Boniva: What If Sally Field Told The Truth? - Save Our Bones

An 800 pound gorilla recommends investments; talking babies discuss online stock trading; a gecko works for a car insurance company; a duck wants you to buy disability coverage… What will they think of next?

How about a “retired” flying nun, Sally Field, touting the benefits of Boniva (ibandronate), the first once-a-month bisphosphonate? Take a look at one of the ads for Boniva below:

Partial Transcript

“I always thought that calcium, vitamin D, and exercise would be enough to keep my bones healthy. Boniva works with your body to help stop and reverse bone loss… I was able to stop and reverse my bone loss, and studies show that after one year on Boniva, nine out of 10 women did too. I’ve got this one body and this one life, so I wanted to stop my bone loss. Ask your doctor if Boniva is right for you.”

So I decided to create my own ad for Boniva… but with a big twist

You see, my Boniva ad actually tells the truth. So now, without further ado, here is my new and accurate Boniva advertisement starring Sally Field:

Sally Field is sitting on her patio couch wearing white jogging pants and a blue t-shirt, her legs curled up on the seat. On top of a small coffee table in front of her, there is a thick and dried-up tree branch and a thin twig. As Enya’s inspiring “Only If” plays softly in the background, she says:

“I always thought that osteoporosis was a disease, and when I was diagnosed with it, my doctor told me that ONLY once-a-month Boniva could reverse my bone loss. At first I believed my doctor, but soon after – fortunately before filling my prescription – I discovered that he was wrong. I read on the internet that osteoporosis is not a disease and that there is a natural and drug-free way to reverse it. I was surprised to learn that Boniva can actually do more harm than good…”

Now there is silence, except for the music crescendo, as Enya sings “If you really want to, you can hear me say; only if you want to will you find a way.” Sally sits up straight and crosses her legs. The music volume is lowered and Sally goes on:

“Taking Boniva makes your bones more prone to fracture, and here’s why this happens. Exactly like its main competitors, Fosamax, Actonel, and Reclast, Boniva works against natural bone metabolism.

You see, Boniva binds to the bone matrix and stops normal bone resorption by inhibiting bone cells known as osteoclasts. Bone resorption is a necessary process to have strong and healthy bones because osteoclasts remove old bone to make space for new healthy, and more resilient bone tissue to be deposited in its place.

As a result of taking Boniva, new bone formation is greatly depressed, and your bones become old and dried-up with long-term accumulation.”

Sally picks up the thick branch and holds it in front of her with outstretched arms

“If you really want to you can seize the day”, Enya sings… Sally smiles and cracks the branch in half and holds the broken pieces in her hands:

“Take a look at this old and dried-up branch and notice how easily I split it in half. That’s exactly what happens to your bones: because Boniva stops your bones from renewing themselves naturally, they look thicker but become brittle.

This detrimental process takes a couple of years, and that’s why scientific studies showing density improvement when taking Boniva focus mainly on short-term results. Even though bone volume does not increase, bone is more densely packed and looks denser. But this stops after a while.

Like you, I want to reverse osteoporosis, but I don’t want to get fooled by a synthetic drug that offers short-sighted help. And what’s more, unlike my doctor, I believe that bone quality is more important than quantity. After all, my goal is to prevent fractures…”

Sally places the broken branch on the table and takes the thin twig in her hands. She tries to crack it, but it is flexible and instead of breaking, it gracefully bends. She continues:

“Now watch how this thinner but young and healthy twig resists breakage. Of course, you want your bones to be like it. So next time your doctor recommends Boniva, feel free to ignore him like I did, and opt for a natural and drug-free way to strengthen your bones.”

The music stops.

Sally gets up and walks away

The screen becomes black and a large Poison warning sign appears with a disclosure that reads:

“Even though this drug has been approved by the appropriate government agency to treat, cure, and prevent osteoporosis, you are basically on your own. Neither the agency nor healthcare practitioners, the latter with very few exceptions, care if you will suffer side effects when taking Boniva. After all, it’s a numbers game.

Moreover, the agencies involved can ignore new research showing detrimental effects of this drug, and even if those are confirmed, may simply issue a warning. Also, you must remember that the makers of Boniva have a lot more money than you, by the billions, and can therefore successfully fight any lawsuit by hiring the best lawyers.”

This remains visible on the screen while a woman’s voice is heard saying:

“If you are looking for a short-term osteoporosis ‘quick-fix’ and still want to take a chance with Boniva, please note that you are risking the following side effects, many of which may be irreversible: nausea, abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, severe constipation, inflammation and ulceration of the esophagus, chest pain, heartburn, difficulty swallowing, skin rash, eye problems including vision loss and blurred vision, generalized pain of the muscles, joints, and/or bones, decreased mobility of joints, blood clotting disorders, anemia, dental problems, numbness, tight muscles in the face, seizures, irritability and unusual thoughts and behaviors, altered taste, atrial fibrillation, jaw pain, osteonecrosis of the jaw.

Additionally, as is the case with all bisphosphonate drugs, Boniva interferes with Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) production, an essential antioxidant that performs many important functions in the body. To find out more about how Boniva can ruin your life, please call the toll-free information line at 1-800-4NO-LIES.”

The screen fades to black.

Now that would be truthful advertising. As always, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Sylvie

    For the last two years both my Dr. And gynecologist in the U.S prescribed me Boniva and insisted for me to take it which I didn’t when I saw all the side effects! I’m French and when I went to France I went to see the Dr. with my bone density resistis. She told me to walk, weighbearing excercices, to take Vitamins D and calcium! My friend pharmacist told me that in France, the healthcare system ( who is covering 80% of the cost of many drugs) do not cover it anymore, this drug as there are too many issues and unproven results regarding the prevention of fractures of the neck femur!
    Unfortunately the FDA here doesn’t care, the drugs industry is too powerful, insurances are not paying for drug expenses and the Government doesn’t care! Soon we’ll have lawyers advertising for lawsuits and a pendemic of people with jaw bones necrosis and broken bones!
    Stay naturel! I just added more walk, see the sun, take your vitamins, eat food with calcium and I added a bone colegenizer that helps the supplements to be more efficient!
    Good luck

    • Alda

      I did take Boniva. What a gross mistake. Not only did this drug worsen my back issues, it also caused my Barrett’s esophagus, with violent stomach aches.
      Consider yourself lucky for not taking this drug.

  2. Marie

    I have taken Bonviva since 2008 and asked Dr recently about what if I needed tooth extraction and was put off bonviva next step im being sent to Rhuemotoligst ..What do u think of this.

  3. Kate

    At 65, and with a -3.0 T-score in my femoral neck, all 3 docs I’ve seen in the last year are unanimous in recommending medication. I have been following your protocol for probably 4 years and my scores are still worsening. I suspect that 40 years of treated thyroid dysfunction is at the root.
    I really want to believe what you are saying, Vivian, so I can have some hope.
    And, while I’m commenting, may I share my biggest frustration. Your sensational writing style. If you would just give the facts in a straight-forward manner, with your references, I would be more likely to not suspect that you, like those you decry, are skewing things to your advantage. I don’t doubt your mission to help those with bone metabolism issues, but I do object to your strategies. They make me distrust you.

  4. susan

    I was given Boniva more than 2 years but was scared to take it. I was going to take the first one this morning but found this site. I have been taking d for a year with my antacid calcium carbonate, and I want to know if this form of calcium is effective? I take quite a bit every day for acid reflux.

  5. Jeanne

    I am 59 year old. I run 5 miles every day with a long 10mile run on Saturday. I also walk 4 miles with my hubby rain ☔️ r shine every day for the past 8 years. I had a bone density test 2 years ago which showed I had severe osteoporosis. I was shocked. Yes my 88 year old mother has it but not as bad as I do. She never took anything. I started off on Fosomax, the side effects were aweful. Stupid me was convinced to do the Prolia injection. Debilitating . I couldn’t get out of bed. Ok, so we try Boniva. So for the 2 weeks after taking it every bone in my body aches to the point I want to sit around and just cry.
    The following two weeks are ok but my back pain is aweful. I quit running, which was depressing after 30 years of enjoyment. I do Pilates, yoga, barr classes trying to strengthen my core. I live in pain. I just had a bone density after being on Boniva for a year… well my glass is half empty or half full. My orthopedic said there is no improvement, but it’s not worse! I just want to scream. I’m 59 years old, I weigh 128 lbs….I eat healthy but feel very old.
    I have 2 beautiful grand girls 4&6 I like t be active with them, not restrained b osteoporosis/ Boniva.
    I jus read an article today about the herb Termeric. I am going to give it a try. What do I have to loose. I am sick of pill and side effects. HELP!!!!

    • Ruth

      THANK YOU for the information. I was told I was to begin taking Fosomax. My ‘gut’ told me to wait on this,and My daughter found your site. What shall I do now? I’m on Thyroid meds,which were increased one year ago. My bone density was good before the increase of thyroid meds. Now 15 months later my bone density is decreasing. I now have ostopenia. What to do?
      Thank you,

  6. Manon

    At 69 yrs. of age, slim with a very small build, I was told by my doctor that my bones are no good at all, osteopenia, and I should get 2 Prolia injections a year from now on.
    Not a believer in drugs(or pharmaceutical companies) at all, I checked out online about Prolia and some of the other drugs our dear doctors are so anxiously prescribing: by Jove, I’d rather have osteoporosis than any and all of the side-effects that come with these horrible drugs.
    Thanks, but no thanks, I have to find a better way. Just fractured my right foot, fractured my left foot 7 months ago, am a vegetarian, but I shall refrain from doctor-prescribed drugs as I simply do not trust either one of them!

  7. kathi R

    I am 60 yrs old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis several months ago. I am slim and active. It was disconcerting to find out my bone density had declined fairly significantly since my osteopenia diagnosis 3 yrs ago. My PCP told me to take fosamax. I hesitated and decided to get several other opinions. I met with an ob/gyn who is locally known to specialize in osteoporosis. She gave me several articles and studies supporting the efficacy of bisphosphonates. I still was reluctant and sought out more information. I met with a Stanford endocrinologist. She too made the case for these drugs. Three docs, 3 of the same opinions. So I filled the prescription. The first week I took the pill was uneventful. The second time I took it i experienced very unpleasant gastro-intestinal symptoms that lasted about 3-4 days. I told the endocrinologist about the stomach issues. (She encouraged me to try it again, and said if need be we could switch to an injection that would bypass my stomach.) I took the third pill and within an hour I had pain in my toes, pain in my right wrist and knuckles, and pain in my groin/hip joint. Later in the day my neck became sore and I developed cold symptoms that worsened. The next day the “cold” was worse combined with general achiness. I reported this to the doc. I am done with this drug. I regret taking it even for 3 weeks. The doctor suggested I go off it for 3-4 weeks and then come in to see her. I will do that, but my hunch is she will just try to sell me on another drug. I am unwilling to subject myself to these side effects and will do everything possible to modify my exercise regime and eat even better. I’m already gluten free, take Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, and a modified vegetarian. This is not an easy road!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kathi,

      It’s clear that you are not afraid to do your own research and make your own decisions about your health. I am so glad you’re visiting this site – you’ll learn that osteoporosis is not a disease, and that your diagnosis is not cause for alarm and worry. Keep learning!

