Do You Have A Hard Time Making Decisions About Your Bone Health? - Save Our Bones

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to make them? The answer is no.

You should welcome being in control of your decisions because nobody is more qualified to make bone health decisions for yourself than you.

But because you may not be sure of yourself, you might become stressed and anxious.

So today, I want to give you the five main reasons why you are more than qualified to make your own osteoporosis choices – regardless of what anyone else tells you…

Because you are a truth-seeker

Nothing can stop you from finding the truth. The mere fact that you are on this website proves it.

You want to discover the truth about your osteoporosis diagnosis, about the drugs you were prescribed, and everything else you need to know, so you can make an educated decision. While others blindly accept what they’ve been given and told, you are willing to go the extra mile.

This isn’t to say that you will actively disobey what your doctor tells you, but rather you would like to discuss your findings with him or her in an open and pleasant dialogue. As George Lundberg, M.D., executive vice-president and editor-in-chief of Medicalogic/Medscape states in an interview, “physicians need to welcome the idea of patients being interested in their own health.” Amen, George!

Because you question everything

You want detailed, common-sense information and you won’t settle for the proverbial “because I say so.”

You want to get to the bottom of things. But did you know that unlike you, most doctors don’t research the latest health information?

The US Department of Health and Human Services reports that “once a new piece of scientific evidence emerges as a medical advance, it takes up to 17 years before doctors routinely incorporate that information into how they practice medicine” (Comparative Effectiveness Research: What It Means for You, Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D, April 7, 2009).

In light of this, it surely does not look like a good idea to rely on your doctor for the latest information on any health topic, let alone osteoporosis.

Because only you know what your “normal” feels like

You know yourself better than anyone else, so you know when you’re just not feeling right. I receive many emails from readers about how doctors denied the side-effects they suffered while taking osteoporosis drugs, and flatly transferred the blame to another unrelated condition.

For example, many in our community wrote that when they complained of acid reflux while taking bisphosphonates (a common side-effect of those drugs), the doctor would blame it on stress, and handed out yet another prescription for an anxiety drug. More often than not, stories like these don’t have a happy ending… As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and you have been practicing at being “you” since the day you were born.

Because you did not study Medicine

You see, Medical students immerse themselves in a wide array of complicated subjects, and they also need to memorize information on thousands of prescription drugs. The Physician’s Desk Reference has information on over 4,000 drugs, and the number keeps growing every year. Clearly, doctors are exposed to an overwhelming amount of data.

So it is not surprising that Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health writes that there are about 250,000 iatrogenic deaths (physician-caused deaths) per year in the USA. Plus there are 12,000 unnecessary surgeries, 7,000 medication errors in hospitals, 20,000 “other errors” in hospitals, 80,000 infections acquired in hospitals, and 106,000 “non-error, negative effects of drugs.”

Alarmingly, medical-induced deaths are the third leading cause of death in the USA, after heart disease and cancer (B. Starfield, M.D., Journal of the American Medical Association, Is US health really the best in the world? July 2000).

Fortunately, you have an edge over any doctor because you only have to focus on your own health issues. If you've gone through the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and read the articles on this website, you most likely are already more of an expert on the truth about osteoporosis than your own doctor is!

Because you are self-sufficient

You know that your body is designed for health and not for disease, so you trust its ability to heal itself. Even a single microscopic cell in your body has more chemical processes going on than all the chemical factories in the world combined. Now multiply that by about 75 trillion, which is the approximate number of cells in your body, and you’ve got yourself an industrial complex the likes of which you’ll never see on our planet.

Indeed, osteoporosis prescriptions drugs are no match to what your osteoblasts and osteoclasts can do.

And let’s not forget that Nature also gives you a helping hand to improve your bone health. For example, there are approximately 8,000 bone-healthy plant polyphenols that can help increase the production of osteoblasts (Garie G. Duthie et al. Plant Polyphenols: are they the new magic bullet? Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 2003).

These powerful antioxidants are found in every day fruits like apples, cherries, cantaloupe, pears and grapes.


Now that you know that you are your best bone health decision-maker, it will help you achieve peace of mind. And then, a beautiful thing happens: along with the peace of mind comes less stress, better decisions, and better overall bone health. As I mentioned before, this website is testimony to your willingness to take responsibility for your bone health and to the power in your decisions – I'm glad you made it here.

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  1. Chris

    I have fallen and broken my hip I have a rod inside my femur and screws holding it, I was told by the orto doc that the rod went in to easy so I felt like maybe it was time to take the boniva after many years of being told I should, we’ll I have taken it for 10 month and have started having terrible muscle , knee pain and problems with my teeth,I did not take my 11 month pill and will not anymore, but I really need help knowing what to eat to help my bones I have a -3.5 bone scan area in lower back which really worries me. I am 62 please help me.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Chris, remember, no on can make you take (or continue to take) osteoporosis drugs! It’s your decision, and if you are not comfortable with the way the Boniva makes you feel, you are not obligated to keep taking it. If you want to build your bones without drugs, you’ve come to the right place. 🙂 We’re here for you!

  2. Gwen

    Reading your post today, which referenced Dr. Barbara Starfield, I was reminded of something I had read earlier about her death by drowning following a cerebral hemorrhage. Please note the following comments from a Oct. 10, 2012 posting by the Mercola website. “In an ironic twist of fate, Dr. Starfield, the Johns Hopkins doctor who, over a decade ago, presented the shocking evidence in JAMA that caused me to coin the phrase “doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US,” has died from fatal brain hemorrhage following a Plavix-aspirin regimen, as prescribed by her cardiologist.” I didn’t have time to read through all of the comments on this subject on your website, Vivian, so maybe someone else had pointed this out earlier.

  3. Virginia

    You are preaching to my “choir”. Very good discussion.

