The Difference Between Osteoporosis And Osteoarthritis - Save Our Bones

Q:  It is actually osteoarthritis that I have been diagnosed in the lumbar spine area. What's the difference between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis?

A:  Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory and painful condition that may be found in people with osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), which is not painful unless fractures occur. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I explain that osteoporosis is caused by a biochemical imbalance that the body is trying to correct (it has to do with the pH balance).

In some cases, typically when the acid pH is excessive, acid residue accumulates in the connective tissues resulting in osteoarthritis.

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  1. myrna rodriguez

    I have osteoporosis plus osteoarthritis in my lumbar column. I know I my chemo. twice 2006 and 2010 plus 34 radiation session. Dince 2012 I have a yearly infusion of Reclast but it has affected my stomach. I hace GERD. THE ONCOLIGIST told me to stop my last Reclast infussion until I get better at the end of 2015. Niw I am getting citracal twice a day with.vitamin d3 plus once a week 10000vitamin d3. Lots of vitamin c, sslmon three times a day green veggies, yogurt. Do you think this will help me. Thank-you,Myrna

  2. different between osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

    find me the answer on different between the osteoarthritis and osteoprosis

    • B.C.ROY

      My wife is suffering from Osteoporosis and parathyroid ailments.Seeking suggestions of natural remedies besides allopathic medicines

  3. durene winstead

    I took once a month actonel for only 10 months,
    had many problems with muscles,extreme fatigue,
    jaw pain,foot pain,I just felt ill,so against my Dr. advice,I went off actonel and slowly started feeling better….but now I have leukemia!
    Has this happened to anyone else?

    • jbronacher

      Yes, this happend to my mom. We suspect a correlation between the actonel and her leukemia. She’s never been sick and was always in good health until then. Please contact me.

  4. Carmen

    Thank You Vivian for noticing that I like to go further ever since I was told by my doctor that I was at the last degree before getting very very more serious or going cripple I was in chock for quite some time and really frightend because i have quite few more things wrong with me and I tried so many different prescriptions that caused me a lot more problems I almost felt as if my life did not mean to much to me.As I thought this is the last staw so I took the actonel pill for five years now I am not getting better I’m getting worse but I have not taken the actonel pill for weeks now thank to your messages that You keep sending me Vivian.I thank God for when I asked for some kind of help You answered me and Me not knowing who you were, I was really interested in evrything You took time to help me and sent me Your book on the naturel bone building.I want to thank You again..Two days ago I ordered Save our bones Special You have for the holidays I thank God as it was made possible for me to be able to afford that really wonderful kindness You are doing for so many people in need of your help.Please keep on sending me those so so special informations
    May God keep on blessing You Vivian.
    Carmen a friend in great need.

  5. Diana Reece

    I have done some research on the theory of Eating Right for your Blood Type. I am an “A” and this ‘diet’ for me fits quite well for your suggestions on balancing the foods according to their alkalinity/acidity. However, bananas are one of the foods that ‘A’s” should avoid. What are your thoughts on this theory of eating?

  6. Evelyn

    Dear Vivian,

    Does anyone who has taken Actonel have a chronic cough? My cardiologist asked me to discontinue Actonel for a month or two to see if it was a possible cause of my cough.

    Thank you for your book which I purchased and for the e-mails.

  7. Navi

    Hello Vivian, I’m a 37-year old male. I was diagnosed with high-grade Osteosarcoma in 2006. I underwent limb salvage surgery with endoprosthesis and allograft for my right humerus. I had 12 cycles of chemotherapy. Thankfully, I’m cured of cancer now but suffering with orthopedic issues with my right arm – internal prosthesis is loose and my doctors are wondering if I need a second prosthesis revisision (major surgery). At an employer-sponsored health fair, I accidently discovered a low-score via a heel scan which led me to get a whole body scan. I was told I have osteopenia. My sarcoma team doctors said it’s a side effect of the chemotherapy I underwent. My primary care physician prescribed Fosamax for me and with the first tablet, I had very very bad muscular pains so I couldn’t continue. I have since been wondering if my osteopenia (reduced bone density) has contributed to my prosthesis loosening (metal prosthesis bonded to my native bone and the donor bone using cement, etc). I have spoken about this theory with all my doctors but no one has confirmed it’s possible although they feel osteopenia might have contributed to the loosening at a faster pace. Considering this background, do you think I need to treat my osteopenia? My other problem is I don’t want to take any drugs that will push my new bone growth because of my osteosarcoma history. If I need to take drugs for treatment, it has to be to slow done my old bone loss. Please help. Thanks.

    • Uta Fink

      Have you ever heard of Juice plus its a base for “ALL” 17 fruits and Veggies in a capsule .We suppose to eat 9-13 but i don’t know anyone who can…. After Cimo your resistant is low so if you can build up your strength you would benefit the bones your DNA and your hole body . I have lots of good result
      with it:)

  8. Joan

    Vivian, How would I know how much calcium I am leaking? How do I determine how much calcium I should be taking? I had a spinal fracture last February(2008) in the lumbar area and had operation called verterbroplasty. It was then that I was told I had osteoporosis and was told to take fosomax and when I told the doctor I didn’t want to take fosomax and why he said I would have other fractures if I didn’t take the fosomax. I need your advice regarding how much calcium I should be taking. I have read your book “Bone Health Revolution” and am trying to follow the directions given there.

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