Water Week Part 4 – Do This To Your Water Before You Drink It - Save Our Bones

The ‘Win a Free Waterwise 8800 Distiller Sweepstakes’ ends tomorrow. We've received over 2,500 entries so far. So if you haven't entered the sweepstakes yet, there's still time to enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize: A Waterwise 8800 plus more great prizes all valued at $510. Five other winners will win a great Waterwise BPA-Free Sports bottle.

Today, I'd like to share with you what I do before I drink or cook with tap water. I simply pour it into my Waterwise 8800, push the button, and a few hours later, I have perfectly clean and pure water waiting for me.

You see, I've been using my Waterwise distiller for a year now and it's like having a clean water factory in my kitchen. And it actually saves me over $470 annually (I can't remember the last time I bought a large quantity of bottled water). And here's an interactive animation, where you can see the Waterwise 8800 in action:

Waterwise 8800: So easy to use! See how it works

Click “Overview” below then click “Next” to use the interactive animation.

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Save over 70% with Waterwise 8800

Cost comparison of bottled water vs. homemade distilled water.

* Based on $1.29 per gallon @ 10 gallons a week
** Based on 2010 national average energy cost of 11.6¢ KWH

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Nothing compares to Waterwise 8800 purity

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Waterwise 8800 Distillation process

  1. Ordinary tap water is heated to 212° F (100° C) killing microbes such as bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present.
  2. Steam rises, leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals and other substances.
  3. Some low-boiling light gases (VOCs) are discharged through the gaseous vent.
  4. Steam vapor is condensed.
  5. Purified/distilled water then percolates through an organic, coconut-shell carbon filter, enhancing quality by aeration, degasification and adsorption of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  6. The steam distilled water is then collected in the collector bottle (not shown), ready to enjoy.

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Waterwise 8800 remove VOCs

Volatile organic compounds that may be present in your tap water normally boil off and vaporize during the warm-up cycle and are vented into the air (see step 3 of distillation process). If any VOCs carry over with the distillate, they can be effectively removed with the carbon post filter (see step 5). Carbon enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification.

Volatile organic compounds that may be present in your tap water normally boil off and vaporize during the warm-up cycle and are vented into the air (see step 3 of distillation process). If any VOCs carry over with the distillate, they can be effectively removed with the carbon post filter (see step 5). Carbon enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification.

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Think before you drink

If you think the water you are drinking is just H2O, think again! According to studies, an astonishing 75,000 chemical compounds have been found in our water, yet the EPA has established enforceable safety standards for only 87. Many of these chemicals are potentially harmful and can spawn health problems.

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Practical uses for pure, 100% steam distilled water

  • Ice cubes – always clear and sparkling, and never spoils the taste of your drink
  • Savory cooking – emphasize the natural taste and appearance of foods without unwanted chemicals
  • Fruit juices – enhance the fresh-squeezed taste
  • Coffee, tea, and cocoa – use less, yet get an even richer, true flavor
  • Baby care – pure enough for formulas, inhalation therapy and herbal tinctures
  • Low sodium diets – 99.9% sodium free
  • Complexion care – cleanse daily for radiant skin without pore-clogging impurities
  • Aquariums – keep aquarium clean, clear and chlorine-free for healthy fish
  • Pet care – pets enjoy the same pure water benefits as their human friends
  • Houseplants – eliminate browned foliage tips and flower pot salt deposits, enjoy longer-lasting blooms
  • Sprouting – nutritious sprouts grow like crazy
  • Steam irons and humidifiers – no damaging scale buildup means longer product life
  • Wet-cell batteries – pure power and longevity
  • … and many more you'll discover!

Waterwise 8800 Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does it use?

The distillers use about 3.2 kilowatts per gallon. Based on the national average electrical cost of 8.48 cents per kilowatt hour, this equates to approximately 28 cents per gallon.

How big is it… will it fit on my counter?

