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Over the years I've come to be known as a “bone health advocate” among my friends and neighbors. I see it as my duty to share my knowledge with others and to tell them about our community. And when I do, I tend to describe the Save Our Bones community as a resource complete with “nutritional and lifestyle” information that empowers people from all around the world to take control of their bone health and to reverse it naturally .

So today, I'd like to focus on the “lifestyle” component of your bone health improvement. Bone health requires more than just eating the proper foods. There are many aspects of daily living, some of which we rarely think about, that can impact your health in general, and your bone health specifically. Here are three simple lifestyle changes that can have a profound effect on your bone health.

1. Get More Sleep

Did you know that how well you sleep can actually affect your bone health?

It’s true.

Benjamin Franklin, one of America's most beloved Founders, had it right when he said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. “

He may not have had access to the scientific studies we have today, but he knew intuitively that good sleep patterns affect our well-being.

A 2004 study of 1,506 men and women from age 55-84 showed a correlation between osteoporosis and those who slept for less than six hours.1

You see, during sleep, cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone”, decreases to a healthy level. Without adequate sleep, the body's natural ability to bring cortisol levels down is limited. And an increase in cortisol levels acidifies the body's pH thereby leeching more calcium from the bones.

On a more practical level, you're more likely to fall and fracture a bone when you're sleep deprived.2

So for a restful sleep, here are a few tips you can try:

  • If you’re in a noisy environment, try a “white noise” machine to block out extraneous sounds.
  • Try not to eat at least two hours before your bedtime.
  • Try to eliminate all light sources from your sleeping area. Even a small amount of light can interfere with your body’s time clock.
  • Don’t drink anything with caffeine before you go to bed.
  • Relax. I know, easier said than done, but work toward making it a bedtime habit to meditate, listen to a relaxation tape, write in your journal, do some deep breathing, or simply sit quietly and contemplate.

Also this is worth noting: In a study published August 1, 2010, researchers from the West Virginia University (WVU) School of Medicine have determined that getting seven hours of sleep is best for maintaining optimal heart health. 3

2. Keep Your Cell Phone Away

In our hurry-up culture, many of us couldn't live without our cell phones. We're so attached to them that we might as well have them grafted to our bodies. But you might want to think twice about where you keep your cell phone.

Researchers in Turkey studied a group of 150 men who all used clips to attach their cell phones to their belts. These men all had their phones attached to their belts for about 15 hours a day, and they had all been using their phones for about six years. The researchers used a special x-ray technique to measure pelvic bone density at the spot where the men carried the phone, and at the corresponding spot on the other side of their body. 4

The results showed a reduction in bone density on the side where the men carried their phones.

The authors of the study conclude that “It would be better to keep mobile phones as far as possible from our body during our daily lives.”

These are preliminary findings and still considered anecdotal, but they do raise interesting questions about the effects of electromagnetic fields on bone health. Yes, these findings are not conclusive, but do you want to take a chance with your bone health?

So here are some important tips for when you're not using your cell phone:

  • Whenever possible, carry your cell phone in your purse or briefcase
  • When you're in your car, take the phone out of your pocket or off your belt and place it on the seat as far away from you as possible
  • When you're at the movies, put the cell phone in your cup holder
  • When you go to bed, don't keep the cell phone right next to your bed
  • When you're at work, put the cell phone in a drawer, or at least move it to the back of your desk, away from your body

3. Be Curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat… but it could save your bones!

When Douglas, my oldest son, was about six, we were returning from a fun day at a water park. I was tired after trying to keep up with him all day, and all I wanted was to get into the house and start dinner.

To digress, let me tell you a little bit about Douglas. As a young child, he was insatiably curious. I'm pretty sure “What's that?” was his first full sentence. It was always, “What's this,” “What's that?” to the point that it would have been very easy to tune him out. But I thought it was important to nurture his inquisitive spirit, so I always tried to answer his often non-stop questions.

On this particular day, just as we approached the front door, Douglas did his usual “What's that?” routine. It would have been so easy to brush him aside, to say, “It's time for dinner, I'll look at it later.” But I stifled my instinctive response and glanced over to where he was pointing.

Not wanting to unduly alarm Douglas, I barely managed to contain a shriek. His “what's that” turned out to be a Cottonmouth snake, one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in Florida. If I hadn't paid attention to Douglas, we could have stepped right into its path.

Fortunately, I was able to contact one of the maintenance workers for our housing complex, and he quickly caught and relocated the snake, so all was well in the end.

The rather obvious object lesson here is: be curious. Ask questions. Explore. Remember that knowledge is power. There are many “snakes” in our path: from doctors who use scare tactics to “scholarly” articles touting the benefits of the new “miracle” osteoporosis drug.

Don't allow anyone or anything to have power over you, especially when it concerns your health. Yes, it can be confusing, yes, there are many “experts” all feeding you seemingly conflicting information. But you can take charge by learning and becoming better-informed.

