12 Dangerous And Hidden Food Ingredients In Seemingly Healthy Foods - Save Our Bones

Would you eat your favorite breakfast cereal if you knew that it contained Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), a product also used in jet fuel and embalming fluid? Can you imagine grilling your low fat veggie burger if you found out that its main ingredient is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)?

Watch out, because foods that are considered “healthy” and labeled as “natural” contain many harmful chemicals used as food preservatives and flavor enhancers – and these chemicals are often disguised under unrecognizable names.

Today, I’ll expose the hidden dangerous food additives that are lurking in so-called “healthy” foods, how you can easily spot them and the simple and delicious alternatives that won’t sabotage your bone and overall health.

Unhealthy processed foods greatly outnumber unadulterated healthy foods

In the last 100 years the food industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. Today, more than three quarters of supermarket shelves are stocked with packaged and processed foods. These boxed, canned, and frozen concoctions in most cases only require boiling or microwaving to become edible.

In total, there are more than 3,000 food chemicals purposely added to our food supply, yet avoiding them is a lot easier and more economical than you might think.

You probably already know this, but the rule of thumb is that the best foods to conquer osteoporosis and to stay healthy are unprocessed natural foods. That’s because man-made chemicals acidify your body pH which in turn accelerates bone loss.

Back to basics is best for your bone health

We can all agree that scientific progress is a good thing, especially when it comes to innovations that make our life easier and more enjoyable. But advances in the food industry are hindering our efforts to stay healthy because thousands of chemicals have entered the food supply.

At the beginning of the food processing revolution, which began soon after World War II, manufacturers did not bother to hide the newly added synthetically made food additives. After all, the perception was that as women joined the workforce, their available time for cooking would be greatly diminished, and that most everyone would quickly adopt the newly invented convenience foods. So like a tsunami thunderously ravaging the shoreline, the convenience food industry has flooded grocery stores with their processed products.

As a result, foods have become so industrially processed that in some cases they could be easily labeled as “edible food-like substances” – a synthetic man-made product – rather than actual nourishing food.

Adding insult to injury, many staple foods such as potatoes and corn – often used as basic ingredients in a host of products – have their genetic makeup purposely tampered with and may be dangerous to your health.

Convenience foods hurt more than help

Ample research on the evolutionary process of humans and their nutritional requirements point to the clear fact that while our nutrition has radically changed since Paleolithic times, our biology really hasn’t. But along came agriculture and later on the Industrial Revolution and with it, man-made chemicals made their way into our dining rooms.

Fortunately, as is the case with most deceptions, educated consumers are now seeking alternatives to these chemical laden products in turn forcing food producers to get creative… That is why more often than not, food chemicals are renamed with less “synthetic names” than their older original ones.

I want you to be aware of this very important health issue, so we’ll explore together the 12 most dangerous commonly used food additives that can sabotage both your bone health and your general health. One important comment here: remember that ingredients on product packaging are listed according to quantity; the ingredient making up the largest quantity is listed first, and so on.

So now…

Let’s analyze a “healthy” breakfast cereal

Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative damage and some of them are proven potent bone protectors as well. So isn’t it a great idea to have your morning breakfast cereal with healthy antioxidants? Not so fast… Let’s take a look at the ingredients of Kellogg's® Smart Start® Strong Heart Antioxidants:

Rice, whole grain wheat, sugar, oat clusters, sugar, toasted oats [rolled oats, sugar, canola oil with tbhq and citric acid to preserve freshness, molasses, honey, bht for freshness, soy lecithin], wheat flakes, crisp rice [rice, sugar, malt, salt], corn syrup, polydextrose, honey, cinnamon, BHT [preservative], artificial vanilla flavor, high fructose corn syrup, salt, honey, malt flavoring, alpha tocopherol acetate [vitamin E], niacinamide, zinc oxide, reduced iron, sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium pantothenate, Yellow #5, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), BHT (preservative), vitamin A palmitate, folic acid, beta carotene (a source of vitamin A), vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Worst offenders:

BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene): this common additive used to prevent oxidation in a wide variety of foods and cosmetics is listed by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in 2005 as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” on the basis of experimental findings in animals. It is also used in jet fuels, rubber petroleum products, transformer oil and embalming fluid. As if this were not enough, the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) warns that BHT should not be allowed to enter the environment, can cause liver damage, and is harmful to aquatic organisms.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): Loaded with “unbound” fructose and glucose molecules, studies have shown that the reactive carbonyl molecules can cause tissue damage that may lead to obesity, diabetes, and also heart disease. So much for this “Strong Heart Antioxidants” cereal recipe! HFCS is made from genetically modified corn and processed with genetically modified enzymes. To make matters worse, studies have recently revealed that nearly half of tested samples of HFCS contained mercury.

Yellow #5: Almost all colorants approved for use in food are derived from coal tar and may contain up tp 10ppm of lead and arsenic. Also, and not surprisingly, most coal tar colors could potentially cause cancer.

Healthy replacements

I love starting my day with an antioxidant-rich breakfast complete with natural granola and fresh fruits sprinkled with slivered almonds, flax, and pumpkin seeds for extra crunch. Try it with your favorite milk substitute, and if you have a sweet tooth, use a little honey. I’m quite sure you’ll love it too. There are also many tasty varieties of boxed cereals that truly contain all-natural ingredients – just read the label and avoid synthetic ingredients including the ones listed above.

Are you ready for lunch?

You know that you can never go wrong with a salad to start your lunch with, so you pick your favorite bone-healthy alkalizing vegetables and all you have to do is pour some delicious dressing. Add a few crispy nuts and seeds and voila! You’ve got yourself a healthy lunch. But your choice of salad dressing can ruin your intentions… Let’s take a look at one of the most popular salad dressings, Kraft’s Creamy Italian dressing:

Water, soybean oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, contains less than 2% of garlic*, xanthan gum, citric acid, propylene glycol alginate, onions*, polysorbate 60, spice, red bell peppers*, garlic, phosphoric acid, parsley*, vitamin E, natural flavor. *dried

Worst offenders:

Soybean oil: More than half of all soybeans crops grown in the US are genetically-modified (GMO) representing a meteoric rise since 1996, when only 7% were GMO soybeans. Genetically modified crops not only pose environmental dangers. There is a growing concern (and mounting scientific evidence) that genetic engineering of food plant seeds may have an unexpected and negative impact on human health.

Propylene glycol alginate (E405): this food thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier is derived from alginic acid esterified and combined with propylene glycol. Bear in mind that even though propylene glycol is used as a food additive, it has many industrial uses including automotive antifreezes and airport runway de-icers.

Polysorbate 60: short for polyoxyethylene-(20)- sorbitan monostearate this emulsifier is widely used in the food industry. Made of made of corn, palm oil and petroleum, this gooey mix can’t spoil, so it often replaces dairy products in baked goods and other liquid products.

Healthy replacements

While some commercially made salad dressings really may have natural ingredients (make sure you read the labels), try to stick to basics and use olive oil with lemon juice as often as possible. Olive oil, is in fact a fruit juice and contains long chain unsaturated fatty acids that alkalize your body’s pH. You can also make your own salad dressing at home using wholesome natural ingredients.

An afternoon snack to energize your day

A couple of hours after lunch, you might crave a little pick-me-up snack. A few pretzels might just hit the spot, right? But not so fast… Take a look at the list of ingredients in a bag of fat free Rold Gold® Pretzels, the number one brand in the US:

Worst offenders:

Enriched flour: these pretzels are made with enriched flour. But don’t let the attractive description mislead you: like most highly processed foods, enriched flour is devoid of nutrients and more often than not it is also bleached. Since the wheat germ and bran are removed from this type of flour, the body treats it as a refined starch.

But it doesn’t end here. The “enrichment” itself is made using toxic ingredients. For example, iron is added back into enriched flour. Unfortunately, food makers use a metallic form of iron that your body can barely absorb and should not be ingested. Watch the shocking video below:

Healthy Replacements

It has fortunately become quite easy to replace enriched flour with healthy alternatives, especially with whole wheat flour. But don’t forget that there are other options that can add variety to your meals such as rye, quinoa, millet, and brown rice flour and sprouted grain products.

I like to snack on alkalizing fruits, whether dried or fresh, and sometimes add a few nuts such as almonds or walnuts and some sesame seeds that are naturally high in calcium. Dried fruits mixed with nuts are easy to carry around so you can have a bone-healthy snack anytime of the day.

It’s time for dinner now

As the day is winding down, you are looking forward to a nutritious and substantial dinner. You might choose what you think is a healthier lower fat alternative to beef, such as the Morningstar Farms® Grillers® Vegan Veggie Burgers. Take a look at the ingredients:

Water, textured soy protein concentrate, corn oil, contains two percent or less of autolyzed yeast extract, vegetable gum, natural flavors from vegetable sources, maltodextrin, soy fiber, salt, carrageenan, potato starch, onion powder, caramel color, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, konjac flour, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), concentrated onion juice, ascorbic acid, vinegar powder, citric acid, aspartic acid, modified corn starch, malic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, wheat flour, soy lecithin.

Worst Offenders:

Textured soy protein concentrate, carrageenan, maltodextrin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, modified cornstarch: All of these are basically different names to hide ingredients that either contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or form MSG during processing.

It is very important for your bone health and your overall health that you avoid these acidifying chemicals that can cause a variety of undesirable side effects, besides accelerate your bone loss. MSG and its related products have been linked skin rashes, nausea, migraine headaches, heart irregularities, and even seizures.

Healthy Replacements:

If you are following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program you know that you have a very wide choice of foods to create delicious and bone-smart meals. The Program reveals an easy to follow pH balanced nutrition plan among many other things, and the best part is that you are in complete control of the huge number of combinations possible from the alkalizing and acidifying lists.

While beef is acidifying, you can build your dinner around a beef hamburger instead of the chemical meat replacement example above. I recommend you combine it with bone-healthy alkalizing vegetables and other alkalizing foods to balance your dinner.

If you opt not have meat, the good news is that many grocery stores carry all natural vegetable imitation meat patties – just make sure they don't contain the aforementioned ingredients.

Your health is in your hands

As you can see, it is easy to make the healthy food choices that will bring back or retain your bone density and your general health. I hope that after you read this article you will pay even more attention to the ingredient labels in the foods you buy. This may sound daunting, but it’s really a lot easier than it sounds.

Simply try to eat foods in the most unadulterated “original” format as often as possible. And here’s a shortcut, any food packaging that has a long list of ingredients with names that sound like they’re from a distant planet is not the kind of food you want to eat. For strong and healthy bones, eat foods with a short and easy to recognize list of ingredients.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Share them with our community by leaving your comment below.

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  1. Jaskaran Singh

    Can you please email me the chemical tests for all these ingredients?

    Thank you

  2. Ruby

    I have feel really bad (weak and achy) into the next day after eating anything with TBHG and I don’t tolerate synthetic ingredients well in general. I was making my own chicken broth(chicken, water and salt) and eating it with crackers, I am not gluten intolerant. Thanks for the added information.

  3. Bill

    Both Men and Women SHOULD AVOID Soybean oil at all costs. It is GMO, causes Breast Cancer, and is a Xenoestrogen, which is the cause of “man boobs”. You should ALSO AVOID drinking water from plastic bottles, which contain Xenoestrogens. I called Campbell Soup and strongly complained about the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup in their Tomato Soup- REALLY ???. The representative I spoke with stated that they have had SO MANY other people complain that they were going to remove it- WE ALL NEED TO SPEAK UP TO THESE FOOD COMPANIES, and make sure you read the LABELS. Sometime read what the ingredients are in a Marie Calendars Chicken Pot Pie- you will be shocked !!!

  4. Ken Billings

    Our group ‘CCFSH – Canadian Council on Food Safety and Health’ was started by Whistleblower Dr. Shiv Chopra in 2014. Shiv is the author of: ” Corrupt to the Core – Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower. He passed away on Jan 7, 2018 after a 13 year court battle with the Federal government.

    His five pillars of food safety advise us to ban from our food 1) Hormones 2) Antibiotics 3) Slaughterhouse waste fed to animals 4) GMO’s 5) Pesticides and Herbicides. He stated if we do this, we would have the healthiest food in the world. In Europe #1 to 4 have been banned for decades.

    Read my Jan 4, 2019 article: Reflections on Dr. Shiv Chopra, author of Corrupt to the Core – Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower” at:

  5. Brian

    great article but I’m surprised you didn’t list canola oil as a worst offender under the first label.

