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Acid reflux drugs increase risk of fractures. Such is the title of an article published just a few days ago. Considered as “breakthrough” news, I have been warning of the very same problem in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program for years.

This is just further evidence of how the Save Our Bones community is ahead of the curve.

As usual, the writing was on the wall, but mainstream medicine looked the other way. The good news is that the truth can't be hidden any longer. Read the article below and my take that follows:

FDA: Acid Reflux Drugs Increase Risk of Fractures

Published March 24, 2011

U.S. health regulators said that patients taking prescription ulcer drugs at high doses or for longer periods may have increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist and spine.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it was revising the prescription and over-the-counter labels for the drugs to include new safety information about the possible increased risk of fractures.

The FDA said it reviewed seven published studies, six of which showed an increased risk of fractures with the use of the drugs.

The drugs, called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), are widely used to treat ulcers, acid reflux and other conditions.

The FDA said that fracture risk was highest for patients on high doses of prescription PPIs or on PPI for one year or more.

Prescription PPIs include names such as AstraZeneca's Nexium, Prilosec and Vimovo, Takeda Pharmaceutical's Dexilant and Prevacid, Pfizer's Protonix,Johnson & Johnson and Eisai's Aciphex, and Santarus' Zegerid.

Prilosec, Zegerid and Prevacid are also available in over-the-counter versions.

Most of the studies tested individuals aged 50 years or older, and the increased risk of fracture was seen mainly in this age group.

The FDA is also working with the manufacturers of these drugs to further study this possible risk, it said.

Short-term, low dose use of the drugs is unlikely to pose a fracture risk, the regulator said on its website.

The over-the-counter versions of the drugs are marketed at low doses and only intended for a 14-day course up to 3 times per year.

However, since consumers may take the OTC products for a longer time than the directions on the label, the FDA plans to revise those labels as a precautionary measure.

Read more:

Source: Reuters

Because you are a Save Our Bones community member, this is “old” news for you. As I wrote earlier, it’s been years that I have been warning of the very same problems in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

In it I point out that drugs commonly used for acid reflux, known as Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid to name a few, prevent the absorption of critical bone-healthy nutrients.

It is obvious that a lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for the maintenance of strong bones will lead to an increased risk of fractures. In fact, for many micronutrients to enter the bloodstream, good amounts of stomach acid are necessary.

These wildly popular drugs reduce the amount of hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach. It is therefore not surprising that long-term therapy eventually ends up causing severe nutrient deficiencies that can wreak havoc on your health.

Which nutrients require stomach acid for proper absorption? The main ones are calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and CoQ10. They are all important both for your bone health and your general health.

And as I wrote in an article titled “Yet Another Good Reason to Avoid Osteoporosis Drugs”, if you’ve taken bisphosphonates in the past, chances are you are already CoQ10 deficient. In case you didn’t read it, I strongly recommend you check out that blog post on CoQ10, where I explain its important role and how bisphosphonate drugs prevent its synthesis.

There is a big lesson to be learned here: sooner or later, the band-aid approach employed by the medical establishment will self-destroy. Instead, it will be replaced with natural solutions that correct the true cause of health problems.

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  1. margaret rebert

    I had to stop taking omeprazole. I had fractured my foot. Had bone dentisity test done showed I had osteoporsios. I had to get off the acid reflux meds. I am drinking Aloe Vera juice bought from Walmart and it has done wonders for the acid reflux. I have it once in a while. Mainly due to what I eat.

  2. Cara

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia at 42, much to my shock. I’m a healthy, fit girl who has done dance and weight bearing exercise all her life. I also have acid reflux and have taken meds for it on and off for 10 years. Bingo.

    For anyone who’s really suffering, I suggest you read “Fast Tract Digestion” by Norman Robillard, PhD. This book changed my life. With the help of a functional medicine DC and lots of testing, we determined I have low stomach acid from years of eating refined carbs, gluten and sugar. I am now on an autoimmune Paleo diet (yes, we DO need protein and animal products are just fine if consumed in palm-sized portions with plenty of veggies), and my acid reflux is GONE. We are also sorting out hormonal issues that brought me to this point, and I am confident I will REVERSE my osteoporosis.

    Everyone is different, but it seems to me from what I observed in myself and my voice students that refined carbs and grains such as rice, pasta and bread simply sit in the gut and ferment, creating the gas that causes acid to come back up.

    I’m shocked by the number of people who casually mention that they are just living with acid reflux and taking Prilosec or Prevacid on a regular basis. Humans are not meant to eat and live like this, and I think it is a part of the reason why our bones are crumbling.

  3. kathy wake

    have been on PPI’s for over 20 years – started on Aciphex 20 mg daily, the the others – Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, etc., and kept getting stronger doses and then stomachaches, and for the past three years have been on Dexilant 60 mg daily-it’s the only one that helps me, but I’m almost 72 and my bones have really started to be painful-shoulders, arms, knees the most – I have Barretts Esophagus besides-only 2 mm large, but it’s there-doctor would never recommend me for surgery-just keeps pushing the pills-am desperate to get off these PPI’s but am scared as I’m prone to panic attacks – take Ibuprofen sometimes but can’t take too many of those but they do help my bones-bad for your liver, I believe-am going to try lemon juice with water(ugh-I hate lemons)but am willing to try it – anyone who can help me, please let me know-thanks!

