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I wrote a story that narrates one day in the life of two imaginary and very different women who share one thing in common: they were both diagnosed with osteoporosis. It begins with N. Slaved, the “perfect patient” who obediently follows the mainstream protocol to solve her bone health problems. The second heroine is I.M. Free, a “reluctant patient” who takes matters in her own hands and chooses to conquer osteoporosis without taking drugs. These are their stories…

The Story of N. Slaved

N. Slaved is turning 55 today, and as she wakes up from a heavy slumber – courtesy of her latest sleep-aid prescription – she is determined to make this day a special one. She steps out of bed, hoping it will be a bright and sunny day… Ouch!! If only her joints wouldn’t hurt so much… maybe she’s overdoing it with the step aerobics classes. Should she cut down to once every two weeks instead of once a week? Maybe not… her endocrinologist told her to try to “get active” and do some weight bearing exercises for her bones. So she joined the local gym and has been forcing herself to not miss a class. If only her joints wouldn’t hurt so much!

Outside, the sky is covered with dark menacing clouds, as if ready to unleash a rainstorm that would turn the snow into a grimy slush. “Not today”, she cries out loud. She is petrified of falling and breaking a bone. She knows all about the painful recovery after she fractured her ankle five years ago. That’s when she had her first ever DXA scan, and of course, it showed some bone loss. Not too bad, though, but bad enough that her doctor gave her an osteoporosis prescription she would have to take for many, many years… or else she could end up crippled in a wheelchair. Who wants that?

So on that fateful day she drove straight from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy and filled her prescription. If there was something she could do to strengthen her bones, she was certainly ready to take action. Her doctor wants to help her, but he is always in a rush… But he is a good man. He even sent her to the endocrinologist because of what he suspected was a slow thyroid.

And he was right! The slow thyroid could explain her recent weight gain and low energy. Oh, the blessings of Modern Science! One simple test and all the answers are there. It’s so easy… just one little pill each day and her thyroid problem became a thing of the past. That was six years ago, and now she’s taking a lot more than one pill a day. Hmm… let’s see.

She takes the daily osteoporosis tablet, then the thyroid pill, of course. And somehow the number of pills just kept growing, for no apparent reason. A prescription for the mysterious acid reflux she developed out of nowhere. Well, not out of nowhere… her doctor told her is part of “aging”. So twice a day the purple pill, and then, she also takes the pain meds. At least for now she can thankfully manage with over-the-counter pills. They cost a lot less. The pills help so long as she takes them every day, at the risk of getting a stomach ulcer…but lately her joints hurt her more than ever.

Oh, how those pesky years keep adding up! But it all happened so suddenly. Until she broke her ankle, she never had bad aches and pains, and her stomach was usually fine with just a couple of chewable antacids now and then. Strange, how aging is so cruel, she thought.

But her doctor is an optimist. He keeps telling her that as long as she takes her drugs, she’ll be fine and she’ll live a long life. Her thyroid, her stomach and her sleep are thankfully under control with those fantastic drugs. And she’s also working on her cholesterol with one tiny little pill that her doctor told her can do the trick. Amazing! Well, maybe not so amazing… her cholesterol is still too high, but at least it’s not getting worse. And it would be great if her T-scores would at least stabilize. The first couple of years there was some improvement, and then it all went back to where she started… A loud thunder brings her back to reality. She clears her throat and starts singing “Happy Birthday to me”.

Funny, she’s been noticing her voice keeps getting raspier lately, yet she was never a smoker. But her hoarse voice and the almost constant throat aches, especially when she swallows, is that also from aging? Could it be the flu, even though she got the flu shot this year? Doubtful, but she must remember to ask her doctor next time. And her appointment is coming up soon because her prescriptions need to be renewed yet again… Expensive! Even with her low co-pay she spends well over $100 a month for what she affectionately calls her “good health cocktail”. The osteoporosis pills alone cost her almost $40 for a one month supply! But it’s a small price to pay to REALLY be healthy and prevent dreadful fractures. She smiles, and limps over to her closet.

While getting dressed she decides to skip breakfast and treat herself to her favorite lunch: a double bacon cheeseburger, without the sliced tomato. Her gastroenterologist told her to never eat tomatoes or citrus fruits because they could aggravate her acid reflux. Thank goodness he’s watching out for her health! But on her birthday she’ll splurge and will have ketchup. Yes, she’ll order the cheeseburger with a diet cola and ice cream for dessert. It’s so easy to stay healthy!

The Story of I. M. Free

A loud thunder woke her up, and suddenly, a heavy curtain of water enveloped her garden, blocking its view and the bright yellow hammock she bought last week. It’s her birthday today! Has she really been in this beautiful planet for 55 years? She feels better than when she was 30!

Out of bed with a light and graceful step, she puts on her yoga pants, throws on a t-shirt and takes a deep breath. “Happy Birthday to me”, she hums, smiling as she walks to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. She’ll definitely work from home today; no sense in battling traffic in this downpour.

Baam! Another deafening thunder shakes the house as if an underground train was riding beneath the floor. She remembers the fateful day, five years ago, when she got off the city bus and tripped on the sidewalk. By the time she arrived to the office her ankle had swollen to twice its normal size and it was hurting tremendously. She checked herself into the emergency room, and in a couple of hours got the devastating news that her ankle was broken, and worse, that she had osteoporosis. “Take this prescription and fill it right away”, the doctor told her, “your bones are crumbling and you’ll end up in a wheel chair if you don’t take the drugs to cure your disease.” She had a dizzy spell and cried for a few minutes. Limping miserably down the long hospital hallway, she finally found a cab to go back home and think things over.

As the shock of the news was starting to wear off, her thinking got clearer. So her bones were crumbling? She’ll end up in a wheel chair? NEVER! She is a fighter and she will solve her bone health issues without the useless piece of paper the doctor gave her. With her ankle hurting in the tight cast, she searched the internet and read that osteoporosis is not a disease, that there is a drug-free and easy way to naturally have strong and healthy bones. This is the osteoporosis solution I’ve been looking for, she thought, and for a little more than the cost of one month of osteoporosis drugs, she ordered the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

The whistle of the distiller abruptly interrupts her day-dreaming. As she empties the water into the glass jars, she smiles, remembering how petrified she was when she decided not to fill the prescription. But the Osteoporosis Reversal Program she had gotten made so much sense. She immediately understood that drugs work against the body and that the Osteoporosis Reversal Program works with the wisdom of Nature. Good and balanced nutrition including the Foundation Foods and Supplements, the right type of exercises and specific relaxation techniques are the best bone “medicine” in the world. Soon after, her bones became strong, healthy, and most importantly, resilient and renewed. She has peace of mind, and her doctor is amazed at the improvement.

And she feels and looks great…nobody believes her age… Better yet, she is not afraid of falling and breaking bones because she knows that she is not meddling with her biology. Also, she never has pain anywhere, so she can stay in good shape and that helps her balance too. She smiles and realizes that she hasn’t filled any prescriptions for almost five years. Way to go, I.M.! She should pat herself on the back, especially today, on her 55th birthday.

Back to reality now… She’ll work for a few hours, then do some yoga stretches and go out to celebrate with her friends. While she has her breakfast, a delicious mixture of granola with strawberries and almond milk, she decides that next weekend she’ll visit her family in the mountains and they’ll go hiking for hours, as they usually do. It’s so much fun… Life IS beautiful!