  4. Sandra Martin

    At 68 years of age I had my first bone density test. It showed moderate bone density loss in vertebra L1 and very slight bone density loss in left hope. I had already searched out the Save Our Bones program and begun the exercises. I’m very active physically, walk, bicycle, do some weight training. When we talked about the results of my bone density test I showed my doctor the program and the orthopedic doctor’s endorsement in the material I had. He was familiar with the doctor and was more than willing for me to deal with what he called “a very slight bone density loss” with exercise and diet. I will have another bone density test in two years. I’m am doing the desercises three times a week and improving my diet gradually. And being faithful with calcium supplements. I like your program and will continue to work with it. Thanks for your research!

  5. William Price

    Sorry, I am NOT going to click the “like” button because I do not like Facebook, I find it more than a bit intrusive.

    Your article makes sense on the whole. I too have gotten bad advice from more than one doctor who has not kept up with the latest findings, and I have no idea whether I really do have osteoporosis, or if it were only in my doctor’s mind.

  6. Karen

    I wish the only interaction with the medical community was osteoporosis, but I am looking at Stage IV colorectal cancer, and that has been really complicated. After two months of healing from surgery, I face chemotherapy in a week, and all they say about side effects, etc., is first we try it (6-hour infusion) and see how you react, and then we’ll deal with that.

  7. Nancy

    So why is this blog controversial??? I now realize how great my doctor must be, as I’ve researched and questioned for years, and he encourages me. One comment, and off the Fosamax! One question about K2 and strontium (backed by copies of the research and source) and he sent me to the carefully picked specialist who agreed to let me try them instead, encouraging me after carefully testing me. When he heard that, my doctor did a fist bump with the universe, accompanied by a shouted “YES!!!” Apparently I’ve been really lucky with my doctors. Keep looking. There are some out there! (This one is not young, either.)

    • Betty

      I also wanted to ask Nancy about Strontium as that has been recommended for me (I take K2). If you do use it what feedback do you have about it?

    • Betty

      I appreciate your comments about having an open minded doctor. Mine is more traditional and recommends the known drug, but adds, “of course it’s your choice if you decide not to take it”. I do have a local pharmacist who is a Woman’s Health Specialist and by appt provides a consultation. She is also open to natural health options, but in my case really thought I should be on Forteo. I have received very beneficial input to my health issues otherwise and am grateful.

      I have only been using the program for a couple of months, and for me the vegetables are enjoyable. I wonder about the fructose in too much fruit. I am thankful to have found this program and the forum of discussion it provides both pro and con. I take medication for GERD (faulty valve), but have extended time between pills to 36 hours and am working on getting off it altogether if possible.

      I wish Vivian and staff and all the members of the program a very Happy New Year, better bone health, and inner peace, hope and joy in every circumstance.

  8. Colin Smith

    A wonderful story, thank you. It had me thinking about a ‘spur heel’ that is presently annoying me. I avoid walking on hard surfaces, if at all possible, because the spur heel pain flares up, making me rest more than I would like. Feet are made for walkin’! Is there any information in your program that can overcome the spur heel? Thank you, once again!

  9. Evangeline Chinn

    I agree with everything stated in this article.

  10. Anne Taylor

    Thanks for all your good articles. I already felt the same as you about taking control of my own bone health issues; just don’t trust any of the meds the “medical doctors” are putting out there for us.

  11. Alice

    have been doing your exercises thank you.

  12. Jerilyn

    What’s Orthodontics Insurance and How Can it Work?


  13. Cora Diamond

    The year we went on Safari to Kenya and Tanzania we rode 6 hours a day in little vans on very BUMPY roads. The up and down force on my spine increased my bone density. When I saw your heel lift exercise it was the same thing. I like to hold onto my windowsill and look out side while doing these. or at the kitchen sink. Thanks for the geat information to help make us stronger.

  14. Rebecca

    Does anyone take bio-identical hormones. I was told to get on progesterone,
    testertone and vivelle (estradiol) I was told this would help balance me out and help me to absorb calcium, and that it would help lubricate my joints as well. I am not sure about any hormone, even bio-identical. Comments please.

  15. tom cagney

    Miss Bones: You are smart,thank you for passing it along.I like information. I am a 77 year old single male/live alone,I choose that. I am not retired because I choose that also.I’m a licensed/certified pilot/flight instructor/mechanic aircraft and cars teacher of the above.I have doned this for over 50 years.I like my life and professions I will never quit.I live on a 95 acre airport called Cagney Airport,Clio,Michigan.Also I am the best trial lawyer I know,I had to get into law because of dumb attorneys. tom

  16. almas

    You always send me very good articles to read. I am very happy to read and is very informative.

  17. susanne

    This is a question rather than a comment. I read your article re the importance of alkaline foods to help your bones .Was just wondering if organic apple cider vinegar is alkaline? i like to add it to my diet because of its wonderful mineral content and digestive qualities.

  18. Vivian Penniman

    ve shared your information with my son……very helpful to say also with me…Thank you…Vivian

  19. Dianne Pilling

    Hi Vivian,
    Thank you for all the continual information you are sending.I am learning so much in what you are saying.
    It is so encouraging to know that our bodies are the real healers of it’s own problems.And you Vivian giving your time to make us /me aware of the right path in helping our bodies to do that.

  20. Nidhal

    I have read the article and I DO agree with you completely … As I always eat healthy food ,, I cook with olive oil and I go for a walk 3 times a week ,,, in addition to my daily activities ,,, I have stopped taking almost all the medications that the doctor prescribed to me after reading and searching the web and joining this site ,, I take only Vitamin B complex, B6 and Caltrate 600 with vitamin D in addition to vitamin C ,,, I am now much better ,, in fact I – not only feel psychologically better but physiologically as well ,, finding out the terrible side effect of all those drugs scared me ,, I would like to than Dr. Vivian for the good work she is contributing to us ,,,
    May the Almighty Allah grant you health & happiness dear Dr. Vivian

  21. Shirley Carini

    About 18 months ago I had my second bone scan. Soon after my doctor said “Well, it looks like Evista isn’t working, I think we’d better put you on Fosamax.” I told her I didn’t want to take that drug. I think I had already heard some bad reports about it. She wrote the prescription for me in case I would change my mind. I didn’t! Instead, I try my best to eat the right balance of acidifying/alkalizing foods, almond milk, distilled water etc. Aside from a few problems that come with living a long time (84), I feel good. I never noticed any side effects while on Evista. Did opthers have bad effects from that med? In about six months, I’ll have my 3rd bone scan. I expect to send a good report.