You're already doing that. The wonderful members of the Save Our Bones community are indeed an inquisitive lot. Your curiosity and willingness to gather knowledge are what brought you here. Use that curiosity to remain in charge. Seek out studies and the latest information.

Your doctor's office is an extremely important place to flex your curiosity muscles. Don't take whatever your doctor says as gospel.

On a lighter note, why do you think they say that doctors are “practicing” medicine?

So don't let fear of what your doctor might say or think keep you from getting the truth. As Thomas Jefferson, another American Founder, declared: “Question with boldness.”


1 Foley D, Ancoli-Israel S, Britz P et al. “Sleep disturbances and chronic disease in older adults”. National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America Survey. 2003.
2 “Importance of Sleep : Six reasons not to scrimp on sleep”. The Harvard Women’s Health Watch. 2006.
3 Sabanayagam C; Shankar A. “Sleep duration and cardiovascular disease: results from the National Health Interview Survey”. SLEEP. 2010.
4 “Effect of electromagnetic field induced by radio frequency waves at 900 to 1800 MHz on bone mineral density of iliac bone wings.” Journal of Craniofacial Surgery Sept. 2009.

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  1. Frances

    Hello, wondered if you can help me please? I am 48 (not yet gone through menopause). My mother had osteoporosis and hypothyroidism. I truly believe I also have hypothyroidism but despite trying to get a diagnosis I am still labelled as ‘suspected’ at most. Doctors here in the UK point blank refuse to treat me despite me having many symptoms. Private treatment/consultations are not an option for me. Now I am told my “bones are not within normal range”. I will find out more after a telephone conversation with my GP scheduled in a few days. I do not eat meat and have not done so since I was 18, I have many food allergies (dairy, wheat, yeast , sugar, grapes, alcohol). I eat a little fish occasionally (tinned tuna or maybe haddock or cod). I average around 7000 to 10000 steps per day. I suffer from debilitating fatigue sometimes. Just started taking store bought magnesium and vitamin D. Can you help me turn things around? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Frances

  2. Paula Z

    I just ordered the exercise program and plan to start right away. I am 65, and was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 10 years ago.

    I already work out strenuously about 4-5 times a week, including some cardio (dance, stair climbing and tabata), some body weight and free weight strength exercises, and stretches. I see some very good results in terms of my energy and strength, and don’t want to give it up. Is it ok just to add the densercises to my existing routine 3x a week, or. do I need to cut anything back in order to achieve the bone density results? I’ve purchased a lot of home workout programs that have different stated goals, and find it frustrating, since of course I want it all–a great looking, strong, healthy body for the rest of my life. Thanks.

  3. Donna

    Hi I am 43 years old and have been on HRT for 11 years due to a hysterectomy. I had a bone denstity scan yesterday and was told that the result for my hips showed that it is now 7.9% worse than my last scan 7 years ago. This has quite frightened me. I have now been put on Adcal-D3 twice a day. Can changing my diet help? And what should I be eating as I am a vegetarian? I was told to drink more milk but read somewhere that milk is not a good thing to take. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Donna, changing your diet to the pH-balanced approach advocated by the Osteoporosis Reversal Program can definitely help, but the program is much more than a diet plan — it’s a multi-pronged approach that includes diet, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle. And you’ll find that the program is great for vegetarians; although you can eat meat on the program, it’s certainly not required. 🙂

      For info about why milk is not recommended, and is a poor source of calcium, read https://saveourbones.com/osteoporosis-milk-myth/

  4. Ginnie

    Reading your newsletters reg. Foxamax I stopped taking it after 8 yrs. However, I had to go on prednisone on and off for the past yr. I had asthmatic phemonia, dr. informed me this med. takes calcium from the bones and I should be on some type of med. now what do I do. I am afraid to go back on med. I do take calcium 2000 and vit D. thank you

  5. Joyce Klein

    I am 78 years old , in very good health (only pills I take are vitamins -quite a few
    My recent bone density showed a decline. Two years ago I only had osteopina. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and I walk everywhere; vey active lifestyle. In addition I eat a very healthy diet and have done so most of my life. My husband is pressuring me to tske medication. I took fosomax several years ago for about five years – went off it when all the bad press came out. He is afraid of a stooped back -I never had good posture.
    I know you will say “buy the book”. My husband will say “it’s a waste of money”. HELP!

    • Jessica

      Posted on Hi there, I discovered your blog by the use of Google at the same time as secrahing for a similar matter, your web site came up, it looks great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  6. Len F

    Excellant articals, thanks.

  7. S

    I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables in the past year. Also, I’ve been lifting weights and walking. I run a little. In my forties and menopausal right now. My bone density went from -1.7 to -2.1 this past year because my hormones are working against me. I’m staying with Vivian’s plan because I still believe it is best for my bone health. Anybody else in the same situation and needing support too?

