How Your Bones Renew Themselves: An Inside Look - Save Our Bones

That’s right. You must lose bone if you want to have healthy bones.

Right there in that one sentence I’ve summed up what’s so dangerous about taking osteoporosis drugs. Because the folks who sell those poisons don’t understand this notion… or they do yet choose to ignore it.

I’ll let you make that judgement for yourself.

Now you might think I’ve gone off the deep end by saying something as crazy sounding as, “You have to lose bone…” but I’m not crazy.

One of the most important processes necessary to have healthy bones is called…

Bone Remodeling

This vital mechanism that involves bone loss and subsequent new bone formation is the key to healthy bones and to the prevention of fractures.

I thought you might enjoy visualizing how your bones actually rebuild themselves. And what better way than with the help of Oscar the Osteoclast – (as you can tell, I'm in a lighthearted mood). So let's take a trip to the Bone Riviera to explore Oscar's world together…

Oscar the Osteoclast

Greetings from the Bone Riviera:

Hi, my name is Oscar the Osteoclast, and I live in Vivian's hipbone, also known as the Bone Riviera – at least for the past few years. You see, I and my large family are osteoclasts, those perky little bone cells that, when all is well, help make just enough space for new bone to replace old bone.

We are constantly in touch with our central computer system, also known as B.R.A.I.N. In case you didn't know, B.R.A.I.N is an acronym we use that represents “Bio-Responsive Activated Instant Network.” It seamlessly coordinates our work schedule, and more importantly, it makes sure that our work is in constant harmony with all of our neighbors that live inside Vivian's body. Not a small feat!

So here's my story

Until very recently, I and the rest of my osteoclast family were living in a labor camp. We used to work many uninterrupted hours, digging holes in the hipbone, with no end in sight. We could not figure out why we had to dig so much, especially since a lot of the holes we dug remained empty. And to make matters worse, our neighbors and expert bone builders called osteoblasts, had packed up and left the hipbone.

I'll soon explain how the mystery of their disappearance was solved, but first I'd like to tell you what completely turned our life around. A few years ago, in 2004 to be exact, Vivian had her first bone density test. ‘Finally', I thought to myself!

Vivian's bone mineral density test showed that she had substantial bone loss in the hip and the doctor prescribed Fosamax.

Now that really brought us into panic!

We had heard rumors that Fosamax and other medicines called Boniva and Actonel, had destroyed entire villages of osteoclasts , and that it could take as much as ten years till a new population could settle in the same area.

Luckily, Vivian's B.R.A.I.N. was quick to act, and she decided to start researching how to improve her bone density without taking the drugs that would kill us. For quite a while we continued to work hard, but eventually we started to notice that our work days kept getting shorter. In fact, later on we were informed by B.R.A.I.N. that thanks to Vivian's Osteoporosis Reversal Program, we would be part-time workers instead of full-time workers.

And one day, our old neighbors the osteoblasts showed up. Now THEY were the full-time employees, constantly building new bone. B.R.A.I.N. had finally decided to give us a break, and from then on, our long-gone neighbors would work round the clock to build Vivian's hipbone.

As it turns out, the majority of osteoblasts had been missing because they had been attacked by the forces of the Evil Empire and taken hostage to a secret place. But with the help of the wonderful Osteoporosis Reversal Program, and the vitamins and minerals Vivian started taking after 2004, they managed to escape and came back home to do their job.

Boy are we relieved…

I really hope that Vivian will continue whatever she's doing, because we would like to keep this lifestyle forever. I have plenty of free time, so if you want to tell me your bone cell story, send me an email to… Just kidding…

Laziest regards,

– Oscar the Osteoclast

I hope you enjoyed that light-hearted inside look at bone remodeling.

As you just learned, your body is designed to heal itself. And part of that process involves generating new bone tissue.

During this process, bone cells called osteoclasts move through bone tissue. They remove old bone and leave small spaces for NEW bone to grow.

Once that’s done, other cells move in and start to fill the holes with new bone.

Over The Course of a Year, About 5%-10% of Your Bone is Replaced

Your body is an amazing thing, as long as you don’t mess with it.

Osteoporosis drugs stop the cells that remove your old bone tissue. They work to retain the bone tissue that’s there. The problem is, it’s old, dried up and damaged!

How healthy does that sound to you?

So by loading up on prescription osteoporosis drugs, you’re actually harming your body’s ability to grow new bone!

Just like a lot of things in mainstream medicine, the more they try to “help” with their drugs, the worse the situation becomes over the long term.

If this is something you didn’t know about bone health, then your eyes are going to be opened when you go through the full Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

The fact is, the general population has been sold a bunch of lies about how best to deal with osteoporosis and bone health.

I found the truth… because I HAD to find it to heal myself.

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  1. Frank

    If I take drynaria and I see my jaw is losing a bit of bone does that mean it’s rebuilding?

  2. martie evert

    I commented earlier, but haven’t received a reply. This is a wonderful program, but I don’t know whether it will benefit me at all. I’ve been on Fosamax, now Fosavance, for about 20 years. Is there any hope for my bones?

    Thank you very much.


    • mary khan

      I have been taking Cortef 10mg for year to help with Fibromyalgia Adrenal Fatigue etc
      My last Bone Scan showed an increase in Osteoporosis. I have not taken any of the meds Fosomax etc. I was taking Strontium but I still had deterioration.
      I’m considering Dental Implants and I recently learned about the Jaw Necrosis as a side effect of the meds.
      I want to take the natural approach wheat would you suggest. I’m 65 and living in Toronto Canada


      • Carol

        Yes I too have been told I need two
        Movers extracted and dental implants. I am concerned about the implants. What is your natural approach? Is there a way to get rid of the gum and faction or the cause of the root canal that I had 10 to 15 years ago that perhaps is now infected

  3. Cindy

    Hello. I came across this site while researching osteomyelitis. My husband is being treated for a bone infection of the spine. The infection has destroyed a portion of two vertebrae. Could your program help rebuild the lost bone once his infection clears? Thank you!

