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Today we’ll take a peek at the daily menu of Average Jane and why it's so devastating to her bone health. I'll also reveal what the the S.A.D. really is, and why you must stay away from it.

On her way to work in the morning, Average Jane stops at the diner and orders the breakfast special: sausage patties with two fried eggs, home fries, white toast with American cheese, orange juice from concentrate, and several cups of coffee.

She arrives to the office and once she settles in, she keeps her coffee mug full throughout the morning and nibbles on a few of her favorite cookies.

If she’s too busy to go out to lunch, she orders in a pizza with a diet soda. Or if she is lucky enough to go out to lunch, she gets a pastrami sandwich with mayo and mustard at the corner deli.

Before taking the train back home, she stops at the coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up: a donut with coffee. Dinner is usually a frozen TV dinner, macaroni and cheese out of a box, or a hamburger. Her favorite late night snack is one or two scoops of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles..

If you find the above menu a tad repulsive, you're absolutely right. This eating pattern is completely out of tune with your bone health and your general health as well.

The eating habits of Average Jane are typical of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.). This diet is the launching pad to poor nutritional choices responsible for a myriad of health problems, including osteoporosis. Unfortunately, this diet is creeping into many other parts of the world, causing an epidemic of chronic “diseases” in places where they did not exist before.

Let’s take a look at the three main characteristics that shape the Standard American Diet

1. Aesthetics

Food choices are made based on their exterior appearance. Any blemishes, irregularities in shape, or color imperfections are considered detrimental, so food is expected to look consistently perfect. Packaged foods are acceptable, even encouraged, due to the simplicity of preparation. The more intricate and decorated the container, the more appeal the food has. Taste, aroma, and nutritional benefits are secondary to looks.

2. Technology

Food preservation is considered an added advantage as compared to the natural state of foods. Frozen, canned, or ready-to-eat processed foods are more appealing than a fresh product. Preservatives, taste enhancers, and food colorants are accepted since they enhance the aesthetics; they are perceived as palatability enhancers, and give consistent and predictable results.

3. Disconnection from health

Like Modern Medicine, the S.A.D. ignores the basic premise that food is one of the main contributors of health. It simply relates food to weight gain or weight loss, its interaction with prescription drugs, and to certain flawed concepts for food avoidance based on superficial observations or one-sided studies.

The S.A.D. myths

1. It’s OK for humans to be guinea pigs

Until the 20th century, no civilization has ever been exposed to this kind of “man-made” nutrition. So this quasi-synthetic diet can be considered one of the biggest and perhaps most dangerous experiments in human history as it relates to health. The current osteoporosis epidemic is a good example of the health distortions that can occur with this type of flawed nutrition.

2. Tampering with whole foods improves their quality

The purposeful fragmentation of food renders it unwholesome and for that reason it can’t (and obviously doesn’t) support the biological processes necessary to maintain even the most basic level of good health. Not surprisingly, the S.A.D. has opened the flood gates to a myriad of chronic “diseases”, which more often than not, are the manifestation of the struggle of the human biology at the cellular level to survive in a toxic and nutritionally deficient environment. Osteoporosis is most certainly a “modern disease” brought about by the S.A.D..

3. An imbalanced diet is irrelevant to health

The excessive emphasis on acidic foods consumption, such as animal protein in the form of meats and dairy products, grains, and sweetened foods and drinks produces a biochemical imbalance in the body. The lack of fruits and vegetables in this diet plunges the pH levels to unsustainable low levels. This leads to a state of chronic metabolic acidosis, which is one of the major culprits of bone loss leading to osteoporosis.

4. Chemicals in the food supply are a sign of scientific advancement

Chemical additives are highly acidifying substances that alter the chemistry of foods and rob them from their life-sustaining qualities, thus greatly affecting your bone health. As far back as 1963, Dr. Chauncey Lake, who was the President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, issued a rare warning. He said that:

“General use of new chemicals in large quantities has created a new hazard –subclinical poisoning – so insidious, that physicians cannot connect the poison to the ailment.” (Ruth Winter, Poisons in Your Food: The Dangers You Face and What You Can Do about Them. Three Rivers Press. 1990. Page 4).

Are you a victim of the S.A.D.?

Unfortunately, modern medicine doesn’t make the connection between food and health. Instead, when problems arise, it deems our biology as “defective” and attempts to artificially “fix it” with synthetic drugs. This is wrong, and the results speak for themselves.

That's why I'm so glad you're part of this community as we spread the truth about bone health and expose the lies. We know better, and that's why on this website and in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program we take a radically different approach to bone health. We understand that osteoporosis doesn't reflect a “defect” in our biology, but is merely a biochemical imbalance, caused by diet, lifestyle, and other environmental factors, resulting in excessive bone loss as the body attempts to correct it.

The bad news is that the Standard American Diet is one of the main culprits of the biochemical imbalance. But the good news is that correcting it is easy with a few simple dietary changes that include the Foundation Foods, and other simple bone health-enhancers – and I'm happy to report that more and more in our community are doing just that.

So stay away from the S.A.D., follow the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and you’ll have happy and healthy bones. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine”.

Feel free to share your thoughts or any experiences you might have had with the S.A.D. by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Francine marucci

    I have osteoporosis in my hip. I do not want to take boniva or any other medicine for this condition. I take 1200 mil. Of calcium a day and 2000 mil. Of vit. D. I am 77 yrs. Old. I am at high risk for fracture. I do not know if I am taking the correct vitamins for this problem.

