Vitamin K: Your Osteoporosis Knight In Shining Armor - Save Our Bones

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, it is more than likely that your doctor prescribed an osteoporosis drug such as Fosamax followed by the proverbial calcium recommendation.

That’s exactly what happened to me after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor also advised me to “drink plenty of milk”. Luckily, I did not follow his flawed advice and instead, I embarked on my own quest to conquer osteoporosis which culminated in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Today, I want to share with you yet another piece of valuable information about a little-known bone health gem. It is vitamin K, best known for its blood clotting functions. In fact, vitamin K gets its name from the first letter of the German word “koagulation.”

If you are taking anticoagulant drugs, your doctor will most probably let you know that vitamin K counteracts the intended effects of your prescription and that you need to discuss with him or her your vitamin K intake. Otherwise, vitamin K is widely ignored by mainstream medicine, even though it is essential to your bone-building capacity.

Vitamin K helps your bones

Vitamin K is related to osteocalcin, also called bone Gla protein, which is a calcium-binding protein synthesized by osteoblasts or bone-building cells. It also works synergistically with vitamin D to regulate the production of osteoclasts, cells that remove old bone so that new bone can be deposited in its place.

In Chapter 3 of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I write that bones are made up of 65% mineralized collagen and 35% collagen matrix made of minerals and other nutrients. The most prevalent mineral in bones is calcium. The calcium-binding capacity of osteocalcin is activated when it is chemically altered through a vitamin K-dependent process known as carboxylation.

Bone health benefits of Vitamin K stun researchers

Many scientific studies confirm Vitamin K’s positive effects on bone-building processes. One good example is an article published in the European Journal of Pharmacology by Akiyama and team. The researchers actually identified a process where a form of vitamin K2, a menaquinone known as MK-4, inhibits the formation of osteoclasts (Effect of vitamin K2 [menatetrenone] on osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse bone marrow cultures. 1994).

Interestingly, bisphosphonate drugs attempt to perform a similar function, but fail miserably at matching the well-coordinated performance of vitamin K. Because bisphosphonate drugs damage and distort osteoclasts, while vitamin K helps coordinate the right amount of osteoclast production with other bone cells so as to achieve the appropriate balance.

You see, bisphosphonates are synthetic drugs deprived of a biological role in bone metabolism unlike vitamins and other natural elements. How sad that this crucial distinction is ignored by mainstream medicine!

Another study on vitamin K and fracture prevention had such unexpected positive results that even its lead author, Dr. Angela Cheung, touted it “surprising”. (Vitamin K Supplementation in Postmenopausal Women with Osteopenia [ECKO Trial]: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 2008). Published in the journal PLoS Medicine, the study involved 440 postmenopausal women diagnosed with osteopenia.

Half of the participants were given a vitamin K1 supplement and the other half took a placebo for two years, with 261 continuing for two more years. While bone density scans showed equal bone loss in both groups, over the four year study period more than double the women who took the placebo suffered fractures compared to the group that took the vitamin K. But unfortunately…

Mainstream medicine is curiously skeptical of vitamin K’s bone health benefits

Typical of the complete disregard for natural health solutions in mainstream medicine and despite her excellent study results, Dr. Cheung is skeptical. She writes that it is “premature” to recommend vitamin K to osteoporosis patients. And Dr. Roberto Pacifici, director of the division of endocrinology at Emory University in Atlanta, commented on the same study in a WebMD interview that he was unimpressed with the results and that “people should not go out and buy vitamin K because of this study.” But why not? Especially since…

A myriad of other scientific studies also support the use of vitamin K for bone health

It seems that most doctors have conveniently forgotten about the Nurses' Health Study that followed 72,327 registered nurses for ten years. This is one of the largest research projects showing that nurses with the lowest vitamin K intake had a 30% higher risk of hip fracture than those with the highest vitamin K intake (Feskanich D. et al. “Vitamin K intake and hip fractures in women: a prospective study”. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1999). The median vitamin K consumption for this study was 169 micrograms per day, all derived from foods sources rather than from supplements. Diane Feskanich writes that this “…suggests the need for a higher vitamin K requirement than the current recommended dietary allowance…”

Just because doctors turn their back on such an excellent bone health vitamin, it doesn’t mean that you should too. So am giving you the…

Best sources of Vitamin K

All varieties of vitamin K are fat-soluble and belong to a chemical category called naphthoquinones, but there are two basic types of vitamin K. Phylloquinones, or vitamin K1 which is made by plants and menaquinones or vitamin K2 synthesized by intestinal bacteria.

Unlike vitamin K1, vitamin K2 does not concentrate in the liver. The body stores only limited amounts of vitamin K in the liver, so it is important to have enough bio-available K2 in the body.

vitamin kThe richest dietary sources of K1 are green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, green beans, asparagus, and broccoli. Green peas, romaine lettuce, and bell peppers are some of the less concentrated but still very good sources of this vitamin. Even spices such as fresh parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, black and cayenne pepper are rich in vitamin K1.

Even though it is fat-soluble, there is no documented toxicity with high doses of vitamin K, with the exception of synthetic K3 or menadione, which I do not recommend.

The Adequate Intake (AI) for vitamin K for adult women is 90 micrograms and 120 micrograms for men. To give you an idea of what a low level this is, one cup of boiled spinach has 889 micrograms of vitamin K1.

If you are following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program it is really easy for you to get enough vitamin K1. However, for maximum bone-building benefits I recommend you add a K2 supplement to your dietary intake.

The best natural source of vitamin K2 is derived from fermenting a unique form of soy known in Japan as natto. If you are on anticoagulant medication, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to supplement vitamin K, but you should consult with your doctor.

Are you already taking a vitamin K supplement? Will you start now? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Aaen Victor

    Natural Vitamin K2-7 is very important for healthy life e.g. Bone health, Diabetes management and Muscle health etc.

    MenaquinGold is the most researched natural vitamin k2.

    This is properly explained in this page.

  2. Karen

    I just recently started taking MK4 derived from orange jasmine?? It’s 15,000mcg (15mg). It says to take one a day, but I read that 15mg 3 times a day is best (45mg), as I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Before I was taking Thorne D3/K2 … (MK4) 5 drops giving me 5,000 D3 and 1000mcg (1mg) of K2. After much research I realized it was not enough K2.
    So now I take the orange jasmine derived K2 with plain Vit D3 drops… also magnesium glycinate, vitamin C, collagen, and cod liver oil for A. Get added minerals through nuts, seeds, Himalayan salt, and cholorella, and a variety of fruits and veggies.
    Has anyone heard or the K2 from an orange jasmine source???

  3. Janet

    For those asking about aspirin, I believe (but don’t quote me) that Mk7 takes the calcium away from your blood vessels where it does not belong, and deposits it into your bones, where it does belong, and in doing so it does not have an effect on blood thickening and will not counter the effects of aspirin. Not sure about Warfarin, however.
    I would be grateful myself for a definitive statement on this.
    I have been taking Jarrow Mk7 90 mcg. per day for a couple of years now, and my osteopenia got much worse, from -1.6 to -2.3.
    Pretty worried, and not sure if I should stop taking it.
    I had started it originally because when I had open heart surgery for a valve replacement, a great deal of calcium was found in my arteries. Mk7 was supposed to clean them out, and not affect the 325 mg. aspirin I take every day for my heart valve.
    So now what?

    • Steve

      You are taking the wrong type of K2. I have spent the last week researching to help my Mom. MK7 has never been shown to prevent fractures, only MK4 has and at 15,000 mcg per dose 3 times per day, so total 45 mg per day. Take it with Vitamin D3 and vitamin C. There`s more you can do. Add transdermal magnesium chloride, it moves the calcium out of joints. Switch to grass fed butter, grass fed beef and pastured eggs, they have orange yolks. Steam vegetables to reduce phytic acid that bind to minerals. avoid microwaves by shutting wifi off at night and keep cell phones 20 feet away when not in use as search for a cell tower every minute or two. Same w cordless phones and baby monitors and anything smart. Rf radiation causes calcium to build up in joints and tissue. Sleep on a ground mat,use a grounded mouse pad. Good luck.

