How To Amaze Your Doctor


Ahhhh poor doctors… It must be frustrating to look at every health issue and only be able to match it with a pill in a bottle. Doctors train for a … Continue Reading →

The 80/20 Bone Health Rule


Today I want to tell you about a man named Vilfredo Pareto. He’s the Italian economist credited with coming up with something called... It all started when he observed that … Continue Reading →

About Pamela’s 16.4% Bone Density Increase


Spreading a message that runs contrary to the mainstream medical world is not the easiest thing in the world to do. But all of the criticism is 100% worth it … Continue Reading →

This World Renowned Doctor “Gets It”


The best recommendation my doctor had for me was to drink milk and take Fosamax. Those are two things I wouldn’t wish on anyone who is actually dealing with, or … Continue Reading →

The #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Consider Using Osteoporosis Drugs


When I was first diagnosed with osteoporosis, my doctor handed me a prescription for Fosamax. I tore up that prescription and never touched the medicine. My gut told me not … Continue Reading →

Don’t Take These Pain Killers That Slow Down Bone Healing – Do This Instead


We all hope it will never happen. But if it does, you might be surprised to discover that when it comes to fracture healing, the “don’ts” may be just as … Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Osteoporosis Lies


Words can - and do - make a big difference. Perhaps the use of the word “lies” in today’s blog post title may sound a bit harsh to you. In … Continue Reading →

Six Bone Healthy Nutrients In Every Bite


Some vegetables can be bland and boring. But believe me, this certainly doesn’t apply to one of my favorite alkalizing vegetables. It not only tastes delicious. As you’ll find out, … Continue Reading →

The Amazing Drinkable Flower That Lowers Stress And Builds Your Bones


There’s no denying. We live in a stressful world, and this can unfortunately affect a lot more than just our mood. As I write in the Save Our Bones Program, … Continue Reading →

ALERT: Popular Drug Increases Diabetes Risk By Almost 50%


A new study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School has found that women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who took statins to lower cholesterol had a 48 percent … Continue Reading →

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