'Ask Vivian Week' 2012 Starts Now! - Save Our Bones

I'm always working to listen to the needs of our community and to make your battle with osteoporosis as easy as possible. So I'm happy to announce that this week is the second “Ask Vivian Week”.

Here's What ‘Ask Vivian Week' is All About

Simply post your question by leaving a comment below before Thursday, June 21st. Please only post one question.

The questions I receive during ‘Ask Vivian Week' will be answered throughout the year as part of our hugely popular ‘Vivian Answers Day' series.

On June 28th, I will select five questions and will post my in-depth answers to them right here on the blog. Then throughout the year, I will continue answering five questions on a regular basis.

This is your chance to ask me your most pressing bone health related question.

It can be ANYTHING you've always wanted to know. Your question can range from a general bone health concern to a question relating to your specific situation, or even a question you may have regarding the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Don't hold anything back…

I'm here to listen and to answer. Ask your question now.

I’m thrilled that so many of you enjoy and benefit from the past editions of ‘Vivian Answers Day', and am excited to continue answering a brand new crop of your questions.

My warmest regards,

Vivian Goldschmidt

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  1. Sheri Valentine

    What is the best alkaline milk to put in coffee? Is coconut milk acidic? There is a lot of contradiction about which foods are acidic on the internet. But I trust what you say.

    Thanks for all your effort.

    Sheri Valentine

  2. Marianne

    I’ve been noticing lately that I have trouble remembering things. I’m really worried about my memory. Please help!

  3. Teresa Meany

    I have been getting the Depo Provera Injection for birth control and they tell me it causes bone density loss. I am wondering if it is like “fosamax” and loss can be reversed once I stop taking it. I also just got the handbook even though I have been following you for over a year now and the question from that is how do I determine my PH so I have a starting point to measure by. Thanks so much.

  4. Suzanne Slade

    Vivian: I’m confused. You state that our bones are living. I have osteoporosis and my bones look much worse than some skeltons that are dug up and can be a couple thousand years old. How can this be if the owners of those skeltons are dead? Are those skeltons still alive? Leads me to believe that maybe the only way to stop the osteoporosis is to die.

  5. Carole Coleman

    Dear Vivian,

    I look forward to your emails and comments. You are the BEST!! Yesterday, the deadline for making these comments to you, I had a bone density test. It had been 2 years since my last test diagnosed with osteoporosis. That is when I did my research and found YOU. I refused to take any MEDS. Today my T-scores were only down .2 but at least I know they are being reversed and I will work harder. I have changed my diet to vegetarian, no cows milk, and follow your recommendations. I do yoga almost every day along with intermittent weight barring exercises, & I walk & swim. Before I started doing yoga I could not do a push-up. In fact, I could NEVER do a push-up even when I was young. I am now 65 and I am doing push-ups.

    I realize I am late for a question but I was wondering does it make a difference if your tests are done on different machines? I would think NOT.

    Thanks so very much for all of your help. You are truly a GREAT help to all of us women. Thank you!!!!! Carole

  6. Leida Hanning

    Vivian, Thank You for all the information you send out.
    What is your take on the product Supple? Would it help or hinder to add to my diet? Just curious. Thanks Leida

  7. Sherry van Kerkwyk

    Dear Vivian
    I am currently on your program but have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis. She discovered it after falling and broke her spine (upper and lower). She gets sick when taking magnesium tablets. She is now taking a daily Vitamin D/Calcium combo tablet and is asking me about Ostelin. What can you tell me about these? I really would like to convince her to go on your program. She is nearly 73 years old and has the bones of a 79 year old. Hoping to get an answer for my dear friend.
    Kind regards

  8. Francesca

    Hi Vivian,

    I am 54-year-old woman who went into menopause at age 36. I have maintained my bone density, without HRT, just by exercise, mineral supplementation, and watching my diet. My bone density had gone into the osteoporotic range, and returned to osteopenia when I reached my 10th year of post-menopause.

    I recently had physical therapy for tendonitis of the right bicep tendon. It involved external application of a gel containing dexa-methasone with electricity to the affected area, 3 times per week for 2 months. I was told at the end of the treatment that dexa-methasone is a corticosteroid. I had stomach problems during the treatment, and have developed hairloss and hypothyroidism as well, and am wondering if it was due to the treatment.

    Now I am worried that my bone density will have worsened as a result of the corticosteroid treatment. Do you have any advice?

    Thank you,


  9. Katherine Kersten

    What is your opinion of strontium supplements for improving bone health and growth?

    • Anita Richardson

      Suzy Cohen recommends this for bone health please comment.


  10. Audrey Gamble

    I would like to know you’re thoughts on several capsules I’ve been taking for the past year. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis but refused to take a prescription medicine. However I discovered the following over the counter capsules and have been taking them for about a year. The company is called Garden of Life; Vitamin Code Growth Factors and (same company name) Vitamin Code Raw Calcium.

