Study Shows Grapefruit Slows Down Bone Loss - Save Our Bones

We’ve all heard of the many health benefits of oranges and of other citrus fruits.  But there’s a lot more to citrus than just Vitamin C…

A new study conducted by Texas A&M University and published in the journal Nutrition shows that the antioxidant effects of red grapefruit may increase bone density and slow down bone loss (Source: Grapefruit pulp increases antioxidant status and improves bone quality in orchidectomized rats.  Nutrition, Volume 24, Issue 10, Pages 1039 – 1044 Farzad Deyhim et al).

The very promising conclusion was based on a sixty day study involving a total of fifty-six male rats. Forty-two rats were castrated to induce oxidative stress and lower testosterone levels so as to increase their risk of osteoporosis. One-third of the rats were then fed a regular diet, one-third were fed the same food plus five percent red grapefruit pulp, and the other third were fed the same diet plus ten percent red grapefruit pulp.

When compared to the unaltered rats, the castrated rats on a normal diet showed a substantial decrease in bone density, overall bone quality and antioxidant levels. They also lost more calcium and showed signs of bone breakdown markers in the urine. And while all the castrated rats showed a decrease in the magnesium and calcium levels in their bones, the decrease was not as severe among the rats fed the grapefruit pulp.

The altered rats not fed grapefruit pulp showed a 16%-24% percent reduction of the calcium and magnesium content in the lumbar spine. While the rats fed the grapefruit pulp had a decrease of only 10%-16%. Similar results were obtained for the hipbone density results of both groups.

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  1. Gwen C

    Hello Vivian. thanks for the info. That may explain why people who grew up eating lots grapefruits do not get broken bones that easily. My mother has fallen and wacked her hips so hard several times over the years and has not broken or fractured them (she is 75). I will continue to eat my grapefruits. It has many health benefits as you mentioned. Has any research been done on the guinine properties of grapefruits grown in the winter months?

  2. LeAnn Weaver

    Vivian – I see the quote for the name and journal now – sorry to complain. I sincerely apologize. I really enjoy getting your emails!

  3. LeAnn Weaver


    Please give the actual name of the study and journal. I’d really like to read it.


  4. Marilyn Gulledge

    Statins and red grapefruit are a bad combination. Maybe this was made perfectly clear. I scanned the article.

  5. Billye Conway

    It was a good article, but grapefruit interfers with some medications
    which you didnt mention. I was going to send it to my daughter who
    really needs help, but she wouldnt be able to eat the grapefruit or drink
    the juice.

  6. Josephine Raj

    I used to like grapefruit so much & i used it for slimming as well. But since I was diagnosed with diabetes & certain drugs I have to take this is impossible to do. I am on Lipitor, this is out of the question.
    Vivian, you have mentioned other varieties that we can have like sunflower seeds, pineapple, almonds etc.,this will suffice to folks like us, eating sensibly due to our health.
    Thank you for your article.

  7. Margaretha

    I will be glad to eat red grapefruit, as I love them. My doctor did not seem to worry than I am not taking his drug. He said we will test again in two years. I cried out, Can’t it be one year? He did not reply. I hope I can have it in one year thought, even if I have to pay for it. Thanks for your comments. Margaretha

  8. Nancy Barlow

    I was not pleased to read this article and how these male rats were abused all in the name of science! There has to be a more humane way to come up with the same results. Shame on the person(s) that conducted this study.

  9. shahab ahmed khan

    this article is nice one. Very informative and reading it have great knowledge helpful in our bone health.

  10. Myrna Mayers

    How accurate can this study be if they were using MALE rats since the highest incidence of osteoporosis occurs in women?

  11. Linda

    I couldn’t read it beyond the part where the rats were mutilated and tortured. I don’t approve of that kind of research.

  12. Florence Tsao

    I have found the best natural organic nutrition supplement that probably not too many people still know about it. Not only does it contain many nutrients from just a single plant source, it also contains many medicinal properties.

    I would be happy to share it with you, Vivian, as a way of paying back your generosity and kindness to help me to “Save our Bones” which I experienced good results.

    • Margot Mackay

      I too would be very happy to have this information….. thank you in advance for sharing.

    • Ilona

      Please let me know the name of this particular supplement. Thank you.

  13. Pat Petersen

    I love red grapefruit but unfortunately grapefruit gives me cankers. My dentist told me to try taking Lysine daily which I do and it helps some. Is there anything else I can do to avoid cankers?

