Osteoporosis Is NOT A Disease - Save Our Bones

The Merck Manual (the world's best-selling medical textbook and published, ironically, by the makers of Fosamax) defines osteoporosis as

“A systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration of bone, with a consequent increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture.”

Put in simpler terms, the Merck Manual defines osteoporosis as the loss of bone mineral density.  But if you notice, it fails to explain what causes osteoporosis – it only describes the condition.

If we were to think along the same lines as Merck, when aging skin loses collagen and is more likely to wrinkle, is that a “skin disease”?  Of course not!

As revealed in-depth in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, a true definition of osteoporosis must explain its root cause (more often than not, conventional medicine treats the symptoms but not the source).  In a nutshell, and based on a number of medical studies, osteoporosis and osteopenia are caused by our bodies trying to correct a very crucial biochemical imbalance – and surprisingly it's not related to a calcium

When defined this way, it becomes clear that osteoporosis is NOT a disease.

And here's what Dr. Karl Insogna, Director of the Bone Center at Yale School of Medicine has to say about our ability to rebuild strong and healthy bones:

“We tend to think of the skeleton as at inert erector set that holds us up and doesn't do much else. That's not true. Every bit as dynamic as other tissues, bone responds to the pull of muscles and gravity, repairs itself, and constantly renews itself.”

Basically Dr. Insogna is confirming that our bones are “living” tissue, that can regenerate and strengthen themselves, as long as you know what to do.  In fact 5-10% of all our bone tissue is renewed during one year!

Amazingly, this turns everything we've been told about osteoporosis upside down… because if osteoporosis is not a “disease”, then it can be reversed without resorting to dangerous prescription drugs.

But unfortunately mainstream medicine takes this flawed approach:

1.  Get a Bone Mineral Density test

2.  Quickly review it to see if the T-score fits the diagnostic guidelines

3.  And if it does, hand out a prescription.  Oh, and don't forget to remind the patient that if she doesn't take the medicine she'll end up in a wheel chair and maybe even die.

But don't fret – there is a better way.

For now, stay strong,


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  1. Theresa,Tann

    I am in the,processes of consulting with,Dr. For,the,injections. I am,very stressed about all the,negative reviews I have,read. I think I am going to try less severe medications before the treatment with the I.V

  2. Sonya

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of what meds or supplements I should be taking for osteogenesis imperfecta??? My backs deterriating fast need some advice. Or better yet a cure ?

  3. Sue

    Dear Vivian:

    What do you think about Microcrystaline Hydroxyapatite Concentrate? It is supposed to be good for bone growth but it is produced from bovine bone. With mad cow disease around, it makes me hesitate. Wanted your input. Thank you for all the good information and encouragement you give to us.


  4. Velma Sturm

    Hi Vivian: My book has arrived. Thank you!

    Am looking forward to reading this book. Later, I will give you my impressions of the book.

  5. Beverley

    I have been on most all the Osteo drugs since the 1980’s. I have taken Fosomax the longest and now have hardly any jaw bone left. Have had big trouble with a root canal that could not hold a pin. I am lucky I quit taking Fosomax when I did. Then when Forteo was suggested by my Doctor, I reclined after reading the side effects. Your book’s info has been a comfort to me.

  6. Maureen

    I like what I read. Just wondering if the knee joints that have lost their fliud, is there any remedy?

  7. vice


    I am 78yrs and have been on all know drugs for Osteoporis since 1996. I was lucky no problems with any of them except Fosmax. Thought I was having a heart attack so I stopped right away. My last BMD showed Osteopenia. I do eat healthy, I live in California so I get plenty of sunshine because I work in the yard etc. Maybe I should have taken more calcium and vit. Who knows—
    I have changed doctors. This doctor took a blood and urine test. The urine test indicated I was loosing calcium through my urine and not going to my bones. He has me on Hydrochorothiazide 12.5mg 1 a day. My last urine test showed improvement. I have swithed to AlgaeCal and Strontium (4 hrs) after the AlgeaCal. I also take Vitamins
    According to the ads a change will be indicated in 180 days. I have been doing this for about 1 month and I won’t know until April 2010. This is my plan and I am sticking with it. No move needles or funny pills for me. I have had a tooth implant and so far everything is ok.