    Thank you,

  11. Bettycaldwell43@gmail.com

    Hi Vivian, have your Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Have made a lot of changes in the way I eat. I take magnesium, 2200 units of D, calcium 2/day. My T-score in the left hip 2 years ago was -2.6. My recent bone density on the left help is -2.8. Have an appointment tomorrow to see my doctor who has been pushing the drugs. In the past, I have taken Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva. Developed shoulder and knee pain and an irregular heartbeat. Have refused to take the drugs for the past 5 years. Doctor wants to prescribe Prolia. I am 68 years old, very active, with no other health problems. I take metropolol for the irregular heartbeat. Would appreciate your thoughts on this. I have read about the newness of Prolia; as well as the side affects. Thinking about telling my doctor I would rather have a fracture than die of a stroke or endocarditis (sp?). Incidentally, my recent test was done on a different machine. Thanks, Vivian. Sincerely, Betty Caldwell


    12 years ago, i got back pain due to vertebry gap. from that time to till i am suffering with that pain.

    please suggest me what i will do to cure that.

  13. Jeannie

    Hi Vivian, thank you for all you do. Your information has helped me a lot. I have read that olive leaf supplements are good for bone health. What is your opinion?

  14. Suzanne

    Dear Vivian: I am a huge fan of your program. The information in the handbook that I purchased a few years ago is packed with great advise and good old common sense. A friend of mine sent me an article just the other day that baffled me. I am hoping you can shed some light. The article is from the Tribune and it states that postmenopausal women shouldn’t take low doses of vit D and calcium (D-400 and Cal – 1,00 mg) as they have little effect and come with slightly increased risk of side effects such as kidney stones. Your book suggests in chapter 11 the RDA for women should be 800 to 1,200 calcium and 400 IU vit D. I do not know how much of each I should be taking at this point. Please help! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our bone health.
    One more question if you don’t mind: Does Osteoporosis cause pain throughout the body other than fracturing a bone?

  15. Barb Lowry

    My question is regarding the recent news about calcium and post menopausal women. Is it true that it is not necessary for post menopausal women to take calcium and that it can actually cause kidney stones? The news story also stated that calcium, along with vitamin D no longer helps with strengthening the bones in menopausal women. I appreciate your research and the time you put into helping women with this issue. Thanks! Barb

  16. Jenny Pray

    Vivian, I have two questions.

    One is regarding water purification. Does the Britta charcoal filter provide clean water after filtration?

    And, second, does Almond Milk provide a significant amount of calcium?

    Thank you

  17. Judy

    I’m very grateful for all your information for us, the osteoporotic people. I’ve been on Save Our Bones diet for three years and feel great.But at 64 years old I’m underweight & my doctor is very concerned. I’ve tried to change my percentage of alkaline versus acidic foods, but still can’t gain the weight. What high caloric density foods would be safe for me? Thanks

  18. Mary Bone

    Hello Vivian,
    I have breast cancer which has spread to my liver and spine (T5). Dr is about to put me on Zometa or Denosumab (seems to think the latter is better, but I have read your opinion on this!!) Apparently things are going to worsen as I am on arimidex and they say I have osteopenia. I take calcium, magnesium, boran, K2 drops, D3 drops and glucosamine. Think I read that you don’t recommend strontium citrate even though it’s the better type. What else can I do??

  19. Catherine Collins

    I have been diagnoised with having Pagets disease. The doctor is insisting on putting me on Reclast, Boniva etc. I am NOT going to let them inject me with that poison. I read upon the side effect…they spray orange trees and oil machinery with the Reclast, the others make the bones so hard that if you have a fall your bones would shatter like glass. What are your recommendations for me?

  20. Arnold

    I was trying Ultimate pH Balance in early May of 2012. I stopped taking the drops after 12 days because it felt as if it was affecting my blood
    sugar readings as well as my blood pressure. Could Ultimate pH Balance
    possibly affect some people in this manner? Could it possibly be a
    coincidence of some sort? I’m debating whether to return the product or
    try it again to see if I get the same type of feeling again.

  21. holly ross

    I would like information regarding women who take a “holiday” from Fosamax. I have been on it 14 years. No adverse side effects, but my DXA scores are progressively worse. Doctors tell me that statistics say that women do not improve, but they hold ground better than those who take nothing. Do you have something I can see in print regarding these tests? Many thanks.

  22. holly ross

    Do you think that small daily amounts of baking soda can help with osteoporosis?

  23. holly ross

    What do you know about DHEA sublingual drops to help osteoporosis ?

  24. Paulinel Ellis

    Thanks for your help so far.

    Am still waiting for my refund from Nugenics – was emailed on 14th to say money would appear in my account in 3-5 business days.

    Thanks for your input.

    It is now SIX days later.

    Anyway you can reply to my email address so I can let you know the outcome and ask for more help if needed.