  4. Bug in Texas 7/19/16

    I stopped taking Revolan steroids and some other drugs my Okala just prescribed I am now detoxing and taking all natural liquid supplements and eating healthy as possible using very little salt no sugars use organic honey and other natural sweeteners collagen and detoxing + drinking 9.5ph water as often as I can afford it every night I’m grateful that I stopped taking the chemo and no stem cell transplant for me, I pray and thank God giving me the strength to research and believe Him to lead us in the way we should go. Could not afford natural path or holistic doctors no money so thank God I’m doing it on my own and with the help of people like you and comments from others that have taken the bull by the horn, Keep up the good work and God bless you all

  5. Andrea

    Vivian, I’m very encouraged by all your information-packed email messages and can’t wait to dig into the Save Our Bones book I just received!
    Thank you so much!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good news, Andrea! And welcome to the Program. 🙂

  6. Oby

    Clay and Fiona,Great points. I think we’re stdnaing on something pretty big. Likely the biggest shift in education since the printing press and then (eventually) industrialization. Clay, I bow to you on this, Mr. History, but I do know there’s a lot of potential. Everyone’s so worried about this stage, but there is so much that’s instinctive to kids. If we can help them direct and guide their own learning, then we can start to see the power of technology in teaching and learning.

  7. Myra Babington

    I just had a bone Density after I fell & had to have a parshell hip operation. The operation was 9 weeks ago. I rang my GP today & she just gave me the result.of the Bone Density about an hour ago. She didn’t give me any Levels till I asked her. When I challanged my Doctor she to;d me -3 When I asked her what that meant she said a 20 year old was -0 to -2.5. My reading was -3
    I’m 75 years old My blood test was excellent. Please tell me what -3 means as I don’t understand this. I live in Australia in NSW state. Our Bodies are Temples of God & thank you Sharon for including that sentence.
    Many thanks

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Myra,

      It’s frustrating when doctors don’t give you a clear answer! To help understand what the numbers mean, here are the diagnostic paramaters for osteoporosis established by the WHO:

      A T-score between +1 and -1 is normal bone density. Examples are 0.8, 0.2 and -0.5.

      A T-score between -1 and -2.5 indicates low bone density or osteopenia. Examples are T-scores of -1.2, -1.6 and -2.1.

      A T-score of -2.5 or lower is a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Examples are T-scores of -2.8, -3.3 and -3.9.

  8. lee


    I took only one 70mg of fosamax a week ago and stopped. What is the long term damage of that and what detox methods can I use to get it out of my system/bones?

    • Allen

      Diagnosed with multiple myeloma

  9. Bronwyn Lange

    Dear Vivian
    I am very interested in your work.

    I have had polymyalgia rheumatica for over 3 years. I am on prednisone & plaquenil. I am down to 4.5 mg of prednisone now & hoping, as usual, to be able to get off it someday soon as it is leeching my bones.
    Will your Cleanse help even while on these drugs?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good question, Bronwyn! If you are taking medication, that’s all the more reason to cleanse your system. Your liver and kidneys have to work hard to filter out and process the drugs, so cleansing will give these organs a break from toxins from other sources while you’re still taking the medications. 🙂

  10. Nancy

    I also was diagnosed with osteoporosis after fracturing
    T 7 vertebra. My Dr. Wrote me up a prescription for Fosamax and told me to start taking it immediately, and don’t research the side effects! I walked out of her office scared to death with this diagnosis and went home and researched Fosamax and all the drug therapies for osteoporosis! I decided I wasn’t putting any of these drugs in my body. Then I found the saveourbones program and that just confirmed my decision and put my mind at ease, after dealing with so many Doctors telling me I must take the meds. I already live an organic, whole food, plant based diet for the past 5 years, after being diagnosed with breast cancer and following the conventional medical route of surgery, chemo, radiation because of fear. Chemo induced menopause is what contributed to my osteoporosis. I am happy to say that I have been following the saveourbones program and it is in alignment with what I believe! Thanks so much Vivian for all your dedication and commitment to osteoporosis and healing in a holistic way. This is the way of the future and the way to heal from the inside out.

    • shirley

      Did the fractures heal then on their own…with the save your bones program

  11. Jennyy Blue

    Following a fractured ankle early in 2013, my physiotherapist told me that after becoming fully mobile again the broken bone would continue ‘tidying itself up’ or remodelling following it’s damage. She said it will continue reshaping in this way for up to 2 years, so it is important during that period of time to get plenty of the right kind of exercise to support this and ensure future problems are minimised to the area. She also recommended I supplement with calcium as my x-ray showed I have ostopenia, although I have not done this as I was unable to source a vegan one. Any suggestions welcome !

    • Titch Robinson

      The best source of digestible, absorbable, calcium is from green leaves, make green smoothies, …I started in February drinking 1 litre of green smoothies as I was told in Jan 2014 to take Fosamx for osteoporosis….naturally I refused. I am a 95% raw food vegetarian, cannot say vegan as I use honey.

      Please Google Green Smoothie Revolution – Viktoria Boutenko, Green for Life also by her and watch a delightful video by her son Sergei Green Smoothie Power

      In May I did a DEXA scan to see if there was any change and was so encouraged, in August I did another DEXA and hips and spine are now mild osteopenia I am going to do another DEXA scan in Feb – 1 year I am sure it will be normal – I feel great. Also do yoga.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Greens are an excellent source of bioavailable calcium, Titch! Thanks for sharing your experience and information.

  12. Rivka Nor

    I took Forteo for 4 months – which focuses on stimulating osteoblast activity. I made my own decision to stop the medication due to a number of serious side effects that neither the endocrinologist or OB/GYNs could resolve. Above all, this drug weakened my immune system considerably, and led to an inflammatory skin reaction (rash and lesions) that I had to literally let burn out. I went on a detox program from Desert Biologicals and continue to follow this homeopathic program to restore my immune system. I have also purchased your program and shifted over to an organic diet, and am following your alkaline recommendations, and exercise program as well. Should I be concerned about further fallout from Forteo – do you have any other guidance in regard to safeguarding one’s self after taking this type of dangerous drug?

  13. Carolyn

    I have taken fosomax and now I’m on prolia. I’m tired of the side effects but as I read your information, it sounds like I’ve done more damage by taking them. It also sounds like its too late to stop.

  14. pat

    Humour always wins.

    Fabulous story

  15. Sherry Burnett

    A few months ago a bone density test showed that I have osteoporosis and my doctor prescribed the generic drug for fosomax. I have significant bone loss in my jaw which has caused me to lose my lower teeth and wear dentures. So now I go to the dentist. I had to have three teeth extracted. The dentist refused to extract them and sent me to an oral surgeon. He wanted $900 to remove the teeth. Well, it has taken me a year to save up for badly needed new lower dentures. And now this. I cannot afford that and chose to take my chances with osteonecrosis of the jaw. I have thrown the medication out and the dentist removed the worst of the three teeth which was crumbling apart. Now I am hoping I don’t get this horrible disease. I googled the word osteonecrosis and after looking at the photos of what you look like when your face gets eaten away, I went out and got drunk. By profession I am a holistic health practitioner and I don’t believe in taking drugs. I just thought, how bad could this drug be? Well, because I wanted to cheat a little and use a drug for bone loss I am now on pins and needles to make sure I do not contract osteonecrosis. What was I thinking? I have been on this drug for about six months. What are some suggestions you might have for me to try and get the drug out of my system and reverse the damage? I admit I am a little frightened. Did I say A little, that is an understatement!