  8. catherine girvan

    Can someone tell me how Bikran Yoga helps with osteoporosis? I’m led to believe it strengthens one’s bones but I want to know how?
    Bikram youa is hot yoga where you do 26 poses in 90 minutes.

    • Sylvia

      Hi Catherine,

      Yoga can help with bone strengthening, holding the weight bearing poses. However, I would be cautious about Bikram’s Hot Yoga as it is done in rooms set to about 41 C (105.6 F) to induce sweating. The room is too hot for the sweat to evaporate and can lead to over-heating of the body or heat stroke. (Dizziness, fainting, increased heart rate beyond normal.) Chances of injury are greater as the heat sometimes allows one to stretch too deeply.

      Check Vivian’s exercises for increasing bone density — you don’t need any special equipment. Or, if you can afford a good rebounder (mini-trampoline), regular rebounding can help increase your bone density. (It works for the astronauts!) Here’s a link to helpful info on rebounding. https://www.qibounding.com/rebounding_videos.html
      Scroll down to QiBounding Training – Intermediate level the last video in that section is on rebounding for strong bones…

      Good luck.

  9. Linda

    My daughter just sent me an article about the use of 2% nitroglycerin ointmet applied to the skin and after 2 years Toronto scientists found increased bone density of 6.2%. Also 14% in forearm and 25% in shins. They said that it blocks the bone devouring cells and boosts the bone building cells. The only drawback has been that 1/4 got bad headaches from the dilated blood vessels. Have you heard of this research and how do you feel about it?

  10. Donna Koester

    Speaking of peroxide My dentist at the University of Nebraska in 1985 told me to use it for a mouth wash. It does help keep your teeth white. I received a e-mail recently that said use it as a cleaner in the bathroom, on your counters and just about everything to disinfect against germs rather than use Clorax. It is also cheaper and helps you save at the grocery store. Thanks for the other ideas for safe brushing our teeth.

  11. LISE


  12. Rosemary

    I have osteoporosis mildly and started taking Adcal-D3 (Calcium carbonate and Vitamin D3) tablets 3 months ago. Within two months my nails had grown to the best they have ever been, and I was delighted. I am still taking the tablets, but my nails are now probably the worst they have ever been. Can anyone explain what is going on here please?

  13. linda kersman

    Why does your alkaline chart have most fruits in it while almost all online charts say they are acidic? This is a CRUCIAL question Vivian?

  14. Marilyn

    so glad to see there are other ways to help bone health. I cannot tolerate the drugs and my doctor has me pretty scared saying “I could break a bone getting out of bed”

  15. Sharon Bouchey

    Goodmorning Vivian Just wanted to say thank you for all the information you have sent me. Yes you are right about the effect your body has when you constantly don’t have have the proper amount of sleep. I used to fall asleep at the table after I ate. I now get 7 hours of sleep at night and feel much better for it. Thanks again

  16. Lois Moore

    Not a comment, but a question; If strontium is more important to our bones than calcium, what kind of strontium? How much daily? I know it’s supposed to be taken at least 2 hours separated from calcium, so is best taken at bedtime, but how much and what kind I don’t know.


  17. Kelsey Fickling

    My email has flown away I think!! I’ll do it again – Thanks for the information and the encouragement too. I know that I do not sleep enough – but will try harder – My son-in-law wants to give me a small bicycle to ride – but even though I was a good rider when I was young – I wouldn’t let him let go the seat – Do you think it is dangerous to ride – I’ve got good balance (thanks to Mike Ross exercises) but I’m soon to be 79years old – I do feel my legs need more to do – when I kneel down I do have trouble getting up – and I feel that is muscles lacking strength??? Blessings, Kelsey. X

  18. Kelsey Fickling

    Thanks again Vivian for the great information – I know I should get more sleep – I’m convinced I’m a night owl,but when I go to bed by 10p.m. I usually wake at about 4 a.m. – find it hard to go back to sleep – I listen to C.D’s etc and often wake up late and tired??? I’m hoping to have a bone density scan done shortly – looking forward to good results too!!! My son-in-law wants to give me a small bicycle for exercise – and as good a rider as I was when I want young – I’m afraid for him to let go the seat – should I persevere?? or is it dangerous – don’t want to break anything!! Blessings Kelsey X

  19. Glenda Khan

    Dear Viv, Thanks for the advice on sleep. I sleep maybe 4 hours a night. I’m 62 and after taking Actonel for 15 plus years, I stopped a few months ago. I am trying to change my lifestyle without Actonel. I am taking vitamin supplement, but I never realized how important sleep was. Thank you.
    Love, Glenda

  20. Ann Cavaliere

    Hi Vivian, I bought your book earlier this year, and I love it. My Dr. sent me for a bone density test and of course, it came back with bad news. This Dr. put me on Fosemax with the usual statements. I took one and throught I was going to die. That was the first and last Fosemax.
    Vivian, I also have high blood pressure and take 2 different pills to control this. I recently found out that one of these pills robs calsium from the bones. I discussed this w/my Dr. and we decided to temporarily stop this med and see how my blood pressure looks. So far, so good. I check my pressure every day and it looks good. So now my only problem is the Prilosec which I just found out also robs calcium from the bones. Unfortunately, if I don’t take this pill, I am ill all day and can’t eat. So, any suggesting for ACID REFLUX?