    • Pia Stewart

      Shirley, I am having the same experience. Having read about the dubiety of Fosamax, I discontinued its intake in 2011. My doctor only questioned my decision, said that it was only based on attorneys’ lawsuit pursuits, and gave no alternative. I am wavering in the wind hoping Vitamin C takes up the slack until my next bone scan of which I do not welcome, and question, the radiation.

  22. Maria Nielsen

    I have known for many years that western medicine got way too far in the wrong direction and that is why that I, for the past over 30 years don´t rely on doctors to keep healthy. I will be 65 this year and don´t have any major health problems thanks to my decission from many years ago when I myself became responsible for my own health, be it physical or mental.

  23. Patsy

    It is wonderful to learn that drugs are not the best way to produce strong bones. Thank you for your website and your information. My doctor tried to have me start Fosimax but my sister had already suffered bone loss and tooth loss after taking it.

  24. rupert holmes

    great 82 i don’t have those problems.i try to eat very care full.
    no cows milk,no soy.i use macademia oil for cooking, grass fed meat plus i use filtered water, & i do pace exercise.these are some of my attack dogs
    moringa,nattakinais.seanol.resveratrol & lot of sea weeds’i feel like 40 yrs old.ever part oe my body is active.

  25. stephanie Misasi

    This is wonderful information!!!! My friend has this issue and I have sent her(Suzy) your email. Thank you!

    Stephanie Misasi

  26. Sharon

    I was diganosed with “advanced osteoporosis for my age” in September 2010. I am 71, and had my first bone scan in Sept. 2010, when I was shocked to hear I had osteoporosis. I never thought I would have it, but one doctor said it’s because I’m white and thin. At that time, I found out I had fractured two vertebrae, the pain causing me to have the bone scan in the first place. I am trying natural methods to overcome the problem, but I also fractured a 3rd vetebra in April 2011. I just saw an orthopedic surgeon who said he thinks I should go on one of the many drugs for osteoporosis. I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of man-made drugs. I left his office feeling hopeless. I take calcium, vitamin D, essential fatty acids, vitamin K2, a multi-vitamin, and other supplements. I am also mostly vegan, though I eat eggs and I eat fish once in a while. Am I doomed for more spinal fractures – or worse?

  27. Ita

    thank you ,great encouragement..Ita.

  28. Rosalind Lee

    Can I comment about taking Calcium suppliments here? as I forgot to leave a comment when I read your article about Calcium.
    It is alarming that a high % of the general public don’t realise that taking Calcium suppliment is not ideal and what the negative effects can be.
    Often trying to do a research on this, can often be difficult, as the materials available can be somewhat contradictory, thus confusing…however, what I have been reading about your various articles..they all make alot of sense.
    Most important of all, it is all base on natural products and not on “chemically” made medication.

    My brother in law told me I should take calcium suppliments…I took it for quite some months…I wonder if this is one of the factors that also led to a build up of my having kidney stones!!

    Last but not least, I don’t believe in taking medications when one is able to find a natural alternative!!! the health care team here was “desperate” to put me on medication with ref. to my high blood pressure.

    How is it that they don’t understand that they are trying to treat the symptom and not the cause? In doing so, they only create a vicious cycle, where the patient will feel that they have no control over their own situation…= the patient will get even more hyper. I mananged to bring my blood pressure down…without medication!!

    Thank you Vivien

  29. Pat Martin

    Vivian, I am concerned because this week I ordered the SAVE OUR
    BONES programme and was promised sheets that were to come directly to my e-mail address and the book in a few days….I paid by credit card, yet I received NO CONFIRMATION that my order had beeb received nor have I received any sheets by e-mail.

    I am an old age pensioner and cannot afford to throw away 75 dollars plus. What’s going on?????? Yours truly, Pat Martin

  30. Jenny Tay Kwai Neo


  31. Lynn

    I need help in purchasing the required supplements. I’ve been to Srouts four times. Isn’t there a multi supplement? I can not find everything needed per the book without purchasing individually, as I do not enjoy taking pills I’m hoping you’ll have a suggestion.
    Thank you

  32. Ditas S. De la Paz

    Thank you Ms. Goldsmith for the information you’ve been sending via email on bone health & the risks of taking biphosphonates. I am a dialysis patient and was also recently diagnosed to have osteoporosis on my hip. I would rather strengthen my bones through diet than by taking Fosavance the medicine prescribed by my doctors. I live in the Philippines and I’ve been looking at the fruits & vegetables you suggest to improve bone health & most are found locallly. However, I am also disabled (unable to walk w/o help) butI can do exercises sitting or as long I have support. I would thus, appreciate it if you could send me videos of such exercises.

  33. Cathie

    I purchased the program, and will have “the conversation” with my dr. tomorrow. He prescribed fosamax for me, but I have not taken it. After reading the books and articles, I feel well-informed and prepared to make my case to follow “save our bones.” I also appreciate how customer service always responds with thorough answers to questions when I e-mail them. Thank you, thank you. I am going to buy a book for each of my young adult daughters. I wish I had this information 10 or 15 years ago…..but it’s time to look forward, not back. Is one year on the program enough to see results on a scan?

  34. Marc

    Obviously you hit a nerve that needed to be hit and thus the many positive responses. Sadly many won’t get your information as they do not seek, just run to the doctor for help and accept anything the doctor or pharmacists says. ‘You are responsible for your own life’ does not seem to play with too many.
    Thank you for your wonderful work and sharing of your knowledge.

  35. Derek O'Brien

    Videos are fine for the illiterates, but most of us readers can assimilate the content faster by reading. Please give us readers the chance to read a transcript, rather than have our valuable time taken up by having to listen to waffle.