  6. CatMan

    hey I just one to say thank you for making this article it really helps me understand what some things in food are and helps me make a healthier choice.
    keep helping and educating,
    your reader, CatMan

  7. Tammy-Lynn McNabb

    We just did a segment on my show, Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV, speaking on the same topic of Knowing and Understanding what is in the food/cosmetics/house cleaners that we are using. Even as an educated wellness individual, I realize I have so much to still learn. I remember about 10 years ago when my then little ones were drinking juice, I looked at the label and didn’t know a particular ingredient – Carmine (Red Dye). When I looked it up to see what it was, my jaw dropped to the floor. Carmine is derived from the cochineal beetle – its eggs are dried and used in colouring food and lipstick. Yuck! But is it the lesser of two evils if synthetic red dyes such as Red No. 2 and Red No. 40, which carry far greater health risks, are derived from either coal or petroleum byproducts?….. Thank you for writing your article – I continue on the never ending journey of wanting to understand and in turn educate others on the dangers in food ingredients. You’re piece sheds light on the importance of noting being naive as a consumer!

    Tammy-Lynn McNabb, Host of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV and HealthRadio.FM

    • Matthew P

      Hello Tammy! I just started my new food radio show on 103.7 WPVN called “The State of Food” in North Carolina and I would love to get you on to talk. I always like getting into these discussions about food and the quality and what’s actually in your food, and I feel it’s very important. Interested?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Tammy-Lynn,

      Thank you for your dedication in educating people about this very important topic! It’s vital that we understand what we’re exposing out bodies to, whether through food or the external environment.

  8. Samantha

    Wonderful article, fascinating information. Thank you. Many of these ingredients are not good to ingest in our foods and that makes perfect sense. What are your thoughts on ingredients that you are putting on your skin – say, polysorbate 60 in body lotion ?

  9. Jopee

    These companies are not ignorant to the known dangers in which they pollute our food. Seems reasonable that they just don’t care……………….Makes me wonder what they feed they’re own loved ones.

    • Jennifer Ayres

      There are people in power who directly want to harm us. The old controversy between Christians and Jesus killers continues…

  10. Jopee

    Guess there can be little doubt where all these( so many) cancers are originating from.You have to admit it, if you want to cull a large population, dangerous additives in almost ALL.the food we consume would be a backdoor way to accomplish this.

    • Jennifer Ayres

      Precisely! Hope people start waking up!!!

  11. Knowledge is power

    Foods have been an issue, probably worldwide, for decades. As a kid in the 60’s I ate junk foods like soda, chips, ice cream, because I didn’t know any better. But today’s junk foods are way worse with all the additives and refinement. It’s tough to avoid everything nowadays, so I just restrict my diet to those items I feel are safe(r) for the body. I do bake/cook a lot of my own foods and never eat out anymore.

    Two current shows worth listening to are Gary Null and Jerry Hickey. Both do have agendas neither likes the other and many folks will find something they do not like about what the host says but I’ve learned so much about how to live a healthier life from them, pick and choose. Many years ago there was a man and a woman, I believe one if not both were medical doctors, who hosted a show on health. I may have heard it over a Michigan AM radio station but it may have originated out of Canada. I’m sure there are others on the radio or the Web over the years I’ve heard many good advocates for healthier living. If you know of any, post info on them so we can all check them out. Finding good info these days is a bit like finding the needle in the hay stack.

    A good book I read this year is Real Food/Fake Food by Larry Olmsted, never buy farm raised fish from overseas, especially shrimp! Marion Nestle, Ph.D, M.P.H., has written several very good books on food warning the consumer about the foods they are offered in today’s world. There are many voices pointed out the concerns we should all have about what we eat and drink. Soda and alcohol are both carcinogens, cause dementia and generally misery for those who consume them. Yet, like tobacco, they are still sold to consumers despite their danger to society. All one can do is protect their own health and hope others will hear their warnings and follow suit. Keep this site going!

  12. Rebekah

    Everyone needs to watch, “The Truth About Cancer” by Ty Bollinger, all 9 episodes. I am disgusted that the government, FDA, AMA and the Pharmaceutical companies along with Doctors and lawyers who are aware of this can contribute to human death like this. One word describes these people, Murderers. But the bible does say, we will kill each other, and that is exactly what is happening.

  13. Ania

    I am wondering what research studies you are reading, where you are getting your information? As health researcher, I find it very upsetting when claims like “research has showed” are stated without showing any sort of reference to the actual research. Did you read the studies? Or are you simply repeating claims made by other bloggers? I really wonder. I am all for eating healthy and being informed- I am basing my academic and professional career on it. But when you are giving health advice and making such grand statements – please show your research to prove it.

    • Rebekah

      Ania, how about you watch, “The Truth About Cancer”, than maybe you will change your mind and stop questioning people who are just trying to help the world see what the Government is trying to do the us Humans, is to Kill us, one by one.

    • Michelle Hess

      I am currently and almost finished a book called Big Fat Food Fraud. This book was written by someone who worked on the front lines of the health food industry and couldnt do it anymore based on all the lies and deciet. Everything I am reading in that book is the same as what this peraon has read in this article. Its boils down to 1 thing only MONEY! These people dont really care ithat the ingrediants harm people, they just want more money in their pockets and dont care how it gets there. Coperate greed is horrible!

  14. Kim

    Thanks for sharing this info!! Nowadays, it helps a lot 😀
    Glad that there are some who’s concern is widely. Keep it up and more power!

  15. Aurelio Rhodarmer

    Simply a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style and design .


    • Mely Ison

      Actually, am doing a research of the ingredients of coconut milk, because I just finish watching the video about, How to block the damage in our brain which cause dementia & alzeimers disease, which say Coconut oil is the best to use for our vegetable, which makes sense. So I have to check the can coconut milk ingredients. I found out the adetive is minimal does not cause damage to our body’ but if we take it in daily bases the toxic will be filed up in our body. Now I conclude to eat food if possible from our back yard which is free from any toxic, to be called organic food. After reading your write ups, it surprises me that toxic is all over our food, no wonder cancer is badly spread easily, correct me if I’m wrong maybe in every 10 person there is 6. Thank you for that wonderful information, God bless you!

  16. výživa v tehotenstve

    V ingredienciách je napísané mandľové maslo, a návod je ne prípravu mandľového mlieka. Poprosím o upresnenie, čo tam vlastne má byť. Ďakujem za odpoveď aj za recept.


  17. CoffinHard

    I’m 89, in perfect-ish health, and I’ve been smoking a pack a day since I was 14. I have also eaten a large bag of Doritos every day since the 80’s.
    I can still run a fair distance too.

    • Jantien

      You are a very lucky person, or your genes are super good. I had smoked for 40 years. And ended up with lung cancer 2X I’m 76 and do heavy yard work. Digging hauling tree trunks I chopped down etc. but since they took nearly half of my lungs, I can’t run anymore. But I’ve always eaten
      Wholesome food. And no meat! Even so I advice laying off of the chips.

    • FM

      There’s always the exception to the rule, which is rare though! Lucky you.

  18. ME

    Also be careful of all the reduced iron they are adding to food. Reduced iron is rusty iron that has been de-rusted thru electrolysis add shaved up and added to foods. Strait up metal. It is being added to everything

    • Jantien

      The more I read about processed food ( if food it is) the more amazed I am that there are still people alive on this
      Planet. I’m fortunate to be able to grow my own. But isn’t it sad that we can’t trust the farmers and the food producers anymore?

  19. Phyllis

    Dear readers, it stand to reason that whatever effects our health is somethings we are putting in our mouths or effecting us environmentally. Not only that, our bodies were not made to live in the condition that the world is in today. We were created to live In a peaceful paradise condition. Paradise can mean a beautiful park. That’s where we were placed in a beautiful garden on earth. If our first parents had obey God we would be in that paradise right now. There would not have been a need for God son to come down and suffer and die for us, because everything would be in harmony with God’ will. But today we are experiencing sickness, pollution, bad food, crime, greed, and anxiety. We are told in the Bible that these thing will happen. (2Timothy 3:1-5) The traits of people in the last days will be: lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self control, fierce, with out love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puff up with pride, lovers of pleasure rather than lover of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power, and from these turn away. We are living in the last day of this system of thing. But don’t take it in a negative way. If you notice the first verse of 2Timothy 3:1 closely, you will recognize that badness has entered it last days too. Although wickedness abounds today it will soon end forever. God has promise to do away with all wickedness. (Psalms 37:9-11, 29,34). Some people who are in authority sincerely try to do good. Then there are others who are dishonest, greedy, lovers of money and thinking only of themselves. We need not fight against them, or protest. We want to leave it inGod hands. Not only is our food in trouble but mankind has damage the earth to appoint that if God don’t step in we will destroy it all. You see, humans were not created to rule over other humans. We were created with free will, but God created us in such away that we need his guidance. (Jeremiah 10:23) But thankfully God have plans in the works to save all obedient mankind. Jesus Christ his son came to earth to tell us of Gods plans to undo all the harm that has been done by setting up a kingdom or government that will bring paradise back on earth. This is a real government. It will address every problem of mankind. Truly, the best food we will have, everyone will have their own home, sickness will be done away with, crime gone, even death will done away with. And still something else more beautiful, our dead love ones will be resurrection back to life and many more wonderful thing too numberous to mention. This God I talk about who will bring about all these wonderful things. His name is Jehovah. His son, Jesus Christ is God’s chosen King. God’s personal name Jehovah is unique. His name means to cause to become. Meaning He can do any thing to accomplish his purpose. Now at the present time we do have to deal with the badness. We hear constantly in the news, about greedy people who love money and crime. Jehovah will do away with all wickedness very very soon. That’s God’s promise, the one who created all things. When Jehovah’s witnesses come to your door why not ask them about these promises. They will be happy to study with you. It sound too good to be true. You can believe! Matthew 24:14 say this Good News of God’s Kingdom will be preach in all the inhabited earth for a witness and then the end will come. (Revelation 21:4,5)…… And the one seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new” Also he says: for these words are faithful and true. In the mean time, there is one thing I have learned is to be balance.

    • Charyn Whitaker

      You are insane and delusional. Brainwashing, indoctrination and normalization at its peak. You actually believe we have all this illness, murder, stupidity, lack of compassion, harmful chemicals and natural disasters because, in your mind, the “first humans” disobeyed a non-existent, fabricated energy that is punishing us for said disobedience. THAT is blasphemy..Lmao. you really need to do some research, something that eludes religious quacks, told to follow by blind faith… So that you can educate yourself on history…. The dinosaurs can’t be real if God is real. Carry on with your fantasy, but keep it up yourself

      • Rob

        I sense a lot of anger in your response. Where does that come from? why are you so hateful to ones own beliefs and opinions? Do you think your offense stems from somewhere? Maybe you should ask God to reveal why this upsets you so and that HE would reveal himself to you, so that you may know him. 🙂 I mean, are you going to tell me your one of ‘those’ that believe we were here by an explosion or evolved from monkeys? Certainly not. I mean, that is OLD theories…what are yours?

      • Raquel

        Anyone who risks their lives going door to door to help others can’t be too insane. In that case you have to add firefighters, policemen, and lifeguards to the insane list.

        Came across the following article on JW.ORG website that Phyllis is associated with:
        “It’s a big surprise for scientists” to discover that “dinosaurs ate grass,” says an Associated Press report. The discovery was made when fossilized sauropod dung found in India was analyzed. Why the surprise? It was thought that “grasses didn’t emerge until long after the dinosaurs died off,” explains the report. It was also believed that sauropods “didn’t have the special kind of teeth needed to grind up abrasive blades.” Paleobotanist Caroline Stromberg, leader of the team that made the discovery, says: “Most people would not have fathomed that [sauropods] would eat grasses.”

        At some point in history dinosaurs were as real as God is real!!

      • lingoguy

        Phyllis is partially right. We do have a creator who loves us very much. If people like Charyn would not turn away from God, this Earth would be a healthier place. The only way to God is through Jesus, all other ways will lead you astray.

        • Mark mcd

          God has shown no proof of ever being REAL!
          The fact is the higher powers that control the worlds food sources and medicinal sources are murderous bastards with only money on their mind.
          From the day CBD/hemp was outlawed in the early 1900s it was cut out of all of our diets. Farm animals were fed hemp therefore passing the cbd onto humans that consumed their products from meat to milk.
          Ever since that day the dirty swines only had one thing on their mind and that’s money.
          And cancer numbers have risen higher and higher ever since.
          Cbd is the answer fact.
          Funny how none of the royal family are ever ill hey?! What so they know that we don’t.

      • Jamie

        Charyn: well said and agreed

        • Oscar

          I like the way you think I wish I had friends like you!

  20. Jo Scott

    So sickening the gov/FDA approve these agents to be used in food.
    It’s toxic and depleting our health. Then all these naturalist/herbalist people who study these things OUT the gov/FDA for using toxic ingredients and they susciously end up Dead. RIP Dr. Sebi

    • Trudy walker

      My husband is in love with just right cereal I will show I’m thinking s video. I am a serous label reader but the if u don’t bring my glasses to the grocery store I can’t read the teenie weeny mice print these harmful ingredients need to printed much bigger and explained better terrible and we wonder why cancer has exploded these food companies seem to run the world and they all need to be sued and pay all cancer victims medical bills

      • CoffinHard

        Why should I have to bring your glasses to the grocery store? That’s a lot to ask of a complete stranger.
        Shame on u.