      • Michael

        Great post Steve. I just want to add towards yours a little bit. I would suggest you get your vitamin D tested. The reference ranges between 30-100. For years I’ve been hearing people say you want your vitamin D level between 60-80, however I just recently read a few books where they are you been suggesting between 90-100 and one of those books suggest for a short period of time maybe a month or two or so you go up to levels of 125 or even 150. Take a look at Amazon for a book by an author named Jeff Bowles. And his personal experience and also the experience of people who made comments… Almost 800 people on Amazon… Many of those people shared really exciting stories of bone remodeling and joint healing from old injuries and many more positive and in some cases almost unbelievable healing

        Another book called vitamin K2 and the calcium paradox is a great read for understanding K2 and also the other fat soluble vitamins which are so critical to proper bone mineralization.

        so not only is it getting in the fat soluble vitamins but also getting them in at a high enough levels. So, while the science is not quite there yet for us to understand fully the amount of these fat soluble vitamins that we should be taking Sometimes personal experimentation is necessary.

        I am early and my experiment so I don’t have any personal experience to share yet. I’ve been taking 30,000 IU of D3 and vitamin K2 MK4 from 5 mg-15 mg and some cod liver oil. I also try to eat about 8 ounces of grass fed liver every week to achieve a healthy amount of vitamin A consumption. ReMag magnesium although a little bit pricey is the most absorbable magnesium I’ve ever come across. I’m one of those people who are prone to laxative affect with even small amounts of magnesium and a powder form. I can take 1200 mg of re-mag without laxative effect. And since I have osteoporosis this is critical for me.

        I have had quadriplegia for seven years now after an accident so I have been on Coumadin the whole time because I had a failed attempt at using Xarelto… A blood thinner that does not inhibit a vitamin K one. I just began studying up on vitamin K two this past January and I had a home PT/INR meter for keeping warfarin at the right level. I decided to do an experiment and I started taking 200 µg a day of MK7. I am mediately had to increase my warfarin level, by about 14 to 20%. Unfortunately I did not do this experiment just using MK4.

        A few months back I switched to a new blood thinner called Pradaxa that I was not aware of previously. Thank God my new PA suggested this and it seems to be working OK with me. Now I don’t have to pay attention to how many grains I eat and I’m not worried about how much vitamin K two I’m taking. So if you are stuck on warfarin you can take vitamin K2 but you really need to work with your doctor to make sure you do it smartly and you probably will be limited to small amounts.

        • Michael

          Couple corrections because this comment section doesn’t allow editing that I can see anyway.

          Initially I started taking 200 µg of MK seven and we were having a hard time balancing my PT/INR. So I drop down to 100 µg of MK7 and at that point my increase in warfarin was about 14-20% more than before I started taking any MK seven.

          why do the things I learned in January when I started researching vitamin K2 is that warfarin causes calcium deposition in the arteries. There’s a great talk on YouTube by Dr. John Whitcomb on vitamin K two. He mentions that when he worked as a emergency doctor for years he could always tell who had warfarin in their systems because when they took chest x-rays their whole chest let up like a Christmas tree because there is so much calcification in their arteries
          We know for sure that warfarin inhibits vitamin K one and I’ve heard other people speculate that it inhibits vitamin K two but assuming that’s the case that would totally explain why Dr. Whitcomb saw arterial calcification of people taking warfarin.

          God knows there’s probably some other nasty thing that Pradaxa does that I’ll find out about down the road…

      • Steve

        My bottle of mk4 says don`t take mk4 if you are taking warafin (coumadin). Statins destroy vitamin K maybe thats why they cause calcium to build up (calcium is in plaque) so if you take that you may be among the group(~15%) that did not respond. Good luck. ppl report less plaque on teeth,less joint pain and a few ppl report weight loss.

  4. Jack Molho

    Vivian, are you still recommending “Vitacost Ultra Vitamin K includes advanced K2 complex”? It looks like they changed the formula.

  5. Queta Mellinger

    I have hashimotos and take 50 mcg of levothyroxine, I have just been diagnosed with osteopenia..(I was told it was the very beginning) I have no idea of how much calcium, D3 and K2 to take… I have researched and found so many different recommendations.. My doctor just said to take what was recommended on the bottle.. My endo has me taking 15000 iu of vitamin D3 a day because I am low…. and when I ask about vitamin K… he says later… I also read that levothyroxine causes bone loss, please help.. I am 60 years old… I exersize regularly.. in good health. Looking for some advice please…

    • Michael

      I have a few suggestions.

      Check out a book by David Brownstein, md on Iodine And considering finding a doctor that is iodine literate literate. You can actually search for that on Google iodine literate doctor. How she Moto’s is an auto immune disease, and many times autoimmune disease is centered in the gut have some gut issues. Which probably means doing some kind of parasite cleansing and also possibly heavy metal removal. I’m suggesting these things because I’m trying to think of how to get you off of Levo.

      I just wrote a review up above suggesting a book on Amazon by Jeff Bowles in which she describes his experience using very high doses of vitamin D and vitamin K2. Many people in the comments section spoke to healing autoimmune disease in various forms.

      Of course taking a high-quality magnesium supplement like re-mag Would also make good sense.

      • Kimberly

        Hello Michael,
        You appear to be on the right path. I would like to share this info with you and others. Read this Man’s story and findings.Let the Good Lord keep leading you 🙂 This is a soy containing product. I have started to use Jeff Bowles recommendations plus sources along with this Man’s dosing of K1,MK-4,MK-7. Blue Bonnet D3 5000 ius is a wonderful source from cod liver.

    • Save Institute Customer Support

      Queta, please check your inbox for a message from Customer Support. 🙂

  6. Neha Shah

    I have a parathyroid ,hyperthyroid and have osteoporosis in my one wrist. My calcium 10.5. My endo watching my numbers . Can I take k2 for putting the calcium in the right place…my bone not blood.

    • MaryAnn

      Please go to the Norman Parathyroid Center and research

  7. don friedman

    Re: K2……….I have been eating Natto everyother day. I read where it has a half life of 3 days. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis about 2 1/2 years ago at the overcharging Cleveland Clinic. I refused the prescription for Forteo. When you talk about Natto, you, and others, never mention the fact that most Natto has multiple ingredients that we probably do not want. I am now looking for organic Natto I am 77, 5’8″ and have been eating Natto for almost 1 1/2 years plus broccoli every day and other good foods. Feel great. Have been going to the gym for years and increased my weight bearing workouts since my diagnosis. Thanks for all of your good work! don friedman

  8. tron

    i took a (very low-dosaged; around 70 mcg/day) MK-7 -suppplement for approximately the last two weeks and i feel like it´s giving me “heart issues”..for the last six days, i experience pain-sensations – which i assume come from the heart….after taking one day off, i felt better already; resumed since then.. i am pretty frustrated…thinking about switching to MK-4…might that help ? …ate natto for the first time today, but … well… 🙂
    before that i must have had plenty of K1 from my food (lots of broccoli and legumes) and felt great (in heart-ways)…will be relying on K1 alone (+Vit D3 and suffiicient Ca-intake) be enough to maintain bone-health, when you just consume enough ? thanks in advance

    • Steve

      Mk 7 can cause heart palpitations and heart arrhythmia.

  9. Niti

    Valuable information here. Thank you!
    I need your expert opinion for my parents. They are 65 year old, in overall good health and stay in India.
    My mom has osteopenia and low levels of Vitamin D3 despite of taking 50,000IU every week. She had her gall bladder removed 20 years back for gall stones. I assume thats the reason for poor Vitamin D3 absorption.
    In that case I was thinking getting Vitamin D3 from exposure to sun everyday for 30 mins at least and adding Vitamin K2 as a supplement.
    Do you recommend natural sunshine and supplement combination? Also what dosage of K2?
    Thank you again, Niti

  10. Sue

    I have a parathyroid ,hyperthyroid and have osteoporosis in my one wrist. My calcium 10.5. My endo watching my numbers . Can I take k2 for putting the calcium in the right place…my bone not blood

    • Tony

      Go to You likely have a tumor that MUST be removed. It’s bad to “watch” the numbers. Your numbers should be in the 9s. You need the easy surgery shown on that website. The vitamin k will help you only after any tumors are removed.

  11. l bury

    had a heart attack 7 yrs ago (blood clot) I have osteoporosis 4 compression fractures and take 45000 Mcg K2 and400Mg calcium and 2000 IU Vit D Is that too much Vit K?

    • Mary

      Do you really mean 45000 of K2? That seems a bit high even for MK4 form that requires a higher dosage than MK7.

      I understand that Canadians are limited to 200 mcg of any K form so MK7 is probably the most useful @ about 90-120 mcg.

      • Rosina Lock

        No Mary, I bury means she is taking 45mg total, 45,000 mcg is 45 mg which is what you would need to take if you have chronic osteoporosis. I hope she is taking 35mg of fat with it, Vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin. This is what was used in the Japanese trials K2-MK-4, NOT K2-MK-7
        Rosina Lock AMANF.ICNHS.RSA

  12. Evelyn Oden

    Vivian, good morning, I take true osteo, is that not enough vitamin k?

