Could Eating Eggs Be As Bad As Smoking? My Answer - Save Our Bones

Eggs and cigarettes. What an unlikely combination, right? Apparently, Canadian researchers beg to differ. Study author David Spence and team have compared the effect of tobacco smoking and egg yolk consumption as it relates to atherosclerotic plaque formation.

After collecting data from 1,261 smokers with vascular disease who had to answer a questionnaire on how many eggs they ate per week for their entire life, the study authors conclude that:

“The effect size of egg yolks appears to be approximately 2/3 that of smoking.” 1

Per the authors, all confounders, which are elements that would also have an effect on the results, were adjusted for, including cholesterol levels, blood pressure, smoking, body mass index and diabetes.

After the adjustments, the scientists noted that plaque buildup increased dramatically after age 40 in study participants who either smoked or ate egg yolks regularly.

Should You Continue to Eat Eggs?

In a previous blog post titled The ‘Truth About Eggs and Your Bone Health', which I still stand by, I mention a study where participants who ate more than four eggs per week had a lower mean serum cholesterol concentration than those who ate less than one egg per week.2

So should you continue to enjoy eggs? The answer is yes. However, here are some things to remember:

  • While eggs are okay to eat, organic eggs are even better. Organic eggs must come from chickens that are fed organic, non-GMO, feed. Also, they are not routinely treated with antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs.
  • Cage-free eggs are also recommended as they come from healthier and happier chickens, making the eggs richer in valuable nutrients.
  • When cooking eggs, use a bone-healthy oil such as olive oil.

Study Findings Contradict and Confuse

But wait a minute; since scientists claim that cholesterol aggravates plaque accumulation, that study would seem to contradict this latest one.

Also, this latest study supposes that the test subjects have perfect memories and recall exactly how many eggs they consumed in their lifetime. Plus, it doesn't take into account any accompanying unhealthy foods that are usually eaten along with eggs.

And while there are many more confusing problems with this new study, there is another factor at play.

You see, most “scientific” studies on foods contradict each other, making it impossible for the average person to decipher which foods are good and which are bad for them. And it doesn’t help that the mainstream media over-reports on these studies (in stark contrast to the sparse coverage given to a drug side effect warning or drug safety alert), ensuring that the general public is made aware of the ever-changing healthful status of foods.

As a consequence, most people are so fed up of hearing contradictory news reports about foods, that they simply choose to ignore them and stop caring about which foods they eat. After all, they think, a food that's deemed unhealthy today, might be transformed into a healthy food tomorrow. Unfortunately….

That’s Precisely What These Studies Aim to Do!

In the end, mainstream medicine, held captive by Big Pharma, would like you to ignore common sense and to forget the power of nutrition amidst all the confusion and conflicting reports. They rather you rely on their “miracle” drugs which, according to them, have been studied, and have a more consistent track record. Meanwhile, their drugs are now responsible for more deaths than car accidents.

You Can Harness the Power of Nutrition for Your Bones

Many in the community have written about their doctors’ negative attitude when they turn down osteoporosis drug prescriptions in favor of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program treatment which takes a food based approach. But all this changes when their bone density improves. That’s when the doctors tell them to continue with the Program.

You can read about those real life success stories here.

Here’s to your knowledge of nutrition and to not falling for mainstream medicine's confusing schemes!


1 Spence DJ et al. “Eg yolk consumption and carotid plaque”. Atherosclerosis. Received 11 February 2012; received in revised form 17 July 2012; accepted 18 July 2012. published online 10 August 2012.
2 Won OS et al. “Nutritional Contribution of Eggs to American Diets”. J Am Coll Nutr. October 2000 vol. 19 no. suppl 5 556S-562S.

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  1. Marlene Villar

    Hello Vivian,
    I truly appreciates everything that you continue sharing
    with us. Thank you very much for this article regarding eggs. Have a wonderful day. Marlene

  2. Dakota Wallace

    My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, “If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.” Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- “Don’t ever smoke. Please don’t put your family through what your Grandfather put us through.” I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because your post gave me cancer anywa

  3. Juvy

    I thank Vivian and all the member who contributed to these conversation I learn about eggs. I always eat eggs every day even at midnight when I can’t sleep. Then drink hot chocolate then I can sleep.

