A Look At Osteoporosis Diagnosis In The Future - Save Our Bones

Did you ever try to imagine what our world will be like in the year 2050?  While watching the news last night, I asked myself the question and, not surprisingly, my thoughts quickly led to – what else…our bone health.  Even though increasingly negative news about osteoporosis drugs keeps popping-up in the media, we really don’t know what the long-term outcome will be.  In other words, will doctors still prescribe osteoporosis medicines in the future?

With that in mind, I came up with two imaginary opposing scenarios for the year 2050, as reflected in a news broadcast. One is where the “cure” of osteoporosis and osteopenia revolves around prescription drugs, similar to nowadays. The second scenario pictures a world where everyone manages their health in a natural and drug-free way.

Oh! And please don’t forget that what you're about to read is ONLY the product of my imagination. So join me on a time travel trip to the year 2050…

Here’s the first scenario


Good news for those diagnosed with osteoporosis. Pharmaceutical giant Profit & Gamble announced today that the FDA has finally approved their new drug Cementex to treat advanced osteoporosis. Dee Seat, a spokesperson for the company, told WBS News this morning that “we are thrilled to launch our latest drug that will help millions afflicted with osteoporosis, a crippling and potentially deadly disease. Thanks to Cementex, we can guarantee to both women and men a fracture-free future”.

Unlike current osteoporosis treatments, Cementex requires only one dose that will last a lifetime. It is injected directly into the bones under light sedation, and the whole procedure typically takes no more than a couple of hours.

Ms. Seat went on to explain that reported side-effects are negligible: “The most common side effect is stiffening of the joints, which happens when Cementex leaks out to the cartilage and joints, affecting mostly the knees, elbows and fingers. We can cure osteoporosis, but unfortunately, we can’t fight gravity…yet.”

Doctors can easily treat this side-effect and the occasional pain by prescribing Dieoxx , a new drug developed by Quirck & Co..WBS was not able to reach anyone at Quirck to get more information on this drug.

Ms. Seat also confirmed that Cementex is covered by Mediscare, and that the first one thousand patients will receive a $200 discount coupon toward the purchase of a wheelchair, compliments of Profit & Gamble.
Stay tuned because when we come back, we’ll show you the latest umbrella designs that are stylish and give you 100% protection from acid rain…

Here’s the second scenario


TNN just got news that pharmaceutical giant Quirck & Co. filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Quirck is one more casualty added to the long list of prescription drug manufacturers that have had trouble with the dwindling demand for their products.

“We regret that this is yet one more drug producer that has failed” said Roland Paulman, a spokesman for the privately owned Health and Human Services Marketing, Inc., “but consumers are staying away from the type of drugs they manufacture”.  He went on to comment that “This is further proof that our aggressive Just Say No to Prescription Drugs campaign continues to show great results. Ultimately, patients make their own decisions, and the trend clearly points to an ever increasing choice of natural supplements and herbal remedies.”

We were not able to reach anyone at Quirck & Co. However, TNN’s financial sources told us that it’s been long known that Preventive Medicine was taking a big bite out of the now doomed company’s profits. In the last twenty years osteoporosis, arthritis, heart ailments, and diabetes, to name a few, have literally become a thing of the past.

Among the sector's biggest gainers is Natural Supplements, Inc. Upon hearing Quirck’s filing, investors rushed to purchase Natural’s shares causing an unprecedented rally. Our financial correspondent at the New York Stock Exchange reports that Natural Supplement’s shares have gone up by more than 5% in today’s trading session.

When we come back, we’ll interview Dee Tocks, the owner of Stay Healthy Walk-in Centers, a nationwide franchise. You won’t believe what she has to say about the reduced visit prices starting next month, and she’ll reveal who qualifies for the new Stay Healthy mail-in rebate.

Whoa! Back to reality now

Stay healthy!


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  1. alfredo n. calendacion, sr.

    I have been following up all notes coming from you and i appreciate them. All of them will be very effective if at the outset the health of the bones are maintained by the proper sustenance of nutrients from the circulatory system via the nerves from the brain. That is, the bones should be properly positioned and that no nerves are clipped as aging goes on. Otherwise, bone maturity and vulnerability to faster aging is high. This can be done by appropriate hand massage and technique to release/restore potential bone narrowing that may result to impediment of nutrients from the blood pushed by the nerve system. We have the experience on this so that even sciatic patients could get recovered without the adverse effect of surgery. Thank you for this opportunity to share, wishing you all the bests and powers.

  2. L.E.

    I would really like this last way to care for our bodies come to pass. As long as we have so many Doctors aligned with “pill” companies it will probably be awhile coming. In the past few years I have relied more & more on natural foods & supplements. I can tell a difference in the way I feel. I appreciate the work you are doing because I was on Fosamax for about 7 years before being taken off & have some problems to deal with. Keep up the good work.

  3. Betty

    That was great! and very creative. On the serious side it will be interesting to see what the next ten years will bring. If we can all be proof that your nutritional program works for a broad spectrum of individuals with osteoporosis we’ll certainly be talking to our doctors and friends to proclaim its merits. Sure hope it works for me as I have some obstacles that make progress a little more difficult – age 71, thin, low weight, and take PPI every day for GERD. I have chosen not to take Forteo which has been STRONGLY recommended and since I’m not taking that another has recommended Strontium. I prefer a more natural approach and pray that this is the right choice for me.
    It would be interesting to hear the results from those who have been on the program for awhile. I wonder if Vivian is keeping any kind of data base to determine outcomes. Thanks.

    • Ma. Lourdes F. Cruz

      Hi, Betty. Left hand, palm up, massage pinkie on its outer
      edge and listen to yourself get rid of the trapped air. So it’s just trapped air, thank God, and not your heart.