Take your pick

So who would you rather be, N. Slaved or I.M. Free? Please write your comments below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Angela Holmes

    found your site checking why my prescribed calcium tablets didn’t include magnesium. I was fine till the Dr gave me statins. I am now the first lady, I thought I was dying, stopped the statins and it has taken months to get well. Fell and broke ankle, scan showed some softening of bones and I have a prescription of Calceos and Alendronic Acid which my instincts tell me is wrong.

  2. Betty

    This was a very creative portrayal! I am quite discouraged. I tried to gradually extend the time between taking my GERD medication (not a blue pill but does the same thing to reduce acid in your stomach). Unfortunately the horrible acid rebound happened and my throat was often burning which I knew was endangering my esophagus and throat lining so today I decided I have to take it every day as I had been doing.The only other option I know is surgery to the lower sphincter muscle which has dubious outcomes. I know this pill is endangering my bones and if I go on bone drugs the two will be warring against each other with my bones. I am trying to follow the program but am losing weight and people are starting to notice as I am a slim person.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Betty, I am so sorry you are discouraged! Have you tried cutting back on your GERD medication gradually? Some people have had success cutting the pills into smaller doses and gradually reducing the amount. I hope this helps!

  3. Janet UK

    Vivian got these stories so right! Could be about me! I’ll be 69 in January and before all my problems was told I had very high colestoral! Was taken off statins as I became very ill! Five years later, I’m OK and only use Benecol spread! You wouldn’t think it the case, as I have never been much mor than 7 stone in weight! For my osteoporosis, I have found that Yoplait do a yogart called Calin which has a 100% daily ammount of vitD. I hope this works for me!

    • Betty

      In Canada news recently said that Statins have been implicated in a higher risk for diabetes.

  4. Bettie

    I am doing the Save our Bones program, but I do take synthroid & cytomel for my thyroid. They have made a difference in my world. I had the osteoporosis problem before ever taking thryoid medications. What does a person do that has Hashimotos Disease other than take the thyroid medication? You sure can’t go without something. If anyone out there has the same problem and does something different that taking thyroid meds let me know. I do not take anything for high blood pressure,cholesterol or any other medical problems, just thyroid medication. I also do not have a weight problem.

  5. Elsie Dakota

    I’m definitely an “I.M.FREE” type – and grateful for it. About 10 years ago a DEXA scan showed some osteopenia in hips & spine. Have NOT taken any prescription meds but regularly use progesterone cream and try to eat and exercise well – gardening, lifting, lawn-mowing, shoveling (dirt & snow), walking etc. I try not to overdo it with the calcium – because it gets deposited in many of the body’s soft tissue – but am careful to get other minerals, such as boron, selenium, potassium, magnesium,etc. I’m 75 yrs old and last summer I was running for a short spurt, looked back for a second and tripped over my little dog. Landed hard on the black-top – on my hip and wrist – it was a real JOLT. As I lay there recovering from the jolt I wondered if I’d be able to get up. Wonder of wonders! – I had sprained my wrist but my hip had only a surface bruise. The SAVE OUR BONES PROGRAM gives me additional help and support for staying in the I.M.FREE catagory.

    • dianebrick

      I read your story, I have a mother who is 80 and this year has had many factures and broken her back. I do believe that getting your calcium over the years from milk is stored in the bones and soft tissue. She does not take any supplements and is very conscientious of her diet, however I am sure she is not getting enuf boron, selenium, potassium and magnesium, I hope she will start taking agood supplement for this health crisis. Can u recommend a gud one? pls. reply, concerned daughter

  6. minnie


  7. thea

    Loved these stories Vivian and how true-we just need to be sensible and start to help ourselves with your wonderful book. I did have some problems finding a calcium supplement that didnt have a lot of other things like iodine, selenium and sodium which I dont believe I need. finally found one from Blackmores-a whole food one-still has sodium but also Magnesium. This is a mineralised seaweed calcium so hope it is o.k. cant seem to get one with Boron. I think my Health Food lady shudders when she sees me coming!!!!! thanks again bye for now Thea

  8. Farah

    Hi Vivian:

    Thanks for the valuable information. Can you kindly elaborate more on the relationship between bone health and thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism)? Many women have both issues (as observed from the comments) and they are highly interlinked. I would guess that your program should help people with thyroid disorders as well, but what other special precautions/steps should people with thyroid issues take in addition to ensure healthy bones? Thanks.


  9. Tirzah Loewenstein

    I had been taking Alendronic once a week and 1000mg of the calcium supplement Calcichew/D3 each day. Then a friend put me on to your programme and I stopped taking the Alendronic. And, increasingly strenghtened by your approach, I recently decided to wean myself off the Calcichew as well, starting by taking only 500mg per day. And suddenly my body is wracked with aches and pains.

    So before I’m tempted to go back to 1000mg of Calcichew a day I turn to you. (I also, by the way, bought
    D3 supplements recently, to make up for the 400IU I’d given up by halving my intake of Calcichew). Should I
    persevere in reducing and eventually doing without the ‘artificial’ calcium completely?

  10. joyce mccarter

    Thanks for that great story, and Thanks for your ;;SAVE OUR BONES,program, it is GOD SENT, BLESS YOU.

  11. Brenda

    I am very afraid of more fractures, especially with winter coming. I am trying to eat better; allergies are causing limitations.

    Your information gives me hope.

    Thank you!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so glad to hear that, Brenda! There’s lots of hope! 🙂

  12. Sue

    How do you get off of a thyroid medicine?

    • suba

      I am suffering from hypothyrodism for the past 11 years. Taking 100mcg of tyroksine daily since then.
      Pls advice me if you can help me to get rid of the medication and have a normal healthy thyroid. TQ

      • Bettie

        I have Hashimotos Disease and I take synthroid and Cytomel. I am like you if someone has another approach let me know. I sure can’t stop taking my thyroid meds w/o something because I feel great. I has osteo before ever being diagnosed with Hashimotos. I know their is Armour Thyroid, but my insurance will not pay for it.

  13. Leslie

    Loved the two ladies totally different approach to wellness. One well,the other not knowing what she’s doing to herself.
    The boomer generation are not all so naive and many of us do what we can without scripts often made in foreign countries with little or not regulation.
    I’m fighting my way back from what my dr. calls styrofoam bones, didnt even qualify for chicken bone status.
    Let your body and mind help guide you, most of those drs. will never consider taking the drugs they push on us…
    Great article and story, those ladies are walking around and we all know at least one of them…

  14. Iantha

    Great article. And, it makes so much sense. I am living with osteoporosis and have also chosen to take the natural route to strong healthy bones, mind and spirit. Thank you Vivian for keeping us sane in a world where we are told we have to take drugs to make everything better. My bones are so very happy that I found you on the web.

    • Neide

      Great tutorial!I ditroaved it and applied it to my little character that’s starting to fly.Maybe it’s due to my english not so good (I’m italian), but I can’t understand what happens at 39 ca. when the eyeballs are parented to I don’t know what.Now my character’s eyeballs are still while the head’s bone is rotating, but rotating themselves. It’s very funny (like Groucho eyes) but not what it has to be.Thx a lot,Zannaman.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are so welcome, Iantha, and I’m glad your bones found us, too! 🙂

  15. Julie Woodman

    I did leave a comment above, but doubt that Catherine will read it because these comments are so old.

