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I thank you all for posting your questions during ‘Ask Vivian Week'. I am really excited that the Save Our Bones community is so active and intelligently inquisitive.

There were no less than 925 questions submitted and I wish I could answer them all…

But I promise you that there will be other Ask Vivian weeks in the future. And remember this quote from Bernard Baruch: “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why” – so continue to ask ‘why'.

Till next time,

Question & Answer #1

I have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and am keen to stop taking medication and calcium/vitamin D, prescribed a couple of years ago, after a bad fall led to a spinal fragility fracture. I have discussed this with my GP and also acupuncurist/nutritionalist.

I am 63 years of age and active and also practice yoga etc.

Is there any specific additional advice you are able to give, please, for someone in my position? My father had osteoporosis and his spine ‘crumbled’ badly towards the end of his life – (he died aged 92). I obviously wish to avoid following that possible ‘inherited pattern’. Thank you.


Dear Jill,

It sounds as though you really are on the right path! To answer your question, I’d like to clarify that, contrary to what mainstream medicine would like us to believe, there isn’t a known genetic pattern for osteoporosis.

You surely know from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program that osteoporosis is not a disease, so this is actually not surprising. It makes sense that there isn’t a demonstrable inheritance pattern for quantitative bone loss. However, an inheritance pattern may exist for peak bone mass. Here’s a quote from an article published in Endocrine Reviews by M. Peacock. M.D. et al. (2002):

“There is evidence that there are several regions that harbor genes affecting both peak bone mass and femoral structure. As these studies expand and progress, they will confirm or refute the initial results.”

First of all, I find it fascinating that mainstream scientists actually acknowledge genes that may determine peak bone mass. Here’s why. The relatively new osteoporosis parameters compare the bone density of a middle-aged person to the average standardized bone density of a randomly selected group of women in their 20’s of which we know nothing about. Remember that we reach peak bone mass precisely within that age span. If peak bone mass is determined by genes, then the “standard” bone mass used to measure bone loss is flawed from the get-go. What if peak bone mass genes vary within geographical areas or inheritance patterns that may be recessive rather than dominant gene expressions? The answer is obvious.

So my additional advice to you is that you shouldn’t fall for scare tactics based on a mythical osteoporosis inheritance pattern. Continue to follow the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, knowing that you are not tampering with your bone metabolism.

I wish you and yours a long and healthy life.


Question & Answer #2

Dear Vivian,

As I am on Warfarin, I am not allowed to take any other medication for osteoporosis, so how can I improve my bone density? Please help.

Thank you,


Dear Nelson,

Consider it a blessing in disguise. Osteoporosis drugs are a short-sighted solution and may cause a slew of undesirable side-effects. So the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is a great way for you to have strong and healthy bones and to improve your bone density without ever risking dangerous and debilitating side effects.

Since you are currently taking the blood thinner Warfarin (Coumadin), I recommend you stick to the program as much as possible. Anticoagulant drugs have been linked to an increased risk of fractures. Here’s why: warfarin inhibits Vitamin K, best known as essential for the production of blood clotting factors. But Vitamin K is also related to osteocalcin, or bone Gla protein, which binds calcium and works with Vitamin D. Vitamin K is important to proper bone formation, and for that reason it is one of the Foundation Supplements in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. So you should consult with your doctor before taking Vitamin K. He or she can adjust the warfarin dosage as needed.

In good health,


Question & Answer #3

Where I live the soil is very acidic, and my tap water has a pH of 4.0. You mentioned somewhere that you recommend distilled water for drinking and cooking. I would like to understand better the effect of water and its pH on my body, as it is such a basic part of what I ingest. Thank you!


Dear Judith,

Indeed, water is crucial to bone health and general health as well. There are several problems with tap water, besides its acidic pH: it contains many toxic and acidifying chemicals that we should not ingest. As I explain in great detail in the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, a book that is part of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, besides chlorine, chloramines, and other undesirable chemicals used to disinfect tap water, fluoride is of great concern to your bone health.

Fluoride, a poison used mainly for pest control, is added for the purpose of preventing tooth decay. It not only has failed to show any clear benefits to dental health, many scientific studies confirm that fluoride increases the risk of fractures.

On the other hand, distilled water is obtained by collecting what has been turned into vapor, so that in effect all the impurities are left behind. Because distilled water is made of only two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, it produces a negative ion reaction in the body, and is therefore alkaline forming.

There is misinformation about this as well: distilled water does test acidic for its pH. However – and this is what makes it so beneficial – because it is negatively charged, it attracts the positively charged acidic waste products and flushes them out of your body. Perhaps that is why another common myth about distilled water is that it causes essential minerals to leach out of the body.

To your bone health!


Question & Answer #4

I’m trying to eat 80% “alkaline-producing food and 20% acid-producing food but don’t seem to be able to eat that way yet. I eat about 70% alkaline-producing food. My urine pH is usually 6.5 to 7.0 first thing in the morning. Is this good enough to save my bones?


Dear Bonnie,

Congratulations! Your pH is within the desirable range for optimal bone health. Here’s proof that even if you don’t follow everything in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you can (and will) “save your bones”.

Keep up with the program and relax knowing that you are building your bones naturally.


Question & Answer #5

1. Are your recommendations equally valid for men?

2. Is Protelos as different from the other bone building products as they say?

3. Does Glucosamine help or is still unproven?


Dear Richard,

Even though women are more likely to be diagnosed with osteoporosis than men are, the recommendations in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program apply equally to both. Actually, there is a section titled Men and Osteoporosis in Chapter 1 of the manual.

Protelos is one of the brand names for Strontium Ranelate. It is different in that strontium is a naturally occurring element. However, Protelos is combined with ranelic acid, a purely synthetic molecule. Protelos has its own list of side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, headaches, fainting, and blood clots. Studies have shown that strontium mainly thickens the outer cortical portion of bones.

Regarding your last question, glucosamine is typically recommended for joint aches as in the case of osteoarthritis. It is produced in the body by the combination of glucose with the amino acid glutamine. Studies have shown that glucosamine helps slow degeneration of cartilage and relieves pain. In addition, glucosamine has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant factors.

