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As the inspirational osteoporosis stories kept pouring in, I realized that it would be impossible for me to pick just one winner. So I had to bend the rules and pick not one… but three :).

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Gail Russell
Michael Schottinger
Nancy Kjellander

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Today I had the idea of giving to everyone who commented, 10 of my favorite bone-smart recipes that I and my family love – I'll email them to you within the next 10 days.

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  1. judith england

    Regarding your refund policy. What is the email address to use for a refund? It is curiosly absent from your advertising.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Judith,

      If you would like to request a refund, simply send an e-mail to customer support by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page under “Connect,” or by clicking this link:

  2. Nada Raffaelli

    Dear Vivian,

    I have been following your program for two years now-ever since I got my bone density scores telling me I had osteopenia. I have touted your program to everyone who will listen.
    I went for my bone density test and expected to get wonderful results like so many I have read on your website. I am in tears reading my results:
    -1.3/-1.7 lumbar spine and -2.1/-2.4 in femoral neck
    What else can I do? I only drink almond milk that I make myself. I don’t drink sodas. I take every supplement in your book. I do the exercises. I make sure my meals are 20/80. I switched to flouride free. Kiss My Face toothpaste. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
    Still a fan but disappointed.

  3. Margaret

    I have just listened to Pamela’s story regarding starting the programme and getting such a brilliant result increasing her bone density by more thatn 16%!! I have just received my saveourbones programme and can’t wait to get going. I also was prescribed strontium but was unable to take it due to stomach problems. My doctor was however very supportive and agrees that the natural way is best. Good diet and excercise for me now!!

  4. Lois Greenberg

    I took Fosomax for the “necessary” period of 5 years- but quit- not because of what my doctor said, (although he said that time would adequately protect me,) but because I had begun to read bad things about it. I had been reading variously alternative scientific, and doctor recommendations about formula’s they had developed, and were trying to sell! When two or more included a natural supplement with good reason, I paid attention and developed my own regimin of supplements. My accupuncturist has warned me to cut down on a few, which puzzles and worries me. He says my vitamin D is bad for my immune system. I have started to take it again. But I have cut down my Vit. E to 200mg, and my vit. C to 500 mg. I recently developed a severe muscle spasm in my “saddle”. The spasms have subsided. (I tried “muscle relaxant, and a pain pill- but had awful side effects from both, and no relief. The pain has much diminished but remains when I move in certain ways. I was given some exercises similar to the ones on your video except for the jumping. I seem to do them easily. The x-ray they took only showed an old, healed break in my spine- that I never knew I had. (I was born with scoliosis 82 years ago, and was always nagged to”stand up streight” which I was unable to do- so now I have a bent back!) I have one hammer toe, and no flesh on the ball of that foot. I wear good shoes with excellent inserts, and walk very carefully. I havn’t fallen in 25 years! Because of my foot, I don’t walk much, or very fast. When outside, I like to take someone’s arm. Eventually I suppose I may need a walker, but I don’t feel I need one yet.My “bone density test shows bone loss- but I don’t believe it. I eat a good diet, but don’t eat very much. I have had atriel fibrillations since I was a child, and take coumadin to prevent stroke, which is watched very closely by the anti-coag clinic. I also take metoprolol to “control” the fibrolations, I also take a mostly ineffective anti-histamine, because I have allergies all the time. I have a perpetual runny nose-but a dry mouth. I have recently lost a lot of my ability to taste- but it has returned somewhat, sometimes. I have a couple of other problems not directly related to what I have described above, but I think I’ve gone on too long already !!!

  5. Marlene Boyd

    Hi Vivan,
    I am a Professional nurse with many other degrees but I have had several bones broken over the past years but was never diagnosed with osteoporosis and had Bone density test which were fine and then I fell off a cliff and broke my right forearm and right shoulder and hip then told I had osteopenia leading to osteoporsis and on Aldatone,tried the Statin drugs, then Fosamate for about 3 months and my teeth all became loose and dark, and then my left jaw locked over Christmas and NewYears invited to a Doctors home for celebrating New Year but now unable to go and my husband and I stayed home with me drinking through a straw.
    I could go on and on but nothing ordered by Dr’s was with out side effects to me.
    Now trying Calcium Citrate and Vit D and Zinc amd Magnesium and I Am afraid to do any excersies in case my bone breaks.I had 2 brain Surgeries and left with side effects again,
    I really have been searching for some one or some thing also to help me and WOW you are the answer, with out more pills. Can’t wait to get any literature possible and books later as my medicines have taken so much of my Retired Pension now.
    Can’t wait to get the funds to order very soon.
    GOd Bless You
    Marlene {Excuse any mis-spelled words Please}

  6. Sue Stewart

    I have recently been diagnosed with a ‘severe’ case of osteoporosis in my spine. (T score -4.3) The specialist (rhumatologist) strongly suggests that with a score like mine, I would be insane not to take medication. As I research your site for information, I see little reference to T scores or the severity of cases where people choose not to take the medication. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. Where can I find info about others with a similar score who have worked with your program rather than choosing bisphosphonates?
    Many thanks.

  7. Theresa

    What really baffles me is: it seems there are
    so many women out there young and older who
    are suffering from this dipilitating disease
    that I am wondering if this disease is caused
    by all the poisoned chemicals that are being
    incorporated into our food — whether it be
    meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, etc.

    Should we be getting tested for toxic poisoning? Maybe then, we will know exactly
    what is going on in our systems and be able to
    find a cure for this terrible crippling disease.

  8. Carol Redmann

    Five days ago I had a bone density test, and was informed on 1/21 that I have gone from osteopenia to osteoporosis in 10 years. I am 71 y/o, weigh 110#, and try to eat healthy foods, take vitamins, and exercise. The PA ordered fosamax for me to take but I have not started the medication as I once tried it for about 2 months with unpleasant stomach symptoms. I am very interested in a natural effective way to strengthen my bones and stay healthy.

    Thank you,

  9. rodica ionita

    I just want to thank you for all information and encouragement you give to people.
    thank you, R

  10. Joyce

    In 2000 my doctor gave me a prescription for Fosamax because I told him that my mother had been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, my younger brother had had 2 hip replacements and a knee replacement…he said I needed to start this med. I took it for about 3 years, but saw a commercial that women were reported to have jaw pain, etc. because of taking this drug. I had pain that I thought was because of problems with my teeth, so I stopped taking it. Just a year ago , my new doctor asked if I was taking meds for my bones, because of my family history, and I told him why I had stopped taking Fosamax, and he gave me a prescription for Evista. They have the same caution, so as of now, I still haven’t taken them. I decided to search the web for info and found this site with all of the comments, now I am not too sure I will take the Evista. But I know I need to do something.

  11. inehs

    My mum started taking Actonel about 2 years ago. Her overall health has steadily been declining. By accident, I came upon your website and needless to say I was shocked (!) at the ingresients that Actonel had. I told my mum about it who immediately stopped taking the medication-she didn’t even wait to ask her doctor- and instantly felt better. She suffers from osteo and arthritis. She has tried numerous natural calcium supplements, but none seem to work-she feels ill with them. Her diet is not the best although she tries. (My brother passed away recently and we are all feeling the punch.) Thank-you for sharing your knowledge, in gratitude, Sincerely Yours, Inehs.

  12. Shirley Meharry

    In November 2007 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was advised to take drugs. I chose not to. December 8, 2009 I again had a dexa scan. My T score for the lumbosacral spine was -3.5, a -4.6% decline in the bone mineral density. My doctor advised me to start taking Boniva. Another doctor recommended Forteo. I was looking up Forteo on the internet and came across your website. I downloaded the free information and ordered the SaveOurBones system. The next day (8-15) i received an email from you about the holiday sale. I called but the person that answered didn’t know if I could get the benefit of the sale price. Thank you for your help in this. I look forward to receiving the information.

  13. Karen

    It is fairly obvious that we all have concerns about bone loss. Why else would we be on this site? The stories I see here are all very nice, but I am a (show me) kind of person. Where are the comments from the people that have actually tried the program and gotten results?

  14. Dyana

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in October 2007. My doctor prescribed 2 types of medication. I can’t remember what they were called but when I arrived home & read the leaflets I found that the side effects include nausea, diarrhoea, and muscle pain – symptoms I didn’t want more of, as I already had them due to ME/CFS and irritable bowel syndrome. So I didn’t take the prescribed drugs at all. On the internet, I came across Vivian’s website and immediately had a very positive “gut feeling” about her. I ordered Save our Bones, and started to follow the health plan Vivian recommends. I also get Sea Calcium, Superfood Nutrition Plus (a multivitamin, and magnesium tablets from Higher Nature, and Strontium from Doctors Best. A vegetarian, I rely on lots of tofu for protein and have whole grains and plenty of green leafy veg, squash and pumpkin, and nuts and seeds. I take a test every three month, wshereby I send a sample off to a lab, they measure the amount of a substance in my urine that indicates levels of bone resorption. Last time I took the test, it indicated that I’m within the Normal limit. The first time I took it, I was well outside the limit.
    I’m also very pleased that I have far less pain or painful spasms in my back, and my sleep and energy levels generally are greatly improved.


    hi, vivian. i have beem diagnosed w/osteoporosis since 2008, Jan. I was told to take boniva but was too scared. 1.5 yrs. later i have broken both wrists. i am in pain and cannot work. what should i do? i can’t affoed to order the books, is there any other way to read about your cure? thanks.

  16. Gail Lyle

    There are major effects of eating an American diet lifestyle.
    Bone density seems to be one of the prominent tests that are regulary given especially to post menopausal women.