    • joellenoelle272

      change your diet.
      Eat your SALAD last instead of first.
      Cut back on coffee chocolate, sugar, caffeine.
      stay away from dairy! as vivian has said MILK DOES NOT DO A BODY GOOD! It is the hardest thing for your body to digest. your body steals calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid that is trying to digest the milk.

      Eat your last meal early in the day..stay upright do not even sit down for a couple hours till you have had time to digest. Go for a walk.

      if you have a bd case of heart burn
      try an aloe vera beverage, pure aloe gel available at health stores. it heals the esophogus too! tastes bad but think of the healing.

      try a spoonful of mustard or eat a pickle a day
      You need the right acid to digest your food. Eat almonds. Keep reading everything you can about healty bones. check out forum at NOF

      • maisie

        I am new to this site – can anyone tell me what NOF is please?

  21. Bea Justice-Salyers

    Once again, I say, “Thanks, Vivian for your informative information which is always thought provoking. I check my daily email for a much appreciated one from you. Please keep them coming. Regards, Bea

  22. mary t ball

    Thank you Vivian for useful info on mobile phones, does the same apply to cordless phones too?

    What is the best form of calcium and vitamine D supplement?


  23. betty schultz


  24. Jean Esler

    Vivian, Are you familiar with Dr John Lee and his book” What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”? He advocates using natural progesterone cream to reverse bone loss. What do you think of this? Thank you for your research and this website.

  25. Gloria Ferriday

    Hi, I have been following your diet tips for some time now, and I have to day that I feel great. However, it has recently been reported in our news reports here in the uk that taking calcium can increase the risk of hear attacks?! I am still taking my calcium and magnesium and sticking to the diet, but am a rather curious to what you may think of this. I’m just wondering if this is just another scare tactic to make women like me go back to their doctors and start taking fosimax/actonel etc. Thanks. Gloria

  26. marlene

    I have been very concerned since I read that taking calcium increases your chances of a heart attack 30% and I take Fosamax and need the calcium for it to be effective. I haven’t taken either one for the past 3 weeks and would like to find something safe. Just started reading your articles and am very interested.

  27. Nu Ly

    I had cronic insonic problem 5 years ago, even I didn’t take the sleeping pill. But I took
    “Melatonin” or some else health food.

    Since I change my eating habit, now, I can sleep very well, I still not reach to the standard 80/20. vivian, thank you for your help.

  28. Audrey Lees

    I am aware how much better I feel after a good sleep. Un fortunately nearly every night I need to go to the WC after about 4 hrs sleep. I have nothing to drink or eat after 6.30pm & go to bed about 10pm. Do any readers know a remedy for this ? Fortunately I can usually go to sleep reasonably quickly but sleeps of 3/4hrs, break, then another 3/4 hrs are not as helpful as 7 hrs straight. Anyone any ideas ?

    • Joy Robertson

      Am trying to meet the 80/20 food requirement. Not there yet but will continue because it makes sense to me. Enjoy reading others commets.

    • Sandy Boone

      Read the book, Lights Out. I sleep better since I implemented their suggestions. The most helpful suggestion was to sleep in a totally-dark room.

      • hana blume

        and wear socks so your feet won’t be cold. and use a down lightweight comfort so you’ll be warm but not weighed-down. and don’t use your computer at night.

  29. Christine

    Thank you Vivian for such an informative book, not to mention the alternatives available for bone health. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in two vertebrae in the spine just recently and you guessed it, my Doctor immediately brought out the prescription pad. I told him straight out that I was not going to take any such medication and that I would research alternatives myself and consequently, I came across your web site.

    Thank you also for the continual welcome updates and emails, they are so informative and interesting.


  30. Elaine Schaeffer

    Always interesting. The Light ‘N Tasty Ginger Viggies are the best. Thank you.

  31. Carole Hayes-Berg

    I was at high risk a year ago according to my DEXA Scan. A Health Screening program report showed me at low risk less than a year later. I took charge of my health and followed your program. Thanks for sharing. Carole

  32. Pat

    I have had cronic insomia for over 10 years and have taken sleeping pill. I really do think the cortisol level are high and have had stress in my life for a while. Every time I go to sleep study they tell me I an doing all the right things. Now I don’t know what to do. I even took off a month from work and it helped some. Now when I drift off to sleep I wake up. Some nights I might sleep 2 hours and sleep the next night ok meaning waking up 2 or 3 times. Any suggestion from anyone that has gone through this.

