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For my 10th birthday, my parents gave me a hardcover edition of Aesop's Fables, and I fell in love with the entertaining tales. All the while my young, impressionable mind absorbed the morals that came with every story.

One of my favorites was the story of the fox and the cat. The wiley old fox was bragging to the cat about how clever he was, “I have a whole bag of tricks, and it contains at least a hundred ways of escaping my enemies.” The cat came back with, “I have only one, but I can generally manage with that.”

Just then, a pack of hounds descended on the pair. The cat quickly jumped onto a tree and hid herself in the branches, saying, “This is my plan.” Meanwhile, the fox was thinking. Pondering his hundred different methods for evading the hounds, confused and scattered and discarding one plan after another. While the fox was sorting through all the plans, the hounds caught up with him and he was soon killed by the huntsmen.

The moral, as voiced by Miss Puss:

“Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon.”

That stuck with me, and in my journey for natural bone health, I've applied The Fox and Cat Principle.

Are You Like the Cat or Like the Fox?

Do you find a course that works and stick with it, or are you constantly leaping from one solution to the next, never confident how to proceed?

It's certainly easy to be swayed. There will always be an article proclaiming that what you believe to be true is in fact not true, and there will always be a new “expert” who will come along and give you all the reasons why.

Indeed, there are alternative ways to approach most situations, and your bone health is no exception. In that sense, the fox had a point. The danger is that while you're pondering all the different approaches, life is moving on, and you're not taking action.

Ever heard of “analysis paralysis”? Here's one of the best descriptions I've seen: “Analysis paralysis is where you can’t make any forward progress because you bog yourself down in details, tweaking, brainstorming, research and … anything but just getting on with it.” If ever there was a classic case of analysis paralysis, Aesop's fox had it.

Create Your “Bone Health Philosophy”

But… even at that point, there are traps for the perfectionist.

If you've chosen to go with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you could still get bogged down. A true perfectionist is likely to think, “If I can't do everything in the program perfectly, I may as well not try at all. I'd better get everything in place, make sure I have all the foods and understand their composition… I injured my ankle and can't work with weights the way Vivian recommends, so I'll have to wait to get started until my ankle heals… Oh, and Vivian writes about the benefits of grapefruit, but I'm on a medication that interacts with grapefruit, so I can't eat it. Hmmm, better wait until I’ll know what to do about grapefruit before I start the program.”

Here's the thing. You don’t have to follow everything all the time in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to succeed in your natural bone health quest. You don’t have to be perfect! The Actions outlined in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program are so powerful and effective that even if you follow only a handful you’ll be doing marvelous things for your bones. And those few Actions can have amazing bone health benefits that will change your life for the better.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  • If you eat a few meals that are not perfectly balanced… just get back to the plan without kicking yourself.
  • If you're worried about getting the exact proportions of each meal right… stop worrying! You don't have to weigh and measure. Just eyeball your plate and shoot for an approximate balance by volume. And don't worry about getting each meal perfectly balanced every day of the week. On occasion, you can think in terms of balancing your intake on a daily basis, rather than meal by meal.
  • If you absolutely can't do without your 3-latte-a-day habit (for now, anyway)… that doesn't mean that you can't improve your bone health. Follow as much of the program as you can. And gradually work on making changes to that latte habit. Perhaps substitute almond or soy milk for the regular milk, cut back from two shots of espresso per drink to one, then cut back to two lattes instead of three, and so on.
  • If you can't do an exercise I show you due to injury or because you're out of shape or for any other reason… don't stress about it. You can either modify the exercise or find other ways to achieve the same result.
  • When I talk about the benefits of a particular food, that doesn't mean you need to eat it every day… In almost every case, it's just one of many bone healthy foods that you can include in your diet. It's more important to eat a varied diet rather than to focus on one particular food. And if you're allergic or simply don't like one of the foods on my lists, just don't eat it! There are plenty of others to choose from.
  • And here's the best part…

Worrying Less about the Details is Good for Your Bones

As I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, stress can hurt your bones because it activates cortisol secretion, and cortisol negatively affects bone density. So if you happen to be a perfectionist, now you have a great reason to let go!

The bottom line is that you don't have to do everything that's in the Program to improve your bone health.

So relax, do the best you can, and you'll reduce your stress and improve your bone health at the same time. And remember, you don't have to be “purr-fect” but be more like the cat.

To your bone health success!

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  1. joyce

    You mentioned in your recipe section “vegetable butter”, can you recomend one that you use?
    Also, is Chicory ok as a coffee substitute, or even using half chicory & half coffee?
    I know taht when we stop making estrogen, our bones suffer….what is your take on having organic/plant estrogens to help boost he bones? I really need to know. Thanks, Joyce S.

