Stop Taking Osteoporosis Drugs? It’s Never Too Late - Save Our Bones

You may already know that bisphosphonates, such as Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva, and others, are a very unattractive option if you want to have strong, flexible and healthy bones.

But what if you've already taken these drugs at some point or want to stop taking them? You might be concerned about what happens when you stop them “cold turkey”. Will the drug stay in my bones forever? Did I do permanent damage? Will I ever be able to build bones naturally? Will the Osteoporosis Reversal Program work for me? To date, I've received thousands of emails asking me just that.

Amazingly, there is little research on this very important subject.

So here are the facts:

There are two main ways by which your body gets rid of the bisphosphonates once you stop taking the drug.

The first – and quickest way – is by elimination via the urine. Studies conducted by maxillofacial surgeons have shown that most of the free-flowing chemical in the bloodstream is eliminated in approximately three to four months. This also includes the release of bisphosphonates from bone surfaces that end up in the bloodstream, because they can't attach themselves to the bone cells and are simply unused.

That's how they get cleared out of the bloodstream… but what happens to the bisphosphonates that attach themselves to the bone?

Half of them remain attached to the bone for approximately ten years. That's according to a study published by The International Bone and Mineral Society titled “Long-Term Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis: An Introduction” by Gordon J. Strewler of Harvard Medical School.

This may sound like terrible news, but please don't despair… The same study found that bisphosphonates are active only when they're on exposed bone surfaces, so as new bone starts to form, it actually covers the bisphosphonates, and “the drug is buried in bone and becomes inactive”.

That's a quote by Dr. Watts in the Endocrinology & Metabolism Clinics of North America, Volume 27, Issue 2, titled “Treatment of Osteoporosis with Bisphosphonates”.

This should come as great news to you, if you've stopped or wish to stop taking the drugs. And here's the icing on the cake: the same Harvard Medical School study mentioned before reports that bone loss (resorption) gradually resumes after stopping the drugs, and achieves normal (pre-menopausal) levels in approximately five years.

You see, the major osteoporosis and osteopenia drugs close the door on new bone formation, leaving only old and weak bone. But once you're on the road to having healthy bones the natural way, you'll be producing new bone that is more flexible and therefore less prone to fractures than old and brittle bone.

Armed with this information if you have doubts about stopping bisphosphonates, you can rest assured that it's never too late to start on a natural bone health program. There is light at the end of the tunnel…

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  1. Carole Coombs

    My experience is different from the comments I have read about Fosamax. I took Alendronate for 3 months. About 6 weeks after beginning the medication, my hair got very dry and lifeless and began to fall out. I may have had some thinning prior to this, but certainly not to the extent I am experiencing it now. The doctor told me to stop taking it. I have been off this medication 7 weeks now with no improvement

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      We appreciate you sharing your experience, Carole. Sadly, most doctors are clueless about this. Bisphosphonates block a pathway that’s necessary for hair. The good thing is that you can take Foundation Supplements that are beneficial to hair and scalp health. You might want to read more about it in this article:

      I hope this helps. We’re always rooting for you!

  2. Nancy McNeill

    I took Alendronate Sodium for 4.5 years. I just had a DEXA scan hoping that my bone density had at least come back into the osteopenia range. However, the opposite was true. The Aldendronate had helped me the first couple of years, but around 2017, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism. In doing some research, I found that Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism can deplete the bone density, so my Alendronate was doing nothing. However, I will now look to doing weigh bearing exercise and my diet to increase my bone strength, because in doing more research on the Alendronate Sodium, the stuff is toxic and I believe it has been the reason for my chronic stomach upset the day after I would take it and all of my achy joints.

    • Lori

      I have stopped taking Fosamax after taking for 3 weeks and my fatigue, back pain, nausea, headaches and diarrhea are worse than ever! How long do the side effects last????

      • Kathy

        I took this damn drug for 5 months, stopped in early March, 2019…still having severe leg pain and weakness, spasms, lower back pain…cannot do things I used to do. And I am fit and healthy…very frustrating. I want to know the same thing!

  3. Karen Mason

    To All: I have been taking Alendronate for 6 weeks. I now have a serious inflammation in my eyes, throat, tongue, nose, front of my face, etc. I could not find this in the med’s side effects at first until I got an expanded and more recent version from a well-known clinic. Nothing else in my life was different, just the Alen- (Fosomax). I have no infection in my eyes. I was trying this drug for the second time, just to see if I had been wrong about it, and the effects were horrifying. I have not been able to get a consistent answer about how long the drug stays in the body. I have stopped it, of course. Hope this helps.

    • Lori

      I was having eye irritation and was attributing to allergies maybe I was wrong, alone had finger tip numbness was attributing to carpal tunnel maybe was wrong there as well, have had constant diarrhea, headache, back pain, irregular heartbeat, several side effects, wonder how much longer will go on.

  4. Karen Mason

    To All: I have been taking Alendronate for 6 weeks. I now have a serious inflammation in my eyes, throat, tongue, nose, front of my face, etc. I could not find this in the med’s side effects at first until I got an expanded and more recent version from a well-known clinic. Nothing else in my life was different, just the Alen- (Fosomax). I have no infection in my eyes. I was trying this drug for the second time, just to see if I had been wrong about it, and the effects were horrifying. I have not been able to get a consistent answer about how long the drug stays in the body. I have stopped it, of course. Hope this helps.

  5. Deb

    I have taken one fosamax once a week for three weeks. I am not taking anymore. How long will it take for it to leave my system?

    • Lois Logan

      I want to stop taking Foxamax as I am in great pain I took it 9 years ago and was told by my doctor to begin again I have taken it for 4 week and am in great pain
      How do I stop taking it

      Thanks for any help you can give

    • Debra Taglione

      I took Fosamax for three weeks how long does it stay in your system I’ve been dealing with rash and hives.

    • Heather

      I’m wondering if you got an answer to your question?

  6. Kathi

    Took generic Fosamax for 9-10 weeks and ended up stopping it (over 6 months ago) due to severe hip and bone pain in my legs. The leg and toe cramping was pretty horrible as well.
    If I sit for any length of time, my legs are very stiff and painful when I get up to walk. I’m now wishing I’d never touched this crap drug. Not worth the 24/7 pain it brings.

  7. Lisa Ryan

    I was put on risedronate sodium 35 mg once a week in May. I took 2 pills, and the side effects (and I got them ALL) were so bad I quit. I thought with only taking 2 pills, the side effects would go away within a week or so. Nope! It’s 2 months later, and I’m still having major gastrointestinal issues. Thankfully, the severe back and joint pains and headaches are gone. But, my doctor now wants to start to do a bunch of tests (EGD, colonoscopy), because she doesn’t believe my stomach issues are still related to the meds. My question is, how long does that poison stay in your system? Before I pay a bunch of money for tests, I want to know if I should just wait it out for a while yet. Why is this crap still on the market??

    • Kathy

      Have your symptoms resolved by now? It has been 1 1/2 years since I stopped Fosamax, and the joint, muscle pain is a bad as ever.

  8. una neri

    I think this article is misleading though, when they state that Alendronic Acid (Fosamax) ‘closes the door on new bone being formed’. That is incorrect, It slows down the process of old bone being broken down whilst allowing new bone to be formed.
    Anyway, I have being prescribed this, and I took it for a few months then had a break and now am taking it again. Not sure what to do. I don’t like taking any meds, for long periods, but if I happen to slip and fall, I do not want to break a bone again. It was a horrible experience. Thankfully, so far I have no side effects. My Dr also told me to take calcium and vitamin D3 which I make sure I do.