    • connie

      I forgot to mention that you should have your vitamin D level checked. (blood test).

      It is probably very low. It should be around 40,+. Over 100 is toxic. That’s the best way to get calcium in your bones.

      Another good bit of advice is to take the Vitamin D gel caplets if your Vitamin D level is low.
      Don’t bother with the calcium in vitamins or the regular tablets.
      I tried them for 5 yrs. and they didn’t bring up my D level at all.
      Then I started taking 7,000 IU’s of Natures Bounty Vitamin D every day and it brought my level from 22 to 63 in about 3 months.

      My blood calcium was fine for years but it wasn’t going to my bones until this summer when I got on the gels.

      I take Natures Bounty Vitamin D3 liquid gels. They really work.
      They come in 1,000 + 2,000 iu’s.

      Just make sure to get a blood Test for your Vitamin D level first. To make sure you need it.

    • connie

      That sounds pretty strange to me.
      If you’re on HCTZ every day, that means to me that you are urinating more than usual, and the calcium doesn’t have time to build up in your urine, so it makes it appear like your losing less calcium.

      I just don’t understand that! I’m not a doctor, but that sounds kinda funny to me.

  8. Michele

    I had a saliva test done thru Diagnos-Techs, Inc. The test showed Pyrilinks D – Creat, Normalized Results Urine 11, my doctor said I have osteoporosis and wants to put me on “Reclast” I told him no way – he uses the tactic that I could end up breaking a hip, etc and end up in a wheelchair or worse….I didn’t like what I read about Reclast, am I wrong to not take thia drug?

  9. Josephine

    I have Osteoarthritis;;
    pain both hip’s # Spine;;
    effect my movment # walking
    pain all over

    • Merl

      Take EZorb, Strontium Citrate, and Rainbow Light. I did and my pain migranes neck and backhaches disappeared within a few months. RL supplements contain no harmful stearates as do 90% of supplements; also research stearates. The extra expense for these is worth it. Best wishes.

  10. Carmen

    I just recently became aware of Save Your Bones and I have always looked at osteoporosis and osteoarthritis as invading my body but not my spirit. I will be going to pain management rehab this month and look forward to riding my bicycle and this will be an addition to my walking exercise for all of me. I take each day as it comes and am very thankful that I can take care of myself. I am now officially Retired and do not have to deal with the early morning crowds or steps. “Faith” is what I live by and is how I have come this far. Thank you so much Vivian for your information. Carmen

  11. Linda

    I have been on Didrocal, Miacalcin, Evista and last year had one I.V. treatment of Aclasta only to have my left hip colapse while I was skating for exercise. Side affects from Evista were that I couldn’t sleep due to constant severe cramping in my legs. Did that only for a month then had Aclasta…first day had the rigors! next day vomiting till I passed out, the third day severe cramping in my legs only worse than after Evista, fourth day continued leg cramping such that I was taking extra-strength tylenol every four hours to get through the pain. I was told only that I would have mild flu-like symptoms!! I don’t trust anyone anymore. I have lots of bone pain now that I didn’t have before. I feel like these drugs have ruined my life as I can no longer be active like I was. I have always eaten healthy and prepared my own food(cook from scratch) and hardly ever do takeout. All the foods recommended are ones I regularly already eat. I have always figure skated all my life and bike when I can. I love to dance and do Tai Chi. Trying to do all the right things has got me nowhere. I am discouraged and don’t know what to believe anymore. I need help to turn things around.

    • Merl

      Have you tried EZorb calcium; strontium citrate, plus Rainbow Light multivitamins? My oteoPr and osterarth gave me migranes, lip, leg, and backaches for years; nothing worked. I almost had to retire early. Then, I started taking EZorb, SC, and
      RL that contain no hydorgenates, no stearates, or anything else harmful to vital organs; research the danger of stearates in 905 in supplements. I started making my diet more alkaline 3 greens to every serving of protein; minimal sugars, fats, starches, caffene. Results: even with minimal exercise: my pain disappeared and my DEXA improved somewhat; had I exercised more it would have been better. Downside EZorb is expensive; about $500 a year; RL is also rather expesive, SC is reasonable. However, for the pain relief it the expense is worth it. Best wishes.

