Let The Sunshine In And Have Strong And Healthy Bones - Save Our Bones

You may already know that Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium and magnesium, both essential to maintaining strong and healthy bones and living happily without the fear of fractures.

But what is surprising is that scientists agree that dietary sources (like food and supplements) account for very little of the amount of D circulating in our blood.

So where can we get all the Vitamin D we need?

Time to let the sunshine in… Studies have shown that sunlight is an excellent natural source of Vitamin D3, the best form of Vitamin D, also known as Cholecalciferol.

What's unique about Vitamin D3 is that with the help of the sun, our own bodies can produce it! How beautiful… think about this: we can build healthier bones while our bodies – hand in hand with Mother Nature – do all the work for us.

And as if the Vitamin D benefit wouldn't be enough, you'll be happy to know that sunlight triggers an increase in the feel-good brain chemical Serotonin. This neurotransmitter controls sleep patterns, body temperature, our sex drive, and also lifts our mood and wards off depression. No wonder we all have fun in the sun!

Spending just 20 minutes or so a few days a week in the sun, without sunscreen, can provide you with a healthy amount of Vitamin D3, that will help you build stronger bones and improve your mood as well.

It’s important to remember that the fairer your skin the less direct exposure is needed to activate Vitamin D synthesis. For people with very fair skin, just a short burst of sunshine on their skin would also be enough.

And if you're afraid of the risks of going out to the sun without sunscreen lotion, just remember that the benefits of the moderate sun exposure outweigh the risks.

So go out and enjoy… Oh, and don't forget to smile.

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  1. Charlie

    I am a cell biologist (Ph.D.). I think the assumption that Vitamin D is why there is a benefit for sunlight on bone and joint health is just that, an assumption. One could replace the benefit of sunlight with a vitamin supplement if the benefit was just vitamin D. It has been found that deep red light has a profound benefit to bone and joint health. It was discovered years ago by NASA. You can learn more about this by searching for the key words: 680 nm LED and bone repair. I think the long wavelengths of light found in sunlight are what accounts for the benefit. If this is true, people could avoid the dangers of exposure to UV light, the wavelength which produces the vitamin D effect, and get safe benefits of light for bone health by exposure to deep red light.

    • Teri Sorrentino

      I am 58, worked out with light weights and exercise along with extremely healthy diet. Lived in Florida for 17 yrs. at 50, I shattered my hip and femur and at 54 I fell off a bike and same leg broke tibia, fibular, knee cap ripped maniscus. I hv titanium hip and femur rods and screws then brackets and 6 screws with a bone graph.(same leg) now at 58 I had bone scan and was as bad as can be (10) 1-10, 10 the worst. I hv squamous cell and basil cell carcinoma cancer and blood test awful for 3 yrs now. No sun for 3 years in KANSAS NOW :-,,( Can the sun help rebuild my bone density? I NEED HELP BEFORE I DIE HERE! My bones feel like being pounded a with a sledge hammer daily. Bed ridden now and on Dilaudin, morphine ER 24/7! I need Vit D and need to know if you can fix bone density? I hv had bad Dumb Dr’s and ready to give up! Any help would be a lifesaver (MINE) I want my drug free active healthy life back!! PLEASE HELP

      • Maria

        Read the China Study!!!

      • Bonnie Garoutte

        You need to eat celery every day and I think (a gut feeling) here, molasses in diet will benefit too. I use both.

  2. Donald Roberts

    Thank you for your treatise on Bones and Minds. Very useful health tips for peaople of all ages and all countries.The basic insights into how to keep ones bones and mental health in good shape is invaluable in this present world where everyone one seems to be in such a hurry to break their bone and burn out their minds. This is essential reading for all generations and could save the health care costs of nations all over the world a significant amount of tax payers money.

  3. Elizabeth

    I agree with what you say about sun exposure and vitamin D, only a short amount of time in the sun without sunscreen a few days in a week will mean you get 90% + of your Vitamin D quota. There was a lot of publicity given to the dangers of skin cancer and the necessity of covering up and using a high factor sun cream, but unfortunately this has now led to vitamin D deficiency of epidemic proportions and children are being diagnosed with rickets, a disease that had all but been eradicated. Looks like there has to be a rethink on this. Pleased to see your recommendations, and this can only help to build up healthy strong bones in adults and children.

