Osteoporosis Exercise

Poor Posture Affects Your Bones — And Your Mood. Here’s An Effective Exercise To Remedy Both


As we age, weak muscles and years of poor postural habits can lead to an exaggerated forward curvature of the spine, causing a neck hump or kyphosis. While structural kyphosis … Continue Reading →

Improve Your Posture, Increase Your Flexibility, And Protect Your Bones (This Stretch Will Get You Started)


Research has clearly proven the importance of exercise for bone health and overall wellbeing. Flexibility, however, doesn’t get as much attention. The risk of falls and fractures is significantly increased … Continue Reading →

3 Effective Lower Body Exercises To Boost Balance and Build Bone


Some people love to exercise, even competing in marathons well into their senior decades, or engaging in vigorous competitive sports. For others, getting up to change the channel instead of … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: The FDA Tries To Undermine Plant-Based Milk Producers, Flu Vaccine Made In Animal Cells Disappoints, 10 Minutes Of Exercise Shown To Improve Memory


This month’s Bulletin contains news items and recently published studies that will help you keep your body strong and your mind sharp. First up, we’ll see how the FDA continues … Continue Reading →

Fast Or Slow Walking? Which Is Better For Your Body And Your Bones


In our instant-access world, some people long for a return to a slower pace. That's understandable. But there is one aspect of life in which faster is better: walking. Science … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Core Strengthener And Hip Mobilizer


Get ready for a real challenge this weekend! The Core Strengthener And Hip Mobilizer is an effective workout that strengthens your entire core, especially your mid and lower abdominal muscles. … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Body Builder And Stability Enhancer


Do you remember the fun of skipping when you were a child? If so, this Weekend Challenge will bring back memories! Like skipping, the Lower Body Builder And Stability Enhancer … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Frozen Shoulder Preventer And Reverser


This Weekend Challenge is a range-of-motion exercise that is instrumental in preventing and reversing “frozen shoulder,” a painful condition that can significantly impede your ability to exercise and perform everyday … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Plyometric Lower Body Toner


This Weekend Challenge takes an old concept - running in place - and merges it with plyometrics, a modern approach to exercise that includes short, intense bursts of movement alternating … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Back And Core Strengthener


Your lower back and abdominals are important support muscles, providing stability to your torso, back, and hips. Toning them up with this weekend’s exercise increases bone strength in your lumbar … Continue Reading →

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