  9. Bonnie

    My Mom is 93 and took Fosamax for 25 years, broke her femur bone about 8 years ago, and has been taking the Prolia shots, twice a year, for the past 6 years. Is the Prolia really helping her at the age of 93???

    • louise

      Hi just been reading all your comments many of you ask how long it lasts in your body. alendronic acid half life is 120 days!!!!! So lets all hope we start to feel better by that time scale ! Fingers crossed for us all

  10. Mike N

    My Mom has been taking Fosamax for about 4 months. I’m suggesting her getting on a natural program to increase her bone density natural. Can she just stop taking Fosamax? Does she need a Dr’s permission to get off of Fosamax? Is there any good Drs in Orange County, CA that can help her get off Fosamax?



      I have been on Fosamax for 3 years……Over that period of time I have experienced heartburn, sometimes to the point I felt like I was having a heart attack. I also had shortness of breath, out of the clear blue……..FINALLY my intern suggested I stop Fosamax……..and look at this no more heart burn,,,,,, but I know it is still in my system as I still experience shortness of breath. I am so frustrated and upset realizing I dealt with this problem for three years……….The side effects are just to dangerous. I feel if you can try it naturally!!! what did they do years ago!!

    • Walter

      ! had my second Ibandronate tablet on may 2nd and that’s it for prescription is renewable every 3 months and as i type this with my third monthly dose in hand ready for immediate disposal. I have had a lower back pain for the last 3 weeks and tried all the over the counter pain medicines with little relief, can’t find any positive feed back on this terrible drug

      • louise

        Only took 1 dose following instructions to the letter. Approx 4 days later began to feel unwell, strong sudden pains in joints. Worst is in the hip and groin right side. can hardly walk/ feel ill/ exhausted/ in pain. going back to doctor tomorrow re asking for an xray– something is NOT right . PLEASE take the very greatest care if it is prescribed to you, read up and be very aware that it may be a dangerous drug and not suit you.

  11. Cathy

    I have been taking Fosamax for about a year. Recently went to an oral surgeon to have a tooth extracted and he said their protocol was not to do it without blood work. The Fosamax has already destroyed some of the cells and I have to wait 4 months for another blood test to see the oral surgeon. After two weeks of stopping the Fosamax I am in severe pain head to toe, muscles and bones hurt, teeth hurt, jaws hurt, everything hurts. I am hopeful that this pain will go away and the bad cells or dead cells will leave my body and the bones will heal.

    • V Marsh

      I tried to stop this medication a year ago was so sick and in great pain! I decided to see if it was the Fosamax and took a pill. Sure enough within 1 week my pain, stomach pain was gone. I am getting ready to stop this pill again and will see my physician if this is a repeat reaction. Please if your not on Fosamax don’t take this under any circumstances. I am very active and am so mad that any doctor would prescribe this med!!!

  12. Brenda

    I started Fosamax on January 22, 2018 but on February 20th I started having lower back pain all across the back and down into both hips and also my bowel movements are different. I’ve seen my chiropractor for this pain but he said it’s more in my muscles. So I called my Doctor and he told me to stop taking Fosamax to see if my symptoms goes away. Any body else had this pain and trouble with bowels?

    • Dee

      I’ve been taking this for 3 weeks now once a week. I’ve lost my appetite, and feel nauseous, especially in upon waking up. I vomit bile off n on during the day. My hip hurts and now walk with a limp. I’m stopping this medication and trying diet. After reading all your comments it confirmed what I thought. My breath smells weird too!

    • Fran O

      Yes both back and hip pain shortly after starting medicine .Also 4 months into it severe nausea major itching. Going crazy detoxing from this.Its only my first week without it

    • Brenda

      I’ve been taking generic Fosomax for 1 year and have severe constipation. I am considering stopping this medication and go to a natural healing Dr. to see what would be a more natural way of improving my bones.

      • ABBY KAHN


        stop the Fosamax……..the side effects are not worth constipation………there are other natural ways to affect bone loss…… the research, as I intend to do……….keep our bodies free of these harmful drugs…………

  13. Leonarda

    I have been taking Ibandronate for only 3 months (one pill a month) . One day into my 3rd dose I began to experience awful leg cramps, Chest pain, jaw and neck pain, thigh and hip tightness, pain under my chest and in my back, especially when I take a deep breath. I can barely walk or turn my head. I called my doctor and advised him of my symptoms. I hope and pray that these symptoms are not permanent!!!! I will never ever take this medication again.

  14. Sara

    I was prescribed alendronate in Dec. I was supposed to take a 70 mg tablet once a week, the first 2, I took wrong, I took it after taking BP meds, then the 3rd tablet I took correct ,my question is how long with the little bit I took ,stay in my system, I have stopped taking it after searching to see if it causes itching, & hives, which I have had since taking it.I will never take anymore after reading all about it on the internet. It even can raise the risk of macular degeneration, which I am getting treatment for at the present time.

  15. Sandy

    I took one pill of risedronate sodium yesterday its the once a month pill (150) and my shoulders are so sore. It affected my acid reflux too. How long will it take for it to leave my system. Did i do irreparable damage? I am drinking alot of water to try and flush as much of it out as I can. What else can I do.

    • Colleen mannion

      I just posted my comments and I am waiting for a reply. Thank you

    • Colleen mannion

      I took Foxamax 12 years ago for about 18 months. I had gum disease at the time but the doctor never told me of the dire Side affects of getting osteonecrosis. I stopped taking it 10 years ago after I saw the class action lawsuit for osteonecrosis
      I now have to have teeth extracted, is it safe to do so? I am very very concerned.

  16. Kamwest

    My mom is 84 years old she has taken fosomax for 4 years she just stopped taking it a month ago but now she is experiencing severe joint & muscle pain how long will that last she is really having a hard time getting around she now has to use a walker

    • Bonnie

      My 93 year old Mom has been taking the Prolia injections, twice a year, for the last 6 years. Are they really helping her bone health at this age? She broke her femur bone 8 years ago and has been using a walker ever since.

    • Essie

      Taking Alendronate tablets weekly. What are the side effects if I quit taking drug, please.

      • J P Cashwell

        I have taken Actonel for several weeks. (Once a week.)
        I have lower back pain, pain between my shoulder blades but worse is the severe pain in my neck. Hurts to breath deeply and even to swallow. Can’t turn my neck in any direction. Sleep is almost impossible. I can’t take Advil, Aspirin or Alive. Since I have a problem with nose bleeds, those pain medicines make the bleeding worse. Tylenol does nothing for pain. Please help !

        • Sheila

          Are there any statistics to show the success of a fosamax type drug ? I am 65 and just had my first dexa scan and found osteoporosis 2.4 in hips, 2.5 in spine and 2.1 in wrist. I am hyperthyroid and assume this contributes to the problem. I am adamant about not taking those awful drugs. I plan to ramp up exercise and calcium intake. Is there any guarantee that I will not be in pain when I’m 85 if I take fosamax?

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Hopefully, you’ve stopped taking the Actonel by now, JP, and your body can begin the recovery process. Do you know a good chiropractor in your area? He or she might be able to help with pain relief as you recover from the drug.

  17. Joseph

    I am a male and have taken Fosamax for about 4 to 5 years. I recently had foot surgery with the result of non-fusion of 2 bones. I am not allowed to put weight on that foot and I am doing electrical bone stimulation to encourage bone growth. Just realized that Fosamax would interfere with bone growth. I just stopped taking it. Can you give me any hope that I will see bone growth in the next few month’s?

  18. Debbie creighton

    I can have Barrett s should I take alendronic acid which my doctor has prescribed me.