    • Alexandra Eyle

      Dear Vivian,

      Thanks in large part to you and your program, today I have perfect bone health. But that was the case three years ago, when my bone scan showed -3.86 in my spine. I was shocked as I am a fitness trainer and was walking daily and working out with light weights every day, teaching classes. I am, however, the perfect osteoporosis candidate: white, thin, 5′ tall, and post-menopausal.

      I researched Fosomax, which my doctor recommended and rejected it. Then I started researching natural ways to strengthen my bones. I followed your plan, and others, combining your diet, wearing a weighted vest, working up to 10 lbs (10% of my body weight), and changing my weight-training program to heavier weights and fewer reps leading to muscle fatigue. I also started jogging or using a mini trampoline to create more bone stimulation in my workouts through impact, and began taking B-12, D3, and calcium.

      Like you say, I didn’t follow all aspects perfectly everyday, but I did do some things every day. Last week I got my results from my latest test: Below 2.5 is considered osteoporosis. In my first test, I was -3.86. Now, I’m perfect 1.0! Am I stopping my program because I succeeded? No, I’m so excited I’m working it harder than ever, now 100% fully confident that it works! Thank you, Vivian for all that you do!

      All Best,
      Alexandra Eyle

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Way to go, Alexandra!! And thanks so much for sharing your inspiring success story with us 🙂

  2. Joyce Gasser

    How can I get calcium into my bones instead of sticking in the veins?
    Would appreciate your advice. Thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great question, Joyce, especially because doctors indiscriminately recommend calcium, without distinction of what type. Inorganic calcium, such as calcium carbonate, is not recognized by the body, so it’s treated as a toxin. This explains the negative health effects it causes. You can read a complete explanation on the difference between organic and inorganic calcium as well as the latest update on calcium and heart attacks by clicking the two links below (and feel free to use the Search option at the top right of the page. Just type “calcium” or any other topic of interest 🙂

  3. Liz

    That was great advice! I am a perfectionist and I have started to tail off following your plan because I couldn’t do it all. I shall get back on track now!! Many thanks!

  4. Barbara

    I had my left front and back pelvis removed 10 yrs ago for an extremely rare Cancer. I underwent experimental heavy chemo and limb salvage surgery with no promises of saving my life as cancer was in stage 4 and very active and spreading. I now have many health and physical problems. I have been on fosamax for 10 yrs due to osteoporosis. This summer I fractures my lumbar spine bilaterally, without any injury, just sat down and could not get up. Dr’s thought it may be pathological, but all scans were clear. My spine is in bad shape and I have severe bilateral leg cramps and muscle pain. I do what I can for exercise. Is there any advice you can offer me. I also take 1800mg/day of gabapentin for the severe peripheral neuropathy cause by the chemo, which I barely lived through.Was hospitalized for the 6months during chemo in a pallitive rm. Like I said all was experimental, it was that or be dead for sure in 2 months. Now it has been 10 years, but my medical problems are many. I just want to feel good and prevent my spine from getting worse.

  5. irmgard

    I tried to order your Safe our bones book, however was not able to, as I do not know what you mean by shipping method and I was not able to order without specifying shipping method. I want it send to my address. how do I specify this?

  6. Susan Skinner

    I was diagnosed Jan. 2010 with osteopenia and osteoporosis in the spine and hips. I took Actonel 4 years before this time. I ordered your book last winter and have been trying to follow it. My body continues to excrete the calcium through my urine. I am taking Hydorclorithyzide and Forteo. I have seen two doctors, one at the Mayo Clinic. They don’t talk much about diet. I have been drinking tap water filtered through my refrigerator. Is it better to use distilled water? I exercise every day. I saw you said to drink parsley tea. I will try that. Any thing else???
    Thank you

  7. Nu Ly

    These tips you’ve given me are really helpful . I agree that soy milk is good for everyone, especially for the elderly.It can help your eye not be dry anymore. Normally in the elderly life, they have dried eyes.
    Thank you also for the stories you have given us.

  8. slavica zekanovic

    I like your emails and your storis,good on you Vivien and THANK YOU.


  9. Erlinda Siaton



  10. Syble

    Approximately two years ago, my bone density scan showed problems at L1,L2, L3, and L4. Three were at osteopenia level and one at osteoporosis level (just slightly into each, but nevertheless, there). My doctor suggested I go on Boniva. I researched all osteoporosis medications and decided I did not want bisphosphonates in my body: I simply said “No” – at least until I tried every other way to improve my bones.

    I purchased Save Our Bones and chose the parts of it that I felt I could comfortably do. Recently I had another bone density scan. I was somewhat concerned because one year into my personal efforts to save my bones an autoimmune disorder struck and I was on prednisone almost a year. As you know, prednisone is detrimental to our bones. My best hope was that I had held the bone density at the level of two years before. When I got my report, it showed no osteoporosis. L4 had improved. L 1-4 are still in range of osteopenia. Because of the usage of prednisone, I consider this to be a huge success. I fully expect to see improvement in two years – provided I don’t have to go back on prednisone.