    I truly appreciate the information provided in Vivian’s Bone Health Revolution. Being concerned for my family’s health, I shared the
    information about this helpful book to my mother who immediately stopped taking Fosamax. She was very grateful for receiving this information.

    One of my goals is to share this information with my doctors in order to help spread the word of alternative ways to gain bone density without drugs. I have read and researched about the
    alkaline/acidic balance that can make a great difference in one’s overall health and bone strength and density. The body does strive
    to keep a balance. However, getting the body in a more alkaline state is to greatly benefit one’s body which may even help to prevent cancer.

    In retrospect, as a former missionary, we lived on food such as rice,
    chicken, bread, vegetables, etc. Milk was a very limited commodity.
    Our exercise regime was tilling the land by hand, growing our own crops, raising chickens and shoppping once a month for other
    needed commodities. It was like living on Little House on the Prairie days. Bicycles were our main mode of transportation and exercise and of course walking.

    Our whole family has become more health conscious now. We take it one step at a time physically and in food choices to combat against various diseases. Better health is a wonderful attainable goal.

    I no longer feel guilty that our family did not have much milk to drink when living overseas. Yes, we physically kept strong and active
    by gardening, raising chickens, doing the laundry by hand, riding
    bicycles, eating more fruits and vegetables.

    Strive to eat more alkaline foods, less processed foods, exercise more and incorporate strength training to build bone density. See
    and feel the difference. Keep strong and be encouraged that we
    have decided to make wise choices concerning our health.

    It was wonderful to read your stories as well.

    Together, we can make a health conscious difference on a daily basis.

    Sincerely grateful,


  17. joy

    The interview was good–very honest and forthright. I hope that I have the same results as I get into the program. Still new at understanding just how the balance works. My doctor has not commented when I wrote him that I would not be taking any of the drugs he recommended to treat my osteoporosis. His silence worried me at first but I think that he may agree that they are dangerous to our health but feels compelled to prescribe them. I worried some about him feeling badly towards me but decided that I MUST be in charge of my own decisions about my health. Finding your site was a real eye-opener and I have recommended it to others. I go for another check-up on bone mass next March or April. Will see what happens.

  18. Joy N

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 1999 I was shocked and dismayed at being told this news and the seriousness of my bone condition, furthermore my doctor informed me there was nothing I could do, however he did suggest Fosamax.
    I managed to find a doctors who had a more natural approach to health, and offered to monotor my progress using supplements and bio identical hormones, this seemed to be my only option.
    With annual DEXA scans and blood tests my condition was montored, I continued diligently to take the supplements prescribed and to regularly exersise hoping for improvement however each time I visit my doctor for the latest results I am disopointed.
    I was searching the internet for inspiration when Vivian’s web sight caught my eye and her suggestion that all I needed was in my kitchen, what a revelation. I needed to know more so I downloaded chapter 5 and was so excited I knew I was on the right track, I sent for “The Bones Health Revolution” I anxiously wait for the mail each day so I could start making a differance.
    I am following Vivian’s program and test each morning to confirm I am on the right track.
    I am so grateful for all Vivian has done to help me make a differance

  19. Charleen Cordo

    I had estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in 2005. After lumpectomy and radiation treatment I was given Arimidex as a treatment. I was on Arimidex and Boniva for 4 1/2 of the 5 years and recently went to my doctor for a check up. I had a DEXA scan which said my bone density had gotten worse. I was given the recommendation to increase the vitamin D and continue with the Boniva, which, after reading about the side effects, I had quit taking. I quit taking it because I was experiencing tingling and twitching feeling in my jaw. I did a search and found the save our bones website. It took me awhile, but I quit using the Boniva and the twitching stopped. I am planning to order the Bone health package when it becomes available. It is a hard thing to go against the doctors orders but I feel good about my decision. I downloaded the free bone health guide and have been following the suggestions as well as getting daily exercise.

  20. Cathy Knutz

    For the last 2 years, I have been on anti-rejection medications as a result of a bi-lateral lung transplant. Though I am incredibly thankful for this gift of life, there are many, many side effects from the large number of drugs I must take. One on them is osteoporosis. Last year, my doctor said I should probably begin taking drugs to protect my bones. One of the side effects is kidney failure and osteoporosis drugs negatively affect the kidneys. Thank you for all your work on research. I am excited about trying your program and having another Dexascan to see the good results.

  21. Sandi Lichtman

    The plan is so easy to follow – I am really looking forward to my DEXA scan in a few months

  22. Ellen M. Johnson

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis 4 weeks ago and placed on Boniva. I was not told that their is an option; a natural drug free treatment. After taking only 1 pill, I suffered side effects that made me research Boniva and find a better way of treating my condition. I would Vivian’s website and after reading her downloaded information, I was amazed at how I could take better care of my self and reverse my bone density. I ordered her book and have been following it faithfully. I exercise more, and take the prescribed vitamins and minerals to help me get stronger. I urge anyone who has been diagosed with Osteoporosis to read the invalable information that Vivian has put together. I look forward to the new books coming out next week. Thank you for giving me a better choice of healing myself.

  23. Susan

    I agree that everything that Vivian is doing for women’s bones is helpful. But the best way to build bone is with bio-identical PROGESTERONE as well as TESTOSTERONE. The other hormones are also imp. The key is balance for a healthy journey. I have gained 4% bone using Bio-Identical Hormones. I am here to help you. I have researched natural hormones for over 15 yrs. I am a hormonal consultant and give women all the knowledge they need about their hormones. I help find drs. and go over testing. I have a lot of information available. For $25 I follow you through the whole process. Research has proven that PROGESTERONE does build bone, so give your body the chance to heal itself naturally and allow me to help you.
    Thank you, Susan Berkey
    Bio-Identical Hormones and Health Coach, LLC

  24. Julia

    As I have written to you earlier, 6 years ago I was told, after a bone/body scan, that I had Osteoporosis. Was given a prescription of Actonel along with samples. Did some research and when I read the side effects I thought NO WAY. When my husband read them, he said “you can’t take this, it will kill you”. 2 years later, another bone density test and it was worse. Told by Dr. I didn’t have a choice and if I fell, I would fracture my hip and could die. Than I started research and found you. Ordered your book and have been testing my PH each morning, following acid/alkaline diet. I also do “wall pushups” and about 100 steps on he “stepper” each day. I am now 68, a practicing Massage therapist and have given many, many clients and friends from church the website and phone number to order your book. They are so happy that I had done so much research and shared this knowledge with them. I continue to sing your praises and thank God for leading me to all your information. Bless you Vivian, for your dedication and willingness to share with the rest of us………. With your knowledge and God’s help, I WILL BEAT THIS!!!!!

  25. myrna paige

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 45. I was on Fosomax for over 5 yrs with no improvement. Tried Forteo for a few months. This caused serious gastritis. Drugs are not the answer for me. I need help.

  26. paula kanter

    I took myself off of actenol after several years use. My bone density tests got better during the first 2 years but got progressively worse after that. It was recommended that I take something stronger. After reading Vivian’s book I decided to take myself off medication. I am following the diet the best that I could and am not that worried that my bone denity tests are poor. After all even though I have never had a bone fracture I am very petite and menopausal. I like Vivian’s definition of osteoporosis better then big Pharmecutical companies.

  27. Charlie Giacobbe

    Unlike most of the posters on this page, I am a 55 year old male. I am 5′ 11″ tall, weigh 155 lbs, I exercise regularly, been following a vegetarian diet for over a year and am in good health……except that I found out 7 months ago my T score is -3.8. My doctor put me on Fosamax. I took one dose (of the weekly formula) and within 3 days I had crippling pain that sent me to the hospital for an overnight stay. It took a week to be able to walk upright and 5 weeks for the pain to entirely go away. He has since suggested Forteo but I have passed and am looking for alternatives.

  28. Lois-Anne Nichols

    I was taking Fosamax, then Boniva (which gave me a rash on my neck). I also tried Actonel, but just did not feel right. I stopped all of them. I am beginning to feel better. The most important-one of the things that you need to report to your doctor-a change in your vision. I noticed a change. I do believe that it is getting better. I’m sure the longer I go without taking any of these chemicals, the better I will feel and my vision will improve. I am so interested in receiving all of the information that is available to me. I believe that any time you can stop taking any medication, the better.

  29. Carol

    I also took Fosamax for bone density and had side effects, heart burn and stiffness in the joints. I stopped taking the drug and I have lost more bone density as of my last bone density test but do not plan on taking any bone density medication. I have considered ordering the book but haven’t done so far.


  30. Theresa Taylor

    The nurse just rang me up & said Actonel will stimulate the growth of new bone cells & I should take it. I don’t believe it! Glad I have info from Vivian. She also said have lots of dairy -I was doing that before.

  31. Jera Lewis

    Hi Vivian,

    At 47 I had surgery for colon cancer and went through six months of Chemo. I eat very health and exercise so I’m thinking the Chemo may have robbed my bones of calcium but doctors will disagree with me. At 50 I was given a bone density test which was -3.7. I was put on Fosamax for four years with little improvement. While on Fosamax I began to awake in the morning with aching in my wrist, hands, ankles and feet. Searching the Internet to see if this is a side effect I found your web site. I ordered your book, stopped taking Fosamax and all the aching went away. Yes, I told my doctor and he didn’t have much to say. I won’t have another scan for two years so in the meantime I’m following your diet. Thank you so much for all your research and time you have given to help all of us!