  2. Anne Atwell

    My husband and I eat out….maybe once a year….I do not eat at fast food places because it is junk food. I eat fruits, salads every day for supper…we raise our own free range chickens with good food fed to them….very little red meat and sugar is eaten at our house….I drink lots of water from a quality filter….I do not use the HRT drugs….I still have osteoporosis and two fractures from it. Very discouraging.

  3. Coral Vorster

    i bought the Saveourbones program and am very impressed with Vivian’s knowledge regarding the optimal health that bones need. I also read Sick & Tired by Dr Robert Young and he and Viviam are on the same page. with regard to the PH level in your body, it is CRITICAL to maintain this balance.
    I had a back operation end February and still have pain from the nerve that the neurosurgeon caused when he went into my back. He discovered my L3 was badly degenerated. He wanted to prescribe drugs and i refused. In the hospital i took some drugs however threw them away when i got home. I am determined to succeed in restoring my bones.
    Thanks to you Viviam and many others who have the same mindset.
    Coral Vorster,
    Cape Town,
    South Africa

  4. Dee

    Hi All, Since drinking Vivian’s cucumber and lemon water I no longer have leg cramps at night.I used to drink Apple Cider vinegar [one tablespoon]with water to help with calcium assimilation. I have not done that lately and wonder ifffffff I should resume doing that?

    • jenny

      Do you juice the cucumber or soak in water together with the lemon?

  5. cindyterry

    does lemon juice make distilled water alkaline?thanks cindy

  6. Bev

    Is the flu shot just poison to the system??? Something we should not receive?

  7. Fenella

    It’s never too late to start! You can walk 10,000 steps a day in a badly designed kitchen. It won’t help fat loss. To lose weight as well, it is necessary to do interval training e.g power walking for 45 secs, rest for same length of time, repeat 5 times. More exercise is not better than enough. Besides which, the SAD recommends grain consumption above healthy fats – a recipe for obesity & osteoporosis.

  8. Mary

    I really enjoy your articles too… I especially like when you talk about nutrition and the foods that are good for our body…I try to eat right and eat a lot of good veggies,fruits, yogurt and am careful how much meat I eat… I drink almond milk…Any suggests with diet are always welcome….


  9. catherine

    I have been taking the juice of one lemon each morning since about 20 years and I have osteoporosis. Should I stop the lemon juice ?

  10. chrise Quirin

    many thanks for your good advices I would like that you give answer to some of the questions and comments
    Thanks for all you are doing

  11. clarice taylor

    you were saying to eat alkalizing snacks, could you tell me what some of them are?

  12. James Morley

    Extraordinarily informative. I have just read how many ‘health powders’ have heavy metal contamination, and many people do not realise heavy metals are cummulative – but the packaging is very attractive. I spent years lowering my uranium level. Thank you.

  13. Fay

    I am sure that I have bobe density I do not take boniva my bones are aky abd paibful. I am taking ANTRONEX please coment on this

    • Gloria Bray

      Thank you in advance for your answers. I take Life Extension Bone Restore…5 capsules contain 1200mg of calcium, 340mg of magnesium, 1000IU of D3. (I also take 5000IU of D3 along with this.) I have listed the primary ingredients. Is this enough calcium? I tried Fosamax & it hurt my throat. I took Evista for ten years and there was no improvement in my bone density tests. My doctor recommends the once a year IV of Reclast, but I am afraid of it. Please give me your advice.
      I am 81 and have very small bones. I broke my hip in August and the hip is ok, but having trouble with my knee. Again, thank you. Sincerely, Gloria Bray

      • June Griffiths


        • Winfield

          You could be undoing the beneficial effects of a good diet with diet drinks. I just finished reading two books by an expert in thyroid health, Dr. David Brownstein.
          It’s amazing how closly related thyroid health is to bone health.
          We are involuntarily subjected to so many poisonous compounds in this “modern” world, why add to the “overload” with voluntarily taking in more by drinking diet drinks?

  14. Dijana

    How wonderfully you write. I am so delighted with the way you describe what is going on with our health issues as a result of primarily a deficient diet and particularly the SAD. In Australia there are many that eat this way about half the day at least. Put this with lack of sleep, stress and little time for exercise for year upon year and its a wonder we live as long as we do! The impact on all aspects of our lives from lack of self care is enormous and i have experienced this first hand as a nurse and personally. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge, reminders and encouragement. Dijana

  15. Lori Worbington

    I am considering taking STRONTIUM to treat my Osteopenia diagnoses. Do you have an opinion about this?

  16. Katheryn Zalar

    Comment: I’m so grateful to this site for such good, ongoing information.
    Question: Since I no longer take Boniva, is there a way for me to regularly measure my personal pH / acidity?

    • Robert

      To all who neglected themselves (here as anywhere): God’s our healer! So may we study, respond in that spirit: trusting a loving good God who desires our best! For our bones and entire being: in Jesus’ love, Robert.

      Submitted in the hope we’ll wit

      • Robert

        … that is: witness to not only the health and related blessings we find ourselves (by grace) experiencing, but to the source of all this goodness, resisting the adversary (to all such goodness and due faith therein).

        (Submitted by grace, in Jesus’ love (to share God’s love for all!).)

  17. eM

    yeah… i think everyone should learn about this “Standard American Diet”. people doesn’t only make their bones weak but also get diabetes.
    thanks for those information, vivian!!! i learn a lot from it…

    • Jim

      and probably many other illnesses !!