    Vivan, thank you for sharing your ways to improve our bone density.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Congratulation, Syble! Taking prednisone for almost one year AND reversing osteoporosis is fantastic, and yet one more way to prove that the Program does work 🙂

  11. Monica P. McCutcheon

    Do you have an opinion re: Algaecal plus Strontium and/or Strontium?

  12. Michael

    Hello Vivian,

    Thank you for your work. Since I am allergic to gluten and want to follow the right food combination, I was looking for buckwheat from this pointy of view and could not find it in your book. It is alkaline food as well and can be eaten with meat or other protein.

    Thanks you,

  13. Michael

    Hi Vivian,

    Please advice if it possible to combine or interact somehow two different systems where each one groups food based on different prinzipals:
    your book into two groups: alkaline and acid products
    Natalia Rose (Life force energy) into 4:
    Nuts and seeds
    Fresh fruits
    For instance, from your point of view it is good to combine into one meal meat and potatoes with peel, but from Natalia’s point of view is not a good idea.

    Thanks, Michael

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Michael, if someone has digestive problems, it’s best to not eat starches and proteins together. Also, fruit should be eaten alone and before a meal (not after). Notice that if you follow the pH balanced Program, eating a steak (a protein) with pasta (a starch) would make it very difficult to balance with other alkalizing foods.

  14. Pat Prosser

    Perfectly timed! It’s taken me a year to decide on exactly this course of action. I am a perfectionist, and put 3 months into researching and cross referencing before deciding that actually, you have it right on the money, and for the last 6 months I haven’t bothered checking anything else. A month of relatives staying with me from abroad has severely knocked my serene balance, but I’m not worrying about it. I have come to the conclusion that alkaline water (distilled, spring, or ionized) is really important.

  15. mary t ball

    Hi Vivian,
    I remember the tale of the Fox and the Cat so well. How relevant it is in helpings simplify
    the Bone Programme.
    Many thanks for all your wisdom.


  16. brenda

    enjoyed reading all the emails i have learnt a lot more from them than i have from my doctor. keep them coming

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for your kind words, Brenda!

  17. Maria J F

    I just bought this Program, and this is my first comment.

    My stomach do not tolerates almond milk and joy milk, because gastritis.

    I need other alternative.

  18. Maria JF

    This is my first comment.

    My stomach doesn’t tolerates almond milk and soy milk because gastritis.
    Who knows other alternative?

    • Esther L

      This is for Maria F

      YOU could try Rice Milk.Hope it works for you.

  19. Maria F

    My stomach doesn’t tolerates almond milk and soy milk because gastritis.
    Who knows other alternative?

  20. Mardi

    Vivian, an especially good email today about the Cat and Fox! Looks like others agree! I try and follow your advice but it’s hard when you can’t “do it all”. I have a tendency not to do anything if I can’t do it all and/or right. The Cat is right on! I get a lot of exercise – always have – but still developed osteopenia. Hardest thing for me to do is cut back (or quit!) coffee! I drink half-caf but still not good for me!

  21. Elaine Schaeffer

    Great true story. Working with a diet the doctor gave me but checking the list for balance and yes it does seem harder then it use to but still feel good and on no medicine. Watching your advice on the Q-10 and was going to change brands but seen it did not carry a 5o mg as you suggested. Found it in Spring Valley and was going to change to nature made but they did not have the 50 mg. I am taking that multi vitamin by nature made but I guess I will stick with the place I can get the mg. Having a hard time finding vitamins that agree with me. Thanks for the information very interesting and helpful.

  22. Andrea Moore

    I have noticed that as we get older that we have the tendency to worry more. I believe that worry is important to eliminate from our lives as it is harmful and does no good. I have a list or positive and calming thoughts and quieting activities that I force when I am feeling anxious. You can design your oun thoughts and activities that work for you. Write them down so you can easily refer to them when you are feeling troubled.
    I appreciate the emails, Vivian.
    Andrea Moore

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I love your idea of listing positive and calming thoughts, Andrea!

  23. Marie Rowland

    Hi Vivian,

    I purchased the save our Bones Program a few months ago. Unfortunately, because My computer was infected with a virus, I lost the e-books that I saved in the C drive.

    It’s difficult for me to follow the program with just the printed book.

    Could you resend me the link so I could download it again?

    It would be greatly appreciated.


  24. Veronica

    Vivian, I really appreciate your efforts to keep us updated on bone health.
    Thank you,

  25. Kay

    My husband has just had a bone density test recommended for long use of steroids, low dose, he is 67 and his levels had improved. I’m the one with all the fractures so I am taking the credit for his improvement, please God my levels are improving as well. I’m sure they are!

