are definitely good for you, and also provide plenty of vitamin C. The only citrus fruit you need to be aware of is grapefruit. There is something in grapefruit that doesn’t mix well with any pills that you take. Maybe Vivian, who is much more knowledgeable than myself, could explain why people are told not to take grapefruit or grapefruit juice while on certain medications.

  26. Cary Davis

    I would like to know what you know and think of Fosteum.

  27. Penelope

    Sombody can tell me, if Fosamax, Actenol and Boniva are so bad for our health why this medicine are in the market?

    • Gloria Jones

      Because the big drug manufacturers get very wealthy on the sale of these poisons, and that’s at the expense of the women who take them. They care much more about padding their pockets than protecting our health. Be one step ahead of them and don’t ruin your health to make them richer.

    • Bonnie

      I have suffered throat damage and I can’t think of a reason for it to be out there.
      I believe that the pharmacy companies pay
      doctors to push their meds. The government stops all kinds of things, but they let things through that can cause us problems of all kinds. I love the doctors when they state IF YOU DON’T TAKE THIS, YOU WILL FALL BREAK YOUR HIP AND DIE. they really care about us don’t they?

  28. Susan

    I googled the ubiquinol COQ 10 brand NSL that Vivian is using and I have not been able to locate it. Can you please direct me to this company…Thanks.

    I have been using ubiquinol but not in gel form…based on the research it appears that it’s time for a change.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Here you go, Susan: NSI Ubiquinol CoQH Featuring Kaneka QH™ – 50 mg – 120 Softgels

      • Susan

        Sorry for replying prior to checking into nsi one more time. I have located it. Thanks, Susan

      • Susan

        Thanks, Vivian ~

        That is exactly what I googled and did not come up with a company supplying a 50mg softgel…do you have a phone # or address for NSL ? I will try again just in case.

  29. jean banta

    After reading all these comments, I am starting on CoQ10, instead of Evista. Wish me luck. Jeane

  30. LynnCS

    Thank you Vivian for your book and for this forum. I learn so much from both and am hopeful that I won’t continue to get worse and may even get better. I have been surprised at some of the things I am learning from the book. Sincerely, Lynn

  31. Adriana

    Re CoQ10 – I am a vegetarian and avoid gelatin – is there a vegetarian capsule available. I have read that parsley and advocado are good sources of CoQ10.


  32. Linda Sullivan

    I wonder how large the Vitacost gel tabs are. I have trouble swallowing sizable pills, and end up throwing away so many product I buy in pill form. Someone mentioned the Q Sorb, and wonder how big those are in comparison. Vivian, you mentioned gel tabs were the optimal form of this enzyme, but another person here mentioned NuNatural’s brand Liquid CoQ10, and I take a liquid calcium supplement, so would it be a waste of money to try the liquid form? You are so very helpful, many thanks.

  33. Maryanne Dees

    Hi Vivian,
    Always enjoy your articles. I have recently been told I have 6 Per Cent osteopenia in my left hip. My GYN has put me on caltrate supplements (twice a day) along with one Vitamin D capsule. I have no problem taking them except Constipation! Help! What can I do besides not taking the supplements.
    Thanks for your help!
    Maryanne Dees

    • LynnCS

      Hi Maryanne. I find that an extra probiotic in capsule form or in a yogurt (I like almond yogurt.) and also one or two extra Magnesium tablets or capsules will do the trick. If it is really serious, don’t try to solve it from the top. Use a Fleets enema to break things loose at the lower end where the dry packed stool is then try to take an extra mag and/or probiotic each day. Lots and lots of water all day long is my biggest help. There are not side effects to taking these unless you go past your tolerance then you might get some diarrhea. You’ll find you level of best use. Hopefully, Lynn

  34. Linda

    Dear Dr. Goldschmidt:

    The information and insight from your personal life’s work and recent studies on healthful ways to treat Osteoporosis has truly been
    of great benefit to me. I am grateful for your making me a better “informed steward” for my body.
    I applaud and am working to apply your “44 Bone
    Health Do’s And Dont’s to my daily and weekly routine.

    With gratitude,

  35. Carolyn Fettes

    Vivian thanks for your information on CoQ10. I was just about the call the compounding pharmacy about this. My doctor was recommending 150 mgs. I took your list to him and he made some other doses higher for other minerals. This may represent differences in US and Australia. Or it may be because he has done extensive blood work on me. Kind Regards, Carolyn

  36. jdial

    Vivian, it would be enlightening if you would publish citations for the studies, such as the Merck study of 2000, that you mention. I for one would appreciate it.

