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My osteoporosis adventures are fascinating, with unexpected twists and turns that I am able to share with you right here on this blog. For example, while working on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, I found a breakthrough bone cell study funded by no less than the NASA Space Agency.

Plants: Nature’s air filters

Today I want to share with you another breakthrough NASA discovery that you can easily implement to improve your bone health. It has to do with specific plants that are particularly effective at removing indoor toxins.

All plants take in CO2 (carbon dioxide) and release oxygen. This is important to your health in general and also to your bone health. I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program that exposure to CO2 increases bone loss and that opening windows at home to prevent CO2 accumulation is an important Osteoporosis Reversal Program “Action! Step”.

But the NASA study titled “Foliage Plants for Removing Indoor Air Pollutants from Energy Efficient Homes” by Dr. B.C. Wolverton, Anne Johnson, and Keith Bounds goes further.

The researchers spent two years testing 19 different house plants for their ability to remove the three most commonly found indoor pollutants: benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

Dangerous bone-thinning chemicals may be lurking inside your home

The above chemicals acidify your body pH and cause calcium to leech out of your bones and into your blood stream. And because this toxic trio emanates mostly from products used in home construction and decoration, it is more than likely that you are exposed to them.

Let’s take a closer look at the source of the three indoor pollutants that can rob your bones of their density and cause other undesirable health symptoms.

Benzene: it is used as a solvent and is present in oils, paints, dyes, plastics, rubber, detergents, tobacco smoke and synthetic fibers.

Formaldehyde: it is found in practically all indoor environments because it emanates from urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI), particle board or pressed wood products used in furniture manufacturing, adhesive binders in floor coverings, carpet backings, and many household cleaners. Heating and cooking fuels like natural gas, kerosene, and cigarette smoke are also a source of formaldehyde.

Trichloroethylene: Trichloroethylene is mostly used in metal degreasing and dry cleaning, as well as in paints, lacquers, varnishes and adhesives.

Pick your bone-smart plants

Fortunately for us, the NASA researchers found that many house plants are very effective in actually removing these harmful chemicals from indoor environments.

Here is a list of Nature’s most efficient air cleaning plants that will not only insure you don’t breathe in chemicals that acidify your body and sabotage your bone health, but will also beautify your home. Best of all, they are all easily available at any nursery and do very well indoors.

Vivian and her Golden Pothos plantThe best plants that remove formaldehyde:

Azalea, Philodendron, Spider plant, Golden Pothos, Bamboo palm, Corn plant, Chrysanthemum, Mother-in-law’s tongue.

The best plants that remove benzene:

English Ivy, Dracaena marginata, Janet Craig, Warneck Dracaena, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Peace lily.

The best plants that remove trichloroethylene:

Gerbera Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Peace lily, Warneck Dracaena, Dracaena marginata.

According to the NASA study, one plant should be used for every 100 to 120 square feet of living space, and the plants should be in at least six inch containers with nothing covering the potting soil. Make sure that the plants you choose are safe for pets.

A quick and easy solution at your reach

As with all the “Action! Steps” in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, this is one more easy solution to take control of your bone health.

So from Save Our Bones Mission Control, over and out.

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  1. evian

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mary Ann

    Keep up the great work!!!!
    A Most Blessed Christmas to You.
    Mary Ann

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Mary Ann! I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  3. Noreen

    I’ve heard that before, about plants removing toxins. I do have english ivy and will look for others.
    Thank you, Noreen

  4. Ghassan

    Looked into the best plants you listed and found that work for both BENZENE and TRICHLOLOETHYLENE are the same plus 2 more for the former; then only CHRYSANTHEMUM that is COMMON FOR THE 3…
    I hope this helps when you go out to the nursery!

  5. lim hang kiat

    This is very helpful for all.People must be informed of this great help.

  6. Pam

    Dear Vivian,
    Thankyou so much for the wonderful work you are doing to Save our bones. I purchased your book and found it to be fascinating. I am working the program after finding out I have osteoporos in my left arm and lower back.
    I told my Dr. upfront that I was not going to take those awful drugs. He said he admired my effort to go natural in my approach
    and would be interested in seeing the results.
    The recipes look great. I will be trying them out soon. You are a godsend to all of us who want to find a better way to good health and learn the TRUTH. Thankyou.

  7. Maria

    Thank you for all the information that you have given me. I will order the course as soon as I’m able to.

  8. Irena Uher

    Plants to help our bones? Who would guess.
    This was one of most surprising article I have ever read. Many thanks for sharing your research with us.

  9. Ita

    Thank you ,Ita.

  10. Marcy

    I really want to try this program .but will it help my Osto Arthritis?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Marcy, The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is designed for osteoporosis and bone health. This is a separate condition than osteoarthritis, and we make no claims for other conditions.

