A Bone-Building Bracelet? - Save Our Bones

What if I told you that there’s a bracelet you can wear to help you build your bones? It may sound like magic, but it’s actually true. I’ll explain.

Chances are you already know that breathing the right way helps build your bones. But it’s easy to forget to do it. I know this because it happened to me until I decided to take action.

In today’s post, I am going to show how exactly what I did. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to remind yourself to breathe correctly.

How You Breathe Matters A Lot!

To reap all the bone health benefits of deep breathing you need to be conscious of how you breathe. This means deliberately breathing deeply throughout the day (more on this later).

Also, bear in mind that tension and stress can impair you from breathing properly. Here’s why: most of us tend to tighten our muscles in response to stress, and we take shallow breaths. You may even hold your breath without realizing it. In fact, the vast majority of people only use about one-third of their total lung capacity.

Deep Breathing Helps Your Bones and Your Health

When you take deep breaths, it…

  • Balances body alkalinity
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Enhances focus

How to “Power Breathe”

In addition to breathing deeply as much as possible throughout the day, you can also practice this simple breathing exercise that increases your lung capacity and ensures you’re using your diaphragm muscles:

  1. Sit up straight (good posture is vital for taking deep breaths, and deep breathing promotes good posture).
  2. Slowly inhale, imagining your lungs filling all the way.
  3. Exhale in two steps: first, exhale quickly as if you’re blowing out a match. The purpose is to activate your oft-neglected diaphragm muscle.
  4. Next, finish your exhalation slowly and empty your lungs completely. Expelling the CO2 from your lungs is as important as taking in oxygen.
  5. Inhale slowly again, this time filling the bottom of your lungs first.
  6. Pause for just a moment before you exhale, giving the oxygen plenty of time to saturate your cells.
  7. Exhale slowly and empty your lungs completely.
  8. Repeat 5 or 6 times, or as many times as you wish.

The Trick: The Bone-Building Bracelet

Because breathing is something so natural, we automatically do it without thinking. So to become conscious of breathing right, we need a reminder. That’s where the makeshift bracelet trick comes in!

All you need to do is place a loose-fitting rubber band around your wrist. Each time you see it, you’ll remember to breathe properly. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I can tell you it really works.

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a rubber band, you can certainly choose a different “bracelet.” Another idea is to place sticky notes at strategic places throughout your home, car, or office space with “Breathe” or even just the letter “B” written on them.

The good news is that as you keep practicing correct breathing, it will become a habit, and eventually, you won’t need to even think about it.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you plan on wearing your own bone-building bracelet by leaving your comment below!

Till next time,

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  1. Merl734

    I have also heard that certain minerals and crystals like apatite can help build bones. Some people wear necklaces and bracelets made of beneficial minerals composed of quartz silicates, calcites and other minerals like apatite, howlite, fluorite, jade, quartz crystals, etc. Interesting.

    • Kath

      I love crystals. I know from recent experience that fluorite most definitely helps ‘melt away’ pain, so it wouldn’t surprise me if crystals can help in many different ways. My husband and I have had 6 instances over the past 2 weeks where we’ve been experiencing pain, and holding pieces of fluorite over the painful place gets rid of the pain. On two different occasions I dealt with bad sinus pain by holding fluorite over the painful areas. And we’ve dealt with 3 other types of pain this way too. Thanks for mentioning this. I’m going to look in my favourite crystal book Crystal Bible by Judy Hall to choose my bone-friendly crystal!!

  2. Joyce M

    VIVIAN: The Save Our Bones nutrition program, detailed info, diet books,food list/ingredients, etc are All great; But the “Bones” community needs more documentation of long term benefits of decreased fractures & Increased Dexa Bone Density results to be assured that all are progressing toward normalcy/healthy state. Can you send me review articles of series of examples showing this. Even though your personal DEXA improved over the first year of following the Program(?20%) if I remember the blog correctly; what has it done since then. I started the Program after Sternum & Rib Fractures in 2010(non-traumatic) with Dexa showing Osteopenia; but repeat Dexa after 2 years showed Osteoporosis. Fortunately no Fractues since 2010, but no Falls either. Further info along these lines will be greatly appreciated
    and add more credance to the use of “Bones”Program over long term.[ Have not taken any Biphosphonates for this.]

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Increasing your bone density is great, Joyce! But it’s only one aspect of bone health, as I write in the Program. 🙂 Tensile strength is just as important in preventing fractures, and in fact, a less-dense, flexible bone will be less likely to break than a very dense, brittle bone.

