Weekend Challenge: Hip Mobility Enhancer And Core Strengthener - Save Our Bones

Today’s challenge is an effective exercise to help prevent and improve hip problems and build a strong, healthy pelvis.

The Hip Mobility Enhancer And Core Strengthener improves pelvic mobility and flexibility, two very important aspects of bone health we’re going to discuss in this Weekend Challenge. Additionally, this exercise strengthens the core as well as the shoulders. When you perform it, you’ll be surprised at how many important areas of your body it targets.

So let’s get started, beginning with the reasons why hip mobility is such an important part of bone health and the health of your entire body.


A lack of hip flexibility is, unfortunately, a common side effect of modernity. Unlike our primitive ancestors, we don’t practice a wide, strong squat frequently as we would have in the days before comfy living room furniture, modern kitchen appliances (we stand at the stove rather than squat by a fire), and automobiles. We carry our babies in “bouncy seats” and strollers that fail to spread the knees and pelvis. As adults, we sit in chairs, lie on couches, or work out in repetitive motions on indoor machines under artificial lights.

This sort of environment functions not unlike a captive habitat, giving rise to skeletal and muscular maladies such as weak glutes (buttocks muscles) and shortened hip flexors, which make up an important group of deep muscles that work to raise your legs. Thankfully, these musculoskeletal issues can be solved with corrective exercises and movements.

Your Hips Are Central

You may not realize that your pelvis is literally at the center of your body. It must bear the weight of your entire torso; it’s the point at which you turn and pivot, and it allows you to engage in that most human of activities: walking upright.

So a pelvis that is lacking mobility, flexibility, and strength will inevitably affect the rest of the body, influencing simple tasks from walking up and down stairs to your golf or tennis game. To perform these tasks well and without injury, stability and a full range of motion are crucial.

Also central to your ability to move are your core muscles. These consist of deep and superficial muscle groups throughout the abdomen, hips, sides, and back; without them, you would not be able to bend, twist, sit up, lie down, or perform any movement of the torso. Not coincidentally, the hip flexors, mentioned above, are considered part of your core.

While they’re not a part of the hips or the core, your shoulders and arms are engaged in this weekend’s exercise as well. You’ll see how when I explain the exercise, next.


An exercise mat is a good idea for this challenge, especially if you do not have a carpeted floor.

  1. Get down on the floor into a push-up position.
  2. Bring one knee forward to the opposite elbow – for simplicity, begin with the right knee to the left elbow. Turn your right leg so your shin is facing outward (as far as you comfortably can).
  3. Straighten the right leg back to the starting position and bring your left knee forward toward your right elbow.
  4. Repeat this motion, alternating legs, 10 on each side for a total of 20 times (if you are comfortable).

For a more complete hip workout, you can follow this exercise up with one or all of these other Weekend Challenges:

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I hope you have a great (and active) weekend!

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  1. Mirian

    Is your exercise program helpful for osteoarthritis patients?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good question, Mirian. Because most cases of osteoarthritis are due to an accumulation of acid in the body, the Program’s pH-balanced diet that emphasizes anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables has proved helpful for many Savers who also suffered from osteoarthritis. 🙂


    Please, please unsubscribe me. completely from your website! I don’t need all these emails cluttering up my inbox.

    • Save Institute Customer Support

      Hi Charmaine,

      Please check your e-mail inbox for a message from Customer Support with unsubscribe instructions. 🙂

  3. Deirdre Emperor

    Just wanted to thank you Vivian. I’m a 70 year old woman and have just come back from my latest DEXA scan at UCLH in London + seen the consultant afterwards with the results. 20 months ago my bone density was so low he advised me to have a Zolendronic acid infusion. I refused and have been following your natural approach instead. Today my spine density has increased by 4.1% from -3.6 to -3.3 without any drugs. The consultant even told me I don’t need drugs at this stage and would have put the improvement down to the drugs if I’d taken them and wouldn’t have improved any more than this even with them. He told me to keep doing what I’m doing and to see him for another DEXA scan in 18 months. More than pleased.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s fantastic news, Deirdre! I love what your consultant said about giving drugs the “credit” if you’d taken them, and that he/she is confident you no longer “need” the drugs (of course, we know that you never “needed” them to begin with!). Keep up the great work!

  4. Eileen Lubienski

    Hello…I cannot get down on the floor to do exercises because I can’t get back up. And that scares me in case I should fall. So are there any particular exercises I should start doing to build up my muscles so that I can get down to and back up from the floor?

  5. Roxanne

    I, too, find it difficult to do exercises from descriptions, even with pictures. It would be great to have a denserzise DVD. In the meantime, there are DVDs available online that target healthy bones. I have bought two and find them very helpful.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The visual is up, Roxanne! That should help. 🙂


    Staples and Office Depot both make copies and bind them for you. Some UPS stores will do it too – at least here in Las Vegas, NV

    I’m a long time reader of your articles.