    • Jennifer

      I know this reply is many years later after the original question but I’ve only recently became aware of this website. Drynaria is a crucial herb to help rebuild alveolar bone with is the bone which anchors the teeth, in addition to plant-based calcium and the key co-factors. Personally, I take Drynaria 12, Bone Renewal by the Synergy Company in addition to consuming organic greens daily.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sherry, I understand your concerns; but you are on the right track! You’re researching your health concerns yourself and are ready to make your own health decisions. Congratulations!

      I understand the fear very well. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this post you might like to read:

      For getting the drug out of your system, I encourage you to check out Rapid Cleanse, the 7-day osteoporosis cleanse that is designed to rid the body of osteoporosis drugs. Here is a link where you can learn more:

      Remember, your body was designed for health! It can repair itself when it is given what it needs. 🙂

  16. Di Flower

    Can anyone give me advice on taking Bisphosphonates for bony metastases. I understand they decrease osteoclast activity
    How much research has been done to support its’ use- and should I follow my gut feeling that the risks still outweigh the benefits?
    Many thanks for any comments

  17. Najat Atallah

    Thanks Vivianne, I admire your style ,the way you convey FACTS. Actually our bodies are WONDERFULY DESIGNED,with the capacity of AUTO-Healing itself. Thanks to the only wonderful Loving Designer, Jehovah.

  18. Bettie

    I also have Hashimotos Disease, but I take sythroid and cytomel for my thyroid. I don’t know if I am supposed to mention the name on the internet but I read all the newsletters from a thyroid advocate and she takes armour thyroid, but she also says it has not been proven that synthroid causes osteo. In a study of so many subjects the ones that took synthroid did not have osteo anymore than the ones who took armour. So I am not afraid to take mine. In fact, I could not live w/o the combination.
    That is the only prescription drug I take. I do not have trouble with high blood pressure etc and I am 61 yrs young. I have been on the Save our Bones program about 2 years now so I have not had a dexa scan to see if I have improvement.

  19. doris clark

    This is very vague in my mind for I’m a very old lady and hope that only you see this, but yesterday? a woman wrote in to thank you. She was no longer taking a drug and she had had good test results and was now taking SYNTHROID. I I’ll never forget the doctor who told me that I would be taking Synthroid the rest of my life but20 years later when I had my first low-level x ray the results showed minus 26% in the lumbar area and minus 24% in the hips, compared to other people my age. Since I had always been very active it was a TOTAL SHOCK!. I had taken Synthroid , not knowing it causes osteoporosis! Now I’m on Armour thyroid plus Iodine and have lowered those percentages considerably. I found out later that Synthroid has only T4 and that we need T3 as well. I have Hashimoto’s.

    • Joyce

      Hi Doris:
      Thank you for the information on synthroid. I wondered why I got osteoporosis because I exercised a lot and ate healthy food. I am no longer on synthroid but it did have time to do its damage. Glad you have informed others so they don’t make the same mistake.


  20. Joan Kratkin

    Hi –
    I’d like your opinion of StroniumCitrate as a supplement. I know it’s used successfully in Europe.

  21. Anthony Mario Vella


    You are really doing a good job teaching people the truth about bone regeneration.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you so much, Anthony!

  22. Gemma Suzara

    Hello Vivian,
    Have been receiving all your emails and reading them carefully.
    Am not exactly osteoporotic but I do have osteopenia and osteophytes.
    I changed my diet completely and making it as alkaline as possible with no animal meat, wheat byproducts(gluten-free), sugar free and eating lots of bone food with natural anti-inflammatory roots and herbs.
    It would be interesting to test my bone density to know the before and after result of this new lifestyle as am confident that am doing the right thing and hoping that these bone spurs will remain the same and not grow bigger in the current areas nor in new areas. Thank you Vivian for this fountain of useful information you have created. My best regards!


    my nails are most of the time brittle .is it connected with my calcium level or bone density


    thanks for this article .what kind of supplements or food that women need to follow to increase the bone density

  25. Pat

    I have been having infusions of eclasta over the past two & One half years and was due for another one later this year but now don’t think IO will have it. Thanks to Vivian’s ideas & book which I prchased earlier this year.

  26. Kathy Wong

    I started taking Protaxos 2 months ago. I would like to know if I can just stop taking Protaxos immediately and follow the Save Our Bones program?

  27. Roma Hadley

    No, I have not already said that! This really leaves me with a bad feeling about this program.

  28. Roma Hadley

    I would like to be able to turn the video off and read the audio version. Also, get to the facts fast, forget all the unncessary selling. I don’t have time.

    • David

      Most of the videos posted have a back up for people like us. Just click to close and a pop-up will ask if you want to stay on the page or leave. Click stay and you will get a print version.

  29. marje

    When religion gets into this discussion, why don’t the non believers just say nothing. They say sorry, but then why say it at all. Believing in God helps many people get through tough times. Please think about it.

  30. Barbara Weber

    Vivian – you are a joy to my heart! I am now off all biophosphonates!!!!!
    However, I am still taking Calcitonin-Salmon (a nasal spray) 200 I.U. Give me a low down on this spray please? Incidentally – I am better now than six months ago and can walk very short distances now. Am looking forward to walking the dog with my husband.

  31. Dee

    Hi All, Thanks for latest imformation. I was surprised to read on a recent message that rebounding is good for bone health. I rebounded for years until I found out I had arthritis in spine and knee.I will now get out the rebounder and sart very slowly.


      vivian i commend you for all your efforts but if you really want to make a difference and reverse osteoporosis and certain forms of arthritis than learn about bio identical hormones and replace these in the body, estrogen breaks down old bone and progesterone and testosterone builds new bone. this is the bodies building factory without these hormones present no amount of good nutrition is going to reverse this process the same way. within in 4 months of a hysterectomy where all my hormones collapsed i had oesteoporisis and arthritis and within 12 months of bio identical hormone replace meant with levels kept out of the post menopausal ranges all this was reversed and 15 years later my bone density is still better than a 25 year old.

  32. Velma Sturm

    Vivian: Am Velma-s rehab assistant M,W,F. Have Osteoporosis and KIDNEY STONES often. What can I do? Am 29, single. Please advice me at: jamie e Thank you!

