Conservative Treatment For Osteoporosis: Magnificent Magnesium - Save Our Bones

Taking a conservative approach to osteoporosis treatment means more than just avoiding invasive procedures. It means being proactive in seeking out non-invasive ways to prevent or treat or osteoporosis, and if you’re reading this, you’re on the right track! A natural way of treating and preventing osteoporosis, which is detailed in my Osteoporosis Reversal Program, is essentially a conservative treatment approach itself. And of course, taking supplements is part of a conservative treatment program. But you need to make sure you’re taking the right ones.

Calcium is the star osteoporosis supplement. But numerous studies have not supported the use of calcium supplements to prevent or treat osteoporosis. In fact…

Calcium without magnesium may do more harm than good

You see, on its own, calcium – specifically inorganic calcium – has been shown to increase the risk of kidney stones and failing to decrease the chance of fracture.1 A different mineral is the real star of conservative osteoporosis treatment: magnesium.

If you have taken a magnesium supplement, chances are you’ve taken one that’s combined with calcium. The key is that these minerals need to be present in a 2 to 1 ratio, with roughly 2 parts calcium to every 1 part magnesium.

Want to increase the amount of calcium in your blood? Make sure you take enough magnesium!

Calcium levels in the blood increase when you take in more magnesium, which is probably because magnesium is vital for calcium to be used by the body. More magnesium means more calcium is absorbed into your bloodstream and, ultimately, into your bones. Beware, though, that too much calcium actually inhibits the absorption of magnesium and can cause magnesium deficiency. Too much calcium can also result in the calcification of soft tissues as the excess calcium gets absorbed where it doesn’t belong. So these two minerals do work together, but they need to be in balance.

This really isn’t new news. Research into magnesium’s importance in preventing and treating osteoporosis has been going on since the 1980s. A 1990 study showed magnesium supplementation increased bone density within 1 year,2 and other research keeps pointing to magnesium as the true bone strengthener over calcium. Yet it’s still calcium that most people (and, sadly, their doctors) think of when they consider their conservative treatment options for osteoporosis.

Exploring conservative treatments for osteoporosis means learning the truth about which conservative treatments are best.

Of course, the entire Osteoporosis Reversal Program is a conservative, all-natural approach that includes detailed information on treating and preventing osteoporosis.

As part of a conservative treatment plan for osteoporosis, magnesium along with other supplemental, nutritional, and lifestyle changes will get you the results you're looking for.


1 Jackson, Rebecca D., MD, et al. “Calcium plus Vitamin D Supplementation and the Risk of Fractures.” The New England Journal of Medicine. February 16, 2006.

2 Abraham, GE and Grewal, H. “A total dietary program emphasizing magnesium instead of calcium. Effect on the mineral density of calcaneous bone in postmenopausal women on hormonal therapy.” The Journal of Reproductive Medicine. May 1990.

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  1. esteri

    So does this mean we need to be careful to have the 2 to 1 ratio with food not just when taking supps? What would a days food menu look like without any supps

  2. pman

    Unfortunately you have misinterpreted the 2:1 ratio, this was designed by Jean Durlach as an upper limit not the suggested limited.

  3. surya bhan singh

    dear vivian thank you for scientific information regarding old myth for drinking milk and health

  4. Gail TORTORA

    I have osteoporosis, 5 fractures in 2 years, and was persuaded by my doctor to take Actonel. I then researched as much as I could and discovered how bad this prescription was for someone like me. I stopped after 5 months to my doctor’s total disgust. I know, if I follow Vivian on diet, exercise and the right kind of vitamins I will be doing the best for me. You have to do your own research to find the path you should take and I will follow Vivian’s advice.

  5. JSe

    This is so confusing – your ultimate calcium guide says that you should take “twice as much calcium as magnesium” on page 4. But then in this conversation you’ve just stated that “Usually, you’ll see these minerals in a 2 to 1 ratio, with roughly 2 parts calcium to every 1 part magnesium. But this may be the exact opposite of what’s best for your bones!” You’ve contradicted yourself, which is why I can’t decide to buy your book as this is a vital bit of information that you should be consistent in your approach to. Which is the better ratio??

    • Kdj

      I’m not sure I understand your issue with any contradiction. A ratio of 2:1, two parts calcium to 1 part magnesium is another way of saying “twice as much calcium as magnesium”. The only part she stated to be mindful of is not going over the recommended dosage of calcium because they need to be in balance. If you take in too much calcium, it then will inhibit the absorption of magnesium.

    • Gail TORTORA

      I think this is a great program. I would recommend buying the actual book rather than merely reading on line. The volume stays on my table all the time and I can reach for it when something crops up that needs further research on my part. You have to look more closely when you think you have found a contradiction. Vivian explains the differences quite clearly and I have learned to rely on her to clarify one substance from another even with the same name.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Gail, I am so glad that the Program has helped you so much. For some, the hard copy works better. For others, reading online fits their lifestyle. 🙂 I am glad you found a form that works for you! 🙂

  6. Herminia

    Dear Vivian
    Fantastic program!.I can’t thank you enough for this part of the presentation and information.Blessing Herminia

  7. Angelica

    Dear Vivian: I read your article “3 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chronic Pain” As always I found the information very helpful.
    Thank you.
    To contribute with ways to fight pain and inflammation I would like to share my experience on using a Sauna. I suffer
    of fibromialgya and found relief for the pain using a Sauna at the gym. So much so that I purchased one and use it in my house three times a week.
    Suprisingly it is very affordable and worthwhile the investment since I am free of toxic medication. Of course I complement my regimen practicing QiGong for excercise, following proper diet and taking vitamin supplements.
    Warm regards,

  8. Darlene Varaleau

    Hi Diane:
    A growing number of people are improving their bone health through the proper use of inexpensive generic vitamins. Sustaining adequate vitamin D blood levels is absolutely essential; vitamin K2 is important for pushing calcium into the bones; and strontium citrate has produced outstanding results for many women (in combination with calcium and vitamin D). A year’s supply of the supplements should cost less than $250. Unlike pharmaceuticals, they build great quality bone tissue and very few people experience side effects. (People with certain medical conditions must take precautions, of course.) Do not despair! Many women are taking this non-prescription route with great success, including me.

    Darlene Varaleau

  9. Diane

    A drug not mentioned in your literature shown to adversely effect bones is Lorazepam (generic for Ativan). I was on it for over 10 years and went 10 years without a bone scan and there was a significant worsening of osteoporosis. I just finished reading a book called Osteoporosis for Dummies by a medical specialist, MD which purports the exact opposite of Vivian’s recommendations, i.e., drink lots of milk, consume dairy, take the drugs, etc. I have also read much along the same lines as Vivian presents.

    Staggering confusion prevails on this subject but my gut always told me to stay away from the osteoporosis drugs. However, I should not have taken the tranquilizers for so long every night. I recently saw an endocrinologist at a university hospital who essentially intimated that if I don’t take Fosomax I might as well head to the glue factory now. I do not have Vivian’s book yet and I am sure it has good advice but I lack the faith that it can bring me back from this dire “condition”.

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