  4. Ruth Bonass

    I now take vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) , 1,000 IU. I have pain in the base of both thumbs. Do you think this is from the vitamin supplement?

  5. V

    Scenario #1 not going to happen.
    Big Pharma is not in business to cure anyone, if they did they would lose revenue.
    This beast must be knocked off its high horse!

  6. Elva Hann

    i love getting your articles and am a firm believer in natural healing. I have a question? Is raw milk any better than what you buy in the store? Or does it have the same affect?

  7. sian

    Our ancestors don’t used chemically made drugs to cure sickness or disease.
    I still believed they used what our mother nature provides, natural herbs,plants, seafoods etc.Also, they used to hunt food and lots of manual worked in the field,which is healthy to the body and good for the bone. My opnion do not relied on drugs to improve your health.It will destroyed your life.It will make you sicker and is a silent killer.Thank you, Vivian for sharing the truth and I am glad you willingly helping others to improve their health.Keep up the good work.God bless.

  8. maxine simons

    I thank God I found you Vivian. My spirits have been lifted just learning all about osteoperosis and knowing there is a natural cure. Is it alright to drink organic soy milk — l cup a day? Thank you for all your help for myself and millions of other people. I will do all I can to also help spread the word that they do not have to use drugs.

  9. Lyle Gillman

    Thank you Vivian for this wonderful program. I was on Actonel for 10 yrs. but stopped 2 yrs. ago. With my diagnosis of osteoporosis, I am following all of the nutritional and exercise programs I can. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program book you list food and supplement info.. but could you come out with a 7day or 14day menu plan that would give us more examples of how to put these foods together in order to keep our bodies healthier and more alkaline?
    That is the only information lacking for me!
    Thank you again for caring so much….. Lyle

  10. Alexandra

    Dear Vivian
    I@m so glad that I read your articles and thus I saved not only my bones but even my mental health. I’m a fighter as a person although I have been through a mytral valve replacement 24 years ago and since then I’m on blood thiners. These pils prevents blood clots but on the other hand they distoy some how the calcium that I take from food. I had osteopenia for more than ten years and I had accasionally taken some natural mild food suplements.
    Last June on my annual scan for osteoporosis the score was -2.83. My doctor prescribed for me Prolia and in July I had my fist (and of course the last)injection. I started having pains all over mh body, my joints became so stif, I could’t go out of bed every morning as I was feeling so weak, my thoat was dry and soar and generally I was feeling like 100 years old lady. I started my search and lucky me your articles appeared as my first good luck. So, I said to myself after all you diserved that.
    Thank you Vivian

  11. Kathy Henning

    I have been using Vitamin K2 as it takes calcium from your blood, where you don’t want it, and deposits it into your bones, where you need it. I suggest you google Vitamin K2 and ask a good natural healer/ health store/ homeopath for some advise before you decide to take any.
    Do some research and make sure that you understand any side effects which could occur, although I do not know of any. I have heard that if you have blocked arteries, it Vitamin K2 can help clear them, but may also be the cause of a stroke as it loosens the blockages.
    Good luck.

  12. minnie

    Dear Vivian,

    Since I read about your Save our Bones program last month, I immediately stop all the prescribed medicines though my children’s against it for fear that my sickness might get worst. It has been my long wish to find alternative med for my osteoporosis. Drugs were so expensive and am not sure if it really cure my sickness or it will just worsen my bone problems for am sure my internal organs will surely suffer. i just continue with caltrate as my Vitamins and fruits available…But after reading your latest massage regarding FDA’s Cementex drugs, am again confused what should really be done to save my bones and be free from worries while we can still save it… kindly share to me a clearer ideas and assurance which to believe and be followed!…

    warm regards,


  13. Laurie Wolford

    I am 39 years of age, and have osteoporosis of the lower lumbar, and osteopenia on my left side hip, etc. Prescription drugs is the path that brought me to my current diagnosis. I had premature labor with my two youngest homegrown (bio) children. My boys were born 16 months apart and they gave me high doses of magnesium to stop labor. The magnesium caused my kidneys to fail shortly after the birth of my youngest son, who was born at 31 gestation. My son was born healthy and strong at 4 1bs 9 ounces breathing on his own. (A wonderful miracle) My health was quickly deteriating at the young age of 24. To combat the kidney failure they gave me very high doses of prednisone. This was not sucessful so they told me I was to be science experiment and gave me IV chemotherapy to jump start my kidneys. This was followed by 1 1/2 years of oral cytoxin (chemo). As a result, it left me menopausal at the early age of 26. The early onset of menopause, prednisone history, etc. brought me to a diagnosis of osteoporosis this year. I suspect though that I have had osteoporosis since my early thirties. I have been given one year to try to combat my osteoporosis naturally. So, I am doing my best to learn and research. It is difficult though because even among the natural vitamins and calciums I really do not know who I can trust. There are natural vitamin companies that are also corrupt and scamming the innocent especially the elderly. I have settled on Bone Renewal an algae based calcium source. They were the only company that listed all their ingredients on their label (that I saw). It still makes me nervous though because my doctor will not give me another bone scan for a year. It is very difficult to sort out what companies are legitimate. As far as prescription drugs even my physician told me I could not take them for more than three years. The side effects are just too bad. I am unwilling to take that risk even to be on prescription drugs for a short time to begin the reversal process, so the doctors say! It is prescription drugs that brought to where I am. One drug causes another problem, which is solved by another drug. I am not anti physician. There are good doctors out there willing to listen! You just have to be proactive in your medical care. I always laugh when a doctor asks me “why are you here and what do think caused it.” I tell them my speculations and smile. I guess what it comes down to is we must be proactive in our health!! Never assume that a physician has all the answers and follow his advice blindly.