  18. Adele

    I read the questions people leave on the site and find them intersting – I would like to be able to read the answers given, as some of questions, I feel I would ask, therefore, knowing the answers would be beneficial… and helpful.

    • LynnCS

      I have noticed that many of the questions have been answered on her other posts. Also in her book. You can find a list to click on the different archived posts.

    • Jo

      I couldn’t agree more. I know there are so many questions/comments to reply to, but this is how we learn. I’ve seen questions asked over and over (some of which I’m wondering about myself), but never answered. Please try to reply. Thank you.

  19. virginia

    More attention should be given to the part dairy products (cow’s milk, cheeses, yogurt, etc) play in our modern-day health problems. Read Vivian’s article “Debunking the Milk Myth: Why Milk Is Bad for You and Your Bones.” Also, for another eye-opener, read Prof. Jane Plant’s website and how, as a breast cancer patient, she researched why so few women in China get breast cancer–the common denominator is that they do not drink milk! The same for men in China—there are few cases of prostate cancer. Perhaps lactose intolerance is nature’s way of telling us we are eating the wrong food! I switched to Almond Milk as a substitute for cow’s milk . Almonds contain calcium. Read up on it and try it.

  20. Fortune

    Diagnosed with oesteoporosis 5 yrs ago. Trusted the Doctor unfortunately and took Alendronic Acid for 4 years. Had very bad side effects and stopped. Was then put on Protelos and only took it for 2 months when I came accross Vivian’s advice, ordered the book and started on her program since June 2010. I feel better for it and hope to see an improvement in my bone density in November.
    I appreciate all the info and recipes you send me Vivian. Thank you.
    Can you tell me how long one can still be affected by the bad side effects (particularly jaw problems) after stopping alendronic acid? Thank you.

  21. Ms. L.

    Hi! Vivian,

    I’ve Been Trying For The Last Several Years To Get Away From The Standard American Diet (S.A.D), And To Eat Healthier. I’m Going To Keep Trying Until I Get There.
    Thank You VERY MUCH For Showing Us The Proper Way To DO THAT!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  22. John of Shelby Twp.

    Diagnosed with Advanced RA and Osteoperosis September of 2007. Followed normal protocal and added more money to the medical field. Ordered the Book from Save Our Bones. I adjusted my diet and did research. Began to daily test with Urine PH strips and with diet, balanced my urin PH. Went off of RA medicines March 2009 and Adrenate Sulphate in June of 2009. My labs are all normal.

    For the coffee lovers. Gordon Foods (commercial & retail provider) makes a low acid coffee blend – Mosiac Classic Roast. I noticed that my urine PH was improved after drinking several cups (w/o cream or sugar) of coffee at two of the restaurnts that I visit. When I asked whose coffee they used – they said the Mosaic. I have a local Gordon Food Store in my area, and I have been pruchasing it there ever since.

    I don’t know if anyone else will have the same results, but I just wanted you to know..

    • Barbara

      I am a big coffee drinker and have worked on my ph as well.Found a simple drink tonic n siera with lemon or lime keeps the ph right..would like to try u coffee. i live in N.Y. and we dont have that store so is there a web site for the Mosica coffee? thanks

  23. Sue from Australia

    Oh my! why has it taken so long to find out how & what to eat properly, to feed our bodies with healthy life giving food instead of the processed plastic stuff that is literally killing us!!!
    I’ve had digestive problems for many years,[60 at least] had so many investigations, tried lots of medication, all to no avail. Still feel like ‘rubbish’: but am about to embark on the Food Combining, Alkalising & eating fresh foods and using the info from Vivian [as soon as my book arrives].
    Doctors are good at sewing us up, but not at advising us about proper nutrition. It doesn’t seem to feature much in their training.
    However, thanks to people like Vivian, we are taking responsibility for our own health – learning from your research – and I hope, will live longer & happy, healthy lives! God bless you Vivian & Thank you…Sue

    • June Waters

      Dear Sue and others,
      I came upon this excellent site as a referral from Sherry Brescia from Great Taste No Pain without whose advice in her manuals and recipe books I would have returned to hospital with another bout of Diverticulitis, the pain I experienced with that was worse than painful childbirth.

      I am 67 years old and have followed her advice on the combinations of food, what to eat with what and all the delicious meals. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is just simply the way we eat our food and it is well worth the effort. Go to her site and you can download a Quick-Start Guide complete with recipes to try. There is also a Gluten Free set of manuals which I have as well as there is gluten hidden in lots of food these days and it is not good for you at all. Try this you will be pleasantly surprised as I was, I was determined that I was to be in control of my body and am now reaping the rewards. Eating this way I promise you will be free of all that pain and will feel like a new person. We all deserve to lead a pain free life it is our right.
      June from down under.