  4. Margo S Tovar

    I’ve just recently fell and haven’t been to have my arm, wrist & hand looked at because I’ve been afraid they will tell me I need surgery or that it’s broken. I can move all parts. One reason I take it is because to save my life mainly from a bleeding ulcer & saving a life, in my opinion out weighs the bad side effects. I also suffer in pain what am I supposed to do take Tylenol? Which I may add is also bad if taken long. If you take a long look, everything has side effects even supplements so no matter what your always gonna suffer side effects no matter what. If you don’t take anything to avoid side effects then you just plain suffer in pain.
    Regards, Margo

  5. Richard Olson

    Glad I came across this , just wish it was 25 years ago ! Been taking these types of medicines since I was diagnosed with Gastritis,Hiatal hernia, dysphasia in the Army.
    Now I am 46 and falling apart at the seams. Severe degenerative disc (first showed up at 35) , plantar fasciitis, 4 compression fractures, bulging discs, hips and shoulders damaged and just about every joint I have shows problems. Have been through so many tests the last couple months I should glow in the dark ! Get the word out

  6. Harrison Spiegle

    skin whitening forever price


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    I was taking 40 mg of Omeprazole in Am & again in PM. Just had joint surgery on my foot & was told my bones are so soft. I am sure it is coming from the Omeprazole. I am73 I am going to cut down for sure any advice

    • Elaine painter

      I am 68 yrs old and have had two coppression fractures without a fall within two yrs. My rumatoligest told to not to take even one more nexium. I have been on this medicine more than ten years. Are there any antacids that do not have this side?

      • Mary Anne Frey

        My “osteoporosis expert” has prescribed Prednisone to me for osteoporosis for years and demanded I “not cut down on the dose.” Now I have severe osteoporosis with extreme risk of femur and other fractures.

        To make matters worse, I have just learned that Prilosec, which my pulmonologist has been prescribing to me for years because I have serious interstitial tissue disease in my lungs caused by reflux of acid from my stomach to my lungs. I need medication to protect my lungs.

        Please advise me what medications can best protect me from the dangers presented simultaneously by my osteoporosis and my interstitial lung disease. I will be very grateful.
        Thank you,
        Mary Anne Frey

  9. Mary

    I have pre-cancer barretts esophagus. Will strawberries help? Have to be on a PPI and have appt. for the halo. Thanks for any information you can give me.

  10. Calancha

    I have a 3 month old daughter who dr. said has acid reflux. She was very fussy and would cough/choke when laying on her back. She spit up at times. They started her on prevacid after zantac had no effect. She has also had a very bad gas issue. She seems less crabby after starting prevacid , but still gassy and occ. spit up. What would you recommend for a child her age. She also had kidney reflux and is taking sulfameth-trimeth susp once daily.

  11. Susan

    I really want to stop my acid reflux by using natural remedies rather than prescription drugs is there anything that has been proven to be successful, as ever0ne is different and what might help some will not help others, is DIGESTIZOL MAX the only altenative

    • Kathy

      My sister and I have what she calls her magic potion as a remedy for acid reflux. I have to admit when she first mentioned this to me I didn’t see how it could possibly help. In an 8 ounce glass of water, mix 1 tsp fresh lemon juice (we like Lakewood Organic lemon juice) 1 tsp. Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, dash of cinnamon, a tsp pure maple syrup or Stevia packet for sweetness. Depending on your taste. Since we both have been doing this daily in the morning, we very rarely have acid reflux. Hope this helps.

      • Jamie Reich

        Why the cinnamon?

        • Nell

          Why the cinnamon?

          • Mason

            I have moderate GERD and treated it for many years with some success using Zantac 150 twice daily, with occasional imbalances causing unpleasant symptoms like sulfur-smelling burps. My wife read a paragraph several years ago in Oprah Magazine that recommended drinking water with lemon in it instead of using antacid. It works for me; I quit Zantac cold turkey and never went back. Had the same result with Braggs vinegar in water, but lemon tastes better. I don’t need to add syrup or cinnamon which must be for flavor. Worth a try; now I buy lots of lemons rather than antacids. If I get an occasional flare up its due to a poor dietary choice, like eating a rich dessert. In that case I can handle it with 2 alka-seltzer in lemon water.

  12. shaynie

    Hi, I have been taking 20g sometimes 40g of omeprazole for 8 years an I have just found out my bones could be at risk, I also have slight breathing problems, my lungs have always been good as I have never smoked an d I’m a vocalist, and I feel a bit sick when I have a drink of water, I don’t know if this is relevant but today I am seeing my doctor to try and come off them and this also has to be gradual.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good luck, Shaynie! Your doctor should be able to help you devise a strategy for stopping the omeprazole. 🙂

  13. Karen Level

    Want to treat gastric reflux without taking anything that is going to cause bone loss.