Stay healthy and curious,


Question & Answer #6

I am excited to try your program, however, I do take 50 mcg of synthyroid med. I read that 
it depletes calcium in the body. Do I take more calcium than what is recommended?? And, will this med affect any chance of overcoming osteoporosis?

-Allison I.

Dear Allison,

Synthroid is one of the most prescribed drugs in North America. Studies have shown that taking Synthroid with calcium supplements can decrease the drug’s absorption. All you have to do is take your organic calcium supplement four hours after you take Synthroid. You don’t need to increase the calcium supplementation.

Warm regards,


Question & Answer #7

My T -scores are bad. Why can I expect up to only a 20% improvement with a diet change…why not a 50% or 75% improvement?

-Donna W.

Dear Donna,

First of all, keep in mind that T-scores don’t provide the whole bone health picture. They only give an indication of density, and there’s a lot more to your bone health than just density. But of course, you want to increase your bone density as much as possible without tampering with your bone metabolism. That’s where the Osteoporosis Reversal Program can really help.

You can most certainly expect more than a 20% bone density score improvement. My own bone density scores increased by that much in one year, but many in the Save Our Bones community have experienced greater increases.

Here is one example, posted in the Save Our Bones blog on June 16th, 2010:

“My mother was confronted by her doctor with evidence of decreasing bone density, and one of these drugs was recommended. I told her NO and we began the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I have the density scans that verify we increased her bone density by 50% in TWO YEARS! Keep telling EVERYONE about this vital information.”

– Claus

So believe in your bones, and believe in yourself!


Question & Answer #8

I’m 62, took a hard fall in June and broke my wrist. Bone Density test results are T-scores of 2.8 & 3.0 for hips and 4.6 for my spine. Dr. gave me instructions to take 2000 mg Calcium, 800 iu Vitamin D, limited exercise and Boniva.
I have read your information, reviewed the Boniva warnings and now need to make the decision whether to take drugs or not. I asked the Dr if I can improve my T-score without Boniva. He said, “No, your 4.6 is too serious. Boniva is necessary to stop the bone loss and limit the risk of fracture, vitamins and exercise alone will not do it”. Are there any statistical results to indicate this statement is based on fact. Do you have any results from your clients with numbers as bad as mine, to share improvement results?
Thank you for your work and focus on our challenge with osteoporsis.


Dear Nancy,

Your doctor is wrong in saying that 4.6 is too serious a T-score to improve it without taking drugs. Because no matter how much bone loss you may have, your bones can regenerate themselves (if you know what to do) and you can increase your bone density naturally. Dr. Karl Insogna, Director of the Bone Center at Yale School of Medicine says that

“We tend to think of the skeleton as an inert erector set that holds us up and doesn’t do much else. That’s not true. Every bit as dynamic as other tissues, bone responds to the pull of muscles and gravity, repairs itself, and constantly renews itself.”

Your doctor is also recommending too much calcium. If you haven’t yet, read my blog post on calcium and heart attacks to understand why 2000 mg of calcium is excessive.

Your doctor is right in that vitamins and exercise alone will not do it: you also need to apply the simple yet revolutionary nutritional guidelines of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Thousands are improving their T-scores with the program. Below is one example of many posted on April 30th, 2010. Notice the huge improvement in the spinal T-scores:

“I am 61. About 2 1/2 years ago I stopped Fosamax due to heart palpitations. Thankfully, I came across Vivian and ordered the program. I decided to a calcium supplement called Cal Apatite Forte. In one year my bone density results went from -3.1 in the spine to -1.9 and -1.9 in the hip to -1.4. I am in awe of this. Thanks, Vivian…”

In good health,


Question & Answer #9

Recently I paid a visit to my health care provider when I was questioned about what I am taking in the way of pharmaceuticals for my “osteoporosis”, I promptly told her I was following your recommendation of modifying my diet to cut out processed foods, and to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables which you recommended in your program.

Well, she just about came unglued – saying things such as “what credentials did this person you) have, what studies have been done, have I examined both sides of the argument, and finally giving me the standard warning that if I didn’t take bisphosphonates (such as Actonel or Reclast), that I was at very high risk for fractures which could result in my demise.
My question to you now is, what studies can I point her to, so that she can see what else there is besides pharmaceutical companies claiming that they have the ultimate “cure” for osteoporosis? Thanks Vivian.


Carole K.

Dear Carole,

There are many studies that confirm alternative bone health solutions other than prescription drugs. In fact, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program has a bibliography of over 100 scientific studies published in mainstream journals. Here are some examples: Journal of Bone Mineral Research, Endocrinology, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, New England Journal of Medicine… Indeed, the list is long. I think that your doctor should not only look at the studies; he or she should read the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Best regards,


Question & Answer #10

How long on your program diet will it take to get back to an acceptable level. I am currently -3.7 & have followed your program strictly since buying your book 18 months ago.

-Ken N.

Dear Ken,

There are many variables that can affect bone remodeling, so it is very difficult (if not impossible) to predict the time frame for a bone density improvement. The good news is that I’ve received emails from community members that have gotten rid of osteoporosis in as little as six months!

But what you need to keep in mind is that bone density is not the only bone health indicator. Mainstream medicine needs clear-cut numbers for the purpose of prescribing drugs, so the T-score is used as a guideline for this purpose. It is important to remember that the main goal is to prevent crippling fractures, and that thicker and “older” bone is more prone to fracture than renewed and younger bone.

So continue with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and know that you are doing what’s right for your bones and your general health. I’m sure you’ll get outstanding results!

Vivian Goldschmidt

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  1. Glenda Drum

    Vivian, I just heard about the process Osteostrong. My sister is now using that for her bones and has had 6 or 8 sessions. She thinks it’s helping. Have you heard of this relatively new business franchise and if so what do you think of it?

  2. Silvia Dunn

    I thank God for your wonderful book…….I have the original publication and read it over and over, especially to look up the list of acidic and non-acidic foods. Recently I googled down information on l carnosine ,a supplement we are taking for high glucose levels. The information said carnosine was acidic. I don’t know if you have covered that in your latest writings…..we hate to give up the benefits of taking carnosine, but would prefer to go by your wisdom. Thank you for the e-mail information you send. I can hardly wait for it to show up! You are a blessing to all of us, and it is obvious you have a heart of gold. Sending blessings from a grateful grateful senior citizen.

