Three Seldom-Mentioned And Surprising Health Benefits Of Calcium - Save Our Bones

No mineral is more universally understood to be essential for bone health than calcium. It's the primary mineral composing our bones, and any bone-healthy lifestyle prioritizes adequate calcium consumption through diet and supplementation.

Calcium plays other vital roles throughout the body as well. Today we'll explain three often overlooked health benefits of calcium.

Calcium Supplements Linked To Longer Lifespan

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has found that calcium consumption of up to 1000mg per day helps women live longer.1

The researchers monitored the health of 9,033 Canadians between 1995 and 1997 and found that women who took calcium supplements had a lower mortality risk. No statistically significant benefit was found for men.1

The study’s lead author, Dr. David Goltzman, noted that the same benefits were observed regardless of the source of the calcium. That means you can get your calcium from supplements and food sources alike, and still maximize your lifespan.

The study considered dairy sources of calcium, but the Save Institute recommends avoiding dairy products, and especially milk. (Unsweetened plain yogurt is the one exception) Fortunately, there are many other food sources of calcium that don’t have the negative health impacts of dairy products and milk.

Here are some sources of calcium to incorporate in your diet:

*Foundation Food

It’s important to avoid inorganic sources of calcium, such as calcium carbonate, since it has very poor bioavailability and can lead to undesirable health conditions, including heart attacks, kidney problems, and more.

You can read about this topic here:


A Canadian study found that supplementing with up to 1000mg of calcium per day increases women’s longevity, whether the calcium was obtained from foods or supplements. However, Savers should avoid inorganic calcium supplements.

Blood Clotting Depends On Calcium

If your body weren’t able to create blood clots, then even the most insignificant cut or scrape wouldn’t stop bleeding. Fortunately, when a blood vessel is injured, the trauma triggers a complex series of enzymatic interactions that form a clot to prevent blood loss.2

The process of blood-clot formation, called the clotting cascade, is one of the least-known functions of calcium. After a vascular injury, the platelets in the blood adhere to the collagen and other proteins in the subendothelial tissue of the vessel walls.

Next, calcium is released and binds to the developing platelet plug. The calcium provides a surface for the assembly of the additional compounds required for coagulation and the formation of a clot that will prevent further blood loss.

This process also involves another Foundation Supplement, Vitamin K, which is required for the synthesis of several proteins that mediate coagulation. In fact, Vitamin K deficiency prevents the body from creating blood clots, potentially leading to excessive bleeding.2

This is an excellent example of how the same compounds that work together to support bone health are also mutually involved in other critical bodily systems. A bone-building diet supports robust overall health.


Calcium plays a crucial role in the creation of blood clots, which allow your body to stop bleeding after an injury.

Calcium Maintains An Alkaline Serum pH

Your body will do whatever it can, including stripping alkalizing minerals from your bones, to maintain its blood serum pH within the range of 7.35 to 7.45.3.

Since the late 60s, scientists have known that the increase in metabolic acid production caused by the typical Western diet is a major contributing factor of osteoporosis. In a review of published studies on the link between specific diet components and osteoporosis, the authors concluded that a balanced diet with “a variety of fruits and vegetables is prudent for optimal bone health.”4

The review authors found substantial literature supporting the bone-health benefits of adequate calcium consumption, along with potassium and other minerals.4 This underscore’s calcium’s dual contribution to bone mass. Calcium mineralizes bone, thereby increasing bone density and improving bone quality. It also protects bone by helping to maintain an alkaline serum pH, thereby preventing the stripping of calcium in the bones.

The study’s recommendation of a calcium-rich diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables is directly in line with the Save Institute’s RESTORE protocol and pH-balanced dietary plan.


A review of research has concluded that calcium is necessary for the maintenance of an alkaline pH for osteoporosis prevention.

Calcium Is Crucial

Calcium contributes to bone health in many more ways mentioned in previous articles, from helping to maintain balance and avoid falls, to stimulating the production of bone-building osteoblasts, and more.

The Save Institute recommends following the daily allowance range of 800 to 1200mg of calcium per day through a combination of food sources and supplements. Always look for a supplement that derives calcium from an organic source, such as marine algae, to maximize your body's ability to absorb the mineral.

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  1. Beverly Deshler

    Ordered your Densercise and Cookbook in Jan and have never been able to open the website. Please help!!!