  13. Trevor Russell

    I have quite severe osteoporosis and among other remedies I have purchased the Vitacost Ultra K2 as recommended by you. My question is should I just take their recommended dose of 1 softgel per day or should I increase this for a therapeutic dose? Many thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The recommended dose is a good place to start, Trevor – you don’t want to cause an imbalance.

      • Aqua

        There is no evidence of toxicity with Mk7.
        Is that a lab coat you are wearing? I don hope not, as there are far too many online ‘health experts’ who are using them to manipulate people to buy stuff…

  14. Patti Jackson

    My Dr wants me to start Fosomak next month now after reading above info I think I will first try Vit K2 w magnesium/ D3 / I eat healthy & workout sooo will keep reading all this helpful information. :). Patti

  15. Kathy

    Hello, My name is Kathy and I’m 45 years old. I have had 4 stress fracture in 4 years. I run marathon and was looking to find someone out there that could be like me. I just recently had another bond density test done and compared it to my other one just 10 months prior. My bones have decreased .2%(meaning worse).This is my fifth bone density test done and this has been the only one that I have had a decrease on. All of my other tests have always be improvements I just was diagnosed with a stress fracture on my informal neck bone on September 23, 2016. What do you think I should do? Will this program work for someone that loves to run. I use to run in high school and started running again 21 years later. Everyone thinks my problems is because I run fast. My normal pace is an 8:15 min pace. I can run 20 miles at an average 8 minute pace and have no problem. My body doesn’t feel run down or drained after I run! I feel great and most of my friends are furious with me. Running to me is very important because it is something that I enjoy doing.

    • David Sander

      Hi Kathy, I’ve run over a dozen marathons too. You stress fractures are likely due to extra needs for vitamin D, Vitamin K2, and protein caused by your extensive training. At 45 your body is going to have a lower rate of recovery and here is how to make the most of it.. Get good rest one of two days of the week to allow your bones to recover. If you train too hard, don;’t eat right, and get into a high cortisol condition, the body stops making vitamin K2 and building new bone. Its known that marathoners who train seven days of the week get this problem. So get your rest.
      To assist your bones in recovery, do the following. Take 1000 to 1200 IU of vitamin D3 per 25 pounds of weight every day, or 5000 IU to 8000 IU. Take 5 mg of MK4 vitamin K2 ( available from Carlson) twice a day with a fatty meal. Take at least 65 grams of protein per 110 pounds of weight (this is 1.2 g/kg/day). Take 6 to 12 mg of boron and 5000 IU of retinol vitamin A in cod liver oil or a supplement; do not take the beta carotene form. Get about 500 mg to 800 mg of calcium from all sources and take 200 mg to 400 mg of magnesium in an organic form you are comfortable with. Running and sweating causes iodine loss, so take one or two 225 mcg iodine pills having kelp as a source.
      The vitamin D is important and will help you to absorb calcium. The MK4 vitamin K2, retinol vitamin A and heavy protein intake will help the bone make new connective tissue. Bones are 50% protein by volume and the connective tissue gives them their tensile strength and impact resistance. If you body is short of protein, it shuts down bone remodeling to conserve protein! The boron and iodine will improve your bone hardness, conserve calcium, and improve your recovery rate.
      The function of protein and vitamin K2 in improving bone health is generally unknown by doctors. So you don’t have to stop running, but you need to be more careful about recovery and eating what the body needs for repair.

      • Rosina Lock

        Hi David, what a terrific review you just gave! At last, someone who knows what they are talking about! You suggested K2-MK-4! Perfect! I hope the lady takes your excellent advice! This K2-MK-7 has been so hyped up, almost every seller is selling this product, many experiencing awful side effects, and many hyping it up too! It was K2-MK-4 that was the one used in the Japanese trials, and this is one people should be going for. Yes, Thorne’s and Carlson’s products are very expensive but they do last a long while. Rosina Lock A.M.A.N.F.ICNHS.RSA (NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NHS!!) LOL

  16. Jo-Jo

    I take drugs to lower my blood pressure since my heart attack. I also have ostropenia.
    Is Vitamin K some thing I should take or stay away from?

  17. Judith

    I started taking K2 MK7 about a year and 1/2 or 2 years ago. I have also increased my exercise (yoga, walking). I just complete a bone density scan. My spine BMD improved dramatically to -1.9. However, my femoral neck continued to decrease, now at -3.1, My doctor is convinced that I need to start Reclast. As you all can imagine, I am in a bit of a quandary. My other vitals: age 69, female, under 5 ft., and 114 lbs.

  18. Gary Murtha

    I meant to say my GP does not. I take MK7.

  19. Gary Murtha

    I am a 67 yr old male diagonised with osteopenia a number of years ago. I have taken Caruso’s Vitamin K2 for a year and have just had a BMD scan. In one year I have had an increase of BMD in lumbar spine of 4% , femoral neck increase 1%. I feel this is significant however my GP does but I will continue to take it. Anyone out there tell me if you consider it a significant increase.

  20. judith

    hiya just been diagnosed with oestiopina can somebody please help been told to take k2 but have no idea which one to take there is so many do I take mk4 or mk7 please help thankyou

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Judith,

      While there is no definitive answer as to which one will best prevent fractures, here’s some additional info about Vitamin K, both MK4 and MK7. The larger issue is that focusing on any one supplement is not the answer and that no one supplement is responsible for preventing fractures, and that the Osteoporosis Reversal Program as a whole is designed to do just that. 🙂

      K2 can be subdivided into menaquinone-4 through -14. The number represents the length of the side chain attached to the napthoquinone ring.

      MK-4 is synthesized in small quantities by mammals (including humans, of course) from plant-made K1 (phylloquinone).

      The Linus Pauling Institute writes in great detail about this, including multiple meta-analysis as it relates to bone health and osteoporosis:

      MK-7 has exhibited a larger half life in human plasma than MK-4, but researchers were not able to determine if this had an effect on bone health. However, a study on rats published in the Journal of Nutrition measured the exact same half-life for both.

      One study has shown that MK-4 has effects on gene expression in bone tissue that MK-7 doesn’t have. Study: Ichikawa T, et al. “Vitamin K2 induces phosphorylation of protein kinase A and expression of novel target genes in osteoblastic cells.” Journal of Molecular Endocrinology. 2007 Oct;39(4):239-47.

      These findings make sense, since colostrum is very rich in MK-4, so rapidly growing infants who are breastfed naturally get high levels of MK-4 as compared to other menaquinones.

      • Rosina Lock

        Hi Vivien, what a nice site you have. You certainly know what you are talking about versus K2-MK-4 and K2-MK-7. Yes, it’s the K2-MK-4 people should be taking if they really want to get well, especially for bone health, and osteoporosis. Rosina x

  21. Dennis

    Dont bother with K1 from veggies !
    K1 is mainly for blood clotting and has NOTHING to do with bones and heart health.
    Our bodies convert an extremely small amount of K1 to K2.
    So you need food or supplements to get enough K2.

    MK7 is supposedly natural, but for some, including me, taking more than 200mcg can cause some irregular heart beats.

    MK4 is synthetic and you need very large doses. 20mg and above spread out.
    For therapeutic, you need 45mg +

    take 1000IU D2 per 100mcg MK7
    Ive not seen ratios for MK4

    K2 addresses potential toxicity of D3 !
    Use magnesium too to help the effects.

  22. boopedo

    I liked this article and have been researching bone density supplements and treatments for many years. I have had osteoporosis for 23 years and never had dense bones in the first place. What I don’t like about his article is that it does not come out and tell you exactly what dosage to take, nor does it mention the “magic formula” (my own words) for osteoporosis of K2, D3, and Vitamin C with the dosages. I am only here because my husband threw out my bottle and I always refer to my old bottles to buy the new ones. I have so many vitamins I don’t recall exactly the dosage and what else was in it. I know it was K2 and mk something by NOW products. Yikes. I thought it was MK-7 and after reading this I don’t think that is what it must have been.

    • AP

      Was it by Thorne Research?

    • Alison

      Yes it would have been K2 Mk7. I am sure I read on here about that. I have been taking it for probably more than a year, along with Green Calcium and Chelated Magnesium, all because it was recommended from, Vivian I thought.