  3. vivian spence

    Dear Vivian,

    I have your book and got off Forteo after I read it!!! I have a question?

    What do you think of Bone Maximizer? Does it help?


  4. Eva Sylvestre

    Dear Vivian
    I am quite confused about the topic of distilled water. If you research it on the net you get a lot of opinions that it is not good for you, like the following article:
    I know that you suggest distilled water with a few drops of lemon. But what do you say to the theory that drinking distilled water increases acidity in the body?
    Before I purchase a water distiller I would appreciate your input.

    Many thanks!

  5. Maureen Baumann

    Have you heard of Ostinol 175 bone building supplements?

  6. Dolores Hartley

    I don’t have a comment but I have this new e-mail address. My old e-mail was I would very much like to receive Vivian’s articles again. Thank You.

  7. mary phillips

    i have broken both femurs in one year. started boniva & got sick & everything hurt so much. doctors say take boniva – no. what to do @ i did buy algaecal

  8. deborah fret

    I love this program! I also just ordered the organic calcium that Lillian suggests. I have been having runs if atrial tachycardia. Has anyone else had this with post menopause? All heart tests are normal.

  9. Rebecca Hoffman

    I am thinking of enrolling in the save our bones program but I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Will I be able to benefit from the program while still following my gluten free diet?

  10. cheryl

    I just received the Save Your Bones Program and am anxious to get started. However, I was just dianoised with a 50% arterial blockage consisting of calcium and soft plaque. They also did calcium CT scoring and I was extremely high for someone my age (61). I also had a large amount of calcium showing in my urine test, and blood levels of calcium were in the normal range.

    I have now begun takig K2(mk7) and have increased my magniesium. I also ordered AlgaeCal as I was looking for marine algae and now I have read on this site that it is not organic it is carbonate and has been pullled from a health food store because of high mercury content. Does anyone know more about this product? What is the right marine algae to get. And or do we need to take any calcium? I do not eat or drink dairy products but do eat vegetables and some fruits, salmon, and chicken.

    • deborah fret

      Read about the new calcium that Lillian suggests. Organic is vital!

  11. Dale

    I was taking Strontium Citrate (250 mg.) once a day for a couple of months. My hair has taken a turn for the worse. It has become brittle, broken and has actually lost some of it’s natural curl. The only thing different I have been taking was the Strontium. Can that affect the hair, too? I have stopped taking it.

  12. Carolyn

    Is there any Protein Powder that is not a milk base because it causes
    constipation? Is it a Protein that can be put into Almond Milk and would it builed muscle mass?

  13. Debbie

    Every morning I make a smoothy. It consists of 3-4 organic raw green kale leaves, handful of organic raw spinach, 1/4 cup organic unsweetened kefir, 1/4 organic unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup orange juice, scoop of minimally sweeten whey protein, and a handful of frozen fruit (pineapple, mango, peaches, strawberries). I mix and drink. Is this good? Will I be getting the maximum benefit from a bone building standpoint. Is there anything you would change? Also, what are you Bone Up Hydrosyapatite calcium? Should I take it, do you recommend it as a good absorable calcium supplement? Thanks Debbie

  14. Gloria Jones

    I, too, am somewhat disappointed that after all these questions, Vivian only answers a few. Perhaps I could offer the suggestion that she group these questions according to category, because many of them address the same issues. Then she could answer more questions as groups. I realize it’s impossible to answer each and every question, but the similar ones could be combined, so she could give one answer to many people with the same concerns. That way, no one would feel ignored and abandoned. (Just my humble suggestion).

  15. Gloria Jones

    I am currently taking a natural blood thinner, nattokinase, because I have clogged arteries in my legs (Peripheral artery disease) Will this type of natural blood thinner affect bone density, since it doesn’t contain vitamin K2? I am also on a natural oral chelation regimen. I’ve been advised that arteries are clogged with either cholesterol deposits, blood clots, heavy metals and calcium. I have since not taken calcium supplements as I get plenty of calcium in my foods. However, between the blood thinner and the oral chelation, am I doing the right thing to clear my arteries and save my bones, while following all your excellent suggestions also?

  16. Elizabeth Harris

    I make a smoothie of 1 banana, 1 clementine, Bulgarian plain yogurt (high in probiotics), 2T of whey, frozen organic strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. That’s it, no sweetener. Does the addition of fruit to plain yogurt make it acidic or since every ingredient is alkaline except the blueberries, does it keep 80/20 alkalinity?

  17. charlie

    I notice that you make no mention of vitamin K2 which is recommended for reversing CAD,removing calcium from the blood stream back into teeth. Would this not be helpful in reversing osteoporosis as well? Puzzled…charlie

  18. mary t ball

    Hi Vivian I’ve been taking AlgaeCal calcium supplement only to hear it isn’t organic, it’s actualy carbonate. How misleading! Please let us know just which supplement is an ideal brand for increasing bone density.

    • Wendy

      I also have been taking AlgaeCal supplement for a long time now. I thought that Vivian recommended this one. I would also like to know if she still recommends this brand.



  20. Vincent

    Dear Vivian: I have been perscribed calcitonin – salmon. What is your opinion on this drug? Thanks! P.S. I also have acid reflux and take zantac or prilosec. These conditions would seem to respond to the same basic diet.

  21. Naomi

    What about plain Strontium that is available in health food stores?

  22. Maurine Karadimos

    I like reading from everyone who is thinking about our “bones” like I am!
    Tell me where to get the vitamins — especially the bone building ones. I have gone on the and bought the Whey Protein Powder you suggested. I like it very much. I do take it after I finish my 15 minutes of your exercise program. Thanks so much for this program!
    Also, I did see a lot of bone strength vitamins by NEW CHAPTER, VITACOST BONE BOOSTRT, etc., etc. Please tell me which BRAND to buy so that I get the ones you use for this program. I don’t want to overbuy — so please set the limits for me as for the right things to buy and not to buy too much. (I’m afraid I will do this!)
    Until later – thanks again for all you help everyone with! Maurine Karadimos

  23. Alexandra

    My stats were so horrific that doctors put me on fosomax which I took with misgivings for two years and stopped. I fell and had five compound fractures in my back. I was placed on forteo for two years and did not have the sense to stop it since I was told I would die of a hip fracture.
    My family is replete with physicians who were too anxious to dissuade me. The forteo had every conceivable bad side effect and some that were not even suggested. I am now seriously and obviously deformed and have lost another 22 percent of bone. I resisted the return to drugs which was advised. Is it too late to reverse this? I am suffering. Thanks so much.