The countertop distillers are about the size of a large coffee maker. They will easily fit on a standard counter. The dimensions are approximately 10″ by 16″ by 15″ tall when in operation.

How long do they last…and what is the warranty?

Our distillers typically provide three to five years of uninterrupted, trouble-free service. These units are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase.

What materials are the collectors made of… and are they BPA-free?

The material used for our Model 8800 is BPA-free polypropylene.

Does it remove everthing… minerals, vitamins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals?

Tap water is brought to a boil. Steam rises and enters the condensing coil. Cool air is passed across the condenser, converting steam back to pure distilled water. The distilled water then percolates through the coconut shell carbon filter and is collected. The process of steam distillation combined with carbon post filtration effectively removes at least 99% of impurities.

Why do I need to use carbon filters… doesn’t distillation remove everthing? Will it work without the filter?

Yes, it will work without the filter, but the volatile organic compounds found in the water can cause a bad taste, and could be carcinogenic. The post carbon filter will remove the VOC’s from the water and eliminate the bad taste.

How much water does it make?

One gallon of 100% steam distilled water is produced in 4 to 4.5 hours, up to 6 gallons in 24 hours.

How long does it take?

One gallon of 100% steam distilled water is produced in 4 to 4.5 hours.

What materials are the distillers made from… are they BPA-free?

All wetted materials are FDA rated. Boilers are 304 grade stainless steel (4000 and 8800) or a combination of stainless and high temperature polypropylene (9000). Condensing coils are 304 grade stainless steel.

What maintenance is involved?

For optimum performance, you should rinse the boiler after every distillation cycle to remove any loose residue. As deposits build up, use a cleaner such as vinegar or Kleenwise, for monthly cleaning—this frequency varies depending on the quality and hardness of the tap water and frequency of use. The indicator will show when the carbon post filter cup should be discarded and replaced, typically after 60-80 gallons of water processed.

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  1. Marlena Santoyo

    Please do re-enroll me. Somehow, i am no longer getting your appreciated articles & would like to get rid of fibromyalgia (pain) symptoms.

    Many thanks,

  2. fred dellamura

    How much do replacement filters cost for this unit?????

  3. najat

    salam[hi] vivian
    i cant believed,i made bone density, now i havent osteoporosis[before 3 years was -2,5],thanks alah[god]
    i dont use osteoporosis drugs since i red your articules,no cola,no milk,i took d3 ,calcium,mag.,flax seeds
    have anice day

  4. Jan Woods-Krier

    I would LOVE to win…to enjoy better water and do everything I can to live a healthier life every day! Thank you!

  5. Barbara

    I though distilled water was very acidic, contains nothing as all minerals are removed. Isn’t alkaline water better?

    I would like to win the purifier because you can always add drops to make the water alkaline and ionize it.


  6. Manfred Mpanda

    Thank you very much for all articles they always been useful and beneficial to me and my close friends.

  7. June Woodyard

    This would be great to win as the water is not very good where I live.

  8. Helene Howe

    I would like to win the purifyer. I need a new one since my counter top on the Faucet needs replacing. Currently I am boiling my water with a little venegar in it. I am 74 jrs young an take NO Pharma products. I just try to stay healty. I changed my eating habits. I am eating my Blood type diet and take whole food suppliments to try to correct an hearth volve problem. Thank you for the info, I stay up on the latest research.

  9. Laura

    I would love to win this prize. My friend has wanted me to purchase one for years, but it’s never been in the budget. I am a big water drinker – need to for keeping me “regular.” I do have tested well water that I filter for which I am thankful – don’t have all those added chemicals the water companies put in.

  10. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,





  11. Jon Collier

    I have used a waterwise distiller for 20 some years. It works very well. Jon

    • ree

      hi there
      i was wondering how long this distiller takes to filter because if i’m also goona use it for cooking it would be rather annoying standing there for god knows how long waiting for it to filter

  12. Nicolas Galvan

    NO Elaine Sharp comment, but she won the prize. why am i not surprised .