    Thank you for the research that you do.


  37. Ruth Charles

    three specialists have urged me to go on reclast due to a few pelvic fractures from a fall, low vit D levels(30) and postmenopausal osteoporosis.I don’t want tostart the infusion and wonder what my options might be to increase bone density?

    • martha moretti

      please do not take reclast—possible kidney problems—use the SAVE OUR BONES PROGRAM–DRUGS-ARE NOT THE ANSWER

  38. Carol

    I would like to know what your thoughts are on the Kangan, Jupiter and Life Water Filtration Systems. My neighbor has purchased the Kangan system and is well pleased with its performance. I have researched these systems, but am still not sure which is the best for my money. Thank you.

  39. Linda Magsamen

    This is the first time I have read these comments. A lot of info. I have a thyroid condition also and take synthroid. I didn’t realize that it was taking calcium out of my bones. I have read the pig hormone will allow my body to continue attacking itself. Is this true. They have not gotten my thyroid to stabilize. It has been pretty bad. I have been diagnosed with osteopenia. My doctor wants me to have another dexa scan and so far I haven’t had it done. I want to keep doing what is good for my bones so it will show better results. I am going to try the CoQ10. I am presently taking something that will allow my body to absorb the calcium that I do get in my foods. I haven’t found a calcium that I like. Thank you for all your info.

    • LynnCS

      Please google “Hashimoto’s” on the internet and read all you can from different sources. It is very enlightening about the up’s and down’s of the thyroid issue. Also look up the Raw Food Diet and see what you think about adding more dark leafy greens into shakes and smoothies to get a good bioavailable type of calcium. I am diagnosed with a very advanced Osteoporosis and have been doing it since the end of June. I love it and glad because I need to fix this thing. I have Vivian’s Book and she tells you in there which foods are alkalizing, which is really important and which have good minerals etc. I will know how it all is doing when I have my next Dexa scan. Hopefully I’m getting stronger. Wishing you well. Lynn

      • Lounes

        Mary January 18, 2011 Wow, love the picture wish the frogs next to the BART train trckas would come to my yard love your pictures I too have a farm here in Richmond, for the past few summers I’ve grown fresh vegetables and fruit to enjoy can’t wait to share your blog with others to encourage them to grow vegetables and raise their own farm animals.Mary

  40. Ruth Bracken

    My GP put me on weekly Alendronic acid about 6 weeks ago. I read the indications after I had taken the first one. It says that 1 in 10 people willl get constipation/diaorrhea. Having had about 30 sessions of radio therapy last year because of cervical cancer you can just imagine that I am the tenth person. And yea I am. It played havoc with my bowel giving me C and D! I ended up in A & E with a bladder infection due to constipation after just one AA dose. I stopped taking it for 3 weeks and started again. But the same started to happen again so I have stopped. I have also had some stomach pain which I never usually suffer from. My bowel is permanently damaged by radio therapy. The last thing I need is more punishment so I will take my chance and dump the AA.

  41. Sue W. Dyke

    Yes, I like the article particularly because you give the science on why we should not take osteoporsis drugs. I have a friend who is coming up 70 wo has been treated for the last 10 years with all of the osteo drugs, and they have not helped her. She recently had a mild car accident and now has five compression frantures in her back. This was a wake-up call for me to stay with your Save Your B program.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so sorry that your friend appears to be yet another victim of these insidious drugs, Sue. But you’re right – it’s certainly a wake-up call and a great reminder that drugs, far from being the answer, often make things worse. 🙁

  42. frank oddo

    i take caltrate 2000mg daily i got off boniva. am ready too take another bone denisty test. please advise

  43. Dawson ross

    Hello Vivian , Thank you for the article on
    co-Q10. I am slightly ahead of you with this.
    I have been taking C0-Q10, 120 mg for some time now.
    Q-Sorb, is a natural, highly bioavailable form of CO-Q10 identical to that found in the body. The unique formulation enrobes the key nutrients with antioxidants ensuring potency and purity. Finally Q-Sorb is hermetically sealed in rapid realease softgels providing superior absorption.
    Thank you for your comments on this subject

    Dawson Ross

  44. Marsha

    Thanks once again for more infor. I just started taking CoQ10. I also just bought 100% Whey protein to start using in the mornings in some organic almond non dairy before I go swim & take a straightening class & Zoomba class. I add a frozen banana & a few strawberries in it as well. What do you think of the Whey product??