  16. Paulette

    I definitely would be the I.M.Free. My doctor gave me a perscription for Avista for my bones. I had reflux already and he did not think I should take the other drugs. I got it filled and went home and read the side effects and never took one pill, I tossed them in the trash. That was about twelve years ago and I have never had a broken bone and am doing fine. I do try to follow the save our bones program as much as I can. I do not take any drugs on a regular basis and try to stay away from them as much as possible. I see people standing in long lines at the drug store waiting for their meds and I don’t want to be one of them.

  17. st.yeap

    thank you 4 the striking analogy.i am one person who is reluctant to add drugs 4 poor kidneys to work on.hence i do agree 100% with your 2nd person in the example.once again thank you 4 your good work.have a happy good week ahead!cheers!

  18. Barbara Montgomery

    Thank you for all of your encouragement to not take “drugs” and giving us healthy options.

  19. Patty

    Years ago I volunteered for a Fosamax study, and as a result, took a bone density scan. I was right at the borderline, but normal, and was accepted for the study. For some reason I don’t remember I took another scan a short time later, and it was slightly different. I was told it was within the plus or minus factor involving machines, and not significant. The paperwork on the study indicated the product was similar to what is used to clean the scale from the inside of an boiler type furnace, and suddenly I wasn’t so keen about being in the study anymore. Fortunately, the study was canceled, and I was quite relieved (although “saved” might have been more accurate)! I haven’t had a bone density scan since then, but feel O.K. I am 70. I find myself wondering if borderline would be considered osteopenia today? (Why does that feel like a made-up disease? I don’t recall ever hearing that term thirteen years ago.)

    A few months ago I read that if one consumes an egg shell, which contains calcium, it would work wonders for people with teeth problems, such as loose teeth or teeth that break off easily, etc. So I grind up an “organic” egg shell in a Vitamix and drink it in a smoothie. (You can’t detect the egg shell.) My sister grinds it up with a small coffee grinder and puts hers in an empty capsule, and swallows it. Does anyone know if this type of calcium is a good form of calcium to use that is easily assimilated by the body? I should think if it is good for the teeth, it ought to be good for the bones in the body as well…but I don’t know this for a fact. I am wondering if anyone can comment on this? Thanks! This is a great site!
    Regards, Patty

    • Guy

      Eggshell is essentially calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The shell of one egg weighs 4000 to 5000 mg, which yields 1600 to 2000 mg of calcium. If your stomach is producing acid properly, you will absorb the calcium just fine. If you are concerned about insufficient acid just eat some citrus fruit at the same time. As a bonus, you are eating 40 to 50 mg of eggshell membrane which is good for your joints.

    • PAT KING


      • Mary

        This is interesting about the egg shell…Does anyone know if it works???

  20. Ellen O'Connor

    Loved the Tale of Two Ladies

    But I do think the first lady’s Thyroid problem
    put her at a disadvantage.

    Any help with this problem?

  21. catherine smith

    Vivian, I would like to be like the I M Free lady.
    I have stopped the Actonel, a couple of weeks ago.I would like to stop the other prescriptions, but a little worried about doing this. I take High Blood Pressure Meds, along with Potassium, Thyroid,Cholesterol, and Omeprazole for Acid Reflux. I have Osteoarthritis, but cant afford the prescriptions for it, so take, over the counter tabs, that have all the bad side effects, also.I received your book, today and anxious to get started on it.Thanks so much, for all your advice.


    • Robert

      If you are getting only a miniscule amount of Potassium
      (99 mg or so)daily, that’s a sad joke! It’s very difficult to overdose on Potassuim (28 mg or so). Drink some low sodium V8 Vegetable Juice; it has 1180 mg of potassuim and that’s only about 1/3 of what you need daily. Check out the daily amount needed as 3,500 to 4,500 mgs daily. that’s a lot of Potassuim; it’s very difficult to get that much from apples, bananas, etc..

      Dr. Bolmarcich

    • Julie Woodman

      Catherine, for arthritis pain, please Google CMO – cetyl myristoleate. It is an esterified fatty acid that lubricates the joints. It has changed my life.

      The pain in my neck was so bad I could hardly reverse the car. I took a one month course and the pain was gone in about three days. The doc could only recommend Brufen 3 x a day, which didn’t appeal.

  22. sandy

    Vivian, this fun story line gives the perfect recipe to success for osteoporosis.

  23. Catherine Ash

    Some of these stories relate to me. I took Lipator for a few months for colestrol.In that few months i had really severe pain everywhere and could only shuffle around. I thought i was very ill until the Doctor told me it was a side effect of Lipator. I have never had another drug for colestrol since.

  24. Jilli roberts

    Hi Vivian
    I’m well into the Save our Bones program, and its 2 years since my first diagnosis of osteopenia, disk degeneration and spinal stenosis, with severe pain. My diet and exercise is completely overhauled and I no longer have pain, anywhere. Your Program gave me great confidence in my self help choices.
    The best compliment I’ve had is “well you don’t walk like an old woman!”. I’m 67 and still chop the wood, dig out the creek and doing all the garden maintenance. But I’ve adjusted my posture and strengthened my muscles. I’ve even found an algae based calcium supplement (Natural Calcium by Lifestream) made locally with Tasmanian sea vegetables.
    I really liked this article. The mention of the water distiller reminded me that I haven’t seen any mention on your pages of using rain water as an alternative. I had a tank installed to avoid fluoride in the municipal water. I live in a country area hundreds of miles from any industrial fallout, next to pristine forests (no sprays). There must be others in rural areas where rainwater is a valid source of clean water. Or am I just lucky.
    Huge thank you for your wonderful network.


  25. virginia

    I am 78 years old and after doing my research, refused to take any of the prescribed “bone drugs” even after listening to the doctor’s scare tactics. I prefer to get most of my calcium through food and I don’t overdo the calcium supplelments. The RDA for people over 50 is 1200 mg. Find out what each serving contains and take it from there. I haven’t seen this written about anywhere.

    • Robert

      Concerning the Calcium issue. I don’t know how much you know about the difference kinds of Calcium supplements that are available, but, in case you aren’t aware that Calcium Carbonate (the most popular kind) isn’t absorbed very well by people whose stomach acid is weak (over 40 years old or so),you should only take CALCIUM OROTATE (much more absorbable; 85 mg of Elemental Calcium)at your age. Check it out for yourself!

      Dr. Bolmarcich

  26. Ms. L.

    Hi! Vivian,

    I LOVED This Article! Very Cleverly Written!
    And I Agree With ‘Molly’ (March 17, 2010).
    I Want To Be FREE Also, From Prescription Drugs. As I’ve Told You Before, I Haven’t Been Diagnosed With Osteoporosis, But If I Ever Am I Will Try Your Program. Right Now I Can’t Afford It. I Think I Mentioned To You That I’m Paying Off A VERY HEAVY DEBT, That May Take YEARS! I’m Not Quite As Bad Off As ‘Beverly’ From Barbados (March 18, 2010), But I Still Can’t Afford It Now. I Hope You’ll Find Some Way To Help ‘Beverly’ From Barbados. My PRAYERS ARE WITH ‘BEVERLY AND HER FAMILY’, AND WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AS WELL!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  27. Cresencia V. Agustin

    Thank you for your E-mails. They are interesting and informational. Since ,March that I was diagnosed with osteoporosis on the hips my doctor prescribed Fosamax, I took only 1 pill because of the worst side effect I got. Then he changed to actonel, but I refused to take any osteo drugs. I,m trying my best to follow your instructions in your book. I,M Free lady.