    • Elizabeth Mancina

      I have been taking alendronate sodium since May. Is this what is causing ankle pain?? I didn’t take pill this morning. How long will last in my system?

      • Parvin

        I have severe hip pain tingling toes ,muscles cramps muscle pain.I need to know how long time I should wait to get rid of these side effects.

  19. Will

    I believe there is a far greater damage and risk through not taking Fosamax.
    I for one have had my bone density increased and am now in the 90 percentile for my she.
    Surely better than the alternative of broken hips and life in a wheel chair!

    • Kathie

      I was just wondering if you can tell me how long it took for the symptoms of pain to go away? My mom took this for two weeks and was in such pain she stopped. It has been 3 weeks and she is still in pain and I would think with as little as she took it would have left by now, but so far no change. Any information you can provide will be helpful.

    • Peggy

      I am so happy that you have not had any trouble with Fosamax. I, on the other hand, am in debilitating pain in my muscles, my neck and my lower back. I can hardly walk or lift anything. I am healthy and have always had an exceedingly high pain tolerance. Not now. I stopped taking my weekly pill last Monday. I am hoping and praying that this pain goes away but so far, no change.

      • Kathie

        I was just wondering if you can tell me how long it took for the symptoms of pain to go away? My mom took this for two weeks and was in such pain she stopped. It has been 3 weeks and she is still in pain and I would think with as little as she took it would have left by now, but so far no change. Any information you can provide will be helpful.

        • Pat

          How long does it take for pain to go away after stopping Fosamax?

      • Joyce

        I had stepped up lower back pain while taking Fosamax. However having had back surgery 3 years ago I attributed it to that. At one point I had an episode of severe left jaw pain. I reported it to my doctor who made no comment and just said “Keep taking it.” I saw a back specialist who said stop taking it. Again my doctor countered that advice. I stopped it after 12 weeks. After 3 weeks without the med the back pain is awful and I am experiencing nausea and occasional right jaw pain. What’s up with this?

  20. Linda

    I’ve been taking Actonel 35mg once-per-week for a
    about ten years . I’m currently experiencing sleeplessness , some stinging sensations in both feet ( such when lying in bed ) , and within the past nine months or so would have pain in my jawbones , especially when in bed. I’m 71 now , and had NO problems when I stopped menstruating at age 49 ; however I am now experiencing bodily sweats when I either drink water or even do simple things like easy meal preparations . Could Actonel ( Risedronate Sodium ) be causing any or all of these current problems of mine ?

    • Linda

      Upon reading another page of this site ( just now , , i suddenly remembered that on April 13th , 2016 , my left heel suddenly hurt , totally out of the blue , and progressed to severe pain in 5 days ( a 9 out of a 10 on the pain scale ) , and it was excruciating to walk , even with a cane . So my husband talked to our sister-in–law ( I’m deaf and read lips , so can’t use the phone to listen to people ) , and she said , based on what her doctor told her for HER sciatica , to take 600mg of Ibuprofen three times a day for three weeks , for a therapeutic level to be reached . So , I’ve been taking this dosage of ibuprofen for over two weeks now … but I’ve noticed that there is some pain & stinging sensation in that heel starting back again . My regular doctor took X-rays of that heel about 3 1/2 weeks ago and said ” The bones of your heel have fused together … I’m sending you to an orthopedist .” Well , the appointment is set for June 6th , but NOW I am Wondering if the Actonel has anything to do with this sudden onset of excruciating heel pain ? And whether I should even bother going to him , and just STOP taking the Actonel ? How long can it take to eliminate the effect of taking Actonel for _years_ ?

      • Tonya N Strickland

        Be very careful with that much ibuprofen, it can cause kidney damage. I was taking two 800 mg. twice a day and went for my yearly physical and found out that my kidney function was dropping. Never had issues with kidneys before but if you Google ibuprofen and kidney damage you can find a lot of info on that subject. And re the actonel, within 24 hours of taking my first dose, the pain in my back, hips, shoulders and thighs is unbearable. I refuse to take any more of that evil drug. I work in a factory doing very physical work and by the end of the day, I am in tears. Sure hope the one time I took it doesn’t continue to cause these awful side effects.

  21. Shirley Peacock

    My mum has been taking Alendronic Acid for many years and at 82 she is almost fully bent over. My sister and I were diagnosed with Osteoproosis over 5 years ago and we have both been taking Alendronic Acid since. My sister was recently told by her doctor that as she’s been on it for over 5 years she should stop taking them for 3 years. My doctor doesn’t agree. Has anyone else been told to stop taking them for 3 years.

    • Tonya

      The insert that came with mine said not to take it for more than three years, so, at five years, you should definitely stop.

    • cheryl

      Well I have heard 5 yrs. I myself am getting slight chest pain. done with this drug. I would rather ecercise

    • Sandra Jones

      I was in those tablets nearly 12 years !
      I started to get thigh pain about 18 months ago.
      Then in December last year , I got out of the shower to reach for the towel and my thigh Just gave way . I fell backward Back into the shower breaking my ankle at same time !
      My consultant says it was caused in his view from long term use of this drug ,
      Apparently They have the opposite effect on the bones if you take them long term .
      7 months down the line . After having plate and screws in ankle , and a gamma nail put in my leg . I still cannot walk unaided .
      My advice don’t take them after 5 years !!!
      You might end up in the same situation as me !!
      In hospital for 7 weeks !!

    • carole

      my dr wants me to start this med, I am really scared because how bad the side effects are, She did say after 5 years that she would take me off for a year.

    • Rhoda Neary

      Have been taking Alendronic Acid tablets for 5 years and just had my 2nd scan am still in safe level on bones so told to stop tablets and have another scan in 2years time.

  22. Jacque Richardson

    I am a 64 year old female who took Fosamax for osteoporosis for almost 3 years and now am having trouble breathing. I was in the hospital last week because I couldn’t breathe. They found I have an irregular heartbeat. The cardiologist took me off Fosamax, I also had unexplained severe scalp itching and hives for 8 months and the biopsy only showed that is was chronic. When I got home from the hospital, I started researching Fosamax side effects and found, severe itching, hives, irregular heartbeat, breathing problems, etc., etc., etc.! I am hoping that with time, my breathing will improve now that I am off Fosamax.

  23. Chris Zombek

    Hello I am 51, started taking Fosamax a yr and half ago. A few months ago I started having constipation, bloating, joint pain, heartburn, feeling fatigued. I contacted my Rheumatologist and she did some blood test but said everything was fine. The symptoms are getting worse so I have contacted her again and I am awaiting for her to contact me back to see if there maybe a connection.
    Suggestions on what to do and if these side effects can start happening after this long of taking the fosamax.

    • Gricel

      I been taken foxomax for tree months and I been have very bad groinpain i stop taken too see if pain goes away

    • Rosa

      I just started this medicine and I am experiencing the same symptoms this has me wondering if I will experience these side effects while I continue to take this medication.

  24. Ann

    My mom is 86 years old, with numerous health problems including: diabetes, osteoporosis, CHF, dementia and has mobility difficulties. Her doctor recently took her off alendronate for osteoporosis and wants her to start Prolia. Her bone density has gotten worse but as her care giver I don’t know if Prolia is the answer. Some of the side effects are pretty scary. Any suggestions for how to make an educated decision?

  25. Cheri

    I have taken fosamax for 4 weeks with side effects of nausea and extreme joint and muscle pain (none of which I had before) and was then put on risedronate with the added side effect of heartburn. I stopped taking it but still experiencing side effects. How long can I expect to have these side effects. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck! Tired of feeling this way. Felt healthy before. I have osteoporosis. Age 58.