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Whey protein is highly alkalizing, and a great addition to your smoothies.

  45. Dorothy Brandt

    Tell everyone to get off actonel and fosamax..I ended up with Gerd because of it and IF YOU WEAR DENTURES…you have a very high chance of getting osteocrenosis….I did. I am furious that my osteo specialist did not inform me of these things. My pharmacist was more informative than any of the doctors I questioned.

    • LynnCS

      I took Actonel for years after it first came out. I developed jaw necrosis and serious Gerd for which I was given an equally bad drug that was really hard to get off. I now have Vivian’s book and am eating it up. I am on a raw vegan diet, so am getting a lot more green leafy vegis and other recommended fruits and vegi’s I am learning a lot and have can’t go back, so am sure I will get some better. Not taking drugs will give me a better chance to get some bone repair. All the best, Lynn

    • Carolyn Fettes

      Hi there, my specialist also prescribed Actonel not informing me of these kinds of side effects. I ended up not taking it as my friend told me about Vivienne’s program. Thanks for your sharing. Carolyn

  46. mandy twaddell

    I have tried to unscribe by calling the telephone number provided. Like many other health food websites, stopping the advertisements, the spam sent out as a blast, is difficult. Please stop sending me information about bones or anything else. And getting rid of your promotions should not be made so difficult. mandy

  47. Helen Sears

    I cannot begin to thank you for all your good work. You have changed wakeful tears in the night into direct action each of us can take at least three times a day (meals), plus exercise. This additional information is over and above, and another generous gift to all of us. Thank you so very much.

  48. Roberta Grigg

    Where can I find NSI Ubiquinol C0QH featruing Kaneka QH 50 mg-120 sofgels? Thank you for a response. I read the e-mails daily and have osteoporosis


    • Audrey

      You can get Ubiquinol COQH featuring Kaneka QH50 from, Swanson Health Products, page 14
      to get a catolog send to Swanson Health Poducts
      PO Box6005
      Fargo ND 58108-6003
      or go to Website.

  49. Nat

    I was diagnosed recently with osteoporosis in Lumbar 3+4 and in my hip. I am 50, extremely active and exercise 5-6 days a week including weight lifting. Can you advice which exercises I should avoid and what I can continue for my abs? I’ve exercised consistently for the last 15 years.
    Love your information and refuse to take the drugs!

  50. Holly Caron

    Thank you for your book I have been trying the 80/20 plan.. It is sooo good not to take prescription osteo meds.. Thank you

    • Ginny H.

      Hi Vivian:

      Your information is so helpful.

      I had taken Actonel for acouple years – got off it aftr
      4 years. Hearing about bone drugs and Femur breaks.
      I had a recent Bone Density Test – have osteoporsis in
      lower back plus Osteopenia in one hip. My dr.
      suggested Reclast infusion but am reluctant to take it
      after hearing comments of hair loss, flu-like symptoms
      and possibe kidney failure.

      I would greatly appreciate your comments on how to handle my current problem.

      Thank you so much.

      Ginny H.

  51. Ruth Sheffi

    Hi ! As an ethical vegan I don’t use any animal-sourced drugs,foods or supplements. I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis but am not taking any of the prescibed “medicines”.
    Thanks to YOU – Vivian, I now regularly eat
    red grapefruits, broccoli and pumkinseeds.
    I take Vegatarian B-12, D3, and MSM.
    Is there any alternative to CoQ10 ?
    Thanks again, Best Wishes,
    Ruth Sheffi (72)

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Ruth,

      Coq10 is a unique and important nutrient, but you should easily be able to find vegetarian coq10 products. The richest vegetarian food sources of coq10 are spinach, broccoli, peanuts, wheat germ & whole grains.

  52. Martha Geller

    I had an adverse reaction to all three bone meds…

  53. Barbara

    sounds like rel good advice to everyone who has taken the drugs.Evista was perscribe for me at my last visit. After researching found too many leg cramp issues….