    • Claire

      I’ve tried many things to help calm my mind when I go to sleep. I have finally found that for me, taking 200mg of chelated magnesium before bed works. FINALLY!

      Check with your doctor first. (I didn’t, but a pharmacologist recommended this for me.)


    • CJ Murdock

      I highly recommend the book “Say Good Night to Insomnia” by Gregg D. Jacobs, PhD. While caregiving for my husband during the last 18 months of his life, I was under severe stress & became addicted to Ambien to help me sleep. After reading this book, I was able to get off the Ambien. Dr. Jacobs developed the Behavioral Medicine Insomnia Program at Harvard Medical School’s Deaconess Hospital in Boston in 1991, the first non-drug insomnia program of its kind in the country. So he knows what he’s talking about!

  33. jeanne arden

    dear Vivian-I ordered Save Your Bones Program in Dec. Received my subscription but when I saw your recently advertiwed book, I emailed and. as a special favor ro me? sent in another check for the book only. I did my business with Michael from customer support. the check was in the amount of $33.50. I received Save your bones in paperback. For a second payment, I feel I am entitled to the hard cover book, don’t you. After all I paid twice for tne program!. Kindly check my file and retirn an answer. Lov e your onlime info.
    Jeanne Arden

  34. lynne burgess

    As ever I am grateful for your tips.They keep me on my toes regarding my bone health regime.
    Thank you so much….

  35. Myrna

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for your recent article on getting enough sleep as I have a problem with sleeping throughout the night. I tend to wake at least twice most nights. I don’t seem to have a problem falling asleep initially as I find that reading helps a lot. I usually wear ear plugs (Ohropax)to keep sounds out and these work really well. Hope this helps our Save Our Bones Community. I would like to place an order for the Osteoporosis Reversal Program but will have to wait until I can afford to do so. Keep up the good work.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Myrna,

      Yes, earplugs can be a great solution!

      And about not being able to afford the book at this time, I completely understand. Please continue to enjoy all the free articles, exercises, and recipes here on the site.

  36. Juan Concha

    Thanks very much for this important and relevant information. My GP and Specialist recomend to me “Total hip replacement surgery”
    Maybe in the next year am taking the big decission . Thanks one more time for all your information.Regards, Juan

  37. Joane Chamberlain

    Hello Vivian,
    I’m a physical therapist and believe your information is very valuable. I really like your website. May I ask who your designer is?

  38. Frances Jeffs

    Hello Vivian,

    I would get your “save our bones” book, but I live in Australia, and I have had problems paying for things over there and not receiving them.

    I wonder if you have an ‘e’ book on save our bones. I can download it no problems and it is so much simpler and cheaper as well.

    Thanking you

    • Christine

      Hi Frances

      I also live in Australia and I ordered and paid for my book online and received it exactly one week later with no problems whatsoever.

      This book provides such fascinating reading and information.

      Good luck with it


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Frances,

      Yes, the Program is available as an ebook along with all the supplemental materials in a downloadable format. To order it go to the Digital delivery order form.

  39. Ms. L.

    Hi! Vivian,

    As Always, This Was A VERY Informative Article, And Gives Me MUCH To THINK ABOUT. Thank You VERY MUCH For ALL YOUR WONDERFUL ADVICE!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  40. Herbert Howton

    Hi Vivian,I enjoy your letters and comments,It gives me more confidence to discus my problems with my doctor and question him when he prescribes my medication ,We now enjoy talking over your views when i visit .Thank you so much .


  41. Barbara

    When I check my email and there’s an email from Save Our Bones, it’s the first one I read and I’ve never, ever been disappointed. Thank YOU, Vivian. I look forward to many more of your informative emails.

  42. Veronica

    Thank you so very much. I will be conscious of where I place the cell phone.

  43. Suseela Dasari

    It is very important message that sleep improves bone density & also invigorates life forces. the body works much harder during sleep to repair & process the systems to function normally at its best. Vivian, You are the BEST happened to this community! I spread your teachings.

  44. Sharon

    Could you please advise about Rooibos red tea,
    I have not seen anything about the safety of this tea? Thank You

    • Sandy Boone

      Try doing research online. I understand it is extremely high in antioxidants. And it is tasty. I also a little stevia. Yumm.

  45. Shula

    thank you Vivian. Today I saw a Dr. who wants to test me for food allergies, according to the symptoms I described to him. I wonder what you think about this, wonder if the feedback from this test can help with the bone density.