    I have a very hard time putting myself to sleep.December 11 ,2012 after my cancer operation iI was advices to have a good sleep,but I can only sleep 3 to 4 hours to sleep. So I went to my Doctor to ask sleeping pill.So he prescribed me good for 2weeks.. When I read the leaflets I was horrified,because number one side effects is dementia,ares sickness, hallucination, Alzheimer’s and others I have not memorised all, so I never take them and I can’t sleep.untill sometime 2 am. Even tho ugh I will start going to bed 8’9 apps still very hard to go to sleep. So I will eat eggs and breed sometimes or biscuits then I can slip a little. I am sure eggs is very helpful to me.two eggs every time ever if I am not hungry.

    Take care,

  4. Easton Mendez

    Viv.,I am excited to learn about your Sweepstakes offering of a Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller. And, the importance/necessity of using purified water. The simple operation procedure of the Distiller to provide purified water fit for human consumption.

    I hope to acquire one : its useful to me and my 88year old mother.

    I cannot get on your entry site for the competition.

    Continue offering your useful tips on bone care.

  5. tom cagney

    Your writings are all over the place! Allot of words that say nothing!Cholesterol mostly made by the persons body.Too much cholesterol means you are eating to much! And the excess fat is turned into cholesterol. There are other factors but that is thr main-one.Most people over-eat! I ONLY eat when I am hungry, and not because it’s 6 PM. Everything you eat is converted to sugar for energy,like gas for a car. Oh! I eat eggs and smoke cigarettes and my body and brain like both. At meal time I have a small amount of what-ever I want. And my body converts it to what it may need.
    Bodies have been doing that for millions of years. It works!

    • tom cagney

      You talked about red meat like it’s bad. Your body does not know the difference between beef,chicken or fish,it treats it the same way. I like all three,so everyday I have something different.I do not eat my favorite meal every day,because it would end up being not my favorate meal.

  6. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Your Articles. They Are VERY INTERESTING.

    I Myself Eat Eggs A Least Once A Week. I Like Eggs. But I Also Like Other Things Steel Oats Oatmeal, A Variety Of Fruits Like Bananas, Strawberries, All The Mellons, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries Peaches, Just To Name Some Of Them! I Love (Blue Diamond) Almond Breeze Milk, All Kinds Of Vegetables Like Green Beans, Carrots, Baked White Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes,
    Broccoli, Spinach, And Many Others!
    I Try Not To Eat A Lot Of Red Meats, But I Do Like Chicken And Turkey, And I Love Fish, Especially Salmon And Tuna!
    I Guess That It For Now. Take Care And Stay Well!


  7. Marianne

    Yesterday, I attempted several times to post an excellent article by Dr. John McDougall about eggs, but it did not paste onto this website. I would highly recommend that everyone take a look at it because it presents a totally different and very important point of view, one that could be life-saving to some. The title of the March 2005 article is “Easter Eggs are for Easter” and you can find it at It is a long article, so I will highlight only a small portion of it here. For example, Dr. McDougall writes that “The purpose of a hen’s egg is to provide all the materials necessary to develop the one cell….into a complete chick with feathers, beak, legs, and tail. This miraculous growth and development is supported by a 1 and 1/2 ounce package of ingredients – the hen’s egg – jam-packed with proteins, fats, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, the hen’s egg has been called ‘one of nature’s most nutritious creations.’ Indeed, an egg is the richest of all foods, and far too much of a ‘good thing’ for people. The components of a cooked egg, even a hard-boiled egg, are absorbed through our intestines. As a result, this highly-concentrated food provides too much cholesterol, fat and protein for our body to process safely. The penalties are diseases of overnutrition – heart disease, obesity, and type-2 diabetes to name only a few consequences from malnutrition due to the Western diet.”