  14. leesa

    I am new to this post. I am reading and reading with many of the same problems…getting off GERD meds because yes has cause my osteoporosis and the Dr stil says take it and get the Prolia shot. I don’t want to do that at all. I am 54…my thyroid is gone too for 10 years which doesn’t help. I feel I have malabsorption probs..but no one wants to test…just push the pills. I want better solutions. I am exercising taking calcium and D. I know there are new ways to combat and build bone—just have to be.
    I have so much gas even after drinking water it is horrible. Any ideas..I prob need to buy the book.

    • Lorie Weinroth

      I just broke my leg , my thyroid was irradiated 15 years ago and I am taking protonic‘s for acid reflux . I normally lift weights and work on a bicycle 30 minutes a day . I just had a bone density test and it came back that I am just below normal and all of a sudden I remembered the doctor said this medicine was not good for bones , so I’m freaking out I’ve been taking it probably year and a half , but I’m going to try to stop taking it and use the Lemon water situation . after being in a cast for two weeks already I can’t imagine going another three weeks still laying here in bed now I’m worried what if I break more bones ?

  15. Rena Wright

    I am in a quandry. I had Nissen Fundoplication surgery to repair a very large hiatal hernia 3 yrs. ago. The surgery wasn’t totally successful as the doctor gave me a loose wrap so that I wouldn’t have as many side effects, therefore, I still get heartburn, though not quite as bad. I had the surgery because I broke my wrist twice in one year and was afraid to take Nexium or PPIs. Unfortunately, I still have to take them–I take half the dose I used to (empty out half the capsule and it is effective) but I still worry that I’m not absorbing nutrients. I had a knee and hip replacement last year, have arthritis in my spine and hands, and am in constant pain. My doctors tried to put my on medicine for osteoporosis but I refused. What do I do for heartburn? I still have a small hiatal hernia. I don’t want to get esophageal cancer that’s why I take the small dose of PPIs. Help please!

  16. Sharon

    I am glad to find this site. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and have issues with my other joints. I also have a condition called lichen planus and lichen sclerosis, which are caused by my acid reflux meds. My skin looks horrible and my mouth especially, my tongue, cannot handle any more. I have been some type of drug of years, such as Nexium, Zegrid, Omeprazole, Ranitidine, and Carafate. I have been on the generic versions also. The best things I can do at this point is lots of milk and vineger (pickle juice). I stay away from fried foods, raw onion, mint, caffeine, acidic foods, etc. Some days are worst than others, but I must find a way to keep the acid reflux under control, because it can cause all kinds of other problems. Thanks for letting me vent a little. Have a great day.

    • Merianna

      I know this is outdated to your post but I thought I would give it a try and contact you as I also have been diagnosed LS (ugh) and GERD causing Distal Esophagitis (an other ugh). If you are still out there and would like to connect I would be delighted.
      Sincerely, Merianna.

  17. Valerie Saenz

    How about taking the generic of “Protonix”. I recently had an endoscopy and the doctor found 9 polyps in my stomach. He removed the large ones and had them sent to the lab and came back negative. I’ve had acic reflux for years.

  18. LynnCS

    I spent years on ppIs. (and Actonel) I finally was told by an allergy doc and read somewhere that many of the so called “acid problems” are really a couple of things. One is that as we get older, we lose the amount of stomach acid we need to digest our food properly..That’s why a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar helps. The other is that many people are gluten sensitive even tho we may not have Crone’s disease, it is wise to stop eating grains. That was a big leap for me. About the same time I discovered the raw food diet and it gave me a huge uptic in my intake of nutritive foods. I mostly don’t eat cooked foods any more and do a lot of green smoothies and juices. Salads of all kinds have always been a favorite anyway. If a person just couldn’t be without that grain type food, I understand that quinoa and buckwheat are among the seeds that can be used like a grain. We also include raw unpasturised soaked nuts and seeds. It is an alkalizing diet and I keep it all coordinated with my “Save my bones” diet. It works together great. At first it was such a big change that it took a lot of my attention to ‘get with it’ and learn what to buy and fix, but it is way easier and makes me feel so much better than the Standard Western Diet. I can look back and see already how bad that was.

  19. Karen

    I have been taking Nexium for a year for esophagitis. It has been a blessing not to have the pain in my upper throat, but my bone density test did show bone loss. I need to have something for the acid reflux. I was eating Maalox by the jar.. even one in the car..until the Nexium. I already exercise 3x a week with 3 lb weights ( bad shoulder , can’t do more) and then fast dance movements. I also line dance 3 times a week, so I do move. I also take most if the vitamins and minerals suggested along with my seizure meds and thyroid meds.
    Is there anything that is as good as PPI’s? I have just started on Atelvia and have had many side effects…don’t like it!

    • kath cousins

      I have just started Peptac liquid which I see contains bisphosphonates and exercise in the gym twice a week what else can I do for reflux Kath age 71

    • dr.khan

      There are H2 receptor blockrs like cimetidine, ranitidine famotadine that you can use instead.

    • Judy Hill

      Karen – I also have acid reflux and take a product called DGL which is a form of licorce with the part that causes high blood pressure taken out of it. It comes highly recommended by health care professionals. Also, I drink aloe vera gel when I have a flare up. Sometimes I also take the herb Marshmallow when I eat if I am trying to heal from some type of eating indiscretion.