    • Fredy

      Thanks for the comment. A few ptions Recalls are not the terrible indictment of commercial diets that they are often trumpeted to be. Many are precautionary and don’t actually turn up a problem. And those that do are an example of the system that protects our pets working and getting diets that are a problem off the store shelves. You can assume that they are the tip of the iceberg or representative of a systemic problem in the diets, but you are just guessing at that.Raw diets don’t get recalled much because 1) most of them are homemade and no one is monitoring quality of safety and 2) there are far fewer commercial diets and they are generally marketed by smaller companies for whom a non-mandatory recall would be too costly. You clearly bellieve raw diiets are safer than commercial (or home-cooked?) diets, but that is an opinon based on intuition and philosophy, not an evidence-based decision. If you have some solid evidence to support that, please share it. For just a few examples of the potential dangers of raw diets, see: Chengapappa, M., et al. Prevalence of Salmonella in raw meat diets used in racing greyhounds. J Vet Diag Invest 1993;5:372-7.Finley, R. et al. The risk of Salmonella shedding by dogs fed Salmonella-contaminated commercial raw food diets. Can Vet J 2007;8:69-75.Freeman L., Michel, K., Nutritional analysis of 5 types of Raw Food Diets. JAVMA March, 2001;218(5): 705.Joffe, D., Schlesinger, D. Preliminary assessment of the risk of Salmonella infection in dogs fed raw chicken diets. Can Vet J 2002;43:441-442.Lauren , S., et al, Computer analysis of nutrient sufficiency of published home-cooked diets for dogs and cats. Proc ACVIM Forum 2005.Weese, J. et al. Bacteriological evaluation of commercial canine and feline raw diets. Can Vet J 2005;46:513–516. Stiver, S. et al. Septicemic salmonellosis in two cats fed a raw meat diet. J AM Anim Hosp Assoc 2003;39:538-42.Strohmeyer, R.A., et al., Evaluation of bacterial and protozoal contamination of commercially-available raw meat diets for dogs. JAVMA 2006;228:537-542. As for your personal experiences, as compelling as they are for you, they aren’t a sound basis for generalizations about diets. I can cite plenty of individual experiences with patients who have experienced the problems with bones the FDA lists.. They DO happen. How often, who knows. But again, since there is no benefit to feeding bones, there is no excuse for taking even a relatively small risk.

    • Lena Larsen

      A comment to Shula
      I don´t know how this works, your question is more than 4 months old so perhaps you will never read this ?? Anyway some years ago I met a nutritional & herb therapist who did a test “ImuPro” on me for a special food allergy, a test for IgG !! antibodies to foods that she told me might play a role in the development of chronic ailments and are triggered by a delayed (type III) food allergy. I then had a special diet for a year (because of the results of my food allergy test) and in addition I ate a lot of alkaline food and took supplements like calcium, magnesium, vit D3 and vit K2. Before the special diet year I had Spine T-score -3,6 and after -2,8 so it looked like my bones got better but ofcourse I can´t be sure that the special diet was the reason.
      Best of luck with your bones. Lena

  46. Celestina Marie

    Hi Vivian,
    Great info about the cell phone location and getting proper sleep. I asked a question about raw calcium last email info and how it relates to the recent calcium reports.
    How can we get answers to questions here? or is there another email address we can send questions. Your response is appreciated.
    Have a wonderful Summer day!
    Celestina Marie

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Celestina Marie,

      I do try to respond to as many comments as I can. I realize there’s a backlog, and I’m working on whittling it down.

      You can often get a more timely response by submitting your question to our support team. Just click on the “Customer Support” link at the top of any page on this site.

  47. Donna Farrell

    I ordered your book and paid over $60 for it last winter. I understood that I would have half an hour phone time with you. How do I get that done? Thank you.

  48. Virginia

    People are asking great questions. When will you, Vivian, be answering them. Are you okay? Are you on vacation? We need to know!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Virginia,

      Please see my response to Celestina Marie.

  49. irenvass

    Ibeen doing all the things as you say ,,,,how ever if it is ereditary ther is nothing that you can do and that is a fact ,no pills or exercise will renew youre bones .

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Irenvass,

      The importance of heredity in the disease process is often misunderstood. Just because you may have a genetic predisposition to osteoporosis (or any other condition, it doesn’t mean you are automatically destined to develop the condition.

      Diet,exercise, and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference regardless of your genes.

  50. Jean

    Martha F said she found organic calcium supplements at her local health food store. Martha, I’d like to know more details about that – what health food store, what supplement. I sure would like to avoid having to mail order these!
    Thanks again to Vivian for her info regarding life style choices – so good to know!

    • Maria c rhodes

      Viviam; iam using EZorb calcium Aspartate Anhydrous ,it is in power form , is also organic. their http://www.EZorbOnline.com assures it is the best their infoline is 1 800 395 5715
      Have you hear about it? is it really good? thanks Maria

  51. Genevieve Sudges

    Does anyone know anything about a bone-timulator machine? I have to wear it for 10 hours a day right now since I have no new bone growth since April in my femur. I do have some appliance in there as I broke my femur a year ago. In April the appliance broke that the dr. put in a year ago and I had to have surgery to get the old one out and put in a new one. The bone-stimulator is apain and I wonder if anyone has heard about them.