  21. Sarah

    This article is right on the nose….it’s so sad to live in America she the food is your enemy.and trying to fine real organic food is unaffordable for some people…these chemicals are killing us for sure slowing ..and our kids ..I appreciate this article ..I look at ingredients and will be even more careful…but the poison is everywhere..and that’s sad

    • yy

      I know I’m totally with you since I saw that yellow 6 and red 40 were terribly bad and could cause cancer. I couldn’t sleep I know how silly right, but you want to protect your love ones. I’m so confused know, this article was great thou.

  22. Sasha

    Yes, dried fruit and nuts are easy to carry around but they are also processed or grown with all kinds of chemicals. Every alternatve to avoid certain toxins exposes us to other toxins – it is a vicious circle and there is no hope. Even if somebody has plenty of time to make his own produce, it will involve toxins and chemicals again, since we are links in one big system and cannot esccape the poluted air, water and soil…We tried growing completely free from chemicals vegetables. Our crops were so microscopic, that our daughter served them to her Barbie dolls…

    • CoffinHard

      Just chill and eat a lot of Doritos. You might die earlier but you’ll be soooo much happier than you seem to be right now.

    • Charyn Whitaker

      You MUST grow your own food. The ONLY way to ensure your food is safe is to grow it 1) in a greenhouse where you control the air purification, water purity and soil. DO NOT use flouridated water to grow, wash, or cook your food.

    • anonymous

      what art of the word do you live in?

  23. carol a enos

    Had been drinking the ICE brand flavored water approx, two years. The last six months kept feeling worse-skin rash, eyes swelling, headaches. Blood test showed elevated readings that something was wrong. The ICE drinks contain calcium disodium EDTA which is a harmful chemical to humans and builds up in our body over time causing toxicity. Stopped drinking it about three weeks ago and blood tests read normal. Hoping I have no lingering effect like cancer in the future. These companies should not be allowed to do this!

  24. Carol

    Very informative. I don’t think I will by anything premade or something with a list of ingredients that sound good but are actually harmful.

  25. depopulation

    some groups want the population to decrease to 500 million in stead of the many billions we have (7 ?)

    is this the revenge of the japanese for the destruction of their country / empire ? Who invented and still has a patent on MSG and others ? YES …. HONDA corporation and its Ajimoto branch.

    Am I the only crazy person thinking that ????

    • Don

      Yes, to answer your question. Everything that I have read about MSG does not lead me to believe it is a health concern. Show me one scientific study that suggests it is toxic. It has been around since 1900 and almost all of SE Asia use it on a daily basis, but their health (all things being equal) is far better than ours here in N. America. Question everything you read.

      • Syd

        MSG is toxic, more so to some individuals.. I saw a good friend go into respiratory arrest after a meal at a Chinese restaurant, the paramedics and doctors said it was a reaction to a large dose of MSG.

  26. Chase

    This goes out to ałl you human turned robots who sucked on the teet of the false truths of the western world. Sure you may be book smart, but its usually these ones who are ‘life stupid’. If you will.
    You will get whats coming to you, years of pain and suffering, probably cancer or some other already curable man made abomination you refer to as ‘lifelong illness or disease’ (which if you read up some places havent even heard of these diseases, they’re to busy eating their organic foods and growing old yet healthy than you have ever been). Your ignorance will be the death of you. Please continue on your journey though, the new world doesn’t have a need for the you you are right now. But in saying that if you ever have THE realisation (obviously you’ll have no clue what this is, you might one day, i hope for all of mankind), we will all welcome you.

  27. Philip Webb

    If I eat a quick snack ie “add boiling water,stir,leave for 2 minutes” I get a huge cystic spot

  28. Kim

    Thank you, for your article. I am a vegetarian & occasionally eat cheese, eggs, chocolate. I have known of all the mess the world puts in our food to make bigger, fuller, not to mention what they do to meat , known way too many years. Greed! The Bible says it will happen. I have been having a rash, hives on my arms, back, chest, stomach. Been to Dr, & Dermatologist, they say chemical. I wash all my veggies & fruits really well. And I drink distilled water & have for so long, years! My blood work is great. My skin is very itchy. I can’t think of anything that I have changed in my daily routine. I do not clean with any over the counter cleaner. White distilled Vinagar & Baking soda. Wool dryer balls. Any advice? Thank you

    • Cora

      Sounds like Candida over growth.

    • nadia

      I have been having itchiness too for like a month now – no rash, sometimes small, isolated blisters or bumps (like a bug bite) in certain spots. First thing i was told to do was stop using fabric softener (liquid or sheets) and i also changed my detergent. Didn’t really help.

      I’m now on a few supplements to help detoxify my system, along with liver support. It’s gone down a little but not much in the week i’ve started the therapy.

      i believe food is a big factor for me, i’m also considering candida yeast overgrowth which you may want to look into.

      I hope your itching goes away soon, mine is driving me CRAZY.

      (btw, you’re right about the Bible and the greed of men, that it would increase in the time we’re living in. i take comfort in the promise for the future that God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth” (Revelation 11:18)) <3

      • Researcherjunky

        This is for Nadia: Get the book, The Yeast Syndrome – it was a lifesaver for me, as I took antibiotics, on a daily basis for years, as recommended by a skin doctor for teenage acne. (Wrong decision.) Also, periodically, take the herb, Milk Thistle – it cleanses the liver of built-up toxins. And – best advice – is to find yourself a naturopathic doctor.

  29. Bunchesofos

    While I always was aware of this information, its very sad and makes me angry that the gov allows this . its all about money . they make us ill with the foods then we see doctors and hopefully we can avoid serious diseases such as cancer and other diseases. If we get to a level of getting that sick imagine all the different agencies or companies , not to mention doctors and once again , all mighty uncle Sam gets filthy rich. No one should underestimate the corruption with our gov in the U.S.A

    • Sarah

      Then when the food gets you sick you go to the doctor they give you medication that has catrostrophic side effects the last of it saying DEATH ..then they finish u off because they are in cahoots with the food industry….ha what a joke ..and you salute the flag?????

  30. Nick

    ….I recently had a blood check-up, results in one of the tests on my blood turned out i had ‘mercury’ in it, where did that come from? I’ve read that fish caught out to sea has a high concentration of mercury in them, (depends where in the world you live of coarse) seabed feeding dwellers are mostly the culprits. Industry dumps all kinds of toxic material into the sea. There are so many ways to ingest these man made chemicals in the environment it’s mind boggling to work out where I got my mercury poisoning from.

    • Jules

      You can get mercury poisoning from dental fillings

  31. Mr.Boss

    What about castoreum?

    • Lynda

      I really like your article and believe more people should be aware of what their eating. How can I become part of your team?

      Thank you,
      Ms. L

  32. Erica Kenney

    There’s not a lot of science going on here. “Textured soy protein concentrate, carrageenan, maltodextrin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, modified cornstarch: All of these are basically different names to hide ingredients that either contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or form MSG during processing.:

    Carrageenan is a thickener derived from seaweed. Modified corn starch is made from corn. They’re not hiding MSG or form MSG during processing. Also, MSG is fine if you actually look at the data.

    Making decisions about health based on science and not skepticism/pseudoscience is a great way to make sure your bones are healthy

    • Ali

      Forgot to note- you’re completely ignoring the fact its more about GMO corn and soybeans that are so horrible. They change our body’s cells over time when we eat them. Its a real threat and developed by the guy running the FDA. YOU need to learn some science.

    • Ali

      The fact you think this is all “psuedoscience” is mind boggling. Enjoy eating your poison.

    • Susan

      Just the fact we have the sickest nation or children , high amounts of cancer , diabetes, heart disease , ADD, depression, anxiety etc. sure is worth doing what we
      Can to avoid additional toxic overload.
      Small amounts maybe harmless but when it’s in so many foods , not to mention things sprayed on our food and home products it all adds up to over load.


      My grandmother had cancer in several of her organs, and she died a slow and pretty painful death…this was proven to be a direct result of MSG. She used “accent” seasoning occasionally in cooking. She was unaware that it could be harmful because she trusted that one wouldn’t be able to walk into a grocery store and purchase something deemed “unsafe.”
      She was also unaware that MSG poisoning is accumulative and therefore not harmful or toxic (to most people) until several years later, when the damage it has caused is likely irreversible.

      Eat whatever you want… I am a HUGE supporter of YOUR right to choose what YOU put into YOUR body.
      Please don’t go around saying MSG is “fine” just because it hasn’t affected you personally.

      I suppose calling something by a different name isn’t technically lying, but it IS pretty fucking shady IMO. There is obviously a reason behind it or it wouldn’t be necessary.
      I remember when people started learning about MSG, they boycotted chinese restaurants & packaged seasonings & fast food…It was a big deal. That meant, obviously, lost profits. A few products ACTUALLY have the right to put MSG

      • Evidence1

        What proof do you have for MSG being the cause for her cancer? The fact that she had cancer and used the product does not meet the scientific standard of causality. I try to avoid some food additives for fear of unknown side effects, but I also think that informed choice should be based on rigorous scientific studies rather than claims based on simple hunches or pseudoscience.

        • Joseph

          Mondegreen, can you reply to that?

          • Mark

            There won’t be a response. Without jumping up on a soapbox, I just want to say it drives me nuts that anyone with a website can spew pseudoscience based BS and people take it as fact without any further research.

  33. Amelia

    Thanks for this excellent article which I am sending to all friends and family. Simple to understand shocking realities to which they close their ears when I try to warn them. Your psychological approach in analysing each meal is a real wake up factor! Please continue to use your gift to enlighten those who are scared of the truth.

    • Heyman

      That’s my horses name..amelia

      • Ana Fernandez

        And whats yours? Retard!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for spreading the word, Amelia!

  34. Genetically Modified Death

    I would just like to point out that although some things in this article may have been misleading, you accused the entire thing as being rubbish. This article still makes some very valid points and therefore, still shows that there are things food companies put in our foods that are harmful to us. In addition, not all people are aware of the health hazards caused by these chemicals. They assume that if the USDA and the FDA approve it, then it is safe for consumption. However, this has been proven false on many occasions.


    Thank you for your research! My body rapidly responds to these allergens & toxins in our food chain by rapidly developing edema of 5-6 lbs. overnight & I only weigh 113! Especially the dyes , propylene glycol & any petroleum products. And these ingredients do not have to be on labels I found!! This is a disgrace– legally poisoning us! I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Ali

      It is so true, I am the same now that I stopped eating processed foods for the most part and buy organic only. I refuse to eat non organic. No telling what pesticides are all over it. When I do cave and eat processed foods I now bloat up so easily. It’s a direct correlation.

  36. Cindy darnell

    Everything that you have said in this article is valid true but how do we fight the USDA for approving all of these cancer causing foods I’m now fighting cancer and I’m trying to watch my alkaline if I knew how to fight the USDA without being killed don’t think I wouldn’t be the first one to throw the first rock why does everyone trust this organization I think I’m confident to say you can just follow the money trail I’m sure there are plenty payoffs to keep the word cancer out of all of their reports

  37. Dee Kay

    I have read all of this article and I have to agree with it. They are allowing too many food preservatives and chemicals in our foods today. There is no wonder that people are so sick, overweight and out of shape. Just reading the labels gives me a headache. After reading the ingedients on the back of one bag of frozen meals, I said that would be healthier to eat the bag!!! People have too many excuses for not cooking a homemade wholesome meal. That is what is wrong with people , fast food junkies, quick fixes, or what ever works. I tell people to get back to basics if they want to lose weight and get healthy.. They need to let all of the garbage alone, and stop complaining and do something about it. It is the right choice that you make that counts!!!

    • Ali

      Sadly “they” profit from us getting sick from the said foods and need to rely on medications! What is especially sad is they put all these food dyes (especially yellow 5) into kids snacks which gives them ADHD symptoms, so they then need to get on focus enhancing medications to fix that problem. It’s just a nightmare.

  38. Hugh Haughton

    My lord. Give thanks for such info. The almighty told i that all things must be in its naturally form for it to be consumed . Nothing which is process is good. Process food is not human friendly. That is way we have all these sickness. My lord give thanks

  39. Tracey

    I LOVE this article. I will share this learn information with others. Thanks.

  40. Farmer one

    I was just looking for the most recent info on but ( the preservative in my rice checks) when I ran across this article. Are certain additives dangerous has two scientific issues. 1: can we say with certainty exactly how the human body works? Science can’t tell how cure the common ever changing cold virus. Science hasn’t yet discovered exactly how the brain reacts to a base case hormones and their chemical reactions absent new industrial additives. Mostly because finding a base case human unexposed to additives is difficult. 2: due to our nations population numbers (150 million in the 1950’s to 330 million today) and their concentration in urban centers, food spoilage is a concern, even given modern refrigeration, the nations farms could not produce enough organic food to feed all our citizens. For those of us with access to such food we should consider ourselves lucky and for those who do not, we should work much harder to find additives that are less unhealthy.

