Strontium Demystified: Everything You Wanted To Know - Save Our Bones

I've answered several questions about strontium as part of my Vivian Answers Day series. But I've noticed that more strontium related questions keep coming, so I've decided to compile all the information about strontium in one place to serve as a handy reference for you.

An Introduction to Strontium

Strontium is an element abundantly found in mineral compounds which has many uses in the metal industry. It is also utilized in medical imaging equipment, pyrotechnics, optics, and pottery glazes. One of the most notorious strontium isotopes is strontium-90, a highly radioactive component of nuclear fallout. Discovered in 1808 in the Scottish town Strontian – hence its name – it is only recently that strontium has come into the limelight as a bone health supplement and drug.

Because strontium is a highly reactive element, it is never found in a pure form in nature. Likewise, the most common over-the-counter supplements are chemically bound to different molecules, such as citrate, lactate, carbonate, and gluconate. Strontium ranelate is a prescription drug where the ranelate molecule is a patentable synthetic chemical. More on this later.

First, I'd like to address the concerns of those of you who are aware that I don't recommend strontium supplementation and wonder about the strontium that's included in some of the organic calcium formulas that I do like.

A Little Bit is Okay!

Here's why a little bit of strontium is harmless. Most of the algae-based calcium supplements do contain a small amount of naturally-occurring strontium (3-5 mg), but that's okay. We have a small amount of strontium circulating in our blood (around 350 mg). From a biological standpoint, the amounts in most algae-based calcium formulas are insignificant.

But Not More…

What I don’t recommend is a separate, additional strontium supplement. For example, some organic calcium formulas contain 5 mg of strontium. But there are also strontium supplements on the market that contain over 600 mg. That’s what you should stay away from.

So What's Wrong with Strontium?

In Vivian Answers Day #6, Maurice asked about this directly:

“You seem to be strongly against strontium supplementation. As many other alternative health advisors are in favor of strontium, can you give a detailed explanation why you do not agree?”

And my response to him was:

This is a rich and controversial topic, as you correctly mention in your question. For that reason, in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I devote several pages to discuss the drug Protelos TM (strontium ranelate).

Here are the main reasons why strontium ranelate (and by extension, any form of strontium, such as strontium citrate, carbonate, or lactate) is not a good choice:

  • Strontium has a long list of undesirable side-effects, commonly ranging from nausea to skin irritation, and less often (fortunately), blood clots and fainting.
  • Since strontium is denser than calcium, it is difficult to assess actual bone improvement in a DXA scan.
  • Several studies conclude that strontium causes the outer cortical bone to become thicker, actually reducing tensile strength. This increases the risk of fractures.
  • Strontium competes with calcium absorption.

Strontium is a trace element very similar to calcium. In fact, it is so similar that it competes with the calcium protein carrier in the blood. The human skeleton is mostly made of calcium, which constitutes 1.5 to 2 percent of the body weight of an adult. On the other hand, our bodies only contain 320 to 400 mg of strontium.

Strontium acts as a bone thickener. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I mention a study suggesting that it does not affect the quality of the bone mineral, but rather the quantity. In other words, the outer cortical bone becomes thicker.

But If Strontium Thickens Bones, Isn't That Good?

Remember, there is a big difference between thick bones and strong bones. Just like dried-up thick tree branches, thick bones are more prone to fracture than healthy and renewed bones that have good levels of tensile strength. What is tensile strength? It's the bones' ability to resist stretching or pulling. Quoting from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

“Tensile strength is the ability of a material or member to resist stretching and pulling, and is different from compressive strength. The latter means that a material or member has the ability to resist compression or crushing. Bone compressive strength is always much greater than tensile strength; tensile strength must therefore be of primary concern.”

Strontium does increase density and both trabecular and cortical strength, therefore making bones denser and thicker. However, thicker and more densely packed bones lack ductility and tensile strength.

Fractures involve tensile strength and compressive strength as well. So while strontium hardens bones it also alters their tensile strength actually making them more prone to fracture. Also, as studies reveal, strontium mainly thickens the outer cortical bone and bones with a thicker (less tensile strength) outer cortex are more prone to breakage or fracture 1.

And as mentioned previously, strontium is denser than calcium and gives false bone density test results. Some even recommend reducing T-score numbers by 20% when taking strontium because of that.

In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I reveal the best ways to boost your bones tensile strength so that they become more resistant fracture.

What about Strontium Ranelate?

In the USA, strontium is not an approved drug, but in Europe, Protelos (strontium ranelate) is on the market.

Protelos is one of the brand names for strontium ranelate, which differs from some of the other osteoporosis drugs in that strontium is a naturally occurring element. However, Protelos is combined with ranelic acid, a purely synthetic molecule. Protelos has its own list of side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Fainting
  • Blood clots

And, as with naturally occurring strontium supplements, studies have shown that strontium ranelate mainly thickens the outer cortical portion of bones 2.

The Final Word on Strontium

You may continue to hear strontium touted as a “miracle” drug or supplement. And as we just examined, it's because of strontium's unnatural “hardening” effect.

The bad news is that there is no such thing as a “miracle pill” for osteoporosis. The good news is that you can get started re-building your bones naturally with the Natural Bone Building Handbook. Then to accelerate your natural bone density increase with simple step-by-step instructions, try the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.


1 Boivin, Deloffre, Perrat, et al.. Strontium distribution and interactions with bone mineral in monkey iliac bone after strontium salt administration” Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. 11:1302-1311. 1996.
2 Jiang, Arlot, Genant, et al.. “Histomorphometric and μCT analysis of bone biopsies from postmenopausal osteoporotic women treated with strontium ranelate.” Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.Feb; 23 (2): 215-22. 2008

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  1. Lisa

    You’re confusing strontium renalate with strontium citrate. Citrate is the one that we should be taking. Renalate is the one with the side effects…..

  2. Ann Johnstone

    I can’t believe strontium is still being discussed. I would have thought that by now it would have been completely vetoed as part of any bone-building program. I actually took one strontium citrate capsule to see what effect it would have. I had the most awful reaction to it, and threw out the rest of the bottle. Since then I’ve been reading up on it, and am convinced that the human body does NOT need large amounts of strontium in order to build bone. In fact meddling with nature rarely works. The amount of strontium within the human body is one thing. Large daily doses of strontium is a completely different scenario – and one that could have disastrous effects in the long term. We are taking increasingly greater risks with our health, to the extent that alarm bells should be ringing loudly!

  3. Linda

    I have taken it for about 5 years now. After two years my DEXA showed a significant density increase of 7% in my lumbar spine. I have never had any side effects. Even my doctor was shocked and I was downgraded from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I wish I could upload the report here. But anyway it does work and I asked about if Strontium gives a false reading and they said no. So I don’t know who those people are who go around posting that BS are or why they do it. Probably shills for drug companies

  4. Sandy

    I recently purchased AlgaCal and strontium taken together. After reading the articles I am reluctant to take the strontium. It was costly as well. I am confused. I was just trying to do the best thing for myself. Please help!!

  5. Sussana

    Exercise. Attitude. Diet. Muscle testing eg energy response testing as my way of customizing for me. Lots of research.

    Good article about Sr. I have her book, and she does give a lot of very useful information. I can’t find my copy on the very gentle exercises. And I cannot follow cookbooks. No bitter melon, liver pudding, pickle herring, cactus, dragonfruit etc. She is offering free the Bone Thieves. A great read.

    As for offering a product for sale, so do MDs, NDs, every entrepreneur and professional. These comments are great too.

    As for SrCit, I spent days reading blogs, studies and Amazon comments, also ton of info on Amazon. I purchased SrCitrate in 340 mg, size (227 mg as Sr). (other forms- citrate, lactate, carbonate, gluconate). Muscle testing results: My bones want 680 mg. False. My body is comfy with 340. True. Once a day. False. 2x a day. T. In 2 doses… T. slpit the capsuleWith calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc, yogurt, KEFIR etc. False.

    • star stern

      Several studies conclude that strontium causes the outer cortical bone to become thicker, actually reducing tensile strength. This increases the risk of fractures.

      while on the other side am reading just opposite studies or so ?
      can one sort these out ?

      July 29, 2013, 7:37 pm
      I am proof positive that bio-available calcium in combination with vitamins D and K along with strontium regenerates osteoporotic bone

      My surgeon who inserted rods to set the fracture commented that the quality of my bones is excellent as he can accurately assess their condition when he drills through them to insert rods.