    Dr. McDougall writes, “Eggs are high in protein, but the kinds of proteins in hen’s eggs are not ideal for people…A whole egg is 32% protein and the white of an egg is esentially 100% protein. Infants, growing children, and adults need, at most, 5% of their calories from protein. Therefore, eggs and egg products are 6 to 20 times more concentrated in protein than we need. Excess protein places burdens on the body, and especially on organs of metabolism, the liver and kidneys. Animal proteins, and particularly those from egg whites, are high in the troublesome amino acids, such as methionine.” Dr. McDougall gives six examples of how excess sulfur-containing amino acids in the diet can adversely affect your health. For instance, he writes, “1) Amino acids, as the name implies, are acids; the sulfur containing amino acids are the strongest acids of all, because they break down into powerful sulfuric acid. Excess dietary acid is the primary cause of bone loss leading to osteoporosis and kidney stone formation.” He also writes, “2) The sulfur-containing amino acid methionine is metabolized into homocysteine. This substance is a risk factor associated with heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease, venous thrombosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression. 3) Sulfur feeds cancerous tumors….”…

    Dr. McDougall writes, “Many nutritional qualities of eggs are similar to the nutritonal qualities of cow’s milk, cheese, chicken, beef, and fish-foods known to cause major health problems when consumed in typical amounts of people living in western societies.”

    Also, you can read about the role of the American Egg Board “whose mission is to make every day Easter for everybody, and the Board has a $14 million annual budget to accomplish this job.” Dr. McDougall writes, “Dozens of papers published in scientific journals and funded by ‘The Egg Nutrition Center’ and/or the ‘American Egg Board’ downplay the hazards of eating eggs…..poor-quality studies, often funded by the egg industry, add false information they use to vindicate their products.”

    I would also add that one must look at the fried foods that are typically eaten with eggs, things like bacon, sausage, various forms of fried potatoes…Among other things, all of these foods cam be very hard on digestion. And we are talking about frying them in oils…olive oil, coconut oil, butter…which are very bad for some people with the diseases of affluence like obesity, heart disease, diabetes….

  8. Yaelah

    It is really angering to again come across one of those illogical misinformation articles about eggs – especially in a website like this that always takes care to provide good information about health!
    EGGS ARE THE BASE OF A LIVING BEING – how could they be harmful???

    As it so happens, the yolks are the best part of the egg, containing various nutrients that are very hard to come across through other foods, like lechitin which is a No. 1 protector of the heart, and many more. Of course it is imperative to use only organic eggs from free-range chicken, but the so called reserach does not make this distinction.

    In short, I do not know what that psuedo-investigator was smoking when he wrote his harmful opinion about eggs, but I urge the website personal to be a bit more selective to prevent such misinformation, thanks.

  9. Shula

    Thanks, Shula

  10. Jane Campbell

    When cooking eggs, use a bone-healthy oil such as olive oil. Why?
    It is not healthy to cook with olive oil. PAM, butter, or coconut oil are
    good to use. Would appreciate your response on this. Thank you.

  11. Gina E.

    I have substituted organic soy milk for regular milk.
    I really have to have milk to eat my organic cereal in the mornings. Will someone let me know if this is OK on the Save our Bones diet.

    • Nina

      Gina, do yourself a huge favor and get rid of the soy milk!! It’s terrible for your thyroid. We should eat only fermented soy – like miso and tempeh; NOT tofu or even edamame. Try Almond milk on your cereal. I love it. It’s DELICIOUS, and contains twice as much calcium as cow’s milk. I use the plain or vanilla flavored on my cereal, and I drink the Dark Chocolate when I crave a chocolate milk fix.

  12. bernardus .g. witjes

    Mine dearest vivian ,We al love you for the greath work you do, for the Human society, with the save your bones program ,i have send you some emails, and do not know if you recieve them with mine dutch writing hi hi and do you understand it al wath i try to say ,i have been a male nurse a long time ago ,but still be in volved ,i am a engeneer hold 6 diferend certificates ,mechanical,marine ,and electronixs?? been trowen on the beach ,and work from home ,you can find me at Q R Z .COM ,UNDER, VK4 BTF,CALLSING,? talk to the world, every day, love you for the good work you do vivian BERNARDUS

  13. MIchael

    HI Vivian, You say in the current article: …”When cooking eggs, use a bone-healthy oil such as olive oil”. I’ve learned from other sources that olive oil should not be used for cooking, since it does not stand hit as much as other good oils, like grape oil. Olive oil’s best use is in salads or similar ways which do not involve heating. This is why the best type of olive oil is extra virgin cold pressed type.
    Are you agree with this statement?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Michael, olive oil actually has a high smoking point, above 400F. Conversely coconut oil, while alkalizing and healthy, has a low smoking point and should not be heated above 350F.

