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Once again bisphosphonates, the most widely prescribed osteoporosis drugs, are linked to a dangerous condition. This time, it’s cancer of the esophagus, one of the deadliest cancers.

Not long after a recent flurry of reports on atypical femur fractures observed by long-term bisphophonate use, a new study in the UK sheds light on the link of oral bisphosphonates – Fosamax, its generic alendronate, Actonel, Boniva, and Didrocal – to an increased risk for esophageal cancer.

You can read the complete article below:

Osteoporosis drug ‘doubles cancer risk'

A drug taken by more than a million people with osteoporosis could double their risk of developing cancer of the oesophagus, according to a study published today.

By Stephen Adams
Published: 12:01AM BST 03 Sep 2010

Those who have taken oral bisphosphonates for five years or more are twice as likely to develop the cancer than those who have not, the analysis of medical records found.

Every year almost 8,000 people in Britain are diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus, or gullet cancer, and about 7,500 people die from it.

Survival rates are low compared to other cancers, with only three in 10 surviving more than a year after diagnosis.

Among the general population of people aged 60 to 79, the chance of developing oesophageal cancer is about one in 1,000 over five years.

But researchers found that among those who had taken oral bisphosphonates for five years or more the rate doubled to two in 1,000 over the same period.

Among men it increased from 1.5 to three per 1,000 and among women from 0.5 to to one per 1,000.

Last night the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Government's medicine's regulator, said there was “no need” for patients to stop taking the medication on the basis of he study alone.

The MHRA collaborated with academics at Oxford University's Cancer Epidemiology Unit to look at data from the UK General Practice Research Database, which has anonymised patient records for around six million people.

Among those aged 40 and over, 2,954 had oesophageal cancer, 2,018 had gastric cancer and 10,641 had bowel cancer, all diagnosed between 1995 and 2005.

The results also showed that the chance of oesophageal cancer was 30 per cent higher in people with one or more previous prescriptions for oral bisphosphonates, compared to people who had never taken the drugs.

The risk was almost double for those who had 10 or more prescriptions compared with those who had had between one and nine, according to the study, published today in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) online.

There were no links between the drugs and stomach or bowel cancer.

Some three million people suffer from osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Society. The Duchess of Cornwall, whose mother and grandmother both died of the disease, is president of the charity.

More than a million people were prescribed a bisphosphonate in 2009/10, according to the MHRA, which work by preventing bone loss and rebuilding lost bone. More than 6.5 million prescriptions were issued.

They are a group of drug that include alendronate, etidronate and risedronate.

Doctors often prescribe them as a preventative measure for those who might be at a higher risk of osteoporosis, such as post-menopausal women.

However, some doctors are becoming concerned that they are being over-prescribed with scant thought of their side effects, which are known to include difficulty swallowing, chest pain and heartburn.

Dr Des Spence, a Glasgow GP who has also written on the subject in the BMJ, said doctors should focus less on the drugs and more on how to avoid falls, as well as on improving diet and increasing targeted exercise.

Dr Spence described the study as “very telling”.

While he said oral bisphosphonates were commonly used to prevent fractures in people who might be at risk of osteoporosis, he thought that approach “isn't supported by the evidence”.

He was unconvinced the benefits outweighed the risks, he added.

If the cancer link proved correct, he said “this would be an opportunity to reflect and think about the use of this medication, particularly in people who havenot had a history of fracture.”

Dr Jane Green, lead author of the study, said their results were “part of a wider picture” because bisphosphonates were “increasingly prescribed to prevent fractures”.

She said: “what is lacking is reliable information on the benefits and risks of their use in the long-term.”

But she added: “Oesophageal cancer is uncommon. The increased risks we found were in people who used oral bisphosphonates for about five years, and even if our results are confirmed, few people taking bisphosphonates are likely to develop oesophageal cancer as a result of taking these drugs.”

Their study contradicts one published only a few weeks ago, using the same dataset, that showed no link between the drugs and the disease.

However, the latest research followed patients for almost twice as long and had greater statistical power.

A spokesman for the MHRA said: “On the basis of the findings of this study there is no need for patients to stop taking their bisphosphonate medicine.