  24. helen coyne

    How can i ask you a question please
    Helen 🙂

    • Customer Support

      Hi Helen, To ask us a question, just send an email to or click the Customer Support button at the top of any of our web pages (there’s a little picture of a life preserver next to it). We’ll get back to you with a personal response within 24-48 hours (unless your question requires additional research, in which case it can take a bit longer). 🙂

  25. Mary Lou Vitek

    I just sent a comment. Did it go through? Mary Lou Vitek

  26. Mary Lou Vitek

    Vivian, I have moved and have a new e-mail address as you can see. I have been on Fosamax for 11 years and have been off for 1 year. I recently had a bone density test and it shows that I now have osteoporosis. Prior to this test, I had osteopenia. I am 72 years old and I have had cancer and radiation treatment 12 years ago. I do not want to go on anymore drugs, so I want to heal my bones with diet and exercise. I have your book, “The Bone Revolution” and I, also, have Amy Joy Lanou, PhD. book, “Building Bone Vitality”. In her book, she is saying the same things that you say. I want to get e-mails from you on your latest information. Thank you, Mary Lou vitek

  27. Patricia

    What is the Osteostrong method and does it work?

  28. Patricia

    Do you have any comment on whether the Osteostrong is effective against osteoporosis? (

  29. Eleanor Hayhoe


    I have heard that vitamens are destroyed by cooking. Does the vitamen K in asparagus survive the cooking in your soup recipe? There are so many conflicking things in the alternative area. I read a lot of good newsletters and articles. I just read one from a researcher with new information that we usually get enough calcium from our diet especially if you drink almond milk and that the main need is strontium with boron etc. Strontium being absolutely essential.


    Eleanor Hayhoe

  30. Barbara

    I don’t know how to get the answer to my question. Could you send me an e-mail with instructions?

    Thank you,

  31. Belinda Pollinger

    Hi Vivian,
    I just got my book today. In the exercise section on pg 148 it talks about the density training exercises. Where are the density training exercises? I only see the exercises to do following the density training. I did look on the website and found some. Will the density exercises come in the packet of materials that are mailed separately?

    thank you for this program; I am encouraged by it.

  32. Michelle

    I live in Oklahoma City. Our newspaper, “The Daily Oklahoman” just published an article today about how the EPA may change rules to cut fluoride in the water. The article states that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services are pushing for new tighter fluoride regulations. The EPA says consuming too much fluoirde over the course of a person’s lifetime “may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults”, and may also cause bones to becomne tender and painful later in life. Also, children are having a host of cosmetic effects to their teeeth and pits in the enamel from over-consuming fluoride. The fluoride here is about .8 parts per million. The change would lower to 0.7 parts per million. Way to go Vivian for already discussing fluoride in your book! You were way ahead of them!

  33. Hema Naik

    Please could you enlighten me on what to do about my BDM being -3.5
    My doc suggests daily injections.

  34. mary

    Does Green Tea Extract have floride in it?

    • Mirtha

      I have been reading the questions and their replies
      and think the questions are good ones and so are
      the answers

  35. Marilyn Wetmore

    I am beginning to implement your 80%-20% alkaline versus acidic forming foods into my diet; although have always eaten many fruits and veggies.
    1) Should we consider the Oxalate content of foods, which binds up Calcium, in choosing our green leafy vegetables? I read that Mustard Greens do not have the oxalates that Spinach, Swiss Chard, Parsley ..have.
    2) What do you think about food combining theory; such as avoiding starches with proteins? 3)Does soaking and sprouting grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds change foods to alkaline and release more bioavailable enzymes and minerals? Your advice is much appreciated. Marilyn

  36. MT

    Dear Vivian,

    I had the reclast yearly injection over a year ago and thus far I have not seen any positive results. Instead, my most recent bone density exam numbers got worse. My doctor stated that I have not given the reclast time to work as one will not see any results prior to three years of using the injection. He’s advised that I get it for two more years. I’m concerned about the long term effects. What would you recommed?

    Thank you,


  37. Velma Sturm

    Am very interested in gaining more info on what constitutes an alkaline diet please.

  38. Jean

    I’m having a very hard time with meal planning. Motivation, gluten intolerance. I bought the program. What would it cost for me to upgrade to the level where I can get one on one help? Thank you.

  39. mary kilby

    i was on Actonel for osteopourous for 8 years. 3 years longer than i should have so i called my doctor and told her i had quit it last Oct 2011. on my last 2 bone density test they said they could see thru my spine so i guess that medecine didn’t help me at all. Now she said I didn’t have osteopourous i have arthritis. and wanted to give me gold shots and there again i said no. i am taking warfarin i have also Atrial Febulation been on it for 8 years so far. My nusre said I could take Centrum they would just adjust my warfarin. i hope to get my bones back. My hips are a 4.2 she said but i attribute that to the Actonel. Dangerous meds.

  40. alicce grdon

    Dear Vivian,

    What to do about my hands…my fingers are getting stiffer …having trouble bending them.

    Also been taking low dose aspirin Due to stents put in in 2004. OTC acid meds for an ulcer caused by the DR. prescribing Otodolac for my back. With the results of acute stomach bleeding.

    I need list of supplements I should be taking plus the best food to eat

    Thank you in advance for your help and plan on ordering your book in February.

    You are doing the world a “World of Good”….

    Thank you

    Sally Alice Gordon

  41. Connie H.

    I have been using Fosamax/Boniva for 17 years! For six months I had pain in my left upper thigh area of my leg and felt I couldn’t support my body weight. Dr’s. were puzzled. Nov. 29th, I tripped on a rug and fell, landing on my right side BUT broke my left femur close to the femur head. Dr.’s are 99% sure it was from the very long term use of bisphosphonates(aka: laundry detergent)!! I stopped the Boniva as of Dec. 1, 2011. Is there anyway I can flush this drug out of my system as soon as possible? I do have your new expanded edition of Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Thank you for your response and any advice you can give me!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m sorry to hear about your fall, Connie, and I wish you a speedy recovery! You might take a look at Rapid Cleanse: The 7 Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse, which I designed specifically flush osteoporosis drugs from your system.