      • Ian

        Again the full information explains. Extra virgin coconut oil has a smoke point of 350F. Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 300-320F. Virgin Olive olive has smoke point of 400F. Pomace & extra light have even higher smoke points, ie the more refined they are, the higher the smoke point is. This simply means that you should generally not use extra virgin olive oil for frying & if you want to use extra virgin (as a more natural oil form) use coconut oil.

      • Yvette

        I do´nt know where you got your information from, but the statement abour COCONUT OIL IS Asolutelly NOT true Coconut oil,can be heated,used for cooking,baking (almost the only safe oil for that)etc.NOT Olive Oil.
        Go to Coconut – read the research/studies done on this, or Bruce Fife´s Books.

  14. Paul Beatty

    As a Canadian and scientist, I am ashamed that so called “scientific studies” like this are reported in the mass media. This is nothing more than an association — which scientifically proves absolutely nothing. Since the beginning of time every animal on earth has tried to steal eggs mafrom other animals because they are one of natures superfoods. They have everything in them to build life. The fats and cholesterol in eggs are critical to health and altered by heat ,light and oxygen. What you feed the hen is critical because like us they are what they eat. Raw or poached free range organic eggs are superior nutritionally to fried or scrambled commercial eggs. Saturated fat is not the enemy,cholesterol is not the enemy—oxidized polyunsaturates that are carried by cholesterol is the enemy. Go to lifesavingfats if you want to know about what LCPUFAs derivatives are needed with Vit. D and magnesium/calcium to reverse osteo. The key is manipulation of eicosanoids and especially PGE1. Too many people are overdosing on calcium (kidney stones,heart disease) and Omega 3 derivatives. The key is Balance and Moderation. Eat good eggs everyday and dont listen to man/marketing (I wonder how much Captain Crunch paid this scientist for such nonsense)listen to mother nature/common sense. Only she got it right!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


  15. Donna

    Go to A great website with the best, most analytical analysis of dietary fat, cholesterol, lipids and health I have read. They have a search engine. Look for ‘eggs’ or ‘egg intervention’ trial (not correlational, retrospective like the current smoking eggs report) where they show that 75% of the subjects who ate eggs had no change in lipid profile (non-responders); 25% (responders) showed an increase in good HDL cholesterol as well as “bad” LDL; however, LDL has a good (large particle, light) component and a “bad” (small particle, dense, oxidized, VLDL [very low density lipid]. The responders’ increase in LDL was only in the large harmless LDL particles.

  16. Tracy Kolenchuk

    So called ‘experts’ are really just ‘sicksperts’. People who study ‘sickness’ and make claims about health. It would be a better world if we could study healthiness instead of wasting so much time on sickness studies. If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you only study sickness, then everything causes sickness. The evidence clearly points to the ‘researcher’ as the cause, not the ‘facts’ being studied.

    I would be happy to see a study that measures the healthiness of egg consumption. I’m sure there are some risks and some benefits, but unless we see both studied side by side in a comprehensive health study (not sickness study) we will always be so far away from the truth that both sides of any issue can pretend to stand on ‘solid scientific ground’.

    We need a health paradigm, if we want to learn about health. We need a health paradigm, not a sickness paradigm.

    • Rosalie Dann

      I have to say that the so-called ‘experts’ sentence (in the green box) does not even make sense. I agree that they seem to take great delight in finding fault with many of our healthy foods. To compare eggs with smoking – really, are we sure that they have not been hired by the tobacco companies to make excuses for their own foul product? One could be excused for thinking that.

  17. Muggie

    Read the article and thought to myself, what next will they tell us! Pleased to read your article Vivian.

    Glad you are on the ball!

  18. Carol

    I would like your opinion on Himalayan Crystal Salt. It claims to help your body and blood pressure.

  19. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian;

    Always like reading opinions on eggs. Don’t ever want to go without

    them. I certainly don’t eat what some researchers would have us put

    in our minds. We know better than compare eggs with smoking! Dear, dear!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, we do know better 🙂

  20. P. Vincent

    I am in the process of reading and applying the Save Our Bones
    Program. I noticed that Spelt was in the column Alkalizing food
    and Acidifying. Is this a mistake???? If so, in what column should
    it be?
    Thank you for clarifying the egg dilemma.

    • Debra

      Hi, I am on the Saving Our Bones program. In answer to your question about Spelt – I think I might have a solution. I bought some Spelt pretzels and on the bag it said contains wheat. I bought some organic spelt bread it also said, under the ingredient list – contains wheat. I think spelt is in the wheat family, so if it contains spelt (akaline) and wheat (acid) that is why it is on both lists. Take care.