  12. Gail

    I am a lymphoma survivor and have dmage both from the disease and from the chemo and radiation. Have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, said to be a result of the above. Doctor has me on Fosamax plus 1200 mg calcium with vitamin D every day, in addition to what I get in my diet. My potassium levels are low and I eat bananas, baked potatoes, tomatoes, etc. My question is: Will the added vitamins – boron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A,B,C,D,&K, iodine, silica, zinc – help with this kind of damage?

  13. Lygia

    I just bought alendronate sodiun 70mg.Before took it I wanted to know what side effect it woud cause. I was horrified how many side effect I would suffer. I was told by ny Dr.that I must take it with calciun carbonata 1250mg 500MG also vitamin D 1000iu.I have Reumatoid Arthritis, was on Gold and Metratex and have 2 compression in back, plus 2 kissing ulcers.In other words my body is a wreck.I ordered your book, not so nuch for me [77Years], but my siblings seem to show signs of simelar nature.

  14. Gerri

    I cannot believe that the drs use such bully tactics to get you to take these horrible medications.I was on fosomax for 4 years.I was slowly losing the use of my arms and hands with great pain in my thumbs.I never thought it could be the fosomax but when I started to try to find out what could be causing this I could only come up with fosomax as the cause.I went off it and within a few days I started to feel better.I swore I would never take anything like that again. I found a website called Ezorb online.This calcium saved my life! After taking it for 2 days the pain started to subside and after a few weeks I had the use of my arms and hands once more.In the meantime my dr told me that if I didnt take some medication that I would break my hip and be confined to a nursing home with an early death.Another dr is prescribing Boniva intravenous.Not knowing what was in these medications I almost went ahead with it because they give you a death sentence if you dont take it.Thank God I found this website! I have cancelled my appointment.I will treat this problem with diet excercise and vitamins.Thank God there are people that do care and are getting the truth out there.

    • Merl

      Doctors are bullies. Doctors are intimidating, condenscending, and can be treacherous to downright dangerous. I know because I have worked with and fought with doctors for years. Most doctors are controlled by politics and big money kickbacks; and big perks like island vacations from big pharma; as a result their patients can become pawns. Knowing this, I learned to think for myself and protect myself as much as possible. Always take the advise of doctors with a grain of salt; as the old saying goes. That means, question authority and always, seek and get other opinions. So what if doctors yell at you; and think you are just another crazy, hysterical hypochondriac woman; or even stupid; seek and you shall find the truth as the Bible says.

  15. Loretta

    I am 25 years old and have osteoporosis. When I was 23 I fractured my leg and broke my rib within a few months. I had a bone density scan and it came back that i had osteopenia. i was never put on any meds or told to do anything besides take cacium with vitamin d pills. I have not felt good for a while, and went to the dr. she did routine bloodwork, checked my thyroid, and found i have a hyper- active thyroid. I gave her a copy of my previous bone density results and she sent me for another test. Now i have both osteoporosis in my hips and osteopenia in my spine. The dr put me on actonel 150ng. Good God it made me feel like death. I had terrible pains in my body, my head hurt, i had terrible pains in my stomach and a lot of nausea. not to mention, i developed 102 degree fever after taking the pill. The dr said the pill does not cause fever, but guess what? i was fine and healthy before i took it. I will never take anything of this sort again. and i will deal with my bone loss in a more healthy way then just taking a pill that has such bad effects on your body.

  16. adam

    Hi, it’s great that readers are becoming more aware of the dangers of these (and all) drugs. I want to share with you some little known information – we can all spend alot of money on supplements but most are fairly useles and a waste of money. Calcium deficiency is rare in the western world. What we suffer from is an inability to metabolize Calcium (and other minerals). This isn’t helped by soft drinks and coffee, which acidify the body resulting in Calcium being drawn from bones and teeth to neuralize it.The lacking ingredients are the enzymes that the body requires to do this – for example phosphatase, which is the enzyme that causes Calcium absorption. As nearly all dairy products are pasteurized, they have all of the natural enzymes destroyed and the body just expels all the goodies. That’s the short version – to fully understand, you need to read this website http://www.thedoctorwithin.com go to chapters and then “every woman needs to read this”. The author is a Chiropractor (a great one) and a true authority on the subject. In fact the whole site will change your life so go read it! By the way I have no connection financial or otherwise (except I’m a Chiropractor too and wish to spread the word).