      June 30, 2013, 4:52 pm

      strontium safely strengthens bones, decreases fracture rates,

      September 7, 2012, 12:14 am
      I cannot praise the beneficial effects of strontium citrate enough! Six weeks ago I recommended strontium to a relative of mine who has severe osteoporosis. She is in her 70s and experienced unrelenting back pain from vertebral fractures. The old fractures were not healing and new fractures continued to occur. She was taking calcium, magnesium, etc, but nothing helped. Because I also have osteoporosis, and had researched the effects of strontium citrate, I suggested that she start taking strontium. Three weeks later, she was pain-free! Six weeks later she is still pain-free and is now able to clean house again, whereas formerly she was unable to use the vacuum cleaner or even dust the furniture without experiencing intensified pain. Needless to say,she is over-joyed and has developed a whole new outlook on life. As for side effects, they can occur from any over-the-counter product if you don’t use wisdom in taking them, including natural supplements, caffeine, sugar, etc. The key to taking strontium is to allow a least 2 hrs between it and your calcium product, so each of them will properly absorb. As a retired nurse, I have closely examined the research on strontium, and feel quite confident in adding it to my present regimen of natural supplements. Anne

  6. Donna

    Hi, I just bought” Garden of Life Organic’s” Organic Plant Calcium that has 4mg of Strontium from organic Algae and 15mcg of Vanadium from organic Algae is this ok? I do not want to continue putting something in my body that is not good, Even a little bit not good. Thank you for the advice.

  7. Rod Garrido

    Having spent 26 years in the USAF medical service specialties that included investigational chemistry, surgical, oncology, ICU, NICU, obstetrics, gynecology, aerospace medicine, space shuttle program, etc., I find that you do not mention that patients who need surgically implanted fusion plates (performed with drilling screws) need to be on a strontium citrate supplementation at least 14 weeks prior to surgery specifically for the reason that strontium boost helps harden/rigid the bones to keep the surgical screws in place. You are doing your readers a disservice therefore misleading them by not including this information.

    Very Respectfully
    Rod Garrido, MA, MSS, HSA, USAF Retired

    • Paul Ryan

      I have been taking Strontium Citrate (Strontium Boost) along with other minerals to assist my bones. I would like to know your opionion on the Strontium Citrate which as far as I can ascertain is the best of all the Strontiums available.
      In anticipation
      Paul Ryan

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  11. amber

    You had me listening to you until you brought something completely unrelated into the conversation?

    • amber

      In regards to Bill Pickersgill response

  12. Anina

    I actually wanted a reply from Vivian Goldschmidt 😉

  13. Anina

    Hi Vivian,

    I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease, 5 years ago. I’ve been on cortisone (Prednisone), as my body rejected all other treatments for this disease. As a result of the long-term use of cortisone, I was diagnosed with osteopenia 3 years ago. The physician prescribed Protos, which I took for amlost two years, until I came across the Save our Bones program last year. I immediately stopped the Protos, ordered the program, modified my diet and started excercising. Despite the fact that my cortisone dosis was increased last year, the result of the bone densite test in June this year was the same as last year, which proves that your program works!
    I am convinced that my osteopenia could have been reversed by following your program, but because of the cortisone there is no improvement, it just doesn’t get worse. What would you advise me to do?
    I read through the chapter where you discuss the various medications again, and it seems that Protos is one of the ‘lesser evils’….

    • Geraldine Gill

      I also have been on doses of Prednisone for 30 years when needed for asthma,
      I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and last year with Paget’s disease. My legs and lower back are in pain most of the time, and just found out and purchased AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium. I have been very active my whole life (84) and now either in pain or taking pain over the counter meds. Just got my supply of the above and now not sure of the Strontium, I also get an intravenous once a year from my orthopedic MD.

  14. Vida

    I diagnose osteoprosis on my hips and spine ,I took Algeacal plus for a month ,but I found out that I got headache becuase of k2 ,so I stop taking them.then for one month I took strontium 680mg every night .right now I am dealing with so much pain on my shoulders ,spine ,my neck .i also stop tacking them also.i have super sensitive body ,I don’t know what supplement to take for my bones .????please help me ,,is my pain goes away becuse of side effect of strounium …???

    • Mary

      You need to take more calcium than strontium, so if you are taking 680 mg of strontium, I would take 1000 mg of calcium citrate or malate. Take your strontium separate from your calcium; at least 4 hours apart. Ideally, your supplement should also contain vitamin D3, vitamin K2 as menaquinone, magnesium glycinate or citrate, zinc, copper, boron, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, and silicon.

      Another very effective way to battle osteoporosis is to supplement with BIOIDENTICAL (not horse urine derived) estrogen and progesterone.


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  17. steve

    This article is pretty poorly argued. There are some potential side effects with strontium if you’ve got heart disease or kidney disease, but the same is true of calcium! After doing a bunch of research I think I’m going to do 340 mg of strontium daily. The science I’m reading is pretty clear that fracture risk is seriously reduced using this supplement, it’s cheap, the side effects are mostly theoretical and not at all well documented. So, in combination with other approaches I think it’s totally reasonable to include this until I see some persuasive evidence to the contrary. It has to make you wonder whether the big pharma might not be at least partly behind some of this attempt to dissuade people from taking this incredibly cheap and by most accounts effective supplement. If this site weren’t selling its own “solution” it might raise less concerns about a conflict of interest publishing what seems like a pretty weak argument against this supplement.

    • Marty

      Thanks for an intelligent comment. I was coming to a similar conclusion and appreciate your succinct distillation.

      • Grace

        I agree with you Steve. I am also going to try Strontium Citrate. I find it confusing that they constantly mix SR with SC. I want a clear review of SC.

  18. Faye

    I just don’t know what to believe anymore , should I take strontium citrate for my bones ? I will not take prolia like my dr wants me too no way . I have Virtigo it’s hard to walk lots and exercise but my bones are getting worse .just what do I do , sick and tired of everyone wanting money money and no help . I try to stay alkaline the best I can , I reckon what will be will be . Just tired .

  19. Bill Pickersgill

    It’s a” big lie” that whole dairy is bad , why do you think everyone is low in Vit D /. No one’s drinking” whole” milk but 2% , 1 % , and skim, which are useless , because you need the saturated fat to absorb fat soluble vitamins . How could something” whole” be bad for you ?, are not whole grains good then why wouldn’t whole dairy be good . Do you not see the correlation ?.

    Go back 100 yrs ago or even 50 there was no disk and skeletal degeneration or osteoporosis , because everyone consumed whole dairy products regularly their whole lives and they were way healthier than we are now .

    Think about it, since everyone quit consuming whole milk skeletal problems have skyrocketed . And if 2 %, 1 % , and skim are acceptable replacements for whole dairy from a goat or cow why the continuing skeletal problems ?. And if soy and almond and flax etc are acceptable replacements then why is everyone still low in Vit D ?.

    And you” cannot” take Vit D supps it’s a fat soluble Vit which means it’s not excreted daily like Vit B, AND C . This means you can build up a toxcicity in the liver or arterial calcification which your seeing more and more .

    You want to drink whole milk it’s one of the healthiest foods you can put into your body , Isa 55 : 1 , Ex 3 : 8 , Ex 3 : 17 Ex 33 : 3[ Niv] bible . don’t listen to the lies there is no truth out there today as was predicted by a great prophet of God . Isa 59 : 15 [Niv] bible .

    • steve

      You’re using bible quotes to settle diet questions? What century is this?

      • bonami

        …the Bible is timeless. We would do well to heed the truths God has contained in His Word to us. We are indeed a sick people in so many ways.

        • Grace

          I get terrible sinus problems when using dairy products. So I am taking some Calcium with VitD3 and VitK. Not all of us can handle dairy.

  20. Cavell Smith

    I’ve been struggling with weakness into the muscles for the past years, I’m am 49 yrs old. I need your help please tell me what to do.I’ve been to my family doctor and he recommend therapy. But he did not like give me anything to take nd I did the therapy for awhile and stop cause they just don’t know what to do at the hospital. So I’m very much in need of your help please and thank you. I’m living in Jamaica.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am sorry you’re having trouble finding the appropriate treatment for your health issues, Cavell. Is there a more holistic physician, chiropractor, or nutritionist in your area who might be more in tune with the approach you’re looking for?

  21. Williamvept

    Im grateful for the forum topic.Really thank you! Awesome.

