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Confirmed By Science: Canned Soup Dramatically Increases Levels Of A Bone-Harming And Toxic Endocrine Disruptor


You probably know by now that Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly used to make plastics and epoxy resins, often lines the inside of food cans. But what you may not be aware of is how incredibly fast this bone-harming toxic substance can accumulate in your body. An eye-opening study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals … Click to continue →

Could Cold Drinks Impact Your Digestion And Your Health? Discover The Evidence-Based Truth


You probably know a thing or two about making healthy choices when it comes to choosing beverages. Hopefully you never drink sodas or sweetened drinks and you only consume certain items-- like wine, beer or coffee-- in moderation. But have you ever considered the impact of beverage temperature on your digestive process? Do you add ice cubes to your drinks … Click to continue →

What Grows High Up In Pine Trees, Tastes Delicious, And Is Good For Your Bones?


Rich and crunchy, the pine nut has a buttery flavor and a texture reminiscent of macadamia nuts. Unlike macadamia nuts, though, pine nuts grow inside the cones of certain pine trees, and are botanically a seed rather than a nut. As a matter of fact, obtaining pine nuts from their pine cone housing is quite laborious; yet people have been … Click to continue →

Enjoy A Post-Holiday Cleanse With 3 Delicious, Bone-Healthy Recipes


It’s understandable if you’ve indulged a bit and eaten more acidifying foods than usual over the holidays. Who doesn’t? But I’m quite sure you’re also eager to get back to your bone-healthy routine and to undo the damage caused by a more lax attitude toward your diet. This post will help you do just that. Today, I’m thrilled to share … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Off-Label Antidepressant Prescriptions Surge, Ludicrous Ice Cream Study, Corporate Lapdogs Exposed, And More!


Today’s bulletin is chock-full of essential warnings, pulling back the curtain on the dirty dealings that Big Pharma, Junk Science and Big Sugar don’t want you to know. I’m continually appalled (though sadly no longer shocked) by the irresponsibility of many so called professionals in the fields of science and medicine.On the other hand, I’m encouraged that our growing community … Click to continue →

9 Easy Tricks That Protect Your Bones From The Damage Of Holiday Indulgences


What do you think of when you think of the holidays? Maybe it’s sparkling lights hung from trees, the ruckus of a big family gathering, or a break from the usual routine for something special. No matter what this season holds for you, it almost certainly involves access to a substantial amount of festive food. While we should certainly be … Click to continue →

Delight Yourself (And Your Bones) With These 3 Holiday Treats


The holidays are a joyous and festive time of year, but you may feel anxious about how to handle the bombardment of sweets and acidifying foods. There’s no denying that typical holiday treats are low in nutritional value and high in bone-destroying sugar. Today’s delicious recipes will help you stick to your bone-healthy food goals while still enjoying sweet, satisfying … Click to continue →

Growth Hormone: The Fountain Of Youth For Your Bones (Plus 5 Easy Ways To Naturally Produce More!)


We tend to relate growing to our childhood, and aging as the end of growth. But this is not necessarily applicable to our biology. While we may not be getting any taller, we are continually growing new cells and replacing older ones. This process is vital to bone health as well as to overall health, and one of the major … Click to continue →

Curcumin And Saffron: Natural, Scientifically-Proven Alternatives To Bone Damaging Antidepressants (Including Prozac)


Whether it’s comparing yourself to the picture perfect holidays in popular television programs, ruminating on the past, or becoming consumed with doubts about the adequacy of your life, the holidays can be stressful and even depressing. The expectation created by commercials to spend lots of money on gifts can make you feel like your life isn’t as full as the … Click to continue →

These Three Studies Will Change The Way You Think About Probiotics And Bone Health Forever


The holiday season is upon us. For most people this time of year is stressful, and for good reason. Between planning family get-togethers, shopping, and trying to keep day-to-day life running throughout, quite a bit of stress and anxiety can build up. You need every bit of help you can get to fight the harmful effects of that stress. Today … Click to continue →

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