  26. Joan

    Hi Vivian

    Loved your Fox and the Cat email today I have
    tried to follow the advice in your book it is
    hard to know whether my food intake is adequate
    or not I guess a bone scan after 12 months will
    let me know if my calcium Vitamin D intake has
    been enough
    Thanks keep up the emails

  27. Carolyn

    Thanks Vivian for all the emails and informative articles regarding bone loss. I have really been sticking to the “save our Bones” diet. I’ve pretty much given up animal protein and dairy. My sinus problems are almost gone and I’ve lost 18 pounds. Keep on sending the great information. I’m looking forward to checking my bone density next year.

  28. Karen Gerstman

    Yes lets get this subject about soy milk cleared up.There are so many organic milks out there too, is one better than another? Vivian you are doing a wonderful job on answering most questions asked by us. congratulations are in order.

  29. catherine smith

    I enjoyed the story on the fox and the cat.I guess, I am more like the fox. That was a helpful article. I stopped taking, Actonel, about 2 weeks ago, and hope to use some of your hints to help the bone density.I would like to buy your book, but can not afford it, at this time.But do enjoy your messages and helpful hints.You are wonderful, to share these things, with all of us.Thank you, so much, for all you do.
    Cathy Smith

  30. Cheryl JOhnston

    Thank you for all of your e-mails. I enjoy reading and following your advice.

  31. Nelda

    I too am interested in your comments about using plain keifer.

  32. Nelda Magnusson

    Your story about the fox and the cat was very encouraging to me. I tend to want to do everything just the right way and get bogged down when I fail. Thank you for the words of encouragement to keep on keeping on!

  33. Dorothy Bohling

    Dear Vivian,

    Good advice. I enjoy all of your e-mails.

  34. Allison Ifferte

    Hi Viv:
    Another great bone philosophy that I love is:

    Reach for the Moon, if you fall, your still
    amongst the Stars. Thanks for all the great
    emails. Allison***

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great quote, Allison! Thanks for sharing it.

  35. Corine Cahan

    It is expensive.

  36. Elizabeth M. Wright

    Thanks for all of your information Vivian… I
    appreciate all of it.
    I always told my children, “Do the best you can with what you got.”
    I was getting nervous when trying to keep up with all of the information on what to eat, etc., so I told my husband, that’s it… I am doing the best I can and that is IT !!! I am now enjoying eating and knowing that I am doing the best I can… So far, so good…
    Blessings… Elizabeth W.

  37. macca

    Has anyone had any experiences with vibrating machines? I have been using one for awhile now and my latest bone density test showed that my spine was now in the normal zone (which is great) however, my hips are way worse.

  38. macca

    Can anyone tell me the best calcium supplement with vitamin D and magnesium

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Macca, here’s what I recommend:

    • Esther L

      There is a liquid with cal/mag/Vit.D {all three) in it. the company is called “Prairie Naturalls”. I am in Canada. i have been using that for a few months and I also take 1000 IUs of vit. D. I broke my hip two years ago and had a full hip replacement and am doing fine. I also had been on Fosamax the other one that you mentioned Vivian. I got side affects from both of them and I promptly stopped them and am now just on what I said above here as well as Stem Enhance to stir up my stem
      cells in my bone marrow. i am 80 years young and otherwise healthy Praise God for that!

    • Esther L

      There is a liquid out now with all three,calcium,magnesium and Vit.D. The brand name is Prairie Naturals. I just purchased some today at my Health Food Store. I have been using it for a few months, and I also take 1000 1000 iu.s a day.
      I live in Canada

    • Judy

      My nutritionist reccommended this to me.
      Cal Mag Plus Vitamin D2 by Priority One Nutritional Supplements, Inc.
      It is working well for me.

    • Michelle von Winterberg

      Best calcium (in Australia, perhaps elsewhere?) is ‘AdvaCal’ Hydroxyapatite as Calcium Citrate with Boron, containing Cal.234 mg magnesium (as oxide heavy)112.7 mg,Zink (as amino acid chelate)3.2 mg, Manganese (as amino acid chelate)1 mg, Copper (as gluconate) 22o micgr, holecalciferol (vitamin D 1oo IU,)Phytomenadiore (vitamin .K)5 micgr.,Silicone (as silica-colloidal anhydrous)7.26 mg,Boron (as Borax) 1 mg.
      The Hydroxyapatite is from, bone sources!
      Made in Australia by BioCeuticals.IDEAL COMPOSITION
      My bone density after one year of “Arimidex” which depletes calcium from bones, my bone density is STRONGER, thanks to info by Vivian Goldschit, my self-responsibility and the “Advacal”

      • jo

        How do I buy this calcium that you mentioned?
        I stopped taking the daily injections of FORTEO 3 weeks ago, after being on it 18 mo. Dr. allows only 24 mo because of danger.
        But my osteoporosis was/is very bad.
        I take 15oo mg calcium (shews) with D & K.
        I do yoga 2 tiems a week & walk a mile 4 tiems a week.
        I injured my back 18 mo. ago & broke 2 vertabra,& have some back ache at times.
        OSteoporosis scares me so much & I want to get strong bones again.
        IF Vivien is reading, please also recommend anything.

