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Weekend Challenge: Functional Lower And Upper Body Strengthener

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This weekend’s challenge is a low-impact move that requires very little space. It works the arms, abs, legs, hips, and shoulders, and the only equipment you’ll need is a couple … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Upper Back Straightener And Rib Cage Expander


This exercise employs spinal extension to flatten your upper back and expand your ribcage, helping you to correct and prevent kyphosis, which is an exaggerated outward curvature of the spine. … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Body Strengthening Squat And Balance Improver


This weekend’s exercise enhances balance by strengthening muscles in the legs, hips, and core. You can customize it by upping the difficulty depending on your fitness level; in fact, you … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Hip Length Adjuster


This weekend, we’re going to take a close look at the very common problem of pelvic asymmetry and the various aches, pains, and gait problems that it can cause. The … Continue Reading →

8 Seldom-Mentioned Reasons To Engage In Regular Exercise (Besides To Build Bone)


The Save Institute emphasizes regular, intentional physical activity for the development of new bone and for overall health improvement. Wolff’s law has accurately described this process for more than 100 … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Shoulder Blade And Back Strengthener


If you tend to slump forward and round your shoulders during the day, if you experience pain, stiffness, or discomfort in your shoulders, or if you are fighting the “hunchback” … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Strengthening Balance Booster And Femoral Head Mobilizer


This weekend, you’re going to work your lower body with an exercise that improves balance, increases mobility in your hip joints, and strengthens your legs. The entire exercise is done … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Gentle FHP And Kyphosis Corrector


This weekend you’ll be “waking up” key muscle groups in the neck and upper back - muscles that tend to “fall asleep” with chronic Forward Head Posture, or FHP. Savers … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Abdomen Flattener And Strengthener


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this weekend’s challenge! It looks easy, but it’s very effective at flattening and toning your abdominals. And if you’re up for more of … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Hip Mobility Improver Plus


This weekend’s challenge is a low-impact, highly effective move that increases hip mobility and strengthens the hips, glutes, and thighs. Additionally, this exercise prevents and reverses a painful condition known … Continue Reading →

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