    • Customer Support

      Nicolas, Elaine Sharp’s comment is posted on Water Week Part 3. Here it is (copied and pasted):

      Elaine Sharp
      September 11, 2012

      We would love to win a water distiller as it is hard to carry the gallon water jugs home. We couldn’t pay $399.00 for a machine like this, even tho it would help our osteoporosis.

  13. Arline

    I have osteoporosis and would love to win the Waterwise 8800 distiller.

  14. Loy Burgess

    After getting her hair done at a local beauty school the week before…. My mother died at the age of 105 yrs just last year after drinking distilled water for many years back in the “70’s….distilling it herself in her own kitchen taking 4+ hrs for one gal. During the yrs she did this her heakth improved dramatically and her eye color went from Orange/green indicating toxicity to light blue like her mother’s eyes. I have my mother’s toxic eyes and have decided to change my eye color and clean my liver in the process by hopefully winning this fabulous distiller. Keep on keeping us healthy, Vivian. Many thanks & blessings, loy b.

  15. Sharon Davidson

    Don’t see my comment here, so I guess I never was entered in drawing. This is my entry. Would love to win the distiller, but it sounds like there’s work involved. Oh well, that would give me something else to do. And, I understand that the benefits of distilled water are definitely worth whatever it takes to get it.

  16. Veronica

    Thanks Vivian for all you do to keep us well informed!!! Glad to have found you & your book!!! Also thanks for writing these articles about distilled water…I have learned so much!!! I too have heard that drinking distilled water isn’t good for you. I always questioned it though. I always thought to myself, how can pure water be detrimental to your health? Anywho, great articles.

    Veronica, from the Lone Star State :o)

  17. Charles Adamson

    When you see where the city water comes from you will decide something must be done before you drink the water.

  18. Kelsey Fickling

    Hello Vivian, I live in Australia so I probably do not qualify to enter the competition – I do have a NIKKEN PiMAG Water System – supposed to be the world’s best – Can you tell me more about the Nikken?? I do have some GOOD NEWS to share – I had a Bone Density scan a few weeks ago – my Doctor is away so I went to another and he didn’t appear to know what the numbers meant. I will see my Doctor later this month – but from what I can see comparing the old scan with the new – there is a 4% increase in the spine and 1 and a half % in the Hip. The hip “dot” is almost on the line between osteopenia and osteoporosis – I’m pleased if that is the case – it is not a lot but at least it is no worse – also after I had some eye surgery in February this year I have done no exercise and just recently started T’ai Chi & QiGong. I will let you know when my Doctor confirms the result. Many Blessings – Kelsey.

  19. Angela Campbell

    I would like to own this water filter, because the colour of my tap water is a light brown and when it settles it shows that its mud at the bottom of the container.

  20. Amarylis Cintron

    Thank you, Vivian, for all the information you share. I have learned
    so much. I wish I could win the distiller to improve the quality of the water my family drinks. Thank you, again

  21. Helen L Emerick

    I would love to wn this distiller. The one I have is old and needs repir

    Helen Emerick

  22. Helen L Emerick

    I would love to win this water distiller. I have a old one and it needs repair. Helen Emerick

  23. Arja

    Would rain water from a clean, carefully maintained water tank be of equal purity?

  24. Micheline Nault

    I wish I could win this Watersise 8800 unit….if not, is it possible to buy it, and where could I get it? Thanks


  25. Maria E. Rios

    I enjoy Vivian’s Save our Bones articles. We are blessed to have you on the Earth to Save our Bones.God bless us all.

  26. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,



    • alicek

      I enjoy reading your save your bone , . I stopped taking fosamax ,I am doing ok

  27. Jean Benton

    Keep up the good work!!!
    It’s greatly appreciated.

  28. Jean Benton

    Keep up the good work!!!

  29. Helen Davison

    I think you have a very good product. If I am lucky I might win.

