I’m Not Pregnant: A Personal Story


Today, I’d like to share a story with you that some would rather keep secret. But I feel comfortable letting you in a very embarrassing moment of my life. Because even though the events I’m about to share with you led to a very awkward moment, my hope is that it will carry an important message for you. What message, … Click to continue →

The 3 Foods That Eat Your Bones And What You Should Eat Instead


To help stay on the right track with your bone health, it’s important you know not only what helps you; you also need to know which foods you should avoid.

So here are the three foods that literally eat your bones away. Let’s get started…

How Summertime Helps Your Bones


It’s possibly one of the busiest places on earth. Picture around two million tiny pumps - hard at work all day and night - and you'll understand why. Controlled by one central thermostat and connected to millions of surface sensors, these minute marvels are your sweat glands. They regulate your body’s temperature by excreting water through your skin to insure … Click to continue →

Link Between Wrinkles And Osteoporosis: Fact Or Fiction?


According to a well-known proverb, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But what if your skin could be the mirror of your bones? In a brand new study, Yale School of Medicine researcher Dr. Lubna Pal suggests that there might be a direct correlation between common wrinkles on the face such as laugh and frown lines, the neck, … Click to continue →

Is Your Cell Phone Zapping Your Bone Density?


We’ve certainly come a long way with technology - especially in the last couple of centuries. Our quality of life has greatly improved thanks to clever inventors who are constantly seeking new ways to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. But sometimes those very same advances can bite us back, unless we keep our eyes wide open. … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #15: Juicing, Wrist Fractures, Xenobiotics, Ancestral Osteoporosis, Sweeteners, Osteopenia Myths, Organic Foods, And Much More!


A new juice bar just opened down the street from me, so I wanted to know if you recommend juicing to build my bones. ...

How I ‘Grow’ My Bone Health At Home And How You Can Too


What has 5 Foundation Supplements, bone-healthy antioxidants, smells and tastes delicious, is alkalizing, and you can grow it in a small pot? If you guessed basil, you're spot on! I use fresh basil in as many dishes as possible and in salads as well – it’s a great way to “dress up” almost any dish. And if you’ve only used … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #14: pH Test Strips, Alkaline Water, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Protelos, Chlorine, Vitamins, Half-Life Of Drugs, And More!


I would be interested in your thoughts on the use of “green” powders containing chlorophyll to improve pH balance. ...

Is Osteoporosis In Your Blood?


I love to play Sudoku. Every time I travel, I take my book with hundreds of puzzles onboard. What I like most about Sudoku is that it requires using extreme logic. Plus to complete a puzzle, there is no room for error. Just one number wrongly placed in a square makes it impossible to solve the entire puzzle. Like a … Click to continue →

Why The Save Our Bones Program Is Not A Natural Treatment


You might wonder why I’m writing that the Save Our Bones Program is not a natural osteoporosis treatment. After all, it doesn’t involve drugs or other medical interventions. And the program is a multi-pronged approach centered around nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. What could be more natural than that? But the Save Our Bones Program is not just a natural osteoporosis … Click to continue →

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