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The doctor-patient relationship plays an important role in health outcomes, yet its foundations have shifted significantly in recent decades. With the advent of the internet and digital communication, information about health has become easy to access and share.

Now, patients can actively participate in their healthcare. This relatively new phenomenon has been labeled patient empowerment, and studies have found that empowered patients have better health outcomes.

In this article, you’ll learn how to become an empowered patient and the benefits it offers for your bones and overall wellness. We’ll also consider whether the word “patient” is even appropriate for Savers, given the relatively recent redefinition of osteoporosis as a disease.

What Defines An Empowered Patient

The classic doctor-patient relationship casts the doctor as an all-knowing figure who assumes total control over the health decisions of his or her patient. The patient becomes like a child– ignorant and incapable of making choices for his or herself.

However, this model has become outdated and inapproriate. The internet allows everyone the ability to do research and access technical information about health and wellness. The ease of digital communication means that people can now share experiences and information. Instead of being ignorant, patients can be quite well-informed.

With this newfound knowledge, patients can participate in their health care, making informed decisions about interventions and treatment plans with their doctors. It also means doctors and patients can communicate with more fluency since patients often understand more about healthcare and their condition.
Knowledge is the essential foundation of patient empowerment.


With the advent of the internet and digital communication, patients are no longer necessarily ignorant and passive. Now patients can do research, learn, and make healthcare choices together with their doctors.

Knowledge May Not Be Enough

One study found that knowledge alone wasn’t enough to improve health outcomes.1

The systemic review of studies about patient empowerment was published in Translational Behavioral Medicine. The study's authors found that knowledge was most effective when combined with “goal setting” and “action planning”. When patients were able to apply their knowledge in this way, their outcomes were better.1
Achieving the improved outcomes associated with patient empowerment requires a doctor who is receptive to patient participation, highlighting the importance of choosing the right doctor. If you have a doctor who is unwilling to listen to your questions and suggestions, then it doesn't matter how knowledgeable you are.


A systematic review of studies on patient empowerment found that for a patient's knowledge to improve their outcomes, it must be paired with goal setting or action planning. That underscores the importance of having a doctor who is open to creating a plan with their patients.

Savers Are Active Participants In Their Bone Health

Within the context of osteoporosis, the concept of the empowered patient encounters a challenge: osteoporosis does not conform to the traditional definition of a disease. Osteoporosis, as we know it today, was invented in the 90s to create a market for osteoporosis drugs through a process called disease mongering.

Bone loss naturally occurs with aging and it can be slowed and reversed through natural, drug-free, behaviors.

This fact makes it extra important for Savers to learn about bone health and participate in the process of making healthcare decisions about how to improve bone quality and prevent fractures. Even though we may be stuck with the term “patient” due to the Medical Establishment, it doesn’t mean we can’t make our own decisions about our lives, our health, and our future.

As studies show, when people are informed, engaged, and actively planning their health goals and interventions, they have better outcomes.


Osteoporosis isn't a disease, so people with an osteoporosis diagnosis aren't truly patients, but that's the nomenclature we're stuck with thanks to the Medical Establishment. Bone loss is a natural part of aging, so it's extra important for Savers to be empowered so they can collaborate with their healthcare professionals on interventions that will improve bone quality and prevent fractures.

What This Means To You

The Save Institute aims to transform potentially passive osteoporosis “patients” into active participants in the pursuit of stronger, healthier bones. The Osteoporosis Reversal Program provides the full guide to living a life that leads to better bone health. It provides the knowledge, the goals, and the achievable actions that empower Savers to speak to their doctors with confidence about the right plan for preventing and reversing osteoporosis without drugs. The ORP even includes a set of Doctor Communication Tutorials to make it easy to have effective conversations with medical professionals.

Knowledge is power. Continue to enhance your knowledge and use it to cultivate a lifestyle that fosters stronger bones.



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  1. Carol

    I came upon the Save Institute a number of years ago. Back then, it had a small following. I do remember Vivian saying back then that the Osteoporosis as a disease was created to open the door for osteoporosis drugs. I just don’t remember the details about that aspect that were given. Vivian, can you point me to the link that talked about it. It was a very long time ago. And, thanks for all you do. I have had a doctor that offered those drugs a couple of times but stopped when he realized I stuck to my guns about not taking them. One day when he was out and I had to see another doctor, that doctor kept pushing them on me and trying to find backdoor ways to convince me. My doctor has now retired and I have to see another doctor. I want a refresher on how to fight for my right not to take those meds and for my words to be accepted. Thanks!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Carol,
      I thank you for being a part of the Saver community for many years! And here are a some of the links to the articles you’re requesting:

      And remember that the ORP includes Doctor Communication Tutorials, as shown on this website:

      “Inside you’ll find effective communication techniques you can use to establish an open and honest dialogue with your doctor. You’ll also discover:

      How to match your doctor to the five doctor personality profiles and how to best communicate with each type.

      Sample dialogues with each personality type so you’ll be ready for your next visit with your doctor.

      A study you can mention to your doctor that proves you are in the majority when seeking alternative, drug-free solutions to osteoporosis.

      And much more.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Brenda Upson

    Dear Vivian
    A number of years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and ofcourse my doctor immediately wanted to prescribe a drug. I said no thank goodness. I had been doing some research and thankfully came across your on-line information which confirmed my doubt and questions about certain drugs and have been receiving your online information ever since which is truly valuable so I thank you. I have always tried to work on my health and fitness and despite being small boned and with osteoporosis I have never broken a bone and have remained the same height at 74 years old that I have always been as an adult. So far so good! Thank you again to you and your team. Good health always.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re welcome and I thank you for sharing your story with us, Brenda!

  3. Ali Foster

    Hi there, I just wondered if anyone had any experience with extreme bone and joint pain in their hip/knee area from taking Fosamax. I wondered if there was any way to actually confirm that it was the drug that caused 10/10 pain that that started 4 days after my 12th weekly dose of Fosamax( which I then stopped immediately.) Six weeks later, the pain has almost gone, but xrays, ultrasounds, multiple doctor visits have come up with no other physical explanation for the pain.

  4. Cordelia Middleton

    I have subscribed to your site since its get go as I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in 1989 following a fall down a flight of stairs in which I sustained crushed vertebrae. Thanks to a naturopath friend this was reversed via supplementation and 25 years later my bones were deemed normal for my age group. Your advice is invaluable for most sufferers of this insidious disease. Please make it more known that there are two groups that are invariably overlooked (I’m in both categories):
    (1) Women who undergo early menopause; (2) People with thyroid issues who are incorrectly treated such as being overdosed with thyroxine by medics who seem to know as little about thyroid disease as they do about osteoporosis.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for your kind words and for your suggestions, Cordelia! I’m so happy to know that you’ve been successful at improving your bone health 🙂

  5. Ita

    Thank you, Ita.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      My pleasure, Ita!

  6. Phyllis Perron

    looking forward to learning more about bone health.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sounds good, Phyllis 🙂

  7. Coral Vorster

    The offer below
    “The Top 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Damaging Your Bones… And More!
    Stop The Bone Thieves! report
    Email course on how to prevent and reverse bone loss
    Free vital osteoporosis news and updates.

    When i insert my email address an error message comes up as follows:

    the part followed by @ should not contain the symbol ‘,’.
    I do not understand as i do not insert ‘,’. followed by @

    • Save Institute Customer Support

      Dear Coral,
      We are sorry about the issue you’re experiencing, and are happy to help you out. Please check your email inbox within the next 24-48 hours.
      In excellent health, ‘
      Customer Support

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