    Helen D

  30. Janice Sands

    Thank you so much for your Save your bones E-mails. I have learned so much.

  31. Liz from New Hampshire

    I truly appreciate the vital health benefits of clean, pure water! The Waterwise 8800 would be the answer to promoting personal healthcare to the next, best level. Thank you for this important information Vivian!

  32. Nancy Gillespie

    I have been looking for a shower filter and all of this is much better. Thanks for all you do for us. I would be thrilled to win this package.


  33. Jane Flounders

    The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is such a gift. I acknowledge Vivian for compiling all of this material in order to help people the way she needed help when she got diagnosed. I believe in drinking clean water and distilled is the way to go, from what Vivian has shared in her e-mails. Winning this distiller would be a Godsend, but even if I’m not the winner I’m going to buy this distiller and drink distilled water from now on instead of filtered, and give it to my cat and dog as well. I respect Vivian’s suggestions which is why I’m taking TrueOsteo as well and I hope for better absorbability she that my next bone scan shows improvement.

  34. Jana

    Thank you so much for your generous offer to win … purified water is one of the most important elements for good health along with clean air and food free of pesticides and GMO modifications … the brain function depends on hydration of the brain cells and cells of other tissues to have health organs … absorption of water can be compromised if the water molecules are not properly structured … the impurities do distort water molecules making them less absorbable … using this device we all have a chance to hydrate every cell in the body thus enhancing our health.
    My question to you would be whether the distilled water removes minerals from the body.
    Thank you, Jana

  35. Rebecca Hollifield

    Isn’t distilled water dead water with no electrolytes or minerals? And what about the ph factor?

    • Frances

      Same question, I was cosidering an ionizer for my water to make it more alkaline. which is better??

  36. tim dunbar

    I would like to get myself healthier again after having a mild stroke..I love your website

  37. marion irizarry

    that look like something i would really like to have… im
    allways buying water,and even still u don’t know what’s in it. also the shower head… yours truly marion

  38. Alexa Kotzian

    I loved your book, try to follow it to the letter.I’m handicapped with limited income to be able to afford this unit. Local tap water is not safe, the notification to boil water comes to late from them. I use BRITA filter for myself to drink,to cook, ice cubes, cat water. I can’t go out to shop, those who shop for me don’t bring enough distilled water jugs or forget or just lazy to carry. I enjoyed your e-mails on water. I’m put on hold for hip operation,the spur in my right hill makes walking very difficult, try to diet right and supplement per your suggestions. This water issue is important to me for easy access. Would be grateful to win something like this system. Thank you for taking my comment, Alexa K. Astor, FL.

  39. Kathy

    Thanks for the chance to win this water distiller!

    • Kalle

      to be absorbed ftaesr by the body and does a better job of cleansing as well as hydrating. since I have been using the system at home, which is a gravity water system, we have all done a better job of drinking more water and it tastes awesome just the way water used’ to taste in the good old days. I also feel that drinking water does help with weight loss. I have lost a few lbs since being on a better water regimen. (without trying!). This was a great post. Best,Jayne

  40. Susie

    Good Morning Vivian,
    Thanks for all the great info on saving our bones…I have reverse osmosis but would love a chance to win the distiller. I read all your info and look forward to the emails.

  41. Luz

    Hi Vivian,

    I love your website and all the wonderful and truthful information we get from you. I was diagnosed with osteopenia but refused to take medication. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Take care and God bless you!!

  42. puap

    I have learned a lot from this website, thank you for sharing this important live saving information on the internet.

    I see that the comments area for winning the water distiller is at its memory limit! So hopefully I can return the information sharing favor. You may want to set your php.ini file memory limit to be 64MB instead of 32MB.