  14. Sally

    Hi Vivian, Can you recommend the names of books on Chinese medicine.

    Kind regards,

    Sally Timmins

    • Sun East

      Do not learn Chinese med or herbs by books unless you’re an experience herbalist or a doctor.
      A few amateur herbalists bought tons of Chinese herbs from China town in San Francisco some years ago; went home grind the herbs to powder then mixed them up and capsuled them. They were all found dead later!
      Different herbs process differently and some herbs chemistry will clash with each other.

  15. Sandra Zinser

    I enjoy grapefruit every day and have been doing the Save Our Bones program for about 4 months and will get my next bone density test in Sept. My last test showed increase in bone density in my back but showed slight decrease in lower back. While surfing the web I found this program and started it right away.I also take vitamin K and vitamin D3 8000 IU per day also Omega 3 + coq10. After my bone density test, I will let you know the results.




  17. r "mickey" gutierrez


    I’m on medication that that restricts the intake of grapefruit products. Too bad! I love grape fruit!


    • diane

      Same here and cant have it due to RX// Darn it, cuz I love grapefruit.

  18. Caroline

    This is quiet interesting and a sign of hope; but what about those poor rats?

    • Annie

      You all might want to know.
      There are some Meds, That grapefruit Cancels Out!

  19. Lowana

    I’m glad I’m not a rat, but grapefruit is delicious so I shall add more of them to my diet.

  20. Voula Coroneos

    I have reduced my cholesterol to normal got rid of my tablets and my Doctor said the Gym and the grapefruit has helped to reduce Colesterol and move from osteoporosis to Osteopenia ( Yellow grapefruit not red ) may be red is just the same but I am not sure. I cannot get your books because I do not use my credit card electronicly. Thanks for your emails they are very helpful.

  21. jesi272

    Thanks Vivian….for everything you do!

  22. Bukola

    This is an eye opener. Thanks

  23. MaryAnn

    What a horrible thing to do to a group of rats for no valid reason! Comparing male rats to female humans is ridiculous. I’m sure Texas A&M would have had no problem getting human volunteers for a study that involves eating grapefruit…unless it involved castration.

    • Myrna Mayers

      I agree. This study cannot be very viable since it only involved MALE rats. Who pays for such ridiculous studies anyway?

  24. Marc

    Any red fruit or vegetable is very good for your health. It has been proven
    to stop colon cancer.

  25. Jean hyde,LCSW, retired

    I take 3 different medications for blood pressure and have been told not to eat grapefruit. There is no one cure for everybody about anything.

  26. Anne Marie

    I’m curious =somone told me that grapefruit was in bad for diabetes, of which i am one. I’m taking metformin and glyberide for this disease. Please get me corrected if I have been givin wrong info. Because I love
    grapefruit and have been avoiding it. I just want to take extra precaution too when it comes to my bones and other healthfull benefits. Thank you and God bless.

  27. Merrill swain

    Surely you know that grapefruit interacts with blood pressure medication . So it is not good to tell people to eat grapefruit and not tell them about the negative interaction with blood pressure medication.

  28. Abigail Taylor

    Hi Vivian, you are such a wonderful person, and so helpful too. Thanks for writing. Your display,and all that you are doing is just wonderful. You are a blessing to me and to so many others. I will be checking this your wonderful page, again and again. Hugs.

  29. sue

    Many people on medications cannot eat grapefruit – so please include a
    warning in this article

  30. irwih


    • Madeline Raymond

      I take BP medication and it says not to eat grapefruit I love grapefruit. What will happen if I eat them.

  31. Esta Katt

    Am enjoying and learning alot from your columns. I am a “quite active” 77 year old woman, shrinking more each year. My peak height was 5’7″ in my late fifties…. now5’2 3/4 and doing all within my knowledge to stop the loss. I take calcium with strontium, magnesium, glucosamine/MSM and the full range of vitamins. My tests show Vit D3 levels in the high range. In addition, I am in the partial care of an OD who prescribes the BHRT regimen to me. In addition to lifting weights 3 times a week, my husband and I walk for at least 2-3 hours a week. On the negative side, I have been taking Synthroid for many years, but find that to be a necessity. Help! what more can I do? Looking forward to more enlightenment from you. EK

  32. Ron Simpson


    Will your program help if my bone loss was created from multiple myelooma cancer?