  14. James E. Cromwell

    My wife’s dr prescribed something like fosamax over 15 yrs ago. After reading the warnings in the literature we decided she shouldn’t take it and she is so glad today at 79 yrs of age.

  15. A.Oscar

    Vivian! I think you doing a marvelous job; special help some people which don’t have any idea, about bones. I’m involved in alternative medicine for decades; and because most doctors only like to prescribe drugs from the pharmacy, I avoided has much I can. Doctors happened to be a professional way of life; then I divided in many categories, the one’s are for the money, and the others because love to see won patients with love. I usual saying animal world; just we all having what the Universe have. We have most of mineral the Universe have, but every human being only aloud of a portion of each. Calcium can’t be take without magnesium to make sure stay. I can’t mention to much because you Dr. Vivian are the one that help them people, only give any advise very little about it. I read about milk the; most about the ones come in boxes, and not raw. Such milk have conservatism that not good for our bones. Raw are the best, but have to boil to stay good for the day.

  16. Robert Mohon

    I still don’t know answer to my question about getting/keeping calcium in my bones but not so much in my blood.

  17. Glenn

    Thank you Vivien
    For this item and for all the update messages you send,
    I Am on your programme already.
    Early days but going well.
    I truly thank you for your honesty and insights
    I will continue to apply your sensible and heathly approach .

    Your regular updates are greatly received here in Sydney Australia.




    I just want to thank you for all the good information you’re giving me.
    and am doing good and still learming, I will be stop my zometa iv which is due in june and won’t longer taking them and start set up an appts for my dental care etc. Thanks so much ,Vivian.

  20. Dr Martin Esien

    Prevent and help osteoporosis by learnignreal Tai Chi and bone squeezing qigong

  21. samy

    Thank you Vivian ,for all this intersting information, I enjoy reading

  22. Anthony Fry

    They reckon Doctors will be the thing of the past in 2050.
    Lets allllll hope so.
    Oh I forgot, the drug companies as well I hope.

    anthony Fry

  23. Coral Vorster

    I am passionate about Nutraceuticals as opposed to allopathic. Most Doctors know nothing about chronic health challengers except to prescribe drugs which DO NOT HEAL. If you give the body what the body needs, the body will heal itself. Paracelsus, the father of Pharmacology said in the 17th century All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature… the challenge to science is to find it.” AND SCIENCE HAS FOUND IT.
    the biggest revolutionary change in the war against disease is represented by glyconutrients. Should you wish to know more about glyconutrients, please feel free to contact me. I had health challengers which went away when i took glyconutrients.

  24. Gloria Jones

    Yes, to paraphrase Shakespeare: “Tis a consummation devoutly to be fulfilled.” In other words, referring to the past as well as to the future, when will people get smart enough to ban the use of deadly prescription poison, which does maim and kill, and utilize instead the wonderful natural methods that God has provided, and that Vivian and those who share her beliefts, will reap the reward of lasting good health that these natural ways are ours for the asking? Additionally, we will be richer, not only monetarily, but health wise! The profiteers who poison us just to make their profits expand, will someday, (and sooner than later) realize that their moments of glory are over forever!

  25. Tracy Kolenchuk

    I think that the wording used in the future will be a bit different. Instead of saying

    “Preventive Medicine was taking a big bite out of the now doomed company’s profits. In the last twenty years osteoporosis, arthritis, heart ailments, and diabetes, to name a few, have literally become a thing of the past.”

    We should hope for something like:
    “The search for healthiness has long ago replaced the search for medicines, and our understandings of health has left many medicines without a raison d’être.”

    tracy – http://www.pesonalhealthfreedom.com

  26. Velma Sturm

    Vivian- Hi. Am so excited. Today, I now have Water (Reversed Osmosis), so can drink as much as I want. I never realized how the water and coffee were poisoning me (bones). Am so THANKFUL, that you decided to ‘give us the truth’ about Osteoporosis.

    With a sincere heart,

    Velma Sturm

  27. sandra yanes

    I just want to thank you for all the good information you’re giving me.
    and doing very good and still learming.

  28. Pepot

    Hey Vivian, Your second scenario is also how I see the future! Thanks to the information age, Humanity will take over and we may all allow our bodies to heal naturally. The way it was designed to do! Entering the Age of Intuition!

  29. Kris P

    Vivian, stay away from comedy and keep on telling the truth ~!

  30. Carolyn

    I will have to wait and purchase your book until after the new year. I got your book from the library; however want my own copy. I wish you would have more recipes, a book would be wonderful. I still have a hard time as to what to fix, especially considering what I fix for my husband. I need examples of what to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week so that you don’t have to repeat the same thing.
    Why don’t you “market” your book and concept to physicians/diagnostic clinics/medical schools/health clinics? Also, go to women’s events in several of our large cities. Try to get on Dr Oz or The Doctors show.
    I think our Savior will have arrived by 2050.

  31. Marilyn Webb

    I also believe Jesus will return before 2050,therefore, no need to worry.
    I found the article interesting, tho. Of course, us that have osteopenia or osteoprosis still have to be careful and follow your program and I thank you for caring about us. I thank God for someone like you, Vivian, who was smart enough to study and write “Save Our Bones” program.

  32. Norma

    Wow how the industry can bluff people with information that they think sounds good however the real people who receive all the knowledge from you Vivian know what is the truth and will always be happy for the information that comes their way.

  33. Sandee

    I don’t think we need to worry about this. Jesus is going to come way before 2050! Infact he is at the door now.