  4. barry

    so far, D3 taken last winter, was the 1st time i can remember not catching at least 1 severe cold in my 57 yrs

  5. Beverly

    Ive been told that I already have microfractures in my spine and osteoporosis. Are there any other options for me besides the osteoporosis drugs? I am afraid of what this means for my future mobility and don’t trust the horror stories the drs predict if I don’t take their drugs! Any help would really be appreciated!

    • Maria

      Read the China Study!!!

  6. Paula Scalise

    Hi: I really enjoy reading about taking care of our bones. I take Vitamin
    D3 with Cal. I try to keep up reading all the items that interest me
    and I learn alot.

    Thank you
    Paula Scalise

  7. georgia carman

    2 years ago my Dr. told me my Vitamin D level was the lowest he had seen in a live human being, ever. I now take 10,000 units of D3, three times a week, and just recently my count came up to barely acceptable (31). I want to get up to around 90. I had good solid bones until about that time. Something suddenly depleted the D3, and the bones in my body. I have something like RA, but finally can walk 2 doors down, and do half my grocery shopping, and just about 10 minutes of gardening, all of which I have been unable to do for the last 4 1/2 years. Extreme bone and joint pain, muscle pains, charly horses all over my body in odd places, migraines, stomach upsets, odd rashes. I eat pretty healthy food, and have since my last child, over 45 38 years ago, so I’m awed that I began having so many terrible and chronic health problems; too many to list here. I am going to buy your book soon. Taylor, or,first name Georgia

    • Maria

      Read the China Study!!!

    • R. Jones


      That sounds a lot like an autoimmune disorder like lupus. It can be misdiagnosed for years.

  8. Alvaro

    Thak yhou for your comments regarding sunshine. I did not know its benifitis for our bones, the mood and mental health.

  9. jack cohen

    Good morning, I use A Sun Box every morning, provides healthy hormone producing light. Same box used by Dr. Eric Braverman at Path medical, check the website . Makes a big differance in life quality, great investment, thanks.

  10. Annie Colp

    I take Vit. D3 supplement but I live in Alaska where we don’t get sunshine as much as other states. Any other suggestion?

  11. Sheila Gray

    Hi Vivian, I just got the results back from my Vitamin D3 levels. This time last year levels were 48.6. Now they are @ a level of 76.1. The only thing different that I have done is through supplementation.

  12. Pat


    Great article explaining what mother nature can do for us with just a little exposure to the sun.

    My only wish, if you would allow me one, would have been that you explain the toxic chemicals in all sunscreen. I’ve told my children and grandchildren to never ever use sunscreen.

    Thanks Vivian


    • ALICE

      PAT, please do more RESEARCH!!!

      i HAD to reply: not all sunscreens are toxic – the environmental working group (EWG) has many to recommend. there are safe ingredients you MUST be wearing every day rain or shine to protect you from the full spectrum of sun rays. SKIN CANCER, WRINKLES, BROWN SPOTS – the sun is glorious and dangerous. you only need 15 minutes on your arms and legs to get vitamin D benefits. NOT YOUR FACE. my husband, children and grandchildren know this well. i do hope this helps! alice in LI,NY

      • Esmerelda

        I totally agree, Alice: there are many safe sunscreens/sunblocks available, and I just received the new EWG report on the best (and worst). I also agree with your advice that it be used every day, since UVA rays don’t care what the weather is, or what time or day it is, or how far north you are! Moreover, from what I have read, it seems that sunlight is NOT sufficient to give us enough Vitamin D in most parts of the United States for most of the year. Supplements are essential.

        I am grateful to Vivian for educating me about the negatives of milk (which so many people don’t really like or digest well anyway). I am a confirmed yogurt eater/kefir drinker, and find these more palatable; yogurt, especially, has far more protein than milk and less sugar. My daughters have a large bowl full with blueberries and strawberries every day–far better than milk!