    Velma Sturm, for Jamie


      dear jamie… can start to build new bone now by contacting a doctor that understands bio identical hormone replacement and start replacing your progesterone levels and testostertone, also oesteoappetite with boron and keepin you vitamin D levels around 150 Progesterone is the most protective hormone in the body and along with testosterone will build strong bones for life. good nutrition and an organic diet cut out all sugars and refined carbs and increase your consumption of god fats such as organic fats and proteins from grass fed animals and follow a paleo diet.. for doctors that understand this go onto suzanne website and click on to doctors resources for bio identical hormones in your area and you will not have to worry about this any more.

  33. Velma Sturm

    Am wanting to go to Tijuana, Mexico as soon as I get my passport. Will be going to the EXCEL Hospital, for the M. S. Liberation Procedure. Would like some tips on trying to gain some strength in my legs; am 61 and have not walked since breaking my ankle in 2 places, in 1976. All I did, was standing near my bed,looked @ my walker, thinking it was too far away.Without doing anything my legs crumbled. Immediately, I was rushed to the hospital for surgery; having broke my ankle in 2 places. I spent 6 weeks, no ‘weight baring’, I have not walked since 1976. Am using an electric wheelchair now. Am so thrilled about Vivian’s ‘Save Our Bones Community. Have sent a cheque, but have not heard back. Any pointers? My if anyone wants to email me.
    Velma Sturm

  34. Darinka Farrow

    Vivian Goldschmidt, MA, is dedicated to sharing her health secrets through her books and publications, but at the cost, not everyone has money for books, and by the looks of it, “nothing comes for free”
    Thank God for the internet where everyone can do research on health and preventative medicine on the computer with ease and become well informed how to heal themselves

    • Daphne

      why should she give her book away for free.she works hard to bring us all her great info.i thought it was well priced for the info in it.If you want something bad enough you can always manage to get it.

  35. Darinka Farrow

    Wonderful site with lots of info, we need more info on acid free diet, lot of people dont understand the alkaline nutrition and how important it is to our health and well being, all this talk about calcium is quite confusing, magnesium helps the calcium to absorb better, I use magnesium oil that I apply topicaly daily…..

  36. Judy Patton

    I have been watching your video’s and very impressed. I do have a question concerning bone deterioration. I have a particle jaw bone that has holes. I have never been sick or a server tooth ache. My concern is can this jaw bone regrow in the deteriorated area?

  37. Lita Newdick

    After a lot of research and subsequent mixed feelings I would like to share my thoughts about the value of Save Our Bones.

    There is a great deal of high-pressure salesmanship which I find disturbing; in fact, I would say the ratio of hype to research is approximately 50-50. It’s sometimes difficult to wade through the scare tactics to find the valuable information. But it is there.

    I was disappointed with the book; as one person commented, by the time it arrived, I too had already read most of it online and having the information in a book is not worth : $67 plus shipping for a paperback book with a large print, a huge amount of white space, no index and really not much in it in my opinion. I am planning to return it.

    However, to Vivian Goldschmidt’s credit, when I complained my $73.00 was refunded. Also, I am enjoying reading
    Vivian’s emails and the replies and all-in-all I have to say Save Our Bones has made me aware of many things that may help me.

    There are other books on this subject one can order which I suspect have more dense information. One can find them on

  38. breeda barnard

    keep up the good work Vivian.I work every day at remodeling my bones thru diet and exercises .Ive gone from osteoarthritis stage 2 to osterpenia .Many thanks to you.I love to learn and I look forward to your newsletter.Much appreciated.Breeda.

  39. Darlene Morris

    I also bought the #2 for 67.00. The extras came in the form of downloads. They were sent to me as soon as they received my card payment. There were at least 8 or more. The only thing that comes in the mail is your book. Hope you are successful in obtaining your downloads. You may have to contact Vivian.

  40. SBousquet

    Dear Vivian,
    Is the taking of a fish oil supplement detrimental to bone health? I ask because the ingredients list 2 different types of acids. Thank you for your time.
    Best, SBousquet

    • Sandra Bosiljevac

      I also take fish oil capsules. The Brand name is WinOmega3 complex.

  41. Sandy Roberts

    I like the story of Oscar the Oesteoclast.
    I have a quetion: I ordered from Garden of Life Raw Calcium but I see that it also contains strontium (3 mg) and I was told by an alternative Doctor nevr to take strontium with calcium because they compete for absorption. Is that true and should I look for another source of raw caloium? Do you have any suggestions as to a brand of raw calcium to take? Thanks,

    • Cheri Schwebel

      Since DEXA scores only measure density and not tensile strength, is there any other way to know if the diet is working? Unless I’m missing something, it seems that the success stories refer to better DEXA scores. How do we know if the tensile strength is acutally better?

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        At this point it’s not possible to measure tensile strength, Cheri. But if nothing is tampering w/ normal bone remodeling, it is safe to assume that bones are renewing themselves as they should, and are therefore able to maintain good tensile strength

        • pepot

          Hi Vivian, I have an aunt who has a 3rd stage breast cancer and she’s being prescribed the medications “Vessel Due-F” and “Carnicor”. Would you have any feedback as to effectiveness of these medications to her bone health as well as her total wellness? Thank you so much and by the way, Happy New Year!

      • Cheri Schwebel

        I just asked a question about the DEXA score and don’t know why it posted as a reply to the question about strontium. I hope I receive an answer to my question.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Sandy,

      The small amount of naturally-occurring strontium in the Raw Calcium is no problem.

  42. Sr. Grace Panlilio,oss

    Dear Vivian, Come Holy Spirit! There are so many things to thank to and many things to thank for. Istly, for the Providence that I was able to discover your Blog, 2ndly, to you, for your generosity and the love you pour in your project. Yes, in the words of religious we would say that you give Glory to God our Father in this particular venture. Following your emails, I sense the relief with regards to my bone difficiencies. The latest of which is the exercises for the hip through the video. Infact the 1st time I tried it, I sense immediately the difference upon sitting.
    I have a question Vivian, please, could I particular tell you my difficulty that I feel on my hip. And probably you could help me and suggest proper excersises or cure that I should be taking. Thank you!
    More power. Surely, you would hear more from me I pray that you would persevere in doing what you think be done since so many out here in the world needs help with regards to bone health. Thank you, ones again.

    Truly yours, sr. Grace,oss (Sisters oblates of the Holy Spirit).

    • Joyce Gasser

      what exercises in what video for the hip

      • pat head

        I would like to know about the
        toe heel jump exercise, but
        I cannot open your videos. How
        can I find out by pictures. I do
        walk with to heel but what about the exercise?