  32. Suzanne Visser

    Hi Vivian,
    I was excited to hear that Pamela Ward’s bone density increased so much in such a short time. I have been taking Fosomax for 12 years with no increase in my spine density. There has been a slight increase in the hip area. My doctor recently wanted me to start Forteo but after doing much research have decided that isn’t the road I want to take. By researching alternative methods I came across your website and after reading about Fosomax have taken myself off of it. Ordered your book and will try to see if I can follow the alkaline/acidic guide to increase my density. One question? What about supplements?
    I am pretty upset that my doctor kept me on Fosomax for all those years without any real results and I am also mad at myself for not knowing about these drugs to begin with. I am now going to be more informed and know exactly what I am taking before taking anything.
    Thanks for all the emails.

  33. Nancy

    I had been on osteoporosis medication for about 1yr. and gave it up a year ago after much reading and research. I have been following your diet but not 100%. I will have a bone density test again and am anxious for the results.

  34. Gertrude Eller

    Dear Vivian, My Doctor diagnosed me with Osteoporosis last year after a bone density test. He started me on Actonel and I had acid reflux and pain in muscels and joints so was switched to Boneva after five months of bone loss Boneva was discontinued with an appointment for Reclast. After reading all the warnings and side effects I decided to postpone the Reclast until after our 6 weeks
    summer trip. We are back and I’m not convinced that any of the current medications are for me. If I dont win your new book I will order. I believe there is a better way after being exposed to your website, Thank you for what you do.

  35. Margaret Donaldson

    I was on premarine for over 10 years. My BD test 2 yrs ago showed minor oesteoporis in 1 hip and osteopenia thruout. In March I took another BD test and found more oesteoporis in same hip and upper right leg and advanced osteopenia thruout. Dr put me on Fosomax. I took it for 3 weeks blindly without realizing that my major dental problems would only be compounded by the drug. I returned to the Dr. and talked to him about the fact that I already had major dental problems and fosomax wasn’t for me! He prescribed Evista and gave me a month’s worth of samples. I took them home, read the flyer in the box and did some research- 1 big side affect listed was the hot flashes- I started on premarine in my early to mid 40s because of the horrible hot flashes. Needless to say, the Evista is still sitting on my shelf unopened!
    I have done lots more research about most all the other drug
    alternatives and I’m in more trouble if I take them and get brittle bones than if I take only my supplements, exercise and keep my bones flexible albeit thinning perhaps. Flexible bones don’t break as easily as brittle ones do!
    Now that I’ve taken myself off the premarine maybe my bones might even thicken up on their own!

  36. Sonia

    Dear Vivian,

    In 2005 my left femoral neck was -2.10 and my doctor started me on Actonel. I took it for 2 yrs. (but had acid reflex often & also diarrhea) and my test in 2007 was -1.90. After taking Actonel for another 5 months, I started reading various articles about those medication, especially the possibility of osteonecrosis, so I told my doc I did not want to take Actonel anymore. He told me to be sure and walk everyday and also consume 1500 mg. calcium daily (I drank milk and took calcium citrate). Just had a scan a couple weeks ago and my femoral neck is now -2.4. This time doc prescribed Boniva. I did not fill the prescription but went online and found your website.

    Incidentally, I have been on thyroid medication for over 30 years.

    I don’t know the cost of your celebration package but am hoping that I will win it.

  37. Shirley Zimmerman

    My story starts in the spring of 2007…first of all had shingles and
    caught them quickly and got rid of them with no problems then in
    July I had a bone density test and they said I had osteoporsis and
    the Dr. gave me Foxamax samples…told me to take 1500 mg of
    calcium, 600 vit. D everyday…I did not want to go on the osteoporsis drugs so I took the samples back to him and just took
    my multiple, calcium and vit. D faithfully…also added Bone Up and
    Bone Essentials. After the osteoporsis diagnosis I had a mammogram and in Aug was diagnosed with breast cancer in my
    left breast…so had the biopsies, MRI’s, etc…in Sept. 2007 had left
    mastectomy and during surgery they found 4 lymph nodes with
    cancer cells so she removed 16 lymph nodes…went through 8 chemo treatments…33 radiation treatments and did well through the
    whole process then after all this they put me on Arimidex for five
    years because I am estrogen dominant then they said Arimidex can
    cause osteoporsis so I should have another bone density test…I
    did and the Dr. said there was some improvement and I should be
    on Reclast….I was determined not to do that and when I went to
    the Reclast web site I found Save Your Bones and I was delighted.
    I did order your book.

  38. Ann Scollins

    I was diagnosed w/ostopenia for about 5 yrs. Last yr. w/osteopenia of the hip and osteoporosis of the spine. I’ve always taken Calcium w/D (since my 40s). I’m 61 now. Few yrs. ago I was on Fosamax weekly. Did it for about 5 mo but developed too many stomach problems (acid reflux, pain, etc.) I stopped on my own. At next checkup, Dr. prescribed Boniva monthly. Did that for a few months and same side effects. Now Dr. wants me to do the Boniva IV injection. I refused after reading on WEB MD all the comments posted by people who had taken this and experienced many disturbing side effects. Your website has also inspired me to stick to my guns and not take anymore of these meds. I already have fibromyalgia and herniated disks (lumbar) and arthritis (neck). Why would I even want to risk joint pain from these meds? I have joint pain now; who in their right mind would want to increase it? I’m doing my best w/healthy eating, excercise and continue Calcium w/D and hopefully I’ll be ok.

  39. Cheri Schwebel

    I was diagnosed about 3 years ago and immediately put on Fosamax. I was on it about 2 years and started noticing clicking in my jaw when chewing certain foods. My doctor switched me to Actonel at which point something inspired me to start researching the drugs. The clicking didn’t stop and I read about the jaw necrosis thing. Not knowing if the clicking had anythng to do with it and not wanting to wait and see, I went off the medication. About this same time I found this website and was encouraged to take care of osteoporosis through nutrition and exercise. I’ve been doing it only a month or 2 so I don’t have any results yet.

  40. Gail

    Hi, Vivian.

    I am 57 and had my first ever bone density test last July. I was told that I was at high risk for spinal fractures and moderate risk for hip fractures. My (then) primary care giver immediately gave me a prescription for Fosamax. I took one dose and was worried about its risks and possible side effects. I then sought out a different general practice doctor and was given not one, but TWO prescriptions – Actonel and Evista. I took a one-month dose of the Actonel and broke out with a rash and had sore, achy joints for three weeks. My next step was the gynecologist. I told him about my worries and reactions, and he basically said that I should continue the medications because many fractures result in death and that I was at high risk! In February I found information about the Bone Health Revolution online and was so excited to think that I could do something to help myself without scary prescriptions. I ordered the book. During this same period of time, I was researching acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. I ordered a book that teaches how to properly combine foods to eliminate these conditions and – WOW- the information went hand-in-hand with your research! I am better now in all areas, and I am SO thankful.

    Finally, I’d like to mention that three weeks ago, I went to an endocrinologist. I told him that I was making diet changes to improve bone health as well as address my other issues. After studying my bone density test and carefully considering my health and life style, he used a formula to more accurately determine my fracture risks. Over the next 10 years, my risk of spinal fractures is 7.1 % and hip fractures is .8 %. In his opinion, not significant enough to recommend medication! It just makes me wonder. How many women out there are taking these risky drugs unnecessarily? Very scary.

    Thank you so much for your research. I am a believer!

    Gail Forsyth

  41. marlene

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis just last fall, after reading your articles on taking medicines such as Fosamax which was prescribed by my doctor. I refused to take such a medicine and have just been taking calcium with vitamin D. My bone density has not changed and even if I have had a fall, I never have broken any bones. I just do not want to
    take any of the drugs that the drug companies are putting out there. There is just too many complications with such drugs.

  42. jan dugan

    The alkaline part of your message makes so much sense and I check every morning to see if my system is alkaline. Many thanks! looking forward to your new publication. Jan

  43. Sharon Peterson

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and given a prescription for Fosamax. I waited to fill the prescription but did take the medication for 9 weeks. I started having jaw pain to the extent that it was hard for me to eat. I also noticed more joint pain in my hips and legs. I talked to my doctor’s office and let them know that I was stopping; I also spoke to my pharmacist after my doctor told me that I was getting TMD; don’t worry, take Advil and eat soft foods. This was over a year ago; I just went through some physical therapy for my jaw and it is now finally feeling a bit better. The pain in my legs and hips got better right away after stopping Fosamax, but my jaw pain continued. My jaw is not 100% but it is much better than before. I am now just taking Calcium and walking. If there are other methods to help Osteoporosis, I’m always interested in finding them.

  44. Susan Sharp

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia about 5 years ago . I Had a hyterectomy in 1989 , since the Dr. didn’t want me to go on HRT he started me on Actonel and I’ve been on it ever since.At the time of my osteopenia diagnosis came the news of thinning of the spine, some disc’s in my upper back.
    I started weight bearing excercises at PT and have made some improvement.
    This next visit I’m going to talk to my Dr. about the benefits of going OFF Actonel. I can’t say that I’ve dodged the bullet by taking Actonel to NOT get osteopenia/osteoporsis and I got it anyway.