“However, in order to reduce the risk of oesophageal irritation, which is a recognised risk associated with bisphosphonate use it is important to carefully follow the instructions in the Patient Information Leaflet.

“Patients should also report any signs of oesophageal irritation such as difficulties or pain on swallowing, chest pain, or heartburn to their doctor.”

He added: “The safety of all bisphosphonates will continue to be closely monitored.”

Dr Laura Bell, science information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: “This is an important study that will help doctors understand more about the risks and benefits of oral bisphosphonates but it's important to stress that even if people take oral bisphosphonates for a long time the risk of developing oesophageal cancer is still small.

“Anyone who is taking these drugs and is worried about their risk of cancer should talk to their doctor.”

A spokesman for the National Osteoporosis Society said: “When you consider the fact that there are 230,000 osteoporotic fractures every year in the UK and 1,150 hip-fracture-related deaths every month, the case for treatment is strong.

“In addition, the researchers point out that the risk is small and that few people taking bisphosphonates are likely to develop oesophageal cancer.”


When will the medical establishment remove its blindfold and realize that bisphosphonates are a modern-day Hydra? The mythological multi-headed and venomous serpent confronted by Hercules grew two new heads for each one that Hercules chopped off. But in the end and after an arduous fight, Hydra finally perished.

Old News for the Save Our Bones Community

I won’t dwell in the “I-told-you-so” – I promise you – but this is certainly no news for the Save Our Bones community. Almost two years ago, in December of 2008, I posted an article titled ‘New Year Off to a Bad Start for Osteoporosis Drugs’. In it I quote a mainstream article on concerns about the possible link of bisphosphonates and esophageal cancer.

This might have stunned the medical community, especially in light of recent studies showing exactly the opposite.1 Yet they seem to have recovered fast from the initial shock, at least judging by the comments of the MHRA spokesman, as quoted in the Telegraph article: “On the basis of the findings of this study there is no need for patients to stop taking their bisphosphonate medicine.” Or worse, in an interview published by Medscape, Dr. Gerard Blobe, an expert in esophageal cancer, comments that “Clinicians should not stop prescribing oral bisphosphonates… Noncompliant patients might be the ones who develop problems.”2 In other words, according to Dr. Blobe, problems arising from bisphosphonates are self-inflicted by patients who don’t follow their doctor’s “orders”.

Collectivism and the Medical Establishment

But more importantly – and what is most disturbing – is the collectivist philosophy of medical scientific research that condones statistically low yet terrible drug side effects. Because in their view, individuals are reduced to mere numbers. Where is the moral integrity of accepting that it is OK for a small number of people to suffer for the good of a much larger group? The medical establishment seems to tacitly agree on the rules of Russian roulette.

But you and I know that each person counts; each “statistic” is someone with a life, family, friends, hopes, dreams, desires, and feelings. It is morally contemptible in my opinion, to consider statistics as a viable explanation of potential random “collateral damage”. This is especially relevant in the case of osteoporosis, since we are not dealing with a lethal condition.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program offers bone health solutions without costly drugs and their dangerous side-effects. At Save Our Bones each individual counts as an important part of our community; as valued human beings that strive to be healthy, so they can lead happy and productive lives.

Please share this article with loved ones, friends, and co-workers.

Till next time,


1 Chris Cardwell, Christian Abnet et al.. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Exposure to Oral Bisphosphonates and Risk of Esophageal Cancer. Volume 304, Number 6, August 11 2010, 657-663.

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  1. Anne Brown

    Hi I am an a epelptic therefore I have to have infusions in case I brake a bone while having an seizure.

  2. Charleen McKinney

    I have your book and particularly like your articles about Fosamax. If a person has not taken the drug for 4 or 5 years, is the threat of esophagus cancer still there? What about osteonecrosis of the jaw? How many years does a person have to take Fosamax to be affected?

  3. Elaine Badnarik

    I was told that my bones are so fragile my entire skelton could collapse one day. I went to my endochrinologist and from her office I was led like a ttuant child down the hall to a bone specialist I had been to before. He insists that I need the annual intavenous dose of bisphosphonates or I could be in serios trouble. I have your “Osteoporosis Reversal Program” but still worry about my bones. My right arm is fractured and in a cast.
    five years ago I broke my right arm above the elbow in two places.
    Fsax has already ruined my esaphagus.