  43. Donna Alba

    i need help for osteoperosis and don’t want totake any drugs, if possible.

  44. Rhonda

    Hi Vivian–really enjoyed your book and website. So glad to see so much interest in the comments–wish you had time to answer more questions and many people seem to be really in need. Possible to hire a knowledgeable assistant to help?

    So, on to my question, for which I have not been able to find an answer with much internet searching. I am 63, have osteoarthritis and am tall and thin. I have worsening osteopenia as evidenced in 3 DEXA scans over 6 years. My problem is that I have severe hypoglycemia and must eat a high protein diet to keep from crashing throughout the day. I avoid all refined sugar, but still eat around 160 gm of protein a day. Too much! I tried to follow you 80-20 plan, and switched my breakfast from my soy protein drink with 3 glasses of milk complemented by 8 triscuits with over an ounce of cheddar cheese. Substituted high protein cereal with some milk and almonds. I just can’t eat the cereal–lost it within an hour. So kept the almonds and went back to soy drink with milk. For lunch, I switched to a huge spinach salad with carrots, red peppers, avocado and tomatoes, supplemented with almonds, but had to add back in cheese or meat. Dinner is about 3 oz of meat, 1.5 cups of broccoli, blueberries and more almonds. I downloaded the PRAL index of food acid/alkalinity but can’t seem to weight the balance toward alkaline because of the hypoglycemia. I have severe GERD, but have not been able to find any clinical studies showing relationship of an acidic diet to GERD. So, how can I get help in balancing my diet toward more alkalinity without crashes of low blood sugar? I am very concerned about this as I don’t want to descend into Osteoporosis.

    Again, I know you are swamped with personal requests, but I would so appreciate some guidance.

    • Bennie

      Hi, Ronda–just read your post and I see you suffer from severe GERD. May I suggest you go to this website, Sherry Brescia, the creator of program is very knowledgeable in digestive problems due to her own digestive problem (IBS) many years ago and no longer suffers from, but is also a health researcher. So please check out her website (read the many testimonials) and download her free 4-day trial plan.
      Hope this helps.

    • Lou Kurjata

      Here is a link about how Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a look at and treats GERD…

      It appears that you have assimilation problems so this makes sense to me. Hope it helps.


    • Mary Williamson

      I am a 68 years old and am trying to change my diet to incorporate your guidance to restore my bones from possible osteopina to healthy and strong bones.

      I am hypothyroid and an taking Armour Thyroid and have been so for 40 years. I use rice milk as soy milk is not good for my condition. I tried almond milk, but it did not agree with me. Is Rice milk okay to drink?

    • joelle

      try almond milk unsweetened as a milk alternative

  45. marlene

    I would like to know all the vitamins, plus food one should be eating to improve my health.
    I learned that milk is a no no plus grapefruit too. would love to know the rest of fruit plus vegetables. I bet that means yougart too plus cottage cheese.

    • Lou Kurjata

      Do you know how to muscle test yourself? This is an easy way to ask your body what it needs for nutrition rather than relying on someone else’s information. This link from an article called “Test before you ingest” explains the hows and whys you would use this and shows you how to do it at the end….

      I teach this to all my clients and strongly suggest that they use it when they are buying anything they are putting into or on themselves. That includes laundry items and soaps and shampoos and make-up etc.
      We need to become our own healers and asking your body what it needs and what it should avoid is a huge step in that direction.


  46. pat

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and am limited in the exercise I can do. Look forward to the book sale on Monday as I cannot afford it otherwise. I am already doing most of the things that your program has been suggesting (like eating mostly alkalizing foods, walking, doing some limited weight lifting, etc).

  47. E. Loraine Hopper

    Dear Vivian;
    Shortly after I had a kidney transplant my doctor started me on fosmax. I was known to have osteoporosis for some time. I badly # the head of my left tibia from a short fall off a ladder in 1999.
    In Sept of this year I went for a knee replacement of that knee after it was found that I did not have any catiledge.
    The next day the surgeon came in and his main comment was that I had terrible bones. As he explained the bone had become more like mush so it was difficult to do the surgery and of course extra care was taken.
    Last week I had a gastroscopy. It was getting difficult for me to swallow and I could eat very little at a time. I was on losec for acid reflux. According to the technician my eosophegus was vert tortuous.I had stopped the fosmax before my surgery on my own. I have since had to take less losec. No doubt it will take a while for the esophogus to get better.

  48. Dan Dionne

    I have to complete the thought… If you embelish this fact are you embelishing others? I sincerely hope not. Still your friend.

    Dan Dionne

  49. Dan Dionne

    Hi Vivian,

    I assume you were kidding about the entymology of the word ‘brain’. I can find no historical coorelation to that fact.

  50. Frances Talley

    Vivian, I have had a weight problem for a few years,execpt when I was on my Holistic diet, it was too restrictive couldn’t maintain, so got out of it, have had problems with high blood pressure, high cholesteral, then diagnosed w/ Osteoporosis & borderline Glacoma, for which I put drops in my eyes ea night. I was on Fosamax for abt 3 yrs. I stopped taking it when I researched your web. I did not feel good abt taking the drug., didn’t like all the terrible admonitions, don’t lie down till after bkft, going to dentist can be dangers etc… But I still feel I should take some calcium suppliments, I notice you talk about taking them and wonder what kind is safe. I was on Calcium Citrate Supreme by Solaray, they OK? Please let me know, as It concerns me very much. Thanks. Fran.

    • BEV

      what is dangerous about dennists? I just had 5 teeth removed & had terrable problems!

  51. Frances Talley

    Vivian, your book arrived & am reading it. I was on Holistic diet 4 abt. 8yrs. still follow much of it.on several suppliments, took Calcium Citrate Supreme by Solaray, I quit because of the scare about Calcium, but feel I need it. I am 73yrs, in pretty good health. Is my Calcium safe to return to it? Also, recipes in Bk seem to much, who can eat all that? Most don’t serves 2 or more! Fran Please reply.

  52. Dee

    I really thought you were going to tell us something but all it was, was a plug for your book, how disappointing.


      I have to agree, I bought the book and felt I had read almost the whole book on your website!!! I am not afraid of my Dr. and don’t really need to know how to talk to him, what I would like to do is to come back for my third Bone density test with a better score and then explain how I did it. Didn’t get the important information about what products I can get that will satisfy your vitamin and mineral requirements. Plus your book is not current since you don’t have Acaii and cactus sweetner. You said I would receive a bonus with my book and nothing was there, just the book. Was it supposed to be something in the book? I thought a cookbook would come. nothing.