    • Susan

      Bio-Identical Hormone and Health Coach, LLC

  45. Deliana

    Just recently I had my first bone density scan (I am 50). It was a DEXA scan. The result was Osteopenia in the proximal femur, density 82%. My back is fine. The recommendation was to start taking Actonel and rescan in a year. Well: I DON’T THINK SO!!
    One of the things to keep in mind when you have a first scan like this is: This is a picture of now, this doesn’t tell you anything about where you’ve been or where you’re going. Like in my case: if you start losing bone at about 30, how much have I really lost in the past 20 years and how fast? I started working out last October and started running last February. If exercise like that builds bone mass, was I lower before I started this exercise and is it actually already coming up??
    Just because of those possibilities I saw no reason to jump into any kind of “treatment”. I already knew there were some side effects with these medications, but was not aware of how bad they could be or even how these medications work.
    During my cruising the internet I was happy to come across Vivian’s information. So after finding out how Actonel (and related chemicals) work I am now 100% sure I will never ingest any of this stuff. I ordered Vivian’s book, which I just received. I haven’t gotten far into it yet since I haven’t had it that long, but what I’ve read so far makes sense. I will be dealing with my bone loss the sensible way and not with the stuff my Nurse Practitoner (!) is recommending. Let me go on record for being a “difficult patient” who “refuses treatment”: I don’t care! 😉
    The only thing I don’t object to is another scan in a year. It will be a delight to see their faces when they see the results.

  46. Raju Nitturi

    Hi Vivian,

    I am writing on behalf of my mother in India and I am in Houston,Texas. My mother is diagnoised with Osteoperosis in November2007. Earlier, they thought it was Myeloma but doctors later “eliminated” that is not Myeloma and confirmed it to be Osteoperosis.

    ESR history is as below. Why is the ESR changing every month, we are not sure.

    On 2/8/2008 Blood Report indicated ESR was 105 (Reference Range 15-20).
    On 04/19/2008 Blood Report indicated ESR was 48 (Reference Range 15-20).
    On 7/08/2009 Blood Report indicated ESR was 58 (Reference Range 15-20).

    Every 3months, she is taking Ibandronic acid 3ml.

    Z score is -2.7. T-Score = -3.9. BMD = 0.613.

    She is following diet plan as suggested by you and if “impossible” is taking pain killer wysolone 10 mg.

    She would love to get away from drugs if possible.

    Thanks for your great service in this area and all the motivational emails.


  47. Jan Caddie

    After many years of taking HRT following an early hysterectomy I have to stop taking it as my blood pressure has gone up. As both my parents were severely osteoporotic I am very aware of the way my bone density may decrease. My last DXA scan was within normal limits and I really want to maintain or improve this without taking drugs. Searching on Google recently I found the SaveOurBones website and was on the point of sending for the New Bone Revolution when the new package was announced. I am looking forward to the launch of the new book so that I can get more information on how to balance my diet and avoid harmful drugs. If it improves the state of my nails that will be a marvellous bonus.
    Regards, Jan – UK

  48. Karen

    Sadly, I was on Fosomax, Actonel and finally Boniva for over 13 years. None of them worked and my osteoporosis kept getting worse after I stopped HRT. The MD solution was an IV infusion of Reclast so I started searching for other answers. When I found out what I had put into my body for years i was horrified. I had to keep going to different medications because they eventually all gave me GERD. I quit the Boniva about 3 months ago. I have not have GERD in the past two months AND my increasing hip pain and hand pain, that at times froze my right hand, is virtually gone. It is summer here in Ohio though so I will see when the cold rains start if I am still pain free. My greatest confusion on this programs is what foods are really acid and alkaline. I see different things on the internet that are totally contradictory . And I need recipes for bone healthy meals!

  49. Linda

    Vivian, I AM SO I EXCITED AFTER HEARING THIS SUCCESS STORY. A 16.4% IMPROVEMENT IS HUGE AND JUST BY CHANGING THE COMBINATIONS OF REGULAR FOOD DOESN’T SEEM REALISTIC! I KNOW THIS IS POSSIBLE AND CAN’T WAIT TO RECEIVE THE BONE HEALTH REVOLUTION book. I think a lot of us what to do the right thing to help ourselves NATURALLY but so many websites require foods that seem totally unappealing and not very practical while cooking for your family. Not only are the foods very expensise but who knows how they’ll taste, therefore, how long will people be on their program? YOU CAN COUNT ON HEARING FROM ME AS SOON I GET MY NEXT RESULTS AFTER STARTING YOUR PROGRAM. I just recevied the bad news, 6% loss in my spine and 3% in my wrist. I did ask my doctor if I can attend physical therapy to find out exactly what type of exercises will benefit me the most. I start PT tomorrow. Thanks again, ANXIOUS

  50. Christine

    Hi Vivian,

    I’ve enjoyed your contact with me over the months and am looking forward to your new special on Tuesday 7/21/09. Although I haven’t purchased from you I read everything you send me and the testimonials.

    I look forward to starting as I’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia and did take Fosomax for one year. I’m 58. I quit after reading your information. I will start your program and look forward to results.

    Thank you for all your valuable information and concern…

    Many thanks,


  51. Vivi

    Osteoporosis is a scourge of the women in my family. My grandmother’s was so bad she ended up unable to walk and was very hunched. I don’t know if the source of the problem is genetic, or some inheritance from her having had rickets as a child.

    I was diagnosed with oseopenia at 38 and osteoporosis by late 40’s, though am very small boned, and so question the diagnosis. I’ve always avoided drugs and tried to eat a healthy diet as I understood that to be and the idea of eating a diet which is not acidifying isn’t new to me. I’m one of those Americans who is unemployed and without health insurance and so am trying to do the most I can to keep my bone health by living a healthy life.

    I’d be thrilled to win you bone health package.

  52. Sondra Horwitz

    In 2001 a private Pilates instructor fractured my spine. I have since worked very hard to use diet, massage and exercise to help with the slight curvature that resulted from healing, and also the residual weakness and tendency of the muscles to knot up painfully due to improper alignment.
    I, too, was told before and after a bone scan that I had osteoporosis, and would suffer dire consequences if I did not take Fosamax. My orthopedic doctor is angry that I am not on his recommended medication and warns me of the inevitable hip fracture.
    When I ordered The Bone Revolution last year I had already been doing everything covered in the book-and the bone scan would probably have been a lot worse had I not. I am anxious to find out about new developments and apply them. Your expanded program sounds wonderful. I would love to receive it and start implementing anything new that I can.

  53. Fran Branager

    I think this is the most informative program about “saving our bones”. I learned my friend’s Aunt (mother’s sister), had been taking one of these drugs like Boniva or Actonel or Foxamax and for at least 6 months had been working with surgeons and dentists because her jaw bone had rotted, Now this is the scariest thing to hear when you are taking one of these drugs, so I just quit taking it even though I had recently been diagnosed with osteopenia. I went to see my doctor and told him I would not take it any more and the only other thing he told me I could take was a drug that had been around a long time but it only caused “heart attacks”..I said no thank you. A week or so later my sister called and she had been diagnosed with osteopenia and needed some information on it to make her decision to take or not take one of these drugs. While on the pholne, I was surfing the Internet for a definition of osteopenia….something t hat would help her. I emphatically told her do not take something like Actonel. All of a sudden I had made it into Vivian’s website and she was talking about these drugs and how bad they were and had just written a book about “saving our bones”. I immediately ordered 2 books, one for my sister and one for me. I read the book from cover to cover. Then Vivian came out with the publication about akaline and acid foods. I got that and have begun to try to follow Vivian’s suggestions. I plan to wait awhile for the bone density (I had the heel test done recently with LifeLine and it came back normal.). You have to know I am just beginning to get into this and already I am in the normal range. So Vivian, thank you for my sister and for myself. You are so open and honest with us and share so much more than our doctors. Although my doctor said he was behind me 100%.
    Thank you, Fran Branager

  54. Suzanne Williams

    I was diagnoses with osteopenia earlier this year. I came home and started researching on the internet because I didn’t even know what osteopenia was. I found lots of information on the subject. I found your information and knew I didn’t want to take the drugs. On a return office visist my doctor said I needed to take Fosamax. I told the Dr. I didn’t want to take that drug. The reply was I needed to take it because if I broke a bone without taking the drug I could come back and sue the doctor. This was almost word for word what you had said! I have since ordered your book and have been working on adjusting my eating. I also have tried to eliminate things that draw calcium out of bones such as coffee and pop. I am going to work on this before I get checked again. I will let you know the results!!

  55. Rosemary

    Hi Vivian
    Like many others my diagnosis of osteoporosis came out of the blue two and a half weeks ago. As soon as I read the report from the radiographer I was surfing the net looking for information on how to reverse it without taking drugs, and came upon your website straightaway. I downloaded your Natural Bone Building Guide and have been putting your advice into practice. The major part of my diet that I have changed is my meat intake, like Pamela, I love meat, and I have increased my vegetable intake. I have been seeing a naturopath for 18 months now, because I have an underactive thyroid which, thankfully, is stabilised at the moment, so I have been taking supplements like those you recommend and watching my diet for a long time but wasn’t really switched on to the 80/20 combination. However I have been drinking only alkaline water for the last three months, which has really been helping me. I have also signed on to Curves and am going three times per week at this stage along with one hour Pilates. I will also try your Simplecise while at home. You should know that I love the theory of exercising but putting it into practice has always been hard for me, so this is actually a very big step. I am very confident these new measures will improve my bone density, hopefully in a short period like Pamela. I intended to buy your Bone Health Revolution anyway and I am now pleased I held off for a few days, as your new package offers more information and will be more valuable to have.
    Thankyou for all your hard work in this area and for making it so available, it gives people like me somewhere to turn to.