    • Dianne Ponist

      I have taken Fosamax for one month and I really don’t want to continue taking it. I just read an article about melatonin being a boon to bone density. It is a very interesting article taken from Aging January 2017. Does anyone have more information about this?

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Hi Dianne,

        Melatonin is good for bones because it promotes healthful sleep, which your bones need to rejuvenate. For more on this topic, please read the following posts:

        • Sherie Tamplain

          I ha e just been prescribed the generic brand of fosamax and I am really scared to take this med i ha e been researching g this med all day and he e not read o e good or successful comment on this med it really scared the he’ll out of me now I am in limbo wherever to proceed with this med i questioned by health provider today as d she swares it safe and none of her patients e sr complained about it I so not know what to do about taking this med i am 65 years old still working a nd want to continue to work but with all these side effects it scares me to deaths are there any alternatives

    • Chris McGill

      i took it for 2 months. Had a dream throat for 2 weeks. Also nausea & vomiting. Now a problem with balance. Have been off over Two weeks and still have periods of bad nausea with occ vomiting. None of this before. Will it go away ?. I’m 79 yr.

      • Chris McGill

        I would not have taken one pill if I knew this would happen.

        • Peggy

          After what I have experienced (and sadly, are still experiencing, I wouldn’t give Fosamax to my worst enemy.

  26. Debra Smessaert

    I’ve been taking Actonel since 2006. Only problems I had in beginning was with stomach upset, now for past week having problems with my left hip. Pain level is 10 don’t know what to do. Can’t even sit without extreme pain, which means I won’t be able to take it tomorrow as I take weekly. Doctor only wants me to take for 2 more years. My question is could I have a fractured hip?

  27. Gwyneth

    l have taken Alendronate for two months and as many have commented, l had a sore tummy; l persisted with the medication, hoping the side effects would go away. A week ago, with doctors permission, l stopped taking the medication; still have sore uncomfortable tummy which is now quite distended. Can you tell me how long this will stay? and will my tummy go down? very uncomfortable.

  28. wendy

    Hi, my mom has taken herself off of fosamax, would this account for the nasuea,dissiness, and elevated blood pressure?

  29. Dave

    Has anyone heard of using Nero dronate for the treatment of CRPS my wife has type1 CRPS now for 2 years we live in BC and heard about Nero dronate treatments in Costa Rica and are looking into it

  30. Patty

    Does the same apply to evista

  31. Kittie Messman

    I took fosamax from 2002-2007. My doctor wants me to begin another round. Is this safe?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kittie,

      The Save Our Bones philosophy is that no osteoporosis drug is 100% safe. There is quite a bit of free information on this site about Fosamax – I urge you to use the search feature so you can read up on this drug before making your decision. It’s great that you are asking questions and learning before ingesting a medication!

  32. Ann

    I asked this question a week ago, but I can’t find it now. I live in England and have started reading your Save our Bones book. I took Fosamax for 6 months, after five months I started to get chronic constipation. I read the information and it said that this could be a side effect, so I stopped taking it, 2 months later I still have it. My doctor has done blood tests and they are fine. She says it cannot still be the Fosamax that is causing the constipation. My question is ‘Could it still be the Fosamax that is causing the problem?’ I am also a Coeliac.

  33. Rosalie Knowles

    I had the first injection of Desonumab in July to treat osteoporosis in my spine having sustained 8 vertebrae compression fractures, 3 thoracic and 5 lumbar. I occasionally need to have steroid injections for Crohn’s disease. Steroids are known to cause osteoporosis. Is there anything else I can take to counter the effect of the steroids other than the Desonumab and does it have the same long term effects as bisphosphonates. I am 74 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s at 64 after an intestinal obstruction.

  34. Jackie Eultgen

    I’ve been having hives for 2weeks now and I need to find out if it’s from the Risedronate I e been taking. How long do I stay off of this Medicine to see if it’s the cause ?

    • cheryl


  35. bernie

    Realy worried had breast cancer twice put on tamoxifen, had tia. Doc now put me on letrozole knowing i have oesteoporous said i would be alright as i was on bisophates did,nt tell i was,nt taking it have ishot myself in foot

  36. Trish

    I’m 49 found out I have osteoporosis. My T scores were low. Family history of osteoporosis as well. Family doctor described Actonel 35mg. The first tablet I took 4 days ago. The next day I felt tired and some parts of my body ached following the next day stomach ache and lost of appetite and I felt bloated. 4 days have passed and I still have the stomach ache and now around my kidneys area are sore and achy. I’m going to stop these tablets. If only one tablet does this to my body i rather look into something natural and change my dietary eating habits and start going back to the gym. And hope these symptoms will go away soon.

    • Jacqueline

      I have only taken one 35mg Actenol and I am having severe neck pain flulike symptoms and diarrhea. There is no way I am continuing this medication. Does anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system?

      • Billie

        I have been taking Alendronate for at least 3 years – Focamax prior to Alendronate. My doctor told me after a year or two more I should stop taking it. After taking Alendronate Sunday for my weekly dose I began having
        diarrhea & not feeling well. It has been three days since I took the tablet & still have some diarrhea & still don’t feel well. I’m wondering if the Alendronate is causing the problem. knowing there is a 5 yr. limit on taking these drugs I’m wondering if they are doing enough good to be worth the possible side effects. At my next Dr. appt. I’m going to see what she suggest. In the mean time I’m not taking anymore & wonder how long it takes to get the medicine out of my system.

        • Dorn

          I was prescribed this pill and took it once a week for 9 weeks. After week 7 I was sick. After 9 weeks I was suffering with stomach ache and general debility. I lost my appetite and began to lose weight and dropped over 16 pounds.
          It has taken 6 months to clear my system of this poisonous drug. I drank a lot of green tea and water but lack energy because of lack of nourishing food ………..I really think more warning should be given about taking this medication. Merck please take note!

          • Dorn

            I seem to have spoken too soon!
            All the symptoms have recurred today and I feel really ill again!
            Does the Drug Company Merck really care about the effect the drug has on some people???

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Hi Billie,

          The half-life of bisphosphonates like Fosamax an Alendronate is approximately 10 years, meaning that it takes 10 years for the body to get rid of half of the drug that attached itself to bone. As you know, these drugs stop normal bone metabolism, namely bone remodeling, but as it gets released and less is attached to bone, normal bone remodeling resumes at one point. Exactly when that happens varies from individual to individual. According to a Harvard Medical School study, pre-drug bone metabolism is restored to “normal” levels in an average of five (5) years.

          • Nicola Pearson

            Hi. I am a 58 yr old previously healthy active woman. I have stopped taking alendronic acid 3 weeks ago after taking it for 2 years 3 mths because I have serious macular oedema which I found out could be caused by it. Since then I have been getting worsening stiffness and pain in my neck and lower back. Today I can hardly move the pain is so bad. Could it be withdrawal symptoms? And if so how likely is it to go on for. Thanks

  37. Trish

    I’m 49 years old. Found out I have osteoporosis My T scores were low. Family history of osteoporosis as well. Family doctor described Actonel 35mg . I took the first tablet 4 days ago the next day I felt tired and some parts of my body ached following the next day I felt bloated with a stomach ache and lost of appetite. 4 days pass and I still got the stomach ache following with a aching back around the kidneys. I’m not going to keep on with these tablets if only one tablet does this to my body i rather look into something natural and change my dietary eating habits and start going back to the gym.