    • Eileen

      I have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips, my doctor prescribed actonel but I am afraid to take it. Everything I read makes me unsure. I went to vitamin store and they suggested a tonic of calcium, vit d and a few others. I exercise and try to eat well, but they have told me I don’t have a choice but to take drugs. I want to be responsible for myself but I have my doubts. Any suggestions?

  28. diane

    article sounds to good to be true! I have a compression fracture of T7 in my spine which I received Oct. 2009 and still have pain from it. Do not know how I got it!! My T score in my spine last Jan was -3.4 and now on calcitonin, but my Dr wants me on alenronate or forteo, but am afraid of the side effects. Does your program really work??

  29. maeve

    I’m 56 and have been told that I have severe osteoporosis in my hips (-2.5) and spine (2.0). I was “Told” to take boniva once a month and be diligent in taking calcium +d 3 times a day or I will break my hip and possibly die from the break. I said I would do what she said like an obedient child and got off the phone so fast because I was in shock from what and how she told me this news. I don’t even know what kind of calcium to take or how much! What is 3 pills? 3 pills of what? I don’t want to call her back because I don’t even want to see her again. How could she prescribe this to another woman knowing the side effects and the bad press on Boniva? However, how do I know that your program works? What are the long term results of your program? Where is the proof? Do I have to purchase your book to find out? I’m sorry to sound so skeptical, but lately, I just don’t trust anyone. If my own doctor doesn’t care about me then….?

    • Lori

      Finding someone to trust was difficult, until I realized that it is me I have to trust. I’ve researched both sides and concluded that, for me, exercise and eating right make the most sense. I bought the Save Our Bones book and found that, since I’ve done so much research already, it didn’t contain much that is new to me but it has everything all in one book. That is valuable to me because sometimes I don’t remember where I’ve read what so I can’t always go back and re-read. Also, it sounds like you’re new to all this – I think you’d learn a lot, and following the program would put you in the thick of everything that is natural, non-chemical and non-threatening. I will die someday but I will not die sick and tired.


      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Wonderful response, Lori! I really have nothing to add.

        Yes, you have to do your research, form your own bone health philosophy, and then make your decisions. Knowledge is power! 🙂

  30. Mary

    What do you think about the new study that was on CBS evening news that calcium supplements caused a rise of heart attacks by 31%? They said your Dr should be telling you to get calcium from food rather than supplements. I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks. Mary H.

  31. Susan

    I definately would take the IM free lady.
    I was diagnosed with ostheoporosis a few years ago after being diagnosed with PBC. I went and had a scan and was told to come back in a few years for another scan but was prescribed Actonel and calceos, I took two Actonel and didnt have a good feeling about taking them so I stopped, continued with the calceos for about a year but I always had a dry mouth so I stopped taking that too. Now I take calcium and mangnesium vitamin D tablets plus fish oil from the health shop. The ursogal tablets that I had been taking for the PBC I cut down on that too. I walk quite a bit and try and do some weight exercises, feel a lot better, just
    have to put on a bit of weight though. These pills I am sure make you worse not better. Thanks Vivienne I do want to get your “Save our bones program” soon.

  32. nancy brainerd

    Thanks to you IAM FREE! I took Fosomax and developed bad leg pains and a hiatal hernia-after reading your info I quit the Fosomax and the leg pains are finally going away. I am exercising and eating better and can’t wait to take the next Dexa to show the doctor how well I am doing without the Fosomax. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  33. marianne

    From today’s Wall Street Journal…Article


    NEW YORK—A jury in New York on Friday awarded $8 million in damages in a product-liability case over Merck & Co.’s osteoporosis drug Fosamax.

    The verdict is the first loss for the Whitehouse Station, N.J., drug maker as it faces hundreds of lawsuits in state and federal court over allegations Fosamax can cause a jaw-destroying condition known as osteonecrosis. The cases are being heard on an individual basis.

    The lawsuit, brought by 72-year-old Shirley Boles, resulted in a mistrial last September. The retrial lasted about three weeks.

    Her case was one of three so-called bellwether cases being heard in federal court in Manhattan. One case was thrown out last year, and a jury found in favor of Merck in another case last month. A fourth bellwether case is set to go to trial in federal court in November.

    After nearly four hours of deliberations, the jury on Friday awarded Ms. Boles $8 million in compensatory damages and found Fosamax was a “defectively designed” product, said Timothy O’Brien, her lawyer.

    “She felt very vindicated,” Mr. O’Brien said. “She felt like she’s done something very important.”

    Merck said Friday that it plans to challenge the jury’s decision and believes the awarding of compensatory damages was unjustified and excessive.

    “We disagree with the jury’s verdict. We believe the jury verdict was a result of plaintiff’s counsel’s inflammatory and prejudicial remarks,” said Paul Strain of Venable LLP, outside counsel for Merck. “The plaintiff was at increased risk for dental and jaw problems even if she was not taking Fosamax.”

    Merck has argued in part that Ms. Boles, a long-time cigarette smoker, has a history of dental problems and health problems.

    U.S. District Judge John Keenan, who is overseeing the federal cases, set a briefing schedule and is expected to hear post-trial motions to overturn the Boles verdict in September. Merck is likely to appeal if it doesn’t succeed with its post-trial motions.

    As of March 31, the drug maker was facing about 1,039 cases in state and federal courts, generally alleging that use of Fosamax can cause osteonecrosis, and that Merck failed to properly warn of this risk

    Osteonecrosis is a condition where the bone dies and can eventually fracture. It can lead to exposed bone in the jaw.

    Fosamax was once one of Merck’s best-selling drugs, generating more than $3 billion in annual sales. However, the drug lost its U.S. patent protection in 2008, exposing it to competition from cheaper generic versions of the drug.

    View 4 replies Reply

  34. Nu Ly

    I like I.M.Free. First, I thought Osteoporosis was a disease, in your book, it’s not. In my mind, the doctors are well-educated and I am not, I also didn’t want to get a hurchback, so I listened to the doctors to take the Foxamax.

    She said:” you have to take it for 5 years at least basicaly.” and he said: ” You have to take it for all of your life until you die.”

    Now I feel lucky and I feel lucky to meet you.

    Thank you Vivian, great job.

  35. Diane Berg


    I love your story of the two women, the different roads we can take.

    And the Saturday night skit hit the nail on the head, too!

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  36. Nicola

    Thanks, enjoyed that!

  37. Kay

    IM free is my chose. I love all the mail and the book but because I have 7 fractures I still haven’t been able to really “hang loose” and forget about it. I only took Actinol for 10 weeks and will never touch it again. I just have to get my brain around my problems as my body has lots of aches and pains.