    I would also suggest that part of the economic problem is the current necessity of the two income house hold. Our fear of deflation prevents us from creating homes where one partners has a job and the remaining family members work on producing healthy food for the family unit. After all what good does do a family where both parents work at jobs that are pay so poorly that the cheap food they buy doesn’t actually feed them. If every family removed one member of their household from the job market the shortage of workers would cause wages to rise for those remaining, in addition while household incomes would initially fall the resulting wage increases and deflation would balance the equation. It doesn’t matter what the gender of the at home parent is only that that person spend their newly acquired 8 he’s at home creating healthy food.

  41. mnjones

    Great article!

  42. sharon

    Don’t forget all of those artificial sweetner’s too, especially Saccharine. If you don’t believe me cut it out of your diet for a few months then go back to it and see what it does to you. It’s in pretty much every diet drink and sugar free drink going. It is a derivative of coal tar. If I have anything with it in I almost instantly get a headache I feel very weak and very sick. It’s like I’ve been Poisoned. I don’t even need to see the label to know if i have consumed a product with this awful substance in it. I understand a lot of people on here will be sceptical because they don’t know any other way. A lot of people have been weaned onto this stuff as young children so they may be used to it by now and show no ill effects but what is it doing inside the body that you don’t know about. Anyone suffering with migraines should consider looking at how many soft sugar free drink they are consuming, before trying medication.

  43. George

    This piece is just as full of misinformation and scaremongery as our food is full of “toxic substances”. There are some very good points in here but it’s hard to take it seriously with some of the other comments.

    1. Maltodextrin is not a form of MSG. Period. It’s a carbohydrate. MSG is a mixture of glutamate (amino acid) and sodium. Neither are even close to a carbohydrate.

    2. MSG is not dangerous for you. NO quality scientific research on humans has found ANY reason or results for MSG being bad for you. Research that has found these results has usually been done with rats where they were either injected MSG or in most cases, given huge amounts of MSG. The kind of amounts that humans would struggle to consume even if they tried to. ANYTHING is dangerous in too much quantity. Glutamate is a vital amino acid that works towards building proteins. Sodium is the first half of salt. Individually they don’t cause any problems. They don’t when they’re bonded.

    3. Highlighting something is GMO does nothing but state it’s been modified. Most GMO products have positively benefited, usually crops, from modification. Spreading this scaremongery amongst people, that GMO is something they should be worried about is not only void of scientific logic, common sense but also just downright incorrect. GMO absolutely 100% does not mean a product is unhealthy. Often quite the opposite.

    4. Saying that foods with long lists of long names should be avoided is complete and utter crap. Any good product should be abundant in vitamins right? Usually listed on products. Cyanocobalamin is a form of Vitamin B12, dangerous ey? Alpha-Tocopherol is a form of Vitamin E. This kind of poor wording and uneducation is almost as detrimental to our health and the food companies ploughing products full of unhealthy ingredients.

    • Ali

      Here is an idea. Drink that ICE drink for a couple years and hopefully Darwinism will eliminate you. Bye!

      • Not a Sheep

        It does not help your argument to an opposing view when all you have is a defensive and passive aggressive tone with no counter evidence or even slightly intelligent point. Well done, I’m sure you’ll win over all of the other sheep with your come-back. Not me though. I’m going with the well thought out science based comment.

    • Ali

      scaremongering? Do you work for Monsanto? You’re an idiot.


      1. Maltodextrin is not MSG, you are right about that. However, when used as a food additive, it typically contains (manufactured) MSG. They can do that, because legally they only have to list the ingredients, NOT the ingredients IN the ingredients.

      2. Either you are a corporate troll sent here by Monsanto to spread disinformation, OR, you have been grossly misinformed.
      The ONLY “studies” that claim to have proven the safety of MSG, have been funded by the CHEMICAL COMPANIES producing it.
      These “for hire” “scientists” are paid to figure out a way to get the results the company wants.

      3. GMO’s are most certainly not “good” for you…
      When you start monkeying around.. thinking It’s ok to play GOD… tra la la… and changing a things genetic makeup, our bodies no longer recognize it as the thing it used to be.
      Notice the increase of immune related medical issues. in the last few years?
      Most people don’t think about it as they’ve been busy being conditioned to scoff at any and all ideas/opinions that aren’t the governments ideas/opinions and use big scary words like “fear mongering” and “misinformation” to try and convince people that truth is their enemy. It’s unreal. I will NEVER understand this.

      4. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY IN HERE is telling YOU that YOU cant eat whatever the fuck YOU want to eat. That is YOUR RIGHT. We are simply trying to warn people that they are being lied to. The only thing THIS truth is the enemy of is PROFIT. They will stop at nothing to acquire every last idiots dollar they can get their hands on.
      They already claim that labeling GMOs will interfere with “freedom of choice.” How so exactly? Seems to me that an informed choice is real freedom of choice… Here’s my choice…
      MY choice is to know what the fuck I’m eating… Because, LIKE YOU, It’s MY right to choose what I put in MY body.


      If you haven’t deduced by now that Monsanto, in order to patent various strains of plants and attempt to “own” them, are altering the food, which our bodies react to as foreign, causing our immune systems to go haywire (& that’s just one of the ways it affects us) which then results in a myriad of illnesses, which need to be treated, of course.
      SO… we go to our friendly trusted M.D. (who is likely on their payroll) and we pay them AGAIN for the “medicine” which they also manufacture. Hmmmmm….

      Open your eyes, FFS

      • FM

        Sense at last MONDEGREEN. People appear happy by choosing to go through life blindfolded and deaf to what is really happening to them and around them. These people are HEAVEN SENT to those invested in food and pharmaceutical industries,unless as you state they are in cahoots with said people. Money is their god.


      1. Maltodextrin is not MSG, you are right about that. However, when used as a food additive, it typically contains (manufactured) MSG. You see, they are able to do this clever name switch-a-roo because legally they only have to list the ingredients, NOT the ingredients IN the ingredients.
      2. You have been misinformed. The ONLY “scientists” that claim the safety of MSG have been funded

    • LeighJA

      Thank you George for some clear objective information. i’m a food scientist and pro healthy foods, there is bad stuff out there but the scaremongering, misinformation and pseudo science in the original article does not help the campaign.

      Should we lump tomatoes, broccoli and walnuts in the evil camp because they all naturally contain a significant amount of MSG (Walnuts are 658mg per 100g), yes nature makes MSG.

      Also everyone seems to have forgotten that foods have an ingredient label on so avoid the heavily processed foods and eat more fruit and veg.

      You live in a civilised country with a comprehensive education system, you have a brain. Use it and make informed choices based on sound scientific advice not the “I’m a victim, its all their fault” misinformation in the original article.

      If you truly want to help promote healthy food please help us by not spouting rubbish and inflammatory misinformation.

    • TRACEY

      in the last 30 or so years, diabetes and obesity have been on the rise…..due to what the food and medical industry have become……man made crap in our foods send us to the doctors and the doctors give us meds to combat the symptoms not the root of the problem…..when the root of the problem is what we put in our mouths……the cycle repeats and its all about making more money at our expense……just ask Hillary, she knows!

    • cmb

      I agree that this is the perfect example of fear-mongering. People act like all of these things are poison when really they are not! Do your own research, people, and don’t base your beliefs on just a few random articles you found on the internet.

      Speaking of, did you know that SUGAR is sometimes used to produce jet fuel, too? Does that mean you should avoid every single product that contains sugar (processed or not)?

      • Ali

        Are you seriously using this as your argument? The logic of saying sugar goes in fuel SO THEREFORE fuel surely can be used in food we eat is the most illogical thing I have heard. Oh my god.

    • mnjones

      Are you a troll for the food industry, or what? Many GMO’s have been proven dangerous. If some research has manipulated MSG results, so what. I am a retired science writer. I KNOW the food industry (including the Department of Agriculture), Big Pharma, and many other industries manipulate research results on a regular basis. In fact, I’ve written misleading articles and reports. If you don’t want to get sick, struggle with pain and inflammation, and die early, stay away from ALL processed foods!

    • brittany

      GMO is not good because they are only using it because if they didn’t noting would grow in the soil because the soil depletion in America is so bad that the soil is about 85% depleted of essential minerals to grow food.

    • John

      Unfortunately George, you need to do just a bit more research. MSG is dangerous. Glutamate “excites” the brain until it ‘explodes’ neurons leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Still think there isn’t anything wrong with MSG? Dr. Russell Blaylock is a renowned neurologist who has studied MSG EXTENSIVELY. It happens to be neurotoxic. if it weren’t, so many people would not be having seizures, heart palpitations, etc. while ingesting it. Many do not, of course, but that just means that there are not hypersensitive to it. It however, does not mean that it is not doing damage in their bodies. B12 cyanocobalamin is poorly absorbed in the body. It has to pass through the liver to convert to methylcobalamin. Therefore, B12 methylcobalamin is recommended. Vitamin E can be manufactured from soy (GMO) or coal tar. How appetizing is that? Eh? I’m a researcher with many years and hours behind me. I suggest you dig deeper and learn about GMO’S. They have shown rats fed GMOS that developed tumors and other health issues including gut impermeability (leaky gut syndrome) GMOS are heavily sprayed with glyphosate (RoundUp). Does this sound appetizing? I think I’ll pass. No fear mongering here – Just solid facts from researchers who have Ph.D.’s and M.D.’s after their names.

      • WHO CARED

        explodes neurons into having dementia and alzheimers huh? hey anything with cyano is a cyanide derivative huh? damn. all you died before you even finished reading this I WIN


          I have lost faith in the FDA and many others in the food industry. Try these ingredients out for yourself before telling us they don’t harm us. We have the right to eat healthy. Where’s the guilt of causing one person’s death because they did not know what they ate?

  44. Lou

    It is a known fact that most store bought breads contain Azodicarbonamide.
    That compound found in commercially baked bread as a bleaching agent, the one that’s in yoga mats.
    Most fast food breads contain it, McDonald,s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Chick Filet, Bojangles and many more. Subway has discontinued this as of resent, Azodicarbonamide is band in all western nations except the US. Even in China they fine anyone that use it in food $250,00.00 and 15 year’s in prison.
    Yet here in the US they pump it into people. Our bodies are not meant to digest these made made chemicals. It is none digestible.
    FDA considers small amounts of azodicarbonamide to be safe. It is a known fact it can destroy your insides over time and causes cancer in rats and mice, yet they allow it in our foods. How sick it that. Just use ascorbic acid its safe and does the same thing. Even Tofu has the same compound (calcium sulfate) as Dry-Wall
    Sad the government (FDA) wants you sick, more insurance and more money for doctors and hospitals, why else would they allow petroleum in FOOD. Just look at the obesity and sickness around up.

  45. mike

    Typically, I don’t pay any attention to articles like these. I’m not one to buy into clickbait articles touting “Dangerous Stuff To Avoid”

    “Textured soy protein concentrate, carrageenan, maltodextrin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, modified cornstarch: All of these are basically different names to hide ingredients that either contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or form MSG during processing.”

    I don’t know all of these but I can assure you that Maltodextrin is not MSG, nor is it related to the processing of MSG. Maltodextrin is a complex, non-fermentable, carbohydrate. It does not taste sweet, however it adds body to whatever you are eating. It is a natural byproduct in the brewing, and it is also added in in the brewing process if the beer is too thin. I’m sure the write was wrong about the other ingredients as well, as I can recognize two of them as thickeners and emulsifiers.

    The lesson here is that you readers need to do research on your own. Don’t buy into clickbait, cutting these 12 out of your life is not going to save you. Proper diet, balanced and portioned, combined with exercise is all you need.

    • John

      How is it that every website on hidden MSG mentions Maltodextrin? Are they all wrong, and you are right? It doesn’t say maltodextrin is MSG. It says that through processing, it ‘can’ generate MSG. MALTODEXRIN is a corn derived ingredient. Corn is GMO or “Roundup ready”, if you will. I think I’ll pass on GMO, thank you for obvious reasons. You must understand that added preservatives is what kills gut health. Good gut health is related to brain health. This will “save” you contrary to what you state because if your gut health is destroyed, your health will be compromised. Over 50% of illness begins in the gut. Check out Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Jockers if you wish to further study this fascinating research.