  34. Susan Ratner

    Awesome job! May your second scenario come true! I love all the names you created! Susan Ratner

  35. Linda Sullivan

    Until the big pharmacutical giants stop giving doctors huge kick-backs for prescribing their poisons, the hypocaratical oath will remain a joke. We as patients, are not the priority anymore, the almighty dollar is. The more fools doctors can prescribe these expensive and dangerous meds to, the better as far as they are concerned. Case in point, my husband has type II Diabetes, and the doctor prescribed not one but 2 meds, same with his blood pressure 2 meds, one VERY expensive. We told the doctor after years of paying, we cannot continue paying this much, and viola! He came up with a generic that cost less than 10% of his kick-back brand. I paid the high dollar for the different bisphosphonates for 9 years AND NEVER IMPROVED! Stopped 2 months ago and told the doc yesterday, he flipped out, said I am doomed to a debilitating hip fracture that will kill me (I am 58).

    • Gloria Jones

      Don’t pay any attention to what the doomsayer docs tell you. I’m not really blaming the doctors, but they have to conform to certain standards of medical practice in order to keep their licenses and practice. If the truth were known, many of them do not want to remain silent about the virtues of natural cures as opposed to what Big Pharma dictates to them. Doctors nowadays are a new breed, and the Hippocratic Oath has as much meaning as yesterday’s comic strips.

  36. June Glover

    I liked your article, Vivien. I am unlikely to still be here in 2050 as I am quite elderly but I am thinking of my daughter and daughter-in-law in the near future and also my 12 year-old grand- daughter and so of course I’m hoping that the second scenario comes true.
    It is some time since I first found your web-site and took notice of it. I found the low acid eating a bit difficult to manage at first but it is part of my life, now. Some people think I am a bit strange but I don’t care. If they’ll listen I will explain it to them.

  37. nancy weiner

    I enjoyed your latest article on osteoporosis. It’s too bad all these drugs are so dangerous. I think your solution remains to be the best and makes more sense. But is it enough to really do the trick and slow down osteoporosis? Only a bone density can tell you that. I also have been taking Evista for my bones. What is the scoop on this medication? Nancy W. blazefontaine@yahoo.com

  38. rajaram

    it is excellent information and is according to my vies as i am already practicing since 1996 sep.when i joined for a yoga class organised by sidha samadhi yoga and i avoided drugs almost and utilising water for any treatment.very rare usage is paracetamol!!! thanking you.

  39. mary

    Well, what can I say? It sure would be wonderful if we could only get completely away from drugs to cure anything. I try so hard to tell my friends and reletives to PLEASE TRY some of the natural cures but it seems in vain. I try to take care of my bones with exercise and food along with supplements, so far so good, I am grateful, so grateful for your information on Save Our Bones.

  40. Andrea

    Let’s hope that with the proliferation of your newsletters, etc. the second scenario will play out! Thank you for your research.

  41. Anne

    I read all your e-mails, I have learned much from them. Your articles have helped me. I always say “you are never too old to learn”. (that’s me).

  42. Sheryl Ann

    Profit & Gamble is a play on words. It’s for comic effect.

  43. Marsha

    Thanks Viv for your insight into your future! I would hope by 2050 that all doctors would be prescribing all natural and not pills, shots. or things that come in a box, etc. made by the pharmaceutical companies. They all out for the all might buck, and not the well being of the people. It’s so sad to even think about it. I know that’s a stretch of my imagination like this is of yours in your two scenarios. Thanks again keep doing your great research & reaching out to as many people as you can.

  44. Leslie

    Great article of a possible look into the future. I doubt I’ll be around to see it but we sure are taking steps toward natural ways of doing things as in days gone by. The circle may be then complete and people wont be looking to something in a box, shot or pill to help what’s wrong..Kudos!!!

  45. JOAN

    Wow, that was great writing. Very imaginative and yet so informative. I am reading and just picturing 2050. We may not be around or even this very world. But please keep up the good work for now Shelly. God bless

  46. JAMES

    I liked your stories. Before the year 2050 I am sure that our world will be different than ever before & much sooner than that.

  47. Myrna Hutchins

    I have changed my diet to take some of the suggstions seen on the computer slide and my health has improved immensley. I can now get in and out of the car and bed without help and walk quite naturally. I am free from the worst pain. I gave up fosamax because it made me ill and I am telling everyone about your program. Fosamax is very dangerous for people with ulcers and other stomach ailments.

    • Joseph

      And now I’m going to have to listen to Buddy Holly for the rest of the day and lanemt the day the music died Reply by on August 12th, 2009 at Wednesday, August 12, 2009 @ 1:02 pm@Sheila (Charm School Reject), you could just listen to Weezer’s Buddy Holly song, which is much better than any shit that Buddy Holly, Richie Valens or the Big Bopper ever came up with.

  48. Mary

    Thank you for the scenario, Vivian….I really think the drug company’s are only interested in “profit” and don’t give a darn what their meds do to the people who take them in good faith…I will continue exercising, trying to eat “live” food, staying away from the “dead” food and away from as much medicine as I can….

    I was on Fosamax for a few months with lots of problems, developing an ulcer….I can take celebrex now, but decided not to do it and instead am taking tylenol, exercising and diet…I am feeling somewhat better too…


    • Gloria Jones

      Be careful with Celebrex. It has basically the same ingredients as Vioxx, which was taken off the market.

  49. Nancy Walters

    Great scenario. Let’s hope the drug manufacturers get the picture soon. I have a question about zylitol for stronger, whiter teeth with fewer cavities. Check out zellies.com . It is now being sold in Wegmans Food Markets. Dr Ellie Phillips is in my area.

  50. Coral

    Every calcium I take makes me constipated, and I have osteopenia. What can I do????

    • Linda Sullivan

      Osteo Calm, Google it, best laxative in the world!