      • Rimma Vasserman

        That is not true. Osteoporosis is a bone disease and a good reason for concern.

      • Ladybug-5

        Kathi, Have you tried physical therapy? It has helped me a lot.

  8. bonnie

    I am a 57 year old female with congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and chronic afib. I also had surgery in march for an icd-(implanted cardio device). It is a cardiovert heart failure defribrillator. My pcp prescribed fosomax two weeks ago for advanced osteoporosis. Being a heart patient with such severe heart issues I knew I was feeling different but kind of shrugged it off as heat related. I live in Florida and the heat index has been over 100 ea day going on two weeks now. This past sunday I took my second once a week fosomax pill. That night in my sleep I went into total life threatening afib. My defibrillator kicked in for the first time, which is very scary to say the least. It saved my life as I was told before my surgery that my heart couldn’t keep taking these afib episodes which have had me in/out of hospital basically all year. After doing research all week on all biophosphanates I have come to the conclusion that nobody should take these drugs especially people with any heart issue but definitely people with ANY afib issues. I will take my chances with brittle bones jyst like all women before us did. I am posting this to warn others to run from these drugs.

  9. Betty

    I just turned 73. In 2001 I was taking Fosamax for about 6 months. I had to quit because of serious headaches. I have always been very active. I did jazzercise 3 times a week and I use to mow the yard. I had to stop mowing because of a compression fracture in my vertebrae. That healed and I was able to go back to jazzercise. A year and a half later I had another fracture and I don’t even know what I did to cause it. This past April I had 3 more fractures and again I don’t know how I did it. Just recently I had a procedure done called Kyphoplasty to glue these fractured bones together. Now I am trying to decided if I should go on one of these drugs(which my doctors want me to) or how do I find natural products that will work. I may also need surgery to straighten my spine which I am not sure about that either. Has anyone had any experiences with any of what I am talking about. Number one I am scared. I can’t seem to function as I did 2 months ago. I am use to being active and it is hard for me to ask for help.

    • Diane Richardson

      Please let me know what you decided about taking medication for osteoporosis. I had the kyphoplasty procedure done in November due to a fractured vertebrae. My doctor wants me to have the Reclast infusion and l am reluctant, especially after reading the side effects. The oral tablets don’t sound any better. I am 74 and am inclined to not do anything.

  10. joan snyder

    Was prescribed Boniva after 2 bone density tests 4 years apart. My Dexa were at osteoporosis stage -2.7 Hip and -2.5 spine in 2016 and exactly same numbers in 2012. If things remained stable why would I need Boniva? I work out, stand on my feet working 4 hours a day in studio, am a painter, and am strong and healthy 76 years old. I am beyond reluctant to take this drug. As I was leaving my doctors office she said, “Just don’t fall.”

  11. Physician

    1. You are practicing medicine without a license.
    2. You are making money by preying on these women.
    3. I am referring this to the Florida attorney general office.

    • JAMES schoellen

      To the physician that had 3 steps! My 3 steps for you are #1 Admit you don’t know squat about health, what you know is 5 years of force fed chemicals on how to treat stuff that don’t need treated in most cases. #2 You are a errand boy for the big pharma! #3 You should be glad that there are people that are B.S. analyzers. And yes I was in the medical field for more than 20 years.

    • FedUpWithInsanity

      Well as an RN–believe me many Physicians may be “licensed”–but it’s no better than a rabies license. ALL they know is DRUGS. Forget the bones for a minute, we’ll just use the common gallbladder scenario.
      Patient: Doc, I’ve got this pain in my right side. (After doing ALL the tests and Xrays for Cardiac (ok, ok, let’s rule the more dangerous out first)–The DOCTOR (must ALWAYS be in capital letters and spoken in hushed awed tones) pronounces it is Gallbladder (GB)
      Doc: I’m putting you on this drug (medication) that has these horrible side effects, but I don’t need to know what they are to tell you, that’s the Pharmacist’s job)
      Pharm: When you go to Pharmacist with complaint. “Talk with your doctor”
      Pt: I still have pain, doc.
      Doc: OK try these (Doesn’t tell her to STOP taking the first ones–so now she’s putting 2 poisons in her body)
      After 2-3 trials of various meds, the disease has progressed, the pain has worsened, so next stop is SURGEON.

      MY (ER/ICU) observation: The MEDICAL docs ONLY know to throw pharmacetical drugs at a problem. (And we have come to be insulted if we walk out of a legitimate appointment without SOMETHING to show for our money, so we create the problem also.)
      The only thing they know about them is what the Pharma. Rep has told them in 5 rushed mins. between the doc’s appts. HE only knows what the drug company has told him to say, and the drug companies are out to make money—BILLIONS. So he does not HEAL or CURE your gall bladder.

      The SURGEON, only knows YANK it OUT! (Forget that Someone wiser than they happened to put it in there for a purpose (of which we may have learned “some” of it’s purpose–but a long way from knowing “everything.” (Shhh don’t tell them, it shatters their ego)

      So neither, medical nor surgical MD, nor pharmaceutical company has CURED or HEALED ANYTHING!! Otherwise you would have ended up with a HEALTHY, FUNCTIONING Gallbladder (Bones, heart, kidneys, pancreas–what EVER you went in for.) So, you see they are so right when they say PRACTICING medicine—same thing they did at 3 yrs. of age with their little doctor kits—except, now they are ARMED with potentially poisonous drugs and Dangerous.

      TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH. Too much info out there (Yes, you have to wade through the hype–but can not go wrong with a healthy, plant- heavy diet, water, exercise) to trust your life, health and quality of life to anyone else.

    • Amber

      Hey Turkey Head! Have you not heard of freedom of speech? Go back to your lying life as a DRUG PUSHER for BIG PHARMA! Leave us alone. We didn’t ask for your stupid advice. It’s no good anyway.

      • Manon

        Good for you, Amber, for saying it the way it should have been said a long, long time ago.
        It is high time that doctors actually show an interest in their patients and stop pushing the pharmaceutical criminal industry. It’s all abt. money, NOT about patients.
        Doctors should not get paid until their patients are better, not when they are on 13 drugs a day, 12 of them to eliminate the first one that supposedly would cure the problem the patient first comes in with.
        Believe me, the healthiest people are those who do not see doctors. Unless they broke a bone, as that is something that needs to be ‘doctored’. Other than that, doctors are a total disappointment, mostly.

  12. Bridget

    I’m confused by all of these comments. I had SEVERE osteoporosis at age 20-21 from a year-long course of high dose prednisone at age 18 to treat Lupus Nephritis. The prednisone cured my kidney issues but left me with awful osteo. I tried Fosamax but it hurt my stomach, so I was switched Miacalcin nasal spray, which I took for about 2 years. It completely reversed my osteoporosis and restored me to the healthy bone density of a woman in her twenties. The only down side is that at the end of it all, I am an inch shorter than I used to be. But still, I considered that a small price to pay to survive Lupus Nephritis and high dose steroid therapy with healthy bones. I’m still 5’9. I’m genuinely confused by this article and comments. My treatment concluded 20 years ago now and I still have perfectly healthy bone density, and feel grateful to the medical advances that made that possible. It’s hard to imagine cutting out gluten would have achieved the same result, tho in fairness I did not try that. I’m not trying to argue, but I think it’s important to portray both sides of the story. Some people are helped by these meds.

  13. Karen

    I have to have surgery to correct a curve in my spine and to decompress 3 vertebrae. I currently have no disc between the bottom 3 vertebrae. My Osteo doctor said that I’m not losing calcium as fast as she thought I was, but the surgeon wants me to start taking Forteo, just in case my bones aren’t strong enough for surgery. I’ve been taking Fosomax since 2008. During the past 5 years. I’ve had hair loss. I’ve read about the side effects of For two. I’m extremely apprehensive about starting Forteo.

    • Janet

      So, do you think that osteoporosis cause hair loss? I took Forteo for about 6 months, but couldn’t afford it any longer. I did have handfuls of hair come out when I brushed it and went through “sticky rollers” like crazy”.

  14. Carol Bryant

    I was prescribed Fosamax, but since I read the research about jaw necrosis, I told my doc I had decided not to take it. He was insulted and walked out of the examination room saying, “You WILL have a broken hip!” This was 8 years ago and I have still never had a broken bone. Once again, diet and exercise are your best bet. Educate yourself.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I hope you have kept your doctor up-to-date on your fracture-free status, Carol! 🙂

  15. Jean M.

    My doctor just prescribed this for me. I am so glad I found this forum before I filled the prescription. I was taking Letrezole for breast cancer for the past six years. Bone pain, and then bone loss were two of the biggest side effects. After a month off this drug the bone pain is finally starting to fade a bit. After reading all this I am not going to fill my Boniva prescription. Vitamin D and Calcium will have to be enough. Thanks all for sharing.

    • Mary Ellen Sharp

      I was nearly crippled and knew why after hearing the “possible” side affects from using Boniva that Sally F. rattled off.. It took nearly two years after ceasing Boniva to regain my health. My former usage prevent my receiving dental implants which may be a little known fact.
      In desperation I saw a chiropractor and also had laproscopic knee surgery.
      To sum it up, “This was a painful and very costly experience due to a drug that was a “preventive”.

      • Pat

        I was told to take Vitamin D but found I still cannot tolerate too much. My doctor told me to get out in the sun for 15-20 minutes a day (weather permitting) without using sun screen or wearing long sleeves. I take calcium that contains Vitamin D and a multivitamin that also contains Vitamin D.

  16. Pattie

    I took my first oral dose of Boniva on the 15th of this month. I am now suffering with severe back, hip, thigh and leg pain.
    I took Fosamax years ago for about 5 years and quit to have dental work done. Recently I had a bone density test and my doctor was already trying to set me up with an IV of Reclast. He said I had severe osteoporosis in one hip and lower back above the hip. I looked up the drug and decided that I did not want the stuff in my body for a year. He talked me into Boniva. I hope that the side effects from this one time pill will pass and I am NEVER taking it again. I am going to do your program for natural ASAP.
    Thank you for being there.