  13. Sandra

    Living in the great NW, we rerely have sun we can take 1/2-3/4 year. What can we do except supplements? To keep that D3 at optimal levels. I also do weight training and weight bearing exercises. I am 67 1/2 yrs young. Discouraging to hear supplements mat not work.
    Thanks for all your invaluable info, and the time you spend getting it out there.

    • Maria

      Read the China Study!!!

  14. Anita

    Love getting sunshine,and also to smile. But now have smile lines. Better than frown lines I guess.

  15. mr.mohanbabu,india

    It is an excellent piece of article being circulated free of cost to mankind by generous person whom god will appreciate and bless him with all necessary knowledge and prosperity.I am foloowing this advice and get benefitted

  16. LynnCS

    Hi Vivian. Thanks for the great articles. I am assuming that the skin has to be uncovered to get the benefits of the sun. That is hard in polite society, but I am going to try getting out a little more. I have a question about barley because I eat raw. First will they sprout. I am going to try. And second, what do you know about something called Japanese Hato Mugi, Jobs Tears, also sometimes called Pearl Barley…not pearled, but pearl. It is my favorite grain of all time. Half and half cooked with Short Brown Rice is a wonderful dish. I got mine at Gold Mine Natural Food Co. I am going to try to sprout them and some sproutable Brown Rice, but would like to know more abt the food values. Love your site. Thanks Lynn

  17. Virginia

    Although I appreciate the information regarding osteoporosis I feel once the diagnosis is made there is nothing really that helps. I have ostoarthritis and osteoporosis both and I know that life will not get any better. I have been told to take the medication and I won’t because of the information I have researched. It is a situation where one is between a rock and a hard place literally.


    please connect with me — Drs. are trying to get me to take Forteo injectable — and I have various health issues — lst being Multiple sclerosis, healing from compressed spinal fractures from 2009, age 68, bone mineral was fine in 2008 – and had emergency open neck femur fracture – right hip — partial hip eplacement — emergency surgery 3 yrs ago – from severe fall in home onto Pergo floor – not from osteoporosis — also had bone scan last July 20120 and MRI – 20l0 – showing some bone loss- and this July 2011 – shows more bone loss and osteoporosis in arms — had dexascan — what choices do I have — I feel like I am in a Catch 22 – have lost l/2 inch height since last July 2010. saw gyno/ob — yesterday — and I have hiatel hernia condition for many years — never took Fosomax or Boniva or Actonel — I also have thyroid disease and take SSRI’s antidepressant and antacid – for a long time — and understand
    (learned recently) that they cause bone loss — I never took hormones either — as I have
    had two breast biopsies — drs. tried to get me to take them years ago — I am ambulatory –
    and r/r ms and diagnosed Oct. l998.
    I was given a disc and boo regardinf Forteo and to read about it andf have a
    meeting with endocrinolgist Oct. l9 – to discuss bones and medications. I also hae a cardiologst since last Year Sept. 2010 and have b/p issues. first was high b/p now low –
    and balanced and have edema – which is better now — I am afraid to go on any drugs. — and need input – and to find out more about whad could happen tome re: osteoporosis.
    vivian golding ——-thank you

  19. Lori

    I found your article about Vitamin D and sunshine very interesting however, you do not mention that some of us who get plenty of sunshine can still have a major vitamin D deficiency. I’m wondering if some of us have absorption issues and what those issues could be in preventing sunshine from helping our bones. Any thoughts?

    • Jonathan Lowe

      I wonder, when you getting your 15 minutes a day are you protected with sunscreen, sunscreen will reduce the production of Vitamin D in your system.

  20. myrtle

    so pleased to get your e-mails again. my
    e-mail address has been changed (as shown above) so thank you very much for all your
    input. I refer to your book so often!

  21. Johannes Guwandi

    I have done it already

  22. COREKEYflorene williams


  23. chi yu hu

    can’t find the answers to any of these questions!

  24. Mary Martin

    OK I get that milk is bad. So how come it’s okay to have yougurt?

  25. Patricia L.

    Thanks for all of the great info. Your book and e mails have saved me from all of the stress since learning of my osteopenia. I’ve sent for a Yoga and Tai Chi DVD, too.
    Chapter 14! Yeah!

