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Myricetin: The Flavonoid That Builds Your Bones And So Much More


Myricetin is a polyphenolic compound that belongs to the flavonoid class. Structurally similar to other bone-building polyphenols, such as fisetin, luteolin, and quercetin, myricetin is found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, tea, and even red wine. This powerful bone-smart antioxidant also has antidiabetic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. A single compound with the ability to improve the wellbeing of everything from … Click to continue →

3 On-The-Go Bone-Smart Snacks With Dates


The holidays can be a challenging time when it comes to staying committed to your natural bone-building goals. During this busy time of year, it’s important to be prepared with nutrient-rich foods that you can just grab while on-the-go. So today we bring you three bone-healthy, pH-balanced easy-to-make recipes that are sure to please your palate and that you can … Click to continue →

How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Your Bones? (Plus The Best Ways To Get It)


There is an increasing body of scientific knowledge confirming that you can take nutritional steps to slow down the aging process while building your bones, including consuming enough quality protein in your diet. Today, you’ll get the details and strategies to increase your protein intake while maintaining the pH-balanced dietary plan that Savers have come to know as the key … Click to continue →

How To Stop Mitochondrial Dysfunction: The Silent Bone Killer


Mitochondria are the power stations of the body. Present in just about every type of human cell, including bone, their optimal performance is linked to overall health and longevity. Not surprisingly, your bones are also impacted by mitochondrial health. Today we’ll dive into cell biology to gain an understanding of the function, and potential dysfunction, of mitochondria. We’ll cite several … Click to continue →

Osteoporosis Benefits Of Melatonin Revealed


A recent study conducted at McGill University confirms that melatonin increases bone density and strengthens bone in older women. This is great news for Savers since there are several natural ways to increase melatonin levels without taking a supplement. Today we’ll examine this study to understand how melatonin improves bone health, and we’ll also look at melatonin’s other valuable qualities. … Click to continue →

7 Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges (And With Less Sugar!)


When the first sniffles of the season arrive, you might turn to a tall glass of orange juice. After all, oranges are packed with flavonoids, minerals, fiber, and a multitude of Vitamins, including the powerful multi-tasking antioxidant, Vitamin C. While refreshing and delicious, orange juice contains high levels of bone-depleting sugar - a whopping 21 grams, and one medium-sized orange … Click to continue →

Study: Diets High In Animal Protein Increase The Risk Of Heart Failure In Postmenopausal Women (Besides Causing Bone Loss)


Savers know that consumption of animal protein without balancing the pH with alkalizing foods acidifies the body and causes bone loss. This happens mainly because when the plasma pH becomes chronically acid, buffering elements are depleted, and alkalizing minerals, including calcium, are utilized to rectify the imbalance. That’s reason enough to follow the 80/20 alkalizing/acidifying dietary plan explained in the … Click to continue →

Cracking the Truth About Eggs. Could It Affect Your Bone Health?


The Medical Establishment is quick to vilify natural supplements and foods, while they rarely, if ever, do the same to drugs, regardless of how dangerous they might be. Take, for example, the humble egg. Many doctors recommend not eating eggs to patients with elevated blood cholesterol levels, typically mentioning that eggs are in part to be blamed for the abnormal … Click to continue →

Boost Your Immunity This Fall With These 3 Bone-Healthy Dips


As the weather gets colder in the Northern Hemisphere, you might notice that you crave high-calorie comfort foods. Believe it or not, those cravings may date back to our ancestors, who knew that survival was dependant on making it through the long, cold winter, prompting them to increase their calorie intake in the fall. And now that we’re quickly approaching … Click to continue →

Food Fight: 5 Ways To Eat A Bone-Healthy Diet When Your Partner Is Not On Board


From finances to belief systems, it’s always better when family values align. But, as we all know, that may not always be the case. If you have chosen a drug-free nutritional path towards strong and healthy bones, you might find it challenging to follow it if your spouse, partner, or family member who lives with you has not adopted the … Click to continue →

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