    • Lina C

      The exact things happened to me too. I took my first dose of the generic boniva in the morning following the exact direction. By about 5 PM, I had flu-like symptoms thru the night and vomited too. This was Friday, April 1, 2016. Today is April 3 and I still have heart burns or indigestions. Wished I had read about Boniva before taking the first dose. I can not understand why my doctor prescribed it with all the side effects. Thanks people for writing in.

  17. Linda Creech

    I have only used it twice. But I have had red rashes and some like water blisters come all over my legs. Also, I have noticed pain in my arm muscles and keeps me up at nights. It really scares me and I am determined that I am not going to take it anymore. I will just start taking Vitamin D and maybe drinking mild more. I am 65 and it may be too late, but it is my body and to tell the truth doctors and pharmecutical plants are all in it together. I know it will tick my doctor off but it’s my body and I do believe God will take care of me.

    • jeanne

      I hear you! Im 67 almost 68. Been pretty healthy my whole life no broken bones, a milk drinker & veggie lover. Just diagnosed with mild osteoporosis of neck & spine, osteopenia of hips. Can you believe this, my Dr actually told me to take Tums & Fosamax! Im wondering what you did & how you are doing?

    • DArias

      Amen to that

  18. Lisa

    My daughter is only 26 and has severe osteoporosis with a compression fracture already. Rheumatologist started her on boniva iv. She had first dose yesterday. Today she has severe muscle and bone pain, headache with severe neck pain. Fever. We questioned that she is not post menopausal , but dr assured us it’s ok
    I do not think we will dose again.

    • Robin Bissell MD

      I am starting to encourage all of my osteoporosis patients to consider trying a gluten free diet for at least 4 weeks to see if they notice any changes in their energy, digestion, joints and muscles. If there is even a small improvement, they need to continue the diet. It takes a long time to heal the subtle damage to the delicate lining of your small intestine. This damage can lead to poor absorption of vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy bone growth and a lot of other body processes.
      This young woman needs extensive studies, including an intestinal biopsy to rule out celiac disease.

      • FedUpWithInsanity

        Now, Ladies, HERE is a REAL doctor. We thank the Powers that be for those like Robin Bissell! We need thousands more thinking MDs like this.

        • Andrea

          In response to FedUp, what exactly did Dr Robin say? I’d say she is far behind on her nutritional advise. Gluten is not the problem. It’s the glyphosate that wheat is coated with that causes all the intestinal and absorption problems. It’s a chelator. She advocates extensive studies and biopsies? Really? Dr Robin should be proclaiming the wonders of organic fruits and veggies, grass-fed beef and free-range fowl for her customers. Along side that, she should add organic herbs and vitamins to fill in the gaps. Just what kind of doctor is Robin? Broke? Looking for customers?

          This is not rocket science people. We’re all part and parcel of the earth, we’re made from it. By us taking the wholesome nutrients available to replenish ourselves, doctors as we know them, will have to adapt to the natural remedies or fade into black. Extensive studies and biopsies are not part of the game plan. This is the information age. It’s time to get it. Our lives depend on it even more so because “doctors” want to create repeat customers.

  19. Candy Kolesar

    I took actonel, fosamax and boniva. My esophagus was damaged, broke my big tow in two places, broke my knee cap in two. These synthetic drugs are dangerous! No one wants to take responsibility and I am sure there are thousands of women who have had similiar experiences.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am sorry to hear about your experience, Candy, but thank you for sharing with the community. And now you can take heart that your body can heal itself. 🙂

  20. Ray

    Excruciating hip pain. Too much to live with the spasms are so intense. Getting out of bed is horrific. Please tell me there is treatment

  21. Kathy

    I was just diagnosed with osteoperosis and before my Doc even called me my drugstore called me to let me know that a RX was filled and ready for pick-up. Well I went and got it and the pharmacist started telling me about how to take this drug. Well when I got to work I read the pamphlet and looked it up on line. I do not like the side effects at all!! I’m scared to death to take this crap. Mine is the generic for Fosimax. But looks like it’s all the same stuff with all of the dangers that go with it. What is one to do? Think I will go to the vitamin store and talk with someone there who is knowlegable about this. I’d rather try a different approach.

    • Janice

      I don,t know where to start. I was also prescribed Fosamax, Then Bonevia, then Fortical. All to strengthen my bones. I was told I had degenerated bone disorder after a car wreck was put on Nexium because of acid reflux. What
      I was not told was that Nexium does not let you absorb calcium. I was on that for 20 plus yrs. since 1995 by the time 2000 got here I had bone surgery on my neck then low back surgery. By the time of 2005 I had more surgeries on my neck and low back again. About 2010 I broke my left foot across the top a year later I broke the other foot they snapped like twigs. Since then I was told I have Osteoporosis, that,s holes in my bone. I was also told I had kidney damage 2 nd stage. Now 2017 I have bone deterioration in my jaw bone. I just had surgery 2 weeks ago to build up the bone in my lower jaw if that takes I will have to get implants just to have teeth in my jaw. I was not told at the time I was put on Foximax, Bonevia, or Fortical that it depletes your jaw bone but I am very aware of it now because of what I am going through. Believe me this is not cheap.

    • Abuawad, Robert

      Please forget all drugs and chemicals. Just follow
      Dr Wallach/Dr glidden protocols on minerals,vitamins, aminoacids and essential fatty acids. All natural. Again, watch their videos that will change your life dramatically.
      You will never regret it and you have absolutely nothing to loose, rather get your health back.
      Best wishes for you….

      • Loraine

        Agreed, Robert. This is the protocol to follow.

        To your health,


    • Sandra

      Kathy, after taking Boniva for several years, I had not one but 2 femur breaks, plus multiple foot breaks. Stay away!

    • Abuawad, Robert

      The best proven and safe way to reverse osteoporosis is Youngevity. No doubt about it. Where I live, I can not buy their products(South America), however the only thing I can do is take calcium citrate 600 mg and magnesium 200mg with vitamin d(not more that this mixture at ounce) twice a day. It must be calcium citrate and must be with magnesium and must be with vit d. DO NOT be afraid that the calcium will be deposited in arteries and joints and everywhere else..the magnesium will NOT allow that to happen and the vit d will definitely help absortium and bioavailability which is 45% in this case.
      Also add food rich in calcium, search for them. Limit animal protein and dairy. Those are the main cause of calcium losses. Also eliminate all sodas, but really eliminate then. Limit as possible all processed foods. If you have glutten problems eliminate wheat, barley, rye and oats at ounce. Increase intake of rich calcium foods and forget about sugar, just forget it. All bottled oils, including olive oil are all damaging and toxic, get rid of them. Don’t even think of fried anything….that is the main source of oxidative damage to all organs and DNA stress.
      Take antioxidants for the rest of your life…search for them and grasp them, also take enzymes for the rest of your life and probiotics till you dye, just dream about them all day long…..what I mean is… TAKE HOLD OF YOUR HEALTH, information is power and wisdom.
      Listen to Dr Glidden, Dr Wallach, DR Greger, Dr Mercola…
      Best wishes for you…

      • Abuawad, Robert

        Sorry, I maid mean to say that with respect to sugar I referred to refinaned sugar….as some say…Some foods are not the poison….it is the dose. We need sugar to live, but today Americans ingest 800 to 1000 times more than 100 years ago. The main source of sugar are processed foods, sodas and REFINED CARBS.
        Sugar coming from whole foods, called glucose is unharmful, but remember the dose…….
        I also wanted to say …until you die not dye..
        I deeply regret these mistakes…
        Blessings to you all…..

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kathy,
      Wow, they didn’t waste any time with that prescription, did they? Amazing!

      There is a lot of information about Fosamax on this site – feel free to search and peruse all the articles on this or any other bone health topic. That should help you get started in your research so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. 🙂

  22. Peggy

    I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis @ age 60. I purchase everything organic, eating primarily fresh dark green veggies, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and lean organic chicken breast or fish. After 3 years on Boniva, the osteoporosis became worse. I was in severe pain, going from a very active person to hardly able to get out of bed or my office chair. My spine felt like it was “on fire”, I was unable to turn my head, my fingers and toes were becoming severely arthritic, although I had never had arthritis before. I decided it was the Boniva, and immediately discontinued use. Within 30 days, all of the above symptoms disappeared, and I felt like a new woman. The doctors continued to try to push their other osteoporosis drugs on me that have side affects such as cancer. I REFUSED them. I researched on the internet and decided to supply my bones with what God says they need to be healthy. The osteoporosis has improved and stabilized, and I’ve been given a “thumbs up” by my physician. It’s best to do things naturally. Forget the drugs. They’re only being manufactured and sold to make profits for shareholders who do NOT care about our bones.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      What an inspiring story, Peggy! Thank you for sharing with the community.

      • Debbie

        Thank you for sharing your story, Peggy. I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis & prescribed Boniva. I’m still contemplating if I’m going to take it. The possible side effects scare me! Would you please share what you’re doing naturally to help the osteoporosis? Thank you in advance for any info you can offer.

        • Janice

          Please avoid taking these medications that are supposed to build your bone because it will destroy your jaw bone belive me I learned the hard way. Now I,m going through oral surgery just to build my jaw bone. I even went on an anti inflammatory diet just to help restore some of the damage these medications have done. Lots of blending fresh vegetables everyday. This helped with inflammation but not the bone damage.

  23. Shelley

    I just took my first dose of the generic Boniva. I am fine until about 2:00 in the afternoon and then I get severe pain in my back, arm and joints. Is this normal? Why should I take a medication that makes me feel horrible. I was having no symptoms before. So frustrated!

    • Bogdan

      Hello Shelley

      I know exactly how you feel, you are not alone.
      I do not know what what condition you have but biphosphonates are never the right way as I can tell by Vivian Goldschmidt’s excellent articles, much research and first hand experience. Did the same booboo one month ago.

      The symptoms are normal but should wear off relatively quickly… this is the acute phase
      the second phase takes a little longer – the part where the body get’s rid of the drug.

      So the good news is, it won’t last forever and your body will recover fully as far as I know.

      My advice would be to stop immediatly and look for alternative ways to cure your bones naturally.
      I am no doctor, but i hope this helps.
      By the way, if you feel like chatting/writing let me know 🙂

      All the best.

  24. Bogdan


    I know this possibly is an older article, but I hope someone can answer me.