  56. Gloria Ferriday

    Hi, I had a very painful bunion removed on 08-08-08. After the operation my surgeon said that he had found cysts in my bones and that he would write to my G.P. because this could indicate osteoporosis. A few weeks later, after a bone density test I was told that this was very bad in my lower back and both hips, and given Allendronate to take. I was not happy with the medication, especially after I had researched this on the net and found that it ‘could’ kill my jawbone??!! but decided to try it out and see what happened as my G.P. was so insistant, and also stated that magnesium had nothing whatever to do with aiding the absorption of calcium??? After only 3 weeks I had awful heartburn, and lumps under the skin all around my mouth, jaw, shoulders and chest. I immediately stopped taking this, contacted my doctor again who then insisted that I take Actonel. Further research showed that this was no better than the Allendronate, so I havn’t taken even one pill. Further research led me to you Vivienne, and after buying your book I havn’t looked back. I have followed the so easy diet and even though I have not had a further bone density test, I feel much better in myself, and have even fallen a couple of time on to my hips (being careless with my gardening tools and stepping back on the them). I have bounced up laughing each time, knowing that I am obviously on the way back to complete bone health. Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. (I’m being more careful with my tools now too!)

  57. Helen Reynolds

    I have been searching for a way to increase bone density. I was told that I should take fossamax or actonel. I did take a few samples. But was worried about taking this product. Although I do not want to have any fractures or broken bones.
    I researched on the web, and found where you can take strontium to help build bone density along with eating more calcium rich foods. And still taking vitamins along with1,000 mg. of calcium and vitamin d. Of which when they done some blood work found that I was vitamin d deficiant as are many people. So, I was prescribed to take 5,000 mg. of vitamin d once a week for 3 weeks. I did that, and now am taking the strontium, which you have to take at least 2 hours after taking your calcium or two hours before taking calcium. Magnesium is also important. I also try to exercise to help with my bones. I still need to find more ways that I can afford on a retirement to increase bone density.

  58. Victoria

    Hi Vivian… thank you for your research. I have read all your free material and would love to read your book. I am 58 yrs old,an active massage therapist 30 yrs. now,and diagnosed 1 yr ago with osteoporosis. I am vegetarian 25 yrs. and have suspected acid / alkalinity balance as very important in the muscle pain and tiredness I have sometimes felt. I am also interested in chlorine and it’s effect on our bodies. I used to take a product called “Alkala” to alkalize the body and I used the test strips to test my urine. I am a seeker but I need some guidance.

  59. Debi Curry

    I am truly sorry…my PC wouldn’t let me listen to Pamelas’ story! It’s 1:20 am, and I have been READING all of these wonderful stories for hrs. My heart breaks because “our” nation cares more about the “buck” then the people. Vivian, what a blessing you are for many “hungry” people. You have broke ground where many could not or would not go. Thank you dearly! The love for helping others and desire to share the wealth of information you’ve uncoverd is a gift to the lost and scared. May God bless all that you put your hand to. I will try to capture my story in a nut shell; I’m 50 and been battling the monster for about 12 yrs. I have read many a book and worked hard to follow what I read. I am unable to work so I spend most my time around the farm. I have had back surg 12 yrs ago (thats how I found out about the osteoporotic prob.) I also have ostoporortic bones, degenerative disc, mild spina bifida,stinosis,bone spurs,rhumatoid arth.,fibromialga, seisures started a yr ago.(probly due to the neck weakness) I’m wearing a neck brace now, nerve pain,muscel spasum and pain,bone pain,many sleepness nights! I dont take Pharm. Meds for bones. Altho some time I give in to “pain” meds (hate them too) I mostly take Natural Food Form Vits and herbs. I love “Holy Basil”. I like you feel the need to share what I’v learned that works. I am so looking forward to ALL your wonderful books. I know you’re a God send!

  60. Angela Mary Wynne-Robinson

    Thank you so much Vivian for all your encouraging messages. I too have been have just been given the diagnosis of -2.9 osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia in the femur bone. In 2006 I had my first bone scan and was -2.6 and I have tried Risedronate and Alendronate once weekly and one a day also but I am not able to tolerate this medication the doctors are giving me. I have now been given Strontium but my doctor warned me there could be fatal consequences of taking this drug and so I have not attempted to take it and I am most interested to learn more about your bone revolution programme since I believe in helping nature to cure the body in a natural way.

    I have been trying to eat in a more healthy way but would like to know more about trying to reverse this bone loss.

    Good luck to all the other entrants in this quest for healthy bones


  61. Martha

    I been diagnosed whit osteoporosis T score -4 . The doctor prescribed once a week “Fosamax”. Two days after I took the drug I started to be dizzi, by the 4th day I was so dizzy that I could not move or open my eyes. That time I did not know that is from medicine. I end up in the ER. They could not fined anything wrong with me. The doctor did not tolled me that is from the Fosomax. I been send home with a vertigo diagnoses. When wee cam home, my family did a research on the Fosomax and wee fined out that I had side effect from the medication. Wee also fined out that Fosomax is a very dangerous drug, Lots of peoples complained about this drug. Thay had worse side effects than I did. That when I realize that drugs are not for me.
    I was so glad that I found you and I ordered your book. I started to fallow the food combination. To soon to see the result but I have the feeling that is going to work.
    Would be nice if you could have a book with recipes of 80/20 combination

    Best regards

  62. john

    Hi Vivian,
    Like you, I have a history of osteoporosis on my mothers side of the family. My grandmother and two of her daughters had what we call a ‘widows stoop’. However all three lived well into their 90’s.
    One year ago I was diagnosed as having osteoporosis. I was prescribed Actonel Combi D and after three weeks I suffered acute pain in my arms, shoulders and back, such that I could not raise my arms to comb my hair, or shower and dry myself without a lot (I mean a lot) of effort and pain. As these symptoms were listed as possible side effects on the information page that came with the drug, I advised my doctor who told me to stop the treatment for a while. Surprise, the pain started to ease off. As there could have been some other cause for the pain I gave Actonel another go but after a week the pain was back worse than ever. Again I stopped treatment and this time, over three weeks, the pain slowly eased to say 6 out of 10 and stayed there. Calcium supplements alone also increased the pain level so I cut out everything except Glucomine. Now after six months I have regained most of my mobility. I also consider I have lost six months of my life that I wont get back.
    I have just had another bone scan and this time I have been prescribed Didrocal. Information on the web indicates this drug also has side effects similar to Actonel.
    The active drug in Actonal is risedronate sodium. In Didrocal it is etidronate disodium. I believe both are bisphosphonate type compounds commonly used in fertilizers, detergents, and lubricants. This may not be a negative if results and safety can be assured, but it did set me searching further and I came across the ‘Save Our Bones’ website offering a drug free alternative. No drugs also sounds like no side effects, so at this point in time I am staying off medication until I can establish if a natural approach will work for me.
    Kind regards,

  63. Esta

    Thanks, Vivian.. I had taken one dose of Actonel and had an aweful experience … being sick and unable to stand up and then a three day recovery and not feeling well for about a week or so. I had known not to take the drugs and along with my intuition and your information have managed to not take the drugs and feel just fine. The dietary knowledge, suppliments and excercises are keeping me on top of this and even when my 120 pound “puppy” joyfully knocked me down, no breaks of bones!!! I have shared your information with many folks and have gratitude for what you are bringing forth to the world… Blessings always,

  64. Nicole Karlins

    I had my first bone density test in November 2000, the year I turned 60. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I had more tests in 2003, 2006 and October 2008. My scores have increased between 2000 and 2006 but there was a slight improvement in 2008 which I attribute to exercise. In spite of my doctor’s recommendation, I have refused to take any bone density drugs so I was really excited when I found your web site and ordered your book right away. I have been a vegetarian for at least the past 10 years and eat a lot of fruit and fresh salads. I do eat fish from time to time. Since I read your book, I make sure that my meals have the right proportion of alkaline and acid. I am hoping that my next test(I am due for it in Oct.2010) will show some improvement.

    • Nicole Karlins

      How bad are my scores:
      BMD T-score Z-score
      AP Spine (L1-L4) 10/14/08 0.626 -3.8 -1.9
      Femoral Neck(left)10/14/08 0.484 -3.3 -1.6
      Total Hip (left) 10/14/08 0.540 -3.3 -1.9

      Vivian, I would appreciate your comments.


  65. Sunita Bosu

    Ihave been on Actonel for 15 years. I started when I was told I had bone loss, now 15 years later I have osteoporosis. What good has this medicine done me? Two months ago my dentist asked me if I had ever broken a bone, and I told him “no” and he stated that my bones will be brittle and healing will be difficult. He also told me very strongly to look into this medicine and get something from the health food store. When I looked up Actonel on the internet…..I was shocked! One doctor wanted me to inject my stomach with Forteo and when I looked that up on the internet, I found out that it was provided in a black box “buyer be aware” and in testing rats got bone cancer! For two years I been telling deaf ears that my jaw hurts, but no one hears me. I went to the vitamin store & got Ostivone which I was told by the owner of the store that her mother who is 81 years old takes and her bone density has improved. I have been on it for two months and have not had any test done, my jaw feels better, but I had a minor fall and have fractured my ankle! I am off Actonel….against doctors wishes, and hopefully your directions will improve my bones. I am waiting to read it and then let the doctor know! Please make your pricing good, or hopefully I will win!

