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Today I want to share something with you that you might not know about the Save Our Bones community.

Understand that I’m a researcher by nature. That’s partly why I spent so much time researching the science behind the Save Our Bones program. It’s also the reason I didn’t end up like a lot of other osteoporosis sufferers… the ones who get led down the path of the risky drugs that only make things worse.

I became my own health detective and discovered another way through. And my discoveries became the foundation of everything you see on my website and in my programs.

Now you might guess that most of the visitors who come to my website are suffering from osteoporosis

But That’s Actually Not the Case

Believe it or not, 50% of the people who come to don’t have osteoporosis. In fact, 20% have no bone issues at all.

So why do they come?

They come because they’re suffering from something far worse than a broken bone.

They’re suffering from… FEAR. In particular, the fear of the unknown.

I’ve been noticing that some of you experience great fear when you receive your initial diagnosis, and during the aftermath as you try to figure out how to proceed. You might fear falling and breaking a bone, you might fear the possibility of a worsening diagnosis, you might fear the dire consequences that many of your doctors claim will happen if you don’t take the drugs.

Believe me, I understand how confusing and dismaying it can all be.I’ve been there, and I remember how devastated I was when I got my diagnosis. Doctors are telling you that drugs are the only solution, the media is full of hype about osteoporosis, and the cards may seem to be stacked against you.

Sometimes this fear continues even as you follow the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. You know you’re doing what’s best for your bones, but the persistent voices of doctors, the mainstream media, and even your friends can be hard to ignore.

So What’s the Answer?

For me, the answer was to take charge of my fate and use my research background to find out everything I could about my condition.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch with your research; you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to guide you and ease the way.

Fear is Bad for Your Bones

I know, and I really do understand, that you may still be feeling some fear. But here’s the thing. Fear and its accompanying stress can actually hurt your bones.

Fear releases adrenaline or epinephrine and cortisol. And as I detail in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, cortisol hurts your bones. And excess adrenaline elevates blood pressure and suppresses immunity and digestion. Asthma, allergies, colds and infections, high blood pressure, irritable bowel, tension headaches, insomnia, diabetes, and eczema are just a few conditions that can be triggered or exacerbated by the excess adrenaline that is produced by the fear/stress cycle. Once this cycle gets started, you might end up living in a state of chronic anxiety that can be difficult to control.

But I Don’t Know What To Do About It

At this point, some of you may be getting stressed out just reading this. You might be thinking, “Wow, I can’t help being worried about my bones, and now you’re telling me that my worry is making things even worse.”

While it’s true that worry and stress are not helping your bones, you are in control, and there’s a lot you can do to reduce your stress and fear levels.

Counter Fear with Truth

One of the best ways to combat fear is to arm yourself with knowledge, especially if you feel stressed about your bone density scores and the fear of painful fractures. So here’s a dose of truth to counter the fear and anxiety that can understandably occur in this situation.

Remember that test results are only a small part of the osteoporosis picture. Mainstream Medicine focuses disproportionately on density because it needs numbers (i.e. fixed parameters) to prescribe drugs by following the same established protocols. While density is one indicator of bone metabolism, the main focus of bone health is to prevent fractures.

As I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, less dense but healthy and renewed bones have better tensile strength than thicker, denser, older bones that could easily break. Of course it’s great to increase your bone density, and thousands in the Save Our Bones community have done just that. But it is important that you keep in mind that when you follow the Program, your bones are healthier and more resilient – whether or not that is reflected in the scores.

Ironically, your T-score does not tell you if the bone is strong. It simply places your results within a certain age and gender group as compared to a randomly chosen group of women in their 20’s and 30’s – in other words, at their Peak Bone Mass.

And bear in mind that several studies point to the inexact science of measuring bone density. So your best bet is to focus on all aspects of your bone health, not just their density.