  52. jodeen fletcher

    Last October, my Ob/GYN Dr.’s nurse called and told me I have osteoporosis and the Dr. wanted to start me on Boniva right away. I told her I was leaving for Texas to see my daughter the next day and needed time to think about this. During the next two weeks I researched and came across your program. Needless to say, this was a blessing in disguise. As it turned out, I was given an inaccurate report because the diagnosis was actually osteopenia, which is still not good, however. I would never take any drugs for this and everything you say makes 100% sense!! I continue to advocate your program and tell others of your research.
    Thank you SOOOO much!!!!!

  53. Sandy Boone

    “Lights Out” is a terrific book about the benefits of good sleep.

  54. Margaret Wilkins

    Thanks Vivian, you always make me feel better. Keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing from you,,, Margaret, Canada.

  55. barbara

    I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips and lower back. age 67 yrs young. For twenty years I have been taking citracal 1500mg and for two years
    Vit D-3. Plus eating a diet with lots of
    Vit D.
    What else should I be doing?

  56. Jeannette Grant

    Do you have any more of the slightly imperfect books that you were selling at a discount a few months ago. I would like to have your book, but the price is discouraging me. Thanks.

  57. Adetutu

    I am glad you talked about the cell phone. A more serious issue is the issue of computer related health issues. We are at the computer so long in a position that uses few muscles contrary to our normal coded way of not looking directly at a source of light. Coupled with this is the fact that we are exposed to artificially generated electromagnetic fields like the cell phone but with higher intensity. Today most cell phones also serve as minicomputers and so the depletion body nutrients and biochemicals resulting from prolonged computer use are suffered by cell phone users who do not use the computer but do a lot of texting. I have written several books on this issue and how and why they develop and how to identify, minimize, manage and treat them. In my opinion we are all in a state of denial about this issue and even though my books are the only source of information on this issue and you would expect them to be a best sellers by now. but they are not because everyone is hoping ignorance will be bliss. Unfortunately this denial is further evidence of the types of biochemicals that have been depleted in users. I hope you will join me in getting awareness out. I am someone who suffered life-threatening issues from long term computer use and was miraculously healed, I believe so as to warn others about what they need to do. Please read this non audio video

  58. Martina Vallier

    You have been such an inspiration to me !
    Thank you !
    I creased-up with laughter about:Dr.’s “practicing medicine ”
    My Dr. prescribed me a very strong antidepressant and a strong painkiller
    for my diagnosed osteoarthritis in my neck ,trapped nerve C4 C5!!! She told me to see how I get on and come back to see her in 2 weeks time !
    I called her and told her she must be on commision with the pharma co. to push their products ! Needless to say I did NOT take any of these pills ! Nor will I go to see that Dr.again.
    I am treated with acupunture to control the
    incredible pain ,take Magnesium calcium & zinc
    and generally revised my diet !
    Any other ideas are wellcome !
    Martina UK

  59. Sheila Smith

    I was happy to read your article about plants. I have at least one in every category you mentioned. I especially love shasta daisies and have them in the kitchen often. Thank you for the updates that you send.

  60. Alex

    Brilliant! – really happy with all this info, and beautiful story – all makes so much sense – thankyou!!!!

  61. Eleanor D'Antoni

    My question is does taking thyroid medication affect your bones.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Eleanor, Elisabeth & Valerie,

      Thyroxine replaces the normal hormone that the thyroid gland produces. It doesn’t have any bad side-effects as long as it’s given in the proper dosage.

      Be aware that one of the reasons why the thyroid may get “lazy” has to do with high levels of ingested fluoride, since in some cases it slows down the production of the thyroid hormone. Due to the high content of fluoride in some city tap waters and with the normal fluoride we unknowingly consume, such as in black and green tea (as an example), there has been a huge epidemics of hypothyroidism in the past few decades.

      I recommend that you find out if your city is fluoridating the water. If that’s the case, try to buy bottled water purified by reverse osmosis. None of the commercially sold filters (including Britta) filter fluoride, and boiling the water actually INCREASES the fluoride concentration.

    • Marilyn Ross

      Great question. Have been taking two thyroid pills & took myself off after side effects . Have worn halter monitor . no results yet/ Waiting for specalist to call re Thyroid & talked to pharma. . Told Dr. have stopped pills. . have done research on this . One finding no gluten which am on a low gluten diet due to wheat & other intolerence. Need to buy new cookbooks. Kevin Trudeau books also mention how bad cell phones , microwaves & more are not good for our health.
      Have recommened this web sites to others . They are very grateful for this great community. Knowledge is power. Thanks Vivian.

    • elisabeth

      I need to know that also!