  66. Mary Jennische

    I am 64yrs old, history of back surgery and recent bone density test with diagnosis of possible hip neck fracture. Was prescribed Fosamax and I was afraid to take it. The MD then prescribed Niaspan which has side effects of liver damage. Recently I was hospitalized and CT scan showed liver cysts. I believe in the Bible ( Isaiah 53:5 ” By His striped we are healed.” Jesus did pay the price, however, we are to be good stewards of our Temple. Your program is a Divine Appointment for me for myself and to help spread the word to others. I have been studying about the Acid /Alkaline Balance with foods and I am so glad to have found your site. I will follow your program and tell others in all of the Ladies groups at our church, my family, and all of my friends. May God Bless You.
    Thanks so much for your program. I am excited to get started so that I can tell others about my progress. I know that it will help open the eyes of understanding of this natural process instead of taking medicine with terrible side effects.
    You sister in Christ, Mary Jennische

  67. Jaye

    I was on Fosamax for several years. Then I read an article on the internet and decided to go off of it My doctor wasn’t too happy with me so he put me on another on, I think it was Evista, which I got filled but never took. I started taking a Bone Builder from the health food store about 2 years ago. I’ve been getting bone scans and each time it shows my bones are thinning. I have lost 1-1/2 inches of my height, which was 5’2″, now I am 5′ 1/2″. They say I have osteopinia. They are no happy with me right now.
    4 years ago I had surgery to repair the maniscus on both sides of my left knee, and they said i had som arthritis in there too. Then, last year,I had the right knee done, the same. And four months later I had my rotator cuff repaired. The doctor said it was pretty bad in there. Said the was arthritis in there too. Had 4 screws put in.
    As of now, I am healed up pretty good.
    After reading up on the bone medications, I decided that I don’t want to put that kind of stuff in my body, but at the same time, I don’t really want to keep shrinking either.
    I am not finished reading up on the “Natural Bone Building Guide” yet, but I am working on it.
    Thanks for listening to my issue.

  68. Theresa Taylor

    Tip for winter-keep a big pot of vegetable soup in the fridge
    Tip for summer-keep a big dish of salad in the fridge

    Then you always have a nice alkalyzing base for a meal or snack ready.

  69. Colleen

    I also did not receive a good bone density report last September. First, the doctor put me on Actonel but the side effects of upset stomach and indigestion were immediate. So, we switched to Fosamax with the same result. I am fairly active but need help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  70. rachel mcintosh

    I was told that I have osteopenia in May of this year,I am not taking anything except calcium and vitamin D.


    As a 74 rear old, active grandmother and diagnosed w/ osteoporosis I, too, stopped taking Fosamax after fiding out its seriously bad effects on my body. I take 2 narcotic meds for my bad back and after 5 years find small relief.

    Your info is so very helpful and receiving your sale package would be a true Godsend. Thank you, Vivian.

  72. Gerri D'Ambrosi

    After suffering so much because I was on Fosamax for 4 years,I did not want to take anything for osteoporosis.My dr frightened me so much with stories of being crippled and death at an early age that I was intimidated into believing that Boniva injection would help me. One day while housecleaning,something(my guardian angel)told me to go on the web and find out about this Boniva injection. I found Save our Bones and was amazed when I read the testimonies of those poor women who had suffered so much.I realized what I had been saved from.Also, after reading the information from Vivian I knew I had found what I had been searching for .A natural way to protect my bones and also return some of what I had lost. Every day that goes by I thank God for you Vivian. It is so good to find someone who cares! I’m so encouraged that I can beat this thing in a natural way without drugs.I tell everyone about your website. I am looking forward to reading your books and getting empowered instead of frightened.I wish you much success in all that you do. Sincerely,Gerri

  73. jnorthcraft

    I find many younger women, I’m 85, and very active, who
    look to me for advice about life’s issues, so I feel responsible to know the best proven ways to maintain good health – and especially our bones.

    I had a very unusual experience with my woman doctor. She gave me a prescription for Fosamax and when I told her I had read of bad experiences with these RX bone medicines and could not follow her recommendation, I was astounded to have her tell me that she could not continue to be my doctor if I refused to take medication she told me to take. She was not open to any other bone treatment for some reason. I had to wonder why she would be so adamant about one particular patented medicine? I said, “Your not firing me, I quit” ha ha.

    I want to know the latest, proven help for maintaining our health. I love these women who ask me what I know about something so I must advise them with wisdom. I e-mailed your announcement to some of them already.

    I am eager to get the knowledge I will find in your ” Bone Health Revolution” Dr.Goldschmidt. I hear great sincerity and wisdom in your talks. Thank you for your years of research.

  74. Mary Beth Akers

    My mother had advanced osteoporosis; it was not the official cause of her death, but certainly contributed to it. A few months ago, my husband was diagnosed with borderline osteopenia, and prescribed Fosomax. I did some research and found that they had prescribed the maximum dosage. We were also very alarmed by the side effects. We questioned them as to why they would prescribed the maximum dosage of such a dangerous drug for a relatively mild case. They could not justify their decision, but tried to scare us. We purchased “Save Our Bones”, and have been encouraged by the enlightenment that it offers. I remember that my mother drank very little milk, but after she was diagnosed with osteoporosis, she began drinking a huge glass of milk with each meal. Her condition continued to progress, and I must wonder whether the milk actually hastened the worsening of her condition. I have shared the information from your book with my weight loss support group, and with anyone else who will listen. We are gradually converting to a more alkalinizing diet, and can use all the help we can get. We believe that your work will help us to prevent the same fate as my mother, and improve our health in other areas as well. Thank you for your ministry in a very neglected and very important area of health.

  75. Shirley Charlton

    I am on prendisone for a disease called Polymyalgia and have been on the drug for two in a half years. It is causeing my bones to deteriorate quickly. The Doctor wants to put me on Fosamax but I have heard too many bad things about it and am afraid to use it. I read some of your stories about it so I have refused to use it. I heard there was a new treatment out on the market called “teriparatide” which they claim will grow new bone. but it is very expensive to do the whole program which takes one and a half years and costs sixteen thousand dollars. I ordered your book today and hope it will help with my situation. I’m desperate because one of my bones in my spine has fractured and I didn’t even fall or do anything to cause it to happen. I hope I can win your set of books also as I need help now before I end up dead or in a wheelchair! Shirley Charlton

  76. Barbara Skinner

    I know you would rather read inspirational success stories, but I need help. I recently purchased your book, and although it is full of very useful information, I find that I have been doing all those things for several years.
    To make a long story short, I am 60 years old and was on HRT for about 12 years. When I quit, my bone density was already low. I have been pretty health conscious most of my life, but I made many changes in my diet, supplements, exercise, etc. My T scores stopped going down, down, down a couple years ago, but I can’t seem to get any improvement. I remain on the cusp of osteoporosis and osteopenia. It won’t be long before I slip into the osteoporosis category. Something is missing, but I sure don’t know what it is. I would love to talk to you.
    Thank you.

    Barbara Skinner

  77. Joette Trudeau

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my 40’s…I had bones of an 80 yr. old as per my bone doctor. I was on HRT and Fosamax for about 7-8 years, had a bit of increase of density over the years. I took myself off both when the HRT report came out and then I heard about Fossy Jaw.

    I’m now turning 59 and over the past 5 years have been battling colorectal cancer with metastases to the bone. After surgery, chemo., radiation, more chemo., and palliative radiation I lost another 10% of my bone density.

    As I wasn’t expected to live long after the tumour in my sacrum spread to my left rib cage and neck after the palliative radiation I did something alternative that saved my life…I took EFA’s, supplements including powerful antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals that actually absorb and get to the cellular level, and a lot of extra Vit. D. and of course had to wean myself off of morphine which feeds the cancer more.

    Although I still have a tumour in my sacrum but with a lot of new bone growth around it, the spread to my left ribcage and neck has reversed. I plateaued about 2 years ago and I’m sure it’s due to stress, more surgery…attempt to remove a stricture in my colon caused by the palliative radiation which left me with a permanent colostomy, hernia surgery, financial stress, etc.

    This past spring I decided to finally have another bone density test done since I had’t had one since 2004 and much to my surprise I had lost yet another 10% bone density. Both my GP and bone doctor were very alarmed and wanted me to immediately have intravenous Zoledronete and were extremely worried about me as a very high fracture risk. Naturally I refused the treatment as I know about the toxic ingredients in it and damage it can cause. I was given to rounds of pomegerate after the palliative radiation which is probably still there!

    I would like to try your method but at the present time can’t afford to even order your book as I’ve been on disability since Sep. 2004, have gone through all my retirement $ to support my 2 daughters as I’ve been a single mom for 10 years and am now trying to sell my townhouse in order to further survive financially.

    So I’m entering your contest! Good luck to me!

  78. Ruth Whitehouse

    Eight weeks ago I slipped and fell, sustaining a colles fracture of the wrist and a split radius. As a result, my doctor sent me for a scan and two days ago I learned that I have osteoporosis in my hips and osteopenia in several other places including my spine. As I am feeling quite low , suffering severe pain in an effort to regain movement in my hand and wrist (I am an organist) this diagnosis was an added blow. I researched the drug I have been offered on the internet and am horrified at what I have learned about it but while searching for information I found this site and learned of the possibility of managing this awful condition myself. Fortuitously I happened on it just days before the special package is to be offered, and therefore refrained from ordering the book by itself. Pamela Ward’s experience has given me hope and I look forward to a chance of improved health.


  79. Mari

    I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and also have just received my last Chemotherapy. They told me that the chemo would also do some damage to my bones, so I have been wanting to try something without putting anymore chemicals in my system. I found the web site “save our bones” and am getting ready to place an order as I write this. Thank you for the information you are sharing with so many.