    I have received a single 6mg ibandronic acid injection as a therapy against a bone marrow edema.

    I feel devestated after reading so much about the drug.
    Even though my bone marrow edema seems to give me less pain at the moment.

    How soon does this specific drug get out of my system/bone?


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear Bogdan,
      That’s a good question!

      The half-life of bisphosphonates is approximately 10 years, meaning that it takes 10 years for the body to get rid of half of the drug that attached itself to bone. As you know, these drugs stop normal bone metabolism, namely bone remodeling; but as it gets released and less is attached to bone, normal bone remodeling resumes at one point. The question is, When will this happen? As with everything else in the human body, this varies with each individual. According to a Harvard Medical School study (also mentioned in the book), pre-drug bone metabolism is restored to “normal” levels in an average of five (5) years.

      So the next question is, when will YOU get there? Nobody can answer this, but rest assured that at one point this WILL happen and you will be noticing some improvement. 🙂

      So be patient, follow your own bone health “philosophy,” don’t let brainwashed doctors interfere with your own decisions!

      • Bogdan

        Hello Vivian.

        Thank you so much for your reply.
        I have to add that I am 26 and have been very active in sports up to this point which has always been coupled with a healthy nutrition. ( My girlfriend is a nurse – so that helps too 🙂 )

        I will certainly take a break for at least 1 month now – then gradually beginning to swim again, taking it slow – which I guess would be the best to begin with ? – what do you think about that.

        But I will be patient, and I am very happy to hear that this mistake will be forgiven by time.

  25. Diane

    Unfortuneley I have been on Boniva for 10 years. Can I reverse the harmful effects of this drug or is it too late? I have decided to go off it due the negative things I’ve heard about it. Thank you.

    • Marie

      Hello Diane,
      I’m very curious about “how” Boniva is working for you now as the only reason you want to stop is because of what you’ve heard. If you have been taking Boniva for 10 years you must be doing ok.

      This is my opinion and please everyone try to understand if at all possible that these drugs might work for some and not for others. I would like to hear any positive outcomes from the drg(s) too. Diane could be one of those ppl. I’m just curios as to why its working for her and not others. Or is really working Diane?

      Curios George…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Diane,
      It’s never too late to stop taking osteoporosis drugs! The main way the body rids itself of bisphosphonates like Boniva is via the kidneys. The half-life of bisphosphonates is about 10 years, but normal bone remodeling usually resumes long before that. As to when that will happen for you, it is impossible to predict; but it will happen at some point once you stop the Boniva. 🙂

      • Barb B

        I also was on various forms of these drugs for 10 years and my scans showed little if any improvement of bone density. When asked how long should I remain on it- my Dr. said “for life”. I stopped after speaking with my dentist and others. Would rather do what I can naturally, and live with thinner, healthier bones if necessary.

  26. Eileen

    I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis after years ago being told I had osteopenia. In researching my options, I’m most interested in an FDA-approved medical food named Fosteum PLUS. Anyone have any experience with it? It seems to have little downside, and potential benefits well worth pursuing. A very real possible alternative, at initial viewing.

    • Heather

      Hi Eileen,

      Before you start taking anything else, even if it is FDA-approved, I would highly recommend looking into Youngevity. With these products you are basically putting minerals and nutrients back into your body that you are deficient of, which is really the cause of most ailments and diseases. Not only have I seen what taking these products has done for my little family, but I have seen and heard so many other amazing testimonies of others who are a part of Youngevity. My mother has osteopenia and is about to start taking youngevity products in hopes that it will reverse hers. Check out my website at There is so much to browse through and check out!

  27. judith greene

    I was diagnosed now with osteoporosis. I had osteopenia diagnosed yrs ago and I was put on Fosomax but couldn’t take because of gastritis. My doctor now wants me to take Boniva. I currently have gastritis and maybe a peptic ulcer. She didn’t seem to care, was really pushing the Boniva. I am so confused. I have been quite ill with gastrointestinal problems for 3 yrs now and am having a hard time. I was taken off of my ace inhibitor for blood pressure because of intestinal angioedema about 1 yr ago. I am so afraid to take this medication and end up in hospital. I am tired of meds making me sick.

    • Allison

      Not surprised that your dr didn’t seem interested in your chronic GI problems when trying to push Boniva. Western medicine tends to compartmentalize medical issues. Thus, a GI dr doesn’t want to hear about how PPIs can cause osteoporosis, an endocrinologist expresses no interest in how patients can get the massive dose of calcium from food (not supplements) that he advises is necessary … and so on and so forth. That’s why patients must, in effect, be their own doctors, relying on themselves to raise questions about potential drug interactions, side effects from a med being prescribed for one condition worsening another condition, etc. Then the doctors rail against patients spending “too much time on the internet” when its the doctors’ ignorance and failure to consider “the whole person” that have led to the need for patients to do their own research.

    • Heather

      Hey Judith! I would highly recommend looking into Youngevity. So many people who have taken Youngevity products have experienced some amazing results, even coming off of medications because they are basically putting minerals and nutrients back into their bodies. Which in turn is allowing their bodies to work and function the way our bodies should. I have been on Youngevity, as well as my husband and children, for going on 3 months now, and I have seen amazing results with our health. I turned my dad onto it because he suffers from diabetes as well as other ailments, and my mother is about to start in hopes it will help with her migraines and her osteopenia. Check out my website at, and you can even look up youtube videos on Dr Joel Wallach who started Youngevity, and Dr Peter Glidden who backs it up. Good luck and God bless!

  28. Gary Milton

    Your comments are so true as they are with so many new drugs put on the market almost on a daily basis.I cannot understand how the FDA allows such drugs on the market when they cause cancer and even death, the pharmaceutical companies are out of control in this country and so is the government.

  29. Ed

    What can I recommend to my wife instead of Boniva. She started taking it 2 days agol and experencing all the side effects noted in the responses. What drug would you recommend in it’s place?

    • Heather

      I highly recommend looking into Youngevity. I have heard some amazing testimonies from so many people who start seeing amazing results after getting onto youngevity products. We are all so nutrient deficient, which is really the cause of so many ailments and diseases. So basically, with Youngevity, they are encouraging a healthy diet, as well as, supplementing with minerals(what our bodies are in major need of). You can also look up Dr Joel Wallach, who started Youngevity, and Dr Peter Glidden who backs it up 100%….there are tons of youtube videos of them.

  30. Jerrie

    My sister took Fosamax, Boniva and Reclast for years. Seven years ago she broke both femurs and an arm. Now, seven years later she tripped last week and shattered the right ankle, right elbow and left femur below where her metal rod which helped support that leg is still in place. She is 71. Do not take those drugs. I did and will never take them again. Strange thing, they called her after a bone density scan a few weeks ago and told her that she didn’t have osteoporosis any more. She is now recovering in a nursing home.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Here’s to a speedy recovery for your sister, Jerrie! It’s great to hear that her bones are in better shape after stopping the drugs. 🙂

  31. Lisa Speagle

    My story is this….my mother, a 67 year old, fit and active woman…super young in many ways, had her 3rd Prolia shot in November of last year. By Christmas Eve, she was in SEVERE pain…all over. Burning pain everywhere. At that point there was no connection between the Prolia and the pain. She went to several doctors to find out what the heck could it be. To make a LoNg story short, mom called an out-of-town doctor friend to see what she could recommend for the pain. After some research Dr. Linda concluded it’s the Prolia. There’s no relief for the pain….NONE. And it will be 1 full year before it’s out of her system. The good news is she has some “good” days with just aches…but when the pain is bad she can’t do anything or go anywhere. Mom and I have warned everyone we know to avoid this poisonous shot at all costs. Mom has concluded a broken hip/hip replacement would have been easier than any of what she’s been going through these past few months. BTW, she has contacted the FDA to implore them to take Prolia off the market. Sadly it won’t happen anytime soon.
    Lisa Speagle

  32. Ba

    My mom took bonviva for almost 18 months , now she has cancer of an aggressive type, this is the only medication she took, with a very healthy food and way of living and no family history in cancer, I can’t think of any other cause,, god knows!!!

    • Ba

      Sorry Silvia for my very late reply , she had breast cancer

    • Silvia

      What type of cancer did she had?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother, Ba. 🙁 I wish your family well at this difficult time.

      • Ba

        Thank you Vivian for your good feelings

  33. Gina

    My mother took Boniva for many years and it caused a severe ulcer, so severe that she had 5 blood transfusions. I had her stop it immediately and told her to take natural progesterone cream, after her next bone density scan she had a significant improvement in the density of her bones which she never had with Boniva. Just take transdermal progesterone cream (you rub it on) and it is all natural. I even use it and my husband uses it for any swelling of the prostrate.

    • Tim

      How often do you rub the progesterone cream on and how much do you use for your bones? Do you rub it all over or just in one area? What is in this cream that works does it really help reverse the bone loss?

      Thank You

  34. Paula

    I’m not promoting Boniva or any other drug/supplement, I just want to clarify misinformation is some of the comments.
    Our body needs calcium in our bloodstream for all kinds of reasons, but too detailed for this forum. When our BLOOD calcium level is low, osteoclasts are told to break down our bones to release calcium into our bloodstream. If Boniva is meant to stop the osteoclasts, then it is stopping them from breaking down our bones. It’s not helping to build our bones, but preventing further deterioration. The body still needs more calcium, therefore, calcium supplements or a calcium rich diet are needed.
    After a certain age, about 30, we can only maintain our bones (no more growth/building). To do this, we need weight bearing exercise (walk 30 min. 5 days/week), and plenty of calcium and vit. D in our diets, naturally or through supplements, to get into our bloodstream and keep our body from sending those osteoclasts after our bone calcium.

    • David

      Calcium, calcium, calcium.
      Why does no-one ever mention magnesium?
      As for not being able to build after about 30, that notion may be built on studies of normal Western populations. Normal Western populations are not healthy. We are an historic anomaly, and an unhealthy one at that.
      Dairy is not the only source of calcium, and with all the hormones and antibiotics in conventional dairy, not the safest. Rather have lots of green leafy veg. Loads of calcium and magnesium.
      Good protein intake (especially meat) is also advisable. The *net* effect of increased meat intake is increased bone formation. You lose a bit more bone when you eat more meat, but you gain a bigger bit more bone. And you’ll need the extra protein to sustain lean muscle mass for your hard workouts sprinting, hiking, lifting bags and logs and all that 🙂
      Now why would you want to do that? For the simple reason that putting load on bones *strengthens* them. They need exercise just as much as muscles do.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for that information, Paula!

