Is Osteoporosis In Your Blood? - Save Our Bones

I love to play Sudoku. Every time I travel, I take my book with hundreds of puzzles onboard. What I like most about Sudoku is that it requires using extreme logic. Plus to complete a puzzle, there is no room for error. Just one number wrongly placed in a square makes it impossible to solve the entire puzzle.

Like a game of Sudoku, solving the Osteoporosis puzzle also requires a chain of correct and logical data that when linked together, end up making scientific sense and solve the problem. And that is how I created the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I designed an Osteoporosis solution by taking the root cause of bone loss as a baseline, and building around it a natural program to improve the quality and density of bones without the use of toxic drugs.

But the medical establishment’s view of osteoporosis is not based on observational veracity. They simply jumped to the conclusion that Osteoporosis is a disease. So as part of their quest to preventing and treating this invented “disease”, scientists are searching for…

The Missing Genetic Link to Osteoporosis

As a Save Our Bones community member, you know that Osteoporosis is not a disease. That instead, it is a biochemical imbalance in the body which forces calcium out of its main storage place – the bones – in order to correct that imbalance.

So it will not surprise you that researchers have not been able to find a clear genetic link to osteoporosis. At best, as a study states, “… some of the predisposition for osteoporosis can be inherited.”1

And unlike inherited diseases caused by mutations, missing genes, or chromosomal aberrations, such as Hemophilia or Sickle-cell anemia to name a couple, the missing genetic link to Osteoporosis is – you guessed it – the “disease” itself.

Still, chances are your doctor told you that…

You Inherited Osteoporosis

I have received many emails from worried community members who fear that they will have difficulty beating osteoporosis because it “runs in the family.” And I know the feeling full well.

You see, when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, my doctor asked me if my mother had it too. At that time, back in 2004, she was taking Fosamax and struggling with a wrist fracture that was taking longer than usual to heal. So he said, “well, there you have it! Your mother has it so you have inherited it from her.”

Not only was I devastated by the diagnosis, I also felt despair because of what seemed to be the inevitable genetic connection to get this “disease”. I still remember the sinking feeling when the doctor told that to me.

But, as I mentioned earlier, there is no genetic inheritance pattern for Osteoporosis. So if anyone in your immediate family has been diagnosed with it, don’t think even for a minute that you have an added burden to conquer it.

Interesting But Not Conclusive Discoveries

Even though scientists openly admit that there is no evidence of specific genes linked to Osteoporosis, some interesting discoveries relating to bone health and genetics were made as a result of searching for the elusive Osteoporosis chromosomes. The observations, however, have not been confirmed across the board, so bear in mind that there is no conclusive information as of yet.

The genetic variations recently found are briefly listed below.1

  • A natural variation of the Vitamin D receptor gene, which could affect BMD (Bone Mineral Density) results.
  • A mutation of the estrogen receptor (ER) gene also potentially affecting bone density.
  • Mutations of two genes that encode type 1 collagen, a bone protein. These mutations could lead to faulty collagen production, affecting bone matrix architecture.

While the above findings may one day shed more light on individual bone density variations, the researchers conclude that:

“There simply is not enough information at this point to speculate on the relative weighting genetic and non-genetic factors contribute to the sequelae of events that result in overt osteoporosis.”1

Now you can relax and enjoy life, because your Osteoporosis story will have a happy ending.


1 Spangler F, Padgett J, Ek W. “The Genetic Component of Osteoporosis” 
(Released Fall 1997)

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  1. Richard Irvine

    I am 81 years old. My dexa scan came up with
    osteoporosis, Iam watching my diet very closely now
    instead of taking the drugs or the shot every six months. Can you tell me anything about red edible clay(montmorillonite clay) which claims to really
    help osteoporsis or is it a scam.

  2. Rose Leavell

    After testing for Vitamin D Level–what should the number be (minimum)?

    • Rose Leavell

      Addition–asking about the blood draw for Vitamin D levels. Thanx!

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Rose, the most accurate way to test for Vitamin D is a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D [25(OH)D] blood test, and levels above 50 ng/ml are considered fine.

  3. Rachel De Rienzo

    Thank you for this article Vivian. I always thought I had inherited this from my Mum and my Granny…. as well as having Coeliac disease. It’s good to know that this is not necessarily the case. R

  4. Richelle Sommer

    Thank you Vivian for all this wonderful information. We are truly “wonderfully and fearfully made.”

  5. Nu Ly

    Now, I have no doubt for my diet, after my
    pharmacist advised me.

    Thank you for all your help.