  2. Norm Shaw

    Hi: What supplementation would you recommend men who do not consume milk products. Cheers, Norm

  3. Gail

    Hello Vivian.
    I am confused about calcium carbonate. It is suggested to avoid foods that contain it but you also suggest almond milk as a dairy replacement and include it in many of your recipes.I live in Canada and all the almond milk brands seem to contain the calcium carbonate. Am I misunderstanding or do you have specific brands you use?
    Thank you for all your informative advice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Unfortunately, most brands of almond milk contain added calcium carbonate, but even then it’s a better option than drinking cow’s milk. There are home-made recipes for almond milk, and that’s one option you might like.

      • Josephine C Ding

        I made my own almond milk. It’s very easy. Soak the almonds overnight and add water and almonds to the blender. ( I use Vitamix for 45 seconds) You get pure and simple almond milk without additives or preservatives.

  4. Judy

    I have tried using the promo code SAVEOURBONES several times as promoted by your site when ordering True Osteo and each time the promo code has been rejected as invalid.

  5. Jan

    I tried the TrueOsteo before and found it constipating. I drank
    more water to no avail.
    Any suggestions, Vivian, and has other people had this problem
    as well?
    thank you so much,
    Fondly, Jan

  6. Paula

    Hi Vivian,
    I read over the link from the coupon above which you have provided for True Osteo, and there is a section in red in the middle of the link describing the ingredients in True Osteo that lists strontium as one of the ingredients. It looks like a good supplement however my rheumatologist has recommended against taking strontium due to false results on the dexa testing. I am looking for a good calcium supplement but the strontium is clearly in this product according to their information on the link you provide. I wish there was a good product that you could recommend similar to True Osteo that did not include strontium, or there was a way for them to not have it in their product. Please let me know. Thank you for all your support and information regarding osteoporosis, it is very helpful to me.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      A very small amount of strontium is naturally present in algae, Paula, but it’s negligible. That’s why in the red box you’ve mentioned there’s a parenthesis next to strontium where they disclose that it’s “from AlgaeCal.”


    was excited to try this, but the $7.00 shipping on one bottle negates
    How many servings are in one bottle? What is the amount of capsules in each bottle and how many capsules do you take a day? Also are they tablets or capsules? If we can compare to what we take now, it would be helpful, maybe overall it is not much more to spend than we are spending now. Please help me with the data I am requesting. Kathy

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      If you click on the link that’s in the TrueOsteo coupon and scroll down toward the bottom of the page you’ll find the answers to your questions 🙂 There’s a box that’s titled “Supplement Facts”.

  8. shulamit sendowski

    Thank you for this interesting information on calcium supplements. Until now the calcium supplements were linked to heart attacks.


    Coming up on 50 soon, I do actually feel the benefits of keeping my daily calcium above 1000mg. I also know when it is low. I try to get it from food mostly, but the most convenient form I find in a pinch is simply walmarts great value brand 1000mg extra strength calcium tablets, though there are ingredients I prefer not to have. Any suggestions please on an equally inexpensive and convenient (preferably mint or no flavor) calcium tablet source? Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Getting as much calcium from food is a great way to ensure the best bioavailability. That’s one of the main reasons why algae supplements are superior to other forms of calcium. You can read about this topic here:

      Another option is chelated calcium with chelated magnesium and other minerals. We haven’t researched those supplements as of yet, but an online search will surely bring up some brands without unwanted additives.

  10. Cyrenia

    I have the same question as Denice, an answer would be appreciated so I can move forward. I’m currently taking an organic plant based calcium supplement, is that enough or do I need another form of calcium supplement?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cyrenia, please see my reply to Denise.


    Is there an over the counter calcium supplement that works as well as TrueOsteo. I can’t afford the $40. a bottle.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      We understand, Denise. We recommend Nature City’s products because we know that they’re reliable and manufactured under the strictest supervision. There are other algae supplements in the market, but we haven’t researched those yet. A Google search might help you find alternatives you can afford.

  12. Denice

    I have reviewed the algae cal supplement and found where the reported increase in bone density is actually due to the increase in strontium which is denser than calcium, so it provides a false dexa reading. i was considering ordering your true osteo supplement until I saw that it contained algae is true osteo a separate supplement from “algae cal” which is all over the internet lately, or are you selling algae cal under a different name

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      As explained in Nature City’s page this article links to,TrueOsteo contains Algaecal.

      • Kate Semken

        Vivian, as per the comment above re Strontium being part of Algaecal which is in True Osteo, I always thought you were dead set against anyone supplementing with Strontium??

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Kate, we do not recommend strontium, as you correctly wrote. Organic algae (whether Algaecal or any other brand) does not contain strontium. Strontium has to be added to the formula, and it is not in the ingredient list of TrueOsteo.

  13. Ita

    Thank you, Ita.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re very welcome, Ita!

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