      • Brandon

        this article is nonsense, the facts (assuming that they are all from reliable peer reviewed sources) are clearly cherry picked.
        I am a 2nd year medicinal chemist, I study how to synthesise and design small drug molecules and their effects on the relevant parts of the body.
        I can tell you that hydrogen cyanide contains nitrogen, this is a irrefutable fact. I can tell you that nitrogen is also in ammonia, nitric acid, strychnine, heroin, cocaine and nitroglycerin. Would you now like to consume some nitrogen? carbon is also in all of these substances barr ammonia, would you consume carbon? if you answer no to either you are an official idiot. both are essential for life – life is in fact carbon based.
        The reason I study what I study is because of how intricate and complicated it is, the person who wrote the above article has little if any knowledge and training in any science. I am quite happy eating processed foods, taking medications/vaccinations and working in a lab with some really nasty chemicals; why? I understand how these things work, and am happy with what goes inside my body. If the fact that a professional medicinal chemist in training is willing to eat MSG and other processed food additives based on scientific reasoning still doesn’t convince you then I don’t know what will.
        I am all for fresh produce and support farmers etc. but scaremongering like the above article makes people think that chemists want to mix poisons to make other poisons to hurt people. the truth, we mix poisons to make other poisons like anti-cancer drugs, painkillers, even salt water can be made by mixing hydrochloric acid (brick cleaner) and sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner) both highly corrosive at high concentrations. If you don’t understand chemistry, fine, don’t assume that what you read is true. do some research. (bear in mind that even water has health and safety requirements as it can burn when hot, and kill if inhaled)

        • helen

          Well Brandon, I’m glad your gut is solid. My endoscopies show I’ve had ulcers in the past, but no other problems.
          Everytime I eat any food w MSG IN IT, no matter how it’s listed in ingredients at the top or bottom (supposedly meaning less than other items), within 20 to 30 minutes, I’m in bathroom bent over double, severe stomach cramps, nausea, and crying in pain (like having a baby)! I immediately start taking XStrength 750 Tums in the next 30 to 40 minutes (up to 8 or 9). It’s the only thing that finally eases my stomach pain.
          I end up w diaherra, 4 or 5 times for an hr. My stomach feels like a punching bag. And YOU want to tell me that, MSG is safe. I’m not allergic to gluten.
          I have 2 other friends who have diaherra if they ate foods w/MSG!
          JUST because u work in a lab, doesn’t make u an authority. You don’t have a clue!

          • STATE YOUR NAME.

            Isn’t it funny how MSG has to be hidden at times and milk and peanuts are SO CLEARLY stated on the ingredient list?

          • Jesse

            Well Helen, I have a severe peanut allergy, and anytime I eat anything containing peanuts, whether listed or not, I swell up like a balloon in less than 30 minutes and nearly die without immediate medical attention. I’m also lactose intolerant, so I also can’t drink the substance that all mammals have evolved to produce and consume either without ending up with massive diarrhea.

            My point here, Helen, is that just because a substance reacts poorly with me (or you) does not mean that it is a poison that all humans should avoid like the plague

  46. J'Tone dacosta

    I’ve learned more than I wouldwishtobeloeve I’ve been serving my family friends and self all these ignorant years. All should be grateful for whoever is so responsible to others as to trouble to inform us of the void of info out there. With gratefulness, J’TONE dacosta

  47. Dakota Wallace

    with sites like these, they always said in some foods there was a risk of cancer. from then on, i’ve eaten healthier, ive run and become a lot more fit. every day for the past year i have ran and eaten nothing but organic foods. articles like these encouraged me to never eat bad food that could cause cancer. although, i feel a pang of regret for never eating all of those foods because…. your post gave me cancer anyway

    • bob

      You don’t need to be a chemist to arrive at these conclusions
      Food is mass produced with one goal and one goal only
      to maximize profits
      And If some nutrition slips through in the process well great!
      car needed fixing
      but the car maker to save money decided to burn people instead
      So I certainly can trust them with food production! NOT!
      More people need to wake up

  48. Abbey

    This article is full of misinformation about ingredients used in foods. This article is also based on mere opinion and little to no scientific facts or reasoning. The claims made that the ingredients used in our foods are also used in jet fuels or automotive antifreeze are not only incorrect but used as a scare tactic to persuade other consumers to not purchase these items. I highly encourage all consumers to educate themselves with true scientific facts before making wild claims about products. Food production in this country is one of the most highly regulated, safe food production systems in the world.

    • FM

      Oh dear!

    • helen

      What planet did u just come off of? The FDA knows MSG causes stomach problems for different individuals. They were going to take it off the market at one time & changed their mind. They don’t care if we get sick and quality of life is poor.
      Read up about the crap in hamburger meat.
      Don’t believe everything u read or google, but find/search for the truth about labels, ingredients, etc., from medical experts/resources. Our food is full of horrible ingredients. I know I can’t eat anything w MSG in it. Severe diaherra!
      I subscribe to Nutrition Action and sev. other nonprofit publications,like Consumer Reports, on Health, who take no money from food/drug companies. Most subscriptions are tax deductible too. If the govt cared about us, they would stop all these harrassing scammers who telephone 4 & 5 times a day, and not allow even small particles of dirt/feces, etc., in our foods. But they do!! Don’t assume because the govt approved something, that it’s okay! Our govt doesn’t care. Look at everything in general & what a mess Am is in, but even so, it’s a lot better than anywhere else!!

      • Jesse

        “Don’t believe everything u read or google, but find/search for the truth about labels, ingredients, etc., from medical experts/resources.”

        Translation: Don’t believe the articles/experts/medical studies you read or google that you don’t agree with, just believe the articles/experts/medical studies you google that you DO agree with with.

    • Dustin m

      Wow are you being paid by these big corporations to say that these ingredients aren’t bad for your health? You need to wake up and get informed!

    • Jodi

      It’s really sad to know there are so many ignorant people with this mentality! Just an excuse to keep eating CRAP….utter sadness.

    • jennifer

      Really if we are one of the most highly regulated and safe food industries in the world, then why do we allow our eggs to have salmonella, our cows needing to be treated with heavy doses of antibiotics that seep into our milk, saline pumped into chicken before it is put on the styrofoam and covered in plastic to be sold, and why do we allow HFS (high fructose corn syrup) that has been banned in almost every other country on the planet???
      Do you realize in England they do not have to refrigerate their eggs, because every chicken is vaccinated against salmonella?
      Why do we feed cows full of hormones to keep producing milk?? Those hormones end up in our milk, they can be directly linked to the rising epidemic of girls in this nation starting their monthly cycles earlier and earlier in life. As well as the over use of antibiotics used to treat those same cows who are over milked, by machine, that causes their udders to be stretched until they reach the ground and drag. Across pavement, because these cows are not let out on grass, and the pavement scrapes their udders and when they drag their bloody udders over fecal matter in their little bitty cage they are kept in, standing upright, those udders get infected…then comes the huge doses of antibiotics.

      Yeah the government does a GREAT job watching out for your health….

      When I compare the food that was considered the dietary standard for school lunches in the 80’s and 90’s when I was a school goer to what is considered the standard now…it makes me sick. I pack my daughter’s lunch because everything is processed garbage. Full of chemicals and gmo’s and poisons.

      Hopefully Abbey all the garbage you feel is safe to eat has rendered you sterile so you do not produce offspring with your keep the status quo and nothing to see here attitude.

      • Ron

        Great response Jennifer…until the sterile comment. It was not needed. Why can’t we keep it civil?

      • sandie

        Awesome response 🙂 Thank you.. It’s all organic for me, locally grown, grass fed etc… When you stop eating out, one can afford to buy better food at home.

        • Grace

          Sandie, love your comment and sound advice put so succintly. I started to live this way only a year ago. What a pitty I was ignorant of this issue prior to that. I see with great pleasure how openminded we become despite some people trying to keep us in the dark.
          Regards, Grace

    • Lisa

      Another voice from the corporate food industry rings out……

      Erik is right.

      This article is fine. I appreciate knowing what kind of crap is in my food. Sorry you feel like people should just dumb down and eat what they are told.

    • erik


  49. Believe it

    dont trust anything that isnt organic, and even then dont trust it. Grow your own, be independent.

    • dakota wallace


      • mike

        sounds like someone was picked on in high school so now he goes around being a cyber bully. congratulations sir, you are officially a cunt.

  50. Carlos

    I couldn’t make up a page of sillier hooey if I tried.

    • losingmymind

      I’m so sick of fake food and i am sick of the trolls who work for Monsanto and big grocery monopolies that are trashing people for exposing the truth!

      • DMW

        Most people literally cannot handle the truth, you found a little nugget of information and now you think the whole system is out to get you because they are keeping people killing themselves with food and not each other but it seems like you want it the other way around

  51. simon

    ridiculous scare mongering bullshit, people like you disgust me. brainwashing people into being scared of things that you clearly do not understand. maybe learn a little more about glutamic acid and inosinic acid before you start telling people that it’ll melt their bones (after the first few paragraphs i started skimming, there’s only so much nonsense i can read before my brain starts to drip from my nose)

    • Deen

      If the simple act of reading a website is causing your brain to drip from your nose, I suggest you consult a doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like a serious medical condition.

      or maybe try changing your diet 😉

    • anonymous

      Its all true.

      I recently stopped using shampoos and conditioners and shower gels. Now i have no more constant itch, dandruff. Dry skin.

      I use natural stuff wont say what as tjose big pharmad will start tampering with those things as well.

      They put sodium lauryl sulphate in all these products, which dries your skin, removes natural oils, hence itch, dandruff, and dry skin

      Since using alternatives i am much better also wifes dandruff of years stopped in 1 day of using alternatives.

      How sick is that, and i hate cancer research, the big liars, making money from cancer, as cancer is man made, food and hygiene products adulterated. Thats why i dont vote in uk anymore, all the parties are crooks and basically nobe of them can govern. All they do is spread terrorism everywhere for oil and resources. Wakeup England. Teaching kids evolution, bullshit. Id like to see the prime minister on an apprenticeship salary. Liars and cheats.

    • Lisa

      “ridiculous scare mongering bullshit, people like you disgust me. brainwashing people into being scared of things that you clearly do not understand.”

      I’d rather be scared and INFORMED, than an ignorant ostrich who keeps their head in the sand because they can’t take the truth about the fact taht our gov doesn’t give a shyte what we eat or how clean it is.

      Tell Obama thanks for sending in more illegal immigrants, as well as letting Ebola patients in while he whines about people not getting their state sanctioned poison shots (vaccines).

      • Jodi

        I second that Lisa 🙂 Such ignorance….gluttons!

    • Cwalker

      If the person writing the comment about hog wash would do your work you will find that we have been brain washed to think that the foods that we are consuming is not affecting our healthy. My challenge to you would be to take yourself off of the bad stuff that is mentioned for 45 days, then resume eating like you did before. The proof will be in the pudding. I have done extensive research about foods that we eat and how our country allows companies to place on the shelves for us to buy foods and food products that are not fit for human consumption. Many of the additives and other toxins and chemicals are banned in other countries. The sad part is, these (additives, toxins, hormones, GMO foods) are known to cause major health problems. I am not a doctor nor am I a health care professional. I am a person with a desire to do my work, and assure that I have the best chance of maintaining good health by knowing what I am placing in my body. while I may or may not agree with some of the research, I am willing to do my work to make my own choices as to what is right for me. t I am suspicious- Perhaps you have stock in the companies that have been allowed to use us as guinea pigs. But this is not about attaching anyone, Its about education and knowledge. In the end we have the choice to decide as to whether we want to live and die by the sword of our own choosing. My thoughts- Look deep before you leap… Do your work.

      • Sarah

        Excellent reply

      • Lou

        You are so right. a little work and you will find the facts.

      • Lester

        Put it out there. People will either read it and hate you for telling them the truth or they will thank you and start to look into things for themselves. Bottom line is that Americans are getting lazier then ever before and want everything handed to them at there finger tips. From fast food, processed food, to the smart phone in their hand. Use the tools against those who are making Americans sicker each year that goes by. When was the last time you said hello to someone walking within eye contact? Its a lot harder to do when everyone has their face in there phone these days. Think about it

        • Lisa

          The problem is that people can’t take the truth. In fact. they would rather you just go away because it is easier to die from whatever diseases you let the gov/CDC/military-medical industrial complex GAVE you than it is to think for yourselves.

          The corporations just LOVE people like that. Which is why they can keep up their state sanctioned poison programs that harm children to the tune of millions of dollars a year while the drug makers walk away with fat pockets. At YOUR expense. And those who haven’t vetted their info want to put people in jail for not doing what the CORPORATIONS (who bribe our elected officials) TELL THEM to do.

          Here is a great example:

          Former Mooresville child compensated by federal ‘vaccine court’


          • Jill

            I third that.!!!!! I’m having problems with digestion and colon and its most likely from the food. Sad world that is full of greed and want profit at our expense. Its costing us our health. God help us.!!

      • Ray

        Your information is for the select awakened people who appreciate your work. Those who attack you are either paid to do so or belong to the sheeple population.