      • Adrenalin1

        It would be nice if someone knowledgeable could talk about how Americans, who take the most calcium supps and eat the most meat and dairy in their diet, still have the greatest calcium deficiencies. Other countries, that eat more vegetables and less meat and dairy, seem to have less osteoporosis.

        • Diane

          Maybe, women in other countries are not being diagnosed. My problem with the drug is I cannot afford the price. Do you know when a generic may be on the market? These drug companies are making a killing. It should not be cost prohibitive to be healthy.

          • Carol

            Yes there is a generic for Boniva. Ask your pharmacist or doctor for the name.

  35. Steve

    Listen to what Dr. Peter Glidden ND has to say about Boniva.

    Start video around the 3 min mark.

    If you are interested in what he is talking about ask me.

  36. Wenjea

    I took Boniva once. Within a few minutes, I felt like I had bronchitis. I was coughing and trying to clear my lungs of fluid. I got nauseated and weak. After sitting up for 3-4 hours, I went to bed and had the “flu like symptoms”. I obviously never had the flu because I was sicker than I’ve ever been. That lasted roughly 48 hrs. When I finally started feeling better, I swore I would never take that again. I didn’t know it wasn’t over. Within a week I started trying to relieve constipation. Not ever having to deal with this before, I ended up sick and impacted, rolling around on the floor while on vacation. NEVER will Boniva pass my lips again,

  37. Forma L. Gonzales

    I think and I confirm that Sally Field is true in all her experiences and observations about Bonviva that IT IS VERY HARMFUL TO THE BONES. My doctor prescribed me with Bonviva, I took it three days ago and now I am experiencing bad feelings, my heart seemingly less functions and that I experience chest pain, heartburn and worst as if I stumble everytime I stand and walk. Only 1 tablet I took three days ago and the next take would be next month and I WILL TELL MY DOCTOR THAT I SHALL NEVER TAKE IT ANYMORE. I FEEL VERY SICK NOW. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS DRUG. IT DESTROYS THE BODY, THE BONES instead of rebuilding it. Again, please beware!


    I read all your comments about this Save our Bones program but no one have said that after this program the bones are better. Have anyone probed this works? Sorry Vivian, I really want your program to be good, I need it! i am 49 years old and been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. I had my first Boniva IV last week and I am with tachicardia all day. I recently read this can be a side effect of Boniva. And after reading about femur fractures and jaw problems I really do not want to have another IV. But How can you assure me that your program will work? What if I left tht Boniva and do your program and in one year when I have my new tests they show that my bones are worst?? I am really worried. I need to do the best for my bones. (Sorry for my english, I speak Spanish)

  39. Esther Hebert

    I was alarmed when I first looked at the e-mail as it looked as if you were endorsing Boniva and Sally Field’s ad. I was already aware of the undesirable effects of using Boniva and stopped taking it shortly after having it prescribed. Instead I have been taking a natural supplement, which I hope is having the desired results, though I have not had recent testing.
    Your altered ad is good . . . providing one goes that far and actually reads it.

  40. Julie Kniffen

    I am 56 and have osteoporosis. I have taken fosomax for three years but have not taken it now for 4 months because of everything I am hearing about it. I run, lift weights and take many different exercise classes now and aways have so I was so surprised when I was diagnosed. So I am not sure what to do now. I go to my Dr for my yearly check in January, what should I do?

  41. Josephine Raj

    Well I read the article,I rather prefer to listen to people in the know sp. Vivian because she cured herself & did research & one we all can count on.I can never wholly trust GPs as they prefer you to take them blindly & always have high praises for the drugs claiming’all drugs got side affects you will be ok with this’. I rather have natural remedies that are good for me & family.
    I was at a diabetic clinic last week, & nurse tells me that doctors need to be educated,quite right too.We have only one body,one life it’s time we take matters into our own hands when it’s come to dangerous drugs.

  42. jim

    after 30, you stop building bones.
    you just maintain excising bone strenght by excersizing and supplements.
    taking boniva does not build new bones, it just stops the loss of bones.
    your existing bones become more denser .

    • jim

      sally fieds is incorrect when saying asteoblast cell are building new bones after osteoclast cells remove old bones.
      my ddoctor told me, after 30 men stops building new bones

  43. magalas girl

    What are your scientific qualifications that would lead me to put any credibility into what you say? My husband, a dentist, has concerns about long-term use of bisphosphenates but I’m sure you know that. The physician at Northwestern who treats me for osteoporosis will not allow me to be on more than 5 years (I think). Since I’ve already broken a wrist and since I live in an area in which snow and black ice make me fear another fall, I take Reclast. Again, I would be curious to know the scientific basis of your opinion.

  44. Kathy

    Thank you for the commercial. I refused to use a drug for osteoporosis, too. More people should see this.

  45. Jane Johnson

    If only those of us who know the truth had enough money to get this information out to all those people taking Boniva. And wow, just think they are paying for Boniva to do damage to their bones and to make the makers of Boniva rich. That sure seems wrong!

  46. Jacqueline Fields

    Ten years ago I was taken off of my Premarin that I had taken for a number of years after a total Hysterectomy, and put on Fosamax. I obediently took this drug for a year, before moving too another state, and changed Doctors. I told my new Doctor that either she put me back on Premarin, or I was going to kill myself, because I couldn’t stand the symptoms anymore.(joint pain, mind fog, bloating, emotional problems, and more) She took me off of Fosamax, and gave me a hormone patch. However, even after being off of this drug for all this time, I still have terrible joint pain. Do you think that it will ever get better, or will I be doomed to live in pain forever?

  47. Noreen

    I was pretty excited to read Sally’s remarks, but not so when I got further down her column. When are the Drs going to smarten up and stop giving us stuff that will hurt us. I am really trying hard to follow your program Vivian.I see my Dr. in 2 weeks.









  49. Olivia

    I just bought the book “save our bones” and also started a few months ago doing weight bearing exercises. I was diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis in my L4 (-2.8). Can you share the score you had when you were just diagnosed with osteoporosis and your score now?

  50. Maria Nielsen

    Sally Field, just like she sais, has just one body and one life so she is free to destroy it if that is her choice, but it is a shame that while she is unknowingly doing that, she doesn´t realize that she is doing de-service to many others by promoting it. How stupid or greedy? can one get!!

  51. Teri

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 year and a fitness instructor for 14 years. I recently was diagnosed with osteoporosis with a t score of 4.5 in my spine and 2.8 in my hip. I’m just 50 years old. My doctor sent me a prescription- i’m not going to take it. She didn’t have a conversation with me either- just sent it through the mail. I called and requested a blood test to see if I have hyperthroidism, because my grandmothers and sister had O and a hyperthyroid- but no one called me back. I’m in the process of switching to a more natural doctor. I teach Yoga and have found that I have grown 1/2 inch in the last two years. I attribute it to Yoga- but aren’t people with Osteoporosis suppose to shrink??????

    • Randal Coon

      I think they do, in various amounts related to the severity and time of onset of osteoporosis. I was 5′ 8 1/2″ when I was married 35 years ago. Now with a -3.5 T score, I have shortened to 5’5″, part of which is due to the scoliosis, I think, which makes my spine curve and bend. It’s a pain, I know that.

  52. Cindy Kostaken

    My mother-in-law took osteoporosis drugs for over 15 years and has now been diagnosed with throat cancer. She had many side effects which the Dr always solved with more prescription drugs or consultations with other “specialists”. Acid reflux, trouble swallowing, cough, sore throat, insomnia, neuropathy, migraines, etc……Drs need to stop prescribing and take a step back and look into what they are doing.

  53. ev

    My dr prescribed Fosomax after my dexa scan showed signs of osteopenia. I was angered that he never discussed it with me or bothered to have an intelligent conversation. I filled the script, investigated the drug and side effects, threw it in the garbage and the following year when I had my appt and he asked, I told him that I was not taking the drug, and would not take the drug and why. He was not happy and had a few sarcastic remarks about my “medical degree”. I am an educated, intelligent woman who does her own research for EVERYTHING. Its’s MY health, my body and MY decision. Period. I won’t be bullied into going against my gut.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


    • Janet

      Good for you, girl! My Doctor fired me as a patient. Said If I didn’t do things her way, don’t come back. So I don’t.

      • joseph g

        Good for you. I hope all goes well for you. There is definitely a need for a doctor. However, many are just trained to treat with drugs and dangerous ones at that. Rest assured the lord our God has given us everything we need for a long healthy life. Pray to God for his help in restoring your health. Also to help show you the way to take advantage of all of the great health giving foods that he has provided for us.

  54. pearl

    Sometimes I wonder , how can a person who doesn’t know me at all will find ways to connect and share important info like this one on osteo…….. as I think more about this , the only answer would be passion , passion to care about others ….thanks Vivian , you are awesome .

  55. grace

    I WAS TAKING Fosamax for more than 8years however the sbone scan did not show improvements. I had car accident and had fractures,Idid not think it was a cause of Fosamax side effects.When i eat I hear crackling in my left jaw,sometimes i have a slight pain,In year 2010,I fell,not a hard hit but I broke my femur,had surgery and therapy.also sometimes had difficulty swallowing asif I am choking. I was alarmed what is happening with me.I read about Fosamax side effects and told the Doctor.He did not seemed to be alarmed about the side effects of this drug.In later part of theyear 2011,I decided to stop the Fosamax and i also told the doc of which he did not approve my discontinuing of the drug. I began searching informations about Osteoporosis and found Save the Bones Program/Vivian Smith. Thanksfor her efforts. I bought the book.My bone scan this month showed a minimal improvement per my doctors info.I might not be following the program right. The calcium and Vitamin levels are okey. I am taking raw calcuim in capsule form 750mg and Caltrate(calcium) 100mg per day. Is there any suggestion for other supplements to take to improve the bone mass?. Thanks Vivian for any information.

    • Sharon

      Shoudl you be taking some magnesium too?

  56. Nancy

    Go girl, you make a good ad writer!

    • Jill

      I would appreciate some new research findings instead of the re-hashed, emotive articles. Are you still reading research papers, Vivian?


    Hi Vivian ! What do you think of the Zometa IV ? every two months for osteporosis, been on it since 2008 and am 66yrs old. Thanks.