    • Li Tang

      eat large amount of fiber and/or probiotics.

  51. Nat

    At age 50 I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis in lumbar 3&4 and hip. I’ve exercised 5 days a week for 16 years including weight lifting. I need to know now what exercises I should avoid. I’ve heard no crunches and twisting of the spine. What ab exercises can I do? Suggestions?

    • Luli

      I am exactly in the same situation you are. Interestingly, my Doctor had me tested for Calcium and vitamin D in blood, and as it tuned out, my calcium levels were fine, but I am Vitamin D deficient!!!

  52. Shirley Jacobson

    I love it! I think you or SNL should make a “future” video, starring an older Sally Field look-alike, with the “tin-man’s” jaw. (Sorry, Sally) Thank you for all you do for us Vivian. My nother had broken both hips before she died, snd my father broke his second at the first of the year. I’m a skinny white girl of 54 who has never eaten right, so I thought I’d better get checked. I was expecting osteopena, but sure enough, I had it full blast. Like you, I went into research mode in search of the best calcium. I had narrowed it down to five choices when I found you. I chose Algae-Cal, and I’m trying to eat better. THANK YOU

  53. ARLENE

    Let’s think positive, by the year 2050 all people will have heard about the Bone Revolution and there will be no need for the big drug companies with their lousey drugs.

  54. Phyllis Blum

    I am tired of reading to come to the end and the info is still the same.
    Our bones are going to do what they are going to do and if we do all we can to save them that is it.
    I tried Fossamax for a short while and had many problems so I stopped and will simply eat well, exercise and be careful of my activities.
    I am healthy except for osteo, take no meds only supplements and I am very thankful for the good health I have.

  55. Joyce E Hall

    Vivian, i am having trouble with Facebook. I give them my phone number to verify me and my existance. But then they say sorry that phone number is being used by another member. unfortunately it is me. I can’t seem to get them to understand. I did enjoy your two humorous examples of possible events to take place sometime in the future. However the future is now and it is getting very close to more women taking a stand for their health. I know I am fed up with doctors. I am sure I am smart enough to get myself setup with a program that will at least improve my bone health. That is with your help. I think I am on the right road. Maybe one of your articles will actually be here much sooner than 2050. I recently heard that doctors are beginning to be curious about why so many women are having a low vitamen D level. In can’t think clearly at this moment. I WILL write more tomorrow. I believe women will begin to bypass doctors and find the necessary help from people like you. I have gained some peace about my problem by talking to you and reading your stories. I don’t know the answers but I do have a direction to move in. I believe it is a positive direction. Talk more tomorrow with you. Thanks for the articles, they both seem rather true. Well at least belivable. I am happy to have found you and am now going in a better direction with hope for a better future. Best regards, and keep writing , Joyce

  56. Helen

    Would you consider having Cementex if you had
    advanced osteoporosis ? Do you recommend it?
    Thank you for your very interesting articles.

    • Christine

      There are two surgical procedures that are similar to “Cementex”. One is Vertebroplasty and the other is Kyphoplasty. They are on you tube and they look like great alternatives to osteoporosis, if you already have it. My mother has an exaggerated kyphosis due to osteoporosis and I have been wondering if one of these procedures would work for her. I doubt if any of the materials “leak” out into surrounding tissue.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Helen,

      Cementex is a “made up” osteoporosis drug I invented as part of the fictional scenario in this article. It doesn’t exist (and hopefully never will), although some vertebral procedures do utilize medical-grade cement.

  57. Grace

    I loved your article, as I too am in favor of natural without drugs. Thank you for comfirming my thoughts.

  58. Shelley

    Love the scenarios…I pray that our human race will wake up and smell the money! The money gained by drug companies, and the money spent on medicine that is not good for us and causes other side effects larger than the one we took the med for! We need someone minding the FDA. The second scenario sounds wonderful Vivian…thank you for the smile!

    • Ralph

      Isn’t everyone after money? What about Vivian Goldschmidt promoting her book on this site? If she were a true philanthropist, not interested in making money, she would surely make known the essential contents of her book “Save our Bones” on this website.
      But she doesn’t do that, does she? She too wants you to pay to (possibly) fix up your osteoporosis.

      • Judy

        Good grief. What is wrong with people like Ralph? Is there no value in the research that someone has done? Is that not worth something to you? Are you a philanthropist, giving away your time and skills for nothing? No – you probably would like some income to put food on your table, a roof over your head, and so on. Why must information be free?

        If you value something, then you should be prepared to pay for it somehow.

        • Feona

          I wonder which drug company ‘Ralph’ works for????

  59. chris

    thanks for that superb piece of satire. we need to see the health care industry as it is, and you have given me a humorous glimpse into the profit makers and their gimmicks. thank goodness for PAINLESS reading!

  60. Gerda J Hayter

    Very interesting. More injections which shall result in nothing worthwhile and defunct drug companies. I am hoping I shall finish reading my copy of Save our Bones and progress on with help for my codition which did not respond to several medications and IV’s. I am desperate at this point.

  61. Rose Marie

    Believe exercise promotes bone loss but try talking to PT people when one has a complete left knee and right hip and 6 huge screws in your back. Then Doctors start the prescription nonsense. Oh try it for 2 weeks and see how you feel. Bunk!!!

    • Ralph

      Well, you must have allowed the doctors to get to you with their experimentation! Stay away from all of the quacks!

  62. Ann

    Thank you for all the very interesting information,exercises,recipies and tips on good eating habits.I enjoy reading all the articles.Keep up the good work.

  63. Celina

    Extremely interesting. I’ll pass the information to somebody who suffer this decease.

    • Ralph

      It’s not a disease – it’s a deficiency caused by mal-

      • Christine

        oh semantics!!