  20. Ruth Charlres

    I have osteoporosis, postmenopausal, 67 yrs old, have had pelvic fractures, was on fosomax, then forteo(could not tolerate due to severe acid reflux pain plus almost $900 per month cost). Rheumatologist now wants to order Reclast infusion. I have many allergies, if 10 out of 10,000 exhibit bad side effects, I would probably be one of the 10. Help, anyone tried something that will be helpful to me? I am not going to do the infusion. thanks,Ruth

  21. Tammy Lynn

    Thanks, Vivian, for the info. I am 50 years old and I was diagnosed with Scoliosis a few years ago. I only take calcium supplements to help strengthen my bones. I don’t take any pain meds but I do physical therapy. But I also have acid reflux and had been taking Zantac for years. Starting last year, I changed to Prevacid then Nexium and it seemed to help. But when I went to my chiropractor and had new x-rays done, they showed new degeneration in the upper and middle of my spine as well as my lower. Then I heard reports about taking Nexium and the connection with bone loss. Do you think that could have caused such degeneration in my spine so quickly? I just don’t know what to do now – I switched to taking Tums w/calcium but my stomach is still upset all the time. Any suggestions?

  22. Jo Ann L. Hoppe

    I am trying to find out how to return the bottle of Digestizol max that I ordered. I am taking Omeprazol and stopped it to take the Digestizol Max after the first day I got gurd and by the second day my stomach hurt and had to return to the medication. I would like to return this item and am not sure just where to send it. thanks

    • Bonnie Andersen

      I am thinking of ordering Digestisol Max from Blue rock Holistics to see if it will help my IBS. However, I can find no independent reviews of its effectiveness. Though the company claims one can return it within 2 months if not satisfied, I wondered why one person asked where she could send it. Perhaps they make that return of the unused portion very difficult? I also can’t find how long one bottle is supposed to last.

  23. Carol

    I was diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus 9 years ago was put on Nexium and told I had to take it for the rest of my life. A few years later I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis(I am 67 yrs. The Nexium stopped working or I probably would still be taking it; however, I subsequently learned that it could also be responsible for making my osteoporosis worse. Doctors want me to use Reclast or one of the other drugs like it, I have refused and am trying the Save Our Bones way. I must say that changing my pH through diet has helped my acid reflux a lot. I look forward to more information on treating GERD and Osteoporosis.

    • gayona ramsey

      I too, have been taking nexium etc. for about 3 years and trying to get off the use of them. I started taking Super Enzymes three months ago and it is a blessing to have the food I eat to be digested without all the pain from GERD. My daughter has started taking them and just can’t believe the difference the enzymes are making. I am 76 years old. Realizing I didn’t have enough of the much needed stomach acid Hydrocloric to break down the foods in order to get the nutrition from my food. It has made a positive difference in my acid reflux by taking the enzymes.

  24. Sally Makad

    I have taken prilosec for 6 years and didn’t think anything about it until I had a bone density test which showed my spine in a -3.7 condition. I decided that the prilosec caused this problem and jumped off last week. I learned a recipe that if you take 8 ozs water, add 2T apple cider vinegar and 1t baking soda and drink when you feel acid coming on that it would releive your acid. This is working fabulously and I now know I can get off this drug. Also, your bone information is great and I will start your program soon. Just want to make sure my acid reflux is remission.

    Thanks Vivian for all your information.


  25. Peggy Nadin

    What do you suggest we do take to help acid reflex?

    • Anne Carter

      Don’t eat food you know does not agree with you. Don’t eat anything after five o’clock and exercise and lose some weight. It helped me and I no longer take any antacids because they will kill you in the end. Use your self control when it comes to eating.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Peggy, please see my response to Charmaine below. I’ll be coming up with a recommendation for acid reflux sufferers soon!

  26. Peggy Graham

    I agree that there has to be something out there that is natural that you can take for the acid reflux. Have heard that vinegar and honey will work.

  27. Charmaine Meadus

    Thank you for the information. I’m on pariet for stomach inflamation. I’ve been taking it for 1 1/2 years. If I stop taking it, what can I take instead?

    • Saori

      The higher the dsgoae, raises the PH of the stomach acid reducing acidity in the stomach. So with the lower concentration of Antacids in some products the PH would still be below 7 (Acidic).Umm, personally I would look for medicines that don’t contain a large amount of Antacid. Only because reduced stomach acidity may result in an impaired ability to digest and absorb certain nutrients, such as iron and the B vitamins.And two something that is easy to digest period.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Charmaine (and all of you who have been asking about an alternative to acid blockers),

      I recognize that this is an important issue for a lot of you who currently depend on some of these drugs. As you’ll see from reading some of the responses here (especially Marilyn’s), many have eliminated the need for acid blocking drugs just by following The Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

      But for those who need an interim solution or a more comprehensive approach, I’m looking into a program that provides a natural solution for acid reflux and other GI issues and is compatible with The Osteoporosis Reversal Program. As soon as I’m research it to the point that I feel confident making a recommendation, I’ll send an email to the entire Save Our Bones community. Please stay tuned!