Attack that Fear Directly

If you are still experiencing fear about your bone health, here are some valuable tips that can help you release the fear:

  • Set aside time for yourself every day. Even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes a day, try to find the time to do something you really enjoy, and don’t feel guilty about it. Solve a crossword puzzle, read a magazine (not an article about bone health!), watch TV, play your favorite musical instrument – anything that brings you enjoyment and allows you to relax.
  • Breathe. The simple act of deep and steady breathing can work wonders in terms of calming fears. If you are like most people, chances are that when you tense up, you hold your breath without even realizing it. Breathing automatically triggers a relaxation response in the body, plus it insures that you have enough oxygen circulating in your body. When you feel stress or fear, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Read ‘Breathe This Way and Help Your Bones' for more on this.
  • Develop a meditative or contemplative practice. By that, I don’t mean that you have to sit cross-legged and meditate, although if that’s your thing, that’s fine. Prayer, meditation, tai chi, yoga, guided imagery, inspirational readings – whatever brings you peace and inspiration.
  • Get away from it all. A getaway doesn’t have to be an elaborate vacation. It can be a romantic dinner with your partner, a trip to a local park, a massage, or an evening at the theater. Take yourself out of your normal environment and away from your worries, if only for a short period of time.
  • Laugh. The importance of laughter can’t be denied. A deep belly laugh is like an internal massage, and it’s impossible to be afraid while you’re laughing. So find whatever tickles your funny bone, whether it’s a funny YouTube video, a TV show, or perhaps a phone conversation with that friend who can always make you laugh. For example, check out this adorable video:

  • Live in the moment and focus on the “now.” The more you can bring your focus and attention to the current moment without worrying about what happened yesterday or what you “should” do next, the more you’ll be able to release your stress.

Release Your Fear

As Marie Curie said:

“Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.” 

That is my goal with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I want you to understand osteoporosis and your bone health. With that understanding comes peace of mind through knowledge, and a reality check that…

Osteoporosis is Not to be Feared

As I mentioned before, fear was the worst part of my whole osteoporosis diagnosis. If someone had sat down with me and told me how things were going to turn out… if they had said I’d work hard for the next few years to discover a way to combat this so-called “disease” the natural way… well, it would have calmed my nerves to know that.

Instead, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if I’d end up disabled… or lose my independence , or become a burden to my family.

Fear is awful.

So today, I hope I helped you get rid of a little bit of the fear you might have about the health of your bones.

There’s only one thing that repels fear and makes it go away. That thing is information. Namely, the TRUTH.

Don’t let fear run your life. Don’t let fear control your decisions.

Get the information you need to deal with your fear and keep your bones healthy.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is ready and waiting for you. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to take control.

You are not here to live in fear.

Get your copy of the Save Our Bones program today →

Your bone health is under your control, and when you take the right steps, you can stop bone loss in its tracks and start rebuilding strong and healthy bones. Armed with that knowledge, there is truly nothing to fear.

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  1. Joann C Givan

    I have end stage COPD. My osteoporosis was likely caused by both genetics & all the steroids & corticosteroids necessary for me to live with my primary disease. I’d like to see an article addressing these 2 diseases & how to deal.

  2. Victor Kazarian

    I also have attempted to contact you, asking about HOW to get in touch with my “coach”. Was an email sent that I did not receive???
    Also, to ask why am I getting duplicate emails?

    Also, with NO response.

    • Save Institute Customer Support

      Hi Victor,

      We’re sorry for any communication difficulties! Please check your inbox for a message from Customer Support.

      • Vulcanlogix

        A better place than your Inbox to check for missing email is your spam folder.



  4. Ann Fairfax

    Dear Vivian,
    Have you looked into the connection between gallstones / congested liver and osteoporosis? Gallstones reduce the flow of bile which reduces the absorption of Vit D and Vit K which results in poor bone health. Hence a person with gallstones can swallow lots of calcium etc but not absorb it. I am considering doing a gallstone/liver flush. Do you have any thoughts on this Vivian?
    Many thanks,

  5. zonnia

    Estimada Viviana,

    Leo sus correos todos los días y me parece maravillosos!!!”!