  23. Cheryl

    I was diagnosed with Ostepenia in my hips in 2003. My Dr. Requested I take vitamin K2 daily along with Calcium. Today I am still taking both and just recently had a bone density test and the results showed I have had very little bone loss in my hips since 2003. I feel Vitamin K-2 is helping to keep my bones strong.

    • Marilyn

      Cheryl, Do you mind sharing the dose you took and also was it MK4 or MK7? Thank you!

  24. Ellen B.

    Anyone on this site who has had Prolia injections or been recommended to be on Prolia for osteoporosis? My Endo wants me on it – but no thanks. The side effects sound too gruesome.

    • Joy

      I am an 80 year old female with osteopenia/osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and fibromyalgia. Although these are a nuisance they have not seriously compromised my life. I do use Tylenol Arthritis for pain usually one daily. I consider myself to be healthy without any serious diseases. I have been taking Prolia injections for over 3 years with some beneficial results. I do not attribute any side effects to Prolia injections. Maybe I’m not focusing.

      Recently after an ankle swelling with a bone spur, my doctor reported higher levels of blood calcium and suggested i take less. I’ve been taking only 400mg with 500 mg of D3, plus another 1000mg D3 supplement daily. I have never heard of or used K2. Does it contain soy as this is not recommended for thyroid condition? Will this help balance my blood work and increase bone health? What dosage?

    • Joan Marks

      I also was told to take promise..Read up on it and no way..Too many side effects.I have osteoporosis, bad and don’t want to take any prescriptions my doc recommens.Not sure what to do..Help !!!

    • Cathy

      I had Prolia injections with a slight increase in bone density, but the side effects were and continue to be horrendous!

    • Kathy

      My doctor wants me to take Prolia also. I’ve been on prescription now for almost two years. Just had another bone density test now because I had a stress fracture on my ill femoral neck bone. My results came back worse then before. I’m scheduled to start Prolia on the 9th of November. I run marathon and the doctor says this is the only way that I will be able to run is if I take it. I thought about doing it naturally but doctor says its not strong enough. So confused…

    • Angela65

      Absolutely no side effects on Prolia. NOTHING!!! Don’t worry. 🙂

    • Zimexlady

      Ellen B
      I have refused two endocrinologists who wanted me on Boniva or Prolia. I have told them I want to tackle the high calcium blood count, not the osteoporosis. I am taking K2MK7 on my own because my endo refuses to even look into this vitamin. My friend said her doc took her off of. K2 because “it is toxic”.
      I believe these docs are in cahoots with Big Pharma. I have read that “if a patient has had no fractures, they should NOT start any of these meds”.
      Who are we supposed to trust? I will try K2 until my DEX and blood lab reports in August tell me if My numbers are better or worse.
      No side effects with K2.
      Best wishes. Decide for yourself. I want to eliminate the cause, not worry about the effects.

      • Lynn

        If you have high blood calcium, please read to learn why even slightly elevated blood calcium is bad. Mine was 10.6 but I felt just awful until I self diagnosed after reading this website.

        • Joanne

          I have hyperparthyroid and had a failed surgery. So I am on Prolia. I was in a study for two years. The prolia lowered my Blood Calcium Levels. I have had no side affects. And Bone Density has been getting better that I am almost normal in the hips and spine. I was told to take K2 for Bone health by an orthopedic and have started it, my endocrinoligists says I am wasting my time. I am getting blood work in a month and I will see if anything has changed. If anyone has had an experience in this please let me know.

          • Mary

            Most MDs will not recognize that ANY supplement can be useful.
            Search Dr. Google for info about Vitamin K2 forms. It helps keep the calcium out of the blood.

  25. helen

    I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, my diet mainly consists of greens and lean protein, and I workout regularly. My ND prescribed Vitamin K2 45 mg, 500 mg calcium and 2000 Vitamin D. I finally found K2 Thorne brand in a liquid. It is rather expensive. $69 for 1 ounce. Does anyone have a source they have found which is affordable. Thank you

    • Linda

      Check out Andrew Lessman vitamins on He makes the best vitamins, and will educate you on all the vitamins he makes. He is so knowledgeable and informative. Read on his vita K-2 MK-7 complex. and why you should take it with calcium/magnesium, 500 and D3 2000. His vitamins are high quality, no fillers and additives of any kind and no upset stomach. The prices, considering what is in his vitamins is not expensive at all. You could check him out on as well.

    • Michel

      I just ordered Bluebonnet vitamin K2 brand, It looks good, From Natto non-gmo soy.

      • Zimexlady

        I bought Jarrow melts and NattoMax 100mg (30 caps) and (60 melts) @ 500
        mcg for $40 at Natural Grocers aka VitaminCottage. They are very knowledgeable about K2.

        • lns

          Amazon has at least two suppliers that sell MK4 @ 15 mg. 90 caps. It is the best prices I’ve found so far.

          • Rosina Lock

            I purchased K2-MK4 from Oxford Vitality, for £9.99 from either Ebay or postage free. 100 mcg and 120 capsules x 2 equals they send you two packages, which I think is brilliant. I have heard so many horrifying stories concerning K2-MK7 which I bought in error I am trying to return it, as whilst it might be fine for some? I don’t want the side effects that has caused horrendous problems from people on at least 8 sites I read all the reviews which took me hours. It seems many favour K2-Mk7 due to it lasting 3 days in the system? But give me K2-M4 to which I have heard a lot of good things about. But our bodies are all different and what might suit one might not suit another, It is very hard to obtain MK4! I think MK-7 has been hyped up too much, so I want to play it safe and take K2-M4. I was taking this about a year ago, and like a lady here I accidentally washed the empty glass bottle out lol, and then I came across MK7, but realised after ordering it NOO!! This wasn’t the one I was taking. Good luck everyone on your search for good health! Cos you won’t get it by visiting your doctors! Rosina x

  26. Shelly

    Go to Dr mercola’s website so much info in there , everything you ever wanted to know. I buy calcium with vitamin D and K2 and I’m also juicing veggies. Vitamin K2 is the one you want. K2 is the vitamin that makes sure the calcium goes where it’s needed. I take magnesium (from magtein) which I also buy from their website.

  27. madlyn

    I have not been able to find any info on the Internet as to whether it’s o.k. to take vit. K2 if you’re taking one baby aspirin a day. My Dr.’s don’t know a thing about Vit. K. My main Dr. said, “No one in the U.S.A. is deficient in Vit. K.” She didn’t even know there was a K1 & a K2. So so much for “ask your physician.” Has anyone been able to find any info on this question? Would be grateful to hear from you & know where you found the info. Thanks.

    • Zimexlady

      Same with my docs.
      I believe they “know” about K2 but all deny it. My doc would not even look it up at my request and she keeps pushing Prolia even though I have never had a fracture and am barely into the osteo DEX scan level.
      Will I be able to sue the doc when I end up in a wheelchair after two
      Prolia shots as reported by one patient?

      • lns

        I kept switching drs. because all they would do is try to get me to take this pill this or that pill for that. I found that D.O.’s are more receptive (in general, not all) to letting you do your own thing as long as they don’t believe it is harming you. MD’s and DO’s are both doctors, they are just trained differently. Mine was going over the list of supplements I take and when got to the K2 MK4, she commented “I’ve heard good things about this”.

        Those who take calcium, please do some more research. Dietary is better in this case without helping things like kidney stones, calcium in the blood rather than in the bones, etc. I take supplements, but calcium is not one of them no matter what drs. tell you. Vit K2 supposedly puts the calcium in the bone, otherwise it can end up as plague in your arteries. At least that is where my research has led me. Take it for what it is worth.

        • Rosina Lock

          Regarding the message from Ins, yes I totally agree with her/him! I don’t think one should be taking calcium! It is causing a lot of problems with people. K2-MK4 puts the calcium where it belongs, so why take calcium? Like Ins suggest please research properly before taking Calcium I believe it will do more harm than good from what I have read on many many forums! I hope this is of help.

  28. Judy

    I have a diagnosis of osteoporosis and have been advised to consider Prolia as the next option. I work out 5 days a week and I am putting on muscle. I take the calcium/D supplement only. Could you advise any resources to help me make an informed decision with regard to Prolia? Thank you.

    • sharlee

      I also have osteoporosis and was on Prolia for 2 years
      and it did not help my bones at all! I take Vitamin D
      and calcium also. Trying to find out now if I can take
      Vitamin K along with Actonel which I am on now. Good
      luck! Sharlee

      • Paulette

        Do you have side effects from the actonel?