    Many thanks

  25. Valerie M. Neatrour

    Can you give me a list of the exact vitamins/supplements that we should be taking for osteoporosis? I have refused the medicine that my doctor prescribed (fosomax, boniva, etc. he said I could take either one – thanks but no thanks). I am trying to follow your progam and also take vitamins, exercise, etc. I need more exact guidance on what vitamins/supplements I should be taking everyday for example brand,etc. I have your program but am having a hard time figuring it out. I need more specifics. If you could be more specific it would be very helpful.

  26. Christine Stinson

    Hello Vivian,

    I have osteoporosis. I now have a compression fracture at T10 on my spine, which the Dr suspects is from osteoporosis. I will have a bone density scan tomorrow. Is there any option for me, I don’t want to take meds.

    Thanks, Christine

  27. Jeanne Gagliano

    Dear Vivian,
    I met a nurse who told me she uses Diatomacous Earth DE for good health.
    Is this product safe to use for osteopori\sis?
    Thank you for the many tips you send, I really do appreciate it.

  28. Maria

    Dear Vivian,

    Please help us understand the role that oxalic acid and other chemicals that bind with calcium, including phytic acid, have in the Save Our Bones program.

    I’ve recently read some articles that have left me concerned that I may have replaced many of the acidic foods in my diet with foods that inhibit calcium absorption, and that my bones will be no better off (or possibly worse off). For example, when I started Save Our Bones, I replaced regular milk with almond milk and I have been juicing dark green vegetables including spinach on a regular basis. Now I see listed under “Very High Oxalate” some of the foods recommended in Save Our Bones, including almonds, sesame seeds/tahini, spinach, and swiss chard. A number of fruits and vegetables, such as dried apricots and sweet potatoes, are listed as “High Oxalate.” I cannot find the oxalic or phytic acid content of many of the other foods in my diet.

    I hope that you will consider this request and provide additional guidance. Also, please let us know if there is a test that would help determine whether there is enough calcium in someone’s system for good bone health.

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions – I always read your responses to see if there are ways that I can improve on what I’m trying to do for healthier bones!


  29. Shirley Scott

    Hi Vivian,
    I had osteoporsis about 5 years ago, I recently took another bone scan and was told that I have osteopenia, my question is what the difference between the two and what I need to do. Thanks for your info.

  30. Sharon

    Hi Vivian,
    I have one additional question: Is coconut water alkalizing?

    Thanks for all you do!

  31. Sharon

    I stopped taking Boniva 14 months ago, after taking it for about 2-1/2 years. How long, on average, does it take for the drug to leave the system?

  32. Nicole

    I have been suffering with shingles in my head (the worse kind)for the last six months. No pain killing med has worked so far except poisoning my body. I am ready to try other routes. I found a website called Nature’s Pearl that recommands a premium Muscadine red grape seed supplement; I am told it reduces inflamation. I used to have osteoporosis but now thanks to all your hard work I have progressed to osteopenia. I’d greatly appreciate your opinion. I don’t want to go back to osteoporosis but I need to do something about the excruciating constant pain I’ve lived with since January. I am also considering seeing a chiropractor. Would that have a negative effect on my bones? Thank you so much for everything you do for us. Your hard work is greatly appreciated – Nicole

  33. Deborah

    I am a Pilates teacher and underwent a DXA Bone Densitormetry indicating:

    Left hip: T-score -2.7 and BMD (g/cm2) 0.609
    Femoral neck: T-score 2.8 and BMD 0.540
    Lumbar spine: T-score -3.6 and BMD 0.637

    I have declined pharmaceutical intervention. I reade the following (https://www.ideafit.com/fitness-library/modifying-pilates-for-clients-with-osteoporosis) learning the risks of Pilates and exercises I should avoid. This is very disheatening as it is my occupation. Based on the T-scores listed above, how high is my risk for a spine fracture if I continue to do or even demonstrate flexion and spinal twists?

    Thanks for all your good work, Vivian!

  34. Eduardo

    I am a vegeterian and have osteroporosis. How can I get protiens without eating meat or fish – I am alergic to Soja?

    (You can understand that this is very urgent for me!!)
    Thank you for all your help.

  35. Gaetane White

    Does anyone keep statistics on fractured bones in relationship to person being on fosamax (or similar drug) and number of years person was on drug, and is this available to the public? I was on fosamax for at least 10 years, have been off for 3-1/2 years, and trying desperately to improve bone density scores. Very difficult to eat 80/20 alkaline/acidic but trying. Postive note – weight vest (only up to 5 lbs.) while on treadmill has improved strength in my back.
    Thank you for all your work in this field and keeping us updated.

  36. Helen Peters

    Hi Vivian
    Is Candida and Osteoporosis a related problem?

    Thanks for a reply

  37. Pepa Zareva


    Hi Vivian, Do you think that an osteoporosis with T-score more than 4,0 (about 4,2-4,4) can be treated only with your program? Now I am 60 years old and have pain in my back and legs. I would like not to use any drugs for osteoporosis, but I am afraid it won’t be enough and later I could face much more problems?! I am in a very difficult situation. Please let me have your advise!