    • sandra brigham

      I am on a statin for my colesterol Does it take away calcium from my body. I have been eating better even when we go out. their are always veggies and salads we can have. My spine does hurt from time to time but I and hard on it as I garden a lot.I do love milk, but have hot been drinking it because of my intestineal problem I do rice milk. Would you say a plant calceium is the better suppplement to take as opposed to cal. from bones of animals. Will you replay? Thank you

  24. Julia

    I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine and hips about 5 0r 6 yrs. ago. I also have degenerative disc disease and now have a slipped vertebrae. I am in a lot of pain and take pain meds just to tolerate getting through the day. I was prescribed Actonel at time of diagnoses but I have refused to take it for fear of the jaw bone deteriation. I am starting to be a little fearful that I will get into real trouble with the osteoporosis and decline into a cripple. I am 67 and have always been active and youthful for my age. Most people think I am in my 50’s by appearance. I take calcium and magnesium, Vit D and zinc. I just found this web site while looking up info on actonel once again. I had convinced myself that I need to start taking it to survive. Now, I am confused about what to do. I am a healthy eater, fruits, veggies, no red meats. Cannot drink milk (lactose intolerant) I am in a lot of pain so I haven’t exercised much at all. I am in PT now because of pelvic floor re-constructive surgery that has left me with the horrible pain in hip,back and leg CONSTANT pain. I feel I am in hell and can’t get out. Please, any help or suggestions would much appreciated. Thank you so much, I am going to read the material of your’s that I just down loaded. Julia

    • Patricia Morine

      I am recovering from 4 thorasic compression fractures. I am fit and active and was stunned to learn I had osteoporosis at 54 yo. I have improved my diet as Vivian suggest. 80% Fruit/veggies- 20% meats. I discovered I had gluten intollerance so I was not absorbing all my nutrients. This gluten intollerance, it is now estimated 1:33 people have it. Your physicians will not have a clue. Many people do not know as the symptoms are subclinical. But lactose intollerance is associated with it as is osteoporosis. You may have constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, difficulty sleeping, incontenence.
      The other thing I did was cover up religiously from the sun bucause of my skin cancer. So for 10 years spf 30, spf sun cloths. Guess what, no Vit D from the sun exposure which is required for calcium to be absoiberd into the bones. I few years ago I got melanoma. Natural Vit D production from sun exposure protect you to some degree from melanoma. They are sying melanoma has been on the rise because people are not getting enough sun. If you live North of atlanta you can not get enough Vit D during the winter.
      I did my 2 months of physicial therapy working on developing more back muscles to support the back.
      Now I lift weights 3X a week for my osteoporosis out in the sun for 45 min. Until I turn just a light pink on each side. Pilates once a week. My instructor discovered Pilates because she injured herself as a dancer and after over a year of being in sever pain she went to Pilates and it turned her around to the healthy instructor she is today. I walk everyother day with 1 lb weights on my ankles. I do 100 heal drops a day. After 5 months I am riding my horses again.
      Eat 6 baby carrots as a snack. Slice cucumber and put your tuna salad on top of it. Chop apple and celery into your tuna or chicken salad. Eat an apple a day. Almonds and raisins in oatmeal. Use lettus as a subsitute for bread and wrap you sandwich filling in it. An egg a day has great nutrients.
      Make sure you get good quality supplements. Do your home work. Most OTC vitamins are poorly absorbed. Calcium, Magnesium, Vit D are all important as well as many others. Vit C ( look up Linus Paulings theory).
      Find a physician willing to work with you who knows about osteoporosis. I was lucky and found a great D.O. The first 2 MD’s insisted I take a biophosphate and only checked my Vit D level. They say MD’s are 17 years behind the latest research.
      You really have to write down your goals and chip away at making a change.
      Read and re-read. There is so much information I find I come across it again and say. Oh yes I forgot that one. I keep a doccument on my computer to which I add all the info I come across.
      Happy bones!

    • Peter Wright

      I am about the same age as you and have low bone density for my age. I have practiced yoga for 20 years and more recently pilates which I started after finding about my low bone density. I recommend you find a good pilates practice. You can do a lot with diet but in your case you need to back it up (sorry about the pun) with exercise that strengthens the muscles around your spine and pelvic floor. It’s probably too late for yoga – but not if you can find a helpful practitioner. I haven’t had a back problem since starting pilates. But you have to be prepared to put the work into it.

    • John of Shelby Twp.

      Lactose intolerant – try Almond Milk. It is mildly sweet and has calcium. You may want to try adding a good grade of fish oil. It mitigates inflamation. Try for supplaments and the use of advisors.

  25. John Weber

    I have had life long allergies to brazil nuts, eggs, and cow’s milk. I have developed other allergies in my 85 years. Does any part of your program increase food tolerance?

  26. lourdes


  27. Nu Ly

    Since I start your program, I pay much attention in my food. Is it preservative? chemistry? fresh?

    Thank you Vivian, you always remind us and make us happy. It seems we are very closed not far from USA.

  28. Annie

    Hi Vivian,
    I am from the Phils and migrated to Australia 33 years ago. In 2007 (62 y.o) I had a stress fracture in my middle toe and after a bone density test I was told I have osteoporosis. I was prescribed ACtonel but after taking one tablet I had all these nasty side effects in my stomach, thereby agravating my acid reflux/hiatus hernia problem. I told my GP I will not continue with the medication. She referred me to a Osteoporosis specialist, but I never went to see him. I have a funny feeling the specialist will tell me to continue and add on extra medication to fixed the side effects. Since then I just took supplement of calcium and vitamin D until a few months ago came across your website. I purchased your book (paid thru Trailmail) last month and has been reading and trying to do your suggestions. I was lucky to find your website as I am really looking for alternative ways to look have healthy bones.
    I admired you for what you are doing and God Bless.


  29. judi

    If people are still eating out like this Average Jane, they are too busy, and too rich. This lifestyle costs much more than eating at home.
    I had never heard of SAD. Though I have eaten some of those foods in my life, not even one on a daily basis, and couldn’t imagine anyone still eating like that today !

    I’ll continue to keep it fresh, non processed or packaged…. and keep up the exercising… but that does not stop the aging process.For our bones, we do need that extra calcium !