    • Carolyn


      • Zimexlady

        I have had two endos pushing Prolia or Boniva, both denying that they ever heard of vitamin K2.
        Do you think they are in bed with Big Pharma?
        I DO.
        I went on K2MK7 on my own. No side effects. I also eat natto a few times each week.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Judy,
      There is a lot of information on Prolia on this site. Here is a review I wrote on this topic that should get you started on your research:

  29. madlyn

    In looking at the comments I see that several other people have asked the same question I have == can you take vit k2 if you’re taking baby aspirin. But I don’t see any answers. Do you know anything about this Vivian? Would appreciate your help. Thank you for this website.
    And, by the way, I love Vitacost — not only for vitamins & supplements but for organic foods (nothing perishable of course) — great selection & prices & fast delivery & great customer service.

  30. marilyn scragg

    How much vitamin k should you take with vitamin d3 and calcium. What vitamin k, 2 or 3 should you take

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Marilyn,

      The answer to your question can be found on page 120 of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

      “It is really easy for you to get enough vitamin K1 when you follow
      the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. However, for maximum bone-building
      benefits I recommend you take at least 50 micrograms of K2 daily to
      supplement to your dietary intake. The best natural source of vitamin
      K2 is derived from fermenting a unique form of soy known in Japan as
      natto, and it is available in capsule form.”

      • Tebags

        I’m no doctor just a nurse interested in looking after her health and I can only pass on what I’ve found in literature via the web, but for those interested in naturally topping up their K2 supplement but can’t tolerate natto. Dr Mercola recommends certain hard Cheeses are rich in Vit K2 …Gouda and Brie all have about 75mcg per ounce plus Edam (not quoted as mcgs per ounce). But here’s a link to the article and there’s an interesting interview with a Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleu who’s a naturopathic specialist in this field.
        Hope this helps someone, regards

      • Kathy

        What do you recommend if you cannot take products containing soy?

        • KP

          It does not contain soy, they use the bacteria grown on it.

        • Customer Support

          Kathy, Vivian recommends the Vitacost supplement above as well – just click on the link in the pink box. 🙂

  31. Annie Matthes

    Wonderful information. My doctor wanted me to get infusion of Reclapse and I said no after i read the side effects. I did some research and got a soft gel multi vitamin with D3 1000 IU, K2 80 mcg, and another soft gel with Magnesium 250 mg, K2 40 mcg and D3 1000 IU. I would take both vitamins daily. I upped my exercise at the gym and doing exercises at home between gym visits.I am 78 and have osteoporosis. I have fallen twice in the last year and my forearm hit the side of a door frame and did not break and the second time my dogs leashes got caught in my legs and fell on my knees and nothing broke. I was in an auto accident 1 year ago and my back was wrenched and Pet Scan showed no fractures. So I wonder.

  32. Lindsay B Rennie

    Always glad to get Save Our Bones as this reminds me of the natural foods to eat and those to try to avoid or take in moderation. thanks once again Vivian

  33. Pamela

    I am recovering from estrogen positive breast cancer – can I still take Vit K?

    • Frank

      In my search to help my wife suffering from multiple compression fractures, I found that you can get Vitamin K2 from sour kraut, eggs, salami, and best of all Gouda cheese. If you search for the benefits Vitamin k2, you will a great deal of information . Frank

  34. *

    I forgot to mention…there is no possibility of overdosing of vitamin K (unless one somehow gets hold of vitamin K3, which is toxic and not supposed to be available to humans) because of the way it works:

    The K-dendent proteins are limited – you cannot activate any more than exist. You make more when you are sufficient in all the other nutrients (like D, for example), but this means that there is no toxicity in K.

    Diet can provide all you need, but it needs to be a different diet than most eat. Lots of real cheese (and it is interesting, but tough to eat tons of real cheese as satiety takes over). Organ meats (pate, liver, kidney) also provide lots of vitamin K2. Sauerkraut or kimchi or natto also offer lots of K2, some less so than others, but the live bacteria in them (you want raw and live for these foods) offer lots of benefits beyond just vitamin k2…they make for our gut bacteria to be optimal. This is a good thing. The bacteria have a phenomenon called lateral or horizontal gene transfer and this is how they make for healthy communities and thus add tons to OUR health.

    Those supplementing need to consider dietary changes. Not that supplements are bad, but we get more from live raw fermented veggies or legumes, cheeses, egg yolks, full fat dairy, real yogurt (not the weird fake stuff with aspartame), etc. EAT FERMENTED FOODS LIKE IT IS YOUR JOB.

    • Mary

      Some cannot tolerate fermented foods while others benefit.

  35. Micki

    Love your insights into vitamin K but need to correct a few things and add a few things:

    Vitamin K2 is made by gut bacteria, but it is for them and we absorb almost none (actually, none) from their creation. It is for their energy and their electron transport and this mistake has lived on too long. The reason that this mistake was made was that we used rodent models or rabbit models when we looked at vitamin K and they eat their poop. The bacteria in their guts make this K2 and they then consume it and add to their intake of vitamin K2. We do not eat our poop and we need bile salts to absorb intestinally made vitamin k2, which is not available since these bacteria are so low in our guts. This mistake needs to be overturned ASAP.

    You will find this interesting
    Statins and Bisphosphonates Inhibit Menaquinone-4 Biosynthesis in Bone
    These drugs also inhibit other vitamin K-dependent proteins from activating such as matrix gla protein (essential for good cardiovascular heath), gas6 (involved in many things, but looks important for insulin sensitivity and likely more), TGFBI and periostin (huge for cancer prevention and possibly treatment). Thus, modern medicine has created drugs that muck up activation of proteins that ensure optimal health.

    The benefits of statins is that they prevent activation of NFkB, but so does vitamin K2. We need more K2 and not statins (nor bisphosphonates).

    Cholesterol biosynthesis is connected to vitamin K, but we have missed the nuances. When more K2 is consumed, or when more K1 is consumed and is converted to Mk-4 in the mevalonate pathway, cholesterol levels drop. This is poorly understood in conventional medicine, but instead of trying to lower levels of cholesterol, we need more vitamin K of all forms.

    Vitamin K2 in the diet appears to offer optimal benefits (beyond just bone) and it is high in some fermented foods, organ meats (the long chain menaquinones are in liver, kidney, various organ meats that we have lost in more recent times as we began to only eat muscle meats). Cheese is a typical EU source of long chain menaquinones, but if one looks into fermented foods of various cultures, it will become apparent that we lost them, the knowledge of them, and their benefits. We lost our food roots.

    In the mevalonate pathway we make cholesterol, CoQ10, and menaquinone as MK-4, on site, throughout the body. Thus, the statins and bisphosphonates that interfere with this biosynthesis (and also warfarin and I happen to think SSRIs, but this has not been studied to my knowledge) increase lots of bad health effects that includes increased risk of fracture because of this mechanism of interfering with a generally unappreciated biosynthesis.

    MK-4 is highest in brain but is also high in beta cells of pancreas, kidneys, heart and other locations.

    Vitamin K2 is the only fat soluble nutrient that does not have a dedicated carrier in the serum. It is used up fairly quickly and we need to consume vitamin K frequently. It works with other fat soluble nutrients and minerals, which are also insufficient in most diets. We need nutrient dense foods and we need to stop thinking about calories and, instead, seek optimal nutrients. The data support that this will optimize health and actually lead to weight reduction. Nuts, eggs, cheeses (not American, but fermented ones), organ meats, veggies with butter, etc are the way to make for better bones, better brains, better cardiovascular systems and better health.

    • Bella

      our 12 lb. Pom was diagnosed with it approx. 2 years ago. Her body was a solid bright red purplish bruise. Her eyes were bloodshot. Her stool like tar. After the initial assessment, we followed directions and had her taking prednisone…After a few days her visible bleeding stopped, however in a short time her behavior became odd, and painful…..We opted against what vets said was lifetime prednisone. We weaned..We started her on 50 MCG vit. K 1. It has been 16+ mths and we have not since observed any signs of purpura. My question is, its ability to store in the liver, have there been any known human studies where it has harmed the liver? I feel that we on on our own as the vets we have encountered have 3 solutions. Prednisone, spleen removal with a low success rate, ongoing blood transfusions with a low success rate and more prednisone. I realize this is not a canine site. But I have been using humanoid” lol, sites to better assess her needs regarding itp. Thank you for your time.

  36. Jose L. Suescun

    For Nancy, posting on March 15 with breast cancer and bone metastases: go on Protocel immediately, if you want to save your life. But I am afraid you will not read my post. If you do, you can email me at FIBROCAN@HOTMAIL.COM for more information

  37. ann

    Yes excellent advice and you are so right..I can’t get Vitamin k at the moment

  38. mplo

    I’ve been taking Vitamin K-2 on a daily basis for roughly two months, and it’s made a difference in the way my bones feel.