        • Jodi

          Thumbs up! Well said 🙂 Yep….definitely the Sheeple population!! Love it

  52. Robert G.

    I normally would not mind getting iron in my diet, however, not this way. Thank you for your video.

  53. Brian


    I must apologize, but this article triggered one of my pet peeves. And that is bad journalism/science/reporting. Mainly the use of scare tactics that are easily disproven as something to worry about.

    Please for the betterment of your readers and yourself please do not fall into the trap you did in this article of linking factoids to scare people. I will give my favorite factoid scare here:
    Do you know there is a chemical that is found in every human due to its widespread use?
    It is used in jet fuel, anti-freeze, deicers, insecticides, lethal injections, industrial solvents, styrofoam, fire suppressants, sanitizers, and more?
    Organization like the KKK have used it trying to instill fear.
    It is used in many of the US torture methods!
    It is an acid that kills people every year!
    Between 2005 and 2009 according to the CDC over 3,500 people a year were killed due to direct contact with DHMO. But that is just reported cases that were confirmed by the CDC.
    DiHydrogen MonOxide or DHMO is in all of our foods and the FDA claims it is safe! They do not even require it to appear on the label!
    Over 86% of people in the US when told about DHMO want it banned as it is a known carcinogen. But we still use it in everything!

    In case you couldn’t figure it out:
    DHMO is Water. DiHydrogen (2H) MonOxide (1O) H2O.

    In all of your comparison factoids in this article WATER is also used. Why not scare your readers to stop drinking water? Here are some of your article’s weak points:
    BHT is used in jet fuels. It is an anti-oxidation substance. It is used as a fuel preservative as the same exact reason it is used in food helps it in jet fuel. IT IS NOT AN ACTIVE INGREDIENT. All of the industrial uses you list use it as an oxidizer or preservative. What would you use an antioxidant/preservative for??? Oh wait, you would use it to PRESERVE things by fighting Oxidation. Seriously, these comparisons not only discredit the author as lacking intelligence, but do a disservice to their readers by using bad factoids as a scare tactic. Water is used in all of these also and by your comparisons should be avoided by your readers.

    To make matters worse, studies have recently revealed that nearly half of tested samples of HFCS contained mercury. – Yeah, the mercury comes from polluted water. What are you doing other than a bad scare tactic? Where do you think the Mercury is coming from? Not the plants, but the water. Water pollution is causing the Mercury contamination. But it would require honesty from the author to state this. Water pollution appears to be your biggest concern here, but you omit that from your scare tactic.

    Yellow #5: Almost all colorants approved for use in food are derived from coal tar and may contain up tp 10ppm of lead and arsenic. – Have you seen the allowable levels in water? Especially in fluoridated water? Fluoridated water allows higher amounts of those and also allows Uranium, Plutonium, and Radon. It makes your aversion to Yellow #5 seem like a laughable joke.

    Propylene glycol alginate (E405): this food thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier is derived from alginic acid esterified and combined with propylene glycol. Bear in mind that even though propylene glycol is used as a food additive, it has many industrial uses including automotive antifreezes and airport runway de-icers. – Back to banning water again through scare tactics… Propylene glycol can be drunk straight up. Municipalities LIKE it when you dump straight propylene glycol into the sewers as it is food safe and can be drunk straight. The RUST INHIBITORS in the products you list are what causes it to be a poison, NOT the propylene or Ethylene glycols. Please learn about the products you compare to and stop using bad scare tactics. Do you know that Sodium Chloride, Table Salt, can be used as a de-icer, but is not used on runways because of the corrosive properties on metals? Or do you just like using unrelated factoids to try and make things sound scarier because you don’t have science backing you up so you must use misinformation? Potassium Chloride is another common salt that is used for -10 deg F plus weather to melt ice as it is better at those temperatures. And it is used in many supplements and foods. Should that also be avoided? Water is also a primary component of deicers… Did you know that brine from pickling is also used as a deicer? That is just water and salt… But due to its reaction in oxidizing (rust) metals is avoided in many areas…

    Do you know that ALL corn on the planet is GMO? Corn started as a grass and was bred and genetically modified until it became Maize. The maize was further genetically selected and bred to form corn. Corn DOES NOT appear naturally in anywhere. It is a genetically modified food made by humans. Many of our domesticated fruits, vegetables, and animals are genetically modified from their natural condition to be useable in farming.

    I am sorry for the rant, but these are important misinformation steps that you are using to actually HARM your readers. If not physically, then at the very least mentally. Please think before you publish. Before you use bad factoids, think to yourself is water in there? Could I use this argument to ban water? Am I harming my readers by misleading them?

    Thank you,


    • Jesse

      You just pointed out the main issue I had with this article. Just because a substance is used in an industrial or non-purely heath conscious way, does not necessarily mean that substance is unhealthy, but rather that it has multiple uses beyond purely food consumption.

      I think I have to disagree on your point about corn though. It seems less of an instance of early GMOs in ancient human history and more of an example of selective breeding/cultivation in agriculture.

    • Sid Gotama

      Brian, would you care to reveal your employer? The reason I ask is your diatribe smacks suspiciously like Big Food, Big Chem, and/or Big Pharma spin. What basically gives you away as an employee of one of the the axis of evil of Big Chems(Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, etc.) is your claim of corn(maize) being Genetically Modified from grass. This type of statement is typical of paid shills that troll the web and plant misleading half-truths in otherwise untainted offerings. The latest research and scientific analysis pegs the wild grass Teosinte as the source of modern maize crops, and was domesticated some 8,700 years ago by indigenous peoples in the lowland areas of southwestern Mexico. Many centuries of ARTIFICIAL SELECTION, not genetic modification(GMO) by these indigenous peoples resulted in the development of maize plants capable of growing several cobs per plant that were usually several inches long each.
      I could continue and expose the rest of your “troll-truthing”, but I myself am a shill in the pro-bono service to seek and discredit the axe grinding egregious poltroons proliferating the free and open internet.

      • Jill

        Way to go Sid.

    • John

      Brian I am interested in your theory all corn is GMO .Are you including hybridization as GM modified. Do you consider wheat GM modified too?

  54. Publisher

    I also have to comment as a teacher, watching kids who are modified from their parent’s genetic handmedowns. We are not only killing ourselves but our kids. Whoever heard of ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Manic Depression, before these so-called convenience foods came into our lives. We did not have near the incidence of the pandemic we do now. And what about their procreation of grandkids? As the evolutionary scale tips further into the scary, how are we ever going to combat mental illness and physical illness? The insurance companies and food companies who use man-made chemicals we ingest to induce a cure only perpetuate power and greed, ultimately killing the middle class.

    • Lisa

      As a teacher, I’d be more concerned about having to teach an entire generation of brain damaged children who will probably be taking ADHD drugs to ‘manage’ their iatrogenically acquired brain damage….

      Former Mooresville child compensated by federal ‘vaccine court’
      By Karen Garloch-Charlotteobserver.com


  55. pete

    if these products are so safe. BHT. MSG. NTB. MSDS. why did they ban them in Europe in their food they make

  56. Petia

    For example, I think the genetically modified foods debate is one worth being acquainted with for health reasons. But I hear from respectable scientific sources that GM foods do not pose greater risks to humans than do regular foods. This I also just read about in the wikipedia article about GM foods – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_food.

    This is the statement in the third paragraph of the article:
    “There is broad scientific consensus that food on the market derived from GM crops poses no greater risk to human health than conventional food”, and several respectable organizations are quoted to support this claim.

    I would like to be aware of evidence to the contrary which you mention in your article. And this is why, as in my previous comment, I think references in your article would be useful.

    Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Petia, you might enjoy this post on GMOs and bone health:


      It goes into more detail and dissects several studies about the potential harm of GMO foods. 🙂

      • Rich Karger

        WRONG …..Petia; GMO’s are Extremely Dangerous two ways:

        1, the gmo moniker means “genetically modified” to tolerate pesticide Roundup. They are “Roundup Ready” to live through a drenching in carcinogenic weed killer “Roundup” from Monsanto. It is absorbed into the fruits and vegetables and gives horrible cancers to lab rats. Proof Positive…..you cannot wash it off….it is IN the fruit.
        2. The “Frankenstein Effect”…..We have no idea genetically, what the consequences of modifying corn genes with beetle genes to tolerate the roundup and having people consume them will be. How will they interact with our gut flora and fauna….bacterium we need to survive?. They are playing Russian roulette with your gut if you eat this “Science Project for Profit”, as it will take potentially generations to see what THIS does to the human genome or …..it could mutate horribly and quickly or just takeover your gut and kill bacteria you need…..sound familiar with all the celiac disease out there and irritable gut and gluten intolerance…..last 18 years this crap is out there?—-Let the irresponsible MA above eat them…..DON’T YOU! Go 100% Organic……

        • Deb Manney

          Former President Obama would not allow GMO foods into the White House. I guess he figured it was ok for the rest of America to eat poison food. I wrote to the FDA concerning this- got no reply- imagine that!!!!

        • Publisher

          I, for one, am hard pressed to read studies paid for by the same companies hiring the research so that it confirms their product’s “health benefits.”
          I published a “Never Say, “I’m on a Diet” food book. The author who is a registered heart nurse and dietitian talks about food safety, common protein, carb and fat content in foods and recipes for healthy eating.

  57. Petia

    Dear Ms. Goldschmidt,

    Thank you for the article. Could you please provide references to quoted information so a reader can easily read more if interested?
    For example, I went on the National Toxicology Program’s website to find out about BHT but have not been able to find the 2005 results which you quote.

    Thank you.

    • Auditore11

      It is hard for me to take all this seriously as most things presented in the article make some ingredients out to be boogeymen. Like the BHT. I’m not necessarily condoning its use but just because something is also used in other things we’d never eat like jet fuel, doesn’t mean by default it’s not safe. People use salt to de-ice roads, so I guess I shouldn’t use salt, and carbon is found in just about everything but we don’t just eat it as is. The use of the word chemicals in context of food is used to produce the thought of a green bubbly goo that the joker fell into when in reality every element is considered a chemical and all have chemical reactions it’s what makes life happen. The misquoted part about BHT is a stretch cause just like Petia I found it say nothing of the sort https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/results/pubs/longterm/reports/longterm/tr100199/abstracts/tr150/index.html

  58. Ed K

    Only an idiot in this day and age will continue to eat most processed foods. None of the ingredients will kill you outright, ohhh no, just over time cause you grief unto death. People saying this ingredient and that ingredient are safe, do your research. If you can’t pronounce the name, stay away from it. Human beings have such disrespect for these fantastic machines we have been granted to be great with. Look around, cancer and obesity reign and why…its the food…lack of self control is killing us but we don’t care…

    • Jodi

      Absolutely….no respect for human life.

    • No Gmo

      That’s right Ed K parents who feed their children preservative laden food and snacks wonder why their children grow up to have serious mental and physical health issues. It’s like talking to a smoker. They will tell you who cares something is going to kill,you anyways. I don’t feel bad for the uneducated idiots out there. Just feel bad for their offspring.

    • Rho

      I couldn’t have said it any better Ed K. I totally agree with you.

  59. Edward

    Question. We use a product Clear Gel which is for canning. It is modified cornstarch. Might that be the same as the MSG you mention as bad for you?

  60. Marilyn

    I recently learned from my gastroenterologist that corn syrup is causing a near epidemic of sclerosis of the liver. Non alcoholic liver cirrhosis is on a rise and corn syrup is the main cause, with sugars as second and fats as third for the top 3 culprits. It begins with a fatty liver and progresses to scarring of tissue in the liver…fatty liver can be reversed with a good diet but scarring of the liver tissue can not be reversed. I am reversing my mild fatty liver by eating wiser and checking food labels. Corn syrup is in almost everything that is processed. How did we allow this to happen?

    • Grace

      Merilyn, I hope many people will take your comment seriously. Processed food and fructose balooned my liver out of my stomach. One month on organic food and my stomach went back in. I did not expect such a quick response to healthy eating. I am happy to read so many great comments and see that big companies are not winning totally.

    • Lisa

      Thanks for posting your comment. Very helpful!

      I stopped using corn syrup after I read this.

      A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain
      Princeton University
      Posted March 22, 2010

      A Princeton University research team has demonstrated that all sweeteners are not equal when it comes to weight gain: Rats with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained significantly more weight than those with access to table sugar, even when their overall caloric intake was the same.

      In addition to causing significant weight gain in lab animals, long-term consumption of high-fructose corn syrup also led to abnormal increases in body fat, especially in the abdomen, and a rise in circulating blood fats called triglycerides. The researchers say the work sheds light on the factors contributing to obesity trends in the United States.

      “Some people have claimed that high-fructose corn syrup is no different than other sweeteners when it comes to weight gain and obesity, but our results make it clear that this just isn’t true, at least under the conditions of our tests,” said psychology professor Bart Hoebel, who specializes in the neuroscience of appetite, weight and sugar addiction. “When rats are drinking high-fructose corn syrup at levels well below those in soda pop, they’re becoming obese — every single one, across the board. Even when rats are fed a high-fat diet, you don’t see this; they don’t all gain extra weight.”