      • Simiso

        Audrey and Tim, you are foremost in our peyarrs and thoughts. My son had asthma when he was younger and was in intensive care for awhile. PRAISE the Lord that asthma is not a complication to Viv’s illness. We pray that she heals in the next few days and is that beautiful little person that she has always been. Judy & Bob

      • elaine

        has Vivian coompleted research on a natural way to replace reflux acid blocker drugs. I noted her last response was 2011


          Taking ranitidine reflux meds. for many yrs. Have been diagnosed 28th with Osteoporosis an a fracture in my verte refluxbrae what can I take instead of ranitidine

      • dawn

        Please advise ASAP what to do instead of acid reflux drugs which I have to take daily & have done for years now. I can’t do without them. My acid reflux is severe. This seems to be a ‘no win’ situation. What to do?

        • Jill

          Dawn, you have been waiting a long time for an answer!

          Apart from drugs there is much that you can do that, once integrated into your daily life becomes habit.

          Avoid eating fat and sugar laden food. Just smile and say “No thanks”.

          Eat nothing for two hours before you go to bed.

          Reduce caffeine-containing drinks such as tea and coffee and have the last one six hours before bedtime. Ditch ‘soft’ drinks, Coke etc.

          Put a couple of bricks under the head of your bed to discourage leakage of stomach fluids the wrong way while you are sleeping!

          Follow a mostly vegetarian diet.

          Exercise daily – fast walking or even slow walking with occasional spurts.

          Hey, here comes the new you!

  28. Marilyn

    Hi Vivian:

    I liked this article. I used to be an acid reflux sufferer and used a prescription drug called Pantoloc but since joining your acid/alkaline program and practising a more alkaline diet the reflux simply went away, no more need for the drugs. When on occasion I feel a bit of acid reflux, instead of reaching for the Pantoloc, I drink a glass of Barleylife which is a green drink from The Aim Companies. It is a green powder which you add to water and it is made from the young barley leaf when it is 6 – 8 inches high. It is filled with nutrition and gluten free and of course alkaline. Too your good health, Marilyn

  29. Nu Ly

    I took Nexium one month ago, I suffered from
    acid reflux occasionally, and was not aware of
    the fracture risk. Now no more take it again.

    Thank you for our community – Maria Fama, she
    offers the name for us.

    I also appreciate the hard work of Vivian.

  30. gloria

    Hi Vivian,
    I’m familiar with most of the drugs mentioned re: arthritis, osteoporosis and acid reflux. I’m no longer taking these drugs! The only drug I’m taking ia amlodopine and hydrochlorathiazide for my blood pressure.
    I stopped taking calcitonin salmonThank
    the end of last September. I informed my Doctor and he immediately sent me for a dexa scan last January. I wasn’t due for one until October. I told my doctor that I was taking advice from a nutritionist. I was told by his office that I couldn’t have the results of my test until after my next physical. Is this a Florida law?I would appreciate an answer. Thank you,

    • Valerie Saenz

      Just go to the place where you had your bone density done and they should give you the results.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Gloria,

      There is no such law as far as I am aware. Federal regulations give you the right to access test results and medical records.

  31. Suzie Rimstidt

    I have had a spontaneous fracture of the femur. I had taken Fosamax for 11 years, but I’ve also taken Prilosec for a few years, and missing one dose causes misery. I had 3 surgeries before the fracture healed. I obviously don’t want that again.

    What foods do I avoid or how do I avoid the acid reflux if I stop taking Prilosec?

  32. Sandra Anzer

    I have been wanting to get off Prilosec also — I was on Omeprazole and the insurance company said it was cheaper to go to Prilosec, so my Doctor gave me a prescription for that. I have been on Acid Reflex drugs for about 6 years. I tried to go off it last year and had stomach problems and had to go back on it. I am wondering if a Gastroenterologist or some kind of Specialist could help people to get off PPI’s. I feel that I didn’t really need to keep taking it as they are saying now a week or two is usually enough and then go off. Now I am learning more re low acid eating and that should really help. I am also trying to reverse osteopenia. I’ve had that for 10 years and it has been staying about the same.

  33. Evelyn Slusky

    Thanks, Vivian, for the important info. After a few days on Nexium, I quit the drug because of intestinal problems. I’ve taken prilosec and protonix occasionally, but I find if I eat an average meal before 8 pm, I don’t have a problem with acid reflux. Elevating my pillow seems to help, too. I have osteoporosis,and after one year following your recommended diet, I’ve improved my T scores for the spine and hips. Thank you for your wonderful advice and articles.

  34. Kim

    I am glad you are so head of the learning curves to better health. What we put in our bodies so matters.

    You know it makes sense on any acid reflex drugs out there that your stomach as the job to break down and deal with what is left to absorb.
    Thanks Vivian for being out there for all of us.
    Kim Mack, Ohio

  35. Pat

    Good information Vivian, but why don’t you answer questions?

    • Susan Murillo

      There are simply too many questions for Vivian to answer. I mean, look at this forum., and this is just this one topic. She would never leave her computer and would be researching 24/7 to answer what are some complex medical questions that are sometimes out of her field. Sometimes if you have a simple question the staff people can answer via e-mail or even a phone call. That’s how I found out spelt is an alkaline food because it’s listed under both categories in the book. It’s unfortunate, and I feel sorry for so many folks trying to follow this plan without the book. Even with the book it can be confusing, but many of your questions are in the book or if you researched the Internet on your own. I think Vivian needs more assistants to help answer some of these questions, or at least point people in the right direction, but that’s still asking a lot.