  11. Swapan Kumar Roy

    Upload pictures of plants with name so that I can put some plants indoor to ward off ostoporosis

  12. Goldie

    Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for article on plants, I have many spier plants in the garden but none in the house, so will pot up and keep in doors. Will try and get some of the others.
    Thanks again.

  13. LynnCS

    Vivian. Thanks for this info. I had always heard that plants were good for the air in the house, but since I got new windows all round, Nothing wants to grow. I do have one spider and some pothos, which I think will grow anywhere. Everything is trying to get me outdoors more. lol 😉

  14. Karen Barricklow

    Thank you, Vivian, for so much interesting and useful information, about bone health.

  15. joyce mccarter

    Thanks for the info about plants,love them have a mother in laws tounge did,t know it was that good , love your program and emails thanks again. joyce mccarter

  16. juvy

    Dearest Vivian,



  17. Selma

    Thank you Vivian,
    This is very interesting to me because I know so little about plants. I will certainly buy one of these . What an easy way to take care of our bones!

  18. Betty

    I have a lot of allo vera plants – are they good for anything?

  19. Sally Rust

    In the above article you said “exposure to CO2 increases bone loss”. In a previous article you gave the recipe for one of your favorite drinks – water and wedges of lemon and cucumber slices. You mentioned plain soda water would provide a nice zip. Is carbonated soda or club soda a poor choice to drink?

  20. Marsha

    Thanks for a great information! 🙂

  21. Chip Berning

    I so appreciated this article ! I did not suspect the dangers lurking in the air, and the article was very specific about which house plants are best for removing the toxins.

    Thank you !

  22. Vie D.

    I recently purchased your program. Much of the info I already knew, but I also learned some new things. Thanks for the work you have put into this program. I am trying to follow the program for the most part, however, I am at a loss as to the right organic calcium, omega-3, and multi-vitamin to take. For the past 3 months, I was taking a calcium regimen with lots of stronthium, but I stopped it recently as I thought it might be the cause of a rash all over my body, dry mouth, and chapped, dry lips. I started feeling better after 1 week of stopping that product. In the meantime, I resumed taking Adva-Cal Ultra which is made from algae. Any suggestion? Thanks again.
    Vie D.

    • anberiya

      After reading your book” Save our BOnes”I am taking fish oil pills which contain omega 3, Forcival and ziq, and osteocare. When I looked at the ingredients in the pills itappears to contain all minerals and vitamins mentioned in your book. Do you think its ok, or do I need any more pills. Your book is great and I am trying to follow the diet pattern also. However at the moment I have aches and pains in my legs. Do you have any suggestions for inflammation- thanks Wish young all the best.

    • Sheryl Ann

      From what I understand Strontium is denser than good bone & skews bone density readings when present in bone in large quantities, so don’t take it.

  23. Nancy Maxey

    I found the article about the plants very
    interesting and what they specifically do and for what. We have some of those plants in our
    house but we don’t have some of the problems
    that were mentioned.

  24. Helen

    This is so wonderful that you give this chance for us I have learned so much from you and all these wonderful people thank you sooo much.
    I will try the cinnamon on my plants. It sounds easy to do.. My bones are greatful too. This advise has saved me knee surgery by changing my diet to alcholine and away from acidic Thanks to you I am eating more raw fruits and vegetables and telling every one I can about it..

  25. Helen

    I am surrounded by plants in my kitchen and living rooms I have 2 sheffinareah or (umbrella plants) a Jobes tears, 2 christmas caktises, a Amerillas that is 4 years old that I dont want to through out, 4 rotodendrums cuttings from my neighbor, they root and grow like crazy. every year I cut off a few feet and take them to the flower shop. then I have 2 begonia plants with little blosoms and a larger flowering one that hase dark pink rosette floweres. I like them begonias because they floweer all the time and I have 2 affrican violets. I love my plants they are my pets. Only they do not get rid of my neighbors smoke invasion. I think I would need a whole Jungel for that.

    • pat head

      I never heard of most of the plants you are talkin about can you show pictures?

  26. Helen

    Another great article for my bone health–thanks again Vivian–YOU ARE GREAT!

  27. Thea Kersch

    Thank you for the info on plants. I have a question: Is Mott’s Natural applesauce ( ingredients apples, water, ascorbic acid) alkalizing (like apples)? If not, is there another brand that would be better?

    Thank you.

  28. Rosemary Lambert

    Some of us have multiple problems. I cannot have too much oxilate which is found in vegetables, or I accumlilate the crystals in my system. This can cause artery blockage and kidney stones. When I eat lettuce for example, it burns when I urinate. My problem is called vulvodynia. I’m supposed to do the opposite of your diet. Eat more meat and dairy with small portions of veggies. Calcium citrate is supposed to help nutrilize oxilate, but like so many things, when I try to take it along with proper amounts of magnesium , I get headaches and muscle aches.
    Many foods cause muscle weakness and pain for me, including most grains.
    I have a -3.5 reading for my spine. Does anyone else out there have these problems? I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place. I bought Vivian’s book , and think it has good info, but how can someone like me take advantage of it? If you have new info or can relate any helps, email me! Prayers appreciated!