  38. Lowana

    Dear Vivian, I have been on Actonil for about 6 years, and gave it up a month ago…most of the pain in my shins has stopped, but upper arms still very painful when I raise them..do you think this pain will go and if so, how long should it take?

  39. Cathy

    Hi Vivian,
    I have adjusted my diet to include more alkalinizing foods and find that I am experiencing constipation. I’ve always had a tendency toward slow motility and constipation but it’s worse now than before. I consume only yogurt and kefir milk products. No cheese, only alkalinizing grains. Used to eat more whole grains, prunes, but these are acidifying and I’ve mostly cut them out of my diet. Do you have suggestions to help treat the constipation naturally to avoid taking laxatives?
    Thank you so much!

  40. Susan Walker

    Hi Vivian,

    Could you please comment on which breads, if any, are alkalizing? I am wondering about Ezekiel Bread, manna bread or other sprouted wheat breads. What about spelt bread, as spelt appears in two columns in the Save Our Bones book? Love your work!

    Susan Walker, Vancouver, Canada

  41. JenaC

    I have been reading up on the health benefits of kale as I have quite a bit of it growing in my organic garden. My question is this: If kale is high in calcium (one cup providing 15 % of the daily requirement and 40 % of manganese required daily, which I thought helped the body absorb calcium) and superrich in Vitamin K which is necessary for bone health BUT contains oxalates that interfere with the absorption of calcium, then how is kale a bone healthy food? I am so confused. Please help us understand this whole process. I am trying to follow the dietary plan that you recommend in your book, but get confused when it comes to kale and spinach, which I think of as super foods!

  42. Maxine rowe

    Hi Vivian, Im building up my ration of alkaline to acid foods in each meal. So far it is 1 third alkaline to 2 thirds acid. I am vegetarian and my main meal of the day is lunch. For instance I would a have a salad to 1 third, a bean dish (1 third) and a grain dish (1 third). so I thought I would sprout my grains. Is it true that if you sprout a grain it will be become alkaline rather than acid? So then I would automatically have 2 alkaline foods and 1 acid food at each main meal. What do you think? Is it a good idea? Raw food is not my favourite food and i find it difficult to get enough alkaline food so I thought that this would be one to add to my growing arsenal. Also I have been to see a natureopath and he said that my system is acid so It is an important issue to me and I beleive it is one reason why I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Vivian I would also like to say that I think you are amazing…what you have done…your website…how you have helped the global communtity and me as an individual…it truly does bring tears to my eyes and I thank God for you…xx Maxine 🙂

  43. Liz Hagel

    Thanks so much for all the information you send. It is very interesting and helpful.

    My question pertains to coconut sweetener. You list fresh coconut and coconut oil as alkalizing. Only honey and stevia are listed as alkalizing sweeteners. My bag of coconut sweetener indicates that it is “All Natural Pure Coconut Sap”. Where does this sweetener fit in? Is it alkalizing or acidifying?


  44. Donna

    I like to drink unsweetened ice tea when I go out to eat, and get green tea sweetened with honey from Starbucks. My question is, is the caffeine bad for me?

    • edith gaines

      I was wondering the same thing.

  45. Sue

    What can you tell me about taking strontium?

  46. Claire Crilly

    Dear Vivian,

    One of my good friends was recently diagnosed with acid reflux and her doctor advised her to go on Prilosec and follow the “gerd” diet. She is very concerned about taking Prilosec because of her family history of osteoporosis and the drug’s negative calcium depletion side effects. Also, the gerd diet prohibits many of the foods that strengthen our bones (yogurt, tomatoes and many other nutritious fruits and vegetables).

    I noticed in one of your responses (from a reader who was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia) you mentioned you also had acid reflux and successfully weaned yourself from an acid reducing drug and now just follow your Osteoporosis Reversal Program. How were you able to wean yourself off this drug, follow the akaline diet in your program and no longer have to deal with acid reflux?

    My mother is also trying to wean herself off Prilosec after being on the drug for 10 years and would like to do so while following a natural wholistic diet. What would you recommend for them?

    Thanks so much in advance for your cooperation.

    Claire Crilly

  47. Rebecca T. Johnson

    Osteoporosis “runs” in the maternal side of my family. On my mother’s side, all women as they aged had it (great-grandmother, grandmother, mother); they all shrunk in height & developed Dowager’s humps. All are/were Caucasian, short in height (I am the tallest at 5’4″) & relatively thin. My mother had double hip replacements in her mid-70s; the doctors said she had osteoarthritis & had abused her hips when she was younger (she’d been a downhill skier & ran a ski shop in which she frequently climbed up & down stocking ladders; often jumping down from the ladders).

