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The Top 10 Bone-Healthy Foods that Have More Iron Than Meat


Bone health goes so much deeper than simply having strong bones. Deep within the bone, in the spongy tissue called the bone marrow, where the major components of your blood cells are made. One such blood cell developed in the bone marrow is the red blood cell or erythrocyte, which transports oxygen-rich blood to every organ and tissue in your … Click to continue →

The Frozen Yogurt Myth Revealed And Our Bone-Saving Solution


Americans love their frozen desserts, with ice cream leading the charge. Deliciously cold and refreshing, there are few things more satisfying on a hot summer day. Americans are the world-leaders in ice cream consumption, with the average person eating approximately 48 pints a year. In the early 1980s, ice cream makers introduced a “healthier” ice cream alternative: frozen yogurt. Frozen … Click to continue →

The Top 13 Most Hydrating Foods Your Bones Crave


On average, the human body is composed of 60-70% water. Considered by many to be the most essential nutrient, water is not only healthy, but deliciously refreshing. But in the midst of these warm summer months in the Northern hemisphere, it’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated. Most people know that proper hydration is vital to good health, but many do … Click to continue →

Confirmed By Science: Flavonoids In Tea Lower The Risk Of Fractures


Discovered in 2737 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, this 5,000-year-old beverage is steeped in history. As legend has it, the skilled ruler was boiling water as was customarily done to render it safe to drink. While boiling the water, a dead leaf fell into the pot. The emperor drank the beverage and thoroughly enjoyed it, and thus, tea was … Click to continue →

9 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Processed, Ready-Made Meals [Plus Free Gift]


Throughout history, humans have been processing food mainly as a form of food preservation. From salting to canning, many of our beloved foods, such as yogurt, were discovered through food processing. But the evolution of the way in which we process foods today has created a health crisis in modern society. From drive-through restaurants to take-home frozen pizzas, our fast-paced … Click to continue →

Confirmed By Science: Sulforaphane Is More Powerful Than Osteoporosis Drugs, And Is 100% Safe


This time of year there’s green on the trees, green in the fields, gorgeous green plants sprouting up everywhere you look. But are there greens on your plate? Your body and your bones hope the answer is yes. Today we’ll have a look at a compelling reason why, by examining a powerful compound found in green cruciferous vegetables: sulforaphane. Sulforaphane … Click to continue →

9 Bone-Saving Tips To Enjoy A Summer Barbecue


With summer in full swing, it’s time to hit the beach, visit with friends, and enjoy summer cookouts. There is nothing like the smell of the barbecue grill to get those taste buds watering, and if you live in the USA, chances are you’ll be attending or hosting a July 4th barbecue to celebrate Independence Day. Unfortunately, many of the … Click to continue →

Snack Idea: 3 Delicious No-Bake Recipes For Bone-Smart Energy Bars


If you’ve been led to believe that snacking is a “no-no” if you want to stick to a healthy diet, it will surprise you to learn that snacking is encouraged on the Save Our Bones Program You see, at the Save Institute we heartily approve the consumption of bone-healthy snacks. In fact, between-meal eating (in moderation, of course) actually serves … Click to continue →

Scientific Proof That Osteoporosis and Obesity Are Not Diseases (And Why The Medical Establishment Is Dead Wrong About This)


One of the most frightening aspects of an osteoporosis and osteopenia diagnosis is the way the risk of fracture is presented by the Medical Establishment. When a doctor determines that you fit the pre-established parameters of increased fracture risk, instead of helping you understand how you can reduce that risk, they pronounce you with an ominous disease: osteoporosis. Today’s post … Click to continue →

Cashews: The Bone-Building “Non-Nut” That Contains 5 Foundation Supplements (Plus A Delicious, Easy Recipe)


Cashews are unique among nuts. They bear characteristics of both tree nuts and legumes, but they are not, botanically, either of these. They hang from fruits that look like pears but are actually a kind of apple, and the cashew is found outside the fruit, not in it! In fact, you’ll never see a cashew “in the shell,” and today … Click to continue →

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