  39. Cookie

    Thank you for all your wonderfull advise, articles and research.
    I am so gratefull to have found your site.

  40. craig10

    My wife has osteo….she takes a supp with 40 mcg of k1 and 45 mcg of k2. Is this enough? It seems a bit light….

  41. Nancy

    Hi , I have recurrent estrogen positive breast cancer that has spread to my bones and I am currently on faslodex and xgeva. I have read a lot of great benifits of k2, but I have concerns of taking the supplement due to that the supplements are made with soy. Any info would be wonderful. Thank you so much

    • KP

      They don’t contain soy, they are made from the bacteria grown on it.

  42. Colleen

    I appreciate your knowledge and advice about taking a K2 supplement. I currently take 2 – 100 mcg K2 supplements per day. I have been doing this for about 6 months after reading the excellent book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox”, written by a Naturopathic Doctor, Kate Rheaume-Bleue. I am just getting started with your Save Our Bones program, and am excited about stopping the bone theives and building strong bones.
    Thank you,
    Colleen, BC, Canada

    • Betty

      I am also taking K2 but not as much as Colleen. Not sure of maximum dosage. I attended a lecture here in Canada last winter by Kate Rheaume-Bleue the author of the book you mention. She was an inspiring presenter. Reminds me that I should get the book to read.

      Another Canadian book about Bone health is “The Bone-Building Solution” by Sam Graci with Dr. Carolyn Demarco & Dr. Letitia Rao (2006). I just pulled it from my shelf again to look at today because Dr. Rao was on our local radio station this morning to speak about Greens+ for bone health. We are fortunate to have a wonderful spokesperson Janet Jacks from Goodness Me health food stores on the radio each Sat morning with special guests on different topics. Perhaps Vivian would want these books for her research library.

      Thank you for this forum Vivian and for all the information you provide for us.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Wonderful news, Colleen! Please let us know how the Program goes for you if you get a chance. I wish you good health!

  43. stella kogl

    what is the name of the Vitamin went to the doctor today I have loss bone mass on my spine and on hips.!
    need help still having hot flashes

  44. Betty

    I started taking K2 several months ago. Probably get enough K1 from greens I eat regularly. I hope it will have a positive outcome.

  45. Download music

    I just like the valuable info you supply to your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look at once more here frequently. I’m relatively sure I’ll be informed many new stuff proper here! Best of luck for the following!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so glad to hear that! Please keep visiting. 🙂

  46. Georgina

    (Health and Beauty) I am diabetic and sueffr from neuropathy (numbness) in my feet. Using Source Naturals Vitamin K2 has improved my circulation and restored some of the feeling in my feet and has reduced the amount of swelling that I experience in my feet on a daily basis. I shopped in vitamin stores, drug stores and on the Internet and found that Amazon offered the best price for this quality of vitamin K2.

  47. Anne Taylor

    I have had a few episodes of A-fib in the past and I take nattokinase instead of coumadin as the doctor wanted; I am wondering if you know whether this type of natto contains K-2.

    • Mary

      Sometimes the K is removed from natto so I would not count on it being present.

      I have also read that K2 MK-4 needs a higher dose than MK-7 form to be effective.

      I fell in September, 2013 and was very fortunate I did not break my wrist. I strongly suspect it is my taking K2 plus D3 that assisted with that.

      I am now taking some VitaCost Ultra Vitamin K with Advanced K2 complex that has 3 forms of K present. I think this is the one Vivian recommends.

  48. Barb

    Diagnosed with osteoporosis. Would love to fight this without taking osteoporosis medications.

  49. minnie

    Ma’am Vivian,

    My heartfelt gratitude for sharing your untiring effort in conducting research to give us positive outlook regarding our Bones problem. Your recommended diets rich in Vitamin K & all calcium rich food will surely be added in my daily recipe . but can you please recommend any liniment that could minimize the pain in my wrist joints? its unbearable sometimes. I’ve tried Elmore Oil & several others but its no use. can’t just take oral pain reliever given by my Physicians…Godbless

    • Jose L. Suescun

      TakRub down Southanol 2

      • Jose L. Suescun

        A typo. Rub down southanol 2


    Thank you so much for bringing the true informations about bone health .
    it so good to read your articles.
    may God bless you,

  51. Lilian Rosamond

    I read your article with great interest because BOOTS CHEMIST in England sell their calcium with D plus vitamin. I have tried constantly with different pharmaceutical company, asking “Why if Boots (U.K highly regarded retail chemist) can incorporate K in their calcium and is highly applauded publicly in their efforts in doing so. Some did not reply and those that did, have negativity in them…two said that peole who were on anticoagulant medication and taking vitamin K, in any form were inviting medical trouble.
    SO…I have a friend in the U.K. who sends me a year’s supply from Boot’s
    of their calcium, plus D, plus K, and four years ago I had an eye operation that left me with double vision eye and also resulted me having a ministroke. I was put on Plavax which made me ill. I stop taking them and began to import Boot’s product. I can honestly say that I am enjoying the best of health and I AM NINETY ONE YEARS OLD.

  52. JSe

    I am trying to work out which is the better K2 for bone health – MK-4 or MK-7, are you able to advise? And what is a good dose for osteopenia? Thank you for your help.

    • suellyn scoon

      The simplified answer is that mk4 goes to your liver and mk7 to bones.

  53. Bahrom

    How about give the doctor FOSAMAX,this poison too bloody expensive and it doesn’t work the worst it give me depression.I’m glad I’m done with this rubbish so call FORSAMAX…

  54. vinita

    This is very good information regarding to bones. will be obliged if some more information given

  55. Betty Schutz

    L am very confused about vitamin K after reading the comments is it good to take it or not? Please advise.

    thank you,
    Betty Schutz

  56. justin

    bit SHOCKED by your [apparent] recommendation of vitamin K1. Many writers/researchers/drs claim it is next to useless.. just as D is a waste of money..D3 however is a different story, Same can be said of K2 [great stuff]

  57. CLARA

    i bought vit k2 my doctor said not to take it as i take baby aspirin…. is it really a no no top take vit k2 and a baby aspirin a day????

  58. louise Abbate

    would vitamin K be recommended for persons with Pagets disease?

  59. Tara Mehna

    Just a quick question, though. How does K2 help in bone formation?

  60. Fatima

    I was just wondering if MK-4, based on the existing research, would be the better supplement to take for bone health, instead of MK-7?. Or in any case, take a little bit of both?. If so, what would be the recommended amount of each?

    • Bronwen

      The supplement I take, from a very reputable supplier, has 155 mcg MK4 and 45mcg MK7.

  61. Razia Sultana Siddiqui

    It has been a very interesting reading. the questions that have been asked were not responded to by Vivian except a few. I would very much appreciate if Vivian could answer most of the important questions to questioners. That would make the site much more useful.

    • Jose L. Suescun

      Yeah! She should answer, but unfortunately,that will develop into an unacceptable slavery. So, as they say, “she has created a monster”. You can not have it both ways

    • Jill

      I agree. That’s the point of a Q & A service.

  62. Kathleen Nash

    I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and cannot take the prescribed drugs because they bother my stomach. I don’t like them anyway and I like your program. I would like to take vitamin K but I have factor 5 leiden and have had two blood clots in my leg. They developed from taking estrogen and my last pregnancy. I am not taking anti-coagulant drugs. The Dr. said I would be O.K. as long I stay away from estrogen.Do you think that I could take a vitamin K supplement?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kathleen – Please check with your doctor or pharmacist to see whether Vitamin K would be okay with your individual situation.

  63. scott

    odd that you dont mention raw dairy, especially cream, and sugar cane, and perhaps the greatesrt sources which are easily and widely available.
    check the research, you will find the data.

  64. Pam Merrill

    Vivian….read this article of yours…watched the video. I promptly ordered the K-2 that you suggest. I already take D3 (2K units) daily….do I really NEED to take a calcium supplement like citrate??? Do I need additional magnesium???
    I am confused on the supplement intake for correction of osteoporosis.

    Thank you for your time.

  65. antoinette kreutzer

    What about the sugar in fruit and dried fruit as raisins and dates?Surfing on the internet you find many lists with alcalic and acid food.They differ from each other in an very extremely way.Very confusing.