    • Customer Support

      If you are referring to the RESTORE video, sir, there is a transcript (as there is for most of Vivian’s videos). Just click where it says “Click to Download the Restore Video Transcript” directly below the video.

  36. les harris

    i like your articlesthey are informative and easy to understand easy to implement into your every day activities

  37. Gloria Jones

    I agree with you about doctors. Some of them have a real ego problem, and think they are God. Others, like you say, are basically uninformed about natural methods of healing, or they pooh-pooh the whole idea. I am fortunate in that I have a doctor who also believes in holistic healing and regularly dispenses or suggests nutritional substitutes for the commonly used drugs that are dispensed by his colleagues. I was surprised to learn from your commentary that drugs are the third leading cause of death. At last count, they were considered the fourth leading cause. It’s really scary, isn’t it? Because a lot of people wouldn’t think of defying their doctors. Well, I ain’t one of them, and I’m still here. I guess that says something, doesn’t it? Yay, Vivian! Keep up the good work! We love you and so do our bones.

  38. Velma Sturm

    Vivian: Am s-o-o happy with your “Blog”, and other comments, that my Osteoporosis is ‘not a disease, but can be turned around by Diet. Such a relief!!
    THANK YOU for being a “Truth – Seeker”!
    Velma Sturm

  39. Patricia Meyer

    I certainly agree with you,Vivian. When I had my last physical my doctor indicated that I was foolish told me I would not be able to do anything for my bones with diet.

  40. Bee

    Thank you for the reassurance, Vivian. It does helps and I confess that I’ve reached the conclusion that the worry over side effects of bisphosphonates is undesirable, especially as I spent the first 6 months of this year undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I’ve stepped up exercises and tweaked my diet, however, I’m still hesitating over stopping taking alendronic acid. This morning, for the first time, I didn’t take the weekly tablet. Will this cause anxiety? We shall see. Meanwhile, I plan to tackle the doctor as to why diet and exercise were’nt discussed after the osteopenia was diagnosed following the DEXA scan.

    • Jeanette

      Hello Bee Thank You so much for your comments. I, too, spent the first 6 mts doing chemo, radiation, for breast cancer. (After healing from a mastectomy in Sept. 2010. This was my 2nd time to go through it in the last 5 years.
      You did not mention your age. I am 65. I’ve been very active all my life. I’m still a physical person. But I have a crushed vertabrae (T-7) 35%. I can’t do much now. I’m a swimmer, dancer, horseback rider,,,,,,etc.
      I’ve worked hard most of my life. I was looking forward to an active retirement. This is rough. OK, But I have friends that had cancer when I was first diagnosed who have already passed away. I am Grateful!
      Even so, the arimidex, aromasin, steroids, (taken to prevent inflamation, nausea) from the chemo drugs, actually cause our bones to dry out, get brittle and crack. Typical side effects of these drugs are “joint pain, bone fractures”, etc. Even worse, while on chemo it’s hard to eat much of anything, the effort is to keep something down that resembles food. We are in a more delicate situation than most (who are just fighting osteoporosis).
      God help us in the decisions we make. We were poked, infused, flooded with the nastiest drugs on earth, brunt to a crisp on a cold table, only to survive with these dried out crunchy bones, that like potato chips, can be crushed or cracked without us even being aware.
      I love to cook, and I am very interested in nutrition. When I’m feeling good I hunger for healthy foods and get the urge to do fun stuff like hike, or take a friend out. Life is short and every minute counts. Bee, I hope I have helped or inspired you in some way. take care and I will too.

      • Sandra

        I to I totally agree with you about our responsibility in taking care of our precious bodies. But what does one do when the choices are taken out of our grasp. I was recentaly diagonosed with hyper-thyroid an auto immune decease, and now all the good vegetables and food like kayl, cauliflower, broccoli to name a few are forbitten to me because they all have iodine as does any milk product, and fish and all sea food. I am between a rock and a hard place. This has become like a ball and chain. Anyway, Blessings and have a woner day.

  41. Lindsay

    I totally agree with you about our responsibility in taking care of our precious bodies. We need to be in touch with our bodies so we know when something is wrong. The difficult part is getting your doctor to believe you and follow through with what you have to say about your own health. I believe you and your doctor should be partners in the caring for your health. Most doctors do not have the time, patience or what other excuse they have in not listening to their patients. My doctor was out right offended when he told me to take the Osteoporosis drugs and I told him I would not take them, but would rather find another way to strengthen my bones. I do read your e-mails often and get a lot out of them. However, after paying for your information, I do feel a bit “used” when you tell me that I have to pay again just to get the densercise directions. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

  42. Joan

    Thank you again Vivian. I do always question any medication that is offered to me. The reason for this is my now lack of confidence in doctors due to bad experiences. My hearing in my right ear had been deteriorating for a very long time and was becoming worse. Spoke to my doctor who said he could send me for a hearing test but it was a two year waiting list!
    At that time I did not have any other option so agreed to this. I could feel there was a problem in this ear which was growing worse and worse so rang the hospital to ask if this appointment could be brought forward, luckily after telling them I would soon be deaf in that ear they finally hurried my appointment through. The hospital arranged for me to see an ENT consultant who arranged for an MRI scan. This showed that I had an Acoustic Neuroma which is a tumour that had developed on the 6th 7th and 8th vestibular nerves and was now butted up to my brainstem, so listen to your body not the doctors!

  43. jeanette barnett

    Everything you are saying makes so much sense.
    And, even though you have been telling like it is… there seems to be a lot of news lately about how many deaths are caused by prescriptions; and talk of finally making drug companies, doctors accountable for “over prescribing.” I’m following your plan, and helping my 84 year old sister to do the same.
    Thank you!

  44. Sharon

    I stopped taking Boniva last May following all the scary stories about sudden thigh bone breaks. Now I’m following your program and trying to eat a more-alkaline diet. (For years, I have spent one or two hours each day with weight training, Pilates, tai chi and brisk walking — so I’m pretty strong).