  30. Elaine

    I took Actonel for nearly 6 years but my bones were getting progressively worse ( I am now 60). I stopped taking it last year after having a spinal crush fracture and three regular fractures and several broken ribs. My doctors are not pleased and they tell my my life expectancy is poor. What I am interested in knowing is can I still start this program and will it work for me considering all the Actonel I have taken. Has it left my bones unable to grow new bone and become more dense. My doctor does not give me a straight answer. thanks for any help from anyone with this problem.

    • Jane

      Is there any proven facts that your program works? I would like to start, but am a little hesitant. So many times you try something new just to find out that it really doesn’t work. Please let me know.

  31. Elaine

    HI, I would be interested in knowing if any of the people on this forum have food absorption problems ( not being able to absorb calcium, and other vitamins and minerals) perhaps caused by being intolerant to certain foods especially gluten and if this affected their improvement in bone density.

    • judi

      Sunrider has a highly absorbable Calcium magnesium chewable. Check it out !

  32. Inez Baca

    Dear Vivian, I was away for 2 days and ate crappy food and feel guilty and ready to get back to the alkaline diet. I can tell the difference. Thanks Vivian. I had all the bad food you mentioned. Inez

  33. bea

    I purchased your book (have not received it yet but I downloaded the info offered. One was the list of acidic and alkaliyzing foods. I was never really aware of what was what before but after having a cold and drinking alot of grapefruit juice-I now realize how I ended up with acid reflux for hours!

  34. Joyce Gasser

    I thought I saw a comment of yours about Strontium, and that it in fact, may not be all that very good for bones, as many people think.
    I can’t find that now. What about Strontium?
    Thanks for your comment.

  35. Barbara Bluemle

    I find it very upsetting to see your comments about milk. I’ve been making sure that I get at least three eight ounce glasses a day as well as a supplement. Are you certain about your info? Can so many health nutrientionists be wrong ? Help!

    • Catherine

      i too am a little confused about milk. i have milk with calcium added.
      t get asthma from too many dairy foods so i do not have alot and am very careful.

    • marianne

      Take yochert instead.

    • Nicola

      I haven’t given up milk completely, although I take on board Vivian’s views about dairy. I do still have it in my tea (I’m English!!) but have juice with cereal instead and avoid milky sauces etc. And I am sorry, but not having any cheese is out of the question. What a misery a life without cheddar or brie! I am more aware of the downsides of dairy now, and eat less of it.

    • Denny

      Regarding Milk, don’t look at it as something not to have but something to have in proper portion. I am a milk drinker and I still am. But instead of drinking the the 3 8oz glasses daily. I now have one or two. All things in proper portion and you will be all right. I still believe that milk helps with avoiding cancer and other health issues. Drink up and think all things in proper portion.

      • Anna

        I can hardle believe that the majority people have the SAD diet but that is beside the point. I think that the last comment made was very appropriate. Everything in moderation. The thing needed is a healthy balanced diet. Eating nothing but brocolli and figs is not healthy either. A balanced approach to life 0 in diet, activity and mind is the recipe – albeit difficult to achieve.

  36. Fran Pearson

    When the truth about food, our bodies and the right way to experience ‘health’ is brought to light it is powerful!! thankyou! thankyou!I found the Save our Bones program after praying for answers…after my Dr. gave me the scare lecture of how I was headed for stress fractures in my spine if I didn’t take “the osteoporosis medicine(actonel)”He said “no matter how much calcium I took,it would not get into my bones but just come out in the urine and they could test to verify that. I needed the medicine to ‘get the calcium into the bones'” Something sounded wrong–and I started,as I always do, to research for myself.And here I am!!With the help of your Book..I have started to eat in the right way. From about 80% acid compared to 20% alkaline I am already (in just over a week) eating about 60% Alkaline and 40% acid. Already I feel more normal than I have in years with an obvious boost in energy. I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and osteoarthritis…so, lots of pain and chronic fatigue. Comfort foods became acceptable to the health condition that has plagued me for years.I justified my eating by buying all organic and taking mega health supplements. Now I’m changing to basic ‘needed supplements’ and getting my nutrition out of my ‘good’ food. I am SO thankful for people like you who Educate others,and DO something to help the dire condition of mankind at the very foundation of his existence. Nothing but a miracle(one person at a time)will change the course of destruction we are..I fear for the generations to come! sincerely Fran in Saskatoon, Canada

  37. Rosemary Lambert

    Question on red grapefruuit- Is it better to take my calcium-magnesium supplement at the same time as the grapefruit, and then wait before eating the rest of your meal? If so how long should people wait to eat other things? Note: I found out that being muscle-tested by a chiropracter helped me find a great supplement that seems to agree with me. For me it’s Osteo-B II from Biotics Research Corp (phone 281-344-0909) it has a lot of good stuff including Vit K, with equal amounts of calcium and magnesium. However my Chiropracter thinks I need to add a bit more magnesium. I havn’t been on it long enough to see if my bones will improve but at least I don’t get as much aches and pains and stiffness from this one. For years I had to give up supplements because of headaches.

    • marianne

      I got a bottle of magnesium oil instead of tablets. Rub a few sprays on your skin every day.

  38. Doe

    I have never eaten such an un-natural diet in my life. I may have stopped at a ” fast food ” place about 25 to 30 years ago. I do not eat meat, only fish, once in awhile. I do like to have a cup of tea, English style, with skim milk. Maybe this is why why people think I am 15 to 20 years younger than I am. But I am still concerned about my bones. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in 1981. Took Premarin for 3 years and stopped.