    I hope that my water is okay as I drink filtered water every day but I guess you think that would be enough. I realized that it isn’t so I hope that I will win a DISTILER as it would be the answer for me. Thank you for this infoe and one day I will buy one. Helene

  44. Ronda Robards

    Several years ago, I purchased a whole house water purifier. It never worked properly, and all I got was grief from the manufacturer. Then I went on line looking for other ways to purify my water my my aging mother, my pets, and myself. I became so confused with all the information out there that I finally gave up. Since then I have just been purchasing the purified water at the grocery store. I have been a reader of yours for several years, and you are so knowledgable and helpful. I believe the Waterwise 8800 is the answer to all my searching. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the advice you have given me, and the friends that I recommended to subscribe to you, over the years. I am 71 years old, and most people don’t believe I am even close to that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  45. mindy

    sounds interesting. THanks for giving us a chance.

  46. DEB


  47. sherri parsons

    love your website, i have read and learned for a long time! im very interested in the water distiller. im a very health minded single mom and could use a break! hope im considered. keep up the good work Vivian.

    thanks sherri

  48. Salvatore

    Hi, I just have one question about the distiller
    so i heared it removes all vitamins and minerals, iv also heard that we really get that from food.
    But iv heared drinking distilled water emptys out your minierals and salts,

    can you give me some clairy on this? thank you.

    • hildegard weeks

      I buy the destilled water in l Gal. jug…is that the same as your own destilled water made with the destiller?

    • Customer Support

      Salvatore, as Vivian wrote in Water Week Part 2:

      “Also, there are claims claim that drinking distilled water causes minerals to leach out of the body. This statement is not based on true science. In fact, it’s a myth.”

  49. Charlene

    Can’t wait to win this distiller. I often do not drink enough water because of the chlorine issue. I called the company I buy bottled water from and they do not add floride but it is expensensive and I fell bad about the plastic, even though I recycle.

  50. Susan Anderson

    I have learned a lot! Thank you.

  51. Lisa

    Hi Vivian,

    I have loved all of your articles and vitamin suggestions over the years!

    Thank you for giving your time and effort to helping your online community!

    I agree that water is critical to good health.

    I would Love to win this water distiller.

    Thank you.


  52. Kim

    Thanks for providing this information. I will look into. This may be the answer, economically for drinking save distilled H2O. Thank you for this information for me to research into further.
    Kim Ohio

  53. Ralph Wallin, Jr.

    I have been looking for a good home water distiller for some time. Phyllis and I have been using gallon jugs of distilled water for over 3 years. We use it for drinking and cooking. We currently are using about 6 gallons per week.

    We have been a member of your Save-Our-Bones community since about December 2009 I think. Please enter us in the winners circle. Thanks, Ralph & Phyllis Wallin

  54. Puteri

    My dear Vivian Goldschmidt,

    Cordial greetings. I have just returneed from my hospital visit this evening,have had my dinner and, want you to know that I have been confirmed having osteoporosis on my spine but my hips are under osteopenia. The specialist at the hospital recommended that I start consuming either of the two …Fosamax or Caltrate. I sai “No”to him and spoke about your programme. He was not pleaased with me at all. Then he suggested I take Vitamine D with calcium.

    Unlike you in August of 2004 when you got so upset when you were told that you had osteoporosis, I was very cool and calm. It did not affect me in any way.

    I take this opportunity to sincerely THANK YOU very much for sharing your material with us all. You prepared me for this. I am not worried at all.
    I believe in you and trust you …your material is so educational.

    Soon I am going to join your programme and purchase the book. You are a blessing to us all. I am most grateful and appreciate your
    commitment and dedication in this project.

    I hope many people read your articles/join your programme and will not fear anything when told that they are either confirmed with osteoporosis/osteopenia.

    Who ever is the winner for the 8800 water distiller…I say congratulations, you deserve it.

    Thank you Vivian for making the right choise.


  55. Joyce Schubkegel

    Thank you for all the work you do to promote bone health naturally!