    When I told my doctor of my decision, he pointed out that only a small percentage of bisphosimate-takers had experienced broken bones, and said they usually recommended the drugs for five years. (I had taken Boniva for 2-1/2 years). Was originally told that they would be taken for life — and now understand that a drug holiday is recommended after three years. So yes, I apparently am more “up” on the latest findings.

  45. katie

    excellent article and I totally agree

  46. Joyce Preston

    I think that over the years we all were trusted to believe what ever we were told by doctors. Not realizing at that time the trillion dollar drug market we were about to be entering. Since my battle with the side effects of actonel,fosamax (generic)from broken teeth to eye problems, we have found that through natural and herbal remedy’s we could achieve our solution. Since the start of my side effects what we have found to help dramatically with the pain in the hands and fingers and joints is Devils claw creme used 2xs a day along with taking hylauronic acid also 2xs a day. After about 2 weeks we had noticed a dramatic relief in the joint and hand pain. We are also going to a rhumotolgist for a consultation and his findings also. What we have learned since having developed these problems is that as much as these drugs are to be building bone they at the same time are making bone more brittle being like a double edged sword. Hopefully some young women who are being told of these drugs think twice and seek a herbal and natural way to remedy the situation of aging. One other very important factor which very few if any even speak about is “resistance” exercise. This is as important as the medication to keep bone strong and healthy.

  47. irene karas

    Hello Vivian, I have not been in the loop lately because I have a lot to do. I was wondering if anyone can explain PTH to me
    My mother has an elevated PTH of 74H . I know that is high but her calcium is normal. Her rheumatologist has not responded to her primary care doctor. I did take her to a medical nutritionist and she put her on liquid vitamin D an K which is made by Douglass Labs. The other supplements are thyroid related and do not seem to be disagreeing with her. We will meet with her again this week. Thank you Irene

  48. Susie Clark

    I always research any drug or supplement recommended, and when I have felt it was contraindicated, explained why to my doctor and the doctor has agreed with me. Doctors follow the “general best for the normal” population, and I agree that none of us are the “average”.
    We are all unique and must know, listen to, and follow what our bodies tell us.

    My body has always like an alkaline diet, exercise and lots of organic fruits and veggies. My osteoporosis is in only one hip, I therefore wonder if I have been favoring that side for years since breaking both bones in that lower leg. I am therefore concentrating on using that foot and leg more forcefully when walking and exercising. Only time will tell if the bone regenerates, but I think it will.

  49. Terri Rexroad

    I was prescribed 1500 mg of calcium a day. I consume 3 chewables throughout the day. However, having read Save Our Bones, I understand that only 50% of that is actually absorbed. Then I get algae based calcium tablets of which 3 are also consumed throughout the day. But, the algae based calcium is not a chewable and only has 770 mg per three tablets. Am I to assume that the algae based pill is completely absorbed, giving me 770 mg a day? And since the chewable gives me 750 mg of actual absorbed calcium a day, did the doctor prescribed 1500 mg knowing that I would only get 1/2 of it, or am I supposed to double up on either of these choices? (Algae based is more expensive.) Also, what do you think of Advacal? I appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Terri, Please read my free Ultimate Calcium Guide for info about why the amount of calcium you take is not nearly as important as the type of calcium (and lots more about calcium). You can get it here:

  50. anyhony albanese

    vivian; I read all you send find it interesting and knowledgeable thanh you tony

  51. Leslie

    I am so glad you are offering an alternative to the drugs Doctors are offering today. I had a difficult discussion with my Doctor and she said I had to take a course of treatment of some kind, all with medicines like bio phosphates and other hormone based drugs. I did not say NO but I did not tell her when or if I was going to take her prescription.
    She told me to think about it.
    I have seen ads recently on television about class action law suits for people who have taken these drugs because one of the side effects from these drugs is that they that actually lead to fractures. I refuse to take these chemicals and I have changed my diet and supplementation to work on my bone density. The sad thing is that most doctors don’t know anything about nutrition and go straight for the medications. My doctor said she read in a Journal that the studies supporting these drugs showed so much benefit from them, but no one ever tells you what they actually do to your bones by creating weaker bone in the long run.
    Keep up your good work of informing people about good nutrition for better bones.

  52. Ita

    thank you,Ita

  53. Doris CArey

    Good Job.

  54. Sue

    This is a very good website as you continue to add to our knowledge with various information. It did not stop with the book I “copied” but you are wonderful support with more and more information. Thank you
    Sue W. ( age 70)

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Sue. I’m glad you enjoy the information! You can trust that I will continue to provide you with new information as it comes out and keep you up to date with new developments in bone health research.

  55. Valerie Goh

    I had left heel pain and discomfort at my left hip joint. Interestingly, I used to carry my mobile phone in my left pocket… doctor told me that my left heel is a result of my poor posture, and my left hip joint is scarred as well. After a course of treatment, pain got slightly better and I had removed my mobile from my left pocket as well. So far, my left hip feels fine, as good as new.
    I had wondered why?? after reading your article, I got my answer. thanks Dr Vivian

  56. Jenny Gooding

    Hi Vivian. I was diagnosed with osteo’ about 5 yrs ago after a private scan. Had a DEXA with NHS confirming and took Actonel for 4 yrs. I had 2 breaks in 12 months and was put on Aclasta infusion. I’ve had 2 sessions so far but shall refuse the next one. I was alerted to the dangers of the drugs as a friend got osteonecrosis after taking Fosomax so i looked on the net and found your book so now I am trying to follow your guidelines. One question, “why is it best to eat Romaine lettuce in preference to others?”

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jenny,

      Romaine is much richer in nutrients than most other varieties of lettuce. As a comparison, romaine contains more than 10 times as much calcium as iceberg lettuce, more than 3 times as much Vitamin K, and more than 4 times as much folate.

    • Theresa

      I wanted to see the answer regarding the romaine lettuace.