    A cousin of mine took Fosomax and his jaw rotted and wveral teeth fell out. His sister took Fosomax and fell and broke her pelvis in three places yet this dangerous drug is still on the market!

  4. Flora Nielsen

    what do you think about aloe vera juice for acid reflux? I hear it is very helpful. I got it after taking fosaax for two and a half years. Quit on my own when I heard it caused it. Appreciate any answer on your views. I have your book and am following your diet and supplement suggestions.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Aloe vera juice can be an effective solution for some people.

  5. mary demarais

    I have barrets esophagus,i took fossamax and stopped. I have taken a supplement called strontium citrate. My recent Dexascan showed improvement in bones.And i am elderly. My height is the same as when i was 15 yrs of age.I want to Know if I can take food grade hydrogen peroxide with barrets esophagus.

  6. Sandy

    My Mum had intravenous (just one injection) and her kidneys shut down within 24 hours. I have Osteoporosis as well – I would never take any tablets or injections for it. I am 61 years old and have just had another Dexa Scan. I am hoping that my readings will lower than last time after changing my eating habits and exercising more. Mum also tried Fosomax years ago, and now has gastric reflux…

    Sandy x

  7. wisconsin union theater tickets

    Another a really great writeup by the author looking forward to come back more very soon.

  8. Deena LaShall Callaway

    I have been taking Femara for 1 year for breast cancer. I exercise 3 days a week and walk 2 days. My bones/joints are sometimes tight/stiff.I work with a team of doctors, (intergrative and conventional). My intergrative doctor seems to think that nutrition and excerise is not enough for me. Zometa he suggested. I have excellent dental health. 6 mon. ago conventional doc. suggested a random bisphosphonates study, which I refused. My concern is will bones/joints continue to get worse? 2010 Bone density test is osteopenia. Please Help!

  9. Deborah Parker

    I did have two injections of Reclast. The first time I had the injection was 2007. I had a bad reaction. Bones hurt, muscle pain, joint pain etc. I found out that the pain was due from very low vitamin D. I should not been given the injection. So, The Doctor decided to put me on a very high vitamin D I was already taking many vitamins, minerals, working out 6 days a week for many years, kept myself in very good shape and also eating a very good diet. No Milk or junk food for 30 years. But that did not stop me from getting Osteoporosis. My Mother did not have Osteoporosis intil she was 68 years of age. Not a day before that. I developed Osteoporosis at the age of 48 years old. That should not have happen. I was able to get my Vitamin D up around 80 then I was told that I needed another Reclast Injection. I was given another Reclast Injection in 2009. A month later I started to have bone pain. I had a High PTH reading after the Reclast Injection. Is that normal? Cannot get a straight answer from nobody. Before the Reclast injection my PTH was normal around 45. I need to know what I am doing wrong. I did go on a Celiac Diet about a year ago. I was tested for Celiac but I do not have the gene for Celiac. What should I do?

    • illya

      Hi Deborah, Just check with your dr.I had vit,D3 and I have been very very sick. I could have died. I still suffer though because after I stopped I still have a high BP just 200 and worry.I never had BP in my live. I tell anyone who has problems with Thyroid don’t take Vit.D Now you can read .Taking those vit. can kill you!! Hope you are still reading this all.

    • Barbara

      I am about to take Reclasp. After reading your comment i am a little nervous now about being injected with reclasp. I asked my Medical dr. if he could give me a script along with my blood workup to have my vit D checked out. His answer was i might have to pay for it. It will cost me 244.00. I then choose not to have it done. I was on ACTONEL for about a year and had trouble swallowing so i had to come off it. Plus i have a reaction to a lot of meds.

  10. Maureen McGuigan

    I took Fosamax for five months. Almost immediately my oesophagus felt raw but I persisted with the drug. Three or four years later I am still slightly more sensitive in this area. I wish I had stopped taking it immediately.