  39. Laura Griffis

    I don’t have a comment but wanted to let you know that about a month ago the ambulance chancers had a tv commercial about Fosamax. They were looking for women who had been on Fosamax and had suffered a fracture. I thought it was very interesting because of all I am learning. Just thought you might want to know.

  40. jean

    Have just had a fall but thank goodness no broken bones, very sore hand, bet it will be black and blue soon but thats better than a broken bone. Thank you Vivian and Vit B 12 my bones are stronger now. Speaking as someone who has had in the past a broken ankle broken wrist and broken elbow Oh yes and a broken thumb and was taking medication Need I say any more. Thank you again.

    • Janie

      are you saying vit B-12 works for the bones, i reaaly need to know this i have been told i have osteoporosis but i just think my Dr. wants me on medication. i have try all this med Boniva Actonel Fosamax but this med make me swell like a balloon my ankles hurts so bad so i just stop maybe i just need a new Dr. pls. comment to this io am interested in the Vit B-12

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        B12 is important, Janie, but it’s just one small piece of the puzzle. The Osteoporosis Reversal Program gives you a multi-pronged approach that combines diet, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle. Regaining your bone health is about more than any one vitamin or food.

        • Lourdes

          I would like to recommend you my weghit loss program that works just amazing. I find right weghit loss program and applied the program, then I lost weghit easy. You must have the program that works. You can find the best program weghit loss that worked for me and lost 15 pounds after one month. You can find more info here link below.Good luck!

    • Kathy

      What is the best way to get Vit. B12? Thanks for the information.

  41. Gayle Toloff

    Thank you so much for your e-mails, I am following

    your advice. Your book is the best investment

    I have made. I really enjoy taking care of my

    body. I feel great. Would love some more recipes.

    Happy Mother’s Day Vivian. Gayle T.



    • Denny

      Things that will help will be eating right, exerices at your currently level and build. When you are eating the right foods you will feel a lot better, when you exercise you will fell younger. Start out slow – a great exercise program is Strong Women Strong Bones – you can find it at the library.

  43. Beti Schwartz

    The SAD is truly very sad, and my heart goes out to those who know no better. Bless you for trying to educate us all. I am happy to be so informed and enjoy doing all I can to really be on the bandwagon. Thank you. Beti


    Thanks for all the information you provide us

  45. Nancy Boyer

    My diet is free of many of the S.A.D.foods, but I still have a diet containing too much acidic food. Your program is teaching me to make
    wiser choices, but I have a long way to go. I value every bit of information you send. Your SAVE OUR BONES book helps a great deal
    in food and menu selections. I love it when you send a recipe for something healthy!

  46. Audrey

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you, you are a dedicated Lady helping the woman of the world to Save their Bones.
    I wish that I found you early in my plight.
    I am 85 and I found out that I had bone loss
    at 75-76. I had lost my Husband and went into a deep clinical depression. It was not that I did not eat well before this happened, it was that I did not take care of my self for about three years. I am so depressed, as it too late
    now to undo the terrible loss that I have. But
    I do enjoy reading all of your material.
    Thank you.

    • Christine

      please do not think that it is too late to start to improve your general health and therefore your bone health Our bodies are self healing and self regulating and when they are given the best nutrition that we can find or afford or even grow and we can keep the other conditions right for our bones eg exercise, alkalinity sunlight etc/ our bodies sigh with relief and begin to repair and heal.

  47. Andrea Moore

    The information is always useful and the comments helpful. I imagine that my bone density is improving each day as well as my general health.

    I appreciate your positive attitude and continued communication.
    Thank you,

  48. Fern

    I have a mini trampoline. Is it ok to use or should this type of bouncing be avoided?

    • marianne

      I use one too. Can’t imagine that it is anything but good for the bones. It is low impact

  49. Alisa

    Dear Vivian,

    Thank you so very much….Last year my doctor prescribed one of the biophosphonates. I went on line…among much other material I found you, one of the major deciding factors to decline to even begin with the free samples. I very much appreciate the continuing invaluable info and reinforcement.

    • Christine

      I know that astronauts use trampolines for strengthening their bones as living without gravity weakens bones.

      You don’t need to leap high in the air to benefit. Gentle bouncing keeping the toes on the mat will begin to strengthen bones and will also improve balance and confidence. More adventurous movement can be attempted when you feel more confident.

      The circulation system also gets a boost and……etc.

  50. Irma

    Thank yoy Vivian for all this info.
    I was born in Peru (Lima), my parents were a middle class Family who could not afford to eat out often. My Mother used to shop everyday for fresh food; she liked to use litte oil for
    cooking; always cooked dried beans, lentils and
    About six years ago we had Mac donal’s there; my Family tried it, but didn’t like (they said
    almost everything is fried and there is not nutritionin that food)
    There is a minimum porcentage of people who eat
    McDonal’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken. They love to home made food; as a result I see fewer fat
    people and less people with health problems; for those reasons I believe in Vivian’s Diet 80/20; in others words our health is in ours hands.
    Thank you Vivian.

  51. Pat

    Thank you Vivian for your helpful emails. Just in time when I am feeling a little low. Please hurry and come out with your cookbook. I am sure everyone in the group will buy it. I am so looking forward so I won’t have to quess about the 80/20 any more.