  21. Bertha

    No one mentions the Illeostomy. Do they know what it is?

  22. Bertha

    I have had an illeostomy since April 2002. Can this in any way affect how the medecine works in my body?

  23. Winfield

    Folks, don’t believe the mainstream media hype about eggs. They are great!
    Just be sure they are organic and cooked so as not to break the yolk while doing so. When the yolks are broken during the heat of cooking the cholesterol is oxydized and that is what makes them bad for you.
    Keep the yolk intact and enjoy the healthy benefits.
    So, that would rule out “scrambled eggs” my friends! That’s the worst/most dangerous way to fix eggs.
    Since reading this info in another health newsletter, I enjoy my eggs: soft boiled, poached, sunny side up, over easy and also RAW in a breakfast shake with whey protein. If you do RAW eggs be sure you know where and how they were produced. I get mine from a neighbor who raises them organically and always eat them fresh.

  24. Ian

    A couple of very important things missing from this explanation are the difference between organic/free range egg production versus commercial production where the hens produce up to 3 eggs a day using timed lighting controls. The difference in these eggs is that they have much higher omega 6 versus the omega 3 content as opposed to naturally produced, where these components are in the correct natural balance. There is a lot more to it of course in terms of all the vitimans, minerals, etc, but we are focusing on cholesterol here in this article. This explains a lot in terms of why one study says eggs are bad versus another which says they are good. It is designed to confuse as none state which type of eggs were used in the studies. Also how the eggs are cooked makes a difference. ie. Boiled or poached versus fried. If they are fried in cooking oil for example, it will degenerate under the heat into a toxic substance which will cause inflammation in the body, a prerequisite for LDL (bad)cholesterol laydown. Use cocunut oil for frying & you will have no such problems. This is not a licence to live on fries though! Just my tuppence….Bottom line: Eggs are good. Just watch where they come from & how they are prepared for the plate.

    • Louis

      I agree with Ian. The cooking method is critical to the outcome. Personally, I coddle my eggs in warm water (~ 75°C) just hot enough to kill off bacteria, but not hot enough to damage phospholipids critical to mitochondrial membrane repair. The eggs cook in 18 minutes. The egg white is still runny, which is fine. Raw egg white is to be avoided as it will sequester Vitamin B7, also known as Vitamin H (Haar & Haut – Hair & Skin).
      If you MUST FRY your foods, as Ian mentions use Coconut Oil. I use the light cut (C6/C8/C10) called MCT. This has a very low smoke point, so you WILL NOT be able to overheat your foods while frying.

      • Debra

        Another great way to cook eggs – put olive oil or a little butter in frying pan crack egg into pan – as soon as the white starts to set pour a couple tablespoons of water in the pan and cover. Cook until yolk is done. The yolk is intact and the pan cleans up real easy!

  25. Eileen

    I am still confused. Should I eat eggs or not?

    • LynnCS

      Trouble is it depends on the study you happen to read at any given time. Some time ago I knew I was doing well by eating a lot of raw fruits and vegis, but still ate eggs and dairy. I still had a lot of physical problems. Digestion, absorption (I was sure.) Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, terrible diverticula being created, acid reflux, depression and anxiety. Ok, I’ll stop there. I was on a lot of medicines and knew I wasn’t getting better. My Mom died from colon cancer and I wanted to do better. I knew I needed more fiber, but was already eating a big salad at night. I was mostly a vegetarian, but still on the dairy and eggs. When I heard about the raw food diet, I went there. Gave up dairy and eggs and have quickly got better. I am off all medicines. Blood sugars are good. Bp and all other vitals good. Digestion is smooth and even. I have lost a lot of fat and my motility is getting completely better. I have learned that eating a diet of mostly raw is the highest nutrition I can get. At 73, I am getting younger every day. I follow Vivians report too and get all the info I need about which plant foods are best for my bones. Don’t need any breaks. My doctor says I get all the calcium and protein I need from the plant foods I eat. Love my green smoothies too. Lunch today was a giant peach. Mid afternoon will be a giant salad and dinner will be a raw soup made in the vitamix and heated to abt 118 degrees to not kill the enzymes. Later I will have a couple apples. This morning was an uber ripe banana and soaked nuts. “Heal All” tea was the hot drink of choice. Vivian has saved my bones along with this magical diet. I was ready and the teacher appeared. Thank you Vivian. I need everything you teach. Love, Lynn