      • Sue

        dont see an answer yet but I bet it is due to the additional “green”. I stay away from the traditional “ice berg” lettuce and have for years. I understand we are seeking COLOR in our veg and fruit.

  57. Hugo Schmidt

    Hi Vivian,
    I am doing all I can to stay on the bone healthy program. I am sure it will be effective,as I have some background in nutrition and public health. What a relief to be off the biophosphonates for the last 6 months. It took 3 months for the esophageal syptoms to resolve. Had my throat checked for cancer, negative. Vision disturbances have gone, etc. My next scan is due later this year.
    I appreciate your program. Thank you very much.

  58. Nina Urdanivia

    Dear Vivian: Just last April 13, I got “Osteoporosis Reversal Program” book. My daughter Angelica Urdanivia paid for it with her credit card.

    I feel very grateful in the first place with the Universe because puts you in my life. And the second place with you, because you are my Angel. You are my Light.

    I send you may blessings for shering with me and other women your knowledment. I know your investigation has been very hard. Thank you for your honesty.

    I always read all the valuable information that you mail me and, of course, I will read Save Our Bones Progran book too.

    My warmly regards.

  59. Mary Blomberg

    Dear Vivian,

    I agree with you and am a seeker of the truth about my body. I try to keep up to date. I appreciate the information you give. I have just begun the save my bones program and look forward to the values of my next bone density examination in about a year.

    Mary Blomberg,
    Stockholm Sweden

  60. Virginia Parks

    You are write about asking your doctor.
    I Relly agree with what you have said.
    I relly want to ask my doctor to be sure it is ok.
    Your friend Virginia parka
    Keizer Oregon

  61. Nancy T.

    Hello Vivian,

    I received my copy of Save Our Bones. I haven’t gotten very far yet, but seem to remember you talking about a website where you recommend the brand of supplements you like. Would you please give me that website again? I’m not sure that I am absorbing my calcium supplements and you mentioned marine algae.


  62. Helen

    Dear Vivian,
    I recently read ” Save Our Bones “and am
    already following the Program. I also did
    “Rapid Cleanse”.Needless to say I stopped
    taking Actonel two months ago and that
    makes me feel good !
    I enjoy all your reports as every day I learn someting new.Keep up the good work !
    Thanks for all your help.

  63. Helen

    Dear Vivian,
    I have read your great book and am currently
    following the program. I have also

  64. ethel fraser

    I would like to know how blueberries cranberries plums and prunes affect your bone density.

  65. Diane Fannon

    A couple of months ago, my Rheumatologist said I have Osteopenia after having a bone density test…not Osteoporosis yet, but he put me on Fosamax saying that I was at a high risk of breaking bones. I took it for about 5 weeks and started having side effects. That’s when I did research on it online and read your articles on your site about bone loss, etc. Sure enough my side effects were all there so I stopped taking the Fosamax. When I told my doctor, he wanted to give me a prescription for another med, but I refused telling him what I had learned. He kind of poo-pooed what I said but I stuck to my guns telling him that I was going to stick with taking Vitamin D and calcium. He wasn’t too pleased, but it’s my body. I really like all of the information that you provide on this site and the fact that you are trying to protect people from these drugs. Thank you.

  66. Jean

    Very good and necessary wake-up call.
    We really need to understand how much we can accomplish by taking care of ourselves.
    Thanks for helping.

  67. Mark

    Thank you for this wonderful, uplifting, and encouraging post. It is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you for all that you do. Keep it going strong!

  68. Marian L. Gordon

    I am totally confused as to the difference between plain bone loss and arthritis. When anything in my body pertaining to bone loss occurs my doctor calls it arthritis. I have lost both shoulders which I am helping through exercise, now one of my knees is acting up. Again, bone loss (arthritis). I am confused about taking injections, etc. Should I wait it out and try to heal with your program or what? Marian

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Marian,

      If you have arthritis, it has nothing to do with bone loss. With arthritis, cartilage (not bone) gets inflamed and eventually degraded to varying degrees. Although the acid/alkaline balanced diet in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program can be helpful for many conditions, the program is specific to osteoporosis or osteopenia.

      • Dianne Pilling

        Hi Marian and Vivian,

        Interesting you say that Marian,I have been told the same from my Dr’
        Maybe they are generalizing,to explain the pain, not going into the detail of the pacifics of what really does happen.

  69. Barry

    Hi Viv,
    I enjoy all of your correspondence. It has provided me with some very useful information.
    Cheers, Barry.

  70. kristie purdy

    I have purchased this program, but I keep getting purchasing ads.

  71. Millie

    I would love to buy your book but do not want to do so via my credit card.
    Could I order it and send a check?
    thank you for your information on bone

  72. Adriana

    We always hear about women and elderly men getting osteoperosis and hardly ever about young men.
    My husband, 40 yrs of age has been diagnosed with severe osteo. He has had all the main test with good results. They found only his vitD to be low.Of course they want him to take medication which he hasn’t yet and hopefully he won’t.
    I just want to know, if it’s normal for a young male adult to have this.
    I’m very happy to have found this site as it has given me more faith. I don’t feel scared anymore and i’m more determined to becoming more healthy.
    Thank you

  73. gwen skellern

    There are many of the above remarks that I would like to see your answers to. I was on Fosamax for some 10 years or more and one year on Eclasta infusion which is finished. Not on anything now. Should I carry on with the 2 Calcium with Vitamin D each day? Read an article that says that a calcium build-up is one of the causes of osteoporosis! Says to stop for 3 months to allow Magnesium to buildup in the body???? I was also on Zoton (pump inhibitor?) for reflux. Have stopped that too quite recently. Have Hiatus Hernia which caused the reflux but the Fosamax obviously helped it!!! Would appreciate answers as is all very confusing. Have had numerous fractures and quite recently a crushed vertebrae from having an Endoscopy.

  74. Betsy Poor

    I think your blog is right on. I was stressing about what to do when I found your website and ordered the program. Also hada good discussion with my Orthopedic Dr. ans he agreed to giving this program a trial for a year to a year and a half. Thank you.