  36. Dr Dorie Erickson

    Dear Vivian, Thanks again for all the alerts you offer in your newsletter. You give us all courage to take charge of our own health and not depend on those who are just profiting at our expense. Expense not only of money, but of our very own health!
    Dr Dorie Erickson,
    Ph.D.Clinical Nutrition.

  37. maria Fama

    apple cider vinegar with the mother organic , is very good for acid reflex mix with water and drink it will go away .

    • Margaret

      Apple cider vinegar I under stand but with mother organic I do not understand. This refers to (Maria Fama March 31st, 2011). Would like to send this on to my sister but need to be sure of what I am saying. Regards Margaret

      • maria Fama

        the name is BRAGG.
        RAW UNFILTERED vinegar ,sold in health stores .

        • Merianna

          Wondering if the Heinz or generic would be an ok substitute. The Bragg is not pasteurized and this is an important issue and health concern.

  38. Shula

    Thank you for the information on stomach acid, Vivian.

  39. Beverly Allen

    I really appreciate receiving information on the different problems with our drugs. I have just been told I have osteoporosis and don’t know what I can do to build my bone mass. I had Graves Disease in the late 80s and it left my thyroid under active. I have not been successful in stopping the loss of bone mass.

  40. Winnie Kosowan

    I Like the article, but you do not mention what the alternative is if you suffer from Acid Reflux, What do you take if you suffer from it??

    • LynnCS

      Look on Youtube for Raw Food. Check out all the juicing and smoothies, raw food alternatives to the “foods” that give is the reflux problems in the beginning. And of course, read Vivians book.

  41. Beverly Dietrich

    I was prescribed Nexium for an extended length of time. I began having severe headaches. They were horrible and I couldn’t leave the house. My husband insisted I see a doctor. Only available was a PA who listened carefully and did some reading. She said the only thing I was taking that could be causing this pain was the
    Nexium. Upon stopping this medicine the pain began subsiding and after a few days stopped. Don’t know what damage the pills did to my bones.

  42. Barbara East-Thompson

    i am a new participant. Eager to learn.

  43. Wilma Robinson

    What can you say about the aloe vera juice taken for acid reflux? Have 2 friends using it and swear by it.

  44. Edith

    Hi My Husband had reflux problems and was on domperidome,also omeprazole for years until he read SHERRY PRESCIA”S book “Great Taste No Pain” and followed it — thus was relieved of all the pain and no more medicine.
    Also Thanks Vivian for your book ,”The Bone Health Revolution”. I was on Fosamax and Actonel for 12 Yrs.and quit Feb.2010 and am now free of all the severe muscle pains. I am following all your advice and looking forward to the results of my bone density test in a year. Thanks Edith

  45. Krishelle

    I am trying hard to follow the alkaline diet, but I find the charts are all conflicting, yours, Susan Brown (Dr Jaffee’s), Greens+ (Journal of the American Dietetic Assoc 1995 Thomas Remer and Friedrich Manz), and yet another by Energise for Life (which says most fruits are acidifying due to their sugar). For example – you and Greens+ say lentils are acidifying, Jaffee says they are alkalyzing. Where is my best source for a complete chart? You don’t have footnotes in your book, so I don’t know what your source is.

    • Norma White

      Where can I get a list of acid / alkaline food

      • Puchis

        My chiropractor is Anthony Chiropractic in LaCrescenta CA on Foothill Bl. I don’t pllsonaery know of any digestive doctors, but for my issues with Gerd, he has helped big time. In fact, it’s odd, as I had a bit of symptoms here a week ago and was going to go for an adjustment, but too busy. The Gerd is fine for now. Also, I was treated for this just ONCE, and I was symptom free for almost a year. For me, it’s obvious. It’s back and spine related. Worth 50 bucks, he’s awesome.

    • Kathy Russell

      I agree that the information regarding the lists of acid/alkaline foods is very confusing. I am just following Vivians list and crossing my fingers that her list is the best and most correct.

  46. Arlene Stevens

    Your doing a great Job please continue, we all need you. I continue to exercise,lift weights and eat lots of fruit and veggies. I’ll never go back to taking Fosamax. I just turned 73 years old and my cancer is in remission. I remain very thankful for you and your words of wisdom. THANKS, Arlene

  47. susan tristem

    I am very interested in your publications and have purchased you book ‘Save our Bones Program..
    The only challenge I have is with my family. Both my son and partner have medical backgrounds and require evidence that all claims have been tested and supported by medical research…
    I am still taking your claims seriously and have stopped taking Fosamax and in fact any other drugs.apart from AdCal as prescribed by my G P and wonder whether you can suggest a better form of calcium to help with my ‘bone loss’. I have Osteoporosis and Arthritus
    My G P is unable to help as she said she is not a Nutritionist!!!!!
    Sue Tristem

  48. Sotiraq Qano

    Dear Vivian,

    I see and deeply understand you have done a tremendous job with your study as well as keeping people updating. We thank you very much end wish you the best.

    A question is raising to me. What poor people like me can do to save their bones because they are not able to buy your book?

    Do you have any program for poor people to help them? What do you recommend for them to do Mrs. Vivian?