  26. Judi

    If you live in the north east and have very little sun this time of year can you use the light lamps which are suppose to help your mood? Not those that are for tans.

  27. Evelyn

    I am 41 years age and was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my shoulders, wrists and thumb joints. It is very painful and has effected my quality of life. I understand that the cartilage in these joints has deteriorated and the resulting inflammation is manifest in the pain I feel. I need help!!! Are there any proven studies out there on rebuilding this cartilage? Is is even possible or is the situation hopeless?

    • Dawn

      Hi Evelyn:

      I just want to share a couple websites and a book with you that I have found helpful and encouraging. I haven’t done the program long enough to have the same results, though.

      I have recently been to hacres.com and drday.com. The book is connected with the hacres.com website and is called “God’s Way to Ultimate Health.” They both use vegetable juice, especially organic carrot juice, and a couple of products (Barley Life and Fiberblend.) They recommend eating whole foods as grown (fresh, raw food) and some cooked food.

      In the book, Rhonda Malkmus says she reversed her degenerated spine, though it took over a year, but new xrays show a regenerated (new) spine.

      Dr. Lorraine Day, medical doctor, says she reversed her cancer using the juicing, fresh fruit and vegetables, and sprouted grains. Others claim to have reversed cancer using the same program, including Dr. George Malkmus who wrote the book “God’s Way to Ultimate Health.”

    • Sheila Gray

      Hi Evelyn, I may be able to provide you with information that could help you. If interested, please contact me.

    • COREKEYflorene williams


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Evelyn,

      I’m sorry, but I’m currently focusing all of my energies on my research into bone health issues. For now, I don’t have the resources to address other health concerns.

  28. Anne Morgan

    After reading todays message, I am guessing that Vivian lives in California(: Those of us who live in the northern hemisphere do not get adequate amounts of sun to provide the Vitamin D that we need for healthy bones, so I think supplements are necessary (unfortunately). I wish that we could do it all naturally.

    • Shirley

      I live upstate NY, where it’s cold and cloudy. I’ve read that some good sunshine penetrates the clouds and will do us some good. Cheer up, more sunny weather is coming. For now don’t use sunscreen on your face for 15 minutes. Go out doors, take some deep breaths and smile.

      • Susan

        I live in Salem Or, I take 5,000 of D through the day, I get my sunshine when it is out and can. Love to walk when the sun is coming up.

        Vivian is so correct..feed the body the nutrition natually it needs and it will heel itself. Drugs create lots of issues Vivian is so correct…when I hear her talk of the side effects of drugs why would one do take them??

        Sooner or later, your health WILL become a priority in your life.
        The sooner YOU CHOOSE to MAKE it a priority, the less the chance that a MEDICAL CRISIS makes it your ONLY PRIORITY.

  29. judith

    just received the book. Time to read now. I have been on Fosamax, evista and actonel. have had breast and ovarian cancer . Would like to get off the medication I have taken for ten years.

  30. annie

    I do enjoy reading over all the questions but hope the answers will pop up too! One or two have mentioned the cost, but I understand the hours and hours of research that Vivian has been put in, I personally feel so grateful that I now do not have to take the drugs that I was never happy about from the start.

  31. nell

    i cant sit in sun to longas i take prickle heat its a night mare once it starts to come out .just cant stop scrating its terrible ive even got sun cream to put on factor 50 sunsence does help a little .

  32. mina

    Thank you so much for great information about the vitamin D3. I have a sensitive skin which reacts to sun exposure. I am using 4000 mg per day vitamin D3 from fish oil. Please let me know if I should continue this to prevent osteoporosis.