    I am now 60 years old (my mother is 83) & have been taking calcium-magnesium supplements since my 30s. Currently, I take Whole Foods Market’s “Bone Complex” synergistic product (contains, in addition to calcium & magnesium — vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamins K1 & K2, vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium & boron). Also, since my 30s I have been active (aerobics classes, swimming, walking & currently Anusara yoga). Despite my efforts to stave off osteopenia/osteoporosis my bone density levels have continued to drop
    (2004 — total L hip: -1.1 & L hip femoral neck: -1.5)
    (2006 — total L hip: -1.6 & L hip femoral neck: -1.5)
    (2007 — total L hip: -1.4 & L hip femoral neck: -2.1)
    (2009 — total L hip: -1.6 & L hip femoral neck: -1.5 & total R hip:
    -1.1 & R hip femoral neck: -1.2)
    (2011 — total R hip: -1.62 & R hip femoral neck: -1.76)

    For the past 4-5 years I have been consulting with a traditional chinese medicine / functional medicine practitioner. She tells me that osteoporosis is due to inflammation, not lack of calcium. We are doing several things, among them strengthening my thyroid (Apex Energetics TYRO-CNV has definitely increased the FT3 levels (2010: 2.19 & 2011: 2.63); I under-convert from T4 to T3 which causes my weak thyroid levels.) She also has me on an insulin resistance diet (all my life I have been a carbs/sweets binge eater, although I am not overweight). I have been on the I.R. diet for about 1 1/2 years. My cravings for carbs/sweets have gone, probably ever since she warned me that if I did not change my ways, diabetes was headed my way. Also on the advice of my alternative health practitioner I’ve begun boiling beef, then poultry bones with vinegar twice/week & drinking this bone broth once/day.

    I know that you wanted one ?, but the older I get & the more I study about bone density, there isn’t just one ?
    Based on my journey so far, it seems that no matter what I do, I am bound to wind up with osteoporosis?

    (by the way, I do not & never really have smoked, I do not drink either alcohol or caffeinated beverages & am on a modified paleolithic diet (protein with every meal, lots of cooked vegetables & some seeds/nuts/grains; this diet was advised by my TCM/functional medicine practitioer + I cut out sugar 1 1/2 years ago when I began eating to treat I.R.)(I do yoga classes 5 times/week (depending on my energy level; I tend to get fatigued easily) & it’s not just the stretch & restore type of yoga; I practice handstand, headstand, backbends, etc. — my Anusara teachers are very careful when teaching these challenging poses & I think that they do help my overall health)

    I apologize for this long-winded ? I guess my ? is something like, “Despite working against getting osteoporosis since my 30s, it seems that I’m going the same way the other maternal side women in my family; is it impossible to fight genetics in regard to osteoporosis?

  48. Rosetta Hodge

    I fractured my hip a month ago my doctor wants me to consider injections
    they are Forteo. I fell is how I got fracture. What do you know about these injections. I am scared.It has serious side aeffects.

  49. nori saylor

    I would love to TRY your new sweetener, but can you offer it in a smaller amount? Three pounds is a lot at one time. What If I don’t like it? Can I return it?

  50. Vince

    Is Strontium good or ok to take for those who don’t have actually have osteoporosis?

  51. Zorana

    Dear Vivian,

    You keep saying that you improved your bone density by 20% in a year. That was several years ago. What happened later? Did it improve further? Thank you.

  52. Zuleika

    Hi Vivian,

    My only aunt is now suffering from bone cancer (after surviving breast cancer and then lung cancer 10 years ago). All labs and tests performed were normal until last week when they performed a Bone Scan because her hip started to hurt. The diagnosis is Bone metastasis (mainly on vertebrae, femur and acetabulum). How can I help her ease her pain and make her bones stronger? Thank you!

  53. Nu Ly

    My ph level 6.5 or 7, I am Asian, until October I am turing 78. My questions are: Where can I find the supplements in one pill with sufficient quantity? or I have to take several pills? Please recommend me.
    and the other, Can you give me a success story about an Asian, how she
    prepare her meals? I am struggling for my meals, because I am old, a big
    change, sometimes I hardly to adjust it, even I live in Australia for 22

  54. Jojo Taaffe

    Hi Vivian ,thanks for all the tips and updates that you forward on a regular basis.

    My question is which is the best oil to cook with, particulary when pan frying or baking fish?



  55. Sandhya

    Dear Vivian,

    I had written to you one month ago.But got no reply .I was diagonised with osteopinia 8yrs ago since then my specialist put me on IDROPHOS once a month and calcium.My bone density is no better than before. But after readng your book 4months ago, which has been an eye opener i have stopped taking IDROPHOS. I still take my calcium.I want to change to natural calcium as you have said it is better absorbed by the body.Can you suggest any? I also want to start taking ubiqunol, can you suggest that too. I am 58yrs old and active. I try to eat a healthy diet, as you have mentioned.
    Thank you so much for sharing your research with all of us.