    • Eve

      I don’t know about these types of medications, so this is JUST a guess, but Maybe this type of mciedine has really nasty side effects that make you too sick to function for a short period of time? So, maybe, if you only have to go through it once a month it is actually liberating?Just a guess.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Earlene, Zometa is a stronger dosage of Reclast, and it’s typically not prescribed for osteoporosis… In fact, the first cases of ONJ were reported from the IV bisphosphonates. Check out this, in case you haven’t yet:

  58. Chitralekha Shalom

    That was seriously hilarious. On a more sober not,I never heard of Boniva. Yes I have osteoporosis, arthritis diagnosed years back, sincerely followed doctor’s advice. One day good sense prevailed, reverted back to yoga, healthy diet, positive thinking and walking (irregularly). If you ask me it is all in the mind. And this platform of yours has more than enough positive information to delve into and use our intelligence. Cheers to Save Our Bones and you.
    Thank you.

  59. Marc

    We were born with minds..hopefully we have kept sanity and still can reason and study. If you have done so, hopefully you have seen that we have industrial powers who seek profits at any cost wo rule the FDA and more. I urge all to use your mind, say no to canned goods, many drugs and vaccines and vote with your wallet. Small steps but some are happening. Write your Congreemen and Representatives and demand truth in labeling and true unbaiased reports on drugs and food additives and more. Do watch and listen to such as Vivian who have done the work and have your best interest at heart.

  60. Gloria Jones

    Gee, Vivian. I agree with you wholeheartedly! I had to laugh when I read your version of the Boniva ad. Very seldom are truths considered funny, but this was uproariously so! My only caveat is publishing derogatory comments by a celebrity without her knowledge or consent. That’s not to say that it wasn’t true and funny as heck, but she and/or her advertisers could sue you for misrepresentation or libel, even though it was all in fun. As a writer, I learned the hard way not to put words in anyone’s mouth (even a non-public figure) without their authorization. Hopefully, she is forgiving and sees the humor in the situation.) That being said, you are amazingly gutsy, and someone I truly admire. Yeah, my doctor wanted me to take Boniva at one time, and in fact, gave me samples of that poison. It seemed very innocuous at the time, but something warned me against it, and that was before the truth was known about bisphosphonates. I don’t know what that “something” was, but it totally turned me off, and I threw that sample in the trash where it belonged. I had the same reaction about statins, long before its deadly side-effects were made public, along with the fact that they do nothing at all for women, other than cause a lot of irreversible miseries. I’m even leery now of calcium supplements since reading your columns. Seems calcium ends up in the blood vessels and kidneys instead of the bones. And even it some does manage to reach our skeletal structure, it has little or no beneficial effects on it. Yay! We need more Vivians in this world, but I am so thankful we have you. Keep up the good work and we will eventually have generations of women with invincible bones, and hopefully what hasn’t worked so far will be ancient history along with witch doctors and wringer washing machines.

  61. Jan

    Can anyone tell me about Fosteum? it claims it’s not a drug, approved by the FDA. A blend of three things..Genistein, Chelazome and Cholecalciferol? My Dr. tells me because it’s a plant based product it can be damaging to my heart. Any thoughts on this? I was thinking about going on it. I have tried many Bisphosphantes and they make me feel terrible. And put me in more danger or breaking bones. I need to do something, I am so confused, please give me some suggestions.

  62. Fran Lundy

    It’s too bad I’m stuck with bottles of the dry Boniva!! The new pill sounds so much simpler to take!

  63. marie b

    good to know of a great doctor for this, except he is very far away.. I have “acid reflux” so bad that I am losing my teeth, have continuous open sores at the corners of my mouth. I sleep on 8 pillows, so I can remain in an upright position when sleeping. I can find NO doctor in Orlando Florida willing to help. Just Rx more prilosec and zantac. I am 75 years old and have little faith that this problem can be resolve itself in my lifetime.

    • randa

      Try eating an apple every night before you lay down. My husband had reflux and took meds for it but the apple works better. Try it, can’t hurt, no more prilosec or tums or omeprozole for him!

    • Lola

      I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles! If it is that severe, you may need surgery. Try Florida Hospital Digestive Health Services ( I also found this site of home remedies which may help ease your symptoms: Good luck!

    • Jenny

      I have heard naturapathic doctors recomment Aloe Juice, make sure it is a high quality, certified, for acid reflux. Also, take probiotics with meals.

    • Cheryl

      Kombucha Tea is 100% natural & healthy & is k.own to take away acid reflux. Purchase it at many natural food markets & some grocery stores. Google “benefits of kombucha tea” & you will be pleasantly amazed.

    • Monty

      marie b…please visit for the solution to your acid reflux problem. When you start eating right, your reflux will go away, right away!

    • Deb

      Have you ever been tested for celiac disease? One of the many complaints is acid relux. A simple blood test may give you the results. A gluten-free diet will help heal the intestines and the resulting complication. Good luck!

    • Douglas Erickson

      Go to http://www.greattastenopain for the solution to acid reflux

  64. Chris

    On advice of Dr. I took Fosamax for about 1 yr. I argued at first as I don’t like taking Rx drugs. He intimidated me into taking it feeding me stats on hip fractures etc. I dreaded the day each week that I had to take it, feeling it upset my esophagus. I did my own research on the Internet and discovered how it ‘works’..Immediately stopped taking it! Also spoke to an osteopath who was against the drug. Upon reporting back to my Dr. my findings, he said “I think you’ve taken it long enough”. You think? I have not trusted his word since. Every time he pulls out the Rx pad, I remind him of my conviction about not taking Rx drugs. When I changed doctors however, I got the same reaction. They all want me to take it. I am Nordic and small and fair. I naturally am pre-disposed to ‘thinner’ bones. My 95 year old mom is also. Neither of us has ever broken or fractured a bone. This medicine is poisoning women. I tell everyone who takes it to stop but they are all too afraid because of what their doctors are telling them. This is a crime that goes unpunished.

    • Susie Jane

      Several years ago, my former gyno strongly recommended Fosamax for osteoporosis, he tried to scare me into taking it. After researching all of those type of drugs, I refused because I believe that a broken hip is still better than possible esophagus cancer or dead jaw. I don’t know what would have happened if I’d taken it. But I practice yoga regularly in classes and modify several poses because of my right hip, which is arthritic.

  65. Barbara Margolis

    What do you know about the suppliment OsteoValin? Worth while?

  66. Ellen

    I like your advertisement. My husband and I always laugh at the commercials for “drugs”. The side effects always seem to be worse than the cure.

    Thanks for keeping it “real”. All of us must be careful of the “appropriate” agencys – the new legistlation to monitor the internet for inappropriate conversations … whom ever has the money will win – and the truth be will be lost.


  67. LynnCS

    Thank you Vivian for all the work you do to bring all this good information to us. It has to take some time to put together informative and creative posts to keep us coming back to learn more. I learn from each post. Please keep up the good work. From one 73 yr old who may not have to spend her later years in pain from a broken hip or other bones. I have had a lot of broken bones over the years and I took Actonel for years. I can only hope that changing my way of dealing with this will turn it around. I also have jaw damage. It seems like it has stopped. Keep your fingers crossed for me to “get it” before it is too late. I am hopeful. Lovingly, Lynn

  68. roz

    I met a lady today who until a few months ago was active. Running everyday and enjoying life. She was taking Boniva for op. Whilst out running she felt an extreme pain in her upper leg and fell. She had suffered a spontaneous fracture of her femur. She was hospitalised and now has a metal rod in the bone. She also experienced a crack in her other femur and now has a rod in that also. It has changed her life. She didnt know about the dangers of bisphosphanates.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      What a sad story, Roz! But thanks for reminding everyone of the real dangers of bisphosphonates…

  69. Bebe

    The things that Dr. Vivian warns about are true. I work in a clinic and another staff person in her 60’s said she took Actonel (don’t know for how long) but stopped taking it seven years ago and still has not recovered from the damage to her digestion.

  70. jean

    didronal pmo, fosamax, Actonel then BONIVA injection once every three months, none of them improved my bone density but just constantly made me worse completely, just getting more and more lethargic and unsteady, virtually walking like a drunken person. When I rang the hospital I was advised by the speccialist nurse to stop the injection and that it didn’t suit me also the osteoporosis society told me the same thing and was told it would take upto 5 or eight years to get out of my body, all that started about 20 years ago and since 2008 when I was prescribed the injection now at the beginning of 2012 I am almost 90% better, cant wait to feel like I used to before these drugs. I eat and drink as normal fdoing all the right stuff and exercise every day for two hours, also I swim. Good wishes to everyone for 2012 lots of love jean

    • Gloria Jones

      The once-a-month Boniva shot wasn’t available (thank goodness) when it was prescribed for me. At that time, it was only in pill form and had to be taken every morning, with the caution not to lie down for 30 minutes. That alone sent up red flags, plus the fear of the unknown. I imagine a shot that lasts a month would be much more volatile than a daily pill, but actually, the result would be the same.

      • Silvia

        What did you do? Are you still taking the pill and how you feel? I am taking Bonita once a month I have just start it, but I don’t know what to do since I heart about the possible damages

  71. Rhonda

    What are your thoughts and experiences with Prolia?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Rhonda, fortunately, I have no experience with Prolia (nor any other osteoporosis drug!). But I certainly do have an opinion: it’s a definite “no-no”… If you haven’t yet, you can read my blog posts about it:

    • Barbara Margolis

      I, also, would like to know your thoughts on Prolia. My doctor has recommended it for me, after taking me off Fosamax. She said it affects the bones differently than all other osteoporosis drugs. What is your opinion?

      • folsbaby

        I think it almost killed my wife..first injection May 25th…3 weeks later, perfectly healthy before…gets extremely tired and out of breath at least 3 times..still works at the USO…took her to emergency…hemaglobin was 6..should be 12 !! gave her three transfusions to get her red blood cells back up to par..they said she was lucky she didn’t have a heart attack..last week, same thing happened…this time hemaglobin dropped to 10.4..still anemic condition..still van’t function week I’m taking her to a hematologist to see if we can get rid of this “posion” in her systemm..Oh, yea, they did all kinds og GI tests, too to see if she was bleeding somehow.colonoscopy, endoscopy, even a little bideo pill that tracks you small intestine..all negative..Guess what ? The only thing different that entered her body was that Prolia shot on May 25th..Coincidence? I don’t think so.DON’T TAKE IT !!

  72. irene karas

    I thought I found the cause of my osteoporosis. I have an elevated PTH of 100. When I visited the endocrinologist, she told me one I did not a history of elevated PTH because I was tested only once and my calcium and D3 levelswere normal. ( not entirely true they were on the low side of normal.The operation for hyperparathyroidism was a no-go. She agreed to get a history but kept pushing Forteo. I told her my severe osteopenia was at 2.5 so I was not inclined to go on Forteo. She was persistent and started to annoy me. I know she was annoyed too.
    I did check the Forteo site and what did I find out …you should tell your doctor if you have Paget’s disease.I had genetic testing done many years ago and I do have genetic link to Paget’s disease. I do plan to write her a letter because she is at least willing to establish a history for PTH. Vivian, have you had any experience with PTH and osteo problems.