    • Jeanette

      Hello Rosemary YES some of us have multiple problems! I feel thankful (after reading your letter) that I can follow the save bones program. Your letter opened my eyes to certain things I do have going for me.
      My mother actually died from osteoporosis. When she broke her femur the second time, in the same place, she had extreme pain. The pain medicine she had to take interfered with her breathing. Mom also had COPD, so she was not able to breathe. She died in the ambulance on her way to the hospital. She was only 79. She was very scared. A Dr. would say she died from COPD. But we know she would not have died had she not broke her femur; enduring the pain of having it reset and put in a brace was too much.
      Bless you on your journey. Our scores are too bad not to take action against bone thinning. I pray for everyone I encounter on this site. Some letters touch me more than others. Yours is one of those. Jeanette

      • Sherrie Hale

        I also have COPD and believe my osteo is caused from ADVAIR, which I have to use to control asthma. Forteo is the only drug that has been recommended because my t score is -4. I also have major back problems with herniated disks and of course my orthopedic Dr. wants to put in rods and screws. I am going to try the vinegar and house plants. Thankyou, Sherrie

    • Helen

      This might not help you but it helps me to drink vinegar about a 1/4 cup in a 16 oz glass of water, It turns the syestem to alckoline. For the christals Ginger helps me. also raw pineapple if you can eat it. You might want to take a little less vinegar than I do. Something else that helps me with pain is ( Hylands Arnica Montana tablets they help with brusing and soreness but they help my back when I am in pain also. I get them from Swanson vitamins but you might get them in the drug store I do not know. I hope you will find something that helps. I pray the lord to ease your pain for a better and happyer life…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Rosemary,

      I would recommend that you bring the program to the different doctors that are managing your multiple health problems to see how to reconcile it with other treatments you might be undergoing.

      There’s so much flexibility in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program that even if you can’t eat certain foods, you should be able to find a way to work with it. Best wishes! 🙂

  29. lilianna wilson

    thank you Vivien for the info on plants . i love plants but do not have very many . I will get few more . my sister always told me they are good for us and she has a lot of them . Now I appriciate her hard work with her plants even more . God Bless You


  30. Marjorie

    Thanks Vivian for that information on plant
    I do have a potho plants plants are great
    Air cleaners to i enjoy all your wonderful
    Information on save our bones

  31. Karen Turrall

    Hi Vivian,
    My sister in law introduced me to your work about a year and a half ago..Wish it had been 8 years sooner. Wonderful information.I have your Save our Bones Program and follow just about everything in it.I would love information on vertabral body augmentation, exactly what does it do–relieve pain, does it interfere with bone remodelling in any way and most importantly would it help reduce the risk of fracture if I ever fell again. I have fallen forward on a few occasions with no ill effects.

    Eight years ago I collapsed with mutiple fractures in my back due to hyperthyroidism. We won’t get into how I allowed that to happen. I could write a book on my uphill battle back to health. I was bedridden and basically close to death. I ended up being on Actonel for 3 years. I went off it against all advise. I then took Strontium at one point for a year and then read your book. It’s been about 2 years – no drugs. After all the reading and research I have come to the conclusion “you are what you eat”.

    I am 66 years old and have gone from being bedridden to hiking and snowshoeing our hills and trails. We live in a ski town. My husband and I took the Omega 6 to 3 ratio test from a lab in the states. Mine was a 2 to 1 ratio so I was ecstatic.Also have managed to get my Vit D level from 72 to 165. Anyway, getting to the point of my question. On Nov.3rd, of this year (2010) I was hiking and took a terrible fall on my back and have 6 new compression fractures. L1,L2.L5 T8,T10 and T11. I feel very blessed that I am improving every day. I am now getting out and taking walks, (45 min to an hour) on snowshoesin our 2 feet of snow.I figure my hiking days are over (up and down the hills) but sure hope to continue snowshoeing. Needless to say the radiologist suggested that I may be a good candidate for vertebroplasty. The thought of injecting any foreign substance into my body does not sit well with me. I do not even like having an X-ray and I know they would have to do a bone scan.

    My T scores started out at -5 for both hip and spine. The last scan (day before my fall) was Lumber Spine -2.5
    Total Hip -2.8
    Femoral Neck -3

    I have started being more dilligent with your 3 exercisesin the Bone Building program.They make my back feel so much better. I love Yoga but am afraid to do much of that as yet.