  6. Jean


  7. Suseela Dasari

    Thank you very much for your love & commitment & devotion to help the people all over the world. Thanks for today’s info. I did not come across the mutation of gene to Vit D etc

  8. LaVerne Tromble

    For anyone serious about osteoporosis, get a saliva test for gluten intolerance! Cost is only $200. Spit in a tube, 4X a day, for 1 day and send in to the lab. This test revealed I had gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance CAUSES osteoporosis. G.T. causes so much distress in the gut, that the gut will not absorb nutrients – minerals, vitamins, etc. My last BD showed osteopenia. I recommend: Mt Capra Goat Mineral Whey – Mt Capra Goat Protein – minimum 6,000 units Vit D from Carlson Labs every day – Vit B12 from Metabolic Maintenance Labs 300 mg 6 per day, Vit K2, Fermented Natto, Fermented Milk Kefir AND following Vivian. I order a lot from No amount of minerals or vitamins will help IF you are gluten intolerant. Our population is growing more Gluten Intolerant every day due to all the GMO’s foods we are exposed to. Laverne

  9. Adela I Henry

    I had a bone density test and was diagnosed with the stage leading to Osteoporosis. My mother has this condition for about 20 years. she is 71

    • Andrea Ridgedale

      Hi Adela, The pre-osteoporosis stage is called Osteopenia. I am happy to hear that your mother hasn’t progressed to osteoporosis in 20 years. That gives me hope, since I have had osteopenia for about 10 years. I have never taken any of the osteoporosis drugs. A doctor recently told me that it was ineveitable that I would eventually have osteoporosis. I choose not to beleive him and I am faithfully following Vivan’s Save Our Bones program as well as an Osteo fit exercise program. Let’s prove the doctors wrong!

  10. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    I’m About 5′ Tall. So What’s A Good Size Rebounder For Me To Use?

    LOVE, MS. L.

  11. Loretta

    Comments about rebounders reminded me of an article I read about Bears and hibernation related to osteoporosis research. I didn’t keep the article so this is a very basic overview: Since lack of exercise in humans can cause weakened bones, a group of researchers questioned how Bears, who hibernate for an extended time, maintained strong bones. Researchers found that a component in their parathyroid protects their bone through this period of inactivity. The research was trying to isolate the component to understand its function hoping to reproduce it as a treatment/preventative for osteoporosis.
    I thought it was interesting that Nature provided a built-in protection for the Bears. Then I thought that instead of using a component from Bears to protect us, we just need to use The SaveOurBones method of healthful eating and exercise (like the rebounder mentioned), that provides the proper protection for our Human bones. No long winter naps for us!!

  12. Feona

    I’m very surprised to read your latest posting, telling us that osteoporosis is not inherited. Some years ago my family was asked if they would be part of a large medical study in the UK called ‘FAMOS’ (Family Osteoporosis Study). I was already having DEXA scans at the hospital where the study was based. Three generations and 9 members of the family were given bone density scans. As well as me, my mother, brother and sister and my brother’s children were all showing signs of osteoporosis. I’m not disbelieving you, Vivian, but I don’t understand how you can say so positiviely that is no proven inheritance factor for steoporosis. Can you please explain a bit more?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Feona,

      I can say that positively because until now, no scientist has discovered the actual osteoporosis gene. As I write in the blog post, at best, the tendency may be inherited.

  13. Eileen

    I have a question about Ph levels. When I test my saliva first thing in the morning it tests alkaline but my urine tests acid. Can anyone tell me why and what to do about it?

    • Alan S Abrams, DDS, MS

      Don’t do anything about it….that’s the way it is supposed to be. Your kidneys work all night to balance the pH in your blood by pulling out H+ ions (actually NH4) and your saliva is more representative of your blood pH (the salivary glands removed the blood fractions that aren’t needed for digestion and immune functions). There are many other parameters that need to be looked at – especially the Ca++ and Phosphate balance in your blood. Good luck

  14. karin

    ………….. so I have been wasting my time as well. I often wondered if it was the right thing to do to consume to soaking water. My very expensive nutritionist just told me to rinse the oats and seeds.

  15. jo

    If cranberries are on the acidic side, are cranberry extract pills also? I take them for uninary infections.
    Thank you!

  16. Wallis

    Everybody does not have high speed cable to view videos. Why don’t you offer alternatives?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Just below the video there’s a link to download the complete video script. It says: “Click to Download the Full Video Transcript” and has a picture of the Adobe Acrobat logo. Just click on it and you’ll have it in written format 🙂

  17. Jean

    This is for Mary Kay R: Yes, it sure is frustrating to see your friends who totally ignore healthy diet and lifestyle get away with it seemingly without problems. I, too, wonder about the predisposition factor. To Audry: thanks for the note re rebounder exercizer; I’ll research that. I’m 79, and need something besides the walking I currently do – which has been difficult to keep up with lately, because of nasty weather. Thanks again to Vivian for keeping us posted.