  64. Yvonne

    What do you know about this drug for osteoporosis drug [co-etidrocal)?

  65. Cecile

    I enjoy your newsletters and this one as well. I think you’re right about those scenarios…it will be one or the other. I hope the natural one will be right one, even though I won’t be here to see it! I would be over 100 years old by then if I still was living!


    Of course I’m staying with the second scene, thanks Vivian for these moments enjoyable. Life is much more friendly with humor and I think what you are now planted in 2050 no doubt many people will be grateful.

    From Spain

  67. Shirley Freundlich

    I like the first sinario. I hope I will be aroung to take part in this new way of treating osteopenia and osteoporisis.

  68. PatrickOKeeffe

    Vivian,while reading those two scenario”s I thought this could well be coming from my own imagination.It”s not funny you know,any of those two scenarios could very well be reality.

  69. Diane Fizzell

    I beleive in good time the public will reject all these pharmaceuticals that are dangerous and purchase natural products, get to the cause not cover up the symptoms. It’s good to see stocks are responding to the natural products and soon we will see the public knowing the real truth about pharmaceuticals!

    • Sheryl Ann

      The world would be better if the second scenario were to occur, but the reality is: people are lazy.
      When I say lazy, I mean they want an easy quick fix, whether it be a magic little pill or a quick surgical procedure. People tend to not think for themselves & just accept what ever has been scrawled on a doctor’s script pad or wait for a some scientific study to come out to ‘prove’ something which should be just be part of good common sense. A healthy lifestyle is no longer the norm, but a goal of the conscientious.
      Exercise & eating nutritious, natural foods would simply be a return to begone lifestyle. Rare is the individual who takes an evening walk after dinner, children who go to out to play all day in the sunshine during the summer, people eating vegetables organically grown in their own yard. People today would rather drive around to find the closest parking space, order drive thru, & corral their kids safely indoors at a computer screen.
      I don’t mean to sound negative. It’s just that stats came out just today revealing that America is more obese than ever. Our slimmest state is more obese than our most obese state in 1995. Our national health is in a general state of decline not improvement. All this, in spite of the increasing popularity of organic food & the lowered national consumption of soda pop.
      It is too hard for every person to learn to think for him or herself, exercise & eat healthily when the media bombards us with ideal of easy life, quick fix & magic drugs. There will always be suckers willing to buy their snake oil. As WC Fields said- There’s a sucker born every minute.
      Albeit, I love the utopian scenario:) if only…

  70. Marie Carr

    Thank you Vivian for your forward thinking into the future. Projecting myself into the year 2050, I see the issue of Osteoporosis today will no longer be an issue.By the time we get there we will have irradicated every disease known to man. perhaps we will no longer need to eat,or sleep for that matter, for we will have entered a period where the mind and consciousness is power, and the body is conditioned to function by nanotechnology!!

  71. Ruth

    Natural products are certainly the way to go, beginning now!

  72. Ruth Ranck

    I hope the second happens. I would love to have a copy of your book, but I can’t afford it at this time. But please keep the emails coming, I get little hints with the information you send with them
    My husband will never work again and is just going to apply for disability, which leaves me with not buying anything until I can see some sun at the other end of the tunnel that I think a lot of us are in.

  73. kathleen keefe

    My husband was diagnosed with osteoporosis after 15 months on steroids. In the past 5 months he has fractured his hip and fractured 5 vertebrae as well as his ribs. He has had three vertebroplasty procedures which have successfully taken away pain and allowed him to continue to walk. He is on 3 mg a day of steroids and hopefully will be weaned off them. Is there any hope for improvement when on steriods? What is your opinion of vertebroplasty? Thanks, Kathleen

    • Christine

      I would like to learn more about vertebroplasty. Is your husband having success with it? from your post it sounds like it’s working for him.

  74. D. Simkins

    Very entertaining, Vivian. You have a super imagination. The trouble is the future for osteoporosis management could go one way i.e. more pharmaceuticals or the other – self-management. I must say since finding your site, I have stopped my actonel after taking fosamax for 8ish years (it stopped working) hence the change to actonel. My consultant wanted me to have a “drug holiday” after taking the drug for 10ish years so I have taken this opportunity to stop the drug and look at other ways to help myself. I have bought the weights including the osteo-belt. My diet is now including sesame seeds and other good calcium. Thank you for all your help.

    • mildred whitson

      My Doctor knows i have reflux, so he want give me any of the oral medicine but did mention the one time injection.HE HAS ME ON CALCIUM 800 AND VITAMIN D 800.My blood test showed vitamen Di was low.I am scared of this bone density medicine.

      • Shelley

        Mildrid, You are scared for a good reason. If you end up being one of the unlucky, you will be experiencing a massive amount of side effects. I did the Reclast IV last November (2011), and am still having really bad side effects this long after. I wish I had been as questioning as you are, and less trusting in my doctor’s advice enough to research it and find out the whole truth about yearly IV osteo medicines. Please keep researching and look at all of the alternatives. I wish I could roll back the clock to where you are now and make the choice again…this time it would be right (no Reclast IV). Good luck on your decision.

  75. patricia

    Thank you for sending me all the information I find it very interesting I wish one day there to be a cure thank you

  76. Debbie

    I love your script, only make it for the very near future. The book titled, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn explains this concept.
    I’m lovin it!

    • Christine

      I read that book, it’s good!

  77. Karola Lewis

    I am still confused of what I should do and how to treat it.Waiting for your book at this time to give me some guidence.Karola

  78. Peter Roster

    I love your imagination and sense of humor, as well as your scientific grounding. Once I have had more tests done to find out exactly where I am located on the osteoporotic curve, I will be back in touch.