      If you’re interested in how the Program plays out long-term, I encourage you to check out our testimonials page! Here is the link:


  3. Marilyn Webb

    Vivian, Keep up the good work! I have osteoporosis and I am trying to follow your plan to correct this. In the future I will let you know if it has worked for me. I have one question, tho. In your new cookbook, you use vegetarian butter quite often. Please tell me where I can purchase this item. Do you have a name brand and is it called something else? Thank you in advance for the info and your great material. God bless, Marilyn

  4. pegge

    Thanks for the breathing tip. I try to do this throughout the day, especially during tense or stressful times. It does seem to relax you, Ill try the bracelet idea. Vivian or anyone, does anyone know about Tropical Oasis liquid Calcium Magnesium. It was recommended to me at Whole Foods, when I was getting my New Chapter Calcium tablets as they said New Chapter had a law suit against them for not really having Algae Cal in it. Do you know about this Vivian? I trust your opinion as I know you research a lot of things.The liquid calcium says it’s a 30 day supply, maximum absorption. What do you think about this? : ) Thanks!

    • kjtysick

      I have periodontal disease with some severe bone loss.Can I ever regain healthy jaws.My dentist wants me to take antibotics for lifetime, I refused.I am seeing a naturalpath.

  5. susan

    I am concerned about whey protein which has the amino acid Tryptophan in it, known to cause cancer. An article in Elaine Hollingsworth book states this.
    This is confusing.
    Susan – Australia

  6. Mattie

    I am in final stages of copd, some really bad air comes up in my mouth,
    i start the breathing (copd people call it purse) and it goes away. I know
    that the taste or what ever it is is carbon monoxide I just started getting
    this problem as my copd started getting terminal, I don’t have gerd.
    nobody knows what it is, maybe because the person that got it is dead
    and did not know about the special breathing you are trying to teach your followers/ some of them will really thank you some time in the future if not now. god bless

  7. Brenda

    I have multiple spinal fractures so I find it difficult to fully expand my lungs. Thanks for your excellent suggestion Vivian, I will try much harder now. Just off to find a rubber band.

  8. Monique O'Rourke

    Thank you for the ”bracelet” idea ! This will certainly help me as I have a tendency to do shallow breathing without being aware of it. Consequently, I am often tense.

    Question: I know that cow’s milk is acidic but if it’s organic, is it better ?

    Thank you for a reply

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Monique! I am so glad the bracelet idea is helpful to you. 🙂 Organic cow’s milk is certainly “better” in the sense that it would be free from hormones and pesticides; but it’s still an acidifying animal protein that is not good for your bones. 🙂

  9. Hilaire de Gast

    As a seven year old recovering from an operation; I was told to breathe deep to avoid getting Pneumonia. Slow and steady breathing has other benefits. 1. It can clear up a stopped up nose in about 5-10 minutes. 2. Deep breathing can warm up the body, fingers, and toes.(or a chill between hot flashes) 3. It can help to lose weight by burning fat cells, You might even sweat!

  10. Susan Kangas

    For Sue Oswald. A few years back I saw a rule of thumb that said to only use the lower (below waist) abdominal muscles to fill the lower lung, both the abdominal and chest muscles to fill the middle lung, and only the chest muscles for the upper lung area. I still did not find this so easy to do, but one evening as I lay on my side for a nap, I found it easy to do! Now if I get a bit of a wheeze, I can tell which area of the lungs are in need of clearing.

    As an observation, the abdominals and lower lung breathing…hm, exercising must do it automatically. Hm, have a tummy? Oh dear, must need to deep breathe (or exercise) more!

    When it comes to breathing, Dr. Mercola had some guy interviewed with him re. this matter, and his take was that the role of CO2 is important when it comes to breathing and that the push to “get more oxygen” is not so healthful. If I find it, Vivian, I will try to forward that you.

    Re. oxygen to the cells, there is a new book out by Brian Peskin, available at Healthy-Living.net (or org). The book is about cancer, but what blew my mind was learning that cell membranes can be blocked from allowing oxygen INTO the cells. And what blocks them – even if the blood is full of oxygen? Commercial vege oils. (Maybe if I got past the forward in the book I’d learn more things do also). But he recommends “parent essential oils”, which have an omega 3 and 6 ratio that will the membranes to let in oxygen.