    • Merl

      Good chiropractors are a gift. However, most doctors are jealous of; threatened by and suspicious of good chiropractors; that is just the nature of many doctors who want all the money coming their way.

  17. John

    Hi, I just want to inquire if Fortical (a nasal spray)(rDNA origin) is also on the list as dangerous?

  18. Anne

    Oh, Sue and Anna! I was horrified at your reports! I, too, had been dagnosed with osteopenia, and was advised to take fossamax, but because I was very poor at the time, I delayed getting the medication. Sure enough, several years later, I did fall, break a bone, and had a dreadful eight months trying to heal the break. I had two surgeries to hold the bone together. Between the surgeries I began to research vitamin and mineral supplements, and ordered several pounds of supplements. Within weeks the bone began to rebuild, after four months with no healing. A dental x-ray a few months later revealed that rather than the expected continued jaw bone deterioration, there was visible jawbone restoration. I think strontium citrate was the primary actor, but I was also taking boron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A,B,C,D,&K, iodine, silica, zinc, and topical natural progesterone. I recently had another bad fall, and didn’t break anything. (I have a tendency to get rushed in caring for house, garden, children, pets, community, etc., and get tripped by loose rugs or dogs)
    I hope that you will be able to strengthen your bones without dangerous toxic drugs!

    • Merl

      Thanks Ann for your reply. Your situation sounds just like mine.
      And, I am taking most of the supplements that you are taking. However, not the progesterone. My doctor told me that even bioidentical hormones are very dangerous and to use them sparingly with extreme caution. I have heard the least harmful one is estriol.

      • Ann

        Meri, I have been taking bioidentical hormones now for about three years and have had great results. Most doctors will tell you they are dangerous, but in reality they are not. They are dispensed from a compounding Pharmacy which is a direct threat to our pharmaceutical industry. Need I say more? Back to bioidentical hormones, I have had no side effects from these hormones, have had no hot flashes, no brain fog, no vaginal dryness, no sleepless nights. I sleep 8 to 9 hours a night. Does that sound like someone having side effects to a dangerous drug? My doctor calls bioidenticals the fountain of youth and I agree with him wholeheartedly. Educate yourself on bioidenticals hormones and you will find they are not dangerous.

        • Merl

          Only time will tell if BioId hormones are dangerous. The problem is in knowing the exact dosage for each individual; and how the hormones will affect those with breast, uterine and other cancers, in their family histories– this is not an easy, simple one-size fits all deal. As a person ages, their resistance to cancer gets increasingly lower as part of the natural journey toward the inevitable. Cancer is an overgrowth of cells; and cell overgrowth and often cancer can easily be stimulated by any type hormones in the body; even phytoestrogens from soy supplements. Furthermore, there are strong cash incentives for makers of BioId to tout their questionable safety. I worked at NIH for years with many well- known, extremely bright, highly competent, amd not for profit doctors who said BioIds definitely will cause cancer.
          Also, many women say they must stop BioId hormones because they makes them feel way too frisky; and they are very uncomfortable; and unable to socially function well due to very strong sexual feelings that are considered inappropriate and even socially taboo for older women in the workplace; and in main stream society due to PC and our puritan neurosis about female sexuality. Only rigorous, long term clinical trials about 10-30 years with large, diverse chorts will begin to show discernable patterns of the effects on BioIds on various individuals.

  19. Sue

    I am a 51 year young post-menpausal woman who was put on Actonel approximately 5+ years ago when it was discovered that I had lost half an inch or more in height. My G.P. was not concerned but my Rheumatologist flipped out and ordered the treatment along with repeated BMD scans. I now understand that it could have been simply a wrong measurement.
    I have been treated for ulcers with medication and surgery since age 21 and after starting Actonel suffered terrible G.I. pain and problems. I was then switched to Fosamax and soon complained of the same problem. I was told that since I don’t drink milk (due to an allergy) I MUST take the drug, so have been forcing myself to take it, but suffered worse than ever G.I. problems.
    Last week was the absolute worst, I developed a migraine, severe gastro pain, nausea, continued constipation and could taste blood in my mouth. My husband said “No more!” and we started doing research on these drugs and were shocked to discover the same contents are used in detergents!
    I am seeing the doctor soon and will be telling him I will continue taking my H.R.T. along with Vitamin A & D, Omega 3 and Vitamin B Complex which are all recommended for post-menopausal women and no more of these “bone metabolism regulators”.