  79. Doris

    That wal-in clinic idea is an especially good one. Thus providing easy access (maybe in a shopping mall) to preventive information and products could easily be realized, I think.

    • Christine

      The idea of a walk-in clinic with advice and supplements sounds like a health food store! Only this time with educated health professionals and more serious products like herbs, homeopathy etc.

  80. Suad Shammas

    While I was reading the article I some times want to laugh but, in the meantime I felt angry about these invented medications how they trade our health for their own profits and they don’t care what is going to be our future health. They feel now they lost their profits and who is going to cover their crimes that has been done in their own hands and how they want to manupilate us by convincing us that we are mistaken we should continue the medicine until we say goodbye to our life with broken legs and knees etc. I can assure you that if they would have contacted us and give us a coupon to travel all around the world and talk about their products how miracles it makes.

  81. Carol

    Hi Vivian,
    I just recently learned about your wonderful site. Thank you! I love your scenarios above. We are trying to go the preventative route in this house!!
    I’m seriously trying to do a make-over — lose weight, recapture bone density (I was just told I have osteopenia), lower blood pressure.
    I was reading from Ann Louise Gittleman that grapefruit and its juice actually interferes with liver detox and is not good for people on high blood pressure medication. Yet, here I need it for bone growth.
    Any thoughts or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
    Mega thanks,
    Carol Palmer

  82. Neldene

    Vivian, I LOVED your story re: the future of osteoporosis!! The discovery of your postings on osteo have been very helpful to me personally, and also a great resource to share with the ladies in my yoga classes. Finding natural methods of helping ourselves achieve and maintain our health (especially as we add years to our lives) is the goal of the majority, regardless of media attempts –and often our physicians insistence, as I’ve experienced– to convince us to use manufactured drugs. Thanks so much for your valuable information.

  83. Marie

    I am reading all exercises but haven’t found anything for me. I cannot walk because of my multiple sclerosis. Is there any help you can offer? My doctor says only actonel or an infusion in hospital. I don’t want either after reading Vivian’s book. But I need to find some exercise to help with the diet and supplements etc. I asked how to get organic calcium and they gave me 2 websites – one was invalid and the other didn’t have anything. I was so hopeful that this program would give me help.

    • Christine

      find a chiropractor, doctor, or other such professional who can get you some Standard Process supplements. Also Premier Research Labs (www.healthline.cc) has some great stuff! Check out their websites.

  84. Mary Corkum

    Sure hope your prediction for 2050 comes true. I
    truly believe in non-drug remedies. Wish I had
    known about your program earlier.

  85. Barbara Guthrie

    Yes, I hope that your second scenario comes true. With people like you and your great book which is just so very helpful tome and others it is not impossible. I think there has been a resurgence (which I have noticed in Australia) towards health and healthy products. I was certainly horrified when I had a good look at the Actonel’s side effects etc, as before I had my accident which cracked my hip I was only into health, vitamins etc. refusing even to take a panadol for a headache. I just feel so much better now that I am back into taking healthy products such as magnesium, calcium etc. Our biggest hope is that there will be a revolution against pharmaceutical medicine and the Corporations to help yours and my wishes also come true.

  86. Mary Korda

    Thank you, Vivian, for the opportunity to respond to your very creative “scenarios” for 2050.

    I am currently finishing an astonishing book by T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas Campbell called “The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health”, c 2006. It links the intake of milk and all animal protein to the “diseases of affluence”, including osteoporosis. See pp. 204-211. I think the research findings that are summarized by Dr. Campbell coincide with yours.

    May I ask you to re-send the link to the page in which Dr. Robert Salter is stated as to his endorsement of your program.

    I have known him since I first took my infant daughter to his office. The second daughter had the same issue. My husband, as a 16-year old was operated for a bone infection that 2 other doctors had dismissed as imaginary in origin. My sister saw him after her twice-braken leg failed to heal properly. He is a big part of my family’s history, beginning with my mother-in-law, who worked in the OR when he was doing surgery at Sick Children’s Hospital, Toronto. If you like, I can pass on to you an obit that covers some of his achievements.

    Best regards.

    Mary Korda
    Toronto, ON, Canada

    • Christine

      Sorry I spelled Believe wrong….oops!!!

  87. William

    Hi Vivian.
    I, like a lot of people, agree with you that Natural is the way we should all be. My concern is who is controlling the “natural” and what goes into it? The companies that manufacture our suppliments are not charities nor are the people that grow our produce. I disagree with your first scenerio. Drug companies will nerver go broke. These people are not stupid. If they see that everyone has stopped taking their medication and they are not selling them what makes you think they will not simply switch over to making our supplements and growing our produce.
    If you want to look into your future, start to think about how you are going to ensure the quality of the “Natural” way you are promoting so we do not wind up with the same type of side effects naturally as we do medically. There is already enough crap in the ground our produce is grown in and too many fillers in the pills we take for our suppliments. Someone needs to look at this very carefully so we can all have a very healthy FUTURE.

    Just a thought.


    • Alyce

      Hi Vivian,
      I agree with William, unless we grow our produce ourselves, we have no idea what is in products we buy hoping that they are free of insecticides and other poisions that are added to the fruits and vegetables even after they are picked. Not everyone has enough land for even a small garden. We have neighbors that grow some vegetables and let me tell you that there is a big taste difference in home grown and store bought. Needless to say, we buy from them. Keep up the good work. Alyce

  88. Ms. L. Carmel

    The Second Scenario Is By Far The Best To Me. I’ve Been Trying To Go Natural And Herbal With My Medications. I Take It A Step At A Time. Because Of My Financial Situation!