  56. Debbie

    Hi Vivian…I would like to know if you know anything about ‘EZORB’. It’s supposedly the ‘New Generation Calcium Supplement’. It comes in powder form and capsules. I’ve been taking this for almost 2 years. I have no known side effects and feel really good, but my concern is how safe is this product. Is it causing me any health issues that haven’t shown up yet. When you read blogs, it’s mostly negative with few positives and you never know what to believe. Your opinion: should I continue taking this? Thank you!

  57. Miriam

    Is San Peligrino and spring water OK to drink?

  58. Deborah

    In your Save Our Bones program you mentioned that a particular type of calcium supplement was better and necessary for good bones, but you never gave any information about that calcium supplement. Which calcium supplements are best for us to take for better bone health and how much?

  59. Tom Szwarc

    The matter of milk being harmful because of acidity.
    I drink two glasses of milk a day.
    If it is only the matter of acidity, how much of it is in 500 g of milk comparing with acidity of an average apple ? or a slice of lemon ?

  60. Linda

    I know fermented foods are good for bones (as well as having other benefits). How do you ferment your own food, such as broccoli, kale, or cabbage for sauerkraut?

  61. Patricia Hendrick

    I have your great book Save our Bones and I’m working my way through it. My question is this. How can I help keep the cartilage between the bones healthy.

  62. Susan

    Recently I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis.. degenerative disks and compression. Also Osteoarthritis.

    I continually have pain in my left butt and stiffness down my leg. I am not diagnosed w/Sciatica. I go to chiro, get manipulations and acupuncture. I am afraid of the Decompressing machine that is hooked up to computer. I am actually afraid to be decompressed at all. MY choices are: Chiro, Physical Therapy, Epidural, and Surgery. How can I help relieve myself of the constant pain. I will be trying physical therapy very soon.

  63. Carol

    I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and have already broken my left wrist once and my right twice. What results do you predict for me on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program? I am torn between natural and drugs (which I have already done plenty of, but don’t want to take anymore). Thanks for your response!

  64. Eileen

    What is your opinion of the recent studies indicating that calcium supplements can lead to heart disease? Also reports of side effects using Vitamin D. I always refer to your book. Thank you.

  65. Brian

    Is it true thata millet and buckwheat are alkaline forming too?

  66. pamela

    Will bones be too badly damaged by past anorexia to follow programme. Would taking aldronic acid be best as doctor advises, I have broken both wrists.

  67. Kazuyo

    Vivian,I’m a 79 years young male. Recently My T3 Total was 72, my T4 Total was 3.5 and my TSH 27.37 up from previous test 2 weeks previously of 20.22.

    I meet with Endocrinologist this week. I am concerned she will prescribe Synthroid instead of Armour.

    May I have your comments, please?

    Many thanks,


  68. Ita

    is the aspartame which is in calcichew+d3 harmful..? thanks Ita.

    • Boni Ross

      What do you know about use of calccitonin (taken as a daily nasal spray) as a treatment?

  69. Ita

    do you agree with protelos as treatment? I have it but am not happy drinking it..please comment .thank you Ita.

  70. Bobbie

    A major medical clinic in the U. S. A. wrote in a study that distilled water is acidic. (I believe it was the Mayo Clinic.) Is this true?

  71. Tricia

    Recent Japanese research (Keio University) has reported negative results in bone mass in mice given Vitamin E & positive results when there was a deficiency. The researchers suggest that vitamin E could encourage the formation of bone-depleting osteoclast cells.
    Help! Confused! What is your take on it Vivian?

  72. Cherry Bennett

    I have your Save Our Bones book and although i have osteoporosis, up till now (I am eighty) I have no arthritic pain and do not believe in taking pain killers, sleeping tablets etc. My left hip is beginning to trouble me, so i am aware of every step i take. My podiatrist said Wear better balanced walking shoes, and this helps, but is there something else i can do to minimise the pain, which i am not used to! I walk and am very active, always trying to lose some weight.My question is “Can I lessen the pain naturally – say by drinking a glass of hot lemon first thing in the morning, or take apple cider vinegar or what do you suggest?

  73. Micky Winchester

    Hi Vivian, Is swimming any good for your bones? I swim about three times a week, and wondered if there was an exercise that I can do in the water to help improve my bone density.

    Best wishes

  74. Christine S

    Until I bought your book I was taking 2,000 mg of calcium carbonate every day because my doctor told me to take a lot of calcium. I switched to the type of calcium you recommend and now I take a lot less, but I’m really worried because I’ve read that calcium can cause heart attacks. Am I at risk?

  75. Susan

    I’ve been trying the SAVE diet for about 9 months…I rarely achieve the 4 to 1 ratio, but am eating MUCH MORE fruit & vegetables than I ever did in the past. One very odd thing I’ve noticed since around last October is that my fingernails are starting to look worse, not better, than before. They were always weak, split easily, and had white lines through them, but now, for the first time in my life they are hooking slightly, like claws, and warping toward the center. The only diet change I’ve made in the last 9 months is the SAVE OUR BONES diet and the Distilled
    water. Is there any way the distilled water could be causing it? I decided to cut that out of my diet for awhile to see if that makes a difference. I’m drinking purified water. Any thoughts?