  42. joan milton

    I have severe gum shrinkage. Will your ‘Save Our Bones’ program help with this situation? Thank you so much for a reply.

  43. Tricia

    I use Algaecal as my source of Calcium etc. I’ve just read that is just another variation of calcium carbonate; I am so disappointed as I really thought I had a good absorbable organic product. It is so difficult not to become cynical.
    Can you offer any enlightenment Vivian?

  44. Tricia McNaughton

    I recently learned about Vitamin K2 which works together with Vitamin D to promote good bone health. My “bone” dr has never mentioned this vitamin ever, but has recommended Vit D w my Calcium supplements.

    I am due for my next Aclastia infusion soon. ( I have had 2 already w some improvement in the hip only. My spine bond density is getting slightly worst each visit. Now spine is -2.2 with mid back pain)

    I have an allergy to eggs, milk and soy.

    is Vit K2 a good option for me and will it interact negatively with Aclastia?

  45. Jane Martin

    Hello Vivian, I have osteoporosis due to taking long term steriods for Crohne’s Disease which I have had for 20 years and I am 40 years old. I am following your book, and haved reduce dramatically my intake of steriods. I stopped taking the Actonel they perscribed after 6 months after side effects and discovering your site. I was wondering if you had any knowledge of more natural treatments for controlling Crohne’s Disease? or if you could direct me to someone who treats this disease more naturally like you do for bone health? I am on the drug Humira. Many thanks Vivian for all your wonderful advice, kind regards, jane

  46. Gary Crull

    If you are diagnosed with Osteopenia in 2004 how long should a doctor wait before requesting a follow up bone density or DEXA test? My wife had no further testing until she had neck pains and the test was ordered by her neurologist, not her primary care doctor. Now she has very serious issues!


  47. Marilyn

    Hi Vivian,

    What do you think of the Ensure products for added protein? There are the high protein shakes with only 5 grams of sugar. Are these acceptable or are they too acidic.


  48. Donna

    Vivian, I have been using your program and feel great. Unfortunately, I have been under a lot of stress and contracted shingles. I am a 55 yr old woman with a very healthy immune system who eats right and exercises. Can you provide some information on what I should be doing to heal this virus faster? I am using natural remedies, but the pain and fatigue is slowing down my life. Help please!

    Thank you,


    • june mathers

      I am also looking for help with shingles ,have sufered for 10 yrs ! I also have M S which makes excersise dificult my diet is very limited what about Ensure? many thanks June

  49. Elef

    Dear Vivian. I try to follow your Programm and I have already your book. Since last April I stoped the Fosamax. Last month I had some cramps in my legs and the orthopedic doctor consulted me to take some doses of magnesium. I did so and the cramps passed away. Please tell me about the effects of magnesium on the bones.

  50. Janice Zwarich

    Hi Vivian….I’ve been looking for Marine Algae
    Calcium and the only product I can find is “Red
    Mineral Algae”. Is that the same thing, or are
    they different? I would appreciate whatever you
    can tell me. Thanks. Jan.

  51. Carol Simpson

    July 2011 I was told by my doctor that I had osteporosis. T score -2.06. My doctor gave me 3 choices of meds to take, but I asked him to let me research this first. After reading the side affects, I knew I was not going to do that to my body. But, I knew I had to do something. I immediately came home to research the internet to see if there was information to Reverse Osteporosis. Thank God I was introduced to the SAVEOURBONES Program. Number one, I had not ever heard of Alkaline Acid Food Chart. Number two, Dr. Vivian information was so informative and I was able to understand how important it was to make a LIFE STYLE CHANGE. I prayed about my decision to embrace Dr Vivian’s research. I started the 80% Alkaline 20% Acid right away. It’s been three months and even though I can’t get a bone density test until Oct 2012, I had such good results from my blood test that my doctor was surprised and asked “Ms Simpson, I need to know what you have been doing? He stated that the blood test results were so awesome that I had reading of a 16 year old (I am 62). I was at awe. I was not prepared for this excitment and in the midst of the visit we didn’t talk about any osteporosis med choices. In July I was 170 lbs and three months later I’m 159. I’ve had 3 moles drop off, not feeling any pain, and just feel good. I will keep on the program and next year I’m hopeful to have awesome news about restoring my bones. Stay encouraged and be intentional about your eating plan, exercise, water intake and check lables on your food. Love yourself.

  52. Elizabeth

    Do you base your food chart using the PRAL system? The chart in your book is very different, especially regarding fruits, as to their alkaline or acidic effect on the body compared to Ross .(Energize) food chart, which basically states that the high sugar content of the fruit makes it acidic as the body metabolizes it…..I love fruit and hate to hear this…would like to know what you have to say—thank you.

  53. Patricia

    Thank you for “The Natural Bone Building” handbook. I have a question regarding green tea. On page 46 it says “ tea has very high levels of naturally occuring flouride”.
    However on page 47 you recommend supplements that have lycopene and green tea extracts. So is the flouride in the water when we brew tea from the tap or is it in the tea leaves? Why isn’t it in green tea extract? Thank you for taking time to answer this question. Patricia

  54. phyllis heller

    i have a triple whammy – l. multiple sclerosis
    2. from the poor gait over many years (use a scooter and walker) and siting my back is destroyed from stenosis to arthritis, etc. and 3. severe osteoporosis. my husband helps shop and cook, but I am not eating well and need more than the few recipes in your book. I need breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, but as easy to make as possible help me out, please.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Phyllis, you should be pleased to hear that I’m just putting the finishing touches on my cookbook, and it should be ready to go in the next couple of months. It’s filled with scrumptious bone healthy recipes and meal plans.

      • Marilyn

        Hi Vivian,

        You mentioned working on a cookbook. Is this book available today? If so, how do I order one.


  55. Nancy Ferri

    Dear Vivian,

    I just went to my gyn for my yearly checkup. She told me about Prolia for my osteoporosis. I have never heard you speak of this medication. Do you know anything about this new drug?