  38. Margarita Chapman

    I have been eating based on Vivian’s 80-20 alkalinic/acidic plan. It’s made it so easy for me, I have four different vegetables and fruits in containers, and dish out from each four, then add a small piece of fish or tuna salad, and it’s the easiest dinner and the variety makes it a lot of fun. I look forward to it every day.
    Thanks, Vivian

  39. Virgie

    I am presently on a job in Boston and just as soon as I return home I plan to order Save your Bones ,,,Increse our bone density…
    I have started with some of he tips I have recieved from you and I have decided not to take the medication because I am very healthy …I am 70 and take not medication of any kind….little disappointed that I have osteo…but I still feel with your help I can reverse….Thank you ….Virgie


    Hace tres meses que el doctor queria iniciar un tratamiento con ZOLADEX, para combatir el diagnostico de OSTEOPENIA que resulto de un CT SCAN. Al conocer el Programa SAVE OUR BONES, determine que seguiria ese camino, lo cual estoy cumpliendo con mucha disciplina. Me queda una sola duda, que tiempo debo esperar para solicitarle al doctor un nuevo estudio, para saber si he superado la deficiencia en la densidad de mis huesos ?

    • rob

      esperate un ano por lo menos. pero mejor para to doctor son dos anos. yo me reviso cada ano. si tienes hasta un poqutio de resultado positivo despues de un ano, quisa no es suficiente para tu doctor, pero si es suificiente para ti porque vas a saber que esta sirbiendo el plan. hasta un poquito de resultado positivo despues de un ano es bueno.

      • Saladin

        I kind of want to start watching it again, but I don’t think I can egngae with it in the same way, because the overarching storyline is gone. They’re not going to get together until the last episode of the last show ever, no matter what. It takes all of the suspense out of it when the writers are such wimps.

  41. Cherie Postill

    Thanks again for keeping in touch! Your Save Our Bones program is sooo much more than a book. I was like the first patient and went straight to the pharmacy to fill my Boniva prescription. 13 months later my bone scan is worse and my joints and stomache have suffered immensely! The nurse immediately wrote me a prescription for Fosomax with no further conversation! I stopped all medication and I am enjoying my new bone health diet. Afer just 3 months I can sit crossed legged without pain and my stomache has recovered! I am looking forward to my next bone scan about a year from now. The 80/20 diet is easy for me as I have always been addicted to fruits and vegi’s. Please keep sending out your e-mails and I wil spread the word on your wonderful, heakth way to stay pain free and happy.

  42. INGE

    Thank you, Vivian, for letting me read your e-mails, others’ comments, which I very much enjoy and appreciate. I am 85 years old, work full time, take no medications whatever and seem to be blessed with good genes.

    I am in full support of your recommendations and agree that healthy food and excercise are the answers to good bones.

    Thank you again.

  43. Greta

    In 2004, I got Fosamax script – didn’t fill it until I had supplemental coverage 2 years later. In 2007 it was not refilled due to news of jaw problems. Next year Dr. said that had been disproven and put me back on Fosamax. I chose to change to Boniva. Took it 4 months and went back to Fosamax. I never had an stomach upset or heart burn from any of this, but 1 year ago suddenly had extreme pain in hands & shoulders – thought it was from exercising too vigorously.Saw Dr. wanted to do shoulder surgery. Went for 2nd opinion, was again told of osteoporis. I have taken Fosamax for 1 year again and quit for good!Shoulder pain is finally subsiding!

    I have always eaten well, taken supplements,and exercised, but was on Prednazone for 1 year. I am 75. I feel there is hope and want to buy your book.

  44. Felicita Deavis

    Thank you very much for your helpful comments.

  45. Felicita Deavis

    I am always reading your comments, just to reasure myself that I made the right decision when I decided not to take fosamax pills. I strongly believe that eating the right food, taking natural supplements, and exercise should be enough for bone improvement. I am very afraid of all those chemicals they put in medications. Keep up the good work!

  46. Helen

    Wow , Do I feel great !! I stopped taking Fossmax , get the right am’t of cal and D. I stopped having reflux problems and my blood pressure went down. I’m joining Zhomba next week and I know I don’t get as much excercise as I should. Taking swimming lessons too. I am a ‘young’ 64 yr young person and I refuse to get “old” Now , what do I do for the “brain” ???

  47. A. Schell

    I was diagnosed with osteoprosis about 3 years ago (hip and lumbar spine) doctor gave me a prescription for foxamax. I took about 3-4 pills and stopped taking it, as I was so constipated. I am trying to eat healthier by taking herbal suppliments and eating yogurt, eggs, greens, whole grains and whole wheats.
    I have doubled up on my calicum, I am also taking an herb called Ostivone that also helps to strengthen bones plus extra vitamin D. I am now experiencing alot of pain in my back, legs and hip area. Not sure but I may have arthritis. I did go into the internet and looked up those drugs and read all of the side effects and what it really does do to your bones. I want to get back to my gym soon, but havent been there for about 5 months because of my joint pain. I do walk with my husband each day for at least 30 minutes or more and when I don’t feel like walking I put on the golden oldies and dance in front of the TV for a while. I know that dancing is also good exercise. By the way I am 67 years old, but most people think I look great for my age. If you have any suggestions regarding my situation please write back and let me know if there is something else I can do.
    A. Schell

    • Felicita Deavis

      This is for the lady who is taking Ostivone(also named Ipriflavone); not approved in the U.S. because the side effects lymphocytopenia.

  48. Pat Hunt

    I have bone loss so my doctor put me on Actonel. I have taken it for four years. I would like to get off it but my doctor says NO. I bought your book, I exercise and do weight bearing exercises. I eat well most of the time. I take vitamins. How much vit. D & calcium do you recommend? Thanks.


  49. Beth Reynolds

    I think the second lady was a little over the top on positivity. i’ve met those types before and they wont even admit to pain when its there. I agree with her treatment though.

  50. anne

    I just received my latest bone density results and I am so happy to tell you that there has been a significant positive change since my test in 2008. I am only able to have one every two years. I attribute this improvement to my diligence in exercising, light weights and good diet. I have always refused to take any of the drugs. I, too, am I.M. Free thanks to you, your program and your countless emails helping all of us. God Bless you.


    • Nada

      Hi Mandy, thanks for your commnet it is best to get medication for your mild case of Graves’ Disease, only because if you are experiencing anxiety/stress or depression, the imbalance of the thyroid will not make it any better. I also had anxiety but had a major case of stress. So as like you, my emotions were not intact and it was all over the place! But it’s good to know that you have a name to the problem and it can be managed. All the best.

    • BGM

      Anne, congratulations on your success in increasing bone density. Were you diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis? I would like to know more. I am praying for better results with my next Dexa scan. I have read some articles that state it is impossible to improve bone density with diet, exercise, etc. I still refuse to take drugs and will continue to take the healthy approach.

  51. Jill

    I would prefer to be IM FREE. My only xoncern is, am I too far gone? I had been on dilantin for my epilepsy for 40 years, when my doctor changed me , he told me it would be better for my bonesbut, is it too late?

  52. Janet Talley

    Hi Vivian,
    as usual good hearing from you and as usual you bring the best infomation for our bones even if it’s in the form of a question. I will definitely be the one that’s I.M. Free.
    Janet Talley.