  22. Angela

    Hello everyone! I read through all the comments here and noticed that no one has mentioned Caffiene intake or Smoking as being a cause of Osteoporosis. I take my Mom to an MD, ND, and a Chiropractor. It was the Chiropractor and the ND who recommended to eliminate Caffiene, and Smoking. Caffiene depletes the body of Magnesium also Smoking depletes the body of all Minerals and Vitamins. Caffiene is in Coffee, Chocolate, some Teas, and Soda. I’ve replaced her Coffee and Chocolate habit with Malt, Carob, and Coffee Substitutes made with Chicory usually found in the Coffee isle of stores, or the Tea section. Zinc also is commonly deficient in many people, since Zinc competes with Phylates found in Grains, and also Copper. A Zinc Supplement taken a few hours away from Grains and Supplements that may have Copper is important. I also added a Silica Supplement (from red algae). Vitamin B Complex and Boron is also good for the health of bones. Recent research has shown that Vitamin K-2 causes the Calcium to go straight to the bones and not to the arteries the ND prescribed her Vitamin K-2, along with Fish Oil gel caps, 3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil and Chia Seeds day, and Ubiquinol (QH absorb). The Coconut Oil and Chia Seeds keep her cholesterol low, but may also be of interest here for those who are concerned about Calcium going to the Arteries, and Ubiquinol and Fish Oil. Besides these she takes Strontium Citrate, Calcium, Magnesium 1,000 mgs, an Osteo Supplement called Osteo Prime Forte, Bioplasma (a combination of 12 mineral cell salts vital to cellular health and function), a Whole Food Supplement, Vitamin C 4,000 mgs daily, and Vitamin D3. The amount of Vitamin C needed and / or tolerated varys from person to person. She quit smoking it’s been about 7 months that she started on most of the supplements but Strontium, Silica, and Boron, and Zinc were just added a couple months ago. Someone mentioned Biotin in the comments and I will be looking into adding that. I believe a lack of minerals causes Osteoporosis. It’s interesting someone commented here about the stomach not being Alkaline could cause Osteoporosis….the ND prescribed my Mom 1/2 a Teaspoon of Baking Soda and 1/2 Teaspoon of Salt in 40 ounces of Water a day, (along with 80 ounces of plain regular water) but this is to keep from dehydrating since the elderly dehydrate easily. The Baking Soda keeps the body Alkaline which also has shown a Non-Alkaline Body is a cause of cancer, but if you eat enough greens without lots of sugar daily then your body should be Alkaline. I wonder if Gelatin or Pectin may also help in the formation of bones and bone growth since it strenghthens and thickens nails? Thank you everyone for all your input! Take Care!

  23. Jen

    I am taking Garden of Life Vitamin Code Grow Bone system and on the box it reads 680mg Elemental Stronium. The amount per serving is 3.8. Is that okay then or should I go with another supplement? Thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jen,

      Most of the algae-based calcium supplements do contain a small amount of strontium that is actually part of the algae, but that’s ok. We have a small amount of strontium circulating in our blood (around 350 mg), and the amounts in most algae-based calcium formulas won’t make a difference. What I do not recommend is a separate, additional strontium supplement. The New Chapter product has 5 mg of strontium. As a comparison, AlgaeCal’s Strontium Boost contains a little more than 600 mg, which is too much.

  24. Behroze mirza

    I take True Osteo Calcium Tablets as directed. I also take Vitamin D 2000 IU. My question is what other supplements should I take? can you please advise.

    • Kathy Schuler

      Would like to get the free booklet offered in prior section. My name would not print in space provided. I am taking strontium and now I am worried that I am doing myself harm.

      • Customer Support

        I am sorry you had trouble! Check your inbox – you should have a copy of the free ebook, Stop the Bone Thieves, waiting in your inbox ready to download. 🙂

        • Birdie

          There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions and lack of replies on these comments on the article about Strontium. However, when someone can’t access the free book, the customer service department is all over it. Why are most questions not being answered on this site?

  25. Amira Rosenberg


    After reading your wonderful article about strontium,I was wondering;to what extent can strontium thicken our bones?Are we talking about milimeters,a small difference which can be observed only through X-rays,or centimeters or even inches of thickness,which can be observed with the bare eye?For how long and in what doses should strontium be taken to observe a change in thickness?And last but not least,any kind of strontium will do the trick?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Amira,

      The actual amount of thickening would vary from individual to individual. The point is that thickening bone by adding quantity alone is not healthy, whereas increasing bone quality is. Strontium increases thickness (quantity) but not tensile strength (quality), and it’s the latter that is the key to preventing fractures.

  26. zara

    Hi Vivian and the team
    Does OSTPO fall into the same group as Strontium?
    I have been following the ‘Save Our Bones’ programme now for over a year, and although my bone density hasn’t improved (aged 59 years with borderline Osteoporosis in spine and wrists, Osteopenia in hips), neither has it gotten much worse (a good thing I guess…)
    It was suggested that I try this supplement (which I have been told is plant based)
    Your input would be appreciated..
    Thanks again for all your support, I’ve enjoyed your reports and encouragement….
    Warm regards

  27. Jenna

    I have been looking for something for almost an hour now, for a school project, and I have to say. I am very thankful I found my answer on this website. Thank you, so, very much!

  28. Margaret Lomas

    While all of this is great idea for most likely the majority of people, my own research shows me that there are those whose osteoporosis is the result of the bones leaching the nutrients required to keep them strong, rather than lack of those nutrients in the first place. I was diagnosed at 37 and, like Vivienne, refused the fosomax, more out of instinct than anything else. I have embarked upon every natural solution ever publicized, form homeopathy to other remedies and all of the things outlined in this treatment. Today at 54 I sit with a still deteriorating bone density – each year I have a scan with hope that there has been a change and each year I am devastated at the results. It is crucial to point out that regimes such as this one are not necessarily the answer for everyone.

    • Deejay O'Brien

      I suggest you join “Team Inspire” and meet a lot of people who have bucked their OP, and who now offer good advice to those asking for it.

  29. monica kelly

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  30. Smart

    What is the real cause of low bone density on adolescents.

  31. Dave Westbrook


    I have been reading about strontium citrate and today discovered information about your research. What seems puzzling to me is that I have not been able to find any details regarding what your recommendations are for good bone health.

    All I see is a commercial to buy your book… this a scam…..if it is not, why not freely share the information.


  32. Mimi

    I Am very concerned and confuse about the all thing, I have osteoporosis but no fractures yet !!– I am scare to death about those injection the Dr, suggested like
    Prolia !!— I am tired of every one trying to sell vitamin or other stuff I just want to safe
    my bone, I don’t know who I can believe to many do this do that— what is the right and safe way to go and the right amount of vitamin and the right exercise I don’t want a fracture I want to feel better and live without fear !!!— Please help me, tell me what to do !!!
    Thank you

    • Denicia

      I’m with you. Just trying to find an answer from someone not trying to sell me something. I tried Prolia twice, bones ached. Just tried Fosomax once, in terrible pain. I’m active, no broken bones, except for one auto accident. I’m active, horses, etc.
      If you find a common sense way to help, please let me know.

  33. Sue Swayzee

    I understand that strontium (any form) should be taken at least a few hours away from taking calcium supplements. However, I have a wonderful calcium supplement (plant-based) that has both magnesium, K2, and a small amount of strontium in it. Is this a problem? I hate to try to find a new calcium supplement because this is one I can actually swallow, and it doesn’t give me any problems like heartburn or stomach upset. Also, I’ve been reading that more magnesium should be taken with calcium so that less calcium is needed. What should I do?

    • Grace

      I read the same advice. I have just ordered Strontium Citrate. I will take my Calcium with Vitd3 and Vitk a few hours away from taking the Strontium. And yes, I take Magnesium as well when I take my Calcium.

  34. Sue Swayzee

    I understand that strontium (any form) should be taken at least a few hours away from taking calcium supplements. However, I have a wonderful calcium supplement (plant-based) that has both magnesium, K2, and a small amount of strontium in it. Is this a problem? I hate to try to find a new calcium supplement because this is one I can actually swallow, and it doesn’t give me any problems like heartburn or stomach upset. Also, I’ve been reading that more magnesium should be taken with calcium so that less calcium is needed. What do I do?

  35. Mary

    The doses of strontium ranelate is much higher in strontium than most strontium citrate plus their additives may cause side effects separate from the strontium itself.

    I did notice that strontium citrate manufacturers do NOT say how much actual strontium is in each 340 mg tablet. Maybe there is one that does specify. I haven’t look extensively.

    • Sam

      Your question is a couple of years old now, but still thought a reply here could help someone. From what I had read, when it comes to strontium citrate a bit over a 1/3 by weight is strontium. So 340mg should yield approx 120-140mg of Sr. This is just an approximate answer, a bit of research will give you an exact %.

  36. Don

    I am proof positive that bio-available calcium in combination with vitamins D and K along with strontium regenerates osteoporotic bone. Four years ago I was diagnosed as having severe osteoporosis in the lumbar spine and femoral neck. I have been on a regimen of the supplements named above for four years. I recently experienced a serious mountain bike accident in which I fell, with all of the impact concentrated on my left hip causing it to fracture. My surgeon who inserted rods to set the fracture commented that the quality of my bones is excellent as he can accurately assess their condition when he drills through them to insert rods. He requested that I provide him with a detailed description of my regimen so he can pass the information along to his other patients. I have experienced no side effects, whatsoever. The strontium regimen has been used for years to treat osteoporosis.