  61. Dan

    I agree with the previous comment. Many of the things listed are accepted as safe.

    I would like to add that ethylene glycol is a component in antifreeze (not propylene glycol, as mentioned in the article). This is a common mix up I see on the web, and a demonstration that the author(s) have no understanding of even freshman level chemistry.

    Your “facts” should be referenced so that you may check and correct the many incorrect statements and claims that you have posted publicly for the whole world to read.

    • Dans not the man

      And what a chemist you turned out to be Dan!! Propylene glycol is able to lower the freezing point of water, and so it is used as aircraft de-icing fluid. You’ve just been owned!!

      Your “facts” should be referenced so that you may check and correct the many incorrect statements and claims that you have posted publicly for the whole world to read.

      • HURRDURR

        ethylene glycol is a toxic component found in many deicers. Propylene glycol is safe. The author’s claim that it’s among the “worst offenders” is false. The mention of deicers was intended by the author to link propylene glycol to ethylene glycol, a toxic compound used in deicers. It amounts to propaganda. And you fell for it.

  62. MIchael

    Some of the ingredients listed are not harmful at all. I challenge you to look them up and see for yourself and not be sheeple. But some where so don’t think i am dis-ing this over at all. I like where you are going with this.

    • pete

      why did they ban them in Europe

    • Bellamy Chae

      “some”. What a useful word. It could mean one or thirteen in this case. Care to be a bit more specific? It would certainly make you a lot more believable, as all the ingredients listed here are listed as “toxic” somewhere. And be sure to include links to verifiable sites- nothing funded by a company that actually produces these or similar products, but also not funded by a company that produces alternatives. Both, I think we can agree, would be undoubtedly biased.

      • dwaurx@gmail.com

        Everything is toxic. Water, oxygen, …everything. (And yes, I’m being literal). It’s all a matter of “how much”, i.e. concentration.

      • Rob Roy

        Propylene Glycol Alginate (sp) isn’t dangerous. Water is also used in many industrial processes and applications, so your reasoning is flawed

        • deejay Kenya

          Not all water is safe to drink especially if the ph balance is off let alone ingesting this thing I can barely pronounce



  63. kaelanthia robinson

    That is just ridiculous how are they going put that dangerous chemicals in the foods that we eat. It is like they are trying to shut our bodies down without us knowing it. does money mean that much to these people who food? how selfish can they be? They need to quite that lying to the very people look foward to buying from the store in exchange for the money to pay the price of the food item. Now i know I really have to stay away from foods that do damage to my body. This is a very sick these people are doing. They need to have a heart. Money is not everything.

    • KT

      Unfortunately it goes beyond money. The one world order puppeteers have claimed we need to reduce the world population by 90%. The goal IS to kill us off! They just intend to make billions off us while they do it. We lose health, prosperity and life. They gain control, power and ultimately, their utopian society.
      No, I don’t have the link, but you can find it if you search. The agenda is no secret.

  64. Ash

    I feel like im going to cry! I just bought a whole lot of these products with this stuff in it! I cant believe ive been had! T_T i’m a new vegitarian because i discovered without meat my rashes go away but then i missed a burger and i ate a veggie burger instead and suddenly the rashes came back! I was so confused until i read this *hug kiss kiss* i thank you dearly for this information. Are there any HEALTHY veggie burgers out there?

    • Richie

      Disregard Andy….This article is spot on! Just make healthy stuff starting only with 100% USDA Organic…..everything….spices, eggs- everything! Just switch from boxes of stuff to the actual whole foods and COOK!

      • KT

        I ditto Richie! That’s the only answer. Grow your own food if you can…or support your local Farmers Market or buy organic. Processed food is a modern invention that goes against nature. You wouldn’t put sugar water in the gas tank of your car but we expect our bodies to perform on junk. We are intelligently designed, intricately complex, and supposedly intelligent beings. Our bodies and minds respond with health and vitality when we give them what nature provides. God gives freely and abundantly. Only man is motivated by money and power. You decide who you want to believe.

    • ravi

      perhaps you consider that meat consumption is NOT causing rashes and look at other factors that occurred – do some more extensive food elimination experiments – – allergies to meats are virtually unheard of, whereas allergies to dairy, eggs and many plant substances are common – especially if you are eating lots of grains and have compromised your gut (look up “leaky gut”) vegetarianism is hard to do right long term and veganism is simply a politically motivated bourgeois eating disorder.

      no traditional cultures have ever been found that existed on plant matter alone – whilst there are many variations in the ratio of plant to animal products, 100% plant-eating cultures simply do not exist – we NEED animal and plants (we are omnivores, remember??) to be healthy.

      Meat did not cause you a rash – unless the “meat” you are referring to was highly processed so-called “food” from some fast food joint –

      • MIchael

        Shaolin monks. vegetarians and some are vegan.

  65. simone

    I’m vegetarian since i was 9. I’m 41 now and is so hard to find healthy foods for my kids. They are so picky and don’t eat veggies or fruits. I’m about to have a heart attack because it is killing me. Any help for good strong healthy snacks.? Thank you Simone.

    • jen niu

      Hi. I make smoothies and also am able to hide add in fruits and we also take a whole food based fruit and vegetable concentrate nutrition from a rainbow variety that has improved our whole family’s health. We don’t get viruses tha lastbl for ten days or ear infections or pneumonia…we all have a stronger immune system. It is very important to eat the recommended 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for disease prevention.

    • Betty

      If your kids don’t like vegetables have you tried juicing? for years that was the only way i could get my kids to get their veggies and then i made it fun for them by saying they had to make up different juices and i will have to judge them it worked. now they ask me if they can juice

  66. Fodhbla Ní Chonchúir

    Hello Vivian,

    I saw you listed Carrageen as an MSG producing ingredient. Unfortunately, that is incorrect. Carrageen Moss is a type of seaweed that can be found around the world. I use it in my cooking, as it is found on the Kerry seashore. It is a gelling agent. The only way I can think of Carrageen being dangerous is if it is contaminated on the production line.


    • Deb Manney

      Carrageenans or carrageenins are a family of linear sulfated polysaccharides that are extracted from red edible seaweeds. They are widely used in the food industry, for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties.

      Edible seaweeds, like kelp and Nori, right?

      The Problem

      Not so much…

      It is important to note that Carrageenan is not digestible and has no nutritional value. It is often used because it thickens and emulsifies products and it is often found even in organic and “natural” products.

      It may seem that a simple product derived from seaweed should be non-menacing, and I wish it were. This article explains some of the potential problems:

      Although derived from a natural source, it appears to be particularly destructive to the digestive system, triggering an immune response similar to that your body has when invaded by pathogens like Salmonella. The result: “It predictably causes inflammation, which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding,” explains veteran researcher Joanne Tobacman, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago. She says the food ingredient irritates by activating an immune response that dials up inflammation. Her previous work showed a concerning connection between carrageenan and gastrointestinal cancer in lab animals, and she’s involved with ongoing research funded through the National Institutes of Health that is investigating carrageenan’s effect on ulcerative colitis and other diseases like diabetes.

      The concern over food-grade carrageenan isn’t new. Beginning in the 1960s, researchers started linking the ingredient to gastrointestinal disease in lab animals, including ulcerative colitis, intestinal lesions, and colon cancer.

    • Dwight

      Dr. Russell Blaylock, board certified neurosurgeon, now retired and running a private nutritional practice says this about carrageenan: “Experimentally, carrageenan is used as an agent to induce intense inflammation in experimental animals. A recent study found that when carrageenan was injected in animals along with a cancer-causing chemical, tumors appeared more rapidly, and in significantly higher numbers than in control animals injected with carcinogen alone. The same was seen when human breast cancers were implanted in animals along with carrageenan……As a result, carrageenan is classified as a tumor promoter.” (p.196, “Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life,” 2006)

    • Kimberly Baxter

      Not so. Look up Ray Peat.

      • JoBuNYC

        Look up the singular ramblings of one man? You goddit!

        • ravi

          Ray Peat is actually an excellent and reputable source of info – often the truth that the mainstream does not tell you–

          • Anthony LaFlash

            Carrageenan is a common food additive that is extracted from a red seaweed, Chondrus crispus, which is popularly known as Irish moss. Carrageenan, which has no nutritional value, has been used as a thickener and emulsifier to improve the texture of ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, soy milk and other processed foods. So it is not healthy at all.

  67. Julie

    Dear Vivian – I have read your book and try to follow the program as closely as possible. I eat as much fibre as I possibly can, lots of filtered water too, but I have found since starting on calcium supplements that I suffer from constipation no matter what I do. I am adding some inulin fibre to my diet and that seemed to help at first but its effects don’t seem to be as effective as they were when I first started taking it a couple of weeks ago. I was happy to find Total cereal while in Hawaii recently and I smuggled some home to Canada. It gave me all the vitamins and minerals I needed (pretty much) but now I find that it contains BHP so that is why it’s banned in Canada! I haven’t yet started on AlgaeCal and I’m hesitant to spend money on one more calcium supplement that I might not be able to continue with due to continued constipation AND the fact that I cannot swallow large pills (not sure how large the AlgaeCal pills are) – have you got any advice?? PS I eat only organic whenever humanly possible and my vitamin supplement (containing as much of the vitamins as I could find based on your list) and my calcium supplement are organic also. Thanks!

    • dudu

      Taking too much fiber could also result in constipation if you do not take enough water. So it is better to reduce the amount of fiber intake. You have to know your body because not everyone’s body is the same.that could work for her but it might not work for you.

  68. Suzy

    Anything processed is not a good choice.
    Eat fresh fruits and veggies.
    Prepare your own meals.
    It not that difficult or time consuming.

  69. Harold wandle

    I was surprised to hear that there are so many chemicals in our foods. Why does the united states let these companies using those chemicals in our foods. We are getting sick and mcdonalds is getting wealthy, is there a kickback some where? I am retired from the food business after 46 years and I did not pay attention to our problem. Some people will say that we live longer . Sure we do but it isn’t the chemicals we have better refrigeration and sanitation. The question is what can we do about the problem. When the next president arrives at the white house, maybe he will banned these chemicals in food. Some people say we can eat a little of these chemicals and we will be ok. I say we all live over a100 years old and never show our age. All I can say is for a pun: eat hearty!

    • John

      Next president won’t ban them because the head people at food companies most likely backed his campaign.

    • ravi

      ” I am retired from the food business after 46 years and I did not pay attention to our problem.”

      what? what?

      how could someone be in the food business and not be aware of what was IN the food business?

      like working for the mafia, managing to retire without the cement bots and being all surprised that they do illegal things —

  70. Tori J

    Dear vivian, Cabbage is my favorite food. I love to eat it raw and with food coloring sometimes. I like to eat it with chocolate surup especially. What choco syrup is best on cabbage? Don’t get me wrong, it sounds disgusting but i love it and people should really try it if they like cabbage. Is it healthy for me though? Because i grow my own cabbage

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Tori, that is quite an unusual combination! I don’t advocate chocolate syrup on anything, though; it’s loaded with sugar and most brands have some dubious ingredients in them. Also, while chocolate has some health benefits (see question #2: https://saveourbones.com/vivian-answers-day-5/), it is acidifying.

  71. Tori J

    Cabbage is my favorite food. I love to eat it raw and with food coloring sometimes. I like to eat it with chocolate surup especially. What choco syrup is best on cabbage? Don’t get me wrong, it sounds disgusting but i love it and people should really try it if they like cabbage. Is it healthy for me though? Because i grow my own cabbage

  72. Teresa Coon

    What is wrong with Agave nectar… I thought it was a healthy alternative???

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Teresa, agave is quite controversial because some brands contain high levels of fructose. But the typical organic agave nectar has approximately 50% fructose, which mimics table sugar (sucrose). And there is controversy about the nectar’s ash residue as well. Some claim it’s a low acid food, others claim it’s neutral to slightly alkaline-forming. Because of this, I recommend honey or stevia as alternatives. 🙂

  73. Leilani

    wow…….I need to learn more and more! please help!!

  74. Tiffany Drinkwater

    If I’m lactose intolerant what are my milk options? I also have IBS so yes I’m screwed I cannot tolerant beans, cabbage, broccoli, greens, yams, sweet potato, cauliflower so what can I possible eat? Everything has something bad in it, my cereal has BHT, food I eat has yellow # 5 and 6 or oils that are bad for you slim sure this is why my stomach hurts every time I eat.

    • Michael

      Don’t drink dairy milk, Its bad for your bones!