      • Sheila Ryle

        I’m still taking the daily arimidex – is this OK?

        I stopped the Fosimax about 6 weeks ago and feel much better – my cheeks are no longer sticking to my teeth – yuck!!!

        I go to see the Oncologist on Tuesday. I wonder if I’ll have a fight


  39. Maria J.Mckenney

    Thanks Vivian for email.This is underful.. Love,

  40. Ms. L.

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Guess Right Now, I’m More Like The Fox. But I’m Going To Try To Be More Like The Cat! Wish Me GOOD LUCK! WILL YOU?

    LOVE, MS. L.

  41. renee

    I have a problem with my esophagus called Achalasia which I have to control by taking Prilosec. I know Prilosec is terrible for my bones but if I don’t take it (or an equivalent), disphaagia prevents me from eating. What can I do to control GERD — I don’t eat spicy or fried foods but I stll get Gerd. (I sleep with my head elevated.

    • Frances Jeffs

      Your problem, I believe, is too much acid in your system. Going on an alkaline diet will remove all these problems. Gerd and acid reflux is amongst many of the problems associated with too much acid. A naturopath will be able to make you up a diet which will reduce all these symptoms. Acid Reflux is also from too much acid.


    • Cath

      I don’t know if this will help you but I started getting acid reflux; turned out I was lactose intolerant. Can’t take cows milk any was but stopped even being able to have goats/sheeps milk. Stopped the milk and the reflux went away along with the pain in my big toe joint.

  42. Margie Shiffman

    Vivian: I really liked this email today as it hit home for me. I stress out so much about everything especially what I eat. Thanks for reminding me to back off being the perfectionist and just take one day at a time.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, one day at a time… and let’s not worry so much about the future, so we can enjoy the “NOW” 🙂

  43. Frances Miller

    I had always been a perfectionist until I fractured my back. Pain can make you do things different. I always exercised religiously, buy after the fracture when I did not feel like it, I procrastinated. Now I know I have to do what is good for osteoporosis, so if I need to vacuum or do other chores, I now know they can wait, so I exercise. I have learned I can’t fit everything in so I have changed.

  44. Sharon

    Vivian, Loved your article today!!!! Thanks for your good sound advice and it really makes sense. Thanks again

  45. Melba

    I have not purchased your book yet, since I have a few other issues that I need to work around. I have tried Fosomax and Boniva and had reactions to both of those. I just recently tried the new nasal spray calcitonin-salmon. but have developed side effects, so have discontinued that also. I’m on my own now trying to save what bone strength I have left. I have osteopenia. I am also hypoglycemic. I read your information regarding milk and now have a dilemma. I use a lot of daily products, skim milk, yogart, fat free cottage cheese, and cheese. The lactose breaks down slower and helps my blood sugar from dropping. I do not eat anything that breaks down quickly into glucose, such as potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, corn, etc. I am only allowed 2 fruits a day. I usually eat apples or blueberries when they are in season. I do not eat sweets or anything with sugar, or breaks down to sugar. My diet is mainly higher protein and lower carbs, with some fruits, vegetables and almonds. I have too much insulin. The reverse of being diabetic. What ever I put into my mouth that has sugar or breaks down to sugar (glucose), sends a message to my pancreas to produce more insulin. As a result, my blood sugars run low most of the time.
    With this in mind, would your book still work for me?
    Thank you,

  46. Renee'

    Hi Vivian,

    I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoperosis. When given a 24 urine test it showed that I was releasing too much calcium from my kidneys and they put me on HCTZ to flush the kidneys. I had some terrible side effects from it after 3 weeks, so I stopped. Is there anything else I can take that will flush the kidneys and help me to absorb calcium into my bones?

    • Maria c rhodes

      take a tea made out of parsley

    • Andrea

      I need an answer to this also, as I have been diagnosed with hypercalciuria (spilling too much calcium from the bones). Please let us know how we can absorb calcium better!

  47. Feona

    I’ve been on the Program for about 4 weeks, not following it completely, but making small changes. Mostly, I’ve stopped drinking tap water and got a filter jug and I’m eating more alkaline foods than i used to. I’ve just noticed that my fingernails aren’t splitting as they used to – in fact, my nails are long and stronger than I’ve ever seen them! Could i really be making a difference so soon?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Why not? Anything is possible! If you fertilize a plant, don’t you notice an improvement within a few days? Believe in your bones, and believe in yourself, Feona 🙂

  48. mary bushma

    very good advice,Vivian, I to will apply the fox and cat principal, it makes sense, I would assume it could apply to any area of your like, thanks for your sound advice, Mary

  49. Anna Marie

    I’m waiting for delivery of the book I ordered…can hardly wait to start reading…

  50. Jan Booth

    I LOVED this article! Thank you. I can get discouraged when I can’t do it all just right, so this is just what I needed to hear.