  11. Marie Therese SARNO

    Can no longer live with these severe side-effects of FOZAMAX – so I will follow your guidance to healthy eating and drinking to keep
    Alkalising ph.80%

  12. Nicola

    Thank you. I took myself off Alendronic Acid after just six weeks on it. Finally got round to telling my doctor today that I was following a diet and exercise route only – he didn’t bat an eyelid or try to persuade me otherwise.

  13. Anthea Keenan

    I have had Pagets Disease in the tibia and had a Aclasta infusion last year. I did seem to get other aches and pains, but virtually stopped the pagets pain. Eight months later I could feel the pagets pain returning – but blood tests, and scan show improvement.It is now 15 mths since infusion. I am having trouble coping with the pain, shin down to ankle – take paracetamol, ibuprofen and some codine but are reluctant to take more than that. I also take calcium and vit.d supplement. Anything else I can do?

  14. Nu Ly

    Dear Vivian,

    Several months passed, I received a lot vauable information. Thank you very much. Since I practice your program not exactly, I feel fresh and more energy, even my right hand
    still a little pain by side effect.

  15. Carole

    When the body breaks down it is because it is not getting what it requires. It has a wonderful healing system but cannot do its job if it doesn’t get the required fuel and worse if it only gets poison instead then it will break down and eventually die. Drugs don’t heal, the body heals itself given the correct nutrients and movement, otherwise we would never have survived from the caveman. All the best to everyone! Carole.

  16. Judy

    That’s the natural way to do it. Out of fear, you attack the person who is trying to help. If you really went to reliable sources, you would get the real story too.

  17. Louise Fardais

    How can anyone believe the FDA reports. They approve drugs for their financial gain and then later they take them off the shelf because of the dangerous side effects.

  18. Norma

    Thank you Vivian for keeping me updated on the latest news. I was on Bisphosonates for nine years, the only way I could stomach them was to take acid controllers…which was probably the best thing I ever did. I did have a fractured femur about six years ago…at the time I didn’t relate it to the bone medicine..anyway after hearing others had that problem..I quite taking it…it has been over a year now that I have been off Boniva. I had a bone density test right after I stopped..I didn’t know the results of it until I saw my doctor a couple weeks ago..she said I was just a tenth of a point away from not having osteoporosis….I really doubt that could be right after so many years of bad test scores. I have to wonder if they are playing games with me because I won’t take the meds..Oh well go figure!

  19. Margaret Bright

    Hi Vivian, I was taking the Actonel weekly tablet from March 2009 until May 2010 when I stopped due to increasing side effects. I was having regular attacks of excessive lower back pain, excrutiating headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and occasionally shaking spasms. The attacks would happen every 2 or 3 months at first gradually increasing in frequency until in 2010 they became every few weeks. At that time I also suffered increased hearing loss (first diagnosed in 2007 BEFORE Actonel use) and tinnitus started to be a real problem. After various emails from yourself and reading of similar side effects in other people using Actonel, I felt it was this drug causing the problems and so decided to stop taking it, against my doctor’s advice. My BM scan in 2008 showed I had a T score of -2.9 and a second BM scan in June 2010 showed it had slightly improved to -2.7 I have decided to rely on the natural approach assisted by your program which I hope to send for in the next week or so. However, since stopping Actonel in May this year, the attacks have still continued and seem to be of a regular occurrence approximately every 4 weeks. Can you suggest any reason for the regular pattern, which almost seems to be linked to hormonal cycles even though I am post menopausal (I am now 61 years of age). Also do you have any advice on how long the drug is likely to stay in my system? I would greatly appreciate your comments and hope to find your program does a much better job than these damaging medications. Yours sincerely, Margaret from Chester in the UK.

  20. Monica Phillips

    Hi Vivian, Because I suffer from Barratts Syndrome I refused all bifosphonates. The other drug of which I cannot remember the name, I took for just over four weeks – I stopped it because my muscles and joints were so painful. It was then that I found you – Thank you again for all your help. Monica

  21. Amy


    • Judy

      I’m sorry but your comment of an injectable doesn’t comfort me at all. Do you thing it goes immediatly to the bone? No, it goes in the blood stream to get to the bone. Now let me see, where else does the blook stream go? Think about it!