    Estoy tratando por todos los medios de conseguir sus libros en Español será posible qie pueda adquirirlos , yo estoy diagnosticada ostioporosis en cadera y columna y estoy tomando el Alendronato, pero quisiera a través de otro metodo curarme por favor ayudeme!!!”! para conseguir sus libros en español será posible??????

  6. Lillian

    I have a friend that has taken three injections of prolia over a year and a half. These shots are given every six months. Her bones scan has Improved greatly and she has no side affects. Is this drug safe?

  7. Deirdre

    I have just refused treatment with Zolendronic Acid yearly injection for my osteoporosis – spine -3.6 as was taking Residronate for about 9 years and developed so much neck and lower back pain, I just wanted to die. I could hardly walk or do anything much as the pain was continuous. I took myself off it and within a year and a half I’m almost back to normal and can even exercise again and life is now worth living. Recent xrays revealed no crush fractures in my spine or any other fractures so I hope I have done the right thing choosing qualify of life over bisphosphonate drugs.

  8. Brigitte

    Hi Vivian
    I am 65 years of age and had been on HRT for 25 years and then developed breast cancer. Had a lumpectomy a few weeks ago and oncologist wants to put me on Arimidex for 5 years (it is an aromatase inhibitor) which I found out causes osteoporosis. Checked out the drug Tamoxifen which apparently does not have this side effect. Was diagnosed with mild osteopaenia 2 years ago, so I will tell the oncologist I prefer to be on Tamoxifen instead. Have found your articles very informative and I also purchased your book some time ago so I will follow the guidelines in your book to help me.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you for doing your research, Brigitte! 🙂

  9. Betty

    Well I know for sure that today’s topic relates to me. Fear has plagued me most of my life so little wonder that bone health has been affected by anxiety and stress. I have used several of your suggestions for combating it and get reprieves from time to time.
    Hopefully what I have learned from your program is working to the benefit of aiding my severe osteoporosis. I thank you and all your team for the work you do and I enjoy the forum discussions very much.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      There’s no need to fear, Betty! Osteoporosis is not a disease, and you’re taking action to build your bones. 🙂

  10. Tammy Turner

    I’m 45 years old and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and compared to having bones of a 75 year old woman. An endocrinologist put me on Forteo shots 5 months ago. I have now decided to stop because of side effects. I need an alternative to Forteo and being on Fosamax possibly causing worse problems in the long run. I hope and pray with this program…I can break this cycle they tell me I’m headed on. I know when started…this program will save my longivity of life.

  11. Lois Rowden

    A number of years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis . I’ve taken a couple different medications for this, tried to eat healthy and do some exercises! Three weeks ago I suffered from a collapsed vertebrae …oh the pain…I now take pain killers and muscle relaxers about three times a day …not six like the first week!!! I wish I was brave enough and had the extra cash to try your program!! I haven’t seen my Dr. yet as appointments are slow to get, May 21 I’ll see him and see what he has to say! I’m 70 yrs old and work part time in a bakery, so try to keep active!

  12. Faten

    Hello départ Vivian,
    It to ok thé Doctors élèvent m’ont ha to diagnose me with hyperparathyroidis and sévère Osteoproses more than 57%
    L1/l4 -2.8
    FermoralNeck G -4.4
    Tronch -2.9
    Hip -3.7
    Fear I am nearly in panic. I lived terrible eleven month nearly in bed with all symptoms of hyperparathyroidis. I live in Geneva, and the doctors just discovered it I suppose they let my bone to get empty.
    I have low Vit D 32
    Calcium 2.2 is normal low
    Pth 13.34

    I don’t know what to do what to eat. They put me on calcium 1200 mg and high vit d
    I am 56 years
    At 28 years I weighed 170kilos height 176/177 depends the days
    After dieting and loosing 80kilos in 19 years I undergo a gastric bypass (they say cause of hyperparthyroidis) when I reached 75 kilos I stopped dieting and eat very healthy organic food, last two month I lost over 13kilos suddenly and had all symptoms of hyperparathyroid.
    Please Vivian I need your help. I don’t know what to do especially that doctors planing to give me prolia and I refused
    Do you think the treatment is correct, and is this kind of advanced osteoporosis is reversible
    I thank you Vivian for your help to All. May Your life always be happy and you are in good health.