    Ron Simpson

  33. LeeAnn

    I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine with a high risk of fracture and osteopenia of my left hip, at the age of 55. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 36. The Dr. is pushing for me to take something or else I will be going down hill fast, as he put it. I do exercise 3x a week doing weight bearing exercises. I am so depressed I don’t know which direction to go. One thing I do know is I really am afraid to take any of the drugs. I have started going for Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy 2x a week and the Chiropractor feels this treatment will help to increase my bone density. I am so fearful of breaking my hip and ending up in a wheelchair. I know it is not a good way to live my life. I have also been looking onto Svaroopa r Yoga and this also is said to have great results. Anyone ever tried this?

    • Betty

      Ask your doctor about calcitonin (injections or nasal spray). I have a book called “The Hormone Solution, Stay Younger, Longer” by Thierry Hertoghe, MD. This is what he recommends for osteoporosis of the spine. Of course, you can find the book on Amazon. I know how you feel so don’t get discouraged. I hope this helps.

    • Joyce Maxwell

      There are good reports of Yoga Program for Osteoporosis/penia on
      Dr Fishman is world renoun PM&R MD and done extensive work in use of Physical(Exercises)Therapy for many conditions.

  34. Tee

    I have been reading comments for many weeks and finally decided to make one of my own. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia – took Boniva for a year (bad side effects so I stopped). I have purchased Vivian’s book. Recently, went for a follow up bone scan after 2 years – and my numbers had worsened. So, guys, let’s start thinking about the positive – has anyone had improved numbers – and what did you do to get them? Will keep you posted as to my own in a 12 months as I am following Vivian’s book, exercising more, and taking Citracal and natural foods calcium. Thanks!!

    • Betty

      I agree with the writer Tee. I had written before about my own situation as I have just recently started the program. In that comment I also asked for up to date data on the success of this program. I know Vivian gives a personal comment of a 20% increase in bone density improvement after she started to follow these principles but this program is a few years on now and I have not seen any other data on her continued progress. Occasionally there has been a positive response from a participant. I am still wondering what kind of data collection is being accumulated to let us know percentages of improvement or otherwise in individuals who are following the program. The problem of course would be that there are so many variables in each individual’s health history and the way the program is used by them.

      I do appreciate the forums and the emails from Vivian very much.

  35. ABIMANU mathoorasing

    I enjoy grapefruit but I understand that it is not appropriate when one suffers from high blood pressure.This morning I had my blood pressure checked and was 155/85.
    My blood pressure was okay but I wonder whether it had anything to do with the passing away of my wife on July 8 of 2010

  36. Harold Mattner

    Well Vivian, May I say how wonderfully refreshing it is to have a true health professional really care about our bone health, instead of all the bandaid treatments that are offered to us, some of them downright dangerous as to their side effects.

    Keep up the great work.

  37. An important note

    Thank you for the daily tips. I am using and benefiting from most of them.
    However, my Simvastatin (cholesterol lowering medication) vial reads: Avoid eating or drinking grapefruit products with this medication.
    Please make a note of it.

  38. Bee

    Interesting about the rats and bone strength. However, they were male rats and it was testosterone that was involved, so would this finding only relate to men? Women’s osteoporosis is affected by low oestrogen levels.

  39. Rosemarie

    Thank you for all of the helpful information about bone care. It is good to have a site that will inform us of differnce ways to turn around bone loss that is natural and healthy.

  40. Linda Sullivan

    I take a Zocor generic for cholesterol and you are not supposed to eat grapefruit while taking this med. Now what?

    • Atsede

      I always apprciut you!!!Vivian.I enjoy your sujestion.
      God bless you. YOU ARE SOOOOO GREAT!!
      I and All people Those hwo read your book are Blessed.
      Thank you so mach!!!
      Love Atsede

  41. Jan Dowling

    Very interesting, but why cause such pain and suffering to innocent rats? Are there not enough humans around who could have taken part in this experiment? One of my main reasons for not taking the proffered drugs for osteoporosis, when I was diagnosed, was because I do not believe in testing on animals. For someone who seems to prefer to work with nature to deal with health issues, I am surprised at your promoting this method – which you do by forwarding it, Dr. Goldschmidt.

    Should you have any information on anyone doing non-animal, cruelty-free research into osteoporosis, in England, please do let me know as I will happily volunteer.