      • Marianne


        Excellent post! I enjoyed reading it. You are doing wonderful things for your health! I congratulate you! One thing that comes to mind is the sugars/fructose you are consuming by eating a lot of fruit such as the “giant peach for lunch”. My naturopath says to eat fruit with a protein, such as an apple with almond butter. Also, the fructose/sugars will feed any micro-organisms in the gut, both good and bad ones, especially the bad ones. I have recently come across Donna Gates and The Body Ecology Diet. I highly recommend it to everyone! Her work is consistent with Vivian’s approach. They fit nicely together. Also, Dr. Mercola has written extensively about the dangers of consuming too much fructose from fruit. See

        I loved your explanation of how your gut is healing by not eating eggs and dairy. You are so right on in that respect! I think more people would experience the same benefits if they tried eliminating dairy from their diet, and gluten, for a week or two. Animal-based proteins and fats are aging and contribute to the diseases of affluence I have mentioned in previous posts.

        You mention anxiety and depression went away when you changed your diet. About 80% of the serotonin is made in the gut. If the gut is not working properly, we can definitely get anxiety and depression. Another reason to check out The Body Ecology Diet and her sequels on or I wish more conventional doctors were aware of this connection so that fewer antidepressants were prescribed for mild depression. Another great book is The Second Brain by Dr. Michael Gershon, M.D.

    • Robert Blanding

      Sometime too much info confuses as you try to give well docomented info,that it appears you’ve changed the subjecy somewhat. What I’ve been told is that the egg is most perfectly balanced food, and is very healthy.
      colesterol/lecethin are balanced.Please feedback. Thanks. Also I’m told that colesterol is produced in the liver and if it were possible that none came externally- the liver woul do the job anyway. If all our organs were 100% up to par- what the body does’t use is flushed out. Please respond.

  26. GR

    I broke an L2 in November trying to manhandle a tree that was clearly too big for me – when the gardeners came to help they said they would never have tried to shift it using one man alone. I have a T score of -2.8 and just didn’t think. I have been lucky and it mended within 3 months leaving residual muscle problems which I hope will right themselves with exercise. But the point is my doctors are now determined to give me intravenous biphosphenates and I just can’t bring myself to let them. Am I completely mad to resist them and try to strengthen things naturally. We have agreed to do nothing till the next bone scan in 6 months. What do you think?

  27. Karen Stone

    Is there a milk substitute that tastes just like milk? I love milk, but so far none of the substitutes is close enough to milk in flavor…so I end up going back to milk each time. Perhaps your readers have come across one that does taste just like milk…

    • James Pelowski

      If you want a substitute for milk. Do what I did. I buy organic raw milk from a farmer farmer when I want milk. I avoid all other milk. Organic raw milk is a cadillac drink, nothing more healthy.

    • Shirley

      Before switching to Almond milk, I used 2% milk. My husband still uses the 2%, so I just compared the taste. I don’t sense much difference, but I think the 2% milk is more watery. When using the Almond milk on cereal, I feel the cereal stays crispy longer.

    • Mary

      Do some research on organic raw milk, it is definitely an excellent food! We did not believe in drinking milk because of the chemicals but now I am a true fan of organic raw milk. Pasteurized milk is not good because it kills the good things in it.

  28. jolene m molitoris

    I know about the importance of weight bearing exercise etc. Is there a list of foods available or only in the book?

  29. Karen Stone

    Could adding some liquid magnesium and other minerals to milk make it less acidic? I have been adding magnesium bicarbonate along with sodium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate to the milk I drink. Those minerals are supposed to help with pH balance. It all comes in a bottle called, Electrolyte Balance by Pristine Hydro.