    By the way, I am now six weeks post-surgery, and I am able to walk, climb stairs without crutches or a cane. X- rays taken this morning showed excellent healing. I am a believer in my regimen, and no one can convince me otherwise. I am an active 65 year old. .

    • Wendy Davison

      Hi Don

      I hope you are still in great health. I have osteoporosis too and have been taking Vit K2, D3 and magnesium for about 4 yrs. I would love to know your regimen as hopefully I can adjust my supplement intake accordingly. Thanks.

    • Patty

      Don – would you send me your regimen as well…..I presently take trueosteo and would really appreciate help….I have significant osteoperosis….I just turned 68…thank you

    • karen

      i am very interested in how much you take and what brands of supplements
      you are using. I believe in your regimen and want to start immediately.
      thank you so much look forward to hearing from you

    • I would like a copy of your regime

      I would like a detail copy of your regimen

    • Wanda

      Hello Don,

      Yes, would appreciate you sharing with us what you said your doctor requested:

      “He requested that I provide him with a detailed description of my regimen so he can pass the information along to his other patients. I have experienced no side effects, whatsoever.”

      Thank you!

    • ek

      Don, please share what form of strontium did you take and at what dosage? I will read further down to see if you have said more.

    • elisheva14

      Any one case is not proof positive. My husband broke his femur in a bike accident five years ago when he was 70 years old. He was already diagnoses with Osteoporosis and had just starting on Forteo. Since he was very active the doctor predicted a full recovery and he did in a short time and now walks as well as ever. With Forteo there was a dramatic increase in his bone density. There still is no panacea, as he gets scans yearly, blood tests, and calcium, D-3 and a yearly infusion of Reclast. He was not able to tolerate Stontium Citrate. His sister is the same. Without Reclast yearly there was loss of bone seen on the scan. We see an International Specialist for Osteoporosis. My husband has always been very active. His daughter, in her 40’s, a weight lifter, is now see low bone density issues and take strontium. My mother had Osteoporosis and never broke any bones until 89 years old and made of full recovery. She became much shorter. I am so far ok. I took all the drugs my doctors recommended and have tried strontium citrate. I am not sure about it.

    • Batia Shalev

      Hello Don
      You wrote in your comment here that “I am proof positive that bio-available calcium in combination with vitamins D and K along with strontium regenerates osteoporotic bone”.

      Can you please provide specific information on what you are taking??
      1. What kind of calcium, how many mg, how many times per day?
      2. I assume you take vitamin D3, again how much, how many IU and how many times per day?
      3. Same question regarding the K vitamin and the specific strontium you take, how many capsules and how many mg???

      I too am 65 year old female and I am also very active. In a recent bone scan it was found that there was a significant reduction in my lumbar spine as well.

      Thank you very much, hope to hear back from you soon.

      • Sheena

        Don, I like to know too. I am wondering why people who bought the book on this website have not offer any information on this program.


    Why are you not using the best form of D3?

  38. vidya

    Thanks sending me e mails about save bones I am reading yours mails I have
    Osteoporosis I stop my media in following u send me regularly if do u know
    Some body knows blood pressure and sugar I need that too thanks for mails
    Continue please

    • Carol


      I applaud your efforts to provide important information for all women!

      But I am confused: I just read in full both citations listed (above) as your references upon which you base your criticism of strontium. Unless I’m missing something, both of these articles conclude that strontium safely strengthens bones, decreases fracture rates, and does all this without damaging the underlying, normal molecular structure of the bone. Could you please tell us what part of these articles spoke badly of strontium? Appreciate your guidance on this!

  39. Shirley

    I started taking Strontium citrate almost a year now, 3-4 hrs after my calcium, and I recently started experiencing heartburn, acid reflux and now diagnosed with stomach ulcers. Just a few days ago, I was having severe stomach pain which comes and goes all day and all night. It seems to be easing up now, but I am afraid to eat and can’t eat much. I am wondering if all this is a side effect of the strontium. I have osteoporosis and osteopenia for years and was on fosamax for a long time but stopped 2 years ago.

  40. Catherine

    Hi Vivian

    I already have your Save our Bones Program which is working very well for me, but I need to ask you a question.

    I now have an overactive thyroid caused by Graves disease, which is affecting my eyes badly with swelling.

    My doctor has therefore put me on declining doses of steroids, but with the steroids he has given me Alendronic Acid 70g to be taken once a week, I have looked this up and found it is Fosimax to protect my bones while I’m on the steroids which I obviously Dont want to take.

    Would I be OK just continuing to follow your program even while taking steroids. Thank you so much

  41. Randal Coon

    MAGNESIUM. It seems t be suggested in some amount to assist in the reformation of bone. However, when I was placed on Magnesium, the Endocrinologist also felt that I needed to take Potassium Chloride, for the sake of my heart. Now that I am off of both, I hesitate to add magnesium back o without knowing that I don’t need to take KCl to balance it out. Any information on that? Thanks, Randy

  42. Nicole

    Perhaps you should do further lit. reviews (even refer to a Cochrane review!!!) before professing the pros and cons of osteoporotic therapy.

  43. Mary Malatesta

    In regard to EZorbonline, when I experienced pain in my heels, x-rays showed bone spurs. The doctor recommended over the counter orthotic heel inserts. Went online to research bone spurs and discovered the EZorb website. Ordered the capsules and after both using heel inserts and Ezorb, the pain disappeared. The doctor said it was because of the inserts, but my gut says EZorb had a lot to do with it. I continue to use EZorb to this day (currently taking six capsules) and the pain has vanished completely.

  44. Barbara

    I have been taking Strontium Citrate 2230 MG for about 3 years now. I make sure not to take it with the calcium. Do you suggest I just stop? I also take 400 mg of extra Vitamin K & 10,000 of Vit D3 plus a whole host of other Vitamins, minerals, Omega 3’s etc from a very good absorbable source. I am also on natural hormone cream, Biest 1.5, Progesterone 20, Testosterone 2 and DHEA 10 Mg.

    I am not on any drugs for osteoporosis but up to 7 yrs ago was on Fosamax for 2.5 years. I am 68 yrs. My bone density has improved but is it a false reading from Strontium?

  45. Anne

    I cannot praise the beneficial effects of strontium citrate enough! Six weeks ago I recommended strontium to a relative of mine who has severe osteoporosis. She is in her 70s and experienced unrelenting back pain from vertebral fractures. The old fractures were not healing and new fractures continued to occur. She was taking calcium, magnesium, etc, but nothing helped. Because I also have osteoporosis, and had researched the effects of strontium citrate, I suggested that she start taking strontium. Three weeks later, she was pain-free! Six weeks later she is still pain-free and is now able to clean house again, whereas formerly she was unable to use the vacuum cleaner or even dust the furniture without experiencing intensified pain. Needless to say,she is over-joyed and has developed a whole new outlook on life. As for side effects, they can occur from any over-the-counter product if you don’t use wisdom in taking them, including natural supplements, caffeine, sugar, etc. The key to taking strontium is to allow a least 2 hrs between it and your calcium product, so each of them will properly absorb. As a retired nurse, I have closely examined the research on strontium, and feel quite confident in adding it to my present regimen of natural supplements. Anne

    • Paulette

      I agree with your positive opinion on Strontium Citrate. I also am a registered nurse. I have read extensively on Strontium. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, strontium causes the osteoblasts to increase the production of new bone. The only other osteoporosis drug that does this is forteo, and it can only be taken for two years due to the chance of osteosarcoma. The study found no indication that calcium uptake is inhibited from taking Strontium.

      • Sandy

        If forteo can cause osteosarcoma after two yrs and it works the same way as strontium, is it then possible for strontium to also cause osteosarcoma?

      • Mary

        From what I have read, it is essential that strontium be taken about 2 hours away from taking any calcium supplements or foods high in calcium.

        Strontium is heavier than calcium.

        • Dee

          I would like to clarify things a bit about Fosomax, it does not build bone in any real sense, IT SLOWS THE LOSS OF OLD BONE, NOT THE SAME THING. The result is you are not turning over old bone (natual process) and replacing with quality strong bone, therefore, you have more low quality hard bone that is actually more proen to fracture like china even though the DEXA scans give results of improved density (score) which is not the same as or as important as quality of bone. Note: my doctor told me it can take 50 years to rid your body of the damage from Fosomax (or any of the other drugs in the same catagory). Forteo on the other hand is injected daily and limited to 2 years as testing in rats has produced bone cancer and testing on humans was just to two years. Once you stop taking it, the increase you gained begins to reverse again. Also RX is very expensive to the tune of 600.00+ mo and insurance co’s are relunctant to approve. Opt for increased quality of new bone over increased shored up old bone.