  33. Gloria

    First, thank you Vivian for the opportunity to read what others are going through. At least we know we’re not alone in this. I was diagnosed at age 52 with Osteoporosis.My Dr said she’s never seen it this bad in someone so young; gave me a perscription for Actinol and sent me on my way. Days later I got so ill, my bones and muscles were in so much pain I couldn’t sit or lay down for almost 4 days. I went to the Dr. thinking it was the flu but turned out to be the Actinol. I stopped taking the drug. 2 years later at age 54 I broke my foot. I had another bone denisty test and I deteriorated by 4%. My Dr wants me to go on “Prolia.” I’m so scared….I don’t trust the drug but I don’t want my bones to continue to weaken. I take 2000iu of D3 each day and 1000-1500mg of Calcium. I try to eat healthy and for exercise I walk, ride a bicycle and treadmill. Has anyone had any experience with Prolia? Vivian, is Prolia an improvement over the former drugs?
    Thank you!

    • Paula Roman

      This drug was also recommended to me; however prolia was just approved for this use in the last 6 months. For this reason, I would wait at least another 6 months before I would even consider taking it.

  34. Cheri

    Hello, I’m curently taking vitamin D3 supplement daily- will this help through the winter months?

  35. Vicki Kidd

    I would love to read the answers to some of these questions…how do we do that?

    • Betty LaSalle

      Where are the replys to the listed questions?

    • Helen Herring

      I have unexpected fracures in the ribs from taking Actonel. I have stopped taking them now but have been told that it will be years before my bones are healthy, if ever. I have started on my Alkaline diet and have a good herbalist overseeing it but is there anything else I can do to speed up the bone regeneration.

  36. Vicki Kidd

    i just had a question on the literal BOOK. I got my order and the book is soft cover and size of a magazine, doesnt look like the hard bound book you show in the ad at all!

    • Zoya Strainic

      Dear Vivian!
      As the comment above, that Book is soft cover and size of a magazine, isn”that an odd case and the book is over charged in double???
      No wonder I did feel, there was something wrong, that way I don”t want to buy it, I was right writing there is something spooky. I really do need an explanation for this case Vivian. From $67.00 to 134.00, Just forget about it. You might say others did not complain, because they did”t notes and don”t know the differences and they don”t know what to do with the money.I am
      Sorry, I personally do notice of everything and for sure would not waste
      my money for anything. Vivian I am sorry, if you think I am rude.
      Thank you.
      With regards and all the best.

      my money for a such thing.

  37. Jill

    Hi – I have been advised to take Aldronate as my bones may deteriorate due to Letrozole for breast cancer. Has anyone out there tried to keep their bones strong using natural alternatives?
    I also take Adval D3 plus magnesium and try to eat a very healthy diet. I always have done this but I still succumbed to Breast cancer and ovarian cancer!!
    Would be grateful to hear from anyone in a similar position to me?

    • judith

      i had breast and ovarian cancer also. The ovarian in 89 the breast in 93. still here but take Actonel weekly, try to eat healthy and walk. find i am fighting depression a lot…i wonder if there is a link?

  38. Jill

    I am taking Letrozole after Breast Cancer and am now advised to start taking Fosemax. My bones haven’t deteriorated too much in the two and half years of taking this drug. I take Adcal D3 and magnesium – also another D3 separately.
    Has anyone else out there managed to keep their bones healthily ‘naturally’ rather than resorting to biophosphates while on anastrole inhibitors?
    Would appreciate feedback. Many thanks

  39. Catherine Ash

    i don;t know what i have i feel great. when i visit the Dr for an ear problem i have all he seems to want to do is get me on some sort of medication. i am 71 and only take vitamin b1 & b6 which i have taken for 40 years.I feel really well except for somw arthritus which plays up when the weather changes.I will not be bullied into taking tablets i feel i dont need.Lipitor nearly killed me.

  40. myrtle

    love your e-mails & all the information. Have
    taken Fosamax & Actonel. The actonel made me
    very dizzy & I reported this to my doctor but
    he did nothing about it. Unfortunately one morning when I was in the shower I fell & broke
    my tailbone. This has given me much back pain

  41. Doris

    Unfortunately, some of us cannot take this advice since several [of my] medications specifically state that direct sunlight is to be avoided. So, I have to try and get prevent deficiency by using a large dose of Vitamin D supplement.