  18. Cathy

    Thanks for your great article.
    I read today in a study that safflower tea is
    another great thing for your bones. It this true? And if so would safflower oil also be good to consume>

  19. Leonore Alaniz

    I am “the only one” who was diagnosed with severe bone loss in my immediate family on both sides.
    Having eaten during childhood the same diet as my younger sisters and my my mother, I switched in early adulthood to even better food: From wholesome the best of California cousine.
    Genes are not my issue; however my bone architecture may have been compromised due to very poor nutrition after WW2 both in utero and in early childhood. I did “inherit” probably the disposition to get a goiter from maternal side, (both males and females were afflicted). So, genes are triggger points but osteoporosis CAN be tackled when we look at each person’s metabolism and psych-physical constitution.
    Thanks for your work again We are not victims!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


  20. Mary Kay Rudeen

    Sometimes I have to wonder about the heredity factor when I look at a lot of my friends. I am a health nut, always exercising,eating right, doing weights, taking just the right vitamins,following all the good stuff for ones body yet have severe osteoporosis. I look at my friends, the ones that since high school have smoked their whole life, never walk, eat like crap, drink pop all day long, drink lots of wine and they have bones their doctors tell them of a teenager. We are all 62 now. There are 8 of us and the 3 of us that are health nuts all have bad osteoporosis and the 3 of us had mothers who had it bad also. The other 5 who do not, their mothers never had it. I still wonder if the predisposition is there for this! I still follow your program with no drugs and do all the good stuff hoping somehow my bones will get stronger because I will not do those drugs. Still hoping for the bone loss to stop! Do appreciate all the knowledge you have given!

    • Susan

      Mary Kay, I have had the same experience at 57. My friends treat their body like a garbage dump and have the bones of 25 year olds. I don’t get it, but I’ll still keep with the program and hope for the best. My mother is 90 with severe dowager’s hump from osteo, and I don’t want to end up like that, and I can’t help but think this stuff is inherited, no matter what the research says.

      • Jane

        Same with me! I’ve 57 with Osteoporosis – my mother ‘died’ of it at 82 (really from so much morphine). I’ve been a vegan for 9 yrs, play tennis 3-4 times a week, lift weights, take all the right vitamins, no medication, but my bone scans get worse each time. Not quite sure what more I can do..

        • Robyn

          I am 61 and my sister is 64 we both have osteopenia. Both parents had osteoporosis.I eat a regular diet(no junk food) and take tri boron 2x3mgs+selenium2x200mcg daily.My last scan after 4 years showed NO bone loss at all, when It should have been at least 5%. Selenium and boron have been removed from our soil due to poor farming methods.

      • Mary Kay Rudeen

        My mother too with terrible dowagers hump..I knew that I had better knowledge than my mother with exercise and food knowledge and weights ect so thought I may not go down her path but I think I started my osteo even before she did! I do think early menopause (like my mother) has a lot to do with it. Doctors told me I would be 10 years earlier for this than my friends who did not go thru it til mid 50’s. Well I guess no one gets thru life without something!

  21. Rita Black UK

    I should like to ask the same question posed by Margaret Bennett-Hall as to whether “The Bone Revolution”, which I too purchased some years ago, is the same as “Save our Bones”?
    Re Tom Grimshaw’s advice to soak seeds then rinse them to remove the “enzyme blockers”. For many years now I have been soaking Sunflower Seeds with my Porridge Oats overnight, then cooking them in the same water in the microwave for breakfast. Have I been wasting my time?
    Thank you again, Vivian, for your dedication to improving the health of bones, and indeed bodies, in so many people around the world.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It has the same information, except that the Program is an expanded edition. Stay well!

  22. audry watson

    Hi Vivian I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis almost two years ago, I am now 77 and do not take any medication from the Doctor, I have taken the alternative route, and this suits me I have an active life style and a healthy diet also excercise on my rebounder 3 times a day for a maximum of 5 minutes each time. I have found this to be the best form of excercise for older people (not elderley!) and I would recommend this to anyone (with Doctor’s approval), it is marvellous for posture, balance helps the lymph flow through your body and and done correctley does no harm at all, I had a large patch of excema on my leg and in the 18 months I have been using it half of it is gone, no itching or irritation it works from the soles of your feet and your feet never leave the mat. Please Ladies and Gentlemen look on the ‘net’ there is lots of information and you will be amazed at the number of people in their 80’s and 90’s who swear by this form of excercise and the benefits it can bring.
    Good Health to all.
    Audry UK

