A Real Eye Opener: 270,000 Falls Were Caused By This - Save Our Bones

It improves from birth until we reach our 20’s. After that, our vision stays fairly stable, typically up to the age of 45, when in most cases it begins to steadily decline.

Besides the well-known inconvenience of wearing glasses for reading, driving, watching TV, and other daily activities, a large number of studies show that impaired vision is a major cause of falls, many with serious injuries, including the much dreaded hip fracture.

Since impaired vision is associated with a greater difficulty in achieving balance, it is not surprising that a recent study published in the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that those with central vision impairment (CVI) and peripheral vision impairment (PVI) had almost three times the risk of falling than those with good eyesight.1 The study also found a proportional relationship between the increased risk of falling with injuries and the severity of CVI and PVI.1

In the UK, vision problems played an important role in the 270,000 falls that happened to people older than 60 in a span of two years.2 This according to The Falls Omnibus Survey which was concluded in 2011.

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1 Patino CM, et al. “Central and peripheral visual impairment and the risk of falls and falls with injury.” Opthalmology. 117(2):199-206. February 2010.

2 https://www.ageuk.org.uk/latest-press/archive/poor-vision-leads-to-falls-for-270000-over-60s/

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  1. Doug

    Since the body uses calcium from bones to neutralize excess acid, what does the body use to neutralize excess alkaline?

  2. Eileen

    Another way of improving your vision is to get a slightly weaker prescription than 20/20 correction, do not get bifocals and do not wear your glasses except for things that require focal vision like driving. You can also massage your eyes like the Chinese do every 4 hours. The Chinese have practically wiped out myopia using this technique.

    Also egg yolks have lutein, which is good for your eyes. My eyes feel stronger when I started eating egg yolks.

    • Susan

      I do not know what the Chinese method of eye massage entails, but I was warned by both my grandmother (who lost her sight to Macular Degeneration) & my eye doctor NOT to rub my eyes.

    • Deborah

      Chinese eye massage looks interesting I watched a few YOUTUBE tutorials TY

  3. Margaret Dunmore

    I am feeling overwhelmed by the continual suggestions of buying various products/books etc that will improve my health in one way or another.
    Each and everyone of them sounds ideal for either myself or close ones so where do I start.
    With regard to the latest supplement for eyes I am already taking a good (even comparing content like for like)supplement plus your recommendations. All obtainable in the UK.
    I have not found a significant improvement but have also been influenced by the eyebody method to improve my eyesight.
    I do not where glasses at all unless it is vital (I have very poor eyesight and there are so many times we do not need to use them). I also use pinhole glasses for the minimum recommended time of 15mins per day.
    One problem with trying to improve your eyesight naturally is that it is hard keeping up with the constant change of lenses.
    I am still working on that one.
    As my poor eyesight was inflicked on me by being told to wear glasses to help with pain I would recommend to anyone do not wear glasses unless you realy do need them.
    Best wishes to you all

    • Jeannette

      I totally agree with Margaret. I am now 82 and finally have to wear glasses sometimes for very fine print.
      I am very lucky because my eyes compensate each other and therefore I don’t need glasses for anything else not even driving.
      I have always used lots of light, sunshine or 100 watt
      lamps. Don’t start a fire!

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