    • Greg

      You can add minerals to it to offset the acid. I did that for awhile when I was changing my PH over the past 2 years. I read an article, (What his pool taught him about body acid), about fighting body acid that opened up my eyes on adding something as simple as baking soda to your diet to help with that also. I make a milk mixture every morning made up of 8oz of milk, 1 tbsp of cocoa, 1 tsp of turmeric, and 1 tsp of baking soda, and stevia to offset the bitterness. The baking soda has to be disolved in hot water to start before it’s added to the milk. I run this mixture through a blender and even add a banana or some other fruit if it is available. My PH has changed since I started from about 6.0 to about 7.5. My PH has changed from a 6.5 to the 7.5 in the past 5 months. One of these days I’ll figure out something to replace the milk with that will still give me the benefits of the cocoa and turmeric. I do make about a gallon of green tea every day that is brewed with a tsp. of baking soda in it. I sweeten that with a 1/2 tsp of stevia and a couple tbsps of honey. I do add my drops of Ultimate PH Balance to that tea also to help with alkalizing my body. The biggest change to me started happening after the baking soda was added to my diet regularly.

    • David

      adding magnesium on the face of it seems like a good idea?
      But which of the eleven types of magnesium would you add?
      Most popular is magnesium oxide but absorption is only
      4%. So a 500mg tablet will only give 20mg of usable magnesium oxide!The RDA is 450mg. The best absorbed magnesium is magnesium oil which is rubbed on the skin
      It is magnesium chloride mixed with water. Its not actually an oil. It dries in a few minutes.It avoids digestion which may interferes with absorption. In addition standard tests for magnesium are wrong. They only measure a tiny proportion of magnesium levels in the blood. The amount in the blood is only 1% of the total magnesium in the body. This means that if the level from a blood test is OK according to standard test you could still be way off in terms of total body value.
      ie what the muscles and tissues contain.
      So it is seriously misleading. Suppose you had arrhythmia and the blood magnesium was OK then the doctor would look mistakenly for other reasons for the problem. But the heart tissues may be short of magnesium
      and magnesium would correct the problem in a few hours as in my case. Similarly with calcium. Blood serum values don’t reflect total body values.(in addition the RDA according to some researchers is way too high and is likely nearer 450mg. There is a new test developed which gives a more accurate measure of electrolytes its at .

      • Louis

        Rubbing Mg supplements on the skin will only be effective in persons not suffering from circulatory problems.
        Dr Jack Kruse will recommend various Magnesium salts depending on the desired effect.

        Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars…) points out that only aspartate and orotate salts cross the blood·brain barrier.

        Generally to fuel mitochondria, you would chose salts of Kreb’s cycle acids… citrate, isocitrate, a-ketoglutamate, succinate, fumarate, malate.

        I agree that cellular levels (e.g. Exatest) are probably more meaningful. Cellular pH levels will be critical for nutrient uptake – so check saliva pH at wake.
        Dr. Jerry Tenant (Healing is Voltage) points out that cellular pH IS THE DRIVING FORCE for cellular repair – so check your pH.

  30. Al

    I get and read your posts on a regular basis. After reading this one about eggs and cigarettes, I still feel you never answered or at least if you did I didn’t follow you. Are eggs as bad as cigarette smoking in your opinion???? Al

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I don’t agree with the study, Al, and as I explain, this is skewed research at its best!

      • David

        Pardon me, but that’s nonsense. You didn’t explain that the study was “skewed research at its best.” You now say it was–you didn’t say so, let alone EXPLAIN how it was skewed, in your article.

        You did make an accusation that “mainstream medicine” is trying to confuse people to get them on “Big Pharma” drugs. You didn’t show anything about the study on eggs and carotid plaques. And the article you cited to confuse matters (it’s easy to make that accusation, isn’t it?), “Nutritional Contribution of Eggs to American Diets,” was funded by the Egg Board. Do you think that “Big Egg” might have bought results with a skewed study?


      No AL. Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins and vitamins ever in the world. So dont worry.

      • wilda

        I recall a british tv documentary some months back which questioned several current food beliefs – one of which was that eggs increased cholesterol. I’m not sure how that might tie in with increased atherosclerotic plaque formation after the age of 40, which the Canadian research seemed to find. However, in the British study, a young woman ate 4 eggs a day for a considerable period of time, and her cholesterol level increased only marginally.

        • lynda

          So pleased to hear that. I love eggs and eat two each day at breakfast .. its my Vit D source !

        • Feona

          Quite right, Wilda, eggs aren’t bad for you and they don’t increase cholesterol levels. Here in the UK, our eggs have very strict controls regarding freshness, and what the chickens are fed on and how they’re raised. As long as your eggs have got the lion stamp on, just enjoy them!

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