  22. myrtle





  23. Kathy

    My mom was convinced by her doctor to take Fosamex (against her will). Well, she died from esophageal cancer 6 years ago (age 69). It was a horrible death with no hope for a cure. By the time she was diagnosed, it was in stage 4. My doctor is trying to convince me (age 51)to take something for my osteoporosis. I would rather have broken bones than the death my mom had at the end.

    • Kelly

      My heart goes out to those who loose someone to esophageal cancer. My mother was prescribed fosamax because it was the miracle drug prescribed to her for her current osteopenia diagnosis. She complained to her doctor about esophageal pain but was encouraged to continue with the drug to ward off osteoporosis. After seven years my mother passed away from esophageal cancer. She was a vibrant fit healthy woman prior to that drug

    • Karen

      My Mom died from stage 4 esophageal cancer after taking Fosamax, too! No one should be taking oral bisphosphonates of any kind that can potentially cause cancer! And I agree, my Mother’s death was pure agony and all for what, stronger bones?? And the medication was PREVENTATIVE! There need to be more studies done and this drug needs to be removed from the market imemdiately!

  24. MYRA

    I enjoyed this article. You really are doing a great service. Myra

  25. Janet Stauffer

    Thank You for this very timely message. I have now been diagnosed with Barret’s Esophagus as a result,(I feel sure)of having taken Fosamax for many years. I also have several loose teeth which I also blame on having taken Fosamax. I truly feel the makers of this product should be held liable.

  26. Pamela Iles

    changed my mind want to send for the book is it hard back or paperback

  27. Elizabeth

    Thank you Vivian for your continued research and information. It is invaluable and much appreciated.

  28. Shula

    More thanks for continuing to update us.

  29. Una

    I have had severe gastric reflux just recently and am taking Somac. I stopped taking Actonel a couple of years ago. Glad I did

    • Carole

      Try taking plain yoghurt for the reflux. Also if overweight try to lose some as the stomach can press on the opening valve from the oesophagus to the stomach itself. Carole.

  30. Marni Arrmstrong

    I am so pleased that I found your site!! Am currently taking Letrozole to stop Estrogen in my body (breast cancer), but it also drains me of calcium and I have Osteopenia! I WILL NOT be taking any bisphosphonates, however!

  31. Pamela Stubbs

    I have had two fractures (wrist and now ankle) in less than a year. I stopped taking Fosamax a year ago as I had heard from a surgeon the side affects. I stopped smoking six years ago, exercise regularly and try to eat healthy but I have decided not to take any drugs except calcium. My bone density reading in February was -2.4. I have sent for the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and would love to receive feedback on it please. With regards to my fractured ankle, apparently I have trashed it and the Consulant had indicated, after doing surgery, that it will be 12 weeks before I can put any weight on the foot and I guess that means it could be months before I am walking again. I am not feeling sorry for myself I have to accept this, but I am determined to strengthen my bones without drugs!!

    • loretta

      i am taking boniva i had my first injection in july and my next one is due in oct. i am really frightened at what i have read lately but my consultant said i am better of taking it that it does help to make your bones stronger i am also on steroid which gives me a bigger risk if i break any bones i am really confused

      • Judy

        The fact that you are confused should be answer enough. Have you read the side effects?

  32. Betty

    Thanks for sharing this article. If I had not found your website I would have gotten reclast.I am glad I did not put a years worth of meds into my body without knowing the side effects.

  33. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian; I’m so glad you are doing this research. It will help so many who always
    listen to their doctors. We have to stand up for what is best for our health. I stopped
    taking Foxamax in March and had taken Actinel
    for years before that. My doctor had told
    me I shouldn’t even read about the side effects.My, my! So thanks!

  34. Corlee

    Vivian mentioned recently that she does not suggest taking Stronitum pills. Does anyone know why?

  35. Carol Reed

    I went to a endocrinologis to see if he could help me with my bones.I showed him the save our bones program,he didn’t seem impressed. He said I needed to be on Forteo because it allows new bone growth and lets old bone to be taken away. I looked up the side effects for Forteo and it causes bone tumers and bone cancer besides flu like symptoms. I will not take this drug or any other osteo drug.