  75. viv

    Thanks.Extremely valuable and interesting figures on medical deaths,errors.

  76. Bev

    This was a terrific article. indeed, I do like to be in charge of my bone health and it has indeed caused me much anxiety. Thanks to your website, the decisions are easier. Bev

  77. Christine

    I have a ‘high risk’ fracture score and have taken biphosphonates for 5 years. I also have a scholiosis and following an accident have had three lumbar surgeries including a spinal fusion and am really afraid of relying solely on diet and vitamin supplements.

  78. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian;

    I agree with Cate’s comment – it is hard to go against accepting what the doctor says
    unconditionally – we need to know that others
    make their own decisions about their bone
    health too, and have good reason to do so.

    I ordered the book but don’t think my address
    in Canada was accepted.????

    I especially need a push to exercise, I feel
    fine and was always quite fit but to build my
    bones I have to take actionand be more
    motivated. ’till next time.


  79. Nancy Flexman

    A key to many people’s attitude to their doctors is your use of the phrase “that you will actively disobey what your doctor tells you.” We need to realize that doctors are not the boss. Your doctor is your employee, one with certain knowledge, opinions and approaches, but certainly NOT the source of truth, and NOT a person to be obeyed. We need to grow up and stop being intimidated by doctors. We now know that a significant amount of what they consider truth is very much open to question.

  80. Anne Keenan

    I agree – doctors hand out prescriptions too easily. Enjoying “Save Our Bones” immensely.
    Thank you.

  81. Ciael Hills

    Thank you Vivian for your dedication to informing us about the downside
    of drugs like Alendronate like I had been on for c. 5 years. A week after considering your information I took myself off the drug. I feel fine and strong. I disliked being on the drug from the first and am open to trying to do without.I think you say that at first, our osteoclasts, which have been suppressed for so long by the drug will take awhile to kick in and that the osteoblasts will be having a field day. How long before the osteoclasts restart the regeneration process? How much Calcium and D vitamins should we take daily?
    I have not yet consulted my doctor and a close friend is skeptical.
    I’m going to keep on trying to do without the drug, watch and feel
    how my body is doing and within maybe 10 months go have another
    bone scan to check the effects on my bones–which over the last few
    years have become more porous–I’m 2 inches shorter than I was at
    50. (I’m 59 now) Thanks for all you do! Ciael

  82. Allison Ifferte

    With only two month on Boniva, my right knee was in so much pain, I had to walk up the stairs backwards….when I called my dr. he told me to stop it and when it heals, we will take it from there.
    It took several months to rid the Boniva from my body….By the end of August I was pain free. I am thanking my lucky stars I found this program…..I am just loving it.
    Warm Regards to Viv.

    • Ellen Schamberger

      I was told I have “Osteopenia” in the right hip. TheDR. started to say what I should take. I said sorry I will not take any RX for it. Oh was the reply! But did not ask what I was doing.
      So thank you Viv for your book.


    Vivian, your comments are so true. It was almost like hearing myself!!!!!!. I can identify myself strongly. My own GP actually is extremely good. She listens as well as just hears me. She accepts my comments and questions; she will also answer honestly if she has no answer and will investigate my question and get back to me. She does not mind me questioning her treatment and suggesting alternatives. She welcomes i!

    I am very fortunate to have a general practitioner who deals with me in this way As a medically retired vsocial worker, I would strive [whilst working] to encourage and facilitate people to takle charge and be in control of decisions about themselves; also to accept responsibility for them.

    Thanyou again. Your work/ time/ effort is appreciated greatly.


  84. Rita Burley

    Yes I agree very much with the idea that people should take reponsibility for their own body health and that no one is more aware of how they are feeling in their own skin. Doctors are too ready to prescribe drugs especially new ones on the market. What is the real reason behind this I can only guess. Now after a visit to the Drs I sought through the advise and prescriptions he has given me and decide for myself what I consider will benefit me.

  85. Lynn

    Interesting article, has anyone read the book yet?

  86. star

    I never have had a bone dnsity test nor do I plan to nor do I take anything for my bones I just try to eat right get plenty of sun and exercise and by the way I have fibro still dont take anything [ I used to but no more ] ..Pills kill not heal !

    • Sharon Donohue

      Generally speaking, I agree that pharmaceutical drugs are not a blessing; however,there are a few that are life saving and I would not hesitate to use them..AFTER I have read everything about them and determined if they are really what I need. For me, that’s the whole ball game: What do I think about a drug. It is my body that’s on the line, not the doctor’s. I also research the nutrients I take, and buy only from the most reputable companies. Ergo, I stay mostly pain free as well as drug free.

    • Rita Burley

      One cannot generalize about all medication killing not healing . Over the top remark I feel.

  87. Christine

    I have borderline osteoporosis and was put on Fosamax and Adcal D3 straight away. I took them for 5 weeks before giving up, and 2 months on I still have acid reflux and heartburn, though it is gradually getting better. My doctor said don’t take them – 100 people would have to take Fosamax to perhaps save one fracture! She will order another dexa scan in 3 years and if there is deterioration then we will think of something else, but she supports me in trying to rebuild my bones by diet and exercise. But now I have blurring of my vision and realise it is probably caused by the Fosamax, even though I only took 6 tablets. Very worried, but I doubt I will convince anyone!

  88. Earlene from Georgia

    My doctor and I are going head-to-head over what she thinks is a good ‘fix’ for my osteoporosis as I’ve taken myself off Alendronate do to its many side effects. With the recommended supplements, eating right and doing the specific exercises from your site, on top of my regular exercises, I hope to prove her wrong in my next Dexascan. Keep up the good work.

  89. Jane Hill

    Thank you so much for informing women about osteoporosis and all the “ramifications.” We need the truth that we’re not getting from our Drs., unfortunately. I haven’t personally taken any of the drugs, but my friends have and one’s legs broke out horribly after taking Fosamax. Plus, her Dr. had told her to stop taking all her vitamins before putting her on it! We live in Florida, and in the heat, she really suffered till it went away! Thankfully, she stopped taking Fosamax instead!