  52. Nancy Millway

    I couldn’t agree more with you Vivian about the average diet. Here in Australia there is an increasing use of fast foods. The best eating routine is to keep to the basics – lots of fresh food, minimal pre-prepared. “Go for the 2&5”, meaning have 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables each day has been the government slogan in Aus. for a few years now, but to see what people put in their shopping trolley is scary. I dread to think how the future generations will cope if things continue as they are.
    Some schools here (but not very many) are introducing students to gardening by having a vegie plot that the students look after, and their own produce is used in the school canteen for student lunches. Anything excess can be sold to the families, thus financing projects for the school. This is one way of addressing the situation, through early education.
    I have changed my eating routine at present, in order to shed some weight, but will return to the 80/20 formula as soon as I can. A daily goal of walking 10,000 steps however which is part of my current programme should help my bones.
    Thanks for all the info once again
    Regards Nancy

  53. Genevieve Smith

    I find all of the information you give us to be very helpful. I’m
    trying my best to follow many of the things you say to improve
    my bone density. Thanks for all of your help.
    Genevieve Smith

  54. Elaine Schaeffer

    I have read all the comments and hope I do not have a doctor problem when I go back this year. I appreciate you information and still working at getting it right.I have lost the taste for meat. Eat it some but getting away from it. Learing to create fresh soups with blender, juicer and processor. Not bad some of them. Love fruit and have been working on the balance but not fully got it done pat. Really like some a lot that is not on the best list but it is a challenge. Feel good and still working on memu. I was just thinking about you the other day and thought I have not gotten any new emails and check email and there you were.. ty, Elaine

  55. Rodica

    It is horrendous, what the Food Industry is doing. All the changes, all the twisting of original food, just in order to gain more profit. I am still happy to be a vegetarian,and am trying to choose healthy food. The rest I am trusting to God. The main thing is our power to choose.

  56. Kay Mulholland

    Hi Vivian,
    12 months ago I was finally diagnosed with Rheum Arthr. I also have osteo arth and osteop.. I’m now off Prednisone but still on weekly methotextrate and folic acid.//I’m now taking “Pain No More” (australian product); “Ultimate Bone Support” Bionutritional product (America) and “Boswellia”. I’m also still seeing a Rheumatoliogist quarterly// Will these natural products be conflicting with wemedicine Arava and Methotextrate.

    • Ann

      I know you are right about all this horrible food we are eating. I have RA & Osteoporosis. I have been on every medication you can think of. I am now on prednisone, 6mg a day. I hate the way I feel with this medication, and I want to get off of it. The doctors say I never will. The doctor wanted me to take forteo for the osteoporosis, I refused. I am trying to eat better. It is a challenge. I was also diagnosed with acid reflux, and I was taking 40mg of protonix, now I am down to 20mg. I want to get off prednisone and protonix, therefore, I will try harder to eat the right foods. Thanks for your help, and all the information.

  57. Lois Rapp

    In regard to the highly acidic foods in our diet, there is a water system ( Kangan Water) that balances the pH levels to normal. I have heard a lot of good things about it but the unit costs $3800 and is really ugly on the counter. Dr. Vivian, what do you think about it and will the product RealWater work almost as well?

    • Susan Lerner

      Enagic, the 35 year old company that manufactures the ionizing units that create Kangen Water, makes household systems priced from $1300 to $5000, including an undercounter unit. You can see the units here:

  58. Mary Anderson

    Vivian: Thank you very much for your excellent advice. I want you to know that since I have been getting your articles, I have paid much attention to my diet and am grateful to you because the aches and pain that I had in the past have disappeared. You are a blessing to everyone who reads your articles.

  59. mary macgregor

    Thank you Vivian. I always look forward to your articles.I have oppted not to take the fosamax or the other bone meds I exercise try to eat a proper diet and I’m feeling and doing fine.

  60. Prudy Robinson

    Thanks so much for all the information that you send me. God bless you for all the work you are doing to help other people.

  61. Louise

    I was diagnosed with pre osteoparosis 4 years ago. I hadn’t read Vivian’s work at the time so innocently took my first Fosamax tablet. I am not exaggerating- a few hours later I FELT AS IF I HAD BEEN HIT BY A BUS. I WAS SO SORE AND MY FACE SWELLED UP WITH BLUE BRUISES UNDERNEATH MY EYES AND SWOLLEN LIPS.It was very frighening. I do not drink alcohol or smoke so maybe I am extra sensitive to this drug. It was the first and last time I ever took Fosamax. Vivian’s recommended diet and exercise programme is the way forward.

  62. Frances Miller

    As always, thanks for the comments. I am trying so very hard to follow your instructiions in your book, Vivian. I am so glad I found you on the internet!!! I have osteoporosis and since my bone density a year ago, it is up a tiny bit, so I think that is encouraging and not going the other way. I want to share this with others….I sow kale, turnip greens, mustard, lettuce, etc. in my shrubs, even at the end of my walk and on the sunny side of my house. This way I can have greens each day without leaving my house and you just can’t get better than that. Maybe some of you had not thought about that, but I always say, ” I can’t eat shrubs, but I can eat vegetables.”

  63. Jess

    Thank you so much Vivian for this great website and empowering women to take control of their health! Through information on this website and Dr. Mercola’s and Hallelujah Acres’ site, my eyes have been opened. When I walk into a modern supermarket I now see that 95% of the contents are contaminated with poisons either added to the food or in the packaging or both. Profit is king and the food manufacturers do not care about our health. I now try to eat a more natural diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds. I feel much better after going completely grain free. Eat organic when possible and avoid genetically modified foods.