    • babz wpb

      Overweight is not the cause of hyperparathyroid disease. I weigh 95lbs and have been told that I had osteoporosis for 30 years. Three years ago, I suddenly became very ill and was in so much unbearable pain. All my blood tests were grossly abnormal including the appearance of chains and proteins. I underwent studies to diagnose multiple myeloma. I saw a multitude of specialists that looked at me with blank eyes. I had seen multiple endocrinologists through the years. All who said, “its your frame size, your never going to have the bone structure of a female basketball player.” I had two hints to go on and one was the severe pain that I was in that I knew felt like the worst cramps EVER. I googled body cramps and happened onto a website called I read and reread every word of this lengthy extremely informative website. I began to understand that every doctor believes to diagnose parathyroid disease you must have a high Calcium and a high PTH. My second hint tied in because of my long standing history of osteoporosis. I decided that I was going to pay Dr. Norman the $1750 to review my records. I went on a mission to gather every relative blood test and note that was written on me and ignored for the past 30 years. I organized and sent the package certified mail because I wanted to be sure he received the information in chronological order. The result was that it was determined that I had parathyroid disease and I agreed to schedule at his hospital, Tampa General. When I awoke, Dr. Norman (he only performs surgery, you cannot obtain continued treatment) told me that all four of my parathyroids were tumors, He removed 3 and left the best one in. 3% of the world population is affected by all 4 parathyroids. I continue with my struggle with osteoporosis, knowing that doctors can recommend all the biphosphonates, forteos and prolias they want, but I would like to meet one doctor that has even read about a patient with 4 bad parathyroids. I certainly can’t find any literature on the subject. How many of us exist, let alone to study. You can only fix a bad parathyroid by removing it, yet every doctor I see hands me a Rx. Does that make sense? MY BMD continues to go downward. My T score is greater than -5 now, losing an overall 12% last year. I found Dr. Norman on a website. I think I will give Vivian a try. Hope, I can sing her praises one day also.

  13. joy markman

    Hi Vivian – you deserve all the luck in the world with what you have achieved in your research on bones. You are fantastic!
    I would just like to know why you must drink distilled water & not use a water purifier?

    Vivian, I am a South African pensioner, & I would love to be able to afford your book, however, even with the $10 reduction, which makes it $57 it works out in Rands to R610 which is prohibitive for me. Is there anyway that you can help me. I would really appreciate it.

    Joy Markman

  14. Ada

    Hello Vivian,

    am interested to know how is your osteoporasis now after a few years when you were first informed by your doctor that you have it?

    are you improving every year?

    regards, Ada

  15. Diane Simmons

    Is this the new and updated version of your book:)I love your info. thanks:)

    • MS Kaushal

      Madam,your mails have been very very informative .my sincere THANKS.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        You are most welcome!

  16. Mary Stevenson

    I did have my bone density test last Wednesday. My score was 3.5. I am meeting with the doctor next Wednesday. The doctor was already talking Forteo for 2 years and Fosamax after that. I had been on Fosamax for 10 years before I stopped on my own. Waiting for your book to come in the mail. I have been on your website everyday getting useful information. This fear tactic that the doctors use is very disturbing to me. I am going to handle my fear and start your program. Already have started some things from the website. I have a post-it Save My Bones on my calendar every day.
    I am going be stronger every day without fear.
    Thank you for helping me get started.

  17. D Nick

    Like you I am an Avid Researcher in things pertaining to Health, I may not fall into your 20% who have a FEAR … but I do find your newsletters to be very informative and news worthy , for which I will like to thank you . I will also keep looking out for further news letters !

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the newsletters! We are always working on bringing you the latest osteoporosis news and updates. I hope you’ll stick around and contribute to more conversations on the site, and that you will be able to overcome your fear! Knowledge helps alleviate fears. 🙂

  18. nancy Njeri

    Hello, i am in Kenya and would like to get a copy of save your bone book.
    cant afford but would like if you avail it to me through email so that i can download. Please please help me.