    Thank-you Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know that it is long but thought that some background information might be helpful.I look forward to your thoughts on Vertebroplasty and thanks for all your great work



    Collingwood, Otario

    PS I have a green drink every day and usually have Kale, spinich and herbs ie:parsley, coriander basil. Am I using to much spinich.?
    I also eat walnuts which I know are good for the bones but what about pumkin and sunflower seeds and Almonds. Ieat a little ground up pumkin and sunflower seeds and make my own Almond milk for my quinoa cereal.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It sounds like you’re doing great, Karen! Keep up the good work!

  32. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian; So good to have this info. on house

    plants. Always have quite a few and knew they

    were beneficial, esp. spider plants, but now

    will value them more. Louise

  33. kumudini

    Intersting comments . Thanks Viviene for your input and research . I have been diagnosed with oteoathritis and had an athroscopy in one knee . Howver the other knee due to oversuse has now deloped similiar symptoms . it is reassuring to read all the ideas that people exchange in an awareness campaign . Thanks you so much for all your advice.Good health to you

  34. Daniele

    Very interesting,what about orchids?

  35. cherry ward

    Wonderful information! I do believe that Jehovah God made all things for our well being; plants are one of the many beautiful
    things he has given us to adorn our surroundings. We should all use them to enjoy the many benefits they bring.

  36. mary olinger

    Please discontinue my subscription. I am contacting my credit card to not pay any more. Thanks.

  37. Alyce

    Vivian, thank you for the info on house plants, I am like one of the other ladies who has cats and they are eating on everything green. I am seriously thinking up putting the plants up high to keep them out of reach. You are doing a great job and I appreciate all of the e-mails.

    • Cam

      Your cats sound like they are confined indoors, and need the fresh greens to regulate their bowels/facilitate detoxifying. This link has an alphabetical listing of safe plants for cats; you might want to give the cats their “own” plants in an appropriate container, i.e.; a small side opening where they can’t get on top and pee into the soil, which would kill the plants.

      • Sheryl Ann

        Very good advice. When animals, whether dog or cat, eat greens, there is a reason. Either they are ill, their diet is lacking something, or they are stimulated somehow by the green. Rather than just taking away all plant matter, replacing it with appropriate cat-friendly greens is much better. Plus, I have known cats to discover ways to reach those seemingly out-of-reach places when they want to. Save yourself a mess to clean by giving them their own. Also keep in mind that if you place your plants high, you may be less likely to water them regularly so you may want to buy some of those glass watering balls for them. The may be danger in putting the plants out of kitty’s reach, as it may make a fall hazard for you. Use a sturdy stepstool or sturdy ladder when watering & put your animals in the bathroom or elsewhere as cats will eagerly climb up with you to gain your attention, investigate what you’re doing or by instinct sit on the highest accessible thing, innocently causing cat chaos. Large dogs have been known to topple ladders & anxious small dogs underfoot have caused falls when the owner is coming down.
        Essentially, feed the kitty & be safe.

  38. Priscilla

    I have a friend who is a very experienced medical herbalist and she advises comfrey (whose name = bone knitter)_ for the treatment of osteoporosis.This is used as a tincture which is taken in water.

    • LynnCS

      I think Tincture is by nature in alcohol. Is there a non alcohol based comfrey that is bioavailable. Any one?

  39. Barbara Guthrie

    thanks for your information on house plants. They are not all available here and some do not do so well but I have had success with what they call here ‘parlour palms’ and I have quite a few of those. Barbara, South Australia

  40. Ms. L. Carmel

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Your Information On How Certain House Plants Can Save Our Bones. It Was A VERY GOOD Article.

    LOVE, Ms. L.

  41. Joan

    Thanks Vivian

    I have silk plants inside after reading your article I will make a complete change and go back to the living variety inside the house
    Thank you for your advice


  42. Susan Brown

    Hi Vivian.I love the work you are doing to help yourself and others! I was diagnosed with Osteopenia about 6mnths ago, and was only because I insisted on getting x-rays taken of my lower spine because of long-term back problems. I felt very vunerable and fragile! But your book and articles gave me some hope.
    I don’t presume to know half of what you do about the subject, but I have discovered that not all Osteopenia or porosis is caused by age or poor diet. I am awaiting results of tests for Hyperparathyroidism. If even one of the four parathyroid glands is overactive it will cause Osteopenia or porosis, plus a whole host of other symptoms. Just something for your other followers to think about.

    • judith

      wow ! very interesting since I am injecting Forteo for severe osteoporosis & 3 spinal fractures and guess what !!!! forteo affects parathyroid…where’d ya get the info?????

      • Sherrie Hale

        I read that Forteo affects parathyroid and the possibility of bone cancer as well. I am wondering if reverse osmosis water has anything to do with osteoporosis.

  43. dr nicholas gregory

    i noticed that all three toxins where reduced by chrisathumins. are these in door plants?

