Eat These Two Powerful Foods To Cleanse Your Body Of Osteoporosis Drugs And More - Save Our Bones

It’s happening all the time, yet we don’t even notice it. Our kidneys and liver are hard at work every minute of the day, removing toxic waste from the body. As you know from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, one of the kidneys’ primary functions is to keep the body’s pH in balance.

Additionally, the kidneys play an important role in bone health by producing hormones that stimulate bone marrow and maintain calcium levels. They also remove waste from the body, regulate blood pressure and composition, and stimulate the production of red blood cells.

One of the main functions of the liver is to detoxify the body, and believe me…

It’s No Easy Task Nowadays

As if the already heavy load of chemicals in food and water were not enough, over-the-counter and prescription drugs can easily overwhelm the liver.

Here’s why: roughly 80% of drugs are metabolized by a group of liver enzymes known as the cytochrome P450, abbreviated as CYP.

Besides metabolizing chemicals that would otherwise be toxic, the CYPs are also involved in Vitamin D metabolism and hormone synthesis and breakdown. The CYPs are very specific and cannot be secreted in unlimited quantities.

So the trick is to avoid toxins as much as possible and to help these often overworked organs do their job. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than it may sound… if you know what to do.

Two Foods that Cleanse

As I write in the Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse, even if you never took osteoporosis drugs, a cleanse keeps your body in balance and working efficiently. And one of the simplest cleansing steps is to use certain fruits and vegetables.

Today, I’ll share with you just that.

  • Watermelon: Made up of 92 percent alkaline water, this delicious fruit helps you stay hydrated while it cleanses the kidneys and bladder and helps maintain an alkaline pH. As if this were not enough, watermelon is a good source of vitamins A and C, potassium, beta-carotene, and has high levels of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that, as I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, has been shown to build bone.
  • Cabbage: Thanks to its rich glucosinolate content, eating all types of cabbage helps activate crucial detoxifying liver enzymes. However, green cabbage contains more chlorophyll than the other varieties. Since chlorophyll strengthens the liver, I recommend eating green cabbage, preferably raw so as to maintain the highest nutrient levels. This sulfur-rich Cruciferous vegetable is also an excellent source of Vitamins K, C, folate, and Omega 3 fatty acids, all of which are Foundation Supplements.

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  1. Aamir rauf

    Hi dear Dr.
    My son mueez Aamir 6 year old.
    Right upper arm bone unicameral bone cyst disease detect. 2 orthopedic surgeon suggest steroid injection in bone Injected.
    Alkaline phosphate range 472.
    Dr plz tell me steroid inject healing rate.
    And plz tell me bone diet plan

  2. Scotty Wimsatt

    Very smooth post. I surely love your site. Keep writing!

  3. Velayutham Sinnappan

    I am stage 4 CDK patient not on dialysis.
    What I should take to reduce my creatine levels and remove toxic from body and kidney

  4. Mohamed


    Thanks for all the information.I’m really going to start eating more watermelon and cabbage in my diet.

    God bless…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Mohamed!

  5. Ali

    Hi there:

    I’ve been a ‘lurker’ on your website for a while now, and I’ll buy the books/join the club as soon as this transitionary period of my life comes to a close . . . but I couldn’t resist making the following comments and observations:

    I believe wholeheartedly in the message of “Save Our Bones.” It all rings true, and after doing my own exhaustive research (for about 3 months now), I am very happy that I found this site. I am 61 years old and still ski/hike/work/garden, etc., but I became interested in this subject of bone health after I visited my 87 year-old Mother and saw how her dowager hump became so much worse than the last time I saw her. . . I don’t want to look like that in 26 years. As far as I know, my bones are healthy because of my great diet and lifetime lack of milk consumption. . . knock on wood.

    The observation that I have made is regarding the consumption of watermelon. For five years I worked at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, and they had a free buffet for all of its employees. One of my favorite foods is watermelon, which I consumed almost every day for those five years. Because of all of the free food, my weight blossomed a bit, but when I went on a diet (after a cleanse), I had no difficulty losing the 30 or so pounds that I needed to lose.

    About a year ago I moved to another state and was no longer able to consume watermelon on a regular basis. I have noticed that I have put on a few pounds, but no matter what I do . . . watch my fat/sugar intake, work out, hike, ski, climb, etc., I simply cannot lose the extra 15 lbs. that I have packed on.

    Here’s my question: Is it possible that the healthy ph that I enjoyed while I was able to consume watermelon on almost a daily basis contributed to my ability to lose weight? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then I will find a way to be able to afford to buy it on a more regular basis.

    Thanks, Vivien, for this excellent site. I look forward to buying your book and learning even more from you in the very near future.