  46. Deborah Parker

    I would like to start a program with vitamins and minerals. I have osteoporosis, osteoartritis, secondary hyperparathyroidism (control with Vitamin D2 and D3) malabsorption, lactose, fructose, sensitive to wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes oats. I also have Sjogrens. I take vitamin d2, d3, jarrow MK-7, vitamin e, selenium, folate 400mcg, manganese, Solgar calcium mag. Carlson ACES, Jarrow CoQ10 200mg and glutahione 250mg cream. Im I on the right track? I do get very tired after I eat. I am very active and in very good shape.

    • Lyn

      Deborah – My understanding is that hyperparathyroidism is caused by a benign tumor on one or more of the four parathyroid glands, and can only be resolved by a short surgery to remove the tumor. Please see Dr. norman of Tampa seems to be a leading expert on parathyroid issues and I believe I’ve read here that hyperparathyroidism cannot be fixed with vitamin d, although many docs are under that incorrect impression I hope you’re ok, as I see your post was from some time ago,

      • Jerris

        My blood calcium went up to 10.7 and alarmed my doctor enough that she was going to send me to an endocrinologist to check my parathyroid. I had a gut feeling it was the Vit D3 she had me on at 8,000 IU a day for several years. I cut back on the D3 to2,000 IU most days with occasional days taking 3,000 IU and my next bloodwork came back with the blood calcium back to normal where it had been for years before. Every one is different. What works for some can be harmful for others.

      • Dee

        I would like to add that removal of all four parathyroid glands will elimate your body’s ability to assimilate calcium and result in severe bone loss. Beware. Before excepting anyone’s opinion on this site, make sure you do your homework and research and talk to a Dr. I know everyone means well, but you must be carefull of misinformation.

    • Naomi Blum

      Hello Deborah,
      Noticed your Email on this Save Our Bones site. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist.
      It is not usual to get very tired after eating. I went through the same thing, and finally a doctor figured out the cause. Please Email me if you wish some feedback.

  47. chris lee

    I have been advised by my Dr. to have a aclasta injection or medication I was diagnoised with Osteoporosis two yeats ago I would not have the needle or medication. My T scores are worse than before I still do not want to take the course the Dr. would like me too. I had tried weights and exercise however did not stick to a goood routine.
    I ordered four books and audio tape from the save our bones program and only ever recieved one book I did call but had no response I never recieved the other three books and audio tape I paid for.
    I thought I would give this program one more go as I am afraid to take the Dr. advice. Any advice for me I do not feel like buying the books again as they probably will not arrive.

  48. Sheryl

    What are your thoughts and recommendations concerning the consumption of water from a water purification system that is said to produce alkaline water as being a great health benefit.

  49. Lorraine


    I would be interested in your reaction to Lara Pizzorno’s comments posted in her blog (see link below). She disputes many of your claims as does my naturopath who is recommending I take 320 mg strontium citrate every second day. Sure is confusing and makes it difficult to know what to do.


    • Sandy

      If you ever check back with this blog…..thank you do much for your informative link.

  50. Gloria Jones

    Many doctors continue to recommend strontium. In fact, when it first came out on the market, my doctor was ecstatic. Then it seemed to disappear for a while, and then make a dramatic comeback. You will note, Vivian, that some doctors do not agree with you that Strontium makes bones thicker but more brittle. In fact, they indicate the opposing view, that it makes bones both thicker and more flexible. One doctor, in particular, has an advertising flyer she sends out, praising Strontium to the skies. So who does a vulnerable person believe, when there are so many different points of view? I know your motives are pure and I, personally, trust what you say. However, there are some women who are gung-ho about strontium and it would be difficult to change their minds in view of the favorable advertising today.

    • Maria Nielsen

      Hi Gloria,
      I reluctantly took strontium 3 years ago after diagnosed with osteoporosis when I had triple fracture in my ankle. Luckily, after only 6 days I developped bad skin rash on my chest and immediatelly stopped taking it. Why I say luckilly, since I don´t ever take any drugs, I only use natural things, my smart body warned me. My doctor offered some different drugs which I politely refused and told him that I was going to do it my way, naturally. Last year I had 5 percent improvement and now with Vivian´s help I am sure I can do even better. I am 64 years young.

  51. Pam

    Hi Vivian,

    Would you please give us the citation for research upon which you base your assertions regarding Strontium?

    Thank you for all your work toward helping us strengthen bones without drugs.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Pam – You’ll find the citations at the end of the article. 🙂

      • Carol


        I applaud your efforts to provide important information for all women!

        But I am confused: I just read in full both citations listed (above) as your references upon which you base your criticism of strontium. Unless I’m missing something, both of these articles conclude that strontium safely strengthens bones, decreases fracture rates, and does all this without damaging the underlying, normal molecular structure of the bone. Could you please tell us what part of these articles spoke badly of strontium? Appreciate your guidance on this!

  52. Leith Rogers

    Thank you for all of the work you have put in to help those of us with ostioporosis. Without you and your book, I would have found myself on possibly devasting medication. My first scan shows definite improvement.
    However, more improvement would be good, so I’ve been researching vibration therapy. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Leith,

      First, congratulations on your improvement! The vibrating plates are still shrouded with controversy. For example, people with spinal injuries, such as slipped discs or pinched nerves may increase damage by using the machine. I have not researched it in great detail because there are so many other ways to increase density without the added expense of this equipment.

      • Grace

        I tried vibration machine and it increased my back pain.

  53. Helen

    Your thorough, reliable, research-based information is more comfort than words can express. After 17 years of living with what professionals have called “dire” osteoporosis and predictions I would be in a wheelchair by now, I can only say each of your articles, always generous with information and explanations, brings tears to the eye with relief and gratitude. Thank you.

    • Jane

      Dear Helen
      Are you taking biphosphonates at all? I too was diagnosed 3 years ago by my GP with osteporosis who said I had the spine of a 90 year old(according to his charts). I am now 63 and have not taken the Alendonate Acid he prescribed. I would very much like to hear back to hear if you have avoided taking them too!
      With warmest best wishes

  54. carol k garey

    is the “marine algae” in Vitamin Code products organic ? The Vitamin Code calcium has 3.4 mg (?)strontium in it, is this the better product?

    the algae cal had 1,440 ppm of strontium and claims that it is the only organic calcium not the bleached kind , is this ok to take?

    There is also red algae, is this the better produce and bow do you know if it is “organic’ ?

    thank you,

  55. sarah

    Hi there, have found your article very interesting and informative. i have been using a skin care treatment for the prevention of rosacea that contains strontium, however, i just read that it was banned from cosmetics within the EU and wondered what your thoughts are on this – is it true and if so am i using a product that is ultimatley going to cause me longer term damage. It appears to work for my problem, but obviously i dont want to be using it if it is a banned substance or potentially dangerous, your advice would be appreciated, kind regards

  56. Charles

    I too would be very much interested in your views regarding the relevance of lactoferrin to bone health/restoration.

  57. joan

    I recently read that lactoferrin, found in whey protein and supplements, was beneficial for maintaining and the rebuilding of bone. Your opinion would be appreciated.

    • Pam

      I, too, am interesting in the answer to this question.


  58. Sandra Robertson

    Thank you for all your research & evaluations of various drugs & therapies.

    There is a new drug on the market called “prolia”. Yesterday my endocrinologist & today my rheumatologist both recommended it very strongly. How is it different from the bisphosphonates & what are the side effects? Is this another dangerous drug?

    Thanks so much. Sandra.

  59. Nancy Cauchi

    Hi Vivian
    ,Keep up the good work you are doing by giving us good information.Thanks a lot . I would like to ask you if I can replace the Osteocare 1tablet daily for some other organic tablet, I have osteoporosis and is on Protelos 2g daily and osteocare daily.
    Thank you in anticipation

  60. Donna Drecksel

    Discuss calcium, it’s many sources, carbonate, citrate, coral etc. Seems there is current thought that calcium hardens the arteries and is not good for us. I have taken calcium lactate for some time as recommended by my health provider. He says it is the most absorbable calcium in that it is more easily absorbed into the system than other forms. Thanks so very much. It is very confusing to choose the proper supplements to maintain good bone and heart health.

  61. Joanne

    You do not give a link to any studies that back up your claims that Strontium does the things you say it does. Please provide the studies so we know it is not just a sales pitch for your program and book.

    • felicia

      Yes, pls. provide the studies to back up your claim!

  62. Mo

    Is it true that once one starts Strontium Ranelate, that the Dexa scan can no longer (ever) be relied upon for an accurate reading?