    • Sheryl Ann

      From what I understand they are also a natural bug repellant for your home. When the leaves & flowers die off, cut the stem down to a couple of inches above the soil & tend as if it still a beautiful plants, providing light, water & such. After some time brand new stems will grow up & make another chrysanthemum plant & a new batch of flowers. So when you see deep-discounted, bedraggled mum plants, snap them up cheap & get a deal. Keep in mind that daisies are also mums. Any florist will tell you they are called ‘daisy chrysanthemums’.

      • Jeanette

        Thank You, Sheryl for the extra info about Mums. I have a huge one growing outside that was given to me when I had surgery for cancer. I am very attached to it. Plants grow on us. We are all part of nature and are meant to love and care for our fellow creatures and all plant life. There are so many health benefits. Our blood pressure goes down when we talk to a plant or a pet, and we are filled with a feeling of peace.

  44. Nu Ly

    Dear Vivian,

    Many thanks for the health information on indoor plant, I was ignorant it before, you work so hard, I’ll get some soon. thank you.

  45. Pamela Brown

    Hello Vivian

    I am based in the UK and have problems including Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis, Polymyalgia and now Osteoporosis.

    I have read and followed your newsletters with the upper most interest, also researched and reviewed other methods, I am at present taking 4-500mg per day Salazopyrin, plus previously Steroids for the Polymyalgia and then prescribed 1-35mg Actonel, for the Osteoporosis I came to the decision that I had to do some other than pop pills…… present I have stopped the Steroids (Predisolone) and NEVER taken the Actonel (although prescribed) but I would like to know your opinion about my plight and Natural methods I’m doing at Present.

    I was told by a company in the UK (Good Health Naturally) that juicing Organic Carrots was one of the best forms of Calcium, which I do….and use their Magnesium Spray after a shower each morning for the Polymyalgia…..I find it works and helps the Polymyalgia.

    I also received another newsletter about a good and natural way of getting Calcium, which is, Fresh Eggshells, I wash and dry the eggshells from (if possible) New Laid eggs, then grind the shells to more or less powder, I then put half a teaspoon of eggshells into a glass and add the juice from half a squeezed Lemon, I let the mixture ferment for quite a few hours, until the liquid looks like milk, I then strain the juice through a tea-strainer and drink the liquid, although I doubt that the acids from Lemons would be that good for my Arthritis etc, I still continue to try this concoction.

    I would like your opinion on both of these addition to my Diet, which is my opinion my Diet has been quite good most of my life (age 66) also a good regime of exercise, although this has decreased over the last few years, due to Ailments etc.

    Kind Regards
    Pamela Brown

    • Sheryl Ann

      Actually the acids in the lemon aren’t bad for your Arthritis. Lemons, even though they contain citric acid, are alkaline-forming which is good for both bones & arthritis. So don’t feel guilty; you’re doing the right thing.

    • marianne

      Hi Pamela Brown!
      You have the same issues as I have! Email me if you like to talk at


      • Ellen Schamberger

        Thank you for all the interesting words about “House Plants” Glade I have some that you wrote about. Many Thanks.

  46. Susan Weston

    thank you very much for info of indoor plants
    for bone health.


  47. Brenda

    I used to have live plants and switched to silk years ago. Sometimes I feel there is something in my home that just isn’t righ. Thanks to your article it is live plants! For a 3000 sq ft home that may be a challenge, but I will start adding some.

  48. Susan Lerner

    Great info – thank you! Another way to shift the acid-load of the body is with the kind of water we drink… Kangen Water™ from Japan is alakaline, anti-oxidant and micro-clustered – drinking it brings the body back to homeostasis. Almost all bottled waters are acidic, and all are oxidizing. Learn more: The e-book has excellent info about alkalizing the body.

  49. Robert Schiff

    Vivian, thank you for your e-mails describing the difference between acidic and alkalizing foods. Until I was diagnosed with Osteopenia 2 months ago and discovered your web-site I did not understand the difference between maintaing a desirable weight by limiting calories and doing so while eating nutritionally balanced meals. Due to my previous eating habits, which decreased the Vitamin D in my body, calcium was leached from my bones. I’ve been following your articles and am beginning to get a handle on proper nutrition and my doctor, unlike the many out there who merely prescribe drugs, is helping me with recommendations on vitamin supplements in addition to encouraging me consider your advice (I have shown him your articles and he agrees with you). During the last 2 months my Vitamin D level has returned to normal and I am, as I learn about it, increasingly eating alkalizing rather than acidic foods. Bob

    • Sherry

      Robert, I would love to know how you increased your vitamin D level. Sounds like it was a success. My tests showed that I was low in this vitamin.
      Thank you!

  50. frances

    Hi Vivian, thank you so much for inood to know

    Hi Vivian, thank you so much for your info on houseplants, its good to know which ones help, will get some soon. Fran

  51. Ida Mills

    I praise God for you!!! Thanks for your tenacity in the ever looming fight to Save Our Bones. I value each and everyone of your tips.