    • Cate

      I have had the exact experience. Its really hard to ignore the doctor on this but I am determined to be proactive. We have to stick together and ensure each other its the right thing to do. I will not take these drugs either!

  36. Arlene

    I have been using calcitonin nasal spray for at lease 10 years. I this good?

  37. Ms. L.

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Liked This Article. And What I’m Doing Is Getting Off All Prescription Drugs, And Take ALL Herbal Equivalents, If They Have An Equivalent For Them.

    LOVE, MS. L.

  38. Denny

    From all the news of late, I would say get off of the bio.. as soon as possible. I stopped myself many years ago. I lost a tooth because of the jaw deterioration, I certainly don’t want to have cancer. I will take my chances with trying to cure my own osteopenia. My family has celiac sprue which I believe many people who have osteopenia or osteoporosis may find that it runs in their family also. Get tested check your symptoms – the osteoporosis may be a cause of another disease not a disease by itself.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do on this website, your books and all the other things you do. Keep up the good work.

  39. ele

    I have osteopenia..I believe -2. In the past, doctors have recommended that I take Fosomax..of which I have refused.
    A recent bone scan showed that the bone loss has decreased once again.
    Now, they want to put me on Evista. (apparently is not as bad as the bio…)
    My father has had breast cancer twice. The doctor is saying that Evista provides an added health benefit in protecting me against breast cancer.
    What are your thoughts?

    • Andrea Moore

      Please do your research on Evista. My doctor urged that I take Evista two years ago and a very serious, though common, side effect of taking Evista is blood clots.
      Best wishes,

  40. Rita Black

    Thank you Vivian from a retired British doctor ( never a G.P. but a consultant in Hospital practice).

    That article should put the cat among the N.I.C.E. pigeons in GB. They are the guys who are supposed to monitor “clinical excellence” in medical practice.
    The lawsuits have not as yet, to my knowledge, started here. They will!
    Thanks to your book, I immediately stopped taking Fosamax (prescribed for osteopoenia ) even though I had no adverse side effects.
    However I would appreciate a full list of the essential supplements that you recommend, with the names of the equivalent British products.

    Rita (GB)

  41. Jackie

    Thanks as always, Vivien, for the helpful info!

    I developed severe esophageal ulcers six years ago after just a few doses of Fosomax and still suffer occasional bouts of gastric distress. It is such a relief to know there is an alternative!

  42. Evelyn

    I stopped Actonel because it tore up my digestive system so badly, made my esophagus raw. Two years later I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled, but would be required to sign a waiver. It stated if I had taken even one of these drugs, and had a tooth pulled, I might get a jawbone infection which would result in extensive antibiotic treatment (to which I’m allergic), jawbone removal and bone grafting, and facial reconstruction. I cancelled and went to another for a $900 root canal. I advise everyone to NEVER take even one of these drugs like Actonel.

  43. ken osborn

    there are enuff problems with bisphophonate without cancer, but I’m wondering if just the physical irritation of the throat from the repeated swallowing of a large pill could stimulate sufficient scarring and/or tissue turnover thus increasing the risk for cancer. Just a thought.

  44. Hilaire

    A study should be made of medications that cause Heart Burn and Acid Reflux resulting in a fertile field for Esophageal cancer. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  45. Lucy

    Thank you, as always, for your invaluable info. I am glad that I did not take any of these drugs!!

  46. Sharon Lyst

    What about Evista? I have taken it for several years – is it safe?

  47. Irene Clewell

    I developed acid reflux from taking Actinol for several years after also taking Forteo – . I now take a pill every morning for acid reflux and also now have to take potassium 2 pills in a.m. and 2 pills in p.m.

    What would you recommend I do for my acid reflux?

    Thank you so much,

    • Signe Clark

      I had acid reflux for years. I found out about The PH Miracle by Robert Young. Following the plan outlined in that book changed my life. No more Zantac or Prevacid !!! I only feel discomfort if I indulge too much on the S.A.D. (standard American diet) which steers me back to the 80/20 plan. 80% alkaline foods-20% acid foods…. read the book or go to the website … It really works. The only side effect is feeling great… I can handle that one!!!