  42. Linda Bowers

    I received your book and have scanned through most of it within a few days. I was happy to see all of the info. on vitamins, diet, exercise, etc. that we can do to help improve our bones naturally since I was very reluctant to take any of the medicines prescribed for bone loss due to severe side effects. I was on one of the medications (Actonel) but only for a couple of months when I stopped taking it because I was afraid that it was making my gerd/acid refulx worse. The only item that I was somewhat disappointed about was the diet plan. Although it seems that you make excellent suggestions about eating lots of vegetables and fruits, etc. and the correlation between alkaline/acid foods, it seems that it will be extremely difficult to follow this type of diet on a regular basis. I have been able to incorporate several of your suggestions by eating more vegetables, fruits, almonds, drinking less sodas, not drinking milk, etc. and eating more foods on the alkaline list while reducing others. However, I don’t feel that I will be able to realistically expect to have a diet that is 80/20 or even 70/30 without having to give up so many foods that I love. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I do enjoy pasta, cereal, breads, wine, and a variety of other foods/drinks. Anyway, I’m hoping that making some changes in my diet will still be beneficial to my bones and health in general and using some of your other suggestions.
    I have one major concern regarding the Nexium that I take and have taken for several years. I am 57 years old and have had three bone density tests. The last one I had after menopause showed that I have osteopina due to bone loss especially in my hip. I’m very concerned about taking the Nexium but I have gerd and heartburn which I’ve had for many years. The Nexium keeps them both under control but I take 20 mg a day. I tried to get off of the Nexium about a year ago when I read about many of the side effects but had a severe reaction: very serious heartburn and Gerd even with controlling my diet, and a bad case of diarrhea. However, I had also started taking a different organic calcuium/bone supplement, digestion enzymes, etc. at that same time which I believe contributed to the problem of diarrhea. I went off of those pills and went back on the Nexium after suffering for over a week and the problems went away. Do you have any suggestions about how to get off of Nexium without causing other serious health problems? I’m very concerned about being able to eat without constant hearburn and worry about the dangers of cancer of the esophagus if I stop taking Nexium. I do take a multi-vitamin, Oscal calcium (1000 mg), vitamin D, flaxseed and magnesium every day. Thanks much in advance for your help and thanks for your book and all your help. Linda

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      First of all, I recommend you change your doctor. Let me see… you have GERD and heartburn for “many years” (I’m quoting you) and you were prescribed Actonel for OSTEOPENIA?

      Secondly, even if you follow some of the recommendations in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program you should see positive results. Nobody is perfect, so start and go easy… You’ll see that as you reduce consumption of foods that you now love, the cravings will go away. That’s part of the allergy/addiction process (allergy not in the sense of sneezing, etc. but in the sense of an unhealthy reaction in the body). We are created for health, not disease, and as your body recognizes it’s getting healthier, it’ll be easier as each day passes to make the right food choices.

      And that leads me to the third point: as you balance your pH, chances are your GERD and heartburn will start fading away. Many in the Save Our Bones community have experienced that (including me!) and don’t need to take PPIs. So maybe sooner than later, no more purple pill for you 🙂

    • Janet

      I was in the same boat a couple of years ago in regard to the nexium & how stop taking them. I then heard about “active manuka honey” & starting to cut back on the nexium & added a couple of teaspoons of the manuka honey daily. In a couple of weeks I was able to eliminate the nexium all together. Hope this helps

  43. darlene

    I am taking 50,000 i.u of vit d once a month and supposs to be taking actenel but decided not to. also taking esorb, just started with esorb. What is your opinion on taking these two vitamins together also taking a great multi vitamin with this.

    • Marge

      I would like to know your answer to this.

  44. Marie

    I enjoy the natural approach on Women’s health, especially when it comes to the choices we have naturally for our bones…I have felt this for years and as you say …try to convince your doctor….my doctor is working with me on a vitamin regime now for which I am grateful…I am noticing good results and am so encouraged with your e-mails.

    • deb fishpaw

      how many mg of calium and vitiamin d do i need i have osteopenia age 44?

  45. shane paul


    QUESTION TO YOU: What is the difference between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3?

    I don’t quite understand your posting on Vitamin D and sunshine. You say that people receive little vitamin D through their nutrition so it is critical to get vitamin D3 exposure to sunlight.