  52. susan anderson

    my friend, who has a five year old son, uses Glade Plug Ins in almost every room of her house—not his bedroom, thankfully. I have been urging her to discontinue their use, but she checked with her son’s doctor and he said they are not unhealthy unless someone in the family is allergic to them. The house is too large for houseplants to help. Do you have any other suggestions or any data I could give to her to convince her of the danger to her son? Thank you, Vivian

  53. Betty Niederer

    Hi viv. This is great info to know.I will get some of these. I love all your info.You are a very giveing lady. May God continue to bless you with helpful health info. Thank You, betty

  54. Leida

    Thank you for sending me the information you have researched, I read it all and have saved it (computer stored) for future reference.I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2008. I have never accepted any of the prescription drugs that have been offered. I say often that “our bodies were not created to be a chemical waste dump”. I have very little pain/stiffness with occassional Tylenol and daily vitamin D and calcium supplements. Now I will add some new houseplants. Thanks Leida

    • marianne

      You mean osteoperosis not osteoarthritis right?!

      • Sheryl Ann

        I find that acidosis is the causation of a myriad of different conditions, two of which include osteoarthritis & osteopenia/osteoporosis. The diet changes which Vivian advocates will help with both of those as well as IBS, GERD, etc.

        • LynnCS

          You can say that again. In the few months I have been raw vegan, Almost all the symptoms of all those issues have nearly gone away. Now for the Osteopenia/Osteoporisis. That is less visible and harder to know how it is doing, but I do trust the alkalizing diet for alkalizing and detoxifying the tissues for regeneration, so am trusting that the diet along with some supplements are working. Thanks for the post.

  55. Judy Leo

    I am just thrilled to find this information. Just want to sincerely thank you for your work. I hope to go out plant shopping this weekend.


  56. Hester

    Vivian you are wonderful. I appreciate all the advise you are giving us. Thanks for your decication to “saveourbones”.

  57. marietta flood

    Are soy milk and almond mild acidic or alkiline? I have two different charts that put them in opposing columns.

    • Geraldene

      Almonds are alkaline, but I have my doubts about Say.

  58. Alison Scott

    Thanks, Vivian, for this wonderful and most specific information!

    My concern is about mold – I love houseplants, but am already troubled by the mold they generate. Do you have any suggestions beyond using plastic pots?

    Keep up the great work…

    • Helen

      I would try some charcoal crumbled in the dirt and be careful not to overwater.

      • LynnCS

        Great advise. I also had to transplant my house plants out of the Terra Cotta planters (I liked the look) to glazed planters with drain holes. I also scrubbed the “saucers” with some bleach water. It has really helped.

  59. marksattler

    thanks again vivian, kind of makes sense to me know why my grandmother wanted a window open in the room,even with a cold or other illness.

  60. Bill in Boise

    Joan, I take a product called CalDenx. It is a proprietary blend developed by a team of scientists and technicians under the direction of Dr. A.S. Naidu. CalDenx provides 900 milligrams of calcium — equal to 90% of the U.S. Daily Value. It includes magnesium to help metabolize calcium, and optimum levels of Vitamins D and K, boron and chromium — ingredients that work synergistically to support bone mineralization and provide a bioavailable, readily absorbed source of the vital minerals necessary for strong bones.

    • LynnCS

      Not Viv here, but want to thank you for posting this. I would love to get an all in one supplement that has a good, recommended calcium/mag in it. So far all I find are not recommended by Vivian. I will look it up.

  61. Joan Jenrich

    I have a lot of indoor cats and many house plants are poisonous to cats. I buy wheat seeds at a health food store and grow them in pots on the window sill. The cats eat the sprouts and it’s good for them.

  62. Mary McNamara

    Vivian, thanks for the information.I have all my plants on the lani, guess I’ll have to find a place in doors for them, they seem to do so well out there but I am loosing all that good help. Thanks Mary

  63. Barbara Green

    Thanks, thanks for the info regarding indoor plants. I knew there was a reason for my house to be full of plants!!

  64. Nadia Nagarajan

    As usual this is a very interesting and, no doubt, helpful message that you have sent.

    • dee

      I would like to get some plants but have a problem with spring bugs. Does any one know a natural way to get rid of them because they love to live in the wet soil of a house plant. I wont use a chemical!!

      • Helen

        You can spray them with soapy water just a drop or two of soap helps.
        also try bay leaves I put alchohol on a qtip for mealy bugs. I have also heard of using loose tobacco on the dirt. My motherinlaw used to blow ciggarette smoke on her plants
        get them out of there. If you can stand the smoke.

      • Sylvia

        try sprinkling some cinnamon on your plants, bugs do not like that. I water first then a little cinnamon. Smells nice too.