    • Customer Support

      Nancy, we would love to help you out. Please click on the smiley face at the top of the page, and send an e-mail to Customer Support. 🙂 Thanks!

      • Judith Blasio

        A friend of mine was on fosamax for 13 yrs it built a cocune around her bones she broke her firmer bone just walking up the stairs and fell on the living room rug and broke her arm in two places .

  19. Kaye Christian

    Hi Vivian
    I love your wisdom/knowledge and understanding of our bodies, thankyou for passing on to us these valuable newsletters. I have a question that you may be able to help with, my mother is 73 and has had one hip op, ankle op and now needing both knees done due to them having no cartilege or anything between the bones now. She is is alot of pain – is there any natural food source, mineral, vitamin that would help at all. I learnt from an Indian man here in NZ that black sesame seed eliviates pain in the knees – I grind it up and have it every morning and it really works! Can your suggest anything else. Much appreciated thanks Kaye

  20. Richard Tan

    like, The truth /true information shared by you dispells our fear Many thanks

  21. Patricia

    Hi The opposite of Fear is Gratitude. !!!

  22. john Doyle

    It’s not FEAR.
    It’s just curiosity

  23. CP

    FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real

    Change your thinking, change your life (not just your bones! your entire live)

    No program in and of itself can or has helped anyone. A change of mindset can has worked miracles in many lives.

    I am sure this program with the proper mindset will prevent, reduce and eliminate many cases of osteoporosis.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do to help so many.

    • Betty

      I like that phrase “False evidence appearing real”, although having said that our bodies do respond naturally to situations that realistically produce fear. It’s the fight or flight concept. So fear is not always bad. It’s evaluating whether we’ve just conjured up thoughts that make us fearful, or if it’s a real reason to have fear, and then respond appropriately. The tug of war between emotion and rational thought…….

  24. Shula

    Thank you, Vivian


  25. mary

    I have the save our bones book but I’m not understanding how to balance the 80/20 ratio with the right kinds of food can you clarify that some for me? thank you mary keller

  26. Beryl

    Hi Vivian.
    First I want to thank you for all the suport I have received through your Save our Bones Program. You are a lifesaver for so many people and I am so greatful to have found your site. My consern is that my Dr. Wants to put me on Prolia (also called Denosumab) shots as soon as possible. When I told him I was concerned about side effects he said “this is a very new medication and there are “absalutly no side effects”. When I go on the internet I find reports that suggest otherwise. Many of the conserns listed would effect things like my kidneys which he diagnosed as having 2 cyst but otherwise healthy. risks of infections, this worries me as I get a lot of sores in my mouth. I have also been diagneosed with multipul Gallstones. When I asked him what my levels were he wouldn’t tell me and said we don’t go by numbers anymore. My last report 2 years ago said I was at a 5. I think it’s rediculous to be put on this at my age 65, but he says my hips are good and my spine is very bad. Can you please give me any advice you have. Fearful! Beryl

  27. Mary Anderson

    Dear Vivian: It is important I share with you how much you have helped me with my bone situation. After being on Fosamax and calcium for many years and having the problem of my calcium being absorbed severly into my blood; having my doctor thinking I should have the parathyroid removed because of the calcium situation (until I went through a special test to find the parathyroid was fine), I am very relieved to hear things have been corrected. I can truthfully say it is because of you and your advice regarding my diet, etc. that I am on the road to recovery. Yesterday the doctor gave me the good news and the only medication I am to take is Vitamin D. I am very grateful and give you the credit. Thank you.

    Mary Anderson

    • Mira

      I too have high calcium in my blood, had operation and 2 PT glands were taken out – the good ones,
      I still have high calcium in my blood and my surgeon wants to operate again. Could you please tell me what tests and scans you had and how you control your calcium. Desperate to hear from you or somebody who knows more about this; so afraid to have another operation. I am 53 and my osteoporosis is -4,2.
      grateful for any advise.