    • Bobbie

      I just posted a question for Vivian about distilled water. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic, I believe, stated that distilled water is acidic. I had also switched to distilled several months ago but have not noticed any problems. Of course, if it is acidic, I won’t bem drinking it.

  76. Joyce Kassin

    Hi Vivian, I bought two copies of “Osteoporosis Reversal Program”, one for my daughter and one for myself. I have two important questions to ask you. First question, what brand of calcium supplement do you recommend? I was on one for six months and had to stop because it had high levels of lead. I had a few supplements tested for lead, mercury, and other metals. My Dr. tested me for metals because I was always tired. All the metals came high. I spoke to a toxologist and he recommended I have my supplements tested. Second question, I tried to do the exercises that you recommend in your program. I found it difficult to do 10 minutes of the same exercise. Is it ok if i do five minutes of two different exercises every other day? Thanks again for a great program and for all your daily tips. Sincerely, Joyce A

    • Marilyn

      Joyce, Your post was very enlightening! Did your doctor send the supplements off to be tested? That is scary, are you allowed to name names as everyone would like to know what NOT to take! Is your doctor a naturopathic doctor? Thanks for the info. Marilyn

  77. Debbie

    Hi Vivian…I have been drinking exclusively distilled water since I found your book. That’s a lot of distilled water. Recently I found an article stating that distilled water is acid, and while it might help initially, is very dangerous and it could lead to an early death. Why the controversy?

  78. Barbara

    Dear Vivian,

    I’ve heard for many years, that squeezing a lemon into a glass of water and drinking it in the morning will make your body alkaline. If this is true, wouldn’t it be necessary to continue that several more times throughout the day?
    Thanking you in advance for your response.

  79. Carmen

    Hi Vivian

    I was on actonel pills for nearly 7 years they really did nothing to help me.I have stopped taking them for over a year now as they were causing me stomach burns headache Now I cannot balance my meals right is it possble that you could help me with what foods that go together some different ones that you have already in your wonderful book,I,m having problems with milk as I love milk very much I’m 85 years old and I dont find myself old and may God bless you for the wonderful work you do to help all of us Carmen

    • Lowana

      HI Carmen..if you love milk, try Oat Milk..I am dairy allergic and have been on Oat Milk for years..Personally I wouldn’t take Soy Milk,which I started on B4 Oat..I got Graves Disease which gave me double vision..when I stopped the Soy the Graves Disease went away, but unfortunately it was too late for the double vision to repair itself.

  80. Madge Spencer

    What can you advise me about the pros and cons of parathyroid hormone to increase bone density? I am hopeful that following your plan will take care of the problem, but if my doctor is not pleased I know this will come up again. I am wondering if some women need this to absorb calcium properly. I have been a pointe ballet student for the past 17 years who has always been intersted in nutrition; therefore I’m shocked that bone density would be an issue, although I am an extra small person. Thank you for answering me.

  81. Ruth Bjerke

    I get pain in my back after I have been on my feet for awhile. It is my middle back right below my shoulder bones. (beneath my bra strap in the back) I think it is related to my poor posture nd lack of good stomach muscles. What exercises will relieve this? I am doing some back exercises.

  82. Ruthie

    Just want to know whether or not Strontium is good for osteoporosis.
    I cannot remember whether or not Brie or any other cheese is helpful for
    I really appreciate having the opportunity to ask direct questions of you.

    You have been quite an inspiration for me!! Thank You Vivian.

  83. Debbie

    Hi Vivian,
    I downloaded Save Our Bones a year or so ago but for some reason the download started at page 24 and I did it twice. Did I miss anything in pages 1-23? Is it possible to have them sent to me? Thank you for your work.

  84. Ruthie

    Somewhere (cannot remember where) I had heard that strontium was good for our bones. Is is so?

  85. Cynthia Kuehn

    This is my third year with your program. Last March I had another bone scan…I did not grow any bone back, lost a little in each place. Perhaps this is age related. But I continue on your program. We will see the results March 2013. I love all of your recommendations and try most. I eat veggies and fruit, drink Alomond Milk and George’s Aloe Water. I just turned 70..I have also been on the Mannatech Nutrition Program for over six years…that has also helped me…pure nutrition, plant based. Thank you for your continued help as I journey down the bone growth road. Cindy

    • Patricia

      Dear Vivian,

      Where are your answers to these questions?

      Thank you,

      • Customer Support

        Hi Patricia,

        As Vivian wrote in the blog post above:

        “On June 28th, I will select five questions and will post my in-depth answers to them right here on the blog. Then throughout the year, I will continue answering five questions on a regular basis.”

        Hope this clarifies things for you!