  53. Frances Miller

    I loved your stories. Hope people will listen. I have osteopenia and not on any of the drugs. Had a bone density but haven’t gotten the results.

    I saw a lady in my doctor’s office yesterday and she had taken Fosamax for 15 years and said her bones are brittle. She had broken a bone so she is now on calcium and vit D. She also had had bone cancer in her leg. She takes 5000IU/day of D. Is that too much? I take 2000/day. She looked great and said she feels fine. She advised that NO ONE should take the drugs. She also thought taking the bone density test is a waste of money. Is she right? Help!!!!!

  54. Lynn Fisher

    Very good story, I want to be like IM Free

  55. ARLENE

    It’s been three years that I have been off Actonal after being on it for seven years. I do not care what my next bone density says, I will never take that medicine again.
    Thank you Vivian for Bone Health Revolution.

    • debb h

      I chose not to take my dr’s advice to take actonel a few yrs ago and I’m glad. Although, I have osteopenia in my spine and osteoporosis in my hips. I’ve recently found this program and am a beginner, but I already did most of the recommendations. My main problem is that I have to take thyroid meds. I recently backed off the levothyroxine, although my dr wanted to add a higher dosage, I went back to my previous 34 tabs a month from 38. I feel so much better (less body and extremity pain) that I’m tempted to go back down to the previous 30 a month except at that dosage, I started having some heart palpatations that indicated that I probably needed a higher dosage. I am not discounting my dr.’s wishes, just listening to my own body. My sister- in-law is having many of the same experiences, but she is also diabetic. She is 65 and I am 59. I feel like having thyroid disease does pose more problems, but with this progam a lot of other symptoms can be elimanated! Thanks, Vivian Debb

  56. Kathy Russell

    Great article. I have learned so much in the 9 months that I have had Vivian’s books. I have followed the 80/20 diet, walk, lift weights and I am feeling quite positive about all the changes I have implemented. However, I am due for my yearly physical and the doctor is going to want me to have a bone density test. Should I have the test? I would be severely disappointed if my bone density had decreased again. I would be thrilled if my bone density improved but I am a little scared.
    What do you think are my chances that my bone density has maintained or improved?

    • marianne

      I feel the same way. I don’t think I will have anohter.
      Yes, if it is better I will be extatic but if it is worse I will be so depressed plus I still would not take drugs for it so what’s the point?

  57. Cynthia Kuehn

    Great article!I started your program May 31, 2009.I write down everything I eat, making sure I have 8 Al and 2 AC at each meal. I am drinking Distilled or bottled water. I exercise 1 -1 1/2 hours a day making sure I am doing weight bearing exercise too. I am postponing another bone density until next year with insurance. I had one in 09. I take no meds.I am on the Mannmatech Nurtition Program. I will be 68 in May. I am healthy and happy! Thank you for your program Vivian!

  58. Nancy Millway

    Another great story, Vivian.I relate to your second character, IM Free. I have steadfastly refused any of the medications for osteoporosis, but I do take Thyroxine as I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I also take a calcium complex and a Vitamin D tablet, while keeping to the 80/20 alkaline programme and walking as often as I can. While one of your respondents has asked for references for your assertions, I feel the current medical model of research, that of the double blind study, can still be interpreted to the advantage of an interested party in the method of writing up the results. This can be by omission of data which is not advantageous to the key stakeholder/s, for example. Empirical knowledge is downplayed as being subjective, not “scientific”, but if a large number of people over a prolonged period of time, obtain relief from pain, increase their mobility, and generally improve their ability to enjoy life, that has to be taken seriously, I would suggest.
    Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the information.

  59. cathy

    I tried the boniva for one month and felt like I had lost all the ground I had worked to gain with my stomach, my fibromyalgia and my chronic fatigue. The first five days was worse then anything I had experienced in my life. For the next two weeks after that I walked around like I had been hit in the stomach everyday. I am getting myself off of the little purple pill, never to have it to come into my life again. I have started the program and I am feeling better. I like being the person in charge of my own health decisions. Both my husband and I have changed our eating habits and we are losing weight and taking control. I am 58, but some days feel worse than a 90 year old. Your program has helped me to take charge, if I had not found you I would still be wondering what I can do to take care of myself. Thank you so much!!

  60. Elaine Vickery

    Hi Vivian
    I’m so thankful for people like you who take control of life situations. I’ve been on the program now for a couple of mos. and feeling really positive about it.
    You have such a talent for writing along with your advice. I enjoy your stories. They are so descriptive and to the point. Keep up the good work. You are saving a generation of women. Sincerely, Elaine Vickery

  61. Betty

    Scientific evidece is hard to come by for alternative treatments … research costs a lot of money, which usually only the drugs companies can afford.So when considering drug free alternatives it is a case of allowing yourself to trust in the evidence of people who have reported success …. albeit not offically scientific evidence.
    As an example of a different but similar experience I had, was to get help for ulcerative colitis(of 10 years duration) from a hands-on emotional release therapy.If I hadn’t tried it, I would still be relient on steroid treatment, which is not a cure but only releives the symptoms (until the next time) and has well documented (scientifically researched!)side effects.
    The choice really is yours …

  62. Ligia

    Dear Vivian:
    How true those stories are! I Just follow
    my own advice instead of taking those
    harmful drugs. Keep up your good work!
    Thank you.

  63. Juliewoodworth

    I thought this was absolutely awesome!!
    One of your best!! And how true it all is!!
    I have been in the medical profession for years (RN) and couldn’t agree
    with you more. I know from personal experience, that all these osteoporosis drugs are not the way to go, and am a follower of your program. Keep up the good work!!

  64. Christine

    Hi Vivian, I love your stories. Ideas are so much easier to remember is this form.

  65. Ellen Kelley

    I have been on Boniva for almost 2 years. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in May of 2008. I will have my first bone scan since starting the Boniva in May 2010. I have not had any side effects from the Boniva, but I would rather not be taking it. It is expensive, even with some drug coverage. I will be anxious to see the results of my next bone scan. Thanks for all your good diet and exercise information. Ellen

  66. Evelyn Slusky

    After being told I should be on fosamax because of my osteoporosis by two different doctors,I decided to follow the “save our bones” diet as best I can, and lift weights and exercise three times a week. After even two weeks, I feel an overall improvement in my health, and can’t wait to see the improvement in bone density when I get my next dexascan.