  73. Charlotte

    I already had my bad experience with Fosomax & Boniva. I am now off of any osteoporosis drugs and take calcium, lots of vitamin D and fish oil and eat tuna, salmon, sardines and other calcium high foods. My Naturopath, all those years ago, was the first one to recommend these drugs. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis around 1992. My ob/gyn in those days, before these drugs, put me on a very low grade of natural hormones for my osteoporosis. A few years later, my naturopath said based on my bone density scan, I must take one of these new drugs because my bones were very subject to breakage. At the time, she could not prescribe so I turned to my MD who prescribed Fosomax. She truly did it in good faith as did the Naturopath I believe. They truly believed at that time that this was a good thing. I switched to Boniva couple of years later but in 2001 I fell and broke my arm in about 8 places. At the time I fuzzily though – “how can this be such a terrible multiple fracture when I am taking Boniva?” The arm healed up fine but in 2008, my physician told me she was taking me off the medication because studies had shown that after 5 years the drug does no more and just stays in your body and no one knows for how long! She did not mention what types of damage it could do – in all fairness she may not have known. She is still my doctor to this day and has long since stopped recommending these drugs. In 2009, I developed a bad toothache and when I visited the dentist, the first thing I was asked was if I took these drugs and I told her my story stating that no, now I am off of them. She said it is a major cause of dental problems. That tooth was extracted and 2 months later a front tooth fell out while I was eating lunch. This past August, another tooth fell out so now I have 2 bridges and have paid out a fortune in dental bills. I had always had really good strong teeth until this time. I am 69 years old so age is a factor as well, but based on what my dentist said we feel my situation is largely due to the osteoporosis drugs I took for so long. Vivian’s program is wonderful and thank God she is getting the word out before more women experience these damaging and expensive side effects.

  74. Charlotte Parrilli

    That is a great commercial. I wish you could buy some air time & put it on TV and in magazines so that the general public could be enlightened. People want to believe in their doctors, and because they are ignorant of the bone-building & remodeling process, go ahead & do what their physicians tell them to do. I was actually given a year’s worth of Boniva samples but something inside me told me not to just blindly take them. I never took one of them, especially after reading the warnings regarding gastric disturbance if you cannot stand up for an hour after taking it! So a year or more later when I had another bone density test, he actually sent over a prescription to my drug store of Fosamax and told me I had to take it because I had gotten worse. It was then that I discovered the “Save Our Bones” program & I am so amazed & happy to finally have the truth! A friend of mine was on it and developed jaw problems & suffered major pain & tooth removal. I now know it was probably from the Fosamax, I am so grateful to Vivian for the enlightenment. THANK YOU!

  75. Carol

    Hi Vivian,
    This is the third time I’ve written to you, and I don’t want to believe that the reason you haven’t responded is because it’s something you can’t negate. I mentioned an article that appeared 2 weeks ago in the NJ “Newark Star Ledger” that a study showed Vitamin D has been linked to prostate cancer in men. I am so alarmed by this as I take 2000 mg. per day, and so do many women. Have you heard about this, and if it causes any cancer, should we be concerned? Thank you. Carol

  76. Pam Castor

    I believe you regarding the biphosphenates. But what about Evista? That is what my gynecologist prescribed for me. Where does it stand amongst all the others?

  77. Walt Rozett

    Has any attempt been made to communicate with the FDA on the problems with bisphosphinates?

    • Gloria Jones

      Of course the FDA knows. They would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to. The question is, do they care? The answer: Of course not. As long as they make billions of dollars, they are going to keep producing and promulgating their deadly poison. Therefore, it’s essential that we follow Vivian’s bone program and never rely on the FDA, because they frankly don’t care how women suffer on bisphosphonates, as long as their bankrolls keep getting bigger and bigger. It’s a pathetic situation, but money talks and the population walks (mostly with crutches and walkers, except the for the unfortunate ones who have no mobility and rely on wheelchairs.)

  78. Tania
    Reclast causes kidney failure in todays’ headlines September 3, 2o11

    Good news for me. I have been eating a lot of tuna, eggs and salmon. Had my yearly bone density test last week and my physician who put me on Fosamax said that at this particular time, “You don’t need to take fosamax because your bone density tests came out pretty well.”
    Hip hip hooray of course he said that it is the Vitamin D pills he ordered me that are doing the job. Perhaps but I still think it is because I am listening to Vivian’s advice. Kudos to vivian.

  79. Tania

    I’ts just too sad that Sally Field isn’t being enlightened by the truth as we here are. I like her and I wish that she could have good bone health as well. she’s not only doing her self a disfavor but all those who admire her.
    I will be going to my physician soon and he will ask me how I am doing on the Fosamax he ordered for me. He will be furious when i tell him I stopped it and why but I’m furious that I am being sold a lie.

  80. Kathleen Bourneuf

    It would be nice if the “truth” could be aired on TV. Sally Field is a good choice to influence people to take the drugs…easy to look past the lies.

  81. Maureen fernandes

    Searching desperately for a solution to my osteoporosis does a weight belt help?I take calcium and vitamin D.

    • Fleeta Taylor

      There is a product called Osteodenx sold by the company Nikken. This product is published in the medical journal for prevention of osteoporsis. It promotes new bone formation naturally within 15 days of taking this along with the Caldenx and Lactoferin. Nikken is a Health and Research company that started in Japan 36 years ago. Great results and no medication.

    • Ken Shonk

      If you are just taking calcium and Vitamin D, you are increasing your risk of calcium being deposited in your arteries = athlerschlosis and 30% greater heart attack risk. You should add Vitamin K2 to your supplement regimen and follow Vivian Goldshmidts Save Our Bones program. Vitamin K2 directs calcium to your bones. Vitamin K2 occurs in fermented foods like cultured hard cheeses (gouda and emmenthal are examples), fermented soy products (natto, miso, tempeh),naturally fermented kim chee and saurkraut. Dr. Oz recommends 150 to 300 mcg/day; however, I have seen recommendations as high as 5 mg/day. Mr. Vivian Goldschmidt’s program has recommended levels. B, Si, and Mn are also important trace elements to bone health, but you have to take the correct form.

  82. Nancy

    How much longer can Fosamax, Boniva, Actenol, Reclast, and all the rest of the drugs that are supposed to “help” build stronger bones remain on the market as FDA approved? Shame on Sally Fields…I also wonder if she has actually ever taken Boniva. Thank you, Vivian, for helping all of us to get on the right track concerning the health of our bones.

  83. Patricia Valiquette, Quebec canada

    Hi Vivian

    The Pharmasutical companies , Food co’s and the FDA should all be arrested put in jail for producing and allowing all this poison to be brainwashed into the innocent, volnerable minds of the now ill people on this earth, all caused by them ,the responsible culprits that are rulling this world, KILLERS and that is what they are ” KILLERS ”
    I’m sure that there is someone out there in this grande airwave unniverse, with the knowledge, and capability of creating a worldwide petition that can bring down and make changes concerning all this garbage
    it would be a God sends to Mankind

  84. Tanya

    Saw my gynecologist the other day. He had an ad for Evista on the wall whic claimed that it hels to stall breasr cancer. However he told me that the trouble with biphospenates one has to not stop a dose for any reason or it doesn’t do a thing. Another reason to give up this crazy substance!

  85. Mercy

    I took fosamax for about 2 years about 5 years ago after being diagnosed with osteopina…stopped for 2 years; then Actonel for 6 months and now I have been taking Boniva for the past 2 months. I now realize that since I have been taking all these medications, I have had so much backaches and pains; depression; insomnia; and most of all the symptons expressed by many, all of which I was blaming on the fact that I am getting older (I will be 63 in September). I don’t like taking any medication and after reading all of this information which is very scary, I am going to stop taking it and I am going to try your SaveourBones Program… I am so glad I ran into your website!!!Thank you so much for keeping us informed!!

  86. maureen absten

    Outstanding. Bravo! Put you on facebook with lauds. God bless you and your efforts to share the truth.

  87. Maria

    I had a bisphosphanate infusion (Reclast) 11
    months ago. How long would you estimate that
    the drug will remain in my body? By the way,
    my T score is even lower now than before the
    Reclast. My dr. has recommended I now try
    Forteo which I am choosing not to do.

  88. Valerie

    Dear Vivian and Osteoporosis comrades
    Two years ago I was sent in for a bone density test, not too good. AP spine T-score was -3.4 and duel femur -2.2. My Dc. put me on Fosomax, told me not to read the side effects, but to follow the instructions about not eating or drinking or laying down for 30 mins. I was sick to my stomach for days. I kept on taking it but started to feel sick all the time, almost like had the flu, plus other problems, the worst one was my mouth starting hurting really bad and everything tasted of metal. But like the idiot I am I kept on taking it for 6 months until the pharmacist told me to quit taking it and call my Dc. Immediately.She never said a word about the possibility of jaw lose, and shrugged her shoulders when I told her about the metal taste. She put me on Evista which I only took for 2 months, got really tired of feeling lousy all the time, still couldn’t eat much and found it hard to even brush my teeth. I just wanted to curl up in a ball. I didn’t call my Dc. to tell her Ihad quit taking the drug. Started taking more calcium and D-3. had to go to the Dc. this April, turns out she was no longer there. My new Dc. sent me in for another test. Not good, spine now -4.1 and femurs -2.4 She tried to talk me into taking the Forteo shots everyday even gave me a free months supply. oh by the way they cost almost $1,200.00 a month. Anyway I came home in tears, my hubby said we can find a better way, so I got on my I-pad and did some research, thank God we found Vivian’s web site, what a blessing. Bought her book and I am working on all her advice. Hope to God it works for me so I can tell my Dc. See there is a better way.
    So anyone out there thinking about taking any of the drugs for osteoporosis DON’T !! I’m still having jaw and teeth problems. I need to have my teeth pulled, but even if I can find a dentist that will do it I’ll end up with jaw rot.
    Bless you Vivian for all your research and caring. Wish I had found you 2 years ago. Best Regards Valerie

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re yet another victim of these drugs, Valerie. Following The Osteoporosis Reversal Program should put you back on the right track.