  90. Cate

    Thank you for this article. I did need to have someone tell me that I was on the right path. Doing what your doctor says unconditionally is a hard habit to break. I felt there was some thing not right about actonel and refused to take it. I will continue to be boss of my own bone health!

  91. Denise

    When I was first diagnosed with osteoporosis I took the drug Evista for 3 weeks, before I decided that this was not the way for me. Over the course of the next few years through diet, supplements, resistance weights, walking, and a progesterone cream, I reversed my score from -3.4 to -2.5. Unfortunately for me 2 years ago I became ill and then developed a cancer. My bone density became worse, and I have taken arimidex for 8 months. Due to the awful side effects this drug has had on me, I have stopped it, and am hoping that once again exercise and a good diet will reverse my osteo.

  92. Pat Richards

    That was very good Vivian.

  93. Doris

    Seventeen years . . ??? that’s incredible. Still, especially elderly patients are very reluctant to question their physician’s pronouncements, prescriptions, dismissive attitude. Since it’s almost impossible to find a GP nowadays, I try not to anger my (opinionated) doctor; she might refuse to treat me on account of my “non-compliance” . . .

    • Marlene

      I hear what you are saying! When I told my PA that I was no longer taking Boniva, and what I had learned about the drug, she totally disagreed with me. I told her I was going with supplements and a healthy diet to try to improve my bone health. By the time my appointment was over I felt that she was angry with me! But that is her problem not mine. I still like her and value her opinion, but not in this particular situation.

  94. Jessica

    I was taking Calcium Citrate and then read in the Save the Bones book that inorganic calcium was better. I bought Garden of Life Bitalmin Code Raw Calcium because it is supposed to be algae based. Since then I have read negative things about this product. What is the best possible calcium to take?

    • Jessica

      Sorry – Typo – it is Vitamin Code Raw Calcium.

      • Julie

        The depots I have been reading are very informative. I was diagnosed with osteo approximately 6 months ago and was given a prescription I discontinued the prescription 4weeks ago I am so glad I did after reading what the side effects are. Thank you

  95. billie faries

    Thank you for your reassurance. I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and for the past 1 @1/2 years I have been dealing with my treatment plan. I was unable to take boniva after 6 months, because of bowel problems, which I discovered myself and refusing to take Reclast on the suggestion of my physician. Now, after exercise suggested and checking my diet, and taking the vitamins and Caltrate as suggested am feeling almost back to my normal lifestyle. I am 79 years old and loving being alive and mostly healthy again. thank you.

  96. Barbara Guthrie

    Thankyou Vivian for your email. Perhaps one day hopefully Doctors will become more educated on natural health issues and not rely on the latest research by scientists and the pharmaceutical corporations promoting such medicines. I can at last talk to my doctor quite frankly about the decisions I have made regarding my osteoporosis and I hope that he may perhaps one day recommend natural solutions to his patients rather than those awful bisphosphonates. I think perhaps the general population have been brought up to think that doctors are like a god and not look to their own health. Very kind regards, Barbara Guthrie

  97. Andy Leonidou

    Dear Vivian

    I am rather dissapointed in that I order your “Save your bones” programme on 1st July and I still have not received it despite the fact that the money has been charged to my credit card. It is hard to understand why it is taking so long. I know I live in England but hat is no excuse for waiting for nearly three week. I hope you will be able to look into this and resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you

    Best wishes

    Andy Leonidou
    22 Burcorr Road
    CR8 4AA
    United Kingdom

    • Patricia (Yorkshire - United Kingdom)

      I too waited six weeks and no book came I got in touch with the support team and they are sending me another hope it arrives soon.



  99. Carol

    Armed with all the information you have given in your book, as well as online, you have given me the courage to go on without Fosamax. Thank you.

  100. William

    Hi Vivian
    Thank you for another great article. While I was on Actonel I had developed a great deal of pain in both hips and my leg muscles to the point I couuld barely walk. On a scale of 1-10 it was an 11.The doctor took x-rays and ultra sounds and found nothing other than a bit of arthritis. No explaination for the severe pain. I read your book and stopped taking it and the pain is all but gone. I walk several miles a day as well as roller blade eight miles home from work with very little pain. I had a saying for a while that pain was my new best friend. The pain hurt so much I new I was alive because dead people did not hurt this much. Thank you for this. I can not figure out why I have Osteoporosis. I have been doing most of the things in your book before I read it and still have this imbalance and according to my last bone density scan a couple of months ago it is still getting worse. What else can be taking the calcium out of my bones? I have found no help on the internet so far.

    Yours truly


    • Luc Chene

      I am a man of 56 with osteoporosis and there is a lot of overwhelming information on the Internet.
      As a biochemist, I came to this ‘recipe’ multivitamin and minerals (the best being or douglas’ ultrapreventive X or Usana’s Essentials.
      Then I add vitamin K2 100 mg (NowFoods at, also I make certain I get 1000 mg Calcium and about 500 mg magnesium, completing what is already present in the multivitamin and minerals, silicon in organic form Biosil is good, Milk Basic Protein from AOR, onions every day, and finally X-Factor Gold from Green (concentrate of butter oil from organic butter from grass fed cattle).
      Also I measure my urine’s acidity making certain it is not acid by choosing food that is alkaline.
      Exercise : walking 1 hour per day with weights in each hand, increasing the weights, plus stationary bicycle 15 minutes each day.
      I am now adding a new kind of exercises : warm up 3 minutes so the hearts beats at about 110 per minute then 8 cycle of 30 seconds high intensity so the hearts beat at about 220- age, it feels as if you could not do more than 30 seconds, then 90 seconds recuperating with moderate intensity. This is makes the body produce growth hormone, but to get that the 8 cycles must be done. And do not eat carbohydrates for the next 2 hours after these exercises as they will shun the hormone production.
      Checking with your doctor for this before.

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