    We were created with lungs, and now we have so many factors to louse up our air, and so much research discovering how breathing is meant to work. Gets very complicated indeed!

    But oh, so good to know that deep breathing strengthens bones! Never on my own would I have seen this! Thanks for the article and info!


  11. Joyce

    re a different matter…… If aspirin is bad for the bones…… what can be safely taken to alleviate the back and knee pain that still occurs here and there since I am no longer 22???

  12. Sue Oswald

    How can I determine if I am filling the bottom of my lungs first? I have
    no idea how to know that.

  13. Shirley

    Vivian-Thank you so much for all the information you provide. What a wonderful thing you are doing. I bought your program a few years ago after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. I am ashamed to say that I have not followed it as I keep telling myself I don’t have time to follow it. How’s that for a bad excuse? I am pulling your book out tonight and am now committed to following it. Love your suggestion about the breathing bracelet and intend to put mine on right after this comment. I have also been recently diagnosed with MAC lung disease and feel that this will help this condition. Thank you so much again.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Shirley, it’s never too late to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 🙂 I am so glad you’re on board; the Save Our Bones community is so helpful and supportive. Best of luck moving forward!

      • Shirley

        Vivian-Just another thank you for all your recomendations and support thru you websight, and, I am now wearing a bracelet and breathing better every day.

  14. Eloisa Vennesi

    Thank you very much for all you do for us…. Yes, I am already wearing my red rubberband bracelet…. I am going to breathe correctly the most I can throughout the day from now on…… Thank you very much, Vivian…..

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Eloisa!

  15. Frances Epsen

    I so appreciate your connecting breath to bone health. I started doing Heart Rhythm Meditation a little over 2 years ago and it involves breathing as you describe and meditating on your heart beat. If anyone is interested, they can learn more from website http://www.iamheart.org

  16. Gerri D.

    what a great idea ! I will start today.

  17. Irene

    Thank you for all your helpful advice I’ve got my “bracelet” on just now.

  18. Ronald Brown

    Have been breathing in through my nose and exhaling from mouth for past 40 plus years. Now 78 and still do not get out of breath.

  19. Linda Tobin

    Thank you Vivian,
    What a great idea, simple but so effective,

  20. Eileen

    Thank you, Vivian, for another great idea! I will start it today!

  21. Betty

    Thanks for the reminder to breathe. I have some excellent routines that I know but sometimes forget to do. So I will devise some measure to remind myself to do so.

  22. Diane

    I appreciate all your helpful tips for improving my bones. Will definitely
    try the bracelet.
    Thank you.

  23. Carol

    will try using the rubber band today

  24. Jane

    What a great idea—the rubberband bracelet. I have done something similar to remind myself of something before. I am giving it a try right now! Thank you.

  25. Carol Maleham

    I already wear a copper bracelet for arthritis so everytime I look at my bracelet I shall do the deep breathing exercises .Thank you Vivien.

  26. Alice

    I’m going to use a ponytail band on my wrist. It will also remind me to sit up and stand up straight throughout the day. Every time I sit down at my computer, I will do deep breathing.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Excellent idea, Alice!

  27. elizabeth Bevis

    Osteoporosis got bad after chemo. Followed diet and exercise tips as did not wish to take fosamax. Dexa scan shows it is stable. Have to be honest and say I follow it all 80% of the time. Have lapses, am human!

  28. Delores Parry

    Hi Vivian, it seems that DHEA, the hormone precursor, is widely known for its beneficial effect on postmenopausal osteoporosis. Clinical studies literally go back decades showing a positive effect as do more recent studies listed at the NIH website: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=dhea+osteoporosis

    I was surprised to see no results coming up on a search of your website for this. Any thoughts on DHEA for better, stronger bones?

    best wishes,

    Delores Parry
    Wilkes-Barre, PA

  29. Ruth

    VIVIENE – I hope this comment is permissible.
    I was told two days ago by the creator of ‘Allergyantidotes.com’ (through use of kineology) that my body does not absorb magnesium. Even though this is essential to ‘good’ calcium absorption, it does ‘not’ mean that calcium is not absorbed. However I understand that the quality of the absorption is compromised. Sandi has an easy method to diagnose and treat such deficiencies. Whatever your body needs and you are deficient in is considered a ‘sensitivity’ to that substance. . . .Although this is not a ‘bracelet’ comment I thought it might be of interest.

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