      • deb fear

        dee… I keep 60 or so plants over the winter in a cool location til they go back out to the garden in late spring as I live in onterio ca.the key to healthy plants & no serious bug problems is grouping them for keeping the humidity levels up & careful watering in order to limit stress.a too warm room aids bug problems.I use the yellow stickey strips sold in hardware stores or any where they sell plants,they catch those little soil hoppers that hang out in damp earth. there are also lots of natural sprays for the bug war.Best to keep a weekly watch on your plants to catch bug issues early, easier to get rid of. hope this is a help. Deb

  65. Julie Hernandez

    Hi Vivian :

    Many thanks for new ideas to osteoporosis treat
    ment. I have some indoor and outdoor plants but
    may have to find some more that would fit the
    house. I truly appreciate your constant research on finding different ways to treat the
    bone problem. Keep up the good work.
    Julie Hernandez

  66. Mrs Joyce Joseph

    Dear Vivian,
    I have always felt better having indoor plants but had always thought that they helped just by absorbing CO2 from the air and giving out more O2 and thereby enabling me to breathe more O2! Glad to know from you this other aspect of plants helping remove chemicals from the air and thus help my osteoporosis. Thank you for this important information.

  67. Bev

    I know for a fact that Spider Plants really clear the air. While I was working as a secretary at an USAF hospital in Maryland my supervisor recieved new furniture that had such strong fumes coming from it he couldn’t stay in his office. I just happened to have a spider plant hanging in my office and I told him what spider plants could do so we put the plant in his office. By the next day the fumes were almost all gone. He kept the plant in his office for about a week and by the end of the week there were no fumes in his office. He ended up getting a spider plant for himself because of the benefits he got from it.

  68. Wilda Fancett

    Vivian, thank you for the information. I will look for some of the plants you mention. I have only Christmas Cactus now.

  69. jyo

    Nice to know about indoor plants info. but all plants emmit CO2 at night, hence should NOT be in the bedroom I suppose. Please clarify. Apart from these plants, A GOOD QUALITY BEE WAX CANDLE WILL ALSO PURIFY INDOOR AIR. PLEASE LET US KNOW MORE ABOUT BEE WAX CANDLES ALSO.

  70. Elaine Schaeffer

    interesting abt plants. Have some but none of these. Have cats and seem 2 be doing ok. African violet, chritmas flower i think, catutus, one not sure what it is all green leaves. But will check for sure now.

  71. Erlinda Siaton

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for the info regarding house plants. I am waiting for the new program to save our bones(charged to my card 12/19/09). I am very eager to read it. I had a shot on my butt today for the pains on my groin, an anti-inflammatory for the pain. As i am sending this email, I am better and can walk again. It is a mild athritis. I did not mention it to my family because all of them don’t believe in natural healing. I have a mild symptom of athritis. Thanks to God that it is athritis not my bones.

  72. Mrs. Kim Mack


    I am so glad I have you on board with my bone health for you truly explore are terrain that needs to be covered for better bone health. I thank you for that and your vast and vast amounts to the knowledge that you seek out. Your finding for yourself and all of us all the possible truths out there to find. Many Blessings to you and Healthy Happy Bone Building New Year! Kim Mack

  73. Kelsey Fickling

    Thanks Vivian for this new information – I did buy a plant that is supposed to keep your air-conditioned air clean – it is green one side of the leaves and a copper colour the other side – I do not know what it is called – I will find out to-day though. Bless you, Kelsey Fickling, AUSTRALIA.

  74. Monica Phillips

    Hi Vivian, It good to know that our house plants not only look lovely but help us keep our bones healthy. Most interesting. Happy Christmas. Monica

  75. Rosemary

    At night plants emit CO2.
    Conclusion: plants should not be in your bedrooms! Is it true, right? Happy New Year!

  76. heather

    interesting, helpful to know

  77. toby z. liederman

    thanx for this info——VERY helpful!
    happy holidays and 2010,

  78. mary t ball

    Hi Again Vivian,

    I have 2 of the plants you mention already in my home. Just goes to show nature always knows best!


  79. Frances Miller

    Vivian, thanks for the info on plants. I knew they were good for oxygen, but did not about all the other, and I was just about to light my fireplace today. I have plants in all rooms. They are a lot of work but knew they were beneficial. I envy your living in Florida. I would love to be where it is warm.
    We have 6 inches of snow. Fran NC

  80. anne

    Hi Vivian:

    Thanks again for your info re: house plants. I,too, gave my houseplants away to an admirer but after reading your info I will start with a new batch of house plants. Who would have known? Enjoy hearing from you and again wish you a very healthy, happy and safe holiday and new year.