    Yours most sincerely Jan Dowling

    • MaryAnn

      I totally agree with Jan. What happened to the rats after the study was completed? Surely there must be enought women with osteopenia/osteoporosis who would be willing to eat grapefruit and be re-tested. I would!

    • Jeanette

      Hi Jan Interesting reply! I’m a lover of ruby red grapefruit juice and grapefruit. I’ll be glad to eat all they give me and then test me! I don’t care too much for rats,,,,but I’m open to be tested on a grapefruit diet, because I need all the help I can get and they don’t need to make rats sick to prove anything. I already have osteoporosis, so they have me: their guinea pig, so they should leave those poor animals alone!

  42. serge grant

    already switched to sea salt but did no know what to do with the table salt. After your email I cleaned all the copper pots and pans with it and it worked great. lemon juice and table salt that is.

    Iam also sending an email to MD Anderson to ask them why they would perscribe a drug that can cause cancer to treat ostepenia. The results of taking fosomax are bogus because the bone density tests shows only that the old bone structure is retained which gives a false impression that the bone health has improved.

    Now my wife has multiple myeloma and this may be the reason. I plan to argue the points raised on your book with them. She already is working on alkalinity, walking 30 minutes, playing tennis, taking calcium and magnesium,vitamin b12, iomega-3, vitamin d3 so all she needs to take more is k2 rather than fosomax. She is in her fifth year after initial teatement.

  43. joyce mccarter

    this is really good news , as i eat red grape fruit almost every day,cause i like it,but now finding it has added benifets is great.

  44. Bee

    Of course, grapefruit is contra-indicated for some medications and so if you are being treated for a medical condition it would be wise to check with your doctor first.

  45. Baljit

    Very Interesting, We can save our bone with grapefruit,like it

  46. bhuwaneshwar ojha

    i will try red grape for my back pain, if any relief i will get i will post my comment latter on

  47. Kathie Ellerbeck

    What is a natural alternative to omaprozole?
    By following the Save our Bones regime I thought my bone density would be better but it is worse. I am thinking it is the omaprzole robbing my bones of calcium and magnesium. Any thoughts on this?

    • An important note

      I have exactly the same results and question. Thank you for bring it in.

    • Ana Garcia

      I just would like to know if there is any natural alternative to Omaprozole?

  48. Diane Martinson

    What about ruby red grapefruit juice, would that be as good?

  49. Ruth

    I just received my first injection of Prolia and wonder about the effects if I discontinue the shots, will this one shot cause much damage or am I safe in not receiving any more injections. I’m very healthy (I thought), go to the gym, lift weights, careful with my diet (have eaten pink grapefruit for breakfast for years) but don’t do dairy products so I take calcium supplements along with vitamin D. I did a “littl” research on the Prolia and thought it was the best of the worst!

    • Ruth Morena

      Would like to hear your comments on Prolia. I have been thinking of taking it and am a little concerned because it has only been out one year. Fortia has been out longer, but I don’t want to have to inject myself every day.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Ruth,

      The sooner you stop taking Prolia, the less likely you are to experience negative effects. You might want to check out this article for information about what happens when you stop the drugs:

      • Ruth Morena

        I have not taken it yet, but have been considering it. I was wondering what you have heard about it. It’s supposed to be working very well for osteoporosis.

        • irene karas

          you may want to go to the national osteoporosis site and see that some prolia patients are not such a great time of it. Some people experience
          side effects beyond what is noted in the medical guide. Everyone
          has to be informed so reading th medical guide about the known side effects would be wise. When you go off the results will go away so it is a temporary fix and long term it may no be good. Good luck

  50. Mavis Dean

    I find your information very good indeed thank you

  51. Loleta

    Thanks Vivian:

    My husband and I have have been eating the Ruby Reds for a some time now. We have been with Great Taste No Pain. Sherry has helped us to eat better. With the Alkaline, Acid balance, that you also recommend. Thank You Very Much. We really appreciate what you and Sherry are doing to help us live a better life.
    Your Friend Loleta

  52. Ella Pusey

    Thanks for the article. I already love grapefruit and it’s wonderful to know that it is so good for my bones.

  53. Eve Vaughn

    You know what I am going to say… what do we folks do who are still stuck taking Statins (lipitor in our case) and cannot eat grapefruit — that we use to LOVE because it reduces the drugs effectiveness? I would love to eat GF again.