    So is there any way to test bone improvement after taking Strontium?

    • Elaine

      Mo, If you get a good answer, would you share with me?

    • Ana

      This was a good blog. I just want to add some more information about osrrtaethoitis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is considered as a degenerative joint disease. It is the result of trauma or infection of the joint, whereas rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that primarily attacks the joints resulting into synovitis that often leads to the destruction of the articular cartilage. If you’re suffering from arthritis, your physician most likely referred you to a physical therapist for treatment sessions. A significant increase in energy can help you go through your routine exercise program. In most cases, the mere anticipation of pain while beginning an exercise program can be quite daunting. Mangosteen supplements help provide the energy needed and also aids in the management of pain and anxiety.

  63. Pearl Wood

    What a shocker – my ears picked up – I am on Strontium Citrate (100% vegetarian – whatever that means)
    then there is me, on hydro dyazide, thyroid(not synthroid), 2/day
    also interfere with bones. I suppose at 82 I should just enjoy the ride for the time left(with God’s help and articles like yours perhaps I can enjoy more quality of life). So far, a broken wrist(blown over in the wind (May 2010) and a couple of ribs leaning over my trusty 40-yr old deep freeze just last week.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    • Coral Vorster

      I am from Cape Town South Africa.
      I am on REAL THING Bone Revolution 2 100% Natural Strontium Citrate 1680mg elemental Strontium together with an Organic Sea Veg Calcium mineral mix + magnesium, Vit D3, Boron & 74 Trace Minerals also made by REAL THING.
      I DO NOT take the strontium with the calcium as they complete for absorption.
      your comments please Vivian.

      • Josiane

        Hi Vivian,
        I live in South Africa and I am trying to find an Algaecal supplement. Do you know under which name I could find it in my country?
        Many thanks,

  64. Claire Drummond

    The Strontium Ranelate prescription I was given ‘Protelos’, apart from everything else that Vivian has concluded is harmful in this drug, also contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener, which has a long list of awful side effects if you google it – anecdotal and from research studies.

    You may not notice it if you look up Protelos on the internet in the product description, but I found it eventually by reading the whole of the instructions that came with it.

    Obviously I haven’t taken any for that reason alone, and am doubly glad now that I have read Vivian’s information on this site. Thank you Vivian.

  65. Ina Bates

    I just turned 76 and my husband is 77. I know it’s not a good thing, but the truth is that I have never exercised in my life. My husband, on the other hand was a high school and college athlete, refered high school basketball games for years, and walks and does weight bearing exercise faithfully. He is also very thin, although he used to have a muscular athletic type of body. We both had a bone scan 18 months ago, and the results were that I have fantastic bones–the doctor said the bones of a young person, while my husband has severe osteoporosis–and I do mean severe. We were shocked, even thoughI had noticed that he was getting a stooped posture. The doctor prescribe boniva, but he refused to take it and has instead been taking a calcium supplement with magnesium, Vitamin D, etc. We eat very well–lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, so his osteoporosis is a mystery. He did have a partial gastrectomy about 35 years ago which I’m sure affects his absorption. Is there anything you can recommend for him?

  66. Freddie

    Vivian, you state in your book that honey and stevia are the recommended sweetners. I’ve been doing some reading on Truvia and Agave Nectar as sweetners. They appear harmless. What is your opinion. Thanks for your devotion to Save Our Bones.

    • Jani

      Agave Nectar is really bad for your health since it is heavily processed from agave starch similarly to HFCS from corn. Since it has too much free fructose it has really bad effect on metabolism (search on
      Truvia is patented derivate from Stevia (only the half of Stevia) made by Cargill (a GMO company) and has never been truly tested. Don’t trust it, take the whole Stevia instead (more on

      • Deborah

        Dr. Mercola is a reliable source, and so is the Weston A. Price Foundation. Read what they have to say about agave nectar at: Among other things, Dr. Price found radical tooth decay among native populations who ate it directly from nature. You can also search their website for more articles on agave nectar.

  67. bea

    hi vivian i went to a health food store to find out something for heartburn she gave me it is called cell power it says the bodys most powerful cell-nurishing supplement ph balancing oxygen producing high energy concentrate it says to put 10 dropesin a 16 0z bottle of water 3 times a day it haspure water dissolved oxygon and anaturally balanced pure source blend of lonicmajor and trace minerals aminoacids enzymes electrolyles andlonic nutrients you have to put it in distilled water or purtified water. i would like to know if it is all right for me to take this your answer would really be appreciated thank you bea

  68. Anne

    Has anyone stopped taking strontium and experienced any problems?

    • Nancy Hernandez

      I stopped taking Strontium because it was giving me acid reflux. I feel fine and the acid reflux wentg away.

  69. Jill


    What can you tell me about iproflavone for building bone density?


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jill,

      I don’t recommend it because it is not necessary to take a product that mimics bisphosphonates.

  70. Audrey

    Thank you for your very interesting information on Stronium. i was offererd an injection called Aclasta but refused after seeing the side effects keep the information coming.

  71. Dee

    Hi Vivian, Thank you for your comments on E-zorb. I’m sure that your readers appreciated it. I would like to hear more sucess stories from your readers who are using it.I took E-zorb for the better part of a year but discontinued because I had a high Serum calcium . My thyroid is now stable with a normal calcium and I might take E-zorb again. I have just found Aquamins a form of calcium from seaweed.

    • Suzanne


      Where can I read your comments on Ezorb? I am taking it and would love to hear your thoughts.

  72. carol

    Thank you for all the info.on Strontium. l have recently had Protelos suggested to me by by my doctor as l could not tolerate the Bisphosphonates and have to take PPI’s for acid reflux since. These of course are bad news for bone health and l can understand that she is trying to do a balancing act. l mentioned to her that hard bones were not necessarily strong bones and her reply was that the base line was less fractures. If this is true Vivian would you know what studies these figures are based on. l really am loathe to take this drug because of the possible side affects but because of my digestive issues, following your programme guidelines for diet is proving difficult and also exercising apart from walking and some light weight lifts is all that l can manage. l would appreciate your comments on the fracture reduction rate studies. Many thanks.

  73. hope Rhode

    For a couple months I have been using an organic, complete food cal/mag/potassium supplement from Mega Foods. Someone else mentioned having developed a rash from New Chapter’s bone builder. I also have noticed a few red spots which are expanding on my inner leg. Is there something to beware of with organic calcium supplements, which might be causing an allergic reaction?
    Thank you Vivian, for sharing all of your research, advice and feedback,

  74. FFindoon

    Your argument parallels the argument against Fosomax: it increases bone matter, bur fails to increase bone strength.

    The manufacturer asserts that SR does strengthen trebicular and cortical bone.

    After two years of a egine of diet and exercise my consultant (in the UK) wanted to put me on SR to reduce the risk of fracture because I have had one, possibly two, spontaneous rib fractures.

    To me, these rib fractures were a triviality, whereas the thumping my bones (mainly hip) have taken without fracturing since the diagnosis is far more significant.

    These impacts mainly occur when I crash or have been knocked down on the bicycle.

    A fracture would certainly would occur if I were to go over the handle bars, as happened 20 years ago, but I landed on the left hip half a dozen times in less than half a year (before the diagnosis) with nothing more than haemotoma to show for it.



  75. Marilyn

    I would like to hear/read a dialog between Vivian and Julian Whitaker. The subject: Why Julian likes strontium vs. why Vivian doesn’t like strontium.

  76. Mrs. Gweneth Medbury

    I strongly advise anyone to take great care with Strontium Ranelate I unwittingly followed my G.P.s instructions and as a result was hospitalised for over four weeks with Stephen Johnson’s Syndrome which is was a reaction to this drug in a product called Protos . It is a horrifying reaction, one burns from the inside out, layers and layers of peel off, 30% of sufferers do not surviveand it took me a long time to recover

    • Coral Vorster

      I was warned against Strontium Renalate being bad.
      i was advised to take Strontium Citrate which is organic.

      why is there so much disagreement between health and wellness professionals. it confuses us and is totally unacceptable.