  38. Betsy

    I am 69, in good health, don’t drink or smoke, exercise regularly and diagnosed with osteoporosis and scared into taking Fosomax. After one pill last week, 48 hour later I now have trouble swallowing! Food does. It want to go down, pain in my leg and arm, headaches which I never get and feeling seasick. I will NEVER take another of those poisonous pills but Vivian how do I counter act the one pill? I understand the half life is 10 years. Will magnesium help? I wish I had read your info before I got sucked into this horrid drug. Thankfully I on,y took one. Please let me know all I can do and let me know how long will it stay with me. Is it truly 10 years!!!

    • Kathie

      Betsy, how long did it take to get out of your system? My mom took it for two weeks and is in horrible pain. I see you posted this two years ago, any information you can give me would be helpful.

  39. Mari

    i took actonel for 10 years now at 71 years old i had tooth break off leaving the root still in my gum, it got very infected, when to see the dentist and he told me i needed to see an oral surgeon that no dentist was going to touch me and that i needed antibotices before i had any dental work, found out the reason was because i was taking actonel now i am at risk of getting Osteonecrosis of the jaw and that there is no treatment for this…what advise can you give me, how can i get this out of my system?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Mari,
      Remember, as the article says, it’s never too late! If you’ve stopped taking Actonel, then your body will begin the process of cleansing your system of the drug. Your best bet is to support this process with plenty of pH-balanced, bone-healthy foods, lots of pure water, exercise, and adequate rest.

      Best of luck!

      • Tami

        I am 55. I took the prolix injection Dec 26, 2017. I have ever been so sick. Swollen sore lymph nodes. Really severe bone and muscle pain. My neuropathy is worse and I have had several respitory issues. I feel sick and in pain all the time. I am due for the next shot in June. I do not want it. But the manufacturers of prolix say you have a 50%increase in fractures of the spine and hip. Most fractures are with out injuries. 5-7 fractures of spine average in 6 months. People dying from rebound hip fractures. I am terrified. But I can not live this way either.

  40. dolores watson

    doctor prescribed fosamax plus d-cal. which i took as insructed on friday morning, i felt so sick that afternoon , saturday and sunday back to the doctor monday stop taking, in three weeks well try another, its tuesday and i still feel terrble, is ther anthing i can take to make me feel better, and is there a natural alternative. im 81 years old my hight is 155 cm and my weight is 59 k my bone density is 2.5 how bad is that?

    • Debbie Miller

      Delores, I have the same problem. Waiting to hear from my phys on what to do next.

  41. Erica

    I was put on Actonel at the age of 17!! Parents went to a doctor who said I had osteopenia. I hadnt yet gotten a period. I stopped on my own terms after taking it for a year.. What damage could have been done? I am now almost 23, so about 5 years removed from the med. and have been having periods for 2 years, which has probably improved my bone density. however, I am not sure with having taken the Actonel. what can I expect my bones to do…or will I face problems later in life? 🙁

  42. Karen Dickey

    My first dose and 25 days in on the monthly Boniva. My question is could Boniva have caused me to have a week’s worth of unexplainable and severe neck and back muscle spasms?

  43. Georgia

    My mother took Actonel for years. Her MD told her to stop taking it in April 2011. In Sept 2011 she suffered a fracture of T12 putting away groceries. Afterward she suffered a number of compression fractures. Why would she be taken off Actonel if she was so prone to fractures? Mother was active & doing well until then. She wore a lumbar brace for awhile but didn’t like it. No pain meds. She had a Dexascan in June 2012, but never got results. In Jan 2015 she injured her back cleaning house, took too much ibuprofen. One thing led to another. She passed in April. I wonder if this could have been avoided.

    • Irene

      I am 86years old and have been taking alendronic acid 10 mgmsDaily for 12years. I would like to stop taking this, would this be dangerous?

      • Carole

        I constantly ache is it the alondronic.

  44. Angela colonna

    How long after stopping boniva does it leave your body .

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Angela,
      While this varies with the individual, a Harvard Medical School study reports that healthy bone resorption does gradually resume after stopping bisphosphonates like Boniva, and normal bone remodeling is achieved in approximately five years.

  45. Amee Baker

    I love this web site and pass it around to all my friends who want strong bones
    In addition to SOB site I walk in a weight vest and I also found weighted shorts for women by nyk which are the only ones that are really for women to target my hip area as I walk . I love recipes by save our bones they are delicious and so healthy for my bones so with these methods I am building very strong bone (and muscles)
    many thanks to Vivian . Next I am going to start taking vit K2 as they say its good for bone.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Keep up the good work, Amee, and thank you for sharing this valuable information!

  46. Aimee

    I’m 43 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 4 years ago and was put on fosomax 70mg once a week! I’ve have two very bad broken wrist fractures as well as nothing can hit my bones or I could cry in a second! I’ve broken almost all of my toes fractured ribs w a simple hug! I took my self off of about two months ago and I’m n so much pain,I’m currently limping bc if my left foot has terrible pain hard to walk on but had X-ray and they say no fracture this us after I stopped w fosomax..I’ve had tingling n numbness n my legs had ultra sounds n say I’m fine which is worse since I’ve stopped as well as pain every where!! I take 4 pills of vitamin d a month 325 mug of iron a day! liquid calcium w magnesium just started that a month ago on my own my t levels r -9 with nithing getting better other than lower lumbar by a point after taking fosomax for 3-4 years or do!! I’m done with that crap! I’m so scared I’m going to break I’m a single mom raising kids w no help and custody if a 4 yr old grand daughter!! I hurt I’m aging fast I’m graying wrinkling and have no quality of life no more! My kids don’t understand y I’m so lame!! I hurt I want to know if this will help me for being on fosomax and levels so bad n quitting cold turkey! I’m scared and since they say this is all bc of my hysterectomy bc I refused to take the hormone replacement bc after a couple if months on it I was a wreck in life..and knew it could cause breast cancer I stopped not ever being told osteoporosis was a possibility!! I will not listen to my doctor bc from day one they have never understood bc I say it’s an imbalance n herbs have done nothing and effect me in a bad way!! Where do I go?? I stumbled upon your web site bc I was considering going back on fosomax bc I’m feeling achy and I’m having major problems w my foot out of no where I believe it’s fractured just scared to take or not take..clearly there is no help for people like me..until I found your web site but as always I’m sceptical I can not afford to loose any more density especially at my age!! HELP

    • Miriam Martin

      I was on fosamax I came off them over a year ago I hatred taking them . But was considering going bk on them I’m very sore I feel my left arm is weak & very sore I Feel like I’m just existing not living life as its ment to be I’m sure my family are sick listening to me complain

  47. pam maiorano

    I have been taking actonel for some time. I am also taking predison 5mg. I need to have a tooth pulled but they don’t want to because of the actonel.I was wondering if it would be safe for me to go off of actonel and how long it would it take to get out of my system.
    thank you for your help in this manner.


    • Jo Colling

      How long does it take to get Fosamax out of the system in order to have dental treatment.

    • Forma L. Gonzales


  48. Haley Fee

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  49. sheila

    My mother has been prescribed FOSADVANCE by her GP. I have recently started sharing my save our bones info with her and have bought her the True osteo. I have been following your advice for a few years now, have your books and trust your opinion.
    Vivian, will you please let me know what you think of this medication. she is told to take it once a week. it must be very strong!