    Thank you!

  51. Rosa

    This is about the photo of the fox and the cat. What a beautiful cat!! Is it a Maine Coon Cat? I had a Maine Coon cat that looked very much like the one in the photo. He was killed by two dogs in the summer of 1953. He was the smartest cat — when he crossed the road, he would stop and look both ways before he walked across. He was a wonderful cat, and even when I see a picture of a cat like him, it brings back memories.

  52. Daphne

    Dear Vivian,

    I enjoy reading your e-mails, they’re all very educational,I will fallow the advice of the fox and the cat,thanks for sharing it.


  53. Nicola

    Thank you again – I more or less follow your line of cutting back on bad habits, though they are still there, gradually reducing them.
    Found out today that I have high blood pressure (used to be low) and I am reading that it often goes hand in hand with post menopause and/or osteoporosis, so wondering if others have similar finding.

  54. Adrienne L

    Please stop recommending soy milk—soy juice is not a milk equivalent! Unfermented soy, which is most of the stuff available in the US, is poison and is genetically modified to boot.

    Don’t believe me — check out:


    He also has a good article on biophosphonates that you can show your doctor the next time s/he tries to push these drugs to you:

    • Alex

      I agree! Soya “milk” etc is rubbish! – and possibly addictive even, not least of all as it can become a daily habit as can dairy.

      Plus i’m sorry the name of the individual you are talking about has not come up here. If it was censored out i believe that was unnecessary, unless this site is all about promotion of a “business”.

  55. Eileen van der Zwan

    A couple week ago, when trying out my new bike, the seat was too high, and over I went. My first thought was………….how many bones have I broken? None……….just a few cuts and scrapes, and a sore thumb, which is gradually healing. Does this mean that I don’t have osteoporosis??perhaps I have turned it around??? I have even wondered if the tests are rigged so that you’ll take the medication, out of fear.

  56. Lannette Huberty

    I love your stories and encouragement. I have been going with your approach in this Email for myself. Its good to have it validated as a productive way to think. I tend to be a perfectionist but have been learning to lighten up. Maybe that will help my bones too!

  57. Madelyn Guthrie

    Enjoy your e-mails and all the good information. My daughter and I are using
    the program and will continue. Hope it will
    help my bone density score


  58. Elizabeth

    I enjoyed the analogy of the fox and the cat, and find your advice very helpful in not being too prescriptive about following the exercise/diet rigidly. I stopped taking Fosamax after only 6 weeks due to the adverse effects and now have been put onto Calcium + D3 supplements, but I also take plenty of exercise and eat a diet with magnesium, vitamin k and calcium rich veg and nuts. Hoping all of this will save me from any bone weakening, despite being on long term Prednisolone(for an auto-immune disease). Keeping well currently and leading a happy active life. Thanks for all your help and advice.

  59. Anne

    I really enjoy ALL of your GREAT EMAILS. They
    are very encouraging.

    Thankyou very much

  60. Carole

    Thanks Vivian – How timely this e-mail was. Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do. I heard on the Dr. Oz’s show we should have a cup of coffee very day because it benefits the brain in regard to dementia and memory loss. This runs in our family. When I have coffee I feel guilty knowing it’s affecting my done density and need to take more calcium immediately to counter act it. I just started using almond milk thinking the calcium in that would be better. Now I read the comment above on almond milk which was very discouraging. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

    • Louise Fardais

      I think you misread the one on milk. It is soy milk the culprit not almong milk

      • Louise Fardais

        sorry almond nont almong!!!!

  61. Kay Passage

    Nutrition Action Health Letter had a recent article on almond milk…….saying it was mostly water. A cup of almond milk has just 1 gram – far less than the 8 to 9 grams of protein in a cup of cow’s milk (or the 6 to 8 grams in a cup of soy milk). How come? A cup of almond milk is made from about 4 nuts and mostly water with enough evaporated cane juice to supply about 2 tsp. of added sugar per cup.
    What is your comment on this???
    Thank you, KP

    • Maria c rhodes

      make your own in a vita mixer machine

    • Dianne

      Check the nutritional facts on the containers you purchase – here in Canada nutritional labels are a requirement. I use Almond Breeze by Blue Diamond Growers – their unsweetened Original version. You are correct that the protein in 1 cup is only 1g however their is 0g of sugar and the amount of calcium in 1 cup is 20% of your daily requirement which is very high. Also other daily requirements include Magnesium (8%), Vit E (15%), Phosphorus (4%),and Iron (2%). So when you look at the overall nutrition it is very high. So my suggestion is use it for some excellent nutrition especially the calcium & magnesium and get your protein from other foods – daily protein requirements are easy to get. The best thing anyone can do is learn how to read labels. Not all products are created equal. This brand also has 2 other Almond Milks they make and both have sugar – I opt of the zero sugar. Hope this helps.