      • Petro

        Give her a chance to get to them they have only been posted on 16 June

  86. Trisha Clark

    Hi there Vivian

    lovely to be able to speak across the ocean to you! I have just been assessed again by my OP doctor and as my results have come up with a spine curve of nearly 90 degree bend, I have 3 crush fractures and others looming and have lost 6 inches in height, he is putting me forward to have Terepetide injections every day.
    Can I ask you do you know any other people who have taken these injections which you have to administer every day yourself and did they help them? I am also unsure exactly what they will do to me, I have looked on the web but get differing answers. I havent started them yet, but I would like to know all I can about them before commencing if you can help in any way.

    With many grateful thanks from Trisha Clark Horsebridge East Sussex England. (age 61)

  87. Joan

    I bought your book this year and have not read it completely so I don’t have a specific question at this time but I am excited that you will take questions and respond to them.

    My gratitude for your attitude.

  88. katherine kubik

    Is there a simple urine test to determine acid or alkaline or some other test to determine the same?

    • Jilli roberts

      I buy litmus paper from the chemist. You can test it by colour change with urine or saliva.
      I’m sure it would be available in all countries This Australian one has a website:

  89. Sherrine Wesley

    Many of us out here need to take medications that can hurt our bones. I have quite a few chronic illnesses including fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis. I stopped taking Prilosec when I read your book. I ended up with bleeding ulcers and had to stop the ibuprofen, too. I got to the point where I was at a level 9-10 on the pain scale all day long and it was nearly impossible for me to walk. The doctors put me back on ibuprofen but I refused Prilosec but am now taking Pepcid AC. I feel better about that since Pepcid AC isn’t a PPI.

    My question is, what can people like me do to offset what these medications are possibly doing to our bones? For me, without them, I have no quality of life.


  90. M.king

    I bought your program 5 months ago. I am having difficulty finding the right calcium and other supplements and ship them to me. I am a little discouraged to read comments saying they stick to your program and the results have got worse. They are asking your help.
    Recently my urine ph is within 6.5-7.5, I suppose this number is good for the bone.
    What brand or kind of fish oil is really good?
    Where or how can I read others comment up to date?
    Thanks Vivian

  91. Nancy

    You have stressed the importance of an Algae Calcium. Please tell us which one YOU use and also a multiple that would include many of the foundation supplements. I’ve hounded all the health stores and am still somewhat confused about making the right choices. Please give some guidance here.
    Thank you in advance.

  92. Don Auchterlonie

    I am following your diet as best I can. I weigh 60 kg normally,can you suggest a food which would help me to gain some wieght?

  93. irene

    My last DEXa scan showed that I have severe osteopenia for all areas of the
    DEXA scan and that was about 8 months ago. I have been off Fosamax for that amount of time. The endocrinologist makes me take 3000 to 3500 I.U.’s of D a day to get my elevated PTH down to 68.9 which is much better than
    100. I will have another scan the end of October but now it will include the forearm. I walk, use weights, wear a weighted vest try to follow the diet but it has been less than a year. I want to know if anyone uses the Osteo Mins which have strontium in them. My doctor tells me that stays in your system forever because it is a metal and is not FDA controlled. The doc knows I will not do Forteo or PROlia so she suggested that I take Actonel in November of 2012.What should I do and what do you know about strontium?

  94. Jean Laible

    How can I connect with people who’ve been successful? I’m struggling with meal planning. I’d also like to know where they got their supplements. It would be helpful to have a forum on your website where people can connect. Thank you.

  95. jenny

    I just moved from a house with a yard to a small apartment, so I had to give up my herb garden and also my huge aloe plant. I cooked with my organic herbs and made smoothies with the aloe. I miss my aloe plant so much, especially since it seems to be the only thing that helps me eliminate my heartburn that I got from taking Fosamax for six years.

  96. Janice Robinson

    Hi, I note in your Save our Bones document that you state that the ph of pasteurized milk (and dairy products) ranges from 2 to 4. I have been unable to find any data that supports your stated ph level for milk. Research data suggests that milk has a ph level of between 6.4 – 6.8. As you suggest not to drink milk, I am most interested in understanding the correct ph level of milk.

  97. Mick

    Vivian….how beneficial is it to take apple cider vinegar for people suffering with osteoporosis and if it is good for helping the bones is it detrimental to the health of any other part of the body ?…..thank you Mick

  98. Robert

    What is your opinion of the product, Osteo Phase by Tango Advanced Nutrition? It is supposed to move blood calcium to the bone, thereby increasing bone density even without additional calcium supplements.

  99. Helen Wan

    Dear Vivian,

    I am 73years old, Asian. Since the sole of my feet are sore and so are my knees, every time I do your exercises I feel the pain quite bad, so I have stopped doing them now, I only go for a brisk walk for 30/minutes in the morning. would that be enough? I go to the gym for other exercises as well.
    Is that enough?


  100. Cindy

    I have bone spurs on the tops of my feet. What causes them, how do I deal with them, and what can be done, other than the shaving operation (according to an orthopedic surgeon) which the bone grows back from? It is interfering with walking, running, exercising, ect. The spurs are located on the middle of the tops of my feet. Any help available? Thanks

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