  54. Barbara

    I used to eat grapefruit regularly, usually pink or red, until I was put on Fosamax. Since I quite taking it, I just bought my first jug of organic red grapefruit juice and look forward to buying the fruit.

    • Lowana

      Hi Barbara, can you tell me how long you were on Fosamax please? I have been on Actonil for 6 years and the specialist says if I stop now, all my old bone will collapse and I have read that these bisphosphonates stop ones body from forming new bones for 2 years after one stops taking them.

  55. Valerie

    Dear Vivian,
    I have a tree loaded with the yellow grapefruit. Does it have to be the red kind?
    Sincerely Valerie

  56. kathleen m peterson

    Unfortunetly I am on Lipitor and am not suppose to ear grapefruit.

  57. RadhaNaidoo

    I liked the article-it was very interesting.Ilove red grapefruit.

  58. Feona

    I’m astonished to read that there are still people taking statins! The side effects of these drugs are horrendous – memory loss, muscle pain, gasrtic upsets and more. If you’re a woman, unless you have already had a heart attack, they do you more harm than good. They are prescribed because doctors are paid to prescribe them – my doctor told me not to take any.

  59. RED

    I would rather hear about the lab workers being castrated and tested while leaving the rats alone. This research may be ‘promising’ but I find it cruel and needless.

  60. cynthia

    While the study was done on rats, any data on humans and specifically females

  61. Nicole Staudenmayer

    I love receiving your email. However i was very disturbed by the study about rats and grapefruits. Rats are living things and sometimes very cute; how often does a rat eat grapefruits? Pretty sure it is not their normal diet. Would not i get sick on a diet of rat food? They kind of clean up the lower end of our world, we need them. Concentrate on the diet of monks in Mount Athos (Greece) not on those rats. Nicole

  62. I am 65 years old and I am in the advanced stages of osterporosis!

    I have advanced Osteoporosis and I am on the Save Our Bones program. It is working for me! I am not taking an prescription drugs so I will try the red grapefruit! I hike 3 miles almost everyday, ride horses a lot and I don’t dwell on negative thoughts. I take Bone Solid, Alive vitamins for women, fish oil and Holy basil!
    My cause for the Osteoporosis was discovering that by drinking the water softener water for 25 years, I exposed myself to the demise of my bones. I have since stopped and now, I feel a change and I believe my bones are rebuilding! Thanks to Vivian for all your research and great advice…the book is worth the price!!!

  63. Lynn Perry Garland

    Sounds good. I’d like it for my waiting room, but it’s too expensive!
    LPG, LAc.

  64. Ellen Schamberger

    Beings I am on 3 B P meds, was told not to ever eat grapefruite. Is that true?

    • Jan Call

      I also cannot have grapefruit because of being on statin medicine JC

  65. ruth Priscilla Marks

    My doctor just took me off fosomax because he felt the report on my bone density test waranted it.

    Is there harm in stoping fosomax. I have osteopenia.

  66. E. Loraine Hopper

    Grapefruit is great depending on meds you are on. Also it is not good for kidney disease.

  67. Gina Dannatt

    My Consultant told me not to eat grapefruit as it increases the risk of breast cancer. I have been battleing the disease for 16 years now even with a spread to both lungs so I am now cofused about your article claiming a study shows a decrease in risk of breast cancer by eating grapefruit. I also have severe Osteoporosis too.

    • Tanya

      Gosh I don’t understand how eating grapefruit
      can be harmful to anyone unless they have an ulcer. Not good because of breast cancer? wow I would think just the opposite because of it’s antioxident properties, dunno.
      Of course I don’t have any medical degree( do have a diploma as a medical clerk though)…..
      Grapefruit is awfully acidic I suppose which on it’s own may not be so good and wouldn’t one have to blend the pulp for digestive purposes?

      • Jenny Tay Kwai Neo

        I love reading your section as it gives me knowledge about ‘Save our Bones’. Thanks a lot Viven. Keep it up.

      • SherryLee

        Actually the acids in the grapefruit may change into alkaline in our stomachs, since that is the case with apple cider vinegar. I have read that alkalinity is a much better choice, as diseases favor acidity. I have been taking a tbsp of apple cider vinegar (Braggs organic) in a cup of hot water, with a tsp of either honey or black strap molasses each day…….tasty and good for the body.

