Osteoporosis Nutrition

Strontium: Science-Based Facts vs Fiction


At the Save Institute, we’re always searching for bone health trends that have become popular and could use in-depth analysis and clarification. Some topics are positive-- like the growing recognition of the need for plenty of vegetables in your diet, or greater scrutiny of the products manufactured by Big Pharma. But often, confusing, misleading, or even dangerous misinformation manages to … Click to continue →

Important Update: Dirty Dozen And Clean Fifteen For The Year 2017


When you’re making your grocery list for the week and you want to include lots of fresh, whole Foundation Foods, you may find yourself in a bit of a quandary. You’ve probably heard that organic foods are best for your bones and overall health, and that’s certainly correct. Sometimes, though, due to factors like budget constraints, availability, and so forth, … Click to continue →

4 Amazing, Evidence-Backed Bone-Saving Powers Of Chlorophyll (And How To Get More Of It)


Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and everything is popping up green! The trees are budding, the bulbs are bursting from the ground, and flowers are greeting the sun. As the flora around us resumes the process of absorbing sunlight through glorious foliage, I’m reminded of the incredible way that plants gather energy and forge life from the light … Click to continue →

These 7 Studies Will Change The Way You Think About Vitamin D


The name “Save Our Bones” surely makes you think that we are exclusively focused on bone health and natural solutions for osteoporosis and osteopenia. And that’s true. But, unlike the Medical Establishment, the health philosophy that I live by and share with you doesn’t sacrifice overall health and well-being for a single beneficial result. The best evidence that this holistic … Click to continue →

Celebrate Spring With These Veggie-Filled Desserts You Can Enjoy Year-Round


When my children were young, I used to “sneak” vegetables into kid-friendly foods, including desserts. This might surprise you, but vegetables actually lend themselves beautifully to sweet treats like muffins, tarts, and other baked goods. All ages can celebrate the upcoming spring season with fresh, bone-nourishing veggies that are remarkably suited to dessert recipes, like the three I share in … Click to continue →

Leucine: The Amino Acid Scientifically-Proven To Build Your Bones And Your Muscles


It may surprise you to learn that building muscle is an integral part of growing new bone and reversing osteoporosis and osteopenia. While you may recognize the essentiality of ingesting nutrients and antioxidants that build bone, alkalize the body and reduce inflammation, you may not realize that it’s equally vital to build muscles by exercising and getting enough protein. That’s … Click to continue →

Lose Weight, Get In Shape, And Build Your Bones With These 7 Scrumptious Foods


While weight loss is certainly not the goal of the Save Our Bones Program, it may sometimes be a personal goal of some Savers, especially as spring approaches in the Northern hemisphere. The Program itself is easy to adjust for either weight loss or weight gain, and understanding what foods promote weight loss is part of the customization process. As … Click to continue →

Help Your Thyroid Regulate Bone Formation With These 9 Foods


If you’ve been visiting the Save Our Bones blog for awhile, you’ve doubtless begun to see how complex the process of bone formation is, and how many different variables come into play to keep your bones healthy and strong. Today we’re going to continue piecing together the puzzle of bone formation by looking at a very important gland responsible for … Click to continue →

How To Get Plenty Of Zinc Without Eating Acidifying Beef (Plus A Delicious Vegan Recipe!)


One reason why the Save Our Bones Program is so versatile, is that vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores can all successfully save their bones and improve their overall health through the Program’s clinical nutrition plan. While meat is not out-of-bounds, it’s not emphasized either, and meat-free options can be found throughout the Program and on this site. The Program’s emphasis on … Click to continue →

Nobiletin: The Flavonoid You Probably Never Knew Your Bones Needed


Today’s post is about nobiletin, a polyphenol that boosts many of your body systems, including bolstering your bone health. Research has shown that this powerful flavonoid suppresses the reduction of bone mineral density, prevents obesity, fights cancer-causing free radicals, lowers blood cholesterol, and offers dynamic anti-stress and anti-aging nerve support. It’s remarkable that so many benefits could be derived from … Click to continue →

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