  80. Jan McMullin

    In July of ’08, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. My doc put me on Fosamax, which I took for just over a year. I hated it. I really don’t remember how I came across Save Our Bones, but probably just like Pamela ( I Googled “bone health”). I ordered the book, have followed the plan, and will have a follow-up Dexascan next week. I don’t expect a 16.4% increase, but any increase will be exciting. My doc is not happy that I refuse to take the Fosamax. He even has his wife on it. Thanks, Vivian, for all you do. Jan

  81. Betty

    I am 67 and less than a month ago I was told I had severe osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia in my hip. My doctor wants me to get an injection of Reclast or to take Boniva or Fosamax if I do not want the Reclast. I began doing some research and just The Bone Health Revolution a week ago. I have started the diet and have found it fairly easy to give up coffee and soda. We also tested our water. We were using reverse osmosis and it tested with a lot acidity. We had just gotten a new refrigerator so did not connect it to the reverse osmosis but just to a filter. It does not show acid. I am finding the diet a bit difficult. Maybe I am just making it too hard.

  82. Marysia Dunlop

    Hi Vivian :o)

    I listened intently to Pamela telling her story. I have to admit that I don’t know very much about Osteopenia, but do know that Osteoporosis sufferers live with so much grief when they break their bones and my heart goes out to those patients who suffer from it.

    I myself have a different story….

    I was born on September 11th 1944. your (USA 9/11) and when that terrible disaster happened in 2001 to all of those innocent people I cry every year when my birthday comes along, why should I celebrate and be happy when all those wonderful people died. If I see the clock face showing the time 9.11 then I stop what I am doing and think of those who lost their lives and their families who were left behind suffering for their loved ones who were taken away.

    My story…

    At 9 years I started MENSTRUATING, I started having MIGRAINE HEADACHES at that time too & also suffered from RAYNAUDS (white fingers & toes). Those problems became a nightmare for many years to come. At almost 65 years I still continue to suffer from Raynauds.

    At 38 years (1982/3) I had a swelling along my jawlines which I knew wasn’t mumps, I had them when I was a child. After many tests, and a SILOGRAM it was discovered that I had SJOGRENS SYNDROME. (No tears & no Saliva). I was told that it was part and parcel of RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. I was also told that because it started in my face it wouldn’t go anywhere else in my body. I found that it changed my life completely. No longer could I go out and enjoy having a meal & drinks with friends.

    I became embarrassed at always having to take a drink of water or juice with every mouthful of food or I couldn’t swallow it. Food would cling to the inside of my mouth and I couldn’t rinse it away. I would rather give an excuse than have to go out and enjoy myself.

    I hardly got used to having Sjogrens, when 5 years later, swellings in my fingers on both hands became unbearable, a doctors visit & blood tests would confirm whether I had RHEUMATOID & OSTEO-ARTHRITIS which he thought was the cause.

    I just couldn’t believe it. I had been previously told that I wouldn’t get this anywhere else but the tests confirmed that I did indeed have both. I cried & cried & decided that I wouldn’t let this beat me. I was not going to end up in a wheelchair if I could help it.

    I carried on working, taking many kinds of drugs that were prescribed for me. Thinking that I was getting the best help available I never once questioned the doctor with questions like, What were they doing to my body.

    I decided to carry on working, but each time I had a “flare up” my drugs were increased. I had so many drugs inside me that I’m sure I rattled each time I moved. I had to eventually give up working because my hands became deformed & I could no longer build the boards & assemble the computers that our company made.

    I took drugs for migraine, these drugs should only have been prescribed for 6 months, I was on them for TEN YEARS. Many drugs were changed over the years. One year I became so very ill, I ended up in hospital. I had PYLONEPHRITIS. I was in the renal unit for 3 weeks, I am now down to using one kidney as the other can no longer do it’s job. All because of drugs that I have been prescribed to “help” with my Rheum. & Osteo Arthritis. The renal doctor told me that this drug & this & this was killing me, I told him there & then, “not anymore they don’t” & I stopped them straight away.

    Eventually my Rheumatologist sent me for a DEXA SCAN which revealed that I had a T score of –2.5. I was given a Bisphosphonate called BONVIA. I had been on this drug for 3 years. I NEVER knew just how bad this drug was until I needed to get help with dental problems. My teeth were falling out and I asked for TITANIUM IMPLANTS to be inserted to hold a denture, having no saliva meant I had no suction and therefore the denture would just fall down.

    I have spent over a year now having tests, a scan to see how much bone depth that I had in the jaw & x-rays. Each test takes weeks to get an answer back. I found out more after searching the web to find out about the Bonviva and patients with dental problems. I was infuriated to think I was put on this drug and then be told by my dental surgeon that I was hardening the bones at the expense of blood loss, which would effect all healing. My jaw could DIE. He didn’t want to put the implants in until he made enquiries of his own. I was told that the implants wouldn’t stay in as the jaw bone would have no blood flow to help the healing process, & all because I was on a Bisphosphonate.

    Needless to say I stopped the BONVIVA immediately. 3 years was way too long. I still wasn’t satisfied with what I had been told & went on to search for more & more information. Exercise, good food, weight bearing exercises the list went on & on, vitamins etc.

    I bought a Wii Fit EXERCISE BOARD & it has been the best thing I could have bought. The gentle exercise gave me all the weight bearing exercises that I would need to help strengthen my bones.

    I got courage to stop all drugs & now I feel better in myself knowing that no longer will I use poisons which are prescribed by doctors unless I investigate them first, if I am not happy I most certainly don’t take them.

    I now was learning that I could stop this drug Bonviva & the damage that it was doing, my research landed me onto the Save Our Bones site where I now “met” up with Vivian. She has given me help via her emails which I will forever be grateful for. She too has told me about the weight bearing exercises, eating good foods and vitamins that are necessary for good healthy bones.

    I am now awaiting for two appointments, one is for another Dexa Scan, I am sure that my bone density will have improved, the other app. is to have impressions made of my “teeth”, then my dental surgeon will remove all the ones that are left which are held in with pins. Healing will take place over 12 weeks before the implants themselves will be put in, by the end of a year I will have a denture which will be held firmly in place without me worrying whether they will fall out.

    My story is long, but for as long as I am able I will never give up my driving, dancing or enjoying my life to the best that I can make it. Even now with my Sjogrens problems I got over my embarrassment and now enjoy going out with my friends and living life to the full. I will never again take a Bisphosphonate.

    I hope what I have written will give encouragement to others who have some of the problems that I have. Just go out & enjoy life don’t let your disease whatever it may be, beat you.

    God Bless, take care of yourselves & each other

  83. Lorraine.Robinson

    Hi Vivian
    Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis in January tis year and being distressed by the medication offered especially the side affects, I decided to research the matter. I came across your website which inspired me and promptly sent off for The Bone Revolution which is now well thumbed, and together with your regular e-mails and findings has inspired me to take regular exercise, I am not lazy person being a florist/gardener, but I do find treadmills etc not very inspiring! I now feel much more confident about my future and also much happier knowing that I am not pumping my body full of dreadful drugs. For me personally you have been a great inspiration and mentor so please keep up the good work, for all who have “not so good bones” a big thankyou.


    Lorraine Robinson

  84. Nancy

    I have been diagnosed with austopenia and my physician prescribed an injection medication once a year. I read Vivian’s story and decided not to take the medication. I have been trying to find the natural way to save my bones, but my physician tells me that it is not possible through diet and excersice alone and according to him this has been proven through medical research. I am convinced that it is the pharmisutical companies that put out this reseach. I hope I have the same success as Pamela Ward.

  85. lillian jaspan

    There is no doubt I lost height and the doctor wanted me to take a bone density test. “What will you recommend,if you don’t like the numbers?” I refused to take the test when he had nothing to say about a natural way of helping myself. MAYBE your info will be the answer I”N looking for

  86. Anne Rappa

    Hi Vivian! This is my story
    For 2 years I was taking the drug Actonel and then lost my lower teeth, which contained both implants and my own teeth, the implants were quite costly. Some fragments of teeth were left in the gum, so I had surgery to remove them. I then had to wait 2 months to heal, before I could have a denture made and I am still having trouble, Is it possible for the jaw bone to regenerate? I don’t take any medicine for my bones right now and intend to follow your program, and I am so glad to have found you on the internet.

    With thanks,
    Anne Rappa

  87. Ann

    I took Fosamax for years thinking that was what I needed to do for my osteoporosis. I ended up with a non-traumatic spontaneous fracture of the right femur. I learned later this is a possible side effect of long term treatment with Fosamax. I have been advised to take Forteo injections but do not want to risk the possible serious side effects and the tremendous expense of this drug. I found the Save Our Bones site and I am looking forward to finding out if this may be a better choice for me.

  88. Kaye

    I had an osteoporosis diagnosis in April of this year. I had taken Fosamax for the past 6 years but got osteoporosis anyway. However, after reading your book, I changed my diet, am lifting weights and using ankle and wrist weights every day. I can’t wait to take another bone density test to see my new results!

  89. Maija Peterson

    I listened to the interview and now I feel encouraged! I am a thin Northern European (Swedish) 63 year old. I have always been physically active, including riding a bicycle until I got my first car when I was almost 34. I am also a vegetarian since birth; my mom says as an infant I would not eat meat, and thrived on beets and breast milk! I have always been mindful of combining certain foods to provide sufficient protein and to meet nutritional needs. So when I had a bone density test done recently and found that I have advanced from osteopenia to osteoporosis, I was stunned. Me?

    I have tried Fosamax in spite of the nausea and stomach upsets.
    Now I am scheduled to have an “infusion” of Reclast. This doesn’t sit well with me. I truly believe that the human body is capable of maintaining health if it is just given proper directions. Besides, I do not believe that osteoporosis is a disease any more than grey hair is a disease.

    I am looking forward to following a regime that precludes foreign matter being pumped into my body, but I also need this regime to suit a non meat-eater, including fish, poultry, or any dead animal.

    I hope, I hope, I enthusiastically hope that this will work for me.