  54. Peggy

    I am now taking caltrate – 2 pills a day plus centrum. I hope that will help me with the bone loss. I have not as yet tried the CO Q10. I had better check on that. Thanks.

  55. Deborah

    I started taking Evista thinking it was much safer than the other drugs. After one pill I started to have some cramps in my legs. After two pills I had terrible cramps all night in my legs and started to feel heartburn. Which I have not had in years. Day three. I stopped them. Day four, the chest pain was so bad I ended up in the emergency room. While I was there, I went into tachycardia and was admitted. All heart tests were normal. I am home now and realize that the small hiatal hernia I was diagnosed with years ago was most likely flaring up because of this awful drug. My leg pain is almost gone after being off the drug for six days. What a nightmare. I am just starting to feel a little better. I am also realizing that many women are having the same side effects with Evista , yet, you never hear of it. Please pass this on.

    • Sally

      I have been taking Evista for several years with none of the side effects in your article. I would like to know what you advise rather than Evista…

  56. mary kilby

    I left a comment asking a question and now I see its been taken off the post want to explain why?

    • mary kilby

      I’ve been on Actonel since 2003 along with vit D. they tell me when I get a bone density test they can see thru my spine. if the drug is supposed to be good for you it should be thicker not less. My doctor said to keep taking it because i won’t get the hump on my back. I’m 76 now. I read in these article it takes 10 yr to get better. There should be something that would be better..

      • Dorothy Brandt

        get off the actonel…use strontium instead. It is better for osteoclasts which help build bones. Look into biometrics.

        • LynnCS

          What is Strontium?

  57. Dorothy Kemper

    Is Nature’s Bounty CoQ-10 made from ubiquinol? The bottle just lists a trade mark called Q-Sorb.

    • Patrick

      A great CoQ10 supplement is NuNatural’s brand Liquid CoQ10. All you have to do is squirt it on top of a food with healthy fat and eat. I prefer peanut butter, or any other nut butter (not soy).

  58. Shelley

    Will the CoQ10 (ubiquinol) counter the ongoing loss that I might have because of my Reclast infusion Nov, 2010?

  59. Marilyn Ross

    Been a few months since I have rec. any E- Mails.?Notice a lot of us also have low Thyroid.I refused to take any more Synroid due to side effects .My research led me to Dr. Brownstein Bought his book Overcoming Thyroid Disorders & his newsletter. Am now on a natural hormone . What a difference. Thanks Vivian for all your research.Another former nurse.Never did trust Big Pharma . All about the money!!

    Marilyn, Canada

  60. Hope

    Shall I continue to take my boniva if I take the CQ010, plus 1000 D and 1200 of calcium.

  61. Yalta

    I am one of the unfortunate ones who took Fosamax for many, many years and have now ended up with digestive problems.
    Other than following your programme, is there anything else I should be doing?
    Is there a way of reversing these problems?

  62. ria

    I have received your book and find it very useful!
    Also the many e-mails are very welcome.
    I am taking propafenone hydrochloride 3x a day (@150mg)because 7 years ago I had (during a period of 3 months )several times atrial fibrilation .
    I am still taking the tablets (although originally they wanted me to take 2x 300 mg,but I reduced it to the lowe dose for hate taking tablets .Out of the blue suddenly last april I had another day of A.F.(yet my heart is perfectly healthy)
    aGAIN I WAS RECOMMENDED TO TAKE 2X 300 MG , but appart from sometimes a few ectopic beats ,I have been fine ,so i reduced the dose again to 3x 150 and I’m not very happy even about taking that for I’m worried it could have an effect on my bones .I just have been diagnosed with osteoporosis (spine _3.2, hips _2.7 ) I ‘ll definitely going to follow the diet you suggest ,but could you please let me know if my medication can affect my bones .
    I hope you’ll answer .thank you !

    ria gibson

  63. stephie

    evening. All my life I have been very active and healthy. I have 4 children with very little intervention but the pain in my foot is worse than having Hi there
    I had multiple stress fractures to my right foot one year ago and have been diagnosed with RSD. Bone scan has revealed that I have osteporosis in my neck , spine and right arm. I have been prescribed EVISTA to attempt to help my bones. I also take MICARDIS for hyper tension that has also developed this year since my injury. I also take an ENDEP each a baby when I have a flare up. I have a good DR but would be interested in comments from you great people out there.
    Thank you all

  64. Deigh

    Interesting story about CoQ10 … I have Fibromyalgia (& Osteoporosis although have NOT taken medication for it for 3 years) and began taking CoQ10 … I slowly began to feel much better, particularly the fatigue aspect & was delighted, HOWEVER, my eyes, that have always been light sensitive to a degree, became EXTREMELY light sensitive resulting in frequent migraines & I had to stop the CoQ10. My eyes eventually went back to normal (for me) but I was very disappointed that I could not continue with the CoQ10 as I felt so much better in myself (except for the eyes).