  56. Silvia

    I have been a follower and customer of Save our Bones for few years and have recommended to everybody that have comment to me having issues with osteoporosis (including the secretary of my general practitioner that it was heavily medicated, now she politely accepts he’s prescriptions and slip them is the trash).
    I’m very glad you have put it out there for so many people to benefit from it.
    I have read all your information about the water that we drink and it really makes sense. I been concern about the water for long time and been using a Brita filter jar but the water distiller that you are promoting is just a state of the art to make” the best water ever.
    I’m taking the time to write to you but I do not expect to win one (I never really win anything in my life, usually I have to work hard for everything I have) and I’m not going to tell you a sad hardship story to try to get to your heart. I would love to have one!, I wonder if you could help me with a coupon that would bring the price a little more affordable. No matter what I still going to be you follower forever. Thank you. Silvia.

    • Suseela

      Hi, Vivian,
      It is so useful information you are offering to the whole world.I always send your info to all my friends & family.We are indebted to you for all the research you do provide to all of us.
      God bless you,

    • Maxine Hirschel

      Try Bed Bath and Beyond, they issue a 20% off weekly and they do carry the item. I went to the site of Waterwise and they do have sale items, and ratings, so try that also.

  57. Christine

    I would love to have this water distiller. I think it would be nice to know that I am drinking safe clean water.

    By the way Vivian, I am most grateful for all the information you give us in your e-mails.

  58. Linda

    Please consider this as an entry into the distiller contest. I cannot get through otherwise. I have tried many times but it says your system cant take my entry. I am trying everything possible to reverse my osteoporosis. I need to use the water system too. Thanks

    • Sue Meyer

      I would love to save money and get healthier too. I would appreciate your help:)
      Thanks in advance.

    • Jeanne

      I would love to win this distiller. It seems like such an easy to get good water. Thank you.

  59. HH

    Would like to win this to try it. Too expensive to buy just to try it out.
    Enjoy all the comments and information here.

  60. Lillian Hiller

    Thanks for all your help vivian I really love all your advise enjoy every one of them Love Lillian H

  61. Elizabeth Robinson

    I tried to enter the contest but kept getting rejected. I see where other people have the same problem with your computer having problems.
    I hope you will consider this comment as my ENTRY, please, to win the Water Distiller. Vivian, I so thank you for the Osteoporosis Reversal Program that I ordered from you more than a year ago. It has greatly helped with my osteoporosis and now I love Almond milk instead of cow’s milk.
    Elizabeth (Betty) Robinson

  62. Laura Foitik

    I’m interested in knowing more about the distiller. I’m spending a lot on distilled water.

    • Gail Parks

      I live in Mexico most of the time, and of course buy bottled water, how can I get one of these down here, and the cost please

  63. Candace Hance

    Impressed with information and presentation of the water distiller.
    Thank you for all you do to keeping our bones healthy
    Much appreciated.


  64. Judith Culligan

    I enjoy your emails! Hope I win this!

  65. Jean

    I’ve read the article someone posted at Mercola.com where it’s stated that drinking distilled water long term is very dangerous, because of the acidity and the removal of trace minerals. What about the electrolytes and minerals lost in distillation? Is the few drops of lemon juice you add sufficient to counteract the acidity? Does the charcoal filter make an appreciable difference with these concerns? I’d really like to know, since I’m impressed by the people who say they feel better, just by drinking distilled water.

    • Customer Support

      Great questions, Jean! Vivian has addressed all these issues in Parts 1 and Parts 2 of Water Week. So feel free to review both 🙂

  66. Pamela Francis

    When you talked about how much his system saves did you add the cost of the system to that equation? For $510.00 that will buy a lot of bottled water. I know that the regulations on bottle water is not as stringent as municipal water and that even municipal water is not good. The chlorine alone is way to high. What is the cost for operating the system after the purchase price?

    • Maxine

      It is on sale at the Water Wise web site for 399. I have reverse osmosis and will continue to use it, because of the cost and the similar safety.

    • Customer Support

      Pamela, I’ve copied and pasted this from the Q&A section above:

      “How much electricity does it use?