  90. Corinne Saad

    I discovered Vivian in the same way Pam did. You always hear that “you are what you eat”. I was just 70 years old in March. I realized in my early 60’s that HRT was not what I wanted going into my body; that menopause is a natural function and I should treat it that way. This was after being on it for 3 years.

    My younger sister was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 60 and was immediately put on Fosamax. There was no one else in my family history that ever broke a bone and she hadn’t either.

    I went to get a scan and was told I had osteopenia. As I got older, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I refused drugs and began doing my own thing and then Vivian’s. I got myself out of osteoporosis and got the doctor off my case.

    I still wasn’t feeling up to par. My hips ached and my muscles, and I live in Minnesota. In my recent annual physical, my doctor asked me if I wanted my Vitamin D checked. He call me the next day to say that my count was very low and wanted me on mega doses of Vitamin D to get my count up into a normal range. With the first pill, I felt better. I am hoping that will be the answer I have been looking for.

    I wanted to alert everyone. The problems I have been having are symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

    Thanks again, Vivian, for all your work.

  91. Mary J. Larson

    I had taken Fosamax for about 11 years until I quit last March. When I first started taking it, I was diagnosed with osteopenia and my bone density improved slightly. However, after eleven years, my bone density started declining into osteoporosis and I was referred to the Director of the Osteoporosis Center of St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis. I also started researching. I read that Fosamax should not be taken for more than 10 years and that it was blocking the osteoclasts in the bone formation process. I quit taking it on my own and continued to research. Several months later I found myself at the dentist needing an implant and bone grafting because I had developed osteonecrosis of the jaw. The Director of the Osteoporosis Center said this was caused from taking the Fosamax. Two days ago I had the bone grafting on my jaw to build up the bone and in six months I will have two dental implants and then five months later I will get a new bridge over the implants. During my research I happened to come across the Saveourbones website and really felt encouraged by the testimonials. My Osteoporosis Dr., whom I saw two weeks ago, said that we would talk about what medication to take after the dental work is complete in about a year at my next scheduled visit. I don’t plan on taking any more medication. About six years ago I had uteran cancer as a result of taking estrogen and now I have osteonecrosis as a result of taking Fosamax. Your website has been the most encouraging site I have found and I am hoping I can afford your program and I am praying that my bone density improves with your plan. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

    M. J. Larson

  92. Rosemarie Smith

    I took Fasomax for 3 long weeks. My tummy told me it wasn’t right for me. I returned to my GP, who tried to perscribe another drug. My instincts said NO and I had to take leave of that physician, a WOMAN to boot. I continued my search for alternatives. I came upon a red rice extract certified to build bone. I have been taking it for about a year and just had a dexascan. Don’t have the results yet. I am very interest in your program of ph balance. I have no problem doing both programs. Your program also interests me because I have been researching ph and cancer. I’m thinking that your program could have a double benefit.

  93. Jeanie Domingo

    Hi Vivian!
    I have been using your program for about three months, and I love it!! Even if I wasn’t ever diagnosed with osteoporosis I’d still use it!! I started your program before my bone density results, because my mother had osteoporosis. Because of that, and because I have been on a lot of steroids for asthma, I was allowed to get a test at 57 years old. It’s crazy how they don’t normally give the test until a woman is 65!!
    So, when I got the results of my bone scan, it was decided that I had “thinning” of my pelvis, but my spine is fine. My doctor gave me all the “options”…and there I was, all prepared, with your program, from diet to vitamins to exercise…which took care of all of the “options” I was given…except for the drugs. My doctor, who happens to be a female, I could tell, did NOT want to mention the drugs, but reluctantly did. And as I said, “Nope, I’d rather work with this program”, she was nodding and grinning and very pleased.
    I am fully confident that my next bone density test will be much improved. Thank you for all of your research and hard work.

  94. Sue

    I was diagnosed with severe osteopenia in May. The nurse from my Dr.’s office called to tell me the news and that he would prescribe Fosamax. For the 1st time ever, I decided to look up a drug that was prescribed for me. I did not like the side effects. I called and scheduled an appointment to taalk with my Doctor(which I think he should have requested before giving me a prescription). He also wanted to check the level of my Vitamin D. It came back low, so he said to take 800IU a day beyond what was in my multivitamin. I told him I would not take Fosamax and asked if there was options other than drugs. He said no. I told him I would take Actonel, since it seemed to have less side effects and not as severe as Fosamax. I had also requested some information on Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. While I was there someone printed a couple of articles from http://www.osteopenia3. I came home and got on that website. One of the links led me to Save Our After reading most of what was on the website, I ordered the Bone Health Revolution. I have finished the book. I have started taking your recommended daily dosages for vitamins and minerals. I have also started following your 80/20 diet. I’m trying to incorporate more whole/raw foods into my diet. I have my prescription for Actonel in the file. I’m hoping that my done density will improve with the next test. My doctor said we would do one in 2 years, but I want to have one 12 months after being on your program.

  95. Anna Wilson

    In late 2008 I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I already knew about the dangers of fosamax from friends, so I knew that I wasn’t going to go the drug route. In May of this year I saw my doctor again, who tried to put the fear in me by asking if we were going to wait until I had broken a hip or was in a wheelchar before we started addressing the osteoporosis. I expressed my concern over fosamax so what does she do, she recommends Actonel. She said she was going to give me a gift of three months supply and I can go away and do the research and decide for myself. When I started the research I couldn’t believe what I was finding. How was Actonel any different from Fosamax? Needless to say I shall be returning her gift. That’s when I started to do my own research and found out about Vivian and the Bone Health Revolution. I’ve been following the balanced alkaline/acid diet for about 8 weeks now and it has been easy although I was a little disappointed about the coffee and coca-cola. I can live without meat but I must admit I was a bit of cola addict. However, water with lemon or apple cider vinegar is satisfying me nicely. I go back for a bone density scan in September and am hopeful for improved results. In the meantime, I monitor my PH regularly, engage in some weight bearing exercise and go for walks. I think I’m on the right track and I’m not poisoning myself in the process. Thanks Vivian.

  96. Sherry

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2005 and was again tested in 2007. My bone density was stable on the second test without taking medication. As I moved to a new location, I found a young doctor who gave me the medication Evista for my osteoporosis in 2007. I had a bone density test in 2008 and found the medication had not improved my bone density. The doctor requested I stop taking Evista. I have felt so much better without medication. I have shared your ideas with my family and friends and they are stopping all medication for osteoporosis due to terrible side effects.

  97. michael schottinger

    In an age of “miracles” provided by the Big Pharma “regime” and the “your gonna die” if you don’t believe in or use our drugs to “heal” you – it is a blessing to truly know that there are real healthy and natural alternatives to this drug crazy culture of today !
    Thanks for keeping me aware of the many steps I have begun to take to “save our bones ” without the medical madness !!
    Truly Believe in Healing THYSELF !

  98. Susan C. Moger

    I had a routine bone scan my first which showed osteo penia in my back and hip. I was already taking Calcium with D. My Gynecologist gave me some options of the once a yr. IV or evista. I opted for evista. I now have osteoporosis in my back. I will be purchasing your book but have also done some research on my own. I have stopped the Evista. I have increased my Vit D and calcium in my diet. I asked my internist to check my Vit D level and that is good so I was told to continue present tx. I am also taking Chapter one.
    This has a lot of the vit that I have read are needed namely Vit. K, more vit D, ca+ from algae, magnesium, etc. I am due for a scan next year. I have also increased wt bearing exercises and working on wt. control

  99. Jennifer Daines

    I just got my first bone scan at 50 years old. It shows that I have osteoporosis in my spine, and osteopenia in other areas. My mother is suffering from osteoporsis and osteoarthritis in spite of following all the conventional advice for many years. She has always walked, done water aerobics, taken vitamin d and calcium, and different drugs. My dr. was very concerned because he said I am very young to have it already. He told me that “natural” treatments don’t work. He recommended that I start right away with the drugs, and gave me a free sample of Boniva. I went home with the intention of taking it. I decided not to jump into it right away–to do some research first. I looked at my library website for books. I was interested in a book by Ann Richards titled “I’m Not Slowing Down–winning my battle with osteoporosis.” She combined diet, exercise, and medication. I thought I would get the book. Then I remembered something. Ann Richards was the governor of Texas. Didn’t she die not long ago? So I googled it. She published the book in 2003. She died in 2006 of esophogeal cancer! I googled to see if there is a link between osteoporosis drugs and esophogeal cancer, and there is! No way do I want to take drugs. I would rather have osteoporosis. So, searching some more, I found your website. I have ordered your book. I have decided to put your advice into practice, and get another scan in one year. My dr. won’t like it, but that is my decision.

    Thanks for giving me great hope! Jennifer

  100. Bev Passwaters

    I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with pre osteoperosis in one vertabra. My doctor told me about the medications and gave me a prescription for Boniva. After reading all the side affects decided not to take it and started researching and found your web site. I also asked my doctor for an alternative. He suggested I take the Better Bones Balance exercise class developed by Oregon State University and put on through The Linn Benton Community college here in Albany OR. I started the class and got your book. Just had my bone density test a couple weeks ago and there was no change. It probably would have been better but we ended up taking two very long trips, one 6 weeks and one 4 weeks to the East Coast so missed a good deal of the exercise classes and found it difficult to keep up with the healthy diet. My doctor said the report was a good one so will stick with the exercises and diet. I also recommended your book to some of my friends in the exercise class but they haven’t commented on how they are doing. Also loaned my book to my doctor but he had no comments. When he got my test back this time though he said keep up the good work so that is a good thing. Thanks again for your book.

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