    Thank you,

  56. Patricia Gillies

    Dear Vivian, please send me the recipe to the alkaline drink
    you recommended. It had cantalope and red peppers in it.
    I wanted to try it bought the cantalope and the peppers but can not
    remember what other ingredients are in it
    Thank You for all you do and all you are to women everywhere.

    Best Regards,
    Patricia Gillies

  57. Suzy

    Hi, Vivian. I’m excited about your program, but I have a few “issues,” and I’m not sure how they’ll work with your program. [I’ve ordered the book, just waiting for it to arrive.] I am allergic to sugar (even that found in fruit), so I eat only “meat, whole grains (minimal), and green/red vegetables” (no starchy vegs.). As I’m sure you know, our bodies need either “sugar” or fat for fuel (not both), and my fuel is, therefore, fat. I do have osteoporosis (just diagnosed about a month ago), and I worry about how my particular diet will affect my body’s acidity. Does your program work for “different” diets (mine, I guess, is similar to no/zero carbs)? Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! 🙂

  58. Emme

    I am 68 and had my first bone scan. My T score in my spine was -4.9. I was shocked! My doctor wants me on Forteo, but after reading of the horrible side effects, I have begun your program. My question: Am I at risk for fracture while I am building my bones in my spine. My doctor has painted a terrible picture of my future if I don’t take this drug. Please comment as I need reassurance in this. Thank you so much.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Emme- Anyone can be at risk of fractures, even someone with “perfect” bone density scores. In The Natural Bone Building Handbook, I discuss this startling study conclusion:

      “With the exception of the oldest women, after five years of follow-up, the majority of hip fracture cases were without hip osteoporosis, regardless of age.” Plus DEXA scans don’t measure bone quality, which is a better barometer of bone health than bone density (but of course, quality is not measurable…).

  59. eileen wrede

    I have been taking algacal for several months but my health food store will not sell it any longer because of a serious report that it contains high levels of murcury. anow ai have to decide on a different calcium supplement. Can you help? Thank you for your book. I find it very helpful.

  60. Eva Dent

    I live in Australia and am having trouble purchasing on line the whey to go protein
    powder. Please advise.


  61. Grace

    Dear Vivian. I am not sure if this is the right place for this message, sorry if it isn’t.I have read your article on Whey powder and wonder what side affects there are, such as weight gain or larger muscles.
    I have your book which I have tried to get my doctor to read.At present I am taking Tamoxifen and Levothyroxine as prescription drugs.I have had osteo-arthritus for many years but I have lost height since taking a different cancer drug and now take magnesium and calcium.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for all your article


  62. Lena

    Dear Vivian

    I just read your latest and as usually informative email on the benefits of whey in bone metabolism. I live in Dubai and I do not think we can get whey here and if we did i am not sure it would be the hm-free product. How else, other than consuming milk, can I benefit from whey? Thank you. Lena

  63. irene karas

    Hello , Vivian, I bought your book and I am
    reading it along with my 86 yr. old mother who
    has been on Fosamax and Boniva combined for at least 15 yrs. Recently told she was high risk for a fracture. Told to take PRolia. Well, we are not inclined to take it so quickly the side
    effects are not good. We need to change her viatmins. She takes 1/2 of 25 mgs of Tenormin,
    baby aspiring 81 mgs. synthroid 25 mcgs. and 10 mgs of lipitor, and about 80 mgs of COQ10.
    We need to get 2000 I.U. ‘s of D3, only about 500 to600 mgs of calcium and to add k2. She needs a multivimin without iron but Dr. Weill has an antioxidant with lots of vitamin A and I read that it may interfere with the calcium, D3, K2 and etc. What is the truth about thousands of mgs. of viatmin A and calcium , D3, K2, and magnesium?
    Thank you

  64. Donna Bradbury

    Vivian, I purchased your Rapid Cleanse program and read that you suggest using distilled water. My husband was very concerned, being a chemist, he mentioned that distilled water takes the calcium and magnesiou out of body tissue. I researched his information and found this on “Distilled water, if consumed, can flush out minerals such as calcium and magnesium out of body tissue. This is caused due to osmosis – dissolved minerals moving from area of higher concentration to the area of lower concentration.” This is very confusing to me. Would you please explain why you would use this type of water? Thank you, Donna

  65. aukie

    I am 65 and I have density numbers which are in the osteopenia category. I have a very old compression fracture on T12 and recently was knocked over by dogs in a dog park which caused a compression fracture on the tibial plateau. My orthopedist suggested I have poor quality bones. I have been recommended to take Reclast since I cant take Actonel. I cannot see how it will improve the quality of my bones if the only thing it does is prevent resorbtion. After speaking with my dentist, I will not take Reclast. I am searching for anything to help build good quality bone. I don’t really care about the numbers. In the last 2 days I saw a reference to a double blind, University of Toronto study showing that a nitroglycerin ointment of 15 mg/day increased bone density in postmenopausal women 6.2% in th hip, 6.7% in the lumbar spine and 7% femoral neck. They are now looking into actual fracture differences. Do you yet have any information on this study and do you think it would be compatible with your program?

  66. Jane Lane


  67. patty

    I am curious on which calacium is everyone taking. I know it is to include algae, but is there a particular god brand that you know works.

    • Laurie Parker

      I live in Australia and am taking Lifestream Natural Calcium 1/2 a tsp stirred into cold-pressed apple juice in the morning, and the same again in the evening. It cost me $32.99 for 250g at Chemist Warehouse (i.e. not online, just at the pharmacy.) It is made from a sea vegetable.

  68. Michelle

    Please explain in further detail processed juices and naural juices.

  69. Marc Reyes

    Hi Vivian:

    Are you familiar with MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and it’s effect on the body (and bones) as described by Jim Humble?