      • Valerie

        Great question! I read your book and did not see any mention of this. I take thyroid hormones due to a thyroidectomy in 2001. I would love to know if this affects my bones and if so, how I can “save my bones!” I hope you respond soon. Thank you!

  62. jean habig

    Thanks for all your tips.I have your book,”SAVE YOUR BONES”,

    and am enjoying it and using it.My time is little but when I can fit it in I’m at it.

  63. Alexandra Van Horn

    Great article! Thank you!!

  64. Gerri D.

    Dear Vivian,
    This E-mail confirms what I have known for a while,that finding you online has been a blessing to my life. Everything you said is such truth and “The truth shall set you free”.

  65. Debbie

    thank you Vivian for the new information that you send to me all are so helthfull to better undersand osteoporosis.

  66. Rebecca Sullivan

    Ms. Vivian, I’m so goad I found you. Yes, I’ve learned to question some things doctors tell me. Most of them only know how to write prescriptions, not help patients to find other solutions to their medical problems. Thank you for all you do. Rebecca

  67. Nura

    Hey Vivian, Thanks for everything. all your information are helpful and I like them all. Take care and have fun.

  68. Laura M Stevens

    I was diagnosed with osteoporsis from my internist who said to me take boniva, or actenol,read, do your homework and get back to me. Because of your website and information I decided not to take anything for a year, knowing how detrimental those drugs are. I got a second bone density scan from a more reputable place and it turns out I have osteopenia, not osteoporsis. I went 10 months feeling frail and I’m only 52 years old and a personal trainer. Imagine how I felt with this diagnosis. Please have everyone get a 2nd opinion before doing what their Dr. orders!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s a great point, Laura. Don’t blindly accept what your doctor says, especially if their conclusions and recommendations don’t feel right to you.

      Learn all you can and take charge of your health!

  69. Joan L Miller

    The information you share with us via e-mail has been invaluable to me. It has encouraged me to be my own health advocate and I am so grateful for your continous research. Thank you so very much, and please never stop keeping your readers up-to-date!

  70. Naomi

    Last year I quit taking Actonel due to problems with my jaw after dental surgery. This year I went for my physical and asked if I could have a bone density test since I quit taking my actonel. It had been over a year since I had one and my previous tests had been getting steadily worse results. When I asked my new doctor to request the test now that I had been off the drug, her response was that if she didn’t perscribe one of the osteo drugs (Boniva, actonel, fosamax), she could not substantiate ordering me a bone density test. My response to her was to put that statement into writing. Needless to say she did order the test. I can’t imagine why she would say that and I hope that other physicians are not saying that to other women.

  71. Elizabeth M. Wright

    Hello Rita:
    I kept chocking when eating, and finally went to a doctor at the age of 58, and she told me that I was born with 2 webs in my throat and promptly took 1 out. What a relief… I still cannot swallow pills, so I crush them, put them in a spoon, carefully dribble warm water over the pill and with a glass of water handy, swallow it. So far, so good… no problem. I always ask the doctor or pharmacy if I can crush them… if not, I ask for the liquid form. I hope that this information helps you… Good Luck …
    Blessings… Elizabeth W.

  72. Martha Ford

    I have a question more than a comment, it is the relation of de-caffineated coffee to bone loss, and how much can I have, I really don’t want to give it up altogether if I can at least have some.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Martha,

      Go ahead and enjoy one or two cups of coffee a day. Coffee, especially organic coffee, is rich in antioxidants, and if you could replace the milk in it (with organic soy milk or almond milk), it’s even better. And you can have some alkalizing snacks before or after to enhance your alkalizing reserves.

  73. Rita

    I have real problem with my jaw. I have suffer with TMJ all my life and arthic is eating my jaw away but surery the odds are against me. My bones are brittle and they want to put me on reclast it sound good but I don’t need any more problem with my jaw. I would like to purchase your book but I don’t order anything on line can i have your address and i can send a check. Oh if you book is telling to take natural pills at the health store i went that way and I have a problems with pill taking and had to take them apart and than my mouth started to burn. Yes I suffer with burning mouth off and on.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Rita,

      If you choose not to order online, you can either call us to place your order that way, or you can order by mail with a check or money order.

      To order by phone, call 1-888-752-7563.

      To order by mail, go to https://saveourbones.com/mail/ and follow the simple instructions.

  74. Marysia Dunlop

    Hi Vivian 🙂

    I have to agree with everything that you said, my little granddaughter aged two and 3 months is always asking questions. So I too think it is important to do the same when a doctor says you need this pill or that one to help your bones. I now ask questions as to whether I really need them or not. I think that common sense now prevails with most people in this land.

    Good food , fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of exercise and the best vitamin A that you can get for absolutely free is the sun.

    Have a nice day

    • Martha Ford

      I agree here,I don’t need the problems the meds give you, and I found organic calcium supplements at the Health Food store near my home so I did not have to order them on-line. Still have trouble giving up my coffee completely.

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