    Ms. Ali Stabley

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for sharing this part of your story, Ali. 🙂 It’s impossible to say for sure that the watermelon helped you with your weight maintenance; there are just too many individual factors that can influence your ability to lose or gain weight. But I can tell you that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the “side effects” of being on the Program, and achieving a healthy pH balance in your body is a significant part of that. 🙂

  6. erica contreras b.

    vivian gusto de poder saludarte, deseo saber si haz publicado tu libro en Chile y por supuesto en idioma español, lo necesito o tambien puedes indicarme como puedo adquirirlo desde acá de mi país…un afectuoso saludo …Erica…Bye 🙂

  7. Eleanor Peed

    You recommend green cabbage to strengthen bones, but I have read that cabbage contains oxalates which inhibit calcium uptake, thus bad for bones. What’s the truth?

  8. hester hazley

    I have osteopeni and an under active thyroid I do take melon everyday should I take cabbage as well. I had been on actnol for years but my doctor has now taken me off this back in July, at the moment I have very bad back pain,

    • Lowana

      Hi many years had you been on drugs for your osteo? I was on Actonil for 6 years and gave up almost a year ago…I now get intermittent lower back pain … has your osteo improved do you know?

  9. denise douek

    doctor urge me to take actonel following your e-mails i refuse i trust you and try excercising ,weight lifting and eating lots of vegetables fruits, nuts ,flax seeds ,chia ,and hempf seeds in my fruits, salad i take day by day and enjoy the present moment the rest is a mistery,i am grateful for being active and thank you for your kind concern,

  10. Margaret

    can you tell what is your stand on the kombucha and also colagen and if any what kind?

  11. Sandi

    With fall here and winter on the way, do you have any bone healthy recipes for hot drinks? Chocolate and others?

  12. Adriana

    Great info on the fruit and veg thanks. I must say that I am not keen on linking on to the “Healthy Back Institute” website – its quite difficult to get back off it i.e. the message crops up “Are you sure you want to leave this page??!) – very pushy advertising (I wondered if I had picked up a virus!) Shame beacause its probably a very good product – but that sort of advertising really puts me off checking it out.
    Otherwise thanks for all the great information you give us.
    Adriana (U.K)

  13. Margaret Donoghoe

    I have been told not to eat raw cabbage as I have an under active thyroid. However I do have watermelon in my smoothies. My doctor also recommended that I take kelp powder and flaxseed oil, which I also put in my green smoothies. Since my diagnoses of osteoporosis I have changed from the doctor who wanted to put me on the drugs to a very good doctor who is quite happy for me to try alternative measures for my health problems. However the thyroid does not seem to be responding to my diet and I have to have another blood test in a months time. Thank you for all the great information Vivien.

    • susan leiterman

      Thank-you for all of your hard work and excellent information. Your e-mails inspire me to keep working on my diet and to take care of myself.

      ps:I love the strenthening exercise videos you did!!!

  14. Yvonne

    You’re right…nevertheless we must be careful to buy watermelons with seeds..I knew there were good for you..I prefer to juice it since it’s kind a messy..glad to know it’s 92% alkaline..another thing that they’re not GMO..will start shopping & eating more of both..I take my LeVive anti-oxidants Goji,Noni,Pomegranete & Acai Berry,Mangosteen 5 Powerful liquid form.Let’s talk..are products are high nbr is (424) 442-0261

  15. MOHUN

    thank you so much for the two magic are realy sweet like a watermelon and rich like a cabbage.

  16. Herminia

    Dear Vivian: I like all the information about the Cleansing of raw cabbage
    and the watermelon. Thanks so much. Blessing. Herminia

  17. virginia

    I just had my cholesterol checked and it is 285. I eat healthy (fruits, vegetables – no red meat, no pork meat) What else can I do. I do not
    want to take medication because of the side effects.


  18. Linda

    Watermelon is amazing at helping me keep my acid levels low. If I miss eating it the acid goes up. It gets a bit hard to find in the winter. It also doesnt taste great when you do find it but it still gets the job done. I wish I could find something else that worked as well too.

  19. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Telling Us About Watermelon And Cabbage Being Two Good Cleanses For The Body! I Love Both Of Them. I Eat Watermelon At least 3 Or 4 Days A Week, And I Love Cabbage In My Salad. I Usually Get The Purple Cabbage, But I Think I’ll Take Your Advice And Start Eating The Green Cabbage Instead. Thanks Again!

    LOVE, LESLIE (Ms. L.)

    • colin simon

      have you tried wheatgrass insead of cabbage it is very good and high in chlorophyll it can bi in liquid form or grass which you can put in salads.
      god bless to you all

  20. Eleanor Peed

    You recommend cabbage to detoxify after taking osteoporosis drugs, emphasizing raw cabbage. Raw cabbage contains oxalates which prevents the uptake of calcium to bones. Other researchers have advised against eating cabbage raw, saying it’s okay cooked.