  89. Paula Appel

    I am with you all the way as far as resenting the pill-pushng medical establishment. I am following the suggestions in your book and and looking forward to an improvement in my dexa results.

  90. Fran Pearson

    Very well said!! I think you need to be in contact with Mike Adams of Natural News..He will get your material out to a lot of “natural” readers.His articles have been the first push for me to question the ‘drug and medical’ world.You have helped me very specifically and I am so grateful!!I hope more people will begin to question what they are putting in their bodies so that scenario # 2 becomes reality! Best regards!

  91. Geri Craig

    After badgering me with my 10% bone loss and the awful consequences, couldn’t be worse than 20 years of RA consequences with the strong medicine required to quieten it, I gave in. Over and over I said, “I’m very sensitive to chemicals. ” One, 3 month injection of Boniva gave me an overdose reaction, with 6 months of side effects, leaving permanent nerve damage in the left hand. Comment by my doctor, ” We have to aprise you of your condition and what you need, you make the decsions.” They tell you nothing of the toxic bisphonates!!!! Geri Craig

  92. Jean van Driel

    I enjoyed Vivian’s vision for 2050 – I agree wholeheartedly with her observations. The more I research the more I rather go the way of natural treatment. Plus weight bearing exercises and Vivian’s exercises.
    Thank you for your ongoing interest and support.

  93. Margaret

    I wanted to let you know that I returned “Save our Bones” to you because I have found a natural physician who is going to help me with my osteoporosis. I showed him your book and he was impressed, but I figured I didn’t need it since I was going to follow his orders. He is opposed to drugs for the treatment and will take me safely through this maze, thus avoiding the deadly Reclast option.
    Your book was a breath of fresh air and a much needed boost to my confidence in fighting this disease naturally.
    Thank you.
    Margaret Connealy

    • Joan

      My doctor told me on Friday that she wants me to take an IV of Reclast that lasts for a year.I have read the side effects and now I am not sure I want to go that was.Please give me your Doctor’s name and Phone number please.

      • Mary

        I took Reclast last January.. I was sick “ALL WINTER” long with the flu…After the IV, I went to the grocery store and while shopping, I got a severe pain in my knee that hurt quite alot…That same night I started with a fever and flu symptoms which led to bronchitis..I had a hard time getting rid of the bronchitis and was on antibiotic’s most of last winter…

        I also took Fosamax and developed an ulcer…I am okay now, but I do not plan on taking anymore of the osteo meds..ever…

        Email me about the Reclast, if you want too.. My advice to you is…don’t do it…


    • Sylvia Wilkins

      I would sure like the name of your doctor. Give him my email address. I bet he could answer a couple of questions I have.
      Good Luck

  94. Kathryn McIntee

    I never did take the medicine my doctor gave me, but I went to a well known Herbalist, Jan Defriece, and he has given me Urtcalcin and Osteo Prime capsules, and I see him once a month, and he says he will be able to cure me. I allrready feel much better, as I kept having mussel pulls, which was happening frequeantly, and very sore ndeed. That seams to have stopped.Vitimin K allong with the exact amount of other herbas seems to be the secret. I hope. Best wishes Kathryn.

    Thank you Vivian for all your in put it is invaluable,and I am enjoying all your news about 0steoprosis.

  95. Virginia Bjerkelund

    Well done! We learn quickly through humour. I enjoyed the names of your companies!! People like you will eventually lead to the bankruptcy of companies selling poison in the form of good-for-you products and empower the populace to become healthy.

  96. Linda Gordon

    I am determined not to be swayed any more by doctors and their medicines. After just two Boniva treatments, I quit! I am experiencing severe jaw pain and flu like symptoms every time I try to eat. I want to increase my bone density, but not at the expense of my daily health. I wish I would have done more research before I took their suggestions. Now I am hoping that I will not have any lasting effects of their drug.

  97. nancy brainerd

    I certainly hope they come up with something better than Cementex! I don’t want my daughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter to take anything like that.
    How about telling them to get lots of calcium, vitamin D and K and magnesium and KEEP EXERCISING. I wish somebody had told me to do strength training. I had a bone spur on my knee and they recommended that I swim-which was great excercise but didn’t do anything for my bones.

  98. lourdes


  99. marilou

    Thank you for sharing a lot of information on the internet. The free handbook alone is already packed with a lot of useful advice.

    I had an ovary removed via elective surgery in 1994 (due to a benign cyst) and now, some 15 years later, i realize my health problems may have its roots from that decision caused by the decreased supply of estrogen. I suffer from hypothyroidism, severe insomnia,elevated cholesterol, and now osteopenia.

    Does your book touch on estrogen in relation to bone health ?

    Thank you so much

  100. Veronica

    Hello Vivian & Fellow Belivers: I am beginning to ‘get it’ after many years of closing my eyes to eating right, supplementation and specific exercises to build bones. Yes, I have always been an active person (entertainment fielt & raising miniature horses), but ‘activity’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘exercise.’

    Vivian, your book has enlightened me to no end. It has given me the ammunition I need to speak intelligently to my doctors (OBGYN & GP), about my newly diagnosed osteoporsis and thyroiditis (I am reading up on that subject too). I, too, am comfortable with my decision not to take the bone building drugs. Your suggested exercises are sensible and effective. I do the ‘jumping’ and ‘weightbearing’ daily – in the sunshine when possible. I FEEL GOOD, I FEEL STRONGER. Correct exercises are also giving me the stamina I need around this farm. Sensible eating is helping my overall health and supplementation is the icing on the cake. Thankfully, because of the being armed with your researched information, having knowledgeable discussions with my doctors has convinced them that I know what I am talking about and they are more willing to work in concert with me. Keep up the good work, Vivian. Here’s wishing all of us a healthy and happy future. Veronica

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