  81. Robert Leet

    Dear Vivian Godschmidt, MA I am much impressed with your deligence and dedication in your search for the problems associated with osteoporosis, to the minutest details. I am one of those people do keep indoor plants inside their houses, especially Dracaena, ferns and Chinese Lucky plants, for good luck and for decorations; we know the plants help cleaning the air from CO2 but not formaldehyde, benzene,etc.This is great news. Thank you. Best regards R leet

  82. ester

    Thanks,Vivian. It was intersting to learn how useful plants are to our environment and to our health. And some of them are preety ones, as well. God bless you.
    Wish you a blessed Christmas and may Our Lord grant you His peace and joy and good health in the New year.

  83. Juliet

    Its interesting to know the plant we need indoor. Now I have to find these plants for my house and the best gift I can give to my friends.Thank you very much.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  84. joyce freeland.

    I love indoor plants, so that is good news. I mustget som more. Thank you for all the information I am getting, from Save our Bones.

  85. Sonia

    For years I have heard and read about the benefits of having green plants in the house and was glad that I LOVE having live plants (and not those silk/artificial ones). I’m also glad that I have most of those you mentioned. Thank you for sharing that info with us!!

  86. Kay

    Thanks, Vivian, for sharing the information about air-cleaning house plants! I’d like to mention that some of those pollutant poisons (for example, benzene) can also be found in cigarette smoke, polluting not only the air but also–YOU. I used to smoke–I quit in 1995. I didn’t know smoking could hurt more than just my heart and lungs. Here’s hoping all my “sisters” who are still smoking, can quit as soon as possible–and “save their bones!”

  87. Elvia Banegas

    Hi Vivian,

    Wow! Who would know that plants would help with this condition. As soon as I have an opportunity after the holidays, I will go to a nursery and buy one, or one at a time, of these plants, probably a chrysenthemum since it works on all three of the materials that you mentioned and probably one of the less expensive to purchase. I don’t have a green thumb, but for my health, I will try to keep them alive, lol! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Elvia

  88. Allan

    You are so encouraging and helpful. Please keep up the good work.


  89. Patricia de Looze

    You are amazing, thank you again for sharing this with us.

    • Gary Heywood

      Remember Bracknell ?

  90. Agnes Lovelady

    Hi Vivian

    Thank you for the information on house plants, and all of the other helpful information. I will buy your program after the first of the year.


  91. Erlinda Siaton

    Thank you very much for the information. I knew it long time ago about plants. I always have indoor plants. Now that it is winter time, I brought all my tropical plants indoor.
    Most of the plants that you mentioned are tropical plants. Thank you very much that I was doing the right thing. I am very sensitive to the smell of cleaners. I opened doors and windows once a week to let frsh air come in. Sometimes I turn on the electic fan to help circulate the air while I am using cleaning detergents. I did not know that I was doing the right thing. Thank you very much for the information. I am due for density test and I am very eager to know the result.

  92. joyce

    WOW , whoever gave all that a thought ! Can’t afford to buy a bunch of house plants so i’ll just wait till next summer and sit in the garden all day, Sit there and pull weeds. I’ll be weed free! I’ve never had house plants, and do have a case of osteoporosis. We brought some strawberry and a gladiola plant inside, will those help as well ? You’re a great lady Vivian, God’s blessings on you

  93. nilu whig

    Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for this wonderful information. I will go back home to Delhi and make sure I have at least some of the plants you mentioned. I will also tell my daughter living in LA and other friends. Thanks again. Merry christmas and all the very best for the coming year.

  94. Elizabeth Monroe

    Thank you for all of your helpful information.
    I have had several of the recommended plants for a long time and will now add more plants.

  95. Judy

    I have several house plants, small to large ficus trees. We were aware of the benefit regarding Co2, but happy to hear also the benefit to the bones. I’ll have to calculate if I have enough plants to the number of square feet in our house.
    Thank you for the added info and

  96. Gerri D.

    Hi Vivian, Loved your article about the plants.I have about 20 plants that I absolutely love in my house. Not only do they make my home look attractive, but now they are helping me fight osteoporosis. Thank you so much for the information. I’ll be sure to take extra good care of them now.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year! Love Gerri D.

  97. Carol

    Thank you for the plant information. I am living in a newer home and know it is probably filled with the chemicals used in construction. I will be adding a few more plants to the decor.
    Happy Holidays!

  98. Anita Pastier

    Thanks for the info. Vivian. I have some house plants but it is interesting to know the right ones to have. Also about opening up windows. This I must do. My Mom always opened up the windows especially when we were sick. She woulld take us out of the bedroom air it out and then we went back in. It really felt refreshing.

  99. Brian Quinlan

    You hit another home run.
    Thank you for your weekly health updates.
    You are most generous with your time, researching that which is the best for natural health.
    Your article about indoor plants will certainly be acted upon. It is a back to back homer.

  100. Celestina Marie

    Hi Vivian,
    This is such great info and who would have known. I am going to add more house plants for sure. Thank you for once again passing on beneficial information that can help us obtain stronger and healthier bones.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

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