  62. gloria cohen

    Very good advice, I love your book.

  63. nancy brainerd

    Loved the story! Wondering what is the best organic plant derived calcium that can be found over hte counter? Thanks so much. Nancy

    • Joyce Gasser

      never saw your reply to my question: Where do I get organic calcium?

  64. Karen

    This was the most affirming e-mailing I have had from you in the 4 months I have been on the Save Our Bones diet. Everything seems so mandatory that I feel guilty if I have that glass of wine or have a “real” cup of tea. I try to do my best and for the first time I feel as if I am, just doing my best, without getting hung up on all the voodoo.

    • Illya

      Hi Karin, I have to drink a glass of wine everyday on dr.advice. I am still doing that before my dinner. It calms me down even with a reflux. I don’t take any tablets my whole live very rarely a Panamax=Panadol without the coating. Also I have 2 small cups of coffee one with a tiny bid of milk the other with boiled water and a teaspoon of honey. I am doing that for years at least 13 years. Before I never drunk any alcohol. Enjoy 1 glass of red wine Karin,but read Vivian’s book also and get idea’s – it’s really interesting.

  65. Marysia Dunlop

    Hi Vivian 🙂

    Thank for todays story. I agree wholeheartedly. Find one great method that suits you and stick to it. To me, you can’t go wrong.

    best wishes

  66. Carol

    Thanks Vivian! I had come to the same conclusion recently. I am a full time student at age 54. I have a fmaily as well. I have so much “on my plate” and it is hard to always eat every meal balanced because I have to carry every meal with me when I’m not home. I need to eat often or I lose weight and my hypoglycemia gets the best of me. I do not have thyroid problems but do tend to have a higher metabolism than some other peopel. I have followed the diet strictly for over a year. Now being in school has added more to my plate. I am doing the best I can trying to balance food, exercise and taking time to get rid of stress and regain sanity as well as keep up with school. I have slipped some in my diet but I have stopped berrating myself for it. I just keep on trying to do my best with it all. it takes a lot of time driving to places that sell organic alkalizing foods since I don’t live near any of those kinds of stores. Some times I make do with the “same old”, “same old” and then just go nuts and have to eat something else which usually doesn’t include anything alkalinizing since I don’t always have time to drive to get it. I am an explorer and can’t handle the “same old” for very long. Finding items on the alkalinizing list nearby is limited. But still, I keep on trying.

    • Dianne

      Keeping your body alkaline is not as difficult as it seems so try not to stress out about it. Most alkaline forming foods can be found close to home in supermarkets. A Chinese medicine Dr in our city says that you can create an alkaline body within 30 days by drinking lemon in hot water each morning when you awake – can’t remember if it is the juice of 1/4 or 1/2 a lemon – but it must be from fresh lemons (not the lemon juice in a bottle). You can also purchase PH paper or strips from many pharmacies (or order off the internet – probably more $’s) and test your PH balance at any time. Ideal PH balance is 7.35-7.45 so you are looking to have a PH strip test come in at 7. The PH paper/strips will come with a PH color/number chart. You simply put the strip into your mouth for a couple of seconds, take out & within 30 seconds it will turn color according to your body’s PH level. You may test your saliva or test your urine – the results will be the same. This way you will know where you are and don’t have to stress about it. Once you have your PH balanced it will be quite easy to maintain and/or re-balance.

      • Sue W.

        I check my pH each morning before breakfast. Is it necessary to check it more than once a day? I am going to order strips that are more accurate from but I seem to be in the alkaline range each morning.

  67. c. kerska

    I have been using the plan for a year, after I had a significant loss of bone. I saw a doctor that was not easy to work with and tried Boniva once, got very sick and did not take any more. I continued on the Save our bones plan the best I could. I found a better doctor and I had a new bone scan this month and I was so pleased with the results. I did not build bone, but I did not lose bone! For me that is a victory and tells me I am on the right track. Thank you!!

  68. Leaking Ink

    Sounds like that fox had A.D.D.

  69. Dijana

    I loved the Cat and Fox analogy, you write well and so encouragingly. Like the Nike ad – it is a case of just do it, find a way that suits and just do it! ALL of what you write makes sense, so ANY of it will help. Thankyou.

  70. Diana

    Are there any (bone) benefits to drinking Kirfir instead of milk?

  71. Gerri D.

    Hi Vivian,
    Loved your article today! Common sense is the most valuable commodity that we have today. If only we could apply it to everything we do in life. I’m so glad you brought that out today.
    Gerri D.