  66. Leonard Green

    Hello Vivian,
    I’ve just gotten your book. Thanks. According to recent very seroius medical researh vitamins/mineral supplementation is negative for people health. My doctors particulary did not recommend me to take Mg, C for kidney.The reasearch showed that Co, B1 could be harmful; Ca is under question.
    So I’d like to use food for all vit/min.
    Now New Chapter manufactures vitamins from food but they use fermented soy. I see some scary notes on K2 which has fermented soy.
    I’ve heard that soy is genetically modified. Fermentation is also not good process. Soy is not good for the weak thyroid.So I want to stop taking all supplements excluding probably CoQ10 which is good for BP and which I can not find with the food. At your short references for the most important vitamins and minerals for bone health you mentioned several of them including also licopen and polyphenols. (There are some contradictions)
    Could you please tell me which major food and how much I should use daily to get most imortant vitamins and minerals? (I meand food rich with them)
    Note: I use almond milk and salmon and Gerlsteiner mineral water to get 1200 mg Ca and 600 IU D3. I eat buckweet to get 400 mg Mg (water also).
    Kiwi, Brussel sprouts – give 70% of DV for K (label). Kiwi – 100% of C.
    When I exercise I feel some pain on the hips. Is that symptom of ostepososis? I am 75 (take lethotyroxine and diovan which i want to replace with CoQ10)
    Appreciate your help
    Leonard Green

  67. Cheri Litchfield

    There is an excellent book about Vit K2 “Vit K2 and the Calcium Paradox”. I recommend it very highly. It is a newly published book and answers many and various concerns about not just bone health but health. Vit K2 may be a very important piece of the health puzzle.

  68. P. Taylor

    I believe a diet rich in vegetables and fruit will supply adequate Vitimin K. Those of us who have suffered blood clots should not be taking Vit.K supplements which may lead to more unwanted clotting.

  69. Patricia Batch

    I would like to try Vitamin K, it depends on the cost.

    • Daniel

      I have been taking activk2 for a month now. It’s cheap but i can’t find it online. It’s only in selected pharmacies. But i was recommended it by the pharmacist. Can go wrong with £11.99 for 50 day supply.

  70. Douglas

    Even though I already take vitamin K, your comments are informative and support comments I’ve heard other places.

  71. Douglas

    I have been taking Vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 for about one year. I have eaten small amounts of natto with rice on several occasions.

    • Douglas

      Natto has a strange taste.

  72. Colleen

    Great article. I just ordered the Ultra Vitamin K with Advance Vitamin K2 a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t been on it that long yet, but feel the longer I’m on it, I’ll start seeing improvement with my body. I’ve been eating lots of fresh spinach and broccoli every week. I also have IBS, which is a real pain in the butt, especially when I eat ray veggies. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

  73. Darlene

    I read your info re vitamin K with interest. Unfortunately, those of us who must take Coumedin,(Warfarin) are advised to avoid vitamin K, and to limit intake of green vegetables.
    Any suggestions?

    • Douglas

      Tell your doctor why you are interested in taking vitamin K2, and ask your doctor if it would be possible.

      • Douglas

        Also ask your doctor if it is possible for you to take vitamin K1 safely. Be sure to follow your doctor’s answer and advice.

  74. Sharon

    Just one more example of how Mother Nature knows best!

    I have been taking Vitamin K for some time now, and most certainly will continue after reading this very impressive article. Thank you!

  75. Julie

    When my doctor gave me the results of my DEXA scan (osteopenia/osteoporosis), I spoke with my naturopath, who prescribed a Vitamin K supplement: Osteo K, manufactured by NBI. It contains 22.5 mg of K2, 1000 IU of vitamin D3, and 500 mg of calcium citrate in a dose of 3 capsules. (Recommended dosage 3 capsules twice a day.) When I mentioned this to my regular doc, she agreed to wait a year or two to see the results.

  76. Sue

    Regarding your comment,”The best natural source of vitamin K2 is derived from fermenting a unique form of soy known in Japan as natto.”

    I’m a breast cancer survivor taking anti hormones or blockers. In a nutrition class I took, I was told to stay away from soy. I think it was due to soy producing a natural hormone on which cancer thrives on.

    • KP

      The pills don’t have soy in them. They are made from the bacteria grown on it.

    • Nancy Scherer

      fermented soy does not fall into that category, it is ok

      • KP

        The supplements don’t contain soy, they are made from the bacteria grown on it.

  77. Connie McVay

    Does the spinach have to be boiled. I eat it fresh or just wilted.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Spinach is great no matter how you serve it — raw, wilted, cooked — they’re all fine! 🙂 The only issue would be overcooking, especially over boiling, which would remove a lot of the nutrients. So enjoy your spinach!

  78. marie hartley

    I was taking Natto and my Dr became very upset since I take a cancer medication which can cause clots.
    Is it ok to consume fresh vegetables with K under these conditions? I was diagnosed with Osteopenia just after I started taking Aromatase Inhibitors(cancer treatment)
    Am not taking bisphosphanates___no way—not ever!!!
    What to do?

    • Jeanette

      Hello Marie, It was so nice to hear what you had to say. I wish I had all the answers! I, too, am a cancer survivor who is on aromatase. I started with Arimidex, but soon had a vertabrae fracture (T7) My oncology Dr. then put me on Aromasin. It’s been 4 mts and I’m still in pain from the fracture. It’s tempting not to take these drugs, either. When I complained to my endocrinologist he just handed me a prescription for “Atelvia” and told me that it would “fix” that problem. Now,,,,who do I believe? Do I have to decide between cancer or osteoporosis???? Cancer is more deadly, of course….BUT osteoporosis totally destroys your quality of life. I’m already having to curb my activities,,,like swimning, horseback riding, most dancing (I can do lite line dancing) I can’t take the risk of partner swing dancing because some guys swing and twirl you too hard while your arms are over your head. I can walk the treadmill but if I do the eliptical I’m hurting for days. My recovery from osteoporosis is going to be tough,,,and that’s hard after cancer, as you know. Be careful,,,those drugs are nasty!!!!

      • Jose L. Suescun

        For Marie too. Cancer has been cured for many years with alternative methods. I might be able to help you. You can email me at We aware that mortality for cancer is 96%, if you give it enough time,no matter what your oncologist might tell you

        • madlyn

          I hope everyone is ignoring this ridiculous comment re cancer having a 96% mortality rate given enough time !
          And “newsflash” — everyone has a 100% mortality rate given enough time – you too Jose.

        • madlyn

          I am taking one baby aspirin daily — I’ve been searching the Internet to find out if I can take K2 or if the clotting action of K2 will negate the effect of the aspirin. Have not been able to find an answer. Many sites say that if you are taking an anti-coagulant drug (I’m NOT) you should consult your Dr. before taking K2, but I don’t know if this also applies to aspirin. And alas, my Dr. knows nothing about Vit K. Should said that people, unless they had stomach surgery, are not deficient in Vit K. In my experience I haven’t found any Dr. who knows anything about natural things for health — guess the medical schools don’t teach that. Any help on my question will be appreciated.

  79. Marcia Hanson

    Why am I no longer receiving the newsletters? Its been a couple of months, and I miss it. Found it very enlightening and helpful.

  80. D.

    I have heard that Vitamin K only available as K1
    (Phytradone). Vivian, please give your take on this.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Vitamin K2 is readily available, D. If you can’t find it by asking at a local health food store or vitamin shop, try doing an online search. Vitacost ( is a good source for discount supplements.

      • Nancy Scherer

        I eat two packages a day of NATTO for breakfast, since last March, I am due for a bone scan in July, can’t wait to see if I improve, also have brought my D levels up to above 50 from 26 and take my calcium at the proper time, away from my multi vit..I was diagnosed w osteopenia 4 years ago…my dr does not want me on the drugs, and I refuse to be…. I am conducting my own little experiment w diet and exercise…lets hope it works!

        • Nancy Scherer

          also, NATTO is so good for your gut, good bacteria to help absorb all the nutrients in your food..I love it

      • D.

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        In my once daily multi-Vit,which I have been taking for years, KI is included @300mcg. I also eat the majority of vegs which contain K1. should I take K2 also?

  81. Savannah Snodgrass

    I will be looking for Vit.K as soon as I go to a drugstore, or healthfood place. I’m told I have osteoporoses in the worst way, however’ i haven’t noticed any signs but I’m told when I get SIGN It may be too late. i will be on vitamin K real soon, along with my vit.D.

  82. Denise Sanders

    Wow, Vivian I appreciate so much this information! It is so valuable, and not too expensive to incorporate in my diet! With sincere gratitude, Denise Sanders

  83. Tania

    Vitamin K is in a lot of cereal products too.
    I’m not keen on the Natto (estrogen from the soy) for women who have had breast cancer.