  65. Marian L. Gordon

    I have taken Lipitor for many years. Probably since it first came out. I had open heart surgery in 2002. I have a family history I guess. I am not over weight. Walk lots, line dance and do exercises every day. Always have. Took gym in high school and have stayed with it. Now I have ordered 2 jars of Ubiquinol 50 to start with. I have heard before from people that I should be taking it. Do you think it will hurt me or stop Lipitor from working at all. It is kind of scary to face more heart trouble, but my knees are now beginning to hurt bad, and my arms are already gone so I need something. I am on your program. Marian

  66. Alice Evans

    I love reading your emails.I have learned so much from them. I do however have a question and am hoping you have the time to respond. since my thyroid surgery in 1992 I have been taking a calcium supplement and so far no problems with my bones. I understand that with all of the controversy about calcium supplements. The supplement that I take is calcium in the form of Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite. I have tried to find info on that form and if it also can cause the condition that causes heart attacks? Any info yo might want to share I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks for your dedication and all info I get in your emails.

  67. Paul Abric

    After reading all the comments on this page, I am totaly convinced I have the right person guiding me, thank you Vivian,
    A year from now, I’ll be dancing again.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s wonderful to hear, Paul! Save a dance for me.

  68. Paul Abric

    Thank you Vivian or Jan, (I don’t know who answers your mail)As for your latest mail to me, re- the “Ubiquinol” mail, I definately will
    get it this week.
    I would like your feedback on the “Leafsourse”
    article I sent,(if you have the time)personnaly I don’t know here you find the time,
    watched your excerise video,you are active lady! Thanks again, too Jan.

  69. E. Loraine Hopper

    I was on fosamax for 5 yrs. Started after a kidney transplant. Have severe osteoporoses;osteo arthritis; degenerative bone disease. I stopped taking fosamax bdfore I went in for a complete knee replacement in Sept 2010. My doctor is very unhappy with me. She is sending me to an endocrinologist. I will not go back on these drugs. My orthopedic surgeon said after surgery that I had terrible bones. Reason for replacement-Bad fracture 11 years ago after fallin a couple of feet off a ladder.
    Will try CoQ10. Had a gastroscopy which shows my oesophagus is tortuous. Before I stopped the fosamax I could barely swallow. It is some better now. Biggest problem now is pain control for my back.

    • Mohammed Yar

      Similar thing happened to me. I have had a kidney transplant 30 years ago. Recently my consultant put me on Alendronic Acid which is a generic version of Fosamax. After just three months I developed back and ribs pain. It is nearly three months ago, there is no end in sight. Lorraine, can I just check if you ever got better with this back pain. My conclusion is it is better to have fractures and deal with it than dealing with the side effects of Fosamax or Alendronic Acid.

  70. Bo Stevens

    all excellent research – makes sense – esp. CoQ10 info. And thank you for your very helpful work and spreading your good news. Bo.

  71. Louise

    Hi Vivian
    I have been taking Protos for nearly 12 months as a compression fracture was found in my spine nearly 12 months ago. i do regular exercise especially for my upper back but am too scared at the moment to stop taking it. I have another bone density test in 2 months time and will then reaccess the situation.

  72. Natalie

    Thank you so much for your research on Ubiquinol. I do take the CoQ10 Ubiquinol form and I find that it helps
    me with my energy as well as my heart.I have a bad murmur and arrhythmia. My bones thank you for all your
    kind information.

  73. Frances Stevenson

    Thank you for the information about Actonel and Aclasta. I took Actonel for several years and developed acid reflux. I stopped the medication for a while, then discussed the problem with my doctor. She recommended Aclasta infusion, which I had about a month ago. A friend of mine referred you to me and I have read some of your material. Of course, now I am sorry that I ever had the infusion. At present, I have the worst case of cold sores that I have ever had and don’t know if the drug has somehow interfered with my immune system. Do you know anything about that?
    In the meantime, will the Aclasta stop having its effect on my body after a year?
    Thanks for your interest.