  72. Marie Leger

    I was taking Fosamax & then I ordered your book. I was appalled reading about the ingredients in Fosamax. I am no longer taking Fosamax [I started to have side effects] I am following the examples stated in your book. I am also researching the best Calcium supplement. I am only so sorry that I took the medication, I only hope I haven’t done too much damage to my bones the past 5 years. I am even doubting whether I even had Osteoporosis in the first place. Thank you for educating me.

  73. Brenda

    Does anyone have any information on MCHC (calcium hypoxytate)? Is it absorbed better than the standard calcium supplements? Thanks.

  74. Brenda

    Hi. Does anyone have an opinion on the supplement “Bone Maximizer III” by MRM? It uses MCHC. I have ulcerative colitis and am not sure if I am absorbing calcium and other nutrients well as my bone density scores just keep going down.

    • Joyce Gasser

      What about MCHC – is it good or not?
      Do you think it is okay to use Strontium? I thought it was not a good choice?

    • liz marsh

      Brenda, what I’ve learned on any of these multi-supplements for the bones is to make sure they don’t contain strontium. It is a wonderful and effective mineral for bone growth, but should be taken 2 or 3 hours apart from taking calcium which is of course in all the multi-supplement bone growth formulas. (I take it in the middle of the night when I get up to use the bathroom.)
      After going on this mineral plus Vivian’s program, I gained back 9.6% bone mineral density in my lumbar spine in just 13 months!

      • Annie

        When you had your DEXA test taken did you tell her/him who was taking your test, you where taking Strontium? Some tec’s can adjust the Dexa machine for it.
        Strontium gives a False reading. It can show an improvement in your bones, just like Fosamax can, and the other drugs.
        Although, I do know that Strontium can be bought over the counter in the USA, where I live.
        In Europe, its a perscription, like anyother Osteoporosis drug.

        I had side effects taking it, although It has been good for allot of people.

        The reason you should not take Strontium with Calcium, is they both compete at the same time. It should be taken 3 hours apart.

        Would you share what else you where doing/Taking for your Osteoporosis for 13 months before taking the test?


    • Janice

      I do not know, but if you find out I would love to know. I have taken some MSM products and they are great.


    I have not been able to stop identifying with the story of the fox and cat, I feel like a mixture of them, see an alternative and immediately follow it but then find one other that rejects the previous one and left the one that was followed and take another, it`s crazy.


  76. Bonnie Potts

    I am wondering why you sometimes recommend soy milk? I have read various articles saying that soy is bad because of it’s interaction with estrogen. I don’t remember all the details right now, but I know I have seen many articles recommending people NOT use soy products. And soy is especially bad for boys/men since it can actually feminize them. I am extemely interested in your opinion about this subject.

    • Joyce

      I too question about soy and estrogen=breast cancer

    • Barbara

      Plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) such as soy are actually beneficial. The meat and dairy industries don’t want you to know this, so they pay for “studies” to be done to scare people away from buying soy. We have estrogen receptor sites all over our bodies. Soy consumption blocks those sites so that the harmful estrogens can’t be absorbed. Asian countries have the highest rate of soy consumption and also the lowest incidence of hormonal cancers and heart disease. You can’t trust the negative reports on soy.

      • Cath

        I think is ok is it’s fermented, if not it’s an antinutrient and hormone disruptor. Its one of the top 8 allergens and is highly processed to make it into the finished milk/cheese/tofu items.I think products like fermented soy sauce and natto are fine.

      • Dianne

        There is a big controversy out there on Soy & Soy products so I think everyone needs to make their own decision on this one. Apparently over 90% of Soy is genetically modified so it depends on how you feel about genetic modification. Also a medical book I have says that if you have hypothyroid (under-active) conditions you should not eat Soy products. If you have hyperactive (over-active)thyroid conditions then Soy is a good product. If this is true as my medical book states I do not know why it is not a better known fact since a huge percentage of women in North America have thyroid problems especially hypothyroid and they may be adding negatively to this problem by eating soy.

  77. Dotty McAtee

    Vivian, I really enjoyed your email about the fox and the cat principle. It makes a lot of
    sense, not only on saving our bones, but on all aspects of life. Thank you again! Dotty

  78. Gladys kelly

    I read all of your emails & found them all quite interesting. Keep up the good work of imforming us how to protect our bones. Thankyou. Gladys Kelly

  79. Barbara Guthrie

    I loved the advice you gave in this email – I guess we all tend to worry about following recommendations exactly but it is common sense as you have suggested to stop stressing about doing the right thing all of the time.

  80. Julie Hernandez

    Vivian : Thanks again for new research and re-
    commended natural alternative treatments. I am
    still using the heel and jump exercise and I feel lighter also. I read somewhere that cucum-
    ber is also good for osteoporosis.

    Keep up the good work. I never had a chance to
    download the material that went along with the
    book I ordered that maybe valuable to read also
    because I am always busy, but I have so much
    email information for alternative treatments.


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