  28. Sandra

    I had surgery on my cervical spine at Laser Spine Institue 4 months ago. I did not seem to be feeling better, felt worse in fact, so I had a post MRI and sure enough I was showing a large buldging disk pressing hard on my spinal cord that was not present on the 1st MRI done just 31/2 months prior, I am in a terrible amount of pain, I sure do not want to have enother surgery and am working with a Naturopath who says I can heal a buldging disk in time. Do you think that the same things that would build our bones can fix my problem. I am desperate for good information

  29. Marilyn Blackwell

    Vivian, Thanks for all your research, support and information.
    When my Dr. told me I had osteoporosis I was fearful, I do not like any medications. Then I found your Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Ordered and started following the program immediately. Thank you for all your research information I feel better and have released my fears of osteoporosis.


  30. Pam Slocum

    Oh yes, the fear is real. I got my news in a postcard. It gave me time to do some research before I saw my doctor to be able to say NO to the drugs that she insisted I needed to take. Fortunately I’ve not taken any of them. I’ve been working on changing my bones since October. I took a hard fall off my bike recently(I’ve ridden across the country more than once in the last 7 years) and landed directly on my hip. Of course I thought I’d broken something but I did not break anything. I’m feeling good about it all but still working on diet and weight bearing exercises that I wasn’t doing before. Thanks for all your support and news and constant encouragement.


  31. zenaidasamarista

    Do you have outlets here in the Philippines, I have osteopenia and osteoporosis and Im 66 years old already. Hope u can help me

  32. Marge

    I took Actonal for 6 yrs. from Nov of 2002 until Nov of 2008. About a month ago I have what the dentist calls TMJ in my jaw. Could this still be the affect of Actonal since I have not taken it for almost 3 years? I called my bone specialist and she said that it is dental or joint related.,nothing due to Actonal. What do you think? My right side hurts to chew and when I yawn.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      There’s no way to tell you with any certainty what could be causing your TMJ — there can be many possible causes. If your dentist is not able to treat TMJ, please find a reputable dentist who can.

  33. Marie

    I stopped taking Fosamax 1 year ago and now take calcium supplements, The horrible pains in my legs are now gone, and I hope I haven’t done permanent damage to my bones by taking Fosamax.

  34. Jane

    Is the mineral Strontium important for laying down new bone cells? I have read that it is , and wonder what your thoughts are please?


    your comments are very helpful to me’ thank you’ Dorothy Pfeiffer

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Dorothy! I’m so glad you find my comments helpful. 🙂

  36. Barbara

    Vivan, can you help me? I am 61 years old and was diagnosed with osteopaenia about 10 years ago and osteoporosis about 5 years ago. I am otherwise healthy, but for joint pains which I have had for many years, and I live an active and busy life with a fair amount of outdoor exercise. However, in the last 4 years I have had fractures of vertebrae, wrist and, I think of some toes (I’ve given up going for X rays) and in just the last 2 years, 4 rib fractures. The last one happened just when I turned over in bed. I have resisted doctors’ advice to take bisphosphonates. I was well nourished in childhood and all my adult life have eaten a healthy diet which mostly follows the principles of your programme, ie mainly veg, fruit and whole grains with some eggs, cheese and fish. My bone density has gradually reduced despite this and I wonder where I am going wrong. And I am puzzled about why I have this problem and whether it is really wise to continue as I am doing. I am rather worried about getting spinal fractures. Can you make any suggestion?

    • Luc Chene

      I suggest you take a good multivitamin and minerals (Mercola(prefered) or Usana), Calcium from Ezorb (, Vitamin K2 MK4 from Thornes Research available at, Milk Basic Protein from AOR available at
      With this I increased my bone density by 8% in a year. If you contact me, I can send you a coupon to get a 5$ reduction from PS I am not in business, but when buying at they give coupons to give for first time customers.
      I made this formula after months of research on the Internet, and as a biochemist, I could make an informed decision.