  67. Kelsey Fickling

    Vivian, I forgot to tell you I feel like I.M. FREE!!!! AND KEEP WRITING YOUR STORIES!!!! BLESSINGS Kelsey XXXX

  68. Kelsey Fickling

    Thanks for all your great information Vivian – I just typed you a long comment – and my network told me that it was interrupted , and I see that my comment is not there – so I’ll make it brief – I fell down my laundry stairs (4) onto a ceramic tiled floor – as I flew through the air I could hear my doctor’s words “only 1 in 3 people who break their femur lives more than a year”. I am 78 years old and was told last May that I had osteoporosis (high risk of fracture in my femur)- as I was airborne I knew that I was going to land on my head – so I put out my right forearm and landed on it and my 2 knees – I have had a painful shoulder and two painful knees and a sore neck – my chiropractor has made me feel much better with very gentle treatment – I have not even had the need to take a pain killer!!!! never do!!! I’m continuing to eat the greens (as well as all the mixed colours in salads) – drink my ruby red grapefruit juice – sweetened with apple juice – and I can’t wait to have my next bone density scan. Many blessings, Kelsey XXXX

  69. Charlotte Traylor

    You know I would rather be I. M. Free and I’m getting there. I quit taking Fosamax last Oct. and I’m doing so much better. I don’t feel heaviness on my legs and I’m moving much faster. I exercise on the treadmill and have for a lot of years (about seven now. My joints are feeling so much freer now. I will have my DEXA scan probably in the summer and I expect to see my T-score much better. The score was up the last time. I think it was -1.5. I don’t have osteoporsis. I have osteopenia.
    I thank you for the Save Our Bones newsletters and I have shared them and the Bone Building Guide with my doctor. He appreciated my bringing them to him and he is in complete agreement for my taking myself off the Fosamax. I had taken it long enough he said. Over five years. I’m 72 years old.

  70. Darlene Gluyas


    Very good article. I M Free is definitely the woman we all want to be. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis last year and my OBYGN gave me a prescription for Fosamax. Before filling it I read up on it and came upon your article. Thank God I did not take it! You were so right – I hear there is a debate going on now in the news about it and other drugs for Osteoporosis (just like you said would happen). I am following your program Save Our Bones and hopefully when I have my next bone density test, there will be an improvement or at least it will read the same. Thank you again for all your time and research to help so many women with this.

  71. mary t ball

    Good story Vivian,
    But what if your bones also ache from osteoarthritis as well as osteoporosis, any means of relieving the pain from that? It also makes it somewhat harder to exercise as one would like!


    • Florence Iovene

      I have osteoarthritis also Mary. It would be nice if we could learn more about this illness or is it treated the same as osteoporosis? I read every letter sent in. Vivian is doing such a wonderful job
      of informing the people with the information they need to know. Thank you Vivian!

      • Jackie

        It would be great to find out what would work for someone with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. I also have both and it’s very painful but I’m not taking anything. I also have spodylitis and scoliosis. My spine is twisting and turning. Ouch! Any recommendations?

  72. Irma

    Dear Vivian:
    I definitely be I.M. Free.
    I was on actonel for about 3 years; and I had an awful lower back pain and my tooth were becoming separeted from my gums; I thought it was a result of chewing nuts.
    I will never thank you enough Vivian for all your Articles that help people have a better life. I am glad I bought THE BONE HEALTH REVOLUTION !!!

  73. Katye Steuckrath

    Hello Vivian, I too was on Actonel for 5 years. During that time, my gums started bleeding and my right jaw hurt all the time. I also was diagnosed with IBS. Well, one year ago this month I decided that something was terribly wrong. I went off my Actonel and within three months my jaw didn’t hurt anymore, my gums weren’t bleeding and my IBS problem was decreasing. Now one year later, I’m feeling fine. However, I was diagnosed with RA last August, and am having trouble finding a drug that I can take. I read all your e-mails and follow your advice. I haven’t bought your book, maybe I should. I take calcium w/D for my bones and eat lots of Vitamin K foods. For my RA I am taking Alleve and Tylenol for my pain. Thank you for your advice. Katye

  74. Joel M. Wilson

    I can relate to that story in my own life just in the past year: Strange how my doctor/staff did not even catch the stress fracture near the pelvis on the first x-ray; even though it was in two places, but they did not even notice it until an MRI a few weeks later. Strange how only then did they then notice that I supposedly have osteoporosis. Strange how only after that blood test did they then have to supposedly take another one and find out that I have low testosterone level. Strange how that supposedly required a $300/month perscription. But where did I read that all this shrieking about low testosterone level means bad health and requires bank-breaking perscriptions is not even based on solid research? On a Mayo Clinic website itself!
    No, I do not fill the osteoporosit medication nor the testosterone perscription; other than with tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, bananas, apples, . . .

    Joel M. Wilson

  75. Christiane Tassé

    Hi Vivian,

    This is a great article. I think I will change my name for I.M. Free as that describes me. I am a bit older than the one in your article, I will be 62 soon, but I don’t take any medication, and I exercise a lot. In my 30’s, I was teaching areobic classes, and I always beleaved in keeping in shape. I was diagnosed with oesteoporose last year, and my doctor gave me a prescription (for life she said!). I checked on Internet the side effects, and oh my God!!! It landed in the shredder. I found your site and bought your book, and it was great. I think the problem I had was too much acid in my system. Well, believe it or not, I took your advice about the 80/20 alkalin/acid food, I went back for another test, and the result? Everything is normal. My doctor thought it was due to her medication, but when I told her what I did and showed her your book with all the side effects of the medication, she couldn’t say a word. I asked her what’s the use to prescribe that if it destroys the rest of your body?
    Keep on your good work…

    • Pauline Grant

      I.M. Free…to be sure!(Age 82)
      Thanks, Vivian.

  76. Rita Lamberger

    I wasprescribed Forteo 3 yrs. After taking it for one month, I had astroke. Have you heard of Forteo. ever having this side effect. Can’t attribute the stroke to anything else. Tkank you.

  77. Debbie

    Thank you so much Vivian for all these information that you send to me. After I read your book and when I will see my doctor in August I will tell him that I am not going to taake any drugs. I took fossamax for 7 years and stoped them . I am free of fossamax for more than 5 years. I feel fine now since I started taking magnisium too with calcium. My doctor never told me to take magnisium.

  78. colette kellerman

    I choose “I.M. Free.” Drug free therapy. I took actonel for 5 yrs. Bone density showed there was ‘some improvement.’ Yrs. ago, test showed I had bones of a 75 yr. old. I’m not sure I believe it. I never have achy bones, feel terrific at 63 yrs. old!!! I stopped taking actonel. I took it too long. I’m not taking more calcium. What do you think? And I exercise/dancercize, work out on machines.

  79. B. Lohman

    I am 58 and happy to say that I do not take any prescription drugs! I too have osteoporosis and filled a precscription for Fosomax 2 years ago on the advice of my GP. I took one pill and then after speaking with my chiropractor was told that there are natural ways to treat this condition. So now I am doing Yoga and Pilates, eating well, taking natural supplements and at my last bone scan was told that there had been no more bone loss so my GP was pleased with the results but he still feels that I should be on the drugs but respects my decision. I am feeling better in my 50’s than I ever did.

  80. Millicent

    Hi! Vivian,

    It was great reading your story. Yes, I would rather be I am free.

    I just take Calcium & Vitamin D for my bones once a day. I eat healty.

    I pray & put my trust in God instead of doctors.

    Have a great day.

  81. Evelyn

    Hello Vivian,

    I.M. Free now after four years of taking Actonel and suffering all the bad side effects of that drug. I found your Web Site, ordered your book and have been following an alkaline diet, taking Calcium with Vitamin D and I am feeling great. Dr. unhappy with me and wants me to take the Reclast injection. She sent me to a Cardiologist, an Allergist and a Pulmonary Specialist to find out why I was sick all the time. They could find nothing and the Cardiologist and the Pulmonary Specialist both suggested I go off the Actonel for awhile. I will never go back on any of those drugs. THANK YOU VIVIAN.