  50. Jacqueline Kalli

    Hi I am on Fosmax I been on the table for longer then 10 years I have only been testing once that I was told i had Osteoporsis . I never been tested since I want to stop the tablets I read that you only take these tablet 3 to 5 years so why is it I am still on them . I also read that I should have been tested I have never been tested since I have been on them can you pls tell me why this is thank you Jackie

  51. julie sugars

    I have oestiaprosis and I want to know if it is safe 2 use the tablets and which tablet is better protis 2g or Actonel

    • Sylvia Todd

      I find all this very interesting and helpful

  52. Joan Dutchak

    I am about 98 lbs. was exercising 3 days a week up until 1 year ago. developed ausma.Im going back to exercising with weighs I hope. I have a T score of -2.7 my dr. wants be to take 1200 calcium 800 vitamin D and go on foxumax or Boniva. I was on foxumax and actonol and took myself off about 3 years ago. I already get severe craps in my legs and joint from symbacort. I dont know what to do I hate all kinds of drugs!! I did lose 10 ound in a year but I gave up bread dairy and grains Im under 5 ft I should be 98 lbs. What should I do?

  53. Irma Gonzalez

    Is Evista just as bad as Fosamax, Boniva, etc?

  54. Maria

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I am 59 years old. My doctor prescribed Actonel Dr 35 mg once a week. I took my first pill last Thursday and the side effects started Friday afternoon, I had them all, nausea, abdominal pain, joints pain- I actually felt I had been run over by a train. I will not take another one – I spoke with my doctor, and he sd that I could take another weekly pill called Fosamax, that have the same side effects, or again 1 shot of Prolia every six months…with the same side effects. I am very sceptic and confused about all those medications and I am trying to find an alternative …

    • Maryanne

      Hello I am 60 and. Have been taking- protos with no side effects after one year I had a bone density and now I am ostepediea am so happy I suggest you see your doctor and mention protos.


    • Jude Telford

      I take prolia and my jaw hurts in the middle of the night plus I am tired all the time …. maybe I am ok but who knows ? my face seems to have aged quickly my eyes are cloudy

      • fay pye

        the family talked me into prolia as i have had a few extremely bad fractures, from a bad fall, I had been taking actonal comb for tooooo long I believe. I have not wanted to have this prolia but gave in to 2 doses now I have dry skin, little lumpy things on my arms, jaw now hurts, some of this goes away then re-occures,I do not wish to have this anymore, Do you have any idea how long this takes to leave my body, also I cannot tke antistats. and have a thyroid problem. ( I wish to remain anonamous) please.

      • Annette

        Hi I had the prolia injection on the 20 June 14 and just over a week later started with swollen gums, painful jaw, swollen glands, rash on leg, headache, difficulty sleeping, heartburn,diarrhea, gas, urinating frequently ear ache and much more. There is not reversal of the injection. My doctor has now had me on steroid tablets, steroid cream, steroid mouth wash and paste for a week to try to reduce the swollen gums, glands and reduce the rash on legs. What can this drug be doing to my insides if these symptoms are showing on the outside. So dangerous and two doctors said there would be no side effects I have to wait till Dec 20 now to get this injection out of my system Someone needs to contact the FDA and report this dangerous drug

  55. Vlasta (Amina ) Moro

    Never have idea to take medizine for ignore my pains… so that my body has less poison. I hope i will reach my own way to come out of my pains i have fool 4 years!

  56. Faye Clarkson

    At age 51 I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis.A specialist put me on Fosomax, alendronat. Then Fosadvance. After several years I had bone loss, according to the Dr.B who is the specialist said I had bone loss, partly due to the alendronate. She took me off the medication after taking it for about 7-8 years. Then I started taking New Roots, Strong Bones formula, made sure I took B-complex three times a day, have been taking 5,000 IU Vitamin D. In 2012, I now have a 9% increase in bone density in my right femoral neck – a significant increase. I also have a 1% increase in my lower lumbar spine – not a significant increase. I have a long way to go but am continuing to research. I do walk and take the stairs. By the way I am a very fast walker. Sincerely Faye Clarkson

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Faye, that’s great news! Those increases in bone density you mentioned are not insignificant. Keep up the good work, and keep walking! 😀

  57. norma

    I have had 4 reclast infusions and have suffered terrible leg cramps. Also I have developed burning mouth syndrone which I wonder if it was caused from Reclass. It seems when you are older and experience pain, it is attributed to old age–not the case because I am very active. I am scheduled for my last infusion in a few days and now know that I will not take it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you, Norma! You’ve taken your health into your own hands and have made your own decision. And I agree – too often the aches and pains that older people experience are blamed on age. Aging does not have to be painful!

  58. Connie Barr

    Is there a minimum amount of coffee you can drink a day?

  59. shirley

    I was 79 when I started taking PROTOS and I have just turned 82 and would like to start playing golf again – I have 2 vertebral fractures and osteopenia. My last BDT showed that nothing had changed in two years but had not got any worse.
    Will I be at risk of further compression fractures if I start golf again?
    I would love to know if other golfers have a similar problem.

  60. Barbara

    I have been taking Evista for less than a month. I really don’t want to take it but my dr advised it was best. I was at a health food store today and was told Bone Strength is good to take. Can I just stop taking Evista and start Bone Strength? I really would like to try a natural way..Thanks

  61. Carol

    Thank you for the valuable information you provided

    • Janet Millard

      In 2007 at the age of 60, I was given statins for very high colesterol! I became ill and they were stopped and I was diagnosed with polymyalgia, which has similar symptons! I was put on steroids and biphosphonates which I stopped in March this year! By 2008 I had been shown lots of small factures in my spine and ribs! It was very hard to stop thaes things, but now I’m feeling stronger thanks to the Save our Bones advice which I came accros when looking for help! I feel like none of the medication helps and now try to stay clear of GPs! Just try to eat good food and snd stay healthy! As a nurs told me! ‘What’s the harm in a couple of paracetamols now and again!

  62. Eva E Bernard

    What is your opinion about Calcitonin-Salmon nasal spray?

    • Customer Support

      Hi Eva,
      Feel free to take advantage of the Search feature at the top of the page – just type in your topic of interest, and every article that Vivian has written on that topic will come up. 🙂

  63. LINDA

    Just stopped taking Actonel 6 months ago and have severe hip pain.

    • Marian

      This happened exactly the same way for my mother, who is in her 80’s. She stopped Actonel 6 months ago, that’s about when her new hip and back pains started. Does anyone else have similar experiences and advise?

  64. LINDA

    I quit taking Actonel after 8 years. It has been about 6 months now and I’m getting awful back and hip pain. Is this normal or should I see a Doctor. I feel much better being off of it. I also have noticed a lock jaw kind of thing a couple of times. This really scares me. Linda

  65. Lyn Guest

    I have just been diagnosed with Osteopenea and my doctor has put me on Actonel tablet once a month dosage. I took the first one yesterday. Today I feel unwell.. soreness in ribs, clavicle and throat. I am scared to take this drug and scared not to. I am at a loss to know what to do. I am also taking Caltrate twice a day. I am worried and depressed about what this drug is doing to my body. I have always been active and find I cannot do what I used to do because of the osteopenea. Can anyone give me any answers as I am sure there are others out there who feel the same way.

    • Forma L. Gonzales

      Dear Lyn,

      We are on the same shoes. I took Bonviva three days ago and I experience a very bad feeling especially in my heart as I have heart disease. I was just following my Doctor’s prescription only to find out and felt bad about the medicine. Will anyone please advise me what liquid to take other than water to remove the remnants of Bonviva in my body? Thank you.

      • Forma L. Gonzales

        My doctor prescribed me Bonviva after the x-ray results that I have osteopenia a disease about thinning of the bones. I followed his instruction and now I HAVE A VERY BAD FEELING AFTER TAKING IT THREE DAYS AGO. PLEASE HELP ME HOW TO REMOVE THE REMNANTS OF THIS MEDICINE QUICKLY. THANK YOU.

  66. Joyce

    I found all of this information regarding Fosamax, Boniva, Actenol, and reclast very scary years ago, when I was told I had osteopina. So at that time it was recommended by my Homeopath to try Miacalcin/Fortical now generic.