  68. elle

    I received news today that I have osteopenia in spine and right hip.. This is truly depressing but I knew it would happen sooner or later. I have ms and did a lot of steroids although not for 2 years. I would like to buy your book but 67. 00 is a lot of money for me as I am disabled. I do eat good food but cheat with one lattee coffee a day. That will end now and take superior calcium, do yoga everyday, lift 5 lb weights but what else is missing Did 1 cup of coffee deterioate my bone. I guess so. I hope to change this. Thanks Vivian. You have a great service. Elle

  69. ARLENE

    I have a beautiful pink grapefruit tree in my back yard and love to eat them. If one is good can more be better? Can you eat to many?

  70. Margarita

    Thank you again, Vivian, for all your really useful suggestions. I eat grapefruit almost daily. Now I am looking forward to your video broadcast and hope a replay will be available even after the appointed date and time (with the big time difference it might be difficult for us in Europe to “attend”)- I would not like to miss it.

  71. joyce

    i eat a lot of red grapefruit but was wondering if the red navel oranges are just as good?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Joyce,

      Red navel oranges (and all oranges) are wonderful, and it’s important to eat a varied diet. BUT… oranges and grapefruits are different, and this particular study specifically addressed the beneficial properties of grapefruit. 🙂

  72. Rosemarie Williams

    I eat a half grapefruit for breakfast. For my cholesterol I take Red Yeast Rice which has lovastatin. It does not seem to interfere.

  73. Robert Worthen

    I would love to by all these different books but we are having problems making ends meat as it is so I can only read what ever is printed right here.

    • lia to robert?

      Spellcheck and wikipedia are also free and it gives a lot of information about spelling.

      • Susan Murillo

        How truly TACKY, Robert.

  74. Gerda J Hayter

    Vivian, I am unable to also eat Grapefruit but enjoy most all fruits so it should even out. However reading my copy of Save Our Bones I would like you to suggest a name brand Calcium I can take to help me. I am now taking Citracal Calcium +D Plus Bone Density Builder by Bayer.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Gerda

  75. Rose Marie

    Grapefruit can not be used with some high blood pressure medicine.
    I called the company and they agreed and I love grapefruit

  76. Micki

    The article was very interesting and informative. I do eat grapefruit, and love the red pulp. I think I will be eating more of it! Thank you for your continual help to us all!

  77. Beverly Friend

    What about Grapefruit being forbidden to those of us oh cholesterol medications?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Beverly (and Vivian),

      Yes, grapefruit can be a problem with certain medications. But here’s the deal. If you have issues with grapefruit, or even if you just don’t like it, then don’t eat it. It’s as simple as that. Grapefruit is just one of many bone healthy foods that you can include in your diet. It’s much more important to eat a varied diet than it is to focus on one particular food. When I talk about a food, that doesn’t mean you need to eat it or that you can’t be successful on the program without it.

      • joyce

        someone said Red Rice Yeast had lovastatin in it? Is that true?



  79. Jo Ann Klinger

    Unfortunately as much as I love grapefruit, I cannot eat it because I am On Cholestrol medication that forbids eating grapefruit or drinking the juice.

  80. massol roland

    hullo ; I read every mail coming from Mrs Vivian Goldsmith, because ,I am a biologist (retired: I am 72 —– i used to work in a hospital ) and I suffer from osteoporosis .First, pardon my “english” :I am french ,living in Haute-Savoie,and i know a little english ; I agree with you ,concerning fruit and vegetable diet:grapefruit but also all the others fruit containing polyphenols and anthocyanic components or isoflavones involved in bone construction; but,besides a good diet,with vit.D3 and calcium ( a good one,such citrate,orotrate or pidolate of Ca),it seems difficult to avoid drugs ( especially ranelate de strontium which have not been involved in side effects) ,when there is a severe osteoporosis; What is your opinion? thanks to you and sincerely

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Massol,

      Actually, many people (myself included) have regained their bone health without the use of drugs by following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. The Program is designed for those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis (even severe osteoporosis) or osteopenia. I don’t believe osteoporosis medications are necessary, and they can have extreme adverse effects.

  81. bobbi

    taking lisinopril for high blood pressure…should I eat grapefruit ? I have read both bad and good things when taking meds..please respond

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Bobbi,

      It’s true that grapefruit can interfere with several medications. Please check with your doctor or pharmacist about whether it’s an issue in your case. And keep in mind that you don’t have to eat grapefruit (or any one food) to have success on the Save Our Bones program.