      The distillers use about 3.2 kilowatts per gallon. Based on the national average electrical cost of 8.48 cents per kilowatt hour, this equates to approximately 28 cents per gallon.”

  67. Curt Novak

    Being a farmer, I know when I leave my water jug in the tractor overnight, the tap water the next day is HORRIBLE! When the jug was filled with distilled water, it was still tasty and would quench my thirst.
    My old system of distilling was a hassel to keep operating, so when it died, so did my “guarenteed refreshing water”.
    You have something here!


  68. Donna

    I would be very interested in trying this water system by winning the contest. I truly enjoy your information in ‘Save your Bones’ and try to follow most of the advice every day. I enjoy getting the updates on the email and eagerly read them. I need to seriously do the Densercise exercises faithfully. I have been doing a two hour yoga class once a week since 1999 with the same instructor. I love it.
    Thank you.
    Donna Badke

  69. Cathy Wanner

    I wish I would win this water filter!!!

  70. Sheila McMorrow

    I am delighted to have a site to rely on and thank you Viv for presenting this new way of life and caring for myself in such a simple logical fashion. The water system sounds wonderful, one more piece to the health puzzle. Thanks again, Sheila McMorrow

  71. molly

    how does this compare to the benefits of reverse osmosis filter? I moved to a new apartment,and have to decide between those two.thanks

    • Customer Support

      Molly, check out Part 2 of Water Week, where Vivian rates all the most commonly used water filtration systems, including reverse osmosis.

  72. Doris Glidden

    Another day to follow Save Our Bones program to protect and improve my health. Thank you, thank you, Doris Glidden

  73. molly

    how does this compare to the benefits of reverse osmosis filter? I moved to a new apartment,and have to decide between the two.

  74. Ellen Lane

    I tried to enter the sweepstakes for the water filter, but kept getting the following error message. Please have your computer techs open more space for entries. Thanks.

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/saveourb/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php on line 320

    • Customer Support

      Ellen, sorry about that! Sometimes our server gets overwhelmed by the huge traffic the Sweepstakes has generated. Technicians are working to resolve this, so please, try again 🙂

  75. gordana

    I love idea of making my water( as a ex chemistry teacher who miss experiments so much…)and save money along the way

  76. Lea

    Distilled water is acidic. It is important to ADD LIQUID MINERALS to it to make it alkaline. I buy “Ultimate PH Balance” drops that are easy to use and effective.

  77. Katie Campbell

    I am so new at this but what is more important then our health.I pray to feel better so I can continue taking care of others.I have been so busy helping others,I fail to take care of me,”For them”!!!
    I pray I get the knowledge I need to live as long as the good lord needs me. We are all winners

  78. Sandy B

    Thanks for all the information you give to us. This water filtration system seems to be an answer for us. Ever since I purchased your books, I have been using distilled water. I appreciate the information.
    Sandy B.

  79. Sandy Berg

    Thanks for all the information you give us in your books and email articles. After receiving you book, I have been using distilled water. This product would save money. I appreciate all the advice you give us.

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    Thank you for all this great information!
    I appreciate your sharing it.
    Would love to try the distilled water.
    Thanks for the contest offer

    with gratitude,

  82. Joan

    Great articles……could use the distiller to eliminate purchasing bottled water!

  83. L Renee Smith

    Thanks for all you do for us, Vivian. It is thrilling to share information about achieving and maintaining excellent health!

  84. Pauline

    So sad we have to worry about the water we drink, I mostly think of my children. Nice to know that we can do something about it and have help in making our water better for us. I can only imagine that the taste is wonderful!

  85. Lucy Moore

    Thank you so much for all of your valuable research findings that you have so gracously passed on to benefit others. The distiller is a very nice prize and I would like to enter my name to try and win.
    Thanks for everything,

  86. Lily

    Hi . does this make the water Alkine pls ?