      • pat

        As far as I see it if you follow the dietary rules your bone density will increase. What’s all this whinging about someone who gives so much away to help us all?

  53. Claudia

    so glad for the internet and all it’s caring nutritionalists. after getting 4 infusions of bone medicine, doing the boniva ( I do wish Sally would knock it off) and fosamax, I wrote the bone specialist and said “enough !” I recently discovered that just about every malady comes from having an acid infested body, which means super-inflamation (not good) since November, 2009 I have been on healthy foods which are ALKALINE, rather than ACIDIC. for 9 months now, have given up the Protonix (no more acid-reflux !) the Lyrica (no more Fibromyalgia !) and just two days ago gave up the last poison…Trazodone, which was giving me such terrible constipation, I could no longer go, a VERY DANGEROUS CONDITION. Thank you Vivian, and all others who have led us out of the Abyss of ignorance !

  54. Evelyn

    What does a T-score of hip 1.6 & spine 3.7 mean?

  55. Carole

    Overall I would recommend people to stick to the 80/20 diet as much as possible. When I look back on my life’s problems I have always taken too many acidic foods and this seems to cause huge problems in the Western World, also be careful of labels on foods with glucose syrup and hydrogenated fats. These only add to problems.

  56. Loura

    Thanks so mush for all information,is very helpful.

  57. carol maleham

    Hi Vivian Thanks for your interesting Emails its good to know other people worry about drugs.Let’s hope this disease is soon cured completely. I am working at it with food ,exercise and Evista as worried about taking nothing. Carol

    • carol maleham

      Thanks Carol for your advice, glad you are working at it


    HI I Have Been Reading About Every One & The Problems They Have I Have Been An Invalid For Nearly 20 Years {WASTED } I Have Fought To Keep Going I Had A Condition Called AVASCULAR NECROSIS IN BOTH HIPS So Have Had 21 Operations On My Hips But Am Still Going Had A Minor Miricle In JAN This Year Another Op. & I Can Walk Again After So Long My Muscles Are Not So Good But Are Getting Better I Refused To Take ACTONEL AfTER One Dose As It Gave Me So Many Bad Symptons I Am Taking Cacitral As The Vitamin B Levels Are Low & Eating Well Will Get The Book When I Can Afford It
    Many Thanks For Your Letters So We Know We Are Not Alone
    Regards Merleen

  59. Earlene

    I too went off Fosamax after reading the FDA warnings. I am now taking daily does of DHEA, K-2, Magnesium and Boron to GROW new bones, not patch or harm the existing ones. I also do bone strengthening exercises, take calcium, glucosmomine and chondroitin. We have stop this over prescribing by doctors – they’re killing us with ‘kindness’.

  60. Bonnie

    All your readings are so informative. Appreciate all the facts you explain. You were most helpful in my decision to stop taking Fosovance. Thankfully I have your book now although it is only the paperback edition. I am going to look forward to following your guidelines. Thanks for helping. Continue with your good works.


  61. Diane

    I have been teaching line dancing for serveral years
    I do the classes at the residential homes for the elderly. I am 61 and my bone density has improved in the hip area and has stayed the same for the other areas since last scan 3 years ago. I take Calci Chew D3 forte once a day and now follow the Lycopene and Polyphenols routine in Vivians e book and have passed it to several friends to download. Here in England they have now brought out a coffee whih is called Nescafe Green and it contains polyphenols. Great advice to follow SAY NO to drugs!!! Thanks Vivian

    • Marie Murphy

      Following the recent ‘scare’ around taking calcium supplements, I was interested to read that you take CaciChew D3 forte. My husband takes this not for osteopro but because he has Crohns disease and is as a result, unable to absorb calcium. I am prescribed Protelos for my osteoporosis but now wonder if the ingredients could lead to heart problems. Among the ingredients are stronitium ranelate, aspartame, malteodextrin and mannitol. Anyone know anything about these.
      I have always eaten lots of calcium enriched foods and am surprise therefore at being diagnosed with osteoporosis. Would the fact that I drink three or four coffees a day be a factor?

      • Roberta Waugh

        I too am taking strontium ranelate – I am awaiting the arrival of your book Vivian – so I would be interested in your reply

    • olga holt

      Dear Diane, would you please contact me? I live in the UK and am anxious to get Vivians book. Do you know who publishes it here in England? My address is 49, Fullerton Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7TA and my telephone number O1932400446. My name is Olga Holt. Thanks.

  62. Barbara Guthrie

    I am finding your book such a great help. I recommend it to everyone, even though they may not like us have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I am looking forward to my next bone density test when I am sure there will be a great improvement.

  63. Anita Grgurich

    I am 49 years old. Go to the gym every day to do a class each day at 5AM. It may be cardio or sculpting, weights. I do this cause I want to but it also is to strengthen my core and regain my balance. I am one step away from osteoperosis and it scares the heck out of me. I do take calcium in the AM and eat yogart. Well I eat healthy. My Great Aunt lived a long life to 99 but her last about 5 years were in the fetal position in a nursing home. I never never want to go there. I want self maintenance. About a month ago, and this happens less and less because of takeing care of myself. I walked around for a week hunched clear over. Then I had to go to theropy and use ice on my back. I have a herniated disk that flares once in a while. I have had Doctors say surgery and I say NOOOO Way because I still have to do rehab afterwords so as long as I can use my head and keep on top of this I will. Thank you for listening. Note: I wish we could be taught the important things in life. How to eat healthy and exercise every day. The world would be a much much better place.

  64. Adele

    Reading about oscar!!! i have been taking bonviva for the past 2yrs 9mths – just recently stopped – I’m hoping that following vivians plan I can replace/repair the damage the drugs have done…and also more importantly increase my bone density – hopefully this can be reversed…

  65. Helen Mcguire

    I have been following the Save Our Bones food regiment for 3 months. I feel great and have never had an easier time maintaining my weight. I’m lucky because I love vegetable and fruits and now I have a good reason for avoiding those fast food, and high fat food choices when eating out. Can’t wait till my next bone density test.
    I have heard about the benefits of goji berries and I would like to know if these would be in the acidic or alkaline category.

    • Camille Marie Caifano

      I have been using this product for years with excellent results. When I stop using it I immediately feel the difference…aches and pains, digestive problems, constipation, arthriits, etc…all come back. Goji juice keeps the body alkaline and in a healthy state. Experience the difference it will make in your life. Not all goji juice (or berries) are the same, and the quality makes a major difference Learn more at Best wishes for a happy healthy life!