  82. Yeva

    Thank you for the wonderful information. Interesting article.I cannot have it because of some medications. I used to love it.

  83. Anna Marie

    With familial hypercholesterolemia, I am not able to use grapefruit as I have been on Lovastin for the past 20 years…orange juice is acid on your teeth and high in glucose…I use Kiwi for Vit. C… does it also have any proponents to help encourage bone hardening….Keep up the good works…amj

  84. Pat

    I have eaten grapefruit for breakfast most days for the past 10-15yrs. It has not helped me.

  85. Beryl V

    I’ve never seen red grapefruit here in Melbourne, Australia.
    Experiments with rats or other animals is against my beliefs – and anyway, how can one creatrure be compared to another?. They all have different reactions, including each and every human being.

  86. Barbara Zapinski

    Hi Vivian, that is good news about grapefruit. I have been eating this fruit all my life. I love it and will continue eating it.
    I have a concern…I purchased your Save our bones program book on 10-20-10 by check. When do you think I will receive it?

  87. Peggy Nadin

    Does the white grapefruit work as well? I have those in my yard. The rats in our neighborhood sure like them!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes Peggy, white grapefruit is fine!

  88. Annie M

    I have not heard of red grapefruit, but buy pink grapefruit pure juice, will that be just as good

  89. Sheila Hennis

    Great to read about Grapefruit helping with our bones. Unfortunately I cannot eat them now or the juice which I always had before I was in Hospital last Nov with SVT my heart racing. I was perscribed a tablet verapmil 120mg one a day and cannot take grapefruit in any form.
    Wish I could. Is there anything else like that to help please.

  90. mina

    Hello Vivian
    Thank you for this new wonder full information, i will make sure to eat three grape fruit per week. Is that enough?
    Best wishes

  91. E. Loraine Hopper

    Hi Vivian;
    Red Grapefruit is very bad for those with kidney problems.

  92. Vivienne Hawkins

    Grapefruit is not advisible if you take Statins, as I have to,to control high cholesterol.

  93. Marlene

    I realy don’t like grapefruit but will give it another try. I take all natural blood pressure pills and will research to see if there is any problem with grapefruit. My dad had realy bad high blood pressure a few different meds to control it, and he ate 1/2 grapefruit every morning and never had a problem. Am trying to follow bone program as close as possible.It’s really a big change for me but I’m getting there.Vivian I look forward to your e-mails, keep them coming.

  94. Darlene Isom

    Hello Vivian: To your knowledge have bone density tests ever been inaccurate? The reason I ask is the day that I took a bone density scan (2 years ago, at the age of 58), the operator of the scan kept stopping the scan and saying that it was jamming up or something of that nature. When we received the results my doctor as well as myself was surprized that my levels were high enough to diagnose me with osteoporsis. I have been doing nutrition for years, and have been an avid workout person, from weight lifting to kick boxing. I was prescribed Bonavia, but had serious gastric problems while taking it, so am now taking 1,000 m of Vitamin D daily, exercising with weight lifting twice a week, reading your information and trying to eat the correct foods, and just basically hoping for the best.

  95. Bob T.

    I am tired of everyone telling me to have grapefruit or all these soy products. I cannot have either due to my meds. Please come up with some alternatives. Thanks.

  96. Jennifer Sattler

    Very interesting article about Grapefruit being a deterrent for bone loss. I take generic of Synthroid for thyroid issues and have been told that grapefruit interacts with the medication. Would be wonderful if this were not so and I might add grapefruit to my list of favored fruits and veggies!

    • irene karas

      I never knew that info thank you for putting that into the comments.

  97. Mrs T Stone

    Notmuch help to me i’m afraid. I take Warfarin and am not allowed to eat grapefruit

  98. Norma Cotton

    Grapefruit pith actually contains “good” calcium and will also get rid of “foreign/chemical” calcium. Easy to take if juiced with the fruit part (I remove the waxy peel with a potato knife).

  99. Gina Monteith

    i have osteoporosis and in alot of pain i was giving foramax but never took it i take calcium, vit D, but now i have been told my good chelesterol is abit high i never had any bother with my chelesterol before any advise could it be the calcium or any other meds

  100. Anders Hall

    The problem with grapefruit is its tendency to interact with many medications to reduce or increase their effects in the body. The list of medicines affected by grapefruit or its juice continues to grow. I do, however, like the idea of eating red grapefruit.

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