    However Vitamin D3 supplements are available in pharmacies everywhere. If D3 is what we need, wouldn’t D3 supplements provide that?

    • william woelfle

      is vitamin d3 better than just d? what about Glucosamine Chrondroitin for joints and cartilage??
      Learned a lot from you; I’m going on the Forteo treatment soon and I have had ballon kyphoplasty on 2 vertabrae. My osteoporosis startd months after my dr. put me on blood pressure meds. First I got a sever ase of Lichen Planus, then my fracture problems in my back;I’m 77 and was in excellent physical condition before. Regards, W

  46. Ana Lydia Armstrong

    I live in Gibraltar where there is usually plenty of sunshine and therefore a great feeling of being alive and healthy even when you might be suffering pain. I find the warm weather is very important to feel good!

  47. Marilia Smith

    I’m taking vitamin D3-5000I.U. 3 times a week.Is that safe??? How toxic is Vitamin D3? I love to hear from you on that. Thank you so much. You have my email.Best wishes.

  48. Dannah

    yeah your totally right everybody should keep their bones heathy and strong cause it is important to stay fit and look heathy soo drink milk and don’t drink pop hat is BAD for your heath

    If you want to look heathy choose foods that will satisfy you and your tummy to help you feel great and look great at the same time or just go on the Jenny Grage thingy

    Dannah 🙂

  49. Marion

    Jess, I agree with you completely. I already had skin cancer removed 3 times on my face. Only one of the times, thankfully it left a scar. Go outside early or late in the day. Be careful. Good Luck Jess.

  50. avril hemingfield

    This advicfe isn’t too useful in Uk where there isn’t any sun for 6 months of the year!

  51. Rod

    I am a 70 year old UK male and have been advised by my doctor to keep out of the sun, and wear a hat and sufficient clothing to keep the sun from my skin. In the past I have had small sun-induced growths removed from my skin. So it’s quite a dilemma knowing what to do. But thanks Vivian

  52. lourdes

    wow to think, the sun can be a good thing. Many times I’m a night person, but I love the Summer. It’s the time I don’t have wear all that junk. I know all that stuff protects you from the cold, so when Summer hits I walk around more freely. So again thanks for the info. May God Bless you always!

  53. Madelyn Guthrie

    My daughter and I are sharing the material and
    anxiously awaiting arrival of your book. I have decided much to the distress of my Dr., that I am not going to take anymore of the
    medications they are pushing for osteoprosis.
    Hope by following your plan that I can gain
    healthier bones.


  54. Lea

    Hi Thank you so much for your information, I
    have been having injections for Vit.B 12.&
    D. as I am low on both,but I realize that I too need to get out into the sun more and get
    dose of Vitamin D.
    I have got ostoperious and have had broken bones and back operations, so your infomation
    is becoming most useful. Thank you so much.

  55. elizabeth

    I do like your information and find it most helpful

  56. Nicola

    The only part of me that ever sees the sun is my face and hands though – is this enough skin exposure to make a difference? Also, maybe you should warn people not to present themselves without sunscreen during the hottest, most damaging part of the day. All I have ringing in my ears is “don’t go out without sunscreen protection – the sun causes damage”. But I will go unprotected first thing in the morning and late afternoon.

  57. laura m. holder

    i am waiting for the book.i am on vegetables,steamed as well as fruits using them as a fruit salad.i came off of milk and i am using pure almond silk and fruit juices.i use vitamin d 50,000iu,citrical,magnesium,a
    vitamin and mineral tab. which is complete 50+ialso get which i think is plenty of sun now how ever i worked inside most of my life. i do have osteoprosis,leukemia where i got a lot of cotisone,asthma mild but got some cortisone there.i have a low igg level so am getting IVIG every month ,this is a compromised immuine system.i just got over a bout of shingles that got into the brain before the were diagnosed,and i had more cortisone there.do not use any of these things because i have,let vivian guide you through,thats why i needed the program because i need help. i have too many things to deal with. i refused to take actonel but i am hoping to get my bones built back up naturally.

  58. Nancy

    How do you feel about chromium picolinate?