    • KP

      The supplements from Natto don’t contain soy, they are made from the bacteria grown on it. Try those.

  84. Bette

    I want to take 200 mcg of vitamin K2(from natto)together with a baby aspirin each day – for osteoporosis and stable angina respectively. The doctor prescribed metoproplol but many comments from those who have taken it are quite concerning. I was thinking of hawthorn extract in its place. My blood pressure is fine. Would the K2 and daily aspirin(81mg) be a relatively safe combination?

  85. Lloyd Clayton


    Please call if you ever get time.

    Lloyd Clayton

    Founder, Clayton College of Natural Health


  86. Lloyd Clayton

    God Bless You Vivian

    Your work will affect the lives of millions of deserving folks.

    Lloyd Clayton

    Founder, Clayton College of Natural Health

  87. MARY

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 52, that was 4 years ago. I take calcium, vitamin D, Vitamin K2, and magnesium. I have walked as much as possible. I was taking pilate classes and sometimes switching to yoga classes. I was also doing some light weight exercises. About, 4 weeks ago in a yoga class, I hurt my foot. I thought it was a sprain. It was a little swollen. I went for xrays they could not see anything. Then, my doctor decided to send me for a bone scan. There it was a fracture. I am frightened, what will happen next. I do have your book and have started the combination eating. I am seeing a physiotherapist so I could continue my exercise with professional supervision. My foot is now worse then before. At first I was able to walk on it carefully, I could actually weight bear, but now I am on crutches, could I have actually made it worse by exercising.
    Hope you can help me

  88. Nancy

    I am so grateful for your research re Vit K as I just read an article in Bottom Line and I do see some other negative reporting. I have had osteoporosis since age 50 inspite of all my weight bearing exercise, so I have been researching my situation for years. I have always been adivsed to take one of the commercial oateo drugs, but because of the long list of horrible SE have never taken any. I happened upon a product of 4 Chinese herbs at called OsteoPhase that I have been taking (not at full rec dose) for 3 years. I did have one F/U bone density after only one year taking the caps, and my total hip and femoral neck readings were improved. I have changed my diet to include much more green leafy veggies and will continue to read about benefits of Vit K. I would be happy to share your article with my customers at Please let me know your approval. Thank you.

  89. Teresa

    I have been diagnosed w/ osteo arthiritis and i am taking naproxen 500mg 2x daily and I take 3,000 mg of calcium w/vit d and flex joint daily. I drink the milk I have lost 11 lbs but i dont know what else to do and if you can tell me if the med naproxen is a meds i need i will start the vit k supplement and see how this works. thanks for the info. it helps

  90. sylvia tan

    If VitK helps blood clot, HOW can it cause nose bleeds. Hesitatant to consume VitK for bone health IF it could cause my blood to thicken which in layman’s terms is opposite of blood thinning effects which are recommended to prevent stroke and heart problems. Pls clarify. From – Owner of Save Our Bones Book

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sylvia, Vitamin K deficiency actually causes nosebleeds – not the other way around. From the Linus Pauling Institute website (

      “Overt vitamin K deficiency results in impaired blood clotting, usually demonstrated by laboratory tests that measure clotting time. Symptoms include easy bruising and bleeding that may be manifested as nosebleeds, bleeding gums, blood in the urine, blood in the stool, tarry black stools, or extremely heavy menstrual bleeding. In infants, vitamin K deficiency may result in life-threatening bleeding within the skull (intracranial hemorrhage)”

      • Guy

        Vivian, I have seen vitamin K stop nosebleeds first hand. Many years ago, I told a co-worker to get some to stop his frequent nosebleeds. For 90 days he had none. Then he ran out and within a week had another nosebleed. The fellow would eat a $100 bill before he would eat any spinach.

        Most K-2 marketed today is extracted from Natto, which is a fermented soy product. The fermentation undoubtedly produces many compounds other than K-2, and some of these compounds are likely carried along in the extraction process. Nosebleeds could be a reaction to one of these compounds — like a food sensitivity.

        Anyone who gets nosebleeds and thinks its ‘from vitamin K,’ should try a different brand produced by a different method.

  91. Arlene

    My Ultra Vitamin for Woman has 150mcg of Vit.K?Is this too much and can it be harmful?

  92. J. Jeffries

    Appreciate all your good recommendations.

  93. Arlene

    Again, thanks for the great information. Arlene

  94. Joyce E Hall

    Vivian, I too have osteoporosis with -260 and -280 in my hips. I also have a Clotting disorder. Anti Cardio Lipid. I have only had one Blood clot and that was due to an injury of my left ankle eightteen years ago. I do eat all of the veggies. I now a have a normal D level and am trying to keep it so I will absorb the Calcium you reccomended. AlgeCal. I am walking and trying to add additiona steps and use wrist weights. I have desire but I run out of time. I still work 24-30 hours caring for Three little girls 5, 3. and 1. Believe me I get lots of exercise with these little girls. I am all for “Saving my bones” and I am reading and rereading all your good advice. I even sent in and got another SaveourBones program for my friend Tina. I share part of her house. We are good friends and are encouraging eachother. She is an Osteopenia Girl and took those nasty Dr. drugs but quit them all together. Thank God she has not had a fracture. We both want to Save Our Bones. So we can with your help and our change of diet and added /vitamins. We want to be healthy as we enter the senior years of our lives. Thanks for your interesting articles. I do try to comment on those I can. I wish I had known about you before this problem. Best Regards and I am getting lots from your program. Joycccc

  95. Shelley

    Vivian, I am wondering what the role of vitamin K is if I have already (sadly) had a Reclast yearly infusion (Nov. 2010). Will it over-ride the bisphosphonate problems? Will it help my bones to be made more normal in spite of the bisphosphonates? Thanks!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Shelley,

      Yes, Vitamin K will still help. In fact it’s even more essential if you’ve taken osteoporosis drugs.

      • Jeanette

        Vivian Thank you for that answer

  96. Rose Hackett

    Thank you for the information of K2 menoquinone
    and the osteoporosis with fracture. My husband & I have been taking this for over a year now,
    but my bone density does not show improvement in the spine. Hip is stable, 8 months ago.
    K2(45mcg),K1(240mcg)& Natokinase(45mg)capsule.
    VitD 1000 IU & Magnesium 400mg are also taken. Four sisters had fractures, moderate to severe osteoporosis. We all are retired.Please advise,
    if you are busy to respond I can understand. Thank you again. Rose

  97. Rebecca

    How much Vitamin K is too much. My supplement has 150 mg. If you have had blood clots in your legs, is it safe to take?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Rebecca,

      The Adequate Intake for K is 90 mcg for women and 120 mcg for men. But 150 mcg is certainly not too much; 1 cup of chopped broccoli has 220 mcg.

      According to Linus Pauling: “Although allergic reaction is possible, there is no known toxicity associated with high doses of the phylloquinone (vitamin K1) or menaquinone (vitamin K2) forms of vitamin K.”

      Of course, you should check with your doctor about potential clotting issues.

      • LynnCS

        Vivian..I am sitting here re reading this post and trying not to cry. I think I am catching on. I never thought I would figure this thing out. There is so much to know. I am on a raw vegan diet and I eat e lots of greens. I decided on the Garden of Life Raw Vitamin Code Raw Calcium. The Vit K is described as K2 derived from Natto but the bottle only describes it as Vit K 200mcgs. It also has 3.8 mgs of Strotium. I couldn’t find any without it. How am I doing. I will get a different one if this isn’t good. Hope to hear from you. This is very stressful to know if I’m doing the right thing. Lynn

  98. Veronica

    Hello Vivian,
    Thanks to your advice, I have been taking vitamin K2 for a couple years.
    Much appreciation,

    • Rebecca

      Hi, I ordered my K2 vitamins the other day, and can’t wait to start taking it…I wish I knew about it a day sooner…

  99. Kate Clarke

    My daughter was told by a friend that Strontium, found in the soil in Scotland is good for strengthening bones and that the basic form should not be too expensive.
    What is your opinion about this.


    • Douglas

      Have you looked up strontium in Vivian’s book?

  100. Doreen

    Dear Vivian,

    I am on warfarin so Vitamin K foods are a ‘no no’. Enjoy your articles.


    • Kaz Radcliffe

      My husband is on warfarin also. His family has a history of blood clotting. What can be taken to help bones without taking vitamin K.

    • Joan

      I am on 80mg aspirin plus Plavix and other heart medications. I have stayed away from calcium with vitamin k for that reason.

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