  66. Joan

    I am disabled and not able to do weight bearing or weight lifting exercises. Since these exercises are a big part of preventing and treating osteoporosis, what alternative do I have for these exercises. By the way, I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis

    • paula

      I am in the same position having been in a wheelchair for the past 20 years (I am 58). My consultant wants me to try the new injection as I am now at high risk of hip fracture thru low bone density score and balance problems. Anyone got any ideas as it makes me feel disempowered that I can’t exercise to protect my bones.

      Also – how do we get this book in the UK?

      • BEV

        Putting weights on ankles & while laying on your back, do bike rounds ams & before bed (pms)

  67. lucy

    I’m still in search for the perfect vitamin combination that doesn’t require taking alot of different pills.Any suggestions?

    • carole smith

      There is a product called Chlorella, which is an algae. It is very high in calcium and all the other vitamins., plus minerals and amino acids plus essential fatty acids., all in perfect balance. You can buy this marvellous supplement at health food shops or over the Internet.

      Dr.Carole Smith

    • Luc Chene

      I have made a comprehensive research on the matter and found the following: multimineral + multivitamins, more calcium, magnesium, organic silicon, milk bone protein, vitamin K2 if not around 50mcg per day in the multivitamins.
      Te best multivitamin + multimineral are Usana’s Essentials or multi or or Douglas multivitamins. For milk basic protein, they may be purchased as a sole supplement or if you like yogurt, Yoplait Asana has added milk basic protein. For silicon Biosil is best, for Calcium and magnesium, if you can manage powder, citrate is the most absorbed. For vitamin K2 there are many choices.
      Interestingly Usana’s multi were developed using human cell cultures to find the best combination. Usana sells through direct marketing network. I could be contacted at; I am not an associate of Usana, merely a customer.
      With this you have the maximum you can take. I almost forgot, onions every day seems to help build the bone matrix.

    • Halo

      Sometimes you have to take different supplements that are not in a multi vitamin such as the one lypocene which is a tomato extract vital for bone health. What’s the harm in taking an extra supplement to insure bone health?

  68. margaret jacobson

    I am taking a weightlifting class in june at community college will that help me?

  69. Elizabeth Morrissey

    What are the vitamins and minerals you started to take when you learned you had Osteoporosis? Thank you.

    Sincerely, Elizabeth Morrissey

    • Roberta Waugh

      Yes – I would like to know what to take too

    • Elizabeth Morrissey

      What are the vitamins and minerals you started to take when you learned you had Osteoporosis, Vivienne?

      Thank you

      Sincerely, Elizabeth Morrissey

  70. Ardi

    I am taking Zometa IVs every 6 weeks, because I had stage IV breast cancer metasized to the spine. Oncologist has me taking the Zometa to help rebuild bones. Is Zometa doing more damage than it is worth? Am I better off just not taking it, and doing your program. I do take a lot of supplements including V-D and calcium. Would love to get off the Zometa

  71. Kathryn McIntee

    I discovered I had Osteaprosis because my chest mussels kept snapping like a elastic band, and it took two weeks to mend again, this is very painfull, my doctor gave me a bone scan, and I found out my condition was Osteaprossis. I am on a healthy diet, and take calcium tablets containing vitimin K and other trace elements also vitimin D3. I am on a healthy diet, very little meat, no milk, or salt. I also rejected my doctors precription and went to a well known herbalist- and I have not suffered and mussel spsam for about 1 month so far- early days I agree. I do waight baring exersice-Yoga. I am 63 years of age.

  72. robin

    i am 36 years old and have been diagnosed with osteopenia. i also have recently been told that my vitamin d level is drastically low. I have taken fosomax in the past for a very short time because once i investigated the medicines i realized they were worse than the problem so since the, about 4 yrs., i have just been trying to eat right, exercise and take my calcium vitamins. I wound up with kidney stones due to the amount of calcium build up. My osteopenia is in my spine and this really scares me because i work for myself taking care of the elderly, which requires a lot of lifting and i also clean house for myself. i would like to know a good exercise for my spine.

  73. Mona Rae

    I am a very active 81 yr.old. Help my husband in a large garden & orchard & do exercises from “Strong Women Stay Young”. Dr. had me get a Reclast shot last July because bone density in spine had gone down even though hips & rest had increased. I take 50,000 units Vit D a week, 500 mg magnesium & 1500 Caltrate & a multiple vit.daily, will be having another scan in a couple of months. Wondering what vitamin you suggest. We are assisting a son & family as he has been out of work for over 2 yrs. reason I have not purchased your book. Thanks, Mona

  74. Thank God! I'm healthy!

    That was a perfect little story about what helps or destroys our bones.God is the builder and we have to maintain what He has intrusted to us. One day I was in prayer and the Lord revealed to me, “One day you are going to stand in front of me, and I will ask you,”what did you do with the body I gave you?” I realized then it was up to me to take better care of it and so have began the process of renewal and it is working with Prayer and natural supplements, Thank God.
    Thank you Vivian for your love and desire to help others, may God Richly Bless you and Yours,

    • Lita Newdick

      I have been reading the Old Testament. It is incredibly hostile to women; describing every woman as a lure and deceitful siren who is desperately trying to ensnare the good and unsuspecting male. Just go to Ecclesiastes, for example; you will see what I mean. I’m not relying on the Bible God to help me with my osteoporosis problems; I see little little sympathy or understanding of any of us women.

      That is not to say there is no power greater than me; I believe there is and we can communicate with that power for healing and wisdom…

    • Dee

      If it was God, how come he didn’t know what you will do with your body, after all he is supposed to know everything. Sorry to shatter your illusions, it was your mother who gave you your body and everything inside of it, after that it is up to you to look after it. I believe in God, but after the Ark affair He decided to leave us to our own devices, ie ,no interference. read your Bible honey, mind you , that’s a joke in itself.

    • Ray

      Loved your comment. God has long been speaking to me about drugs so I too with a healthy prayer life am going the natural way and have started introducing changes to my diet, drinks etc. Have purchased Vivian’s book and awaiting its arrival but the digital download has kick started me. Take care all.

  75. Madelyn Guthrie

    The story of Oscar and the process of bonebuiding was an excellent explanation that
    makes me hope that I can continue to find answers to do the same for my bones. I am 83 and my latest bone density test revealed that I had more bone loss since my last test. I have decided that a blanced diet and exercise is the path that I want to follow and now researching information to develop a plan.
    My daughter and I are both working on a plan
    and looking forward to your book and studying all the information that you have been sending. Thank you from both of us.