    Thank you



    hi i,m 75 yrs old and have osteo artritis and severe scoliosis in the upper part of my back and my lower back in a c at 80 degrees i,m tired of the drugs the dr said he can operate from my neck down to my tush and put in a rod and screws and bolts it scares the h— out of me ,i can,t stand to long or walk too far,i have to use a scooter and i,m tired of the pain and sleepless

  71. Suzanne

    I get Migraines consistantly and and take the drug Imitrex for them as needed, which is four, or five times at least a month. For Sinus headaches, I take Loratadine,(generic brand of Claritin.)Also, I need Mucinex,decongestant at times through the years.I have tried to stick with this diet, yet I know these drugs aren’t helping me stay alkaline. This week I am trying organic apple cider vinegar, but I still had migraines and sinus problems. So,having read about the Apple cider vinegar approach; would this be a good choice to stick with. Also,some foods like health foods are of definite interest to me but, not listed in the book. I would like to know about: Flax seeds, Chia seeds, poppy seeds, pistachios, chestnuts,and pine nuts. I want to know about Teff flour and other new healthy flours, ex.- tapioca, and health food items, too. If my grains are sprouted, or some various sprouts baked in breads I buy, does that change their state of being acid. I really want variety such as Hemp milk and whole grain rice milk in my diet, are these ok choices? I enjoy baking also. How about baking soda and baking powder, arrowroot, and agar agar. I take kelp tablets, and and some liquid aloe; would these be safe to use. My numbers are high on my dexa-scan in the neck, low back and starting in the hip area. So, I am serious with the diet. Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

  72. carolyn

    just wanted to nknow and interested how your get spurs and how ndo you get reid of them. why do people get them

  73. Hilda

    Hi Vivian
    I am a very fit and healthy 76 yearold, but my hands are very affected by swollen finger joints and my wrists want to break when I try to use strength to open bottles etc.
    However, I just wanted to tell you that after I found I was lactose intolerant, I stopped using dairy products, and after a month or so my secret problem was solved. My LEAKY GUT has healed!

  74. harriette

    I have osteoporosis,gluten/lactose intolerance and IBS.

    I would like to try your program, would i be able to follow the diet?

    Thank you for your consideration,

  75. Juanita Greenway


    I am wondering if you can place Farmers’ Cheese and buttermilk in the proper Acid-Alkyline colums for me? Both would be helpful in varying my diet.

  76. Joannie

    Bisphosphanates supposedly reduce the effect that osteoclasts has on old bone removal. Is there any effect that bisphosphnates has on the sloughing off of old skin cells especially on the bottom of the feet in areas of repetitive stress such as the heel and forefoot?

  77. minoo

    thanks for evry think you very hlep me are yuo a dr ? love u god bles

  78. cindy

    Hi, I love the recipes in the Save Our Bones book, and wish you would publish a cookbook, Vivian! Any chance my wish will come true?

  79. elaine

    hi vivian
    can you tell me how to make sauerkraut i find that the one you buy in the store is so salty and to much vinager i have had it before when i lived in germany many years ago i just fancy some can you send me the recipe
    thank you

    • aukie

      My first husband make fresh sauerkraut by shredding cabbage and layering it with salt in a crock. He then pounded it with a wooden mallet to compress it, then covered it and left it for 2 -3 days in a cool, not cold, place. He tasted it until it was to his taste (rinsing off salt if necessary). He then refrigerated it.

  80. elaine

    how to make good healthy bread with all the seeds as any body got a recipe if so pass it on
    thank you

  81. Ann Jenkins

    I am following the Save Your Bones Program. Why do you suggest only using Almond Milk if you need to and not because of it’s nutritional value. It looks like it is a great nutritional food?

  82. luis hugo

    Hello Mrs Vivian my name is Luis and my mother live with me I am taking care of her she also have parkinsosns disease , I love your comments and since my mother have a bunion remove ,the doctor said to me to she have a weak bone in her feet and he try to take more of that bunion but cannot …after that I wa seraching the net and find you , well the primary doctor recomended “Alendronate sodium 70 mg ..she is taking just 1 pill a week …also she is taking “Omeprazole” …can you help me out in recomendations and some information about this drugs …? I try to help my mother in a organic way …thanks.


    Monday 28th March 2011

    My name is Angela Murphy and I reside in Dublin, Ireland. My scheduled Dexa Scan was done this morning, Monday 28th March Irish time.

    I took note of the Dexa Scanner used on me this morning which was called The Lunar Prodigy Advance. In one of your articles on Save Yours Bones Programm you mentioned the multi-million drug companies pushing their sales before they are questioned on their efficacy.

    I came off Fosomax last Summer having been on this for four years etc. I suffered with headache and cramps in my stomach while on this drug.

    The Radiologist said my bone density was the same as the previous one done four years ago. However, she did mention that I should be careful of my bone density falling further. I am 51 years old and of small stature and narrow frame. I walk almost every day and do Tai Thai and Yoga two days a week.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Angela Murphy

    I’ve just had my Dexa Scan and I remember seeing in one of your posts about the different types of Dexa Scanners.

  84. rosalind hurlock

    Hi Vivian
    Just diagnosed with hip t score -3.4. Sent for your manual immediately!
    I am a vegan. What are your thoughts on my diet.

  85. Linda F.


    • Karen Higson

      I have purchased your book Save Our Bones, which sounds really good but living in the UK – it is harder to buy the supplements you suggest are necessary to increase bone density. I have tried everywhere to buy calcium from algae but this is just not available in the UK. To take all the supplements you suggest most would have to be purchased individually and besides consisting a fortune it would not be pleasant taking so many tablets. Do you have a site where I can buy the tablets you suggest in maybe just one or 2 tablets.

      • Giovanna, UK

        Hi Karen
        I too live in UK (London) and I am finding it impossible to find the vitamins and supplements that Vivian suggests but I found calcium from seaweed (by Wholefood) which is like from algae. But does not contain enough magnesium, athough each tablet contains 400mg of calcium, so I take one in the morning and one in the evening, as Vivian said that if you take more than 400mg at a time, it does not get absorbed. Please keep in touch if you have found a brand of multivitamins with the amounts that Vivian suggests (we need to be careful because so many vitamins brands contain aspartame and titanium dioxide and colorants!!!). Please let me know if you find some good ones. Thanks, take care, Giovanna

  86. Sabina

    Dear Vivian,

    Have you ever come across cases of young woman with osteoporosis? Is it possible for a woman in her early thrities to completely recover from osteoporosis due to a previously undiagnosed hormonal deficiency?
    I would really appreciate learning more about this.