  77. bea mowry

    i would like to find out what margos green juice is is there anyway i can find out i would like to find out some of the things she does bea

  78. Velma Lagerstrom

    I would like to know more about the value of E-ZORB in saving bones.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Velma,

      Please see my response to Jean. 🙂

      • Naomi Blum

        Hello Vivian, I have scanned this Blog 2x and cannot find your response to whether you recommend Ezorb vs. Nutrametrix Calcium. I am newly diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the spine from a Bone Density test, compared to last year’s test.
        I am inspired to try your approach once I read it thoroughly.
        I have been offered a prescription for Actonel, but it scares me a lot once reading Online research & seeing comments here.
        Thank you so much, Naomi Blum, LCSW

  79. susan capin

    Dear Vivian,
    I just read your message re: strontium.
    I also have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and read
    your strontium comments in this book.
    Because of your recommendation for organic calcium,
    I researched and found one on the internet. It is
    AlgaeCal Plus. This contains bio-available calcium,magnesium and 73 trace minerals from ocean algae. It is costly, $69 for a two months
    supply. Amazingly, Strontium Boost was also
    recommended and I did not purchase it.
    Please give me some suggestions. I tried another
    brand containing K1 and I experienced nose bleeds.
    It may have been a co-incidence because it was
    a very dry period here in L.A. Garden of Life
    was the product.
    Thanks for all you do. Let me know, please when
    you request questions.
    agae, vitamins D3 and K2 added. Are you familiar\
    with this brand? Do you have another product to

  80. natty

    I read all the explanation about strontium.I like it.hope all those drug companies making calcium supplements for osteoporosis will make thier own research too..

  81. Malinda Sloan

    Hi Vivian,
    I have been on strontium for almost 1 year now and I also am trying to keep to your programme as much as possible. (cannot do much about weight bearing exercises as I have osteoarthritis and disc problems) However just recently I’ve developed some sort of problem with the skin on my face. My doctor has been treating it as rosacea but without success and I am nearly demented with it. He is now wondering if it could be linked to the strontium so I am going to stop taking it and hopefully it will clear up. I am not going on another drug for this. Previously I was prescribed alendronic acid and this resulted in me having chronic gastritis and Barrett’s Oesophagus.Do you think that the strontium could have caused this on my face. Have you ever heard of similar? Many thanks.

  82. Nu Ly

    This is a very important article, I don’t take
    any Strontium, which can make bones thicker but
    less tensile strength. Thank you for your hard

  83. Joyce Gasser

    What is the address to order North Coast Naturals?

    Joyce Gasser

  84. Joy Jennings

    Hello again Vivian
    I just remembered – the manufacturers of the Strontium Citrate supplement I have been taking, recommend that it not be taken with calcium. Instead, they recommend that you take your calcium during the day, and the strontium at bedtime, at least 2 hours away from your last calcium dose, which is what I have been doing.

  85. BJ

    I commented on Strontium 2 years ago..caused extreme pain in my left calf muscle after ingesting one Strontium tablet. I waited a month and tried strontium again…same result. I STILL have some’weakness’in my left calf muscle, but had NEVER experienced muscle weakness prior to Strontium.

  86. Kate

    Vivian, Hi!

    thanks for the info on Strontium. I tried it: it had unwelcome side-effects, especially causing foggy brain.
    I then went on to try bio-identical progesterone.This had many good side effects but I soon developed bumps on my scalp with serious itching, a hive-like itchy skin rash that travelled over my whole body, beginning in one area, disappearing after 2 months in that area and then appearing in another area. I stopped using the progesterone in Dec. 2009 and although these adverse effects have diminished they continue to invade still other parts of my body. They seem to follow nerve paths.
    The progesterone was derived from wild yam.
    The prescription was for progesterone6%Cliniderm
    On the good side, my bone density improved. A good thing, as I had a spinal reading of -3.5.
    I am severly osteoarthritic with several fractures and needed 6 hip replacements with bone graftings. I am in need of two more revisions, Becuse of these conditions I am unable to engage in bone-building exercise.
    Thanks for any info you are able to provide re the progesterone from wild yam and its side effects.

    Kate, Ottawa, ON Canada

  87. Carol Smith

    I have been taking brand name strontium citrate capsules, two a day, for the last six months. My sister has had good results for the last several years with strontium, neither of us believe in the bisphosphonates. My sister’s naturapathic doctor suggested them and her M.D. said to keep on taking them. Before ordering the strontium capsules I asked my family doctor his opinion and he said to go ahead and take them, “it can’t hurt”. I haven’t had any side effects. I take the required calcium, magnesium, etc. hours away from the strontium. The plus is that one of my hip bones used to ache because years ago I had dislocated my hip; and that pain disappeared within the first month. Eating right is important as well, no matter what you take or don’t take as a supplement.

    • Genevieve Marcus

      I, too, have been taking 2 capsules of strontium
      citrate, but for about 3-4 years. For the first time
      my dexa scans show 10% improvement. I am not aware of
      any side effects. I take it at night, three hours
      away from calcium and two hours away from other food.

      • Mo

        As I understand it, once you have taken Strontium Ranelate a Dexa scan is not accurate! So, I wonder if you have had a 10% improvement!

  88. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    This Was A VERY Informative Article! Thank You VERY MUCH For Sharing It With Us!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  89. Val

    I see by your Strontium Demystified that Strontium to strenghten the bone will not be as beneficial as I thought. So Thanks so much for that info. I have been using Oxicise! exercises and it is so wonderful. First I use weight bearing exercises doing it one day upper then lower the next day and upper the next and so on. After the wieght exercises I lay down on the bed and do 30 reps of just breathing diagramically and tighten butt and all the muscles in arms and legs. Thats 120 breathes. After that I feel so clean inside just like my insides had been vacuumed clean wow! Amazing. Im 65 with a aorta valve replacement and feeling greal good. My diet consists mostly of fresh veggies and fruits and Ezekiel sprouted bread. Can say Im 80 or 90 percent raw. God takes care of my worries and read His words as often as I can. Life is so good even with the problems. Smile God Bless you Vivian from your lovely friend, Val Ps. I found the book that I thought you didnt sent me. Big Smile!

  90. Rachel

    Hi Vivian, I am having a dexa bone scan this summer as my last and first one was 3 yrs ago. I have osteoporosis in my lumbar spine and osteopena in my hip. I’m really hoping and praying that my bone density has either improved or stayed the same. I’ve got your book and have been following your advice for increasing bone density. I’m only 45 years old so did not want to take the alendronic acid I was prescribed, but the specialist was very concerned that I wouldn’t take it and gave me some stern warnings about fractures. If my bone density has got worse after 3 years of trying to do it naturally then should I consider taking alendronic acid.
    Kind regards

    • Margo

      TESTIMONY: At 44 my diagnosis was post-menopause & osteoporosis; I reluctantly took actonel. The first time i thought i just contracted the flu, took it at 8am and by the time i was home from work @ 5 i was in bed sick. The same happened the second month, and on the third month i experienced the full effects of the poison and said no more! That is when i started my research and found VIVIAN.
      After a full work up of tests with a dexa i put myself on my own “Prescription” that i faithfully followed for one year. At my follow up visit my dr couldn’t pick her jaw up from the floor and asked me what i was doing. she was is disbelief! i gained 1 deviation in both hips, no lumbar, and i grew 1/4 inch. my “RX” is really simple, and may not be for everyone but here it is – thank you Vivian!

      * 80/20 alkaline/acid diet incorporating all the foods vivian suggests, eating as “clean” as you can (almonds w/sesame seeds & green juice everyday)
      * noon: basic multi vitamin/mineral (from co-op)
      * am & pm: ISOTONIC form of calcium by “calcium complete”
      * Roobois/green tea every day
      * YOGA (this is key!)2-3 times a week (hatha/vinyasa flow-it may take time to find the right class for you)
      * non-yoga days: bike, fastwalk (include hills/incline), xcountry ski, elliptical, free weights 1-2x a week
      (be physical everyday 30-60 min and mix it up)

      Side effects-you look and feel good inside and out. You are strong, flexible, balanced, sure footed with feelings of empowerment and freedom to live life!

      My testimony is proof that we can improve if not heal ourselves… without drugs! Believe!

      PS: i took only 3 actonel pills and it took 6-8 months before i felt the effects had worn off.

      • Rachel

        Your testimony is very encouraging! Like you I have eaten the right healthy foods and go to the gym regularly on my days off work. I also do yoga and pilates when I can. I hope my dexa bone scan will also show an improvement. I’m so nervous about the results…. But was encouraged by your story.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Rachel,

      I never recommend taking the osteoporosis drugs. You need to make your own decision; just realize that drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter, may help temporarily, but there’s always a price to pay.

      • Rachel

        Thanks for your reply Vivian, I really hope that when I have my scan repeated this year there will be an improvement on last time so that I can continue with your natural bone building guide.

  91. Daniele

    Same as usual you are on strontium, I wish all my collegues GP or specialists would as intelligent as yoy
    Daniele MD

  92. Brigitte

    Hi Vivian: I purchased your bone building book last year and have tried to follow the 80/20 rule. This January I joined Curves to make myself get out at least three times a week for a workout exercise. It was the one thing lacking in my bone building strategy. I must admit that going there makes me feel better. There are two machines that I can’t seem to do, but the rest of them are getting easier. Can you recomend some exercises that I can incorporate at home for those days that I don’t go to Curves, or would it be advisable to go everyday? I have osteoarthritus in my left hip, have tried both Actonel and Fosemax which caused some side effects, and refused the last prescription altogether that my doctor said I should take. I’ve been off these drugs for about three years. I take Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and green tea extract. If you have any further suggestions to help me improve my bone density, I would appreciate your advice.