    • joyce cormack

      You do have to cook all greens with a teaspoon of calcium carbonate in the water so as to remove the oxalic acid.
      It’s too bad that so many foods that have good qualities also have this drawback, and it’s hard to decide what is in ones’ best interest to do.

  21. Sharon Wettlaufer

    Interesting advice regarding raw green cabbage.I have osteoporosis and am including alkaline foods as suggested in your “Save our Bones” I’m also an “O” blood type and for that reason my naturopath took raw green cabbage out of my diet. Is it more important to follow the “O” blood type diet and remove raw cabbage or use it occasionally as a detox for osteoporosis?

    • Merle Murad-Sampson

      I two was taken off Cabbage years ago by my then Doctor. Can I try to eat it again now? Thank you Vivian for all you do.

  22. Nu Ly

    Watermelon is very sweet, I seldom eat it, but I can eat green cabbage.
    I bought Doctor Cutler’s Liver & Kidney cleanse 7 bottles, (in Jan. 12)
    I haven’t use them yet, because I got hypertension almost 9 months, the
    doctor advised me use it later. Now, my high blood presure is steady, I’ll
    going to ask my doctor. Vivian, thank you for all your help.

  23. Tanialee

    Hello Vivian and All.

    I think I have gall bladder disease. The Dr. is trying to confirm that it is that and not heart attack symptoms. If I have gall bladder disease, can eating cabbage have bad effects with the gall bladder? or cause gall stones to form?
    Another thing too, can a person safely take Tums and not have them affect gall stones? I was told to eat Tums daily to add calcium to my bones. Thank you so much.

  24. catherine m. smith

    Thanks for all the great info,Vivian.

  25. nina

    Have your book and am learning more about nutrition and staying healty.
    thank you so much for your work.


  26. Gretchen

    I juice a half a cabbage a day add celery and a carrot so it’s reasonable tasty and drink a couple of glasses of it. It has cured my ulcer and I am sure it is helping to cure my osteoporosis.

  27. Sharon

    I was delighted to read of the cleansing properties of raw green cabbage — one of the mainstays of my diet. I chop it fine in my Veggi-Chop, then add a variety of veggies, berries, dried fruits and nuts. I make my own dressing — olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and spices.

  28. Mona Carpenter

    I understand why you said it is better to eat cabbage raw, and I would love to eat cabbage in the form of coleslaw, but I have a concern about its being a goitrogen. I have read that one can safely eat goitrogen foods if one increases one’s intake of iodine, but I have no guidelines about how much extra iodine to take.
    Thank you, Vivian for all this wonderful information.

  29. yasin

    HI VIV
    your medico-nutritional advices always been sientific, non commercial and
    easy to obtain further most comply with our complaint.
    bless you

  30. Margaret

    While shopping at the crocery store yesterday, I noticed everybody buying a 2 l carton of milk. I had a closer look and found it to be marked down to less than half. There is a promotion going on to drink more milk for Caadians living in B.C and Alberta.
    You can win 20.000 k. The slogan: Drink more milk = get more entries.
    Being on the SAVE OUR BONRS PROGRAM, I find this sort of lobbying disturbing.

  31. Shula

    Good to know that Cabbage can clean the body from Osteoporosis medication.



  32. Mary Eva

    Thank you, for informing us about the effects of cabbage and watermelon
    (especially the effects of watermelon and PH).
    I appreciate you articles and learned information.


    I’m disappointed that your informational emails have gone “commercial.”

    • Customer Support

      Hi Mary, thank you for your comment. Vivian will sometimes recommend and/or review products when they’re related to information she’s sharing with the community.

  34. Carol Winn

    What do you think about Chicken collagen for knee pain. It also has Hyaluronic Acid in it. It has been a blessing to me. It helps my knees.

    • kelvin

      Hi Carol,
      Could you tell me more about chicken collage. What type of pill? Thank you in advance.

    • Nellie

      Hi Carol,

      What is the name of remedy you are takingfor knee pain

      (you metioned Chicken collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.)?

      Thank you in advance

  35. Georgia Becker

    what are the ranges for the urine test DeOxypyridinoline?

  36. Rudi CUSMANO

    Hi Vivian,

    Thank you for e-mailing me. I find your messages useful, interesting and
    above all with a touch of style which most of advertaisers of NEWSMAX are missing.

    Late in the year I’ll have a check up if I have osteoporosis while I keep
    on with a mild form of arthritis which I look after with some running-jog-
    ging and a diet as you mention.

    Kind regards, Rudi

  37. April

    Thanks Vivian for the information. Another good herbal medicine is Milk Thistle.

    • Customer Support

      That’s right, April. In fact, that’s one of the ingredients in The Liver and Kidney Cleanse.

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