  82. yolande


  83. Beverly


  84. Marysia Dunlop

    Hello Vivian 🙂

    Thank you for todays story, that was just about who I was becoming, I got a script, had a side effect, got another to sort out said side effect, only to get another side effect from the one before. So I vote for I.M.FREE. My doctor is very good and always tries to do his best to help, but at the end of the day the choice is really our own. So I made the correct choice…. I.M.FREE

    have a nice day
    Marysia 🙂

  85. Dona


    I see a famous Dr name Dr Gouth who is in your field. She has put me on ctonel and it did help the first two years.Then all of a sudden I had to stop it while they check it out my hip went up to over 13% increase had a meetting and was told my kidney receptors were not working the ones that send the vd to the bones anyway i was put on chlorthalidone and pottassium to regulate my kidney then tested now it seems ok. but just recently I was diagnose with gentic alopecia at 63. Do you think this is all related to actonel. Please help me.


    I agree completely with everything I receive from you,the worst thing I have ever experienced was the daily Forsteo injection which I abandoned after 8 wks as it made me so ill,in fact I have never been the same since and that was 2 yrs ago.
    I haven’t taken any medication since then,and am still leading a reasonable quality of life for my age (77)
    Thank you for all your e mails.

  87. marksattler

    i m free definately for me in all health remerdies,thank you to people like vivian who make this alternative remerdies available

  88. Wendy Besonen

    I was on Boniva, actonal, and everything else. Took it for more than five years per Dr.’s orders. I think it was too late when I found this website. I lost most of my teeth, lots of jaw pain, and difficulty swallowing, all very serious side effects of these drugs. I lived at the dentist for almost a year, getting them pulled, dry sockets, fitting for partials, etc. ect., I truly believe it is all from these drugs. Thank you Vivian! I found this website after they prescribed the reclast injection. I talked to you in person, I’ll never forget that day, and our conversation. I cancelled the injection, had a bone density test again a few months later and my scores have improved! I am still having difficulty swallowing and seeing an E.N.T. who suggested a barrium swallow, which I am having tomorrow. I am praying that goes good. I still think it’s all from the biophosphates I took for all those years! I’ve been active all my life, exercise and try to eat right. I’ll be the big 50 soon. Total knee replacement in 2008 also that didn’t turn out so well Sick and tired of Dr.’s and Dentists! Anybody else with me Help

  89. Bea Justice-Salyers

    I.M.Free is definitely who I would rather be. Since I joined your bone saving plan, I haven’t agreed to take any bisphosphonates that my doctor recommended for me. About two years ago, I agreed to take Actonel. After a short time, I discovered that I was losing my gums. I was rather shocked. My dentist said he felt sure that the Actonel caused the problem.

    Thanks so much, Vivian, for your concern for patients such as me. Please keep up the good work. And keep the news coming. Thanking you
    again! Bea Justice-Salyers

  90. Paula Clement

    Please correct my sentence: I have given out, not our, your information.

  91. Paula Clement

    I joined the Osteoporosis Reversal Program several months ago and am trying to follow the diet to make me more alkaline. I am also taking Strontium with Piperine. My retarded daughter, age 49, was on Boniva for 3 years. I took her off Boniva and she is also taking Strontium. I am ready to respond to friends who tell me they are on Fosamax and have given our your information to several people.
    Thanks for your valuable information and the entertaining way you present it.

  92. irmgard

    i have osteoporosis and was on Fasamax for more than two years. I have not experienced any side affects, however I went off the drug, over a year ago, just because I have read so much how bad drugs are for you. I eat a healthy diet and
    take calcium and Vitamin D. I forwarded your emails to my sister in White Rock, who also has osteoporis and she right away ordered your “Save our bones program” If it helps her I will also order it.

  93. Dorothy Kelch

    Hi Vivian,
    I ordered the Save Your Bones book 2 years after I told my doctor I would not take any drugs and then 2 yrs. later told my osteopath that I would not take any pills. He said, “I’m not asking you to take them, I’m telling you to take them”! Well, it’s five years later now and I take my calcium and liquid magnesium and Vit D and eat foods that have Vit K. I lift weights every day and exercise at home and walk, run you name it. I do have bad feet from 30 years of playing baseball and running the bases and abusing my feet but they are better now than they were 10 year ago. I have never taken any pills, just vitamins. Thanks for your support and your book.
    Sincerely Dorothy Kelch

  94. Pam Patterson

    At 54 I broke my ankle and was told by a friend to check my bone density. I was diagnosed with osteopenia and told by my doctor to start a bone density medicine. They recommended Actonel, Fosamax or Boniva. I opted for Boniva and they gave me a sample. I took the pill as prescribed and have never had so many side effects from a medicine in my life. Boniva is poison. I found a website: askapatient.com and read the testimonial of hundreds of other women like me. Then I found Save Our Bones community. Now I eat sensibly, take vitamins and extra calcium and vitamin D and continue to do weight bearing exercises. This is the smart way to go.

  95. Mardi

    I M Free too! and was overjoyed to read in March 11, 2010 Arizona Daily Star that “Bone Drugs’ Long Term use Cautioned”! I emailed you the gist of that article but never heard back. I hope others saw the same news flash in their newspaper! Studies conclude that the drugs….”may suppress the body’s natural process of remodeling resulting in brittle bones that are prone to fracture”. It should have been on the front page so that more N. Slaved victims are made aware!

  96. Avis Mawson

    I’m not on any drug, I did try a couple recommended by my Dr. when I first found I had Osteoperena but they all made me sick to the stomach. Then I found your program so that is the one I use. I’m taking balance exercises in one of our local Senior Centres and also doing the exercises from Mike Ross. I might say I’m not using my cane anymore. I still have abit of discomfort but it goes away after I’m up awhile. Your program is good Vivian.
    Sincerely, Avis Mawson

    P.S. In our Canadian pepers we just ad word that Fosamax helps for a while and then turns around and does you harm. Interesting!!!

  97. Celestina Marie

    Hi Vivian,
    Very creative story and I loved it and the outcome of IM Free. Yes, I am also that lady and proud of the work to be here. Lifestyle and attitude are the key.
    Thank you for the great info and inspiration.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  98. vicki

    hi vivian
    yes i took foxamax for2yrs,only thing it did was my hands were so sore,one day after i heard about jaw problems in the states,i took them all dispose of them in the garbage,next visit at the dr told him and he said i will give you actonelwalked out of the office ,never filled it.next visit i told him iam not taking anything,he was upset but it,s my life,i go work out also watch what i eat this is mystory.sometimes they think they are gods thank you

  99. Dean

    I was taking actonel and started having severe
    jaw pain,feet pain all over muscle pain and
    weakness.I felt so very ill.Went off actonel,
    started feeling better…but now I have early stages of chronic lymphocytic leukemia….has
    this happened to anyone else?

  100. Cassandra

    I saw Diane Sawyer on the news and realize all of the articles about Fosamax relates to my two broken femurs. This has happened in the last four years after being on Fosamax for eight to nine years. I have had a complete life style change and am in pain from the rods in my legs daily. My quality of life is not what I expected at my age. Funny thing is that my doctor told me Fosamax had nothing to do with my breaks.

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