  37. Janice

    Will following the Save Our Bones diet for Osteoporosis, help with immune disorders and also help with losing weight.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Janice, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is designed specifically for those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia. But many of our members have found that the healthy, pH-balanced diet has helped them lose weight. As far as immune disorders, it’s possible that the program could help with other conditions, but again, it’s designed specifically for bone health.

    • Barkem

      Certainly helps loose weight, I have lost 5 kilos and feel great. I do follow both the alkaline diet plus take all the required vitamins and minerals. Best unintentional diet I have ever been on.

  38. Terri

    I’m 55 and have osteopaeonia in my left hip and spine. I refused to take drugs for this and have been following your program. My doctor says it’s important to stay on HRT. I would like to quit this also. Is it a good idea to continue with HRT or can I wean off and work with diet and exercise?

  39. Angela Tischler

    You can add another drug to your list of “bone breakers” . I developed two crushed vertebra (lumbar 2 and 4) without any trauma and while taking Prednisone.

    • Jeanette

      I took “Dexamethazone” for inflammation while on chemo. After chemo I fractured T7. It was very painful. This also discouragaed me from taking the anti-cancer drug “Arimidex” for breast cancer. I’m suppose to stay on it for 5 years. The main side effect is bone pain/fractures. What should I do? confused

    • M.E.

      My sister developed a condition called osteonecrosis, resulting from taking Prednisone. Her hip bones died and at age 43 she had to have a complete hip replacement.

  40. Sheryl Reyment

    I listened to your Restore video and found it very interesting and helpful. I ordered 2 of your Save your bones program and gave one to a friend that was also given the same diagnosis. We both have found it refreshing and believe this is the way for us. I would have liked to have gotten all the other booklets that you offer in your video at such a good price. since I already paid for 2 and did not get the benefit of the other booklets. Can that happen.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Sheryl – Right after you ordered, you should have received an email with a link to download the supplemental reports and checklists. Perhaps you overlooked this email, or it might have ended up in your spam folder. I will have our Customer Support team look into this for you and send you a personal response via email. FYI, the best way to get help with order issues is to send an email to or click the yellow Customer Support link at the top of any of our web pages.

  41. S

    I had been lifting weights for about a year and I thought that I was more healthy. Then it appeared that I was going through menopause. I had a lot of hot flashes. My bone density scans show that I have osteopenia. My body fat percentage probably got too low because of lifting weights and losing a few pounds overall. Some websites state that women need at least 17% body fat for their periods. I hope that this information helps some other women. I’m letting myself gain a few more pounds,and I think my hormones are getting better. I think that lifting weights is good, but I let it go to the extreme. We see models and actresses and we think that is what healthy should look like, but maybe it’s not.

  42. Vanessa Stroud

    After being diagnosed with a femoral stress fracture on 9/8/10 and being on crutches for 9 weeks with 6 weeks of physcial therapy and slowly returning to running again, it was determined that the bone didn’t heal timely. How could that be? So I found myself back on crutches and a DEXA scan was recommended since I’m over 40. The scores showed osteopenia in both femurs and I was told to not run any more marathons. I was devastated. I quickly began to research and, thank God, found Save Our Bones. Being an analytical person and adverse to all medications, it made sense and I started on the program right away. I also took 6 complete weeks off from all cross training to allow my exhausted adrenal system to heal so that the bone could then heal. I’m happy to say that on 9/4/11, I finished the Tupelo Marathon and ran faster than I ever have – a personal record – with minimal training and no speed work, but with complete adherance to the Save Our Bones philosphies. Thank you for sharing your research, knowledge and passion!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Wow! That’s impressive, Vanessa. I appreciate your kind words about my work. And don’t forget to let us know about your next marathon.

  43. Lucy

    Your Save our Bones program changed my life from one of fear to one of hope. When my hip dexa scan of -3.1 was explained to me, it terrified and mystified me, because I ran, lifted weights, and ate well. Your program enabled me to seek out other options other than medication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It also caused me to go get help from a Natural Medical doctor who put me on a gluten-free diet. My bone-loss(n telepeptide) test went from a high of 52 to 23 in just three months! The doctor thought I was on their medication, when the actual changes were to go gluten-free, take osteo prime ultra and vitamin D at lunch and dinner, and change to do your program. Life is great!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Way to go Lucy!