    • Susan Murillo

      Sotir, do your own research on the Internet. You can get much of the same information Googling the alkaline diet. Also, go to the library. There have to be a myriad of books on this eating plan, the 80/20 ratio of alkaline to acid. Don’t just sit back and let your bones weaken. There are free resources out there if you are willing to dig a little. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  49. Sara Fuller

    I am sure this study on PPI’s is right. But how do I stop the constant burning sore throat that I have, caused by acid reflux? What happens if I damage my oesophagus, or worse, instead?

  50. Barb

    So what do you do if you have reflux or inflammation of the esophagus and you need this medication? I have been taking omeprazole for some time, years, and have tried to get off of it, but I immediately have esophagus/stomach problems. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • Peggy Graham

      I have Barrett’s esophagus. I have been on Prilosec for ten years. My doctor told me if I didnt take it I would get cancer of the esophagus. I changed to over the counter Zantac because I read it was not as hard on your bones. I don’t know what to do. Is there something natural I can take? My bones are really bad. My doctor said I had the bones of an eithty year old woman. I was 55 at the time.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Peggy, please see my response to Charmaine below. I’m working on finding a natural solution and I’ll have a recommendation soon. I know that many of you are anxious, but I want to make sure it’s something I can feel confident recommending, that’s also compatible with The Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

        • Janet

          I just read two long post s on this site regarding acid reflux. Did you ever finish researching and make suggestions because I did not see that if you did. I have recently been told to take prilosec or nexium. I have burning mouth syndrome and am trying very hard to treat the GERD and the syndrome naturally but am losing faith with that. I am very carefully keeping a diary of what I ingest and symtoms and will probably take the medication soon to compare how I feel on the meds. I need some relief.

    • Carole

      Hi Barb,
      I too had the same problem for years with acid reflux and was on Omeprazole. I broke my hip in an accident two years ago and as a result of recuperating I lost a few pounds in weight which took the pressure off the small valve? at the stomach and helped to stop this reflux. I then came across Vivian’s book and realised that for most of my life I had a far too acidic diet. Most people in the Western World do in fact. So get off the acids and onto the alkali foods. If really bad you can try taking a teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia in a glass of water but my favourite is to eat a handful of almonds, take some plain yoghurt(organic) with some sesame seeds, or eat a sweet apple. I haven’t taken any more Omeprazole for years now and the above work. Also don’t bend your stomach over after eating as this can cause reflux.
      Hope this helps.

      • Connie Echols

        I have been taking Prilosec for several years. I would like to have a natural remedy, can you tell me which book you are speaking about. Would like to have it


    • Susan

      There is an excellent program by Sherry Brescia which describes how to eat food combinations to avoid all kinds of tummy problems. It is great. I have been on this plan for 4 years now – no tummy problems ever! I also take the probiotics each day. is the link for feeling so much better. I cannot recommend enough. I’ve combined this program with Save Our Bones and am enjoying better health than I ever have at age 68. Cheers!

  51. Donna Bradbury


    Thank you so much for this article. My Mom has been taking prilosec for at least 3 years and her doctor told her it was fine. I was very concerned, but she said that the doctor knows best! She cannot go throughout the day without taking this drug because the acid reflux gets so bad. What should she use in place of this? How do I help her?

    Thank you,

  52. Jackie

    I use bisphosphonates every day. I have a hiatal hernia as does my dad & both of my sisters. I have fought using the bisphosphonates for years, 15 years, with diet restrictions, herbal remedies, you name it I have tried it. Finally, this year I resigned myself to taking I over the counter tab each morning before eating anything. I finally have relief from daily reflux. So now what?
    I have considered having the surgery to repair the hiatal hernia but have not heard good result reports. So after having the required tests (Stomach emptying test, 24 hour ph monitor, barium swallow) and being shown to be a candidate, I decided against it. So what do I do now?

  53. E. Loraine Hopper

    Thanks Vivian. I was on Losec for years due to acid reflux. After having a knee replacement Sept.2010 at which time the surgeon told me that I had terrible bones, I stopped the losec. I had stopped taking fosamax just before the knee surgery after taking same for 5 yrs. My acid reflux is now minimal. I started on B12 which helped me tolerate the pain from a 21/2 yr.old compressed fracture and spine displacement. The fracture has never healed.

  54. Shelley

    Thank you for sending the artical on acid reflex. But what do i do now, i have acid reflex and need something to help with it. I’m 59 and i don’t won’t have a broken hip, but i can’t deal with heartburn all day and night.

    • Carol Mitchell

      Go to and learn about what foods digest well with other foods and what doesn’t.
      I am learning a lot and feel better using this eating plan. Protein and starch do not digest well together is only one thing to change.

  55. Veronica

    Vevian keep on the good work ,you are my savior I can not do in a day without reading Save Our Bones.Keep the flag flying

  56. Kerrie

    I understand the material, but offer this, what do you do if you CAN NOT EAT without using Pariet? I can’t eat anything without the help of this drug. I have tried several times and by day three can’t handle any food without real problems. Your thoughts?


  57. Don Miller

    I am a 74 YO male and have taken a PPI (Nexium) for almost four years and until recently was not aware of the fracture risk. I am no longer taking Nexium.