    • Annie

      From everything I have read, and from the Osteoporosis fountation, and I also went to Curves, that could be one of the worse exercises you could be doing for your bones.
      Its Too much Twisting at the waist getting on and off those machines so fast etc.
      I hurt myself by going to Curves. Never again for me!

      This is a Discussion from the Osteoporosis fountation about Curves.
      Sara Meeks is a Physical Therapist, and has writen very good books on Osteoporosis.

      I found a wonder Physical Therapist for my Osteo. She has shown me how to excersise the right way, so I do not hurt myself.

      Take Care,

  93. Shirley Durbin

    I am taking a bone mineral supplement that contains Ipriflavone. What is your take on Irpiflavone, is it safe.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Shirley,

      According to, “Ipriflavone (tradename “Ostivone”), is a synthetic isoflavone derivative, which has been suggested to be an inhibitor of bone resorption and a stimulator of osteoblast activity in vitro in cell cultures and in vivo in experimental models of osteoporosis. … However, reports of lymphocytopenia in women taking ipriflavone generated concerns regarding the safety of this particular compound.”

      Because lymphocytopenia can be quite a serious condition and because ipriflavone affects normal bone resorption, I do not recommend it.

  94. Joy Jennings

    Thank you Vivian for your research on Strontium. I have been advised by two physicians,one of which practices integrated medicine, and is very research focused and also by a naturopath, to take Strontium (I have been taking Strontium Citrate by AOR Advanced Series). The reason given by all of them, is that it stimulates natural bone growth and it does not suppress bone growth as the biophosphonates do.

    I am participating in a strontium research study sponsored by MacMaster University and Ryerson University here in Ontario. It was recommended that I participate, when I refused Fosamax. I fully expect to see improvements in the bone density scores, but I admit to wondering about the quality of bone being produced.

    Of course, I am doing my best to follow your program too. Will let you know how I’m doing.

    I have been amazed and truly appalled at the number of women who simply take the biophosphonates without question – even younger women (I am 76) I tell everyone about your web site. Keep up the good work!!


  95. Jean

    Thankyou for your insights re Strontium. I know many people were waiting for this answer, just as many people have been waiting for an answer regarding Ezorb calcium. I asked that question on the original “Ask Vivian” day, and still need an answer. The stuff is pretty costly, but I plan on taking it at least until my next bone density test in October. Have not found another organic calcium that is readily available, without using a charge card on the web, which I do not do. Help!

    • Luc Chene

      Hello Jean,

      I am taking Ezorb, and as a biochemist, I gave lots of consideration. The website is not very explicit in terms of chemistry. I could not find any more details anywhere on the WEB. I suspect quite strongly that calcium aspartate dissolves in water without having the calcium part separating from the aspartate part the way calcium separate from the citrate part in solution.
      This Ezorb is quite special because the calcium goes into the cells in this organic form, hence it does not depend on the inorganic transport system to bring the calcium from the blood into the cells. Also the absorption of calcium from calcium aspartate would quite unlikely be hindered by any phytic or oxalic acid in the intestines (from whole grain or spinach by example).
      If you wish more explanation you may write to me lchene AT for more information.
      PS I spend several hundred of dollars each year on the Internet and never had a problem in many years.
      PSS I also take vitamin K2, MK4 and MK7, milk basic protein, orthosilisic acid (biosil) and Krill oil.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jean,

      Ezorb calcium (aspartate anhydrous), is a combination of a calcium atom and l-aspartic molecules bound by chelation. The makers of ezorb don’t say where they get the calcium molecules from. I suspect they are inorganic, but can’t find out for sure. Ezorb basically is a highly absorbable (which is good) laboratory made calcium in chelated form (w/ l-aspartic molecules). The makers of ezorb call it an “organic compound”.

      I don’t recommend any particular brands, so this applies to Ezorb as well, but since it’s so absorbable, chances are it would not cause damage. 🙂

      • Carol

        I am taking Ezorb for the last 3 months with the hope
        of easing my osteoporosis and also fibromyalgia. It
        is worth the expense of the product if it works
        for both problems as the company claims.
        Has anyone had any experience taking Ezorb for
        both and did it help?

        • Carol

          Update to previous remarks. After being on E-Zorb for about 6 months, My fibromyalgia was worse than it had ever been. So much for E-Zorb’s claim to help this condition. I have stopped it so I will not know if it helped my osteporosis.

        • Dianne Thompson

          I have been taking e-zorb along with my 93 year old mom for about six months. I do have osteoporosis but took it to ease foot pain for plantar facitius. I have found it to help alot with foot pain and my mom seems to move around more with less pain. We only take one capsule per day.

      • Velma Lagerstrom

        Thank you for the information about E-ZORB. I have been taking it for several years upon the recommendation of a sacred healer.

        • Geri

          @Dianne T. – plantar fasciitis can be common in folks with hypothyroidism. You might consider checking out that possibility. A dear friend found that her pf resolved once she was diagnosed and treated for her hypo. Google plantar fasciitis hypothyroidism and see for yourself! Good luck.

  96. Sharon

    Thank you for this, I bought the New Chapter bone strength and even with the small amount of strontium I had all the side effects including the skin rash. Is there any calcium from algae in Canada that does not have strontium. Also I have recently I have been diagnosed with esophagitis and am trying to balance a diet that fits osteo and esophagitis eliminating tomatoe, garlic, onion and chocolate. Also our computer erased everything previous and I lost the Natural Bone Builder handbook, I have tried to get it again but nothing has come in. I have the save our bones program. gratefull for any suggestions

    • Fran Rose

      Hi, Sharon
      After a long search, I found North Coast Naturals organic calcium, which is plant sourced from a marine algae called Lithothamnium calcareum. It is available in 2 forms – powdered and capsules. The powdered dosage is 1/3 teaspoon, but I have not found any stores carrying that size of teaspoon! I am mostly using up the powdered stuff before using capsules from the same manufacturer which also contain vitamin D2 and Vitamin C. I did not find this brand in a drug store, but in an organic foods store that carries many brands of vitamins and minerals not found in drug stores. North Coast Naturals is based in Port Coquitlam. BC.

  97. Elizabeth

    ACLASTA: is a treatment taking by infusion once a year, what do you think of this? Elizabeth

  98. Bernice

    For the past year I’ve been diligently taking ” AOR advanced series strontium support II ” (prepared by the AOR company in Canada. believing this supplement will be of benefit for my osteoporosis and osteopenia. ~ along with your save our bones program. ~ and most importantly faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus! “a joyful heart is like medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones” Proverbs 17:22
    I quote from the bottle “strontium is a trace mineral which concentrates in the skeletal system, where it supports the function of osteoblasts (the cells which form new bone) while reducing the differentiation and activity of osteoclasts (the cells which resorb old bone). Strontium Suport II now provides the daily dose of strontium in just two capsules. Take one or two capsules daily on an empty stomach, at least two hours before or after food, calcium or milk but ensure that daily calcium intake is adequate. Calcium, food and milk products significantly reduce strontium absorption if taken at the same sitting. 1 veg-capsule = 341 mg. There are cautions for children, adolescents or pregnant/nursing women not to take this supplement, if you are taking tetracycline or quinolone antibiotics, and to talk to your health care practitioner before taking strontium if you have kidney disease.”
    Vivian, I wonder about research and validity and so want to do what is best!

  99. Marysia Dunlop

    Hi Vivian 🙂

    I agree with you about this article and others that profess to the statement … this product is good for building bones & bone density.

    They ONLY way I think is good for building bone density is with gentle exercising daily, or doing something like “line dancing”, maybe on a weekly basis.

    I have proven this, as with my last DEXA SCAN, it showed. I have increased my bone density by 6%.

    I was borderline of having Osteoporosis and now have been told that I have Osteopenia.

    Needless to say that I am delighted with that result and I will as long as I can continue to dance at our wee club every week. I will 67 years in Sept. but I am very young at heart.

    My good work has been achieved without the help of those so called “bone building drugs”.

    Have a very nice day
    Marysia 🙂

  100. Naomi

    What about naturally occuring forms of strontium such as strontium citrate, strontium malonate, or strontium lactate?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Naomi,

      My views are the same for all forms of strontium. As I said, a little bit is ok (the 3-6 mg that’s included in some products); the massive doses in separate strontium “supplements” is not! 🙂

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