    • PJ

      Thanks… I have a rebounder… going to dust it off and start. I am 58yrs old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 yrs ago and have decided to go
      with a mostly raw vegan diet, exercise-strength training and weight bearing exercise, test my alkaline level daily, and try to be a blessing to
      those I am around. Thanks so much. PJ

      • audry watson

        I am delighted you are going to ‘dust off your rebounder’ but please have a word with your Doctor b4 you use it, it is easy to ‘get carried away’ if it’s good enough for NASA then it is ok for us. You need to follow an excercise program for over 50’s there are many.Also recommended for Osteo. Also to give you confidence there is usually a handrail you can add to your rebounder lastly may I tell you about an amazing book which started me on the road to rebounding written by Margaret Hawkins and called Rebounding for Health you will find this on the web, this lady also has health problems, i will lift your spirits and show what can be done, even people with disabilities can benefit from this by some gently bouncing and them sitting in a chair and placing their feet on the mat.
        Good Health

        • elle

          Thanks Audry. I will check out the rebounder. I do yoga but need something. I was always active but my legs are weak due to MS .

        • audry watson

          sorry the end of my message was a little disjointed what I should have said…people with disabilities can sit next to the rebounder in a wheelchair or chair, and place their feet on the mat while someone else gently rocks a therapuetic bounce, they will feel the vibrations through their feet.

    • Patti

      Audry is your rebounder exercise a trampoline?

      • audry watson

        Thanks for your response, a rebounder is not a trampoline, it is more gentle, and you start with 30 secs to 1 minute per day to become used to the feeling inasmuch you bounce gently and your feet do not have to leave the mat, a trampoline is very ‘springy’ may I suggest you go online and put in your search engine ‘rebounding osteoporosis’ you will find a great deal of information.

      • PJ

        Rebounder is smaller. Do a web search. They are fantastic.

  23. Mabel Monks

    I was born with a curveture of the spine.I was in Reconstruction Hosp for a year, first in a body cast for weeks, then Therapy for months. I was cured after almost a year. I wore a brace until I was in High School. I developed Osteoprosis later in my Life. I just had a Bone Density test and my condition has improved. My Osteoprosis has reduced to Ostoprnia.I eat a good diet of Vitamin D.

  24. Mary

    I very much appreciate the Save Our Bones Email, being a member of this community and of course all the valuable information in the Save Our Bones Book…

    I had an allergic reaction to Reclast last year…This year, December/January, the doctor started me on Fosamax…To make a long story short, I developed an ulcer…I was also on Meloxicam at the time too, which contributed to the ulcer and problems…I am still taking treatment for the ulcer, but am feeling better.. I am on ant-acids twice a day…(I know I need to get off of these)

    June 7th is my appointment with the doctor to discuss the “next” osteo treatment…I am exercising, trying to eat right and am not going to take any more of those horrible drugs that cause so much damage to a person….I am tring to take all the suggestion vitamins and feel I am being very proactive in my care….

    ( The doctor wanted me to take Prolia, which my insurance company denied…much to my relief)

    Thank you for all your valuable information…Please keep me informed and keep the information coming my way…You have helped me a lot and it feels good to be proactive in my own care…

    I would like to know more of the vitamins to take, which are the best??


    • Wilma Robinson

      What is the rebounder?

      • Jean

        A rebounder is a small trampoline. Mine came with a safety bar that you can hang onto until you find your best center of gravity and feel secure. It’s sturdy and easy to use.
        The rebounder is about 3.5 to 4′ in diameter, and mine folds in the middle so you can take it with you. It’s easy to store. fits under my bed. And it’s fun to use as well as healty.

  25. Margaret Bennett-Hall

    I first purchased The Bone Health Revolution several years ago – and now it is called Save Our Bones. I didn’t receive any digital down-load, and am wondering if these 2 names are one and the same book ???
    Also, I have been including Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Sesame Seeds (amongst other things recommended) in my diet, but have recently been told these Seeds can cause problems in the bowel by becoming “stuck” in the bowel – could you please let me know your thoughts on this. Many thanks.

    • Tom Grimshaw

      G’day Margaret,

      You will absorb more nutrients from the three seeds you mention by soaking them overnight then throwing out that water and rinsing them. This will remove the enzyme blockers.

      It will also make them softer so chewing them will be easier. A fully chewed seed will surrender more nutrients as it makes its way through your digestive system and should not pose the problem of which you were warned.

      Soaked or activated seeds and nuts should be eaten in a day or so otherwise they can grow mold. To retard this you could put some hydrogen peroxide or salt in the soaking water.

      Tom Grimshaw
      Healthelicious Foods

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