    I had been on Miacalcin for about 10 years, now 2 years on Fortical. (nasal spray) my bone density test every two years up until this year still showed maintaining Osteopina.

    Now Osteoporosis stage.

    I am very concern now what to do. So I just have continued with the nasal spray and of course calcium and Vitamin D. and I added Boron and Maganese. I also take Fish oil and Flaxseed.

    My Primary care, suggest that I take Fosamax or Actenol ..if side effects then re-clast.

    I am not going to take those drugs. So I am asking your opinon regarding what I am still doing and added.

    Fortical, calcium, vitamin D, boron and Maganese and fish oil and flaxseed.

    I also use a liptical machine and lift 5 pound weights.

    for weight bearing exercise is suppose to help build strong bones.

    I have a freind that actually after taking Fortical for years, her bones are not osteopedic ..anymore.
    so she is off the medication.


  67. Colleen Vincent

    I was on Fosomax some years ago for my osteoporosis, (severe). I took the drug for 5 weeks only, as it made me violently ill. I was very weak and confined to bed for months and it took close to a full year before I felt the drug had left my body. I asked my doctor could this bad reaction be because I have been on Prednisone for many years, but he didn’t think it was that. I still wonder about that, I have found Prednisone is not compatible with some medications. However I would never take any drug like that again.I have friends who take Fosomax and they have no bad reactions so far so maybe I was the unlucky one. I am still suspicious of Fosomax and would never consider it again.

  68. Patricia Gibbon

    Most interesting looking at my finances to help me decide.

    • Pintu

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  69. Ita

    thank you,Ita.

  70. Lita Newdick

    I am thinking seriously of going back to Fosamax.

    Your book says quite clearly that the only people who have to be really concerned about fractures are those who are at high risk for fracture. Those people include those like myself who must take corticosteroids; however most people don’t have that problem. Therefore, they can freely follow your advice and get off Foxamax. Please do not deny that your language implies this: to me it certainly does. I invite other readers to find the paragraph and judge for themselves. I do not still possess the book; I sent it back and my payment was refunded.

    I am an Addison’s Disease patient who has been taking corticosteroids for sixteen years and medically am considered at “high risk” for fractures. I have been taking Fosamax for nine years and my endocrinologist wishes me to continue for another year. I have osteopenia (with one hip -2.6 which is considered osteoporosis.)

    I am a young 81 year old who plays doubles tennis and is still very flexible.

    I am following as best I can the 80-20 acid-alkiline diet. Yet with my high-risk prognosis, I see no way out of taking the Fosamax and assuming the risk of its fairly rare side effects.

    • Velma Bagley

      I have had artthritis for hears and have taken drugs…

    • Terri Bradley

      I live in Australia so do not know if you can get this drug for osteoporosis. My Doc has put me on PROTOS which is strontium and from what I have read it is the best thing for osteoporosis. Ask & check it out. Good luck.

      • Margie Perez

        Have you seen any results from taking protos?
        Do you know if its true that after you take protos then no OTHER medicación will WORK?

  71. Loyd Campen

    My mom and I would like to develop a weblog similar to this for our internet site, I stumbled across your web blog looking for ideas on the theme and page layout. I am taking some html coding class in college and not sure if I would be able to develop a blog such as this one just yet. Did you code this site by yourself or hire a qualified?

  72. Mrs. Amy Kehela

    Dear Dr.Vivian,
    I have osteoporosis, lower part of my spine – not too sure exactly where as my GP never explain nor discuss it with me properly. In the year 2000, I started on Fosomax, switched to Aldronic and Adcal 3 after some 4 or 5 years, and I am still on a one weekly Aldonic and one daily Adcal-3 , though I was prescribed two adcal -3 daily.

    I am very healthy 77 years old, swim, pilates, cycle etc., and really fed up with the medication. Can I PLEASE stop taking them?
    Many thanks.

  73. Cheryl

    I did a dumb thing a couple weeks ago and let a drup rep talk me into taking Prolia. I told her that I had side effects from Actenol and Boniva. That my legs went numb. She told me that Prolia has “NO” side effects. Well, guess what? My right leg is now numb from hip to the foot and I get tingling around my lips. Is there something I can do to get rid of this?

  74. linda

    What about these drugs being given to stage 4 cancer patients to improve their bone strength. The drs, are trying to make the bones dtronger to prevent fractures.

  75. Elizabeth Henson

    I am so thankful that I learned about these drugs before I started takeing them. I am also thankful I found your website and have your book.

  76. martha moretti

    `2 infusions of reclast ??? what are the long term effects of this drug///

    • Norma

      I took fosamax for approx. 10 years. My sister-in-law had a jaw problem so I discontinued taking Fosmax for two years. 2 years ago a Doctor suggested reclast and I had two infusions. I am 82 years old have decided to quit the infusions. I take Calcium 600 + D 2x day, Vit D 2000 IU 2xday,Fish oil 1200mg l aday, Magnesium Citrate 200 mg 2x day. Have taken Calcium for years.
      Broke my left wrist this year and the Doctor said it would not have healed as well as it has and the break could have been worst is not for having Reclast.(this info was from the Doctor that prescribed it)not the orthoptist Doctor.

  77. Jennie Benton

    I am a believer of Dr Oz, who proclaims that
    milk and dairy products are good for your bones. Isn’t this just your opinion about them
    robing our bones of calcium ? I know you have done research, but why hasn’t our health industry told us about these warnings.

  78. irene karas

    We have stopped the boniva. We are having some trouble establishing a new vitamin program. We
    thought we had it with Dr. Fuhrmans vitamins but after 2 days my mother said she has stomach pains.We are not sure it is due to the
    viamtins and D3 non-vegan . It has been almost two months since we stopped the Boniva. Mother is 86. We to know what other vitamns people have tried. We want about 500mgs. of calcium and Slightly less than 2000 I.U’s of D3.
    Any advice from your readers is encouraged,
    WE will give Dr. Fuhrmans vitamins another chance today. We do plan to consult a nutrionist, have a good Labor Day weekend. Thank you.

    • Linda Sullivan

      I have found that Osteo Calm by Natural Vitality works best for me. It has the requirements mostly you mentioned. And it is liquid which I like, and is organic.

      • Cathy Rynja

        Whoops! I meant taught.

      • Cathy Rynja

        Thanks for the advice. This is ‘a long shot’, but if you talk history in the 1970s, please contact the school or me re reunion.

  79. nancy weiner

    hi vivienne- just a question about evista for osteoporosis? i have been taking it for quite awhile. It is not a biophosphinate drug. is it safer? Nancy W.

  80. Lucia

    Thanks for all the information Vivian.
    I´m a bit confused with raw and pasteurized milk, how about yogurt from pasteurized milk?
    I enjoy eating healthy!

  81. Tricia

    Has anyone had good results strengthening their bones by using a Powerplate i.e. vibrating platform daily as well as good diet and exercise?

    • Monique

      I’ve been asking that question to Vivian a couple of times with no answer. Would like to know the answer also.

  82. Pearl Lichtman

    I developed barrets syndrome from Fosomax, then I did the injections at hiome, stopped and went on reclapse which I did not do this year, now I need hip replacement, I do not stand up correctly even thou I had back surgery 6 years ago. What can I do to repair or improve my posture, stamina and live a normal life?

  83. Hugo Schmidt

    I am 5 months off of fosamax and 6 weeks on the Save our Bones program. My Dr. is questioning me and concerned, but I am determined to make the bones program work. My experience with fosamax was not pleasent.