  74. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian;
    I like it when you mention common sense.
    I stopped taking Fosamax 8 months ago when
    the story was on the news that some women’s
    legs broke for no apparent reason other
    than taking the ‘bone’ drugs for about ten
    Since then I found your website and am on
    the same common sense wave-length as you.
    ‘so long from Canada. Louise

  75. shari ritter

    I recently stopped fossamx. Do you have any idea how long it will take for my bone development to regenerate?

  76. Nancy

    What is your recommended dosage for CoQ10? and what is it? I must have missed something?
    Thank you

  77. Ardi

    I just came from my Dr. and of course she is “alarmed” that I will not take foxamax or Boniva or any of the other meds she has prescribed for my osteoporosis. Today she gave me a prescription for Calcitonin Salmon Nasal Spray. I can’t find anything in your posts about this med. I also have hypothyroidism and take Synthroid which depletes calcium. If you or anyone has any knowledge about side effects of Calcitonin Salmon please respond as I will hold off starting this spray for a little.

    • Ursula Rick

      I am also on Synthroid and have Osteoporosis of the spine and hip. My doctor prescribed calcitonin salmon nasal spray.Any information available about this spray would be appreciated. How long after taking this spray would a bone density test show a possible improvement?

    • Cecilia Murray

      I also have low grade hypothoroidism but was unaware the medication Eutrosig caused bone loss. Does it?

  78. Elizabeth Lynch

    I have a problem with my back and had been taking Actonel for 4years I ended up having pain all over me and then I got irratic heart beat.I went to my Doctor and said I thought Actonel was the problem and I was giving it up.I have been off it a month and beginning to feel much better.I was horrified when I read your email saying what Actonel was made of,and it is making me realize more that the companies making and selling these drugs are not caring people but out to make money off our misery.I have always taken certain Vitamins to suit my needs as I cant have a normal diet.Since giving up Actonel my nails and skin have improved.Thank you for all the info.At the moment cant afford your book but hope to in the future as you are certainly putting everyone on the right track to improve their health and wellbeing.Again thank you.

  79. Sharda

    Thanks Vivian for all the information you sent me.It has been very helpful.I don’t have osteoporosis but i was on prednisone.Thanks a lot.

  80. Anita

    I read what you write to me, and appreciate the one personal reply you made to me. However, I have now stopped Actonel (3 weeks ago )after taking it for over two years, and would like to know whether the side effects I have been suffering with obviously from it, – like the severe back pain, breathing problems , eye disorders etc can disappear ever, or will I be left with these all the rest of my life?

  81. Doris

    DearVivian, Thank you for all the information you have been sending me in my emails. I stopped the Fosamax in July when I first got in contact with you & have been taking Calcium, Magnesium & Vit D 3, Vit 12, Vit E & CoQ 10 as you advised. I have been on Immuno suppresant drugs for a transplant I had since 1983, so the prednisolone has caused me to suffer from Diabetes Type 2,Cataracts & Glaucoma in both eyes & Osteoporosis & Arthritis in both my hips & both knees with a lot of pain. I will know in a few weeks if they are going to operate on either my knees or hips. I am in Australia but am wary of making payment for your Book by the Internet. I would dearly love to get your “Save Our Bones” Book. Thank you & keep sending me all the info you can to help me. I was on Forsamax for 10 years. How long before I can get rid of it from my system? God Bless

  82. jenny

    Can you send me a list of fruits and vegetables that are alkaline. I need to take more alkaline food. please help me. thanks

  83. Helen Emerick

    Vivian, thank you for the information. I was contemplating taking this supplement. My daughter takes is and she says it helps her and she thought I should take it also. Helen

  84. Miriam Durrant

    Thanks Vivian for all the emails that you have sent about Osteoporosis which I have. I have tried several drugs but all made me ill so have followed a diet and vitamin program for several years. I now have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I have had for 10 years undiagnosed! and now to add to my woes I have Carpel Tunnel of the right hand and when I saw the Rheumatoligist a few weeks ago he said I have Rheu. Arthritis of the wrists and handed me out a prescription for Prednisolone which I do not intend to take as I have had a lot of trouble with that in the past. Unfortunately I do have bad allergy trouble and I have learned to live with it and digestive problems. I am almost 77 years so anyone out there like me Hang in there and you will become alright Thank you Miriam, Australia…

  85. Donna

    Hi Vivian,

    Several months ago I was diagnosed with osteoperosis. After taking one Actenol pill & having severe side effects, I did a lot of reasearch & found your program, which I started following full force. I left a comment this week, but it seems to have been removed. Thank you for sharing with us what kind of CoQ10 you take. Would you please share with us what kind of magnesium you take also as there are many kinds & I am not sure what kind to get. Thank you.