      I had also been prescribed Fosomax Advanced 5600 I read the warnings re: esophagus problems and refused to take it. Thanks be to God!!! Signe

    • mary jean waters

      Hi Vivian, I am a victim of Actonel and am presently dealing with The Academy of Physicans and Surgeons. I remember that you had a article by Dr. Salter, Toronto, where he said that he had not seen anyone live past two years after having esophageal cancer. I would like to see this article again so that I could copy it to send to the Academy. I have left my doctor’s practice. I do not have a family physcian, because of the above issue. Have a damaged esophagus and GERD. Dealing with it through diet – and don’t seem to be bothered. Do not know if it is silently destroying my esophagus. Thanks Vivian, you are doing great things. Mary Jean

  48. Celestina Marie

    Once again, Thank you Vivian for giving us great info. I am so glad I stopped all osteoporosis drugs several years ago and have a doctor who supports my decision.
    Life is about making decisions based on information that answer our health care questions. Many thanks for sharing it with the Save Our Bones Community.
    Best Regards, Celestina Marie

  49. Lupie

    Can you tell me what you think of Reclast? I had one infusion last year and am scheduled for another infusion in 2 weeks. I would love to you know your thoughts on this before I do the next infusion. Thank you for your help.

    • Marilyn Summers

      Would like your comment on Reclast and also what if I had years of Aredia IV’s for Multiple Myeloma. I stopped the infusions once I read your book. Are my chances of getting esophcal cancer the same as the oral bis.?

  50. Josephine Lazzaro

    thanks for all the info., very important to me, sad that it makes me trust less and less the doctors who are fast in writing prescriptions , without caring or paying attention to side effects to the patient. It would be much easier and healthier to only advise change in lifestyle and nutrition.
    I enjoy very much your e-mails.

  51. Elaine Schaeffer

    Thank you and I am so glad I never took any of the drugs. This program came along in the right moment to avoid starting. I did not take the flu shot last year and did ok and plan not to take it again this year. Going to work harder on the recipe in the book. starting with the island smoothie and love the light ‘n tasty ginger veggies.very good. thank you.

  52. Teresa Skinner

    I have been taking Alendronic and DCal tablets along with a hormone inhibitor (Arimidex) after having a Mastectomy for Breast Cancer for nearly three years now. My Mother is osteoporotic and after a bone density scan I was told my lower back is not good at all, although my upper back and hips are good, due possibly to my regular tennis playing.
    Also I have read that “Research has shown that Biophosphenates may also be able to stop the breast cancer spreading to the bones and a major trial is underway to investigate this”
    How do you see the role of biophophenates in this instance?

  53. joyce

    I didtaek the drugs mentioned above for osteoporosis but they did nto help much. HAve been on daily injections of Forteo for 18 months. Two yrs. is the amx for safety.
    What do tiy recommend? MY T-Score is bad.
    I take calcium chews & Vit. D. & do yoga & walk.

  54. gerri sovak

    Once again the “connection”. If one eats the typical American acidic diet GERD becomes likely. Then starts the GERD meds, which leaches calcium from the bones. Then “osteopenia” becomes the diagnosis and the Boniva (or some such) begins. Then the GERD becomes worse so double up on those meds. And so it goes. Is this always true? Maybe not, but it was in my case. Not anymore, I am “drug” free and 10 pounds lighter thanks to vivian’s program. Go get ’em girls. gerri sovak

    • Susan Bohling

      I have acid reflux and taking generic omeprazole. I used to take actonel as I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I stopped actonel as I have problem swallowing. I am just now taking calcium, now you’re saying meds for gerd is taking out the calcium that I’m taking? is this a fact?

      • Susan Bohling

        I also want an answer to this question please. why take calcium if the med. omephrazole will only take it away??? please I need an answer too.

  55. Jane

    My Mother died of this cancer and had Osteoporosis….I also believe she took this drug!!!

  56. Marysia Dunlop

    Hello Vivian 🙂

    Boy!!! am I so glad I stopped this drug. Even being on it for 3 years was too long. Thank you for this email today, it sure does open your eyes.


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