  87. androulla

    Hi Vivian
    can you please tell me if taking calcichew-D3 forte are good for bones, i have just stoped alendronic acid. and dr gave me calcichew500 mg is this ok? thank you.

  88. Jennifer

    You have advocated the use of ankle weights in exercise (walking and leg strengthing exercises) to increase hip bone density. However all health/exercise/strength training articles I have read on the internet internet say not to use ankle weights while walking as they place undue stress on knee joints, hip flexors and ankles. Please can you clarify before I possibly injure myself! Thank you.

  89. Sandy

    It is common knowledge that teeth can’t mend like bones can. Is their any new research on that? Are there some instances that a split tooth can mend and heal like a bone if the nerve is intact?

  90. B. M. Keenan

    I appreciate your email messages to readers offering updates and recommendations on bone health. My question is: some time ago, you email to readers information explaining the lemons were good for bone health. Does that also include lemon juice concentrate sold in stores? Also does the benefit to bone health from lemons (?lemon juice concentrate) also occur with limes and other citrus fruits? Thanks so much

    • Joyce E Hall

      I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis two months ago. I am 63 and very active. I walk everyday when weather permits. I was given perscriptions for Evista and told to take calcium and Vit.D. I was very upset with this diagnosis and how the doctor handled it?.. I decided to Look at other possibilities. Thank God I found “Vivian” and the “Save our Bones Program”. I am slowly but surely beginning to see I am doing the “Right Program” one I know will help my bone density increase. I am using the research that Vivian has done for her program and its helping me improve my bones health the natural way. With Exercise, Diet, and good bone building infomation. I am encouraged that regeneration of bone density is possible without questionable medications. Yeah! I can hardly wait to get my next Bone Scan. Thanks for your programs and the many ways to get answers to so many Bone Questions! Joyce

  91. John

    Hi Vivian, I recall reading some stuff about the dangers of drinking water containing Flouride and even eating vegetables that have been watered with water containing it. Can you PLEAES help me.pRegards,

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi John,

      Yes, you should avoid fluoride as much as you possibly can. That’s why I recommend drinking distilled water or water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis.

  92. laura babai

    I would like to ask a question. I received your book and am now following your program, recently I went over to being a vegetarian so it all fits into together.
    However, I have a problem re water. I live in Israel and I thought of buying a reverse osmosis set up for my house, but it wastes a lot of water, which would be terrible expensive (the price of water was recently raised) and wasteful. Distilled water is not sold here on regular basis, except for cars and industry. What do you suggest? PUrified water is sold here, but I don’t know what that means. Thank you for your advice.

  93. Carolyn



    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Carolyn,

      Other than the fact that your weight is a little low, it sounds like you’re on the right track!

  94. Ann-Maree

    I see that many of the Save Our Bones community ask questions in this part of the site and some get disappointed that their questions go unanswered. Some of these questions are really important and would probably help many of us.

    Are we using an inappropriate part of the site? Is there another part of the site that is for asking questions?

    Thanks Vivian

    • Customer Support

      Hi Ann-Maree,

      Vivian responds to blog comments as she is able. If you have an urgent question or concern (particularly if it’s related to an order), it would be best to address it to Customer Support. Just click the yellow Customer Support link at the top of any of our web pages (there’s a little picture of a life preserver next to it).

      • debb h

        does customer support ever answer any questions other than about orders?
        When Vivian answers 10 questions, could she maybe give the answer to more than one related question wrapped up in that answer to better support her growing followers. However frustrating it can be to never see the answer to many pertinent questions, we are thankful for Vivian’s insight and this forum to help with women’s many health questions and life choices! I would love a response to this comment. Thanks, Debb

  95. Dona

    Does taking actonel cause andro gentic alopecia to start? Hair is thinning all over. what about Vd not responding from kidney receptors not working. Please does anyone know about this condition. Is there anyone with this problem other than me. Thanks everyone I would love someone to help me.

    • deb h

      Hair thinning is usually related to how your thyroid is working, after visiting a dermatologist, the next stop may be to an endocrinologist. Hyperthyroid (too much) or hypothyroid (not enough) is often the case. Personally, medical doctors help some, but a naturopath is often times better for a natural remedy to these problems. Debb

  96. Alison Dupont

    I ordered the SOBP a while ago and have just got around to reading it. The book exceeded my expectations and contains lots of very practical information. Thank you. However, it would be great if you could clarify what you mean in the section about calcium i.e. calcium citrate is 21% inorganic calcium and 50% of it is absorbed from the citrate? Does that mean 21% is not useful and 50% of the rest is neutralized? Thanks, Vivian.

  97. maria knox

    My dr suggested that I alter my exercise routine to strenthen the muscles surrounding my lower spine.

    What exercise DVDs are available that you would recommend, focusing on the lower back muscles?

  98. Monique Dawes

    I agree with the fact that not enough answers are there for the questions. Especially when some are pretty serious.

    My question,which has not yet been answered is:

    I am interested in getting the T-zone whole body vibrator machine, which claims that it would be good for your bones. Of course, they say it does but I would like to get an independent comment from this community.

    Thanks again, in the hopes that this question will be answered soon.


  99. Vivian

    Dear Vivian, I have been taking Armour Thyroid for year and half. The dosage taken is 50 mg or 1 grain. I have osteoporosis at the high end. I cannot take any bone medication due to alergic reactions. Recently I have experiencing terrible bone pain, besides rapid heart palpitations. I was recommended to stop Armour Thyroid just for one month in order to monitor heart and bone pain, and re-test thyroid. I was told that Armour Thyroid can accelerate the rate of osteoporosis. I cannot stop taking Armour Thyroid since I am Hypothyroidal and have Hashimoto. I take citracal, Vit. D, Vit. K, magnesium, I exercise every day and do weight bearing…. Due to where I live delivery is not an option in order to obtain your book. Where can I go to purchase your book, here in Austin Texas. What else can I take in order to control progression. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


    Vivian F.

  100. Patricia Brown

    I am currently taking a calcium supplement derived from algae and it has 5 mg strontium in it derived from algae, is this a safe amount of strontium to take. I am hoping this algae is pure, I live in Australia and I am buying this product over the internet from a company called New Chapter – is this a well known,reputable vitamin company in the states

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