    • connie

      I had the same problems you had til I found out about Boniva Injection. Also called an IV Push:

      I got to the clinic every 3 months for the injection. They give me a shot through an IV. The whole thing takes about 2 minutes.

      I had my 2nd injection about 2 months ago. So far so good. I hope it continues. My friend also has been taking it for over a year now.

    • Merl

      You might also want to take Citrical calcium citrate; its expensive; however not more than bisphosphonates.

      Strontium Ctirate encourages new bone growth. SC should be taken at least 2 hours after calcium.

      I have also lost height since onset of OsteoP. I was 4’11 in HS; now I am 4’9. Its very scarey. However, I think the loss of height is something we must accept as we age. Really bad for me though
      since I was always very short.

      Also, do not do any twisting, bending, sit ups, rowing, or any activities that put a lot of stress on the lower and mid back or hips. That means no ice skating, skiing, boogie boarding, tennis,
      jogging, high impact aerobics;as all of these can cause compression fracture and more loss of height. Loss of height is also
      caused by compression fractures from back injuries, arthritis, etc.
      Loss of height also creates love handles and sagging skin on the back. So I wear a one piece bathing suit these days.

  20. Anna

    I also have osteoporosis and was put on fosomax and took it once a week and i was sick five day’s a week, the sixth day i would feel some better seventh day took fosomax pill sick again. my daughter was put on fosomax and it did the same to her, we stopped taking it, a short while after stopping fosomax i went to bed one night feeling fine other than i have C.O.P.D, the next morning i woke up and went to get out of bed i was in so muck pain i wanted to scream with every move, when i did stand up and tried to walk i felt like i had iron bar’s in my feet and leggs i could hardly move my leggs and feet to get to the bathroom and cried at every move it hurt so bad i could not do anything even my hands hurt so bad i couldn’t stand for the doctor to touch them, THEN I WAS PUT ON ACTONEL, which i took for alittle over a year, yes i started walking alittle better but i made myself get up and walk . i could not walk but for a short time but i did this five to six times aday with a walker when i was told to set most of the time with my feet up i learned fast not to keep my feet up much because if i had i know in a short time i would not have been able to walk and would have had to have my hipps replaced. i started waking up with alot of pain in my jowels and went on line and looked actonel and found out ALL OF THEM ARE VERY BAD FOR YOU. i stopped taking that too. I am thankful to God to be alive and be able to move around as well as i can now, My leggs still hurt but not as bad and my hip feel’s like it is coming out of place. most of the time when i have to set for thirty min’s when i stand up i can not walk right away, i have to just stand there for while because if i try to move i will fall . My new doctor (is young ) said fosomax and Actonel is not harmful and he would stake his life on it, all i could think was man you have never taken it I have and i know it is harmful .

  21. Margy

    My mother has been diagnosed with OSteoporosis and of course was told too take Fosomax. This did not agree with her and she took an intravenous type of srug 4 times. She stopped because her friend had an infusion of Reclast and shortly afterwards developed Lous Gehrig’s disease. She died in just a year.
    I was just with her in the doctor’s office and he was angry that she was afraid to take the infusion. I told her that I had heard you can find aletrnative methods to strengthen bones. She is very interested in this.
    I also have Osteoporosis and am using a calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K regiomen along with weight bearing exercise and a diet strong in dark leafy greens.
    Do you have ny other advice for us? Thanks so much

    • Merl

      I have heard that calcium citrate very absorbable and creates improved bone density.

      I have also heard that taking Strontium Citrate encourages the build up of new bone.

      Bisphosphonates are said to be very bad for the bone and the body over time; even reported to turning the bones to powery, flakey consistency like the bisphosphonates themselves.

      I have heard to keep the system toward alkaline than acid.

      Red meats, sugar, fats, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, not sleeping, stress, over or underweight, sedentary lifestyle are the usual enemies.

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