    Madelyn and Deborah Guthrie

  76. Ellen

    Hi Vivian,
    I just purchased your book and waiting for it’s arrival. In the meantime I downloaded all the other info and skimmed through it – I’m overwhelmed with ALL the do’s and don’ts. Can you recommend a process? What should I do first? What vitamins should I start to take first? What foods should I first start to eliminate and add to my diet. If you suggest a week by week adjustment I think I could handle this. But the way I am feeling now, with all this information thrown at me, I just want to get in bed and pull the covers over me! Thank you for any ideas you can share.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Ellen, as the saying goes ““Truth hurts – not the searching after; the running from”. So you need to put things in perspective and realize that even small changes can help. Take your time and keep adding bone-healthy habits one day at a time 🙂

  77. Jeanne

    Your OSCAR tale is an excellent way to showcase the bone rebuilding process. Thank you and keep the humor flowing enabeling us all to smile more often.
    I take 1600 units of Vitamin D, Magnesium Glycinate 400mg and Calcium Citrate 600mg. Is there an other nutrient you would recommend to keep me on the bone building track? I am an active 76, still working; full time care giver for my husband; building a business part time
    and ocassionally babysit one or more of our 10 great grandchildren.

  78. Dorothy Ward

    I have been on all of the meds talked about for about 10 or more years I had never taken any of it faithfully is there hope for me. Have I done to much damage to my bones? I live in fear of having a tooth pulled afraid that I will loose my Jaw bone. Please help me to make a wise decision.

  79. Anna Aronovitch

    Uplifting in a light way. Is strontium good for bone build up?

  80. Margaret Wilkins

    Hi Vivian, thanks for the great e-mail, you really lift my spirits +keep me moving, I get a bit depressed, not being able to move like I did a year ago, I have improved a lot since I got your The Bone Health Book, I refer to it often to make sure I am not missing anything I should be doing.
    Thanks again Vivian, Bless you + keep up the good work,. Sincerely Margaret.

  81. Lee

    Vivian, Thank you for your article on ‘OSCAR’. It was very interesting. It sure makes you
    think twice about our bodies. It tells us to
    take control of our own health and go with
    our instincts. Friend, LEE

  82. Joan Sandlin

    Vivian. Please let us know what vitamins that you take so that we might compare yours with what we are taking. Just a thought….Joan Sandlin

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Joan, I don’t recommend one particular brand over another. That’s why in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I list each individual bone-healthy supplement and their RDAs. I find that most health food stores have very helpful staff, and I’m sure they can show you what has the most recommended minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in a capsule, pill, or liquid form.

    • Linda Gawel

      Vivien, Yes sounds good but I am now taking 8001u of vit d plus 900mg of calcium a day and tryin to be more aware of calcium related foods to improve my bone density. Am I on the right track yet. I would buy your book but not able to now. Having two weddings in 4 months kind of drains your finances and I by some magazine about good health and finances to get ahead, being retired sort of limited to buying, so anyway that’s it in a nut shell, I could go on but will spare you. So, you can take me off your list or reply it’s up to you. I am glad your bones are healthy again. Perhaps mine will be to soon. All the best Linda

    • JoAnn Meisel

      I would like information on vitamins as well. After seeing the news the last couple of nights of people breaking bones, it is frightening what pharmacies have been allowed to do to us. I have been taking Fosamax and then Boniva for 6 years. I stopped in Dec 2009, but now fear I will be a victim also. I am on your diet and exercise program, but wonder how long it will take to reverse the damage of 6 years medication.

      • Arnaldo Perez Suarez

        Tengo 74 años, cancer de protasta y llevo 7 años somtido a tratamiento hormonal. En un reciente CT SCAN, se me diagnostico OSTEOPENIA. Estoy siguiendo el PROGRAMA de alimentacion indicado en su libro, y parte del programa de ejercicios. A finales de Marzo, debo comenzar con las inyecciones de ZOMETA y pienso decirle al Doctor, que quiero esperar los efectos del PROGRAMA SAVE OUR BONES antes de iniciar el tratamiento con la droga. Que tiempo se considera necesario para ver sus efectos en un nuevo CT SCAN ?

  83. Sue Mitchell

    I have severe osteoporosis. My score for the Ward’s triangle is -3.8. I have taken Evista 60mg for several years and total lumbar has improved from -3.6 to -3.3. Several months ago I broke the bones on both sides of my right ankle which resulted in an ER visit, several days in the hospital and over 2 months in a rehab facility. I came home for 2 months and fell again trying to transfer from my wheelchair to my walker and fractured bones in my back. Same scenario – ER, hospital and rehab. Been home since Nov.6, 2009 and still can’t walk properly. Need aid of walker to go anywhere because I am too shaky. Had an MRI today to see
    how my back is. I have a lot of pain in my back and still some in my ankle. I am 81, lost an inch or more in height and weigh 125.
    If you could recommend something I could do besides Reclast or those drugs please tell me.
    I await your response. Sue

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sue, I hope you’re doing better. Something tells me that you didn’t get my free handbook. Please sign up for it asap and get well fast!

      • Maria J.Mckenney

        No I didn’t get your hand Book yet. I’ll apreciet it very much. Thanks,


    My spinal colume is just about out of bone. They want me to take forte which comes with a black box warning. If I buy your book which is a hardship for me as my husband is out of work now, can you help a spine that is so far gone, I mean for real?

    • Gail

      Please respond to this email as I would like to know the your opinion.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Read my free handbook, people!

    • Dorothy Ward

      I would like to no the answer to this question also.

  85. Janet

    Please send further information to my friend, Beverly. The e-mail is Thank you (as she is considering going back on Fosimax). Your information is very helpful as I appreciate natural remidies. Thanks again!

  86. Anne Nwamadi

    What an educative article! May God bless you for these pieces of life renewing information you give to us. Please do not relent in sending them, you are helping to sustain life.
    Thanks a million.

  87. Marjorie Humphreys


    My bones in time may become an artefact.
    At this moment in time they are a work of art.
    Living, transforming, creating my structure.
    There is no dislocation or brokenness.
    There is a strong framework that provides the
    Pillars of my Temple, holding my very being together.
    Enabling me to move and be moved.
    Within each beautifully created bone are the trace elements of zinc, copper, magnesium and much more, working together gently, silently, perfectly balanced, absorbing the goodness of God; The Spirit of Truth.
    Geology and Spirit are partners,
    co-creating life within my
    Temple of Reality.
    Therefore all is well.

    • sharon

      How beautiful is the comment about the bones being the work of God holding the Temple together,it certainly is and perfect at that.

  88. Holly

    This little story about Oscar is well written and helps us to visualize the way our bones rebuild themselves. All of your material is very helpful. Is there a place where all of your articles are listed so we can be sure we have not missed any?

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