    I was diagnosed with Osteopenia in 06/2009 and with Osteoporosis in 03/2011 after fracturing my left femur on 12/28/2010. My doctor suggested Reclast which I have declined; I instead opted for the Save Our Bones program which I have started.

    I am still recovering from my fracture and have only this week started walking again without assistance. This week yet I expect to return to the gym for the first time in over three months to get back into an serious exercise routine.

    I am, with the Save Our Bones program, very hopeful to reverse my T scores.

  58. John

    Hi Vivian, I was diagnosed with those nasty little grubs that cause the tummy to produce too much acid and was given the Proton Pump Inhibitor,Omeprazole,15yrs ago.
    I recently had a blood test to see why I still get acid tummy if I miss a day and was told that because I was never told to stop taking them, the little critters has gone,but my tummy now produces so much acid if I stop, that I have to keep taking one a day, for the rest of my life. At 71yrs.,I wish I had been followed up and told to stop. Can I stop ???

  59. Carlal Peltonen

    Use DGL (deglycerized llicorice) tablets, found in health food stores. Tablets, to chew, not capsules. chew two before each meal. Cures acid reflux.

    • Kerrie

      If you are on warfarin, you can not take licorice.

  60. Judy

    This works every time for acid problems — eat an apple! The apple goes into the stomach as “acid”, but is digested out as an “alkaline.” We want our bodies to be as much alkaline as possible as nothing “bad” can grow in an alkaline environment… Hence, no cancer, etc. An apple a day does truly keep the doctor away!

  61. Merilyn Inman

    Once again good information.

  62. illya

    Hi Vivian, I like this one. Had this problem years ago but very seldom now– but if I have it I take a lime , press it, in a glass of slightly warm water and is goes in no time. Hope it can help some – not every one is the same.

  63. Gai Ihaia

    I guess this is great news,, but for me it only creates more fear as I have been on PPI tablets for years and I already have osteoporosis. I have tried to stop taking them but the pain in my tummy is not worth it. Where to from here. I guess we need to know if taking these drugs are harmful what is the alternative. I also tried taking CoQ10 and it took me some time to connect the taking of this and not being able to go out in the sun as my eyes became to sensitive to light. So had to stop taking it. Sorry to sound so negitive but trying to save my bones is comming up against so many brick walls.

    • Nina

      Hi Audrey
      I have had severe acid re flux and been on 40mg losec in the morning + 300mg Ranitidine in the evening and could not wait for morning to come to have my 40mg dose again, that’s how bad I was. Without meds I would be like a dead woman. My esophagus was burning all the time like a fire. After few months on these meds I developed terrible pain in bones everywhere in my body and found on internet that there is a risk of bone fractures for acid reflux patients who use these meds. I have mentioned that to my doctor but she said don’t worry about that now we have to fix your tummy first. She just would not bother that I am in constant pain all over my body. I had to continue taking meds as my reflux was terrible even though I was all day in my bone pain. I was totally miserable. Until I came across on one post where patient had same problems as me and her doctor nor any specialist did not help her and after talking to one lady in health store she started Dr. John McDougall diet. I was a bit sceptic and thought right one diet will help me like many diets are now out and claim to be the best. But please if you are willing try this one, it is vegan diet but you cannot eat all vegan staff. This sort of lifestyle has been blessing for me although when I started I needed 20days to get better and discontinue my meds. Some people need less some more. If you decide to start give it your body little bit of time do not get discouraged quickly if you are not better immediately, because I was, but in my gut something was telling me to continue eating this food. After starting diet I have tried after a week to stop meds but couldn’t then tried after 2weeks but couldn’t acid still would burn my easophgus then after 3weeks I didn’t take ranitidine in the evening and in the morning I was feeling totally fine didn’t have need to go to take losec before 8am then I didn’t take losec that morning either and was fine all day no acid to burn my throat, I could not believe it, after years of suffering. Now if I eat something what I should not, I go and have liquid Gastro over the counter you can buy but this is not any sort of strong drug like losec or bone meds., and I am fine. My diet mostly now consist of brown rice and steamed vegetables and fresh fruits like banana or sweet pear, I eat steamed kale daily for my bones and no pain at all. I have some allergies too which my doctor refused to test me for but I sought second opinion and now have excluded gluten, nightshades:potato, capsicum, tomato, and also soy products. You should be aware of this too but Dr.McDougall have plan in his book for that too how to test yourself for allergies. I am sure you must get better if you don’t mind eating only vegan. For me living without pain since I started this program keeps me going. Good luck.

    • Audrey Wilson

      After osophageal cancer 14 years ago and an Ivor Lewis pullup operation I have been on 40mg Nexium daily without any information about possible calcium loss. I too am very concerned as I can hardly talk for coughing if I fail to take the Nexium and am concerned that if I don’t take it I may again get cancer. What options do I have – no professional seems able to tell me. Yes I also have low calcium!

  64. Judith

    Thanks for this article Vivian; I am glad I have resisted taking medications but I still suffer due to ibs and gastroparaesis or gp where the stomach is slow or impaired in emptying. My specialist has suggested taking Domperidone; Do you know much about this drug? I am afraid of side-effects.

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