    I’m 77 and have been having pain down my legs, left greater than right. EMG says no neuropathy but dexa scan says -2.2 bone loss on left femoral head. Trying to start doing more walking and dancing as well as stretches, but not sure how to do them correctly without injuring myself. I’ve broken my right wrist twice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re right to be careful, Dncnwrk. And the same companies will do copies and binding where I live, too. 🙂

  7. Ethel Greenawalt

    I cannnot learn an exercise correctly until I actually see it. This week I cannot visualize your directions. Does my knee cross over to touch the opposite elbow? Or, does it just go forward?
    I will not try an exercise sight unseen. Other weeks you show a picture. Please show a picture for this one.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      We do apologize about the technical difficulties earlier today – the visual demonstration failed to load. But it is up and running now, so that should help clarify things!

  8. Sherri Wagerman

    I bought the Densercise manual but I can’t find it on my iPad. I have the video series and the eating guide, but I can’t find the manual. Please help!

    • Save Institute Customer Support

      Please check your inbox, Sherri, for a message from Customer Support. 🙂

  9. mary

    I’m having trouble visualizing how to do this exercise correctly.
    Am 75 and brand new in the Savers Program. Also, have the material on a computer only. Can see the value in having actual books as can’t exercise in my “office”.
    Does Vivian ever respond to these comments or is it participants only ?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m sorry this is confusing for you, Mary! The exercise begins in a push-up position, which means your hands are flat on the floor, your arms straight (don’t lock your elbows), and your feet extended behind you so you’re balancing on your toes. Your heels are up. Then you bring one knee toward the opposite elbow, and then extend the leg back to the starting position. Switch sides and do the same thing with the other knee. I hope this helps clarify things!

  10. Deborah Vegh

    Put the exercises on DVD! Makes so much sense to me. I’d buy it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Stay tuned, Deborah! We’re always growing here at the Save Institute. 🙂

      • cindy beresford

        I too would buy your DVD re exercises Vivian. Thanks,

  11. live4ever

    Vivian, do we turn the actove leg shin toward the outside of the elbow? And not sure about push up position. I can’t do full pushups. I can’t remain in knee pushup position on one knee to do this. Maybe i don’t get the picture

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Live4ever (I like your inspiring username!),

      Sorry for any confusion. The description refers to a regular push-up position, but you could try it from a knee push-up position instead. You will probably just have to go a bit more slowly, especially since you anticipate difficulty in balancing on one knee. And yes, the active shin should be turned outward toward the opposite elbow – right shin toward the left elbow, for example.

  12. Anne

    I would really appreciate a book with the different exercises. Thanks, Anne M

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I understand, Anne, and thank you for sharing your opinion. If you’ll take a look at my response to Pam and Jeanie below, you’ll see a suggestion for getting the Densercise materials printed if you so choose. Additionally, you are free to print out any or all of the Weekend Challenges and create your own exercise book! 🙂

  13. Florence

    I had a broken Left hip several years ago. Would these exercises be safe for me to do?
    I am 70 years old and I have been having quite a bit of hip pain. I was swimming 4 days a week for 5 weeks and now that is stopped but am suppossed to start again on the 21st which is the week after this coming week.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re right to be cautious, Florence, since you’ve broken your hip in the past. While this is a low-impact exercise, I recommend you speak to your doctor or physical therapist before attempting it; he or she will know the nature of your hip fracture (they vary quite a bit) as well as your medical history, and can let you know if this or any other exercise is right for you.

      • Lucy King

        I had a complete hip replacement 6 months ago and have been told by both my surgeon and physiotherapist that I can kneel safely but not turn my leg outwards – as in his exercise. Also not bend my knee beyond a right angle.

  14. Pam Sunderland

    Would really like to buy the books on exercise and on the cleanse diet. My printer is not working. Is it possible to buy them already printed? I bought your original Save Our Bones book and the recipe book in hard copies, and really wish you would offer the others in hard copy also.

    Pam, long time Saver.

    • Jeanie hicks

      I did the same and actually bought the down load of the densercise book and never really use it cause it was on our pc and I never go in our computer room cause it’s too hot inthere!,,,??I also asked for a hard copy. I would pay more to just have it in my hand and be able to take it wherever I go. I am 70 also and not really a techy as far as computer stuff goes. So Vivian I hope you are reading these comments. Thanks

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Thanks for your feedback, Pam and Jeanie. Here’s an idea: have you considered forwarding your Densercise materials links to your local office supply store? They will often print for just a few cents a page, and some businesses will even spiral-bind it for you. 🙂

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