  59. linda

    I think Vivian is very knowledgable and informative, and i must say very comforting for me, I have just come from my yearly checkup from Professor here at the hospital, I did all the blood tests, urine test, and of course the xray, as i walked in i was very nervous indeed, he looked at the xrays and tried to explain to me all the scientific explanations of this condition, however i did not understand any of it, he has put me on D and double the calcium, but he is awaiting further results of the blood test, to which he asked me to call him in 3 weeks for results, I am very anxious and nervous to hear what he will say, after reading all your literature i definatley do not want to go on any medication, but do not know what i will do if he tell me to, I am asthmatic and have spent a life time on cortisones, and i believe that is why at my age i am in this situation, I will eventually get your material, thank you linda

  60. Margaret Wilkins

    Hi Vivian: thanks for the e-mail, keeping me informed, I read my Book real often to make sure I am doing things right. Spring is just around the corner, the SUN is hot + shining bright today, stll too cool to get out doors, my walking is not very good, I use a walker around the house most of the time. Thank you so much.
    M. Wilkins

  61. jess

    NEVER spend anytime in direct sun without sunscreen. Even with sunscreen, you’ll get sun exposure. It’s screen, not block. But direct rays of both types is dangerous. One doesn’t need to forgo the use of sunscreen to get benefits of sun to stimulate vit. D. Remember, skin cancer from the sun is the leading form of cancer.

    • Nicola

      Agree with you wholeheartedly.

  62. Linda Gawel

    Yes, I totally agree with the sun in small amts is the best chance to get healthy contributing vit. D. My concern being down the road what effects are the sunscreens used on little children going to have on their health?

    • sandra brigham

      Just read an article on bone density and how good Faximax and the rest o rest of the drugs are in building bone they know about the biophosaphates. They still claim that the osteoblast can occur when taking these drugs. Am I missing something here? Awaiting your replay


    Thank you for the information. I will try to get a little sunshine each day. I have polio and walking is difficult. Sitting in the sun will get easier when the weather warms up.

  64. Thomas

    I live in Canada and have 3 feet of snow in my back yard…however for sunshine exposure – I simply sit in front of a window allowing the warmth to penetrate as I sit wearing my “T” shirt…

    • alf_be40

      Do you realise that sitting behind glass won’t do you much good because the UV rays that produce the vitamin D are blocked by glass! As for all the sun screen fanatics, I have been sunbaking for the last 45 years at least 3 or 4 times a week around lunch time, for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on season, and as we have a great climate here in Sydney I manage to do this occasionally even in our winter months. I never use any sun screen, as this defeats the purpose, and I have my skin checked every 12 months at a skin cancer clinic and it is perfect! I’m 70 years of age!

  65. Louise

    You suggest sunshine for good vitamind D and living in North Pole Alaska this is not an option. I dearly love the beach and my husband even more and even thou I feel I have served my sentence here , moving is not the desire of my husband so what would you suggest for an older lady who cannot move and has no daylight much less sunshine??

  66. Florence Iovene

    I too would love to join but the funds are not yet available. (I’m working on it.) I am thankful for all the information you forward to me. I read everything and all the comments as well. Keep up the wonderful work you do.


  67. Patti

    Lucky you Vivian for living in the sunny state of Florida! I live on Lake Erie and believe me when I say the sun doesn’t shine too much around here in the winter…And when it does you can’t go out in freezing temps with bare arms & legs!!!! I do alot of cross country skiing. Some days we are lucky to have a beautiful sunny day and if not too cold I might just wear a head band so my head is the only exposed area of skin…..I have also read that the older you get you don’t absorb D as much from the sun. I will look forward to your comments.


  68. susie

    Hello I think your articles and information is valuable.For myself I have limited funds but lots of time+ I am good at research, this means that the full save our bones is not suitable for me, I don’t need individual tuition as I am good at processing information alone so the fee covering the tuition while doubtless fairly priced and good value for those that need it renders the package too expensive for me.Have you considered offering 2 packages 1 with your tuition and 1 without ?.
    This might help others in my situation. Thank you for the newsletters.

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