Osteonecrosis And Fosamax


If you’ve been reading up on the side effects of osteoporosis medications, you have undoubtedly heard about osteonecrosis of the jaw, and osteonecrosis and Fosamax in particular. In fact, some … Continue Reading →

What Is The Forteo (Teriparatide) Injection?


As Big Pharma continues to come up with ever-more creative ways of getting osteoporosis drugs into your body, you may have heard of the latest injectable form of osteoporosis medication: … Continue Reading →

Taking Evista And Boniva


Many osteoporosis patients find themselves taking Evista and Boniva even if they have reservations about these drugs. Maybe it’s because their doctors said things like this: “If you don’t take … Continue Reading →

Say Hello To Aloe For Your Bones


I love doing yard work. It not only gives me an excuse to take a break and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine; I also find it relaxing and rewarding. A … Continue Reading →

Boniva Side Effects


When your doctor wants to prescribe an osteoporosis medication such as Boniva, does he or she take the time to warn you about Boniva’s side effects? It’s always interesting to … Continue Reading →

The Once-A-Month Actonel Dose


In 2008, the FDA approved the once-a-month Actonel dose. Their reasoning came from a single study that compared the benefits of a daily 5mg Actonel dose with a monthly 150mg … Continue Reading →

How Much Vitamin C Should You Take For Your Bones?


It may not be a coincidence that its name begins with the same letter as calcium. A recent study on this crucial vitamin, typically recognized as an immune system builder … Continue Reading →

Actonel Benefits – Really?

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“…Treatment with 5 mg Actonel® (risedronate sodium tablets) daily reduced the risk of spinal fracture in postmenopausal osteoporotic patients,” says a glowing report released back in 2003, touting Actonel benefits. … Continue Reading →

Eat This Uniquely Bone-Healthy Green Food


The Mediterranean region is known for its beautiful beaches and colorful healthy foods that so many of us love. The alkalizing cruciferous vegetable you’ll read about today is native of … Continue Reading →

ALERT: Strontium Blood Clot Risk Confirmed By New Study


It made big news abroad, especially in Europe. But chances are that if you live in the United States, you didn’t hear about this at all. And it might make … Continue Reading →

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