  86. Donna

    Hi Vivian,

    I started following your program full force several months ago when I was diagnosed with Osteoporsis after taking one Actenol pill & having severe side effects. I left a comment this week, but it seems to have been removed. Thank you for sharing with us what kind of CoQ10 you take. Would you please share with us what kind of magnesium you take also as there are many kinds & I am not sure waht kind to get. Thank you.


  87. Donna

    Thank you for sharing what kind of CoQ10 you use. There are so many types and brands out there and it’s good to have a recommendation. Would you also please tell us what kind of magnesium you use? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  88. Pamela Harris

    I know that dentists are very wary of treating anyone who has taken Fosamax or Actonel. Unfortunately, I have had experience of this.

    I am now on Protelos as there do not seem to be any serious long-term effects connected with this drug. What do you think of it?

  89. madeline

    Thanks for all the information vivian, I am saving it all for future use and will be getting your book in the fall.
    After your information I have stopped taking actonel as I am still losing height even though I have been on it for over 5 years.
    I am 68 and have s severe scolosis which I have arhtritis and osterposis,
    again thankyou your great information, madeline

  90. Doris

    Have been taking CoQ10 for years. I think, I’ll let my body do the conversion into Ubiquinol, seems cheaper than buying it. Appreciate the information you provide, Vivian.

  91. Wendy Hagan

    Thank you Vivian for your continued valuable information on protecting our bones. I am very grateful and have already purchased one of your books.

    Please keep up the good work as this is so valuable to everyone.


  92. JoAnn

    Are there any other web Ubiquinol sources at a good price that have no soy products, can’t use soy due to breast cancer. I imagine there are others with similar situations. I am following your book’s information and as a former RN enjoy all the scientific explanations.
    Thank you for all your effort.

  93. jean clarke

    Thanks for the info reCQ10; Do you have any info on the point that it might lead to higher blood pressure? I am following all the guidance in your book, exercising and taking vitamin and mineral supplements you recommend. Have come off all osteo medication and feel SO MUCH BETTER. Thanks Vivian

  94. Ms. L. Carmel

    Hi! Vivian,

    Like Alma I Have Heard Of CoQ10, But Didn’t Know Much About It. Thank You VERY MUCH For Informing Us About It. Especially With It’s Connection With Helping People With, Or May Prevent Osteoporosis.

    Warmest Regards, L. Carmel

  95. Donna Stubbs

    Thanks Vivian for the good price on ubiquinol. If your using it then I know it’s the one to buy.

    Thanks for saving my bones naturally.

  96. John Cottrell

    Thanks for your article on CoQ10 in relation to bisphosphonates.

    I took some CoQ10 last night and feel like a dog with two tails today even though it has been over a year since I took any bisphosphonates.

    I don’t feel lethargic at all whereas I had been feeling that way for long time.

    Thanks again!

  97. nancy brainerd

    I was taking Fosomax and developed a hiatal hernia and had so much leg pain that I could hardly walk a block. I have now stopped the
    Fosomax and am stuck with the hiatal hernia but am able to walk a mile and hope to increase that as time goes by.
    Thank you so much for all your information. Nancy

  98. Sheryl Dompier

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for all you do.
    I was just on a medical website which stated that eating raw vegetables can help in thinning you bones. Can you add anything to this?

  99. Mary Ann Unger

    You always have such great information. A nurse friend of mine suggested adding CQ10, but the type you prefer will give more direct results. Again thank you. Your research is always spot on!

  100. Tom

    Just had a bone density test and no change from one year ago,will have test again in two years and not sure I will go.As far as coq10 I hve been taking but will switch to the other as that appears to be much better!
    I really have enjoyed reading the book and each time I read it I get more out of it!
    Your Heart Transplant friend!

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