  84. Marcia

    I was on Boniva and Fosamax for five years and stopped when I was having extensive dental work done. Now my hip t-score is -3.1, and my spine numbers have also regressed-although still osteopenia. A specialist wants me to go on Forteo. I have rejected that idea along with the Reclast. I have gone to a homeopathic doctor, and I discovered that I am taking my meds all wrong. I am now taking my Synthroid in the morning and a combination of vitamin D3 and osteoprime ultra at lunch and dinner. I am also going Gluten-free to help with absorption, and I am meeting with a trainer to add a workout which will help my bone density.
    A friend of mine just recommended Calictronin. What do you think of that? I am 58, and we are taking a trip to Costa Rica this summer, so I want to enjoy the hiking and ziplining without fear.

  85. Micki Kline

    For those ladies who say they cannot afford the book-I am on social security (700 a month) and saved to get it–best thing I ever did. So very worth the price and helpful for reference! I would like to know will my bone continue to regrow after menopause? I think it will but am unsure. The diet is doing me good and my physician wants to read the book now. Is organic green tea (decaf) okay or not? Thanks so much. Taking curcumin for pain, blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood thinning as I have had blockages-so one pill a day is helping all. Thank God for alternative medicine.

  86. androulla

    I have been taking Alendronate 70MG Tablets weekly for 2 years now. can anyone tell me if this drug has bisphosphonates please, as i can not be sure. should i stop now also? i am 52 years old, and was told that i have the start of bone loss, but not bad.thank you.

    • Bee

      Alendronic Acid is a bisphosphonate.

    • Barbara Ritchie

      To the person who wondered “if Alendronate has bisphosphonates”: Alendronate doesn’t “have” bisphosphonates– it IS bisphonates!! If you want to avoid bisphosphonates, then stop taking Alendronate (which is another name for alendronic acid…..

      Best regards.

  87. Florence Daigle

    Injoy this website. would like to be able to print the comments.

  88. Kathy D

    Thanks for your reply on advacal calcium and genistein.I stopped taking it .
    I need to know if I should start taking a different type of calcium your reply
    On advacal made feel that you did not care for it.Your answer means a lot
    To me. Thanks Kathy D please reply

    • Teresita

      Thank you for the information. However, I did not get to read the original response regarding advacal. I am taking it and is very interested on comments regarding it. Thank you again and thanks to Vivian for this opportunity.

    • Eleanor

      Hi Vivien,
      Thankyou for all your wonderful information.I have anterior compressions at T8,T6,T7and T9,as well as undisplaced oblique fracture in sacrum.Is the pain I’m experiencing caused by weak muscles or from the compressions and fracture.
      My dr.has prescribed Actonel,which I won’t take.

  89. evamatusak

    Iam 65 years old had breast cancer and was given
    astrazolam hormone medication which appearently
    destroyes bone density is there anything I can do to prevent bone loss. HOPE YOU CAN GIVE ME A SUGGESTION THANKS EVA M

  90. Patricia Schafer

    Has anyone heard of Jarrow Ultra Bone Up? What are the side effects? Does it really improve bone?

    What about Calcitonin? Any thoughts about that?

    Thanks to all and any for help/advice you can give!

    • Carol Monka

      I bought a large bottle from Whole Foods Market about one month ago, because I am one of those people who doesn’t really trust the safety of Fosamax (I take the generic form of it on Sundays, 70 mg), and have taken a couple of breaks from it, once with my MD’s permission (for maybe 5-6 Sundays, and once without permission for about two months). Am inclined to go off of Fosamax again maybe in January, 2018. I learned of Bone-Up from something I had read on line. You’re supposed to take 6 per day–although there was one stronger formula which I think said ‘3 per day’. I only take like 2 per day. I take a lot of other vitamins, calcium citrate, vit. D, and many others; have not had any side effects from this Bone-Up. Overall, sounds like a good quality product.


  91. Rita Doucas

    I am on in years-77yrs. I was given Fosomax and after two weeks I stopped on my own. I had
    severe reaction. Yhen I started Miacalcin and have been taking it for at least 8 years.I would like to stop it. My last test was 3.0.
    I have been doing weight exercise three times
    a week, I walk at least 2 Hours a day and do
    Hatha Yoga once a week. After reading your book
    I am working on you suggested diet.Thank you.

    • Kathie

      Can you tell me how long it took to get the fosamax out of your system? My mom took it for two weeks and stopped and is still in sever pain.

  92. Anna marx

    I do not want to take scaring medication causing severe health problems. What to do?
    How the other women deal wit it?

  93. june woakes

    All well and good stopping biophosphanates, but if you have polymyalgia rheumatica for the last five years, the doctor will keep you on the drugs indefinitely and you never know just how long the polymyalgia is going to stay with you. Is it dangerous to stop and steroids and biophosphanats and will the pain go away if I stop taking the steroids. Quite a conundrum. Any comments? Has anyone else out there got this problem?

  94. Veronica

    I have compound missing bone frature 10 years ago ,the bone seems heal after sries of operations and have been using the leg although is shorter, now my problem is I am having serious pain at my low extriemities near where i have the frature . I did ex-ray and scan no sign of new frature or infection but the pain did not go away after series of pain and inflamations drugs. Please Vivan help me.



  96. Ria Lehman

    I took Fosamax for maybe ten years, and stopped it about a year and a half ago, when I read about how destructive it actually is. My doctor was NOT happy about that, but I just knew I had to stop, so I did.

    Maybe it helped me and maybe it didn’t; I slipped on water from my cat’s water dish, which I had dropped, and when I fell, my hip was broken and my leg was at a peculiar angle.
    I’m looking forward to receiving your book, which I ordered on Monday the 18th.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been using ankle weights just about every day, am dancing again, though not as much yet, and swimming, as I generally do three times a week. Not that swimming helps the bones much, but it does make me feel that I’m doing good for my whole body, from which I’ve lost both weight and height. In spite of that, I’m feeling great! And I do thank you for the encouragement!

    Be well and happy, Vivian.


  97. Lori


    I am concerned about stopping actonel because I am also taking a hormone blocker (Femara) since I had breast cancer last year. Femara causes further bone loss. I feel like the side effects have decreased my quality of life. In fact I would like to stop taking both drugs. My doctor says it is necessary to continue to take actonel since I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Does anyone know if there are natural alternatives to these two drugs?

    Thank you for any advice you all may have.

    • carol stewart

      I am also taking femora (letrozol) for breast cancer and fosamax plus for osteoporosis. My bone density has continued to drop inspite of this. My doctor recommends changing to tamoxofen instead of femora as it has less negative effect on bones. I am unsure as it is not as protective in breast cancer. Can you advise? Are there better osteoporosis drugs to take eg protos. Thank you

  98. Ardi

    I just came from my Dr. and of course she is “alarmed” that I will not take foxamax or Boniva or any of the other meds she has prescribed for my osteoporosis. Today she gave me a prescription for Calcitonin Salmon Nasal Spray. I can’t find anything in your posts about this med. I also have hypothyroidism and take Synthroid which depletes calcium. If you or anyone has any knowledge about side effects of Calcitonin Salmon please respond as I will hold off starting this spray for a little.

    • carol Dawson

      I am on Fortocal Nasel spray and I need to know what you think?

  99. catherine

    now i am really confused,i will speak with my doctor.

  100. Edward Rimmer

    Wonder if Fosamax has anything to with bowel problema such as diverticulitus.

    • Tricia

      I was unaware that I had diverticula disease until I took Fosamax and within 6 weeks the tablet had inflamed and scarred that part of the colon thereby narrowing it and even though I immediately stopped the drug now 4 years on I am still suffering with diverticula symptoms daily

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