      • Valerie

        Thank you Vivian for your encouragement. I will do my best. Happy 4th of July to you and your family.
        Sincerely Valerie

  89. pierrette calder

    I try to cancell the reminder because I do not take boniva and i get rejected with my street can you help me

  90. karen

    well you certainly got to the bottom of the barrel where the truth lies. I hope you don’t get into any trouble for doing this. Like always I forgot to take my fosomax 4 three days now . I’m going to try to go your way , just give me all the exercises I must do .

  91. rena

    i really doubt that sally fields took boniva !
    case sceranio back in the 1950’s pat boone and his daugthers advertised they used a certain acne drug and showed there smooth faces and they later amitted they never used it how can it be proven if sally fields really took boniva?

  92. Sue David

    People need to get a grip. We live in a capitalistic society. By and large we are not about people and their health we are about making money. We need to take care of ourselves. Read Read Read. Don’t get me started. LOL I am 81, take no meds, no over the counter stuff either. When I was in my 20’s I read that we would become a nation of pill poppers. I decided then and there not to become a pill popper. After my first baby I decided I wasn’t going to have another one the way medicine wanted me to, Going to a Dr. and participating in what they thought was the right way to have a baby. Back then Drs were all men. You get the picture , right? What could they possibly know about having a baby. So I read books on natural childbirth. I learned self-hypnosis. Had 3 more babies and yes I did go to a Dr. and the experience went my way and it was great, the births were easy. I have been told 4 times throughout my life that I had cancer. Never did have it. Didn’t go through with any meds or operations and believe me, they wanted me to do both. When menopause time came I got a hot flash. Of course the Dr. suggested I go on a hormone. Did not take them. I Did my self hypnosis. Never had another problem. When I was 72 my Dr. ask me to have a bone scan. I did. She suggested a drug. Don’t remember what is was. Didn’t take it. Thanks to all of the info that is available on the Internet and all of you have the best of the best with Vivian. By and large there is no need for drugs. Today it is all about statins. The Drs. want me to take statins. Wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. They don’t like it, but I say I am responsible for my life and my death and I will die my way not theirs. If you are taking statins get off of them. The miracle of life is within you. Start reading. I have been reading about nutrition very seriously. Check it out. There is a reason we are having more heart attacks and diabetes and bone problems. It is our food supply. Start reading. Change is hard but it can be done. I write things down and keep track of the supplements I take and yes I take a lot of them. And yes, I forget some of them every day even though I write it down. We are humans. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. And yes supplements are far more expensive than drugs, but I am worth it. I am not rich so get that out of your head. Try your hardest not to make excuses for you behavior. You are the best thing that ever happened to you.

    • Patricia Valiquette, Quebec canada

      Hello Sue

      BRAVO to you

      Patricia age 68,

    • Linda

      Sue David,

      What an inspiring woman you are. I am 52 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 50. (Other than that, all my numbers are fine, had many bad falls in my lifetime and never broke anything). Took Actonel for about one year then started having severe joint pain, confusion, and depression…I blamed it on menopause at first, but then I started analysing how everyone my age seems to be on some kind of prescription drug or another, and knowing how big pharma operates through our well meaning Doctors, (for the most part), I decided I will not be part of this game, cause it`s MY life, not theirs. So I stopped the drug about 7 months ago, saw a chiropractor for a hip which had loss a lot of its mobility. My hip, back, knees are fine now…Go figure…Mother nature Wins… LOL

      • viola ford

        Good for you, Sue David. What a welcome
        response to the idea of NO DRUGS. I am 78 years old and I do not take any drugs
        either. It is interesting that when you are asked what meds you take and your response is NONE, the reaction is surprise! And sometimes disbelief. I read ,read ,take supplements and have learn to apply Reflexology to my body.
        This is a remarkable technique to keep the body healthy. So you continue
        what you are doing by encouraging women to take responsibility for their health. Pushing drugs is a crime and it’s all about the money.

  93. Brenda Poole

    All bisphosphevnate drugs for osteoporosis are at best left alone l have at least nine fractures while being on the drug, gum and throat problems was being ill all the time while on the drugs, now l take natural vitamins and eat healthy, walk my dog keep active l am better than l have been for years, l was diagnosed with the osteoporosis 6years ago l am 72 years old, BRENDA .

  94. Ellen Schamberger

    Vivin thank you for this great info.

  95. suzie

    I have severe osteoporosis. I have had several very hard fall’s and not broken anything which is hard to understand. I took Atonel for several year’s then quit for a year then I took Foximax for a few months and switched back to Atonel and now nothing. I am 64 and clean houses so I have to carry alot of heavy stuff around everyday. I quit taking the pills mostly due to this site. I was taking alot of calcium also and then I read calcium leaves you 20% more likely to have a heart attack. Lots of heart problems in my family so I dropped the calcium tablets. I drank ton’s of milk and read on here milk is bad for your bone’s. I also eat tons of yogurt and cheese. It seems every thing I try to help just bites me in the butt. I am raiseing my 13 year old adopted son and if something happens to me he is screwed as we have no other family. I am just panicked here about my health. I barely pay my bills and can’t order this book but I do keep checking the website often

  96. Joyce E Hall

    Yeah Vivian, I loved your rebuttle. I too opted for a better way. With you help and the group sharing, I think I can get improved bones the natural way, your way. I was thinking about the times over my life when I went to a doctor to get help with This or That. I was always given a perscription to battle the problem with. I must say many times I didn’t get the perscription filled because I didn’t think the perscription description matched the systoms of my problem. I am so glad I did research for my diagnoses of Ostoporosis. That’s when I met the “SaveOurBones” program online. Without taking bad medications, I am learning to treat my bones better with diet and exercise. I believe my bones are responding! I am happy I found the “Program.”

  97. Michael

    As I’ve said before (but you never seem to publish anything that disagrees with your “theories”) you are a fear monger and are making money off of these threats to vulnerable individuals about science you know nothing about so it seems from your comments…you should ask for the newly available time Beck slot on Fox News Channels…you would fit right in!
    Most sincerely,
    Michael DiMuzio, Ph.D.

    • Gloria Jones

      Your comment is typical, and what unsuspecting women believe. I gave up the idea long ago that doctors are gods and that prescription drugs were panaceas for every disease known to mankind. Well, I’m a lot smarter now, thank goodness, and I only go to naturopathic doctors that use supplements to cure diseases, the way God intended. If you think you’re so much more intelligent than God, you need help.

    • LynnCS

      Michael..I can see you are really afraid that someone is going to pull the wool over your eyes. As I study this issue, I see so many people who agree with Vivian’s program. As I am one who took all the advise of my doctors and got worse, then started a Raw Vegan diet 6 months ago, and include the suggested supplemts, I have got better. I am experiencing a big turn around in my general health. Heart,digestion,strength,etc…have all improved. I have a way to go, but now I know I will keep getting better. I still work with a medical doctor and we are all working toward one goal. Health. Don’t be afraid. Jump on the health train and come along. It is amazing to feel the new resurgence of good health and vigor. Lynn

    • Rosalie Dann

      FIRST DO NO HARM. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath ??? I believe MANY Doctors, not all fortunately, have forgotten this oath and are purely out to make money. Many, many drugs are actually worse than the disease they are supposed to cure. It also seems that few doctors are even willing to consider a more natural cure which would not be so hard on the body, because they don’t get any kick-backs for it from a drug company. Doctors need to stop treating their patients like fools and start treating them again with respect. Start earning the trust we are obliged to put in you and your qualifications .

    • Alexis

      Michael, have you checked any of the real unbiased research showing how bad and USELESS those drugs are? Just another money making scheme for doctors that don’t want to look for real answers, greedy drug companies and the corrupt FDA that is killing people or destroying their lives with garbage! I wouldn’t touch those drugs if they paid me! OLD bone needs to be replaced with new bone, not left to create bone that looks good on Xray but is brittle – not to mention the idea of going blind or having the esophagus erode. There is plenty of information showing how bad these drugs are besides this site! But I guess you follow the dollar signs like the rest of the greedy ones!

      • Patricia Valiquette, Quebec canada

        for telling off these greedy cold hearted sopposed to be helping Human kind Dr’s

    • Kat

      Michael you sound like the typical greedy doctors who are more concern with how much money they have in their bank accounts vs the safety of their patients. I took a bisphoshonate and experience many of the side effects that Vivian mentions. The worst side effects that I experience were difficulty swallowing, inflammation & ulceration of my esophagus, jaw pain, muscle and joint pain. The pain was by far the worst of the side effects because it kept me bedridden. I suggest you take this medication yourself and then you can see if Vivian is telling the truth! If you aren’t willing to do this than keep you vile and misleading opinions to yourself!

      • Patricia Valiquette, Quebec canada

        Good for you Kate

  98. Teresa

    I have followed the advice in here, especially the exercise, and found that with my special vitamin supplement and strontium, my bone mass has increased by nearly 20% in 2 years. I was -3.0 T score in 2009 in the spine but increased bone mass until I am -1.8 T taken March 10, 2011. My doctor is amazed, and I am so happy to share this information with you all. Use the exercise bands, but a little stress on your spine and core with some exercise everyday, and walk everyday, either inside or outside. Also, within that period, I began babysitting my granddaughter and pick her up everyday for diaper changes, etc, and we have a daily dance session. I have done other things like moderate yoga, but I believe the vitamins supplements and strontium were the core benefit which helped me get the upper strength and move into healthier and stronger bones.

  99. Deb K.

    Loved the “new” Sally Field ad! She should be ashamed of herself, touting dangerous lies about Boniva. Also, thanks, Vivian, for the info on the new Atelvia…………..I was wondering about this “new” drug, and shocked to find out it is just the same old book with a brand new cover………….No Thanks!

  100. Charles D. Bunner (Doc Bunner), LPN and Medically retired USN Hospital Corpsman

    My wife broke her right femur Oct. 7 2010 merely by stepping down one step. She had to have three surgeries. A week after her first surgery Oct. 13 there abouts the FDA came out with it’s recent statement about More increased risk of Femur and Femoral neck fractures. Yet they won’t pull it. Doctors today are more interested in pushing drugs ($$$$) instead of taking care of their patients. Every single one of them ought to be sued for breaking their Hipoccratic Oath of “Doing no harm to their Patients”!

    • Rosalie Dann

      Thank you sir. That is exactly my thoughts. I was so glad to scroll down the page a bit further and find your message. We could do with a return of the ethics of some of the Doctors in the past. I’m sure they had their fair share of charlatans too but I believe the money hungry issue is rife these days. There are such big payoffs for promoting the drug companies. In my mind many of them are no better than the drug lords who sell cocaine, heroin, ‘P’ and the rest of that garbage.

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