  44. Joyce Hall

    You my Dear Vivian are right. Broad statement? I am referring to the F E A R (False Evidence Appearing Real.) For all of the reasons you stated and more. The mother of a close friend was diagnosed late in life with severe Osteoporosis after breaking her back @ age 85. How that happened was scary too. She decided she would type a letter to a friend rather than hand write it because she thought her handwritting was getting pretty bad. She took her small portable typewritter out of the closet and set it up on her desk. After her task was complete, she packed it up and moved it back to her closet. The next day she found it hard to get in an upright position to get out of bed. Eventually she got out of bed but complained with horrible back pain. I fixed hot bean bag and applied it to area of pain. I gave her Ibuprofen. The pain didn’t go away. I took her to doctor three days later. After xray of her back, doctor called and said she had broken her back??? Then was diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis. Better late than never?????? So only now as I read your reply to something someone wrote, or many someones wrote, do I realize that I am fearful of something happening that might or might not be related to my disease. Thanks for flushing me out. Now I must act on this before it gets any bigger! Joyce h.
    I realize I am a few years younger than my dear friend but the memory is very clear. For some reason doctors have only recently become interested in doing anything about Bone Density. Not to be confused with Brain Density. Vivian I have a constant dull pain in the tail bone area of my back and am fearful that it is ??????? I work everyday and I deal with young children. I don’t think it is a broken back. Due to an infection in my thumb back in March I am still paying docotor bills and hospital bills as I was in the hospital three days with a thumb infection??? My trust level with doctors continues to crumble and wane.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yep, osteoporosis is a “Modern Disease.” You are a very giving person, Joyce. Now check up on your tailbone pain to find out what it could be. Love your acronym on F.E.A.R. and the Brain Density play of words.

  45. Rachel De Rienzo

    Hi Vivian,

    I have just had my repeat dexa bone scan and the results were that my hip is worse, but my spine is slightly better. How can this be, that one is worse and the other better? I follow all your advice and exercise regularly.

    They also said that the lumbar spine results had been falsely elevated due to degenerative changes since the last measurement. The true BMD is lower with not such a significant increase. Results of spine are -2.2 now (3 yrs ago was -2.6) Results if hip are -2.2 (last time was -1.7)

    Please help Vivian, I’m totally confused by this. My GP doesn’t understand the results and the hospital refuse to explain to me for p.c. reasons!
    Yours, Rachel

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      An improvement in the spine is quite an achievement. So I say: the glass is half full, Rachel!

    • Rachel De Rienzo

      P.S. I should also explain that I have Coeliac disease. This was also diagnosed same time as my previous bone scan 3 my previous bone scan 3 years ago. Rachel

  46. Carol

    Hi Vivian:
    I have been trying to follow the “Save our bones” but my last bone density wasn’t any better plus I had a compression fracture of the spine this summer. Unfortunately I have been on Prednisone for ulcerative colitis which weakens the bones even more. I have had pressure from 2 doctors to go back on Actonel which I haven’t taken for about 6 years now.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Perfect timing for this blog post, then! And remember about your “Bone Health Philosophy”, Carol. As Hamlet would have said: “To take the drugs or not to take the drugs: that is the question.”

  47. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Showing Us How To Release Our FEARS Of Osteoporosis! It Was A VERY GOOD Article!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for your kind words, Leslie! I’m so happy to have you in our Save Our Bones community 🙂

      With love, Vivian

  48. Feona

    Vivian, I read this just as I was getting anxious and depressed about osteoporosis and a knee injury I suffered 2 months ago. Your common sense reminded me that a) my bone density score isn’t that relevant compared to the actual health of my bones and b) the knee problem is a soft tissue injury and will get better over time. I just have to be patient and keep trying!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are absolutely right, Feona! And try drinking a little aloe vera juice every day to help relieve inflammation in the knee (preferably organic).

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