    • Fabian Randerath

      The best way to get rid of allergies is to go vegetarian or vegan for a while. As a youth I was allergic to all kinds of nuts, cherries, had hay fever etc. The I ate no meat for about 5 years and now I am free of any allergy and able to eat anything. So the key is to cleanse your blood. some say these allergies are psychosomatic or inherited, so coming to a place of spiritual balance and inner peace is also part of it.

    • Jeannie

      I completely understand where you are coming from and I am so luck that I found a solution for me. For me, the answer lied and continues to lie in raw food. I know that sounds weird, but trust me, it isn’t weird to be well. The learning curve was accepting 100 percent responsibility for every bite that goes into my mouth and not eating anything that was put into the mainstream marketplace. This require me to learn how to make meals that I could and would eat. I had to develop my food skills and I had to be patient. This works. Do a little research and learn all you can about Raw Food. It’s totally worth it. I promise.

    • Tori J

      i am too. But is your last name really drink water or is that just because you are lactose in tolerant? And fyi almond milk is the best choice. And rie milk tastes like poo.

      • Bet

        Be careful about drinking dairy substitutes because everyone I have tried contains carrageenan. Read about it to see what’s wrong with it. Also you might try a good probiotic to help your stomach.

    • Bonnie G

      I have believed I was lactose intolerant for quite a few years and I almost always got diarrhea from grocery store milk products. I have just joined the Beyond Diet program and they recommend using as much organic as you can. I bought my first container of grass fed milk and believe it or not I have not had a problem. I even bought some ice cream from raw grass fed milk and no problem. I believe that what the cows are eating and are getting injected into them is what causes lactose intolerance. I have no proof, just what I have experienced.

      • Chrissy

        Milk that is homogenized is also not good for you. It makes it harder for your body to digest.Thats probably why you can have dairy foods from raw milk…because it is not homogenized. There is also a way to pasteurize milk (different than commercial milk) that will kill that bad things but not the good. Pasteurizing it for 2 seconds at a super high temp…which is what most milk companies do will end up killing everything and then they have to put back in the vitamins and good things like that which makes it unnatural. Pasteurizing it at a lower degree for 30 minutes gets rid of that bad stuff, keeps in the good stuff. But who wants to pasteurize milk for 30 minutes when you can do it for 2 seconds? I know a company that does this certain type of pasteurization and does not homogenize their milk. They also feed their cows GMO free feed along with grass. Check out Spokane’s Family Farm on Facebook for more info.

  75. myrtle


    • becky

      Forget milk substitutes and drink the real thing! RAW unpastuerized non-homoginized is one of the best nutrient dense foods available to man.Also lay off sugar including breads and starches including veggies&unseasonal fruits .Use Stevia.Eat tons of HEALthy fats found in nuts,oils and meats from grass-fed pastured animals.Eat eggs-massive protien there.Get your carb intake from sulfur rich veggies.Drink homemade bone broths.Wean from poisonous prescription drugs.Eat good /suppliments/ detox/exercise and LOVE!

  76. Larisa Brusnitsyna

    Can I buy normal,unhurmful prodacts at any store beside a as it is extremly expensive?Is it hurmful ingredients: Cultured milk,Xantham Gum,acetic acid,Guar Gum,unbleached enriched flour,thiamine Mononitrate,enzymes,monocalcium phosphate,soybean oil,dextrose,methyl sulfonyl methane,soy protein isolate,brewers yeast,potassium sorbate?

    • Anthony LaFlash

      thiamine Mononitrate Is Vitamin B1 which is essential oranges and other fruits contain it and it is unharmful.

  77. karlknudson

    i have bone degeneration problem in my hip , i really need to pay attn to what me grubin on .all these things listed in this article really hit home with me, going to read everything i consume from now on ,and this genectically engineered stuff is straight evil doing from our fearless leaders ,i bet they have there own private farm that grows straight up old fashoned corn veges cattle and chickens and pork that is not exposed to antibiotics and other drugs or chemicals ,like the rothchilds and rockerfellers ,they dont go shopping for food at ralphs or any other commercial grocery store,im thinking

    • John

      I raised two cornish cross chickens for their meat and today I butchered them. All the chicken feed that is sold around here is made with GMO grains. These two chickens looked quite healthy, well that is until their inner parts were removed. Their livers which should be a dark reddish color, had turned mostly a tan color but there were still places of the dark reddish color as well. Does anyone think it is possible their livers were being poisoned by what they were eating. I found it quite disturbing to say the least.

      • Sheila

        theres no need to kill animals today we have vegitarian protein

      • Kimberly Baxter

        Maybe you were being punished for killing them.

        • Denice Laws

          Maybe you should grow up.

          • dan

            I know killing animals is wrong believe wat u want ur time is short here n I’m the one who will b rite in the end n u won’t like way u find out wen u die

  78. Mary Connolly

    Vivian thank you for your continued research. You certainly provide us with the knowledge we need to make the best choices for our health.

    • Tori J

      I know

  79. Betty

    Thanks again for info on food additives. I read labels all the time to watch for these but need to keep the more dangerous ones and what they are in my memory. Perhaps carrying a list in my purse will help.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s a great idea, Betty!

      • Tori J

        you can also just do it on ur phone

  80. Kristin

    How bad is alcohol for the bones? I love my evening wine.

  81. Phon

    Thank you very much for this very detail and informative info. I am very fortunate to read this article and yr website. very througout info not only for bone health but also I think for overall health. I really enjoy reading yr website. Please keep up good work and article. We love to read more. I appreciate it. Happy new year 2013!

  82. Diane

    Ordered your Program today … after years diagnosed as osteopenia and now full blown osteoporosis after research once my OBGYN subscribed those drugs, I decided NOT to take them for feel within 5 years I could experience a worse condition. I just do not remember my grandmothers or great grandmothers generation having issues with their bones??? Finding your site has been such a blessing for at least now I feel I have experts who can be my partner to do whatever I can to preserve my bone health. I am 65 and fly international for an airline … feel terrific and hope to keep my good health with proper eating rather than heavy drugs.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Diane, thank you so much for your order, and I am so glad to hear that you are taking charge of your own health! Stop in any time and let us know how you are doing.

  83. Bastian

    Annoying, and even then I still think I’d drink it.Anonymous, did you mean the SNY Ranger Blog? Why would I give them credit? They weren’t ivlvnoed with the investigation.Besides I don’t remember them giving me credit for coming up with their blog idea in 2008 when I started mine back in 2007.

  84. Elaine S. Zimmer

    Very good article.

    I don’t eat cereal every morning, but for years have eaten “Uncle Sam” original, since 1908. Are you familiar with it? I think it’s an excellent product.

  85. eleanor kraak

    Such good help. I already read labels , but , my goodness, never knew some of those ingredients I don’t know are really harmful chemicals. I grew up on a farm, all our food was natural. Mother ever had our wheat ground and baked bread for us. I especially appreciated reading about milk and that it is not good for our bones, also enriched flour. Thank you for sharing all this good stuff. EPK

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Eleanor! Thank you for visiting this site and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  86. Janyce

    I’ve heard how unhealthy cereal really is & the BHT I knew since the 80’s I think I single handed wipped most of it out,but I see it’s still around-this is good to see to remind people.Sometimes we here things but have to be re-mined again’

  87. ngozi

    Your materials are enriching and educative

  88. quan alo pizza

    My brother recommended I may like this web site. He was once entirely right. This publish actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  89. John

    Speaking of nuts…you are a nutbag. You have taken a very valid point and useful message and buried it under pseudoscientific garbage substantiated by faulty logic. Do yourself a favor, have someone with an education beyond Highschool look over your information and edit it for content and substance. Support your arguments (you have good ones) with science and document it. There is enough good information out there that people don’t have to follow unsubstantiated crap any longer. You will get more followers and help more people by providing good information than by continuing on as you are. If you are just trying to make money off of the fear of others then by all means just keep doing what you are doing.

    • dano

      John, you are the nutbag. I know that this information is right on, and have known about these additives for many years. One in particlular, that no one seems to be alarmed about, and should, is the use of BHTs as preservatives. John can go eat what he wants, he will anyways, and will pay down the line for it.
      Thanks Vivian for this great wake up call, in food processing technics.

      • brunes

        I think what John is eferring to is you are taking a perfectly valid goal, to eat healthy and have less preservatives in your diet, and instead of backing up the article with science you are backing it up with pseudo-science and fear mongering.

        Let’s take for example your bashing of Propylene glycol, a compound which is “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA for consumption. Who cares if Propylene glycol is used in automotive antifreeze? You know what else is used in antifreeze? Water! Should you stop consuming water because it is an ingredient in embalming fluid? I don’t see what rattling off a bunch of toxing things a product is an ingredient is does to educate anyone about anything.

        Doing things like this just makes people assume that it’s another thing written from a crackpot point of view, and disregard any other valid points in the article.

        • Michael

          You’re completely missing the point. The question is, what do you want to ingest in your body? Bear in mind it’s the same body you’ll have at 65…assuming you live that long. Over the last 40 cancer has grown from 1 in 25 to 1 in 3! Look it up. What is your explanation?…and please don’t tell me that it’s because we’ve gotten sooooo good at diagnosing it. I can guarantee that the medieval Europeans weren’t using that logic with the black plague. There are certain things that don’t belong in the body. Propylene Glycol, for instance.

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Without drinking water we ‘d perish… but propylene glycol is a man-made chemical. And the FDA deems as “safe” lots of dangerous chemicals and drugs that send many people to the ER…

          • Kimberly Baxter

            Couldn’t agree more. And look at how many people are killed by prescription drugs!

  90. mbrio

    Good work! I like your website.

  91. Ranch Vegetable Dip

    I’d prefer to go further somewhat far more on this subject

  92. Rosa

    Hello Rosemary. Although my food allergies are not quite so severe as yours seem, I do still have to be careful what I eat. Last year, after a sudden scare with one of my eyes and other symptoms (at ages 57), I decided to do alot of research and a complete detox of my system. What I suggest you do as soon as you can is:- 1/ A parasite cleanse. 2/ A colon cleanse. You can do these 2 at the same time, this will be even more effective, as the colon cleanse helps to rid your body of any parasites as they die off. There is a company in the US which do both these products and they are very effective, safe and at the same time give your system extra nutrition. The colon cleanse completely cleans the gut and colon and you should do for at least 3 months (if you have not done it previously). It is a herbal fibre blend powder mix and gives your gut good bacteria at the same time.
    So first think about this complete cleanse system, then get back to diet afterwards. It really helps you to absorb your good food and your nutrients so much better.
    There is also a really good Liver & Gall bladder flush you can do easily at home – which again cleans these organs out.

  93. charlene carney

    thank you for the free education. this goes along with other information I have found concerning amalgam fillings and immunizations created using mercury. what I don’t get is what is really going on with the poisoning of the population through the things we use as consumers?

    • John

      Simply; it is named or called EUGENICS

  94. wendy

    Great article! Keep ’em coming!

  95. virginia

    I have your book and I am trying to work the program. Thankyou for all you have done for so many of us. I love the morning star products and thought I was eating healthy. Thankyou for the heads up on that one!! Sincerely Virginia

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re very welcome, Virginia!

  96. anonymous


    Textured soy protein concentrate, carrageenan, maltodextrin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, modified cornstarch: All of these are basically different names to hide ingredients that either contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or form MSG during processing.

    textured soy protein is an additive in some meats and also used as a meat replacement. carrageenan is a red algae from europe. the natural form is ok, but there is a bad form as well. These products have nothing to do with msg. Disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate are products that enhance the effect of msg and usually indicate that msg is present. Where are you getting msg from textured soy protein, carrageenan, and modified cornstarch?

  97. Mary McNally

    I’m doing better since I’ve been reading your emails.Learning about food, My pain has gone to about 50% less than what it was before. Thank You very Much. Mary

  98. healthy recipes for dinner

    Simply want to say your article is as surprising. The clarity in your publish is simply spectacular and that i can suppose you are an expert in this subject. Well together with your permission allow me to snatch your RSS feed to keep up to date with approaching post. Thank you a million and please carry on the rewarding work.

  99. Gloria Jones

    Yes, I agree. It’s almost impossible to find processed foods without a long list of ingredients never before heard of. What the medical profession and the drug lords may or may not know, is that these food additives are most likely responsible for the illnesses that are rampant in today’s society, and hardly ever heard of a few generations ago. I am guilty of using the so-called “convenience foods”, as they are a time saver. And they are all packaged so alluringly, it’s hard to resist. A word about that: “When you open the package, the food within bears little resemblance to the picture on the package. So don’t be fooled by the coat of pretty colors when the pale and tasteless and non-nutritious lies within.

  100. Marc

    Osteoperosis or osteopina…none for me, but months ago lost my mom at 96 to it very much..years of hunched over an organ or piano and no correct diet, then to nursing home and all the cannned goods and worse.. Vit. K, yes, but get the K2.
    Do the weight bearing exercises..they are not hard to do but work wonders for your structure and vitality.

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