  64. Catherine

    My bones keep deteriorating no matter what. I refuse to take the Evista & cannot take Fosamax or Boniva etc due to limited kidney functioning & severe GERD. I told the doctor that I won’t take Evista because of dangers of blood clots & possible ovarian cancer risks. His answer was, oh you already are on Coumadin, why worry? What a horrible answer. I’m on Coumadin for constant atrial fibrillation & 3 leaking heart valves & he wants me to take Evista???
    I will keep trying to follow Vivians guidance.
    Thank you, Vivian, for caring & sharing with us.
    God Bless You.

  65. Marsha Blevins

    Thanks for all the information you provide us. I just had my latest bone density and it has improved over last year. I have followed your advise as far as diet and exercise and adding nutrients. It’s working and I’m very thankful. Keep up your great work.

  66. Lindsay Blair Rennie

    Hi Vivian,
    ok I will get back on the progam as I feel a little guilty as I have been treating myself.
    I have did good but it took a few years.
    thanks for your material sent as it does work.

  67. charlotte

    People learn through repetition so thanks much for the reminder.

  68. Vera M. Thomas

    Vivian, I fell on snow covered ice Dec 21 on my right hip. I’m eighty years old and did not break any bones. I needed spine ajustments and pulled muscles BUT no broken bones. Thanks for you advice on how to have healthy bones.

    • C Smith

      Three cheers for Vera.

  69. Noreen

    I was informed a year and a half ago that I have osteoporosis at 53 years and was frightened to walk outside in the snow and ice here in Wisconsin. The Dr. immediately wanted to put me on osteoporosis drugs. At first I considered it–wanting to improve my bone strength–but thankfully checked the internet for information about them. For my return visit to the Dr. I told him I wanted to exercise with weights, and he was delighted, but wanted to give me a prescription too. I said no, I wanted to learn more, which made him puzzled. I changed a few eating habits, am working with a trainer and exercising regularly, and I feel stronger than ever. The snow and ice didn’t concern me more than before this winter. Thank you for this information.

    • Marsha York Dewhurst

      Hello there.

      What types of exercises do they suggest that you do with weights? Can these be done in your own home or do you need to go to your trainer?

      I’m so glad that you are doing well and feel stronger. Keep up the good work!

      Thanks for any info you can send my way.

      • Jeanne Tillmann

        I have had two hip replacements and have arthritis. I have been exercising with the WII Fitness Program and going to the gym. What weight exercises could I do at home?

      • Christine

        There’s a book called Strong Women, Strong Bones written by two physical therapists which gives very good info about exercising with weights and also has many encouraging stories from people who have become stronger and have changed their lives. What is so encouraging is that anyone’s bone strength can improve even in your nineties and why not?

    • Noreen

      Also, I mentioned to my dentist I have osteoporosis, and he backed up and asked if I was taking any of the drugs for it (I could tell him no!), and he said if I were and had the jaw deterioration problem, there is NOTHING they can do for it.

  70. Mary - Ohio

    I am 57 yrs and we have osteoporosis in our family of women. Since reading Vivian’s book a year ago, many of us have said ‘no’ to bone enhancement drugs and now feel much stronger and better (pain free). More women should practive what we teach our children.
    Read her book and pass the info around. “God helps those who help themselves.”

  71. SUSAN H

    none yet

  72. Ann

    Once again, this article reinforces the importance of common sense when selecting what to eat. Through your guidance, I am moving toward the alkaline range when testing my pH. My new water distiller arrived last week and switching from tap water has been easier than anticipated. Thanks and please keep the articles coming!

    • Marsha York Dewhurst

      Hello there. What is the water distiller that you purchased? I am very interested in finding out more information regarding this. At the present time I purchase distilled water (bottled) and would really appreciate any info you could pass on.

      • Susan Lerner

        Distilled water, like reverse osmosis water is acidic! And oxidizing (aging). Kangen Water is clean, alkaline, anti-oxidant and micro-clustered (super hydrating). I’ve seen so much health improvement with this water, I’m convinced it’s the best!

  73. Charlene Smith

    Diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopina 3 yrs ago. Taking Boniva ever since. I’m a picky eater, don’t eat much meat & eat few fruits and vegetables. Try to walk & light weight workout at least 3x’s week. How can I treat osteoporosis w/out Boniva due to diet? Also lactose problem, don’t drink milk or like cheese. Orthopedic dr felt Boniva was helpful, but not for more than 5 years.

    • marianne

      Grow up and eat your veggies!!!

  74. Margaret Preble

    Did any of us sign a contract to do as the doctor or nurse says? They act as though we did, and they also act as though we are to be submissive and do as they say and not ask any questions. Going to the doctor these days is most often to park your head at the door, that is, until we start informing ourselves and begin to say no.

    • marianne

      I feel they do not like it if we are too informed! (guess it is bad for their ego) Afterall they spend all this time and money in their expensive schools!

  75. jannie van der ploeg

    I had have a medical advice too use drugs too. But after one weak I stopped with the drugs. The doctor wasn’t amused. After about 4 years my bone strenght was worser en I was not anymore sure I have had maked the right choice. But I ‘m so glad that I have heard about Vivians program for 6 months ago. I hope with a balance in my food and all the good advises that my bones grow stronger. May thanks Vivian.

    jannie (from the Netherlands)

  76. Phyll Sands

    I have just had medical advice to take HRT to prevent further detereation of bones, at 82 I am not happy with this descision. Phyll.

    • marianne

      82 and going on hormones?????Ridiculous!

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