  87. Patricia Little

    Your gift of knowledge that you have shared with all of us has helped me in my search for better health. I continually look for more answers everyday and you have been a big part of that daily search, Thank You! I have used a Brita Water system for 20 years. I have to bring extra water along with me whenever I am around my grandchildren because they want to drink my GOOD water. If distilled water is even better than I hope I win this distiller, if not I will do the switch to distilled water on my own. Thanks again for all of your efforts to inform all of us.

  88. Jan

    Love your articles. Hope I win. Could really use the filter. Have a great day every day!

  89. Leea

    Who knew? We have well water and I always thought we were ahead of the game since municipal water contains fluoride…

  90. Glenn Clayton

    Our drinking water is from a river that is loaded with many farm chemicals. The Waterwise filter system would be able to give us much cleaner water to drink.


    I am in Trinidad & Tobago, Can you tell me if I can get your System here?
    and what is the Cost $$?

    • Maxine

      Log onto WaterWise web site and find out shipping costs.It is on sale for $399. and other models are higher and lower.

  92. Joseph

    I buy now water purified via steam @ $4.25 for 18 Liters. Considering the expense of Electricity here in Quebec (which is not very high)I would have to know the electricity (KWH) required to steam that amount of water with the 8800 steamer, before considering a purchase of an 8800 unit.

    However winning one, I sure would try it. I am not too concerned about Bacteria and Viruses for cooking, as the heat cooking it, will kill them anyway


  93. Sarah Hurst

    Firstly I would like to thank you for all the information you have shared through your website. My 25 year old daughter has just broken her arm for the third time in 3 years and we are waiting for a bone density test. Whatever the results we have decided to completely change our diet and our outlook as broken bones are common theme in the family. I am hoping to get the supplements you recommend soon and the water distiller would be fanastic if we won to complete our change.

    • Susan Kangas

      Two of my kids were prone to broken bones. At the time my emphasis was using Vitamin C. Apparently not good for bones. Had no clue about minerals unless they were in milk. Obviously that was not it. Recently found out that Vit. K2 is necessary for calcium to be used by the bones. An overlooked bone factor. For adults also.

  94. Yvonne Kasper

    We all play such a huge part in our own health and mortality! This distiller is a HUGE part of how we can control what goes into our bodies and also how we can help our bodies get rid of bad stuff in our food and other drink that contains toxic elements. It really is a bargain when you consider what you would pay for doctor visits to “fix” what ails us. nd that’s not alowing for what we pay for “medication” that we will be prescribed. Let’s get back to basics and take care of ourselves. The medical community is wonderful when needed, but it’s much better never to need them!!!

  95. Addie Lea

    I would love to have the Distiller, we get our water from a private well, and it is full of rust, other minerals, water is very hard. I buy a lot of water in bottles, gallon jugs as well as drinking bottles for at home and at the office. This would be a dream come true. I tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t get through for the entry.

  96. Nu Ly

    Waterwise looks beautiful, I should get one for my health, I buy the water
    to drink, it wastes the money in long term. Thank you for you remind me.

  97. Robert

    I love in Quebec Canada and have been using a water distiller for quite some time now,but the one that i now have is not working well and the store that i bought it from tell me that it is obsolete and cannot find parts for it.I do believe that a water distiller is very important for our health.I have a well that is 140 feet under ground and you would think that it is the best water there is and it is but one time i drank some water in a cup with a white bottom and this is when i discouvered that there were pieces of fine rock in the bottom of the cup. so i have distilling my water since.I would like you to let me know which place you bought your distiller as on the internet4 there are many places that sell the one that you talk about.I do not care about winning one from you all i want is to have a good distiller. thanking you in advance for your great article on water

  98. Reeva Plummer

    I have used a Waterwise distiller for 11 years and love it. I would like to get a smaller one to use at our farmhouse.

  99. Marty Bolen

    I have a question. I hope someone has the answer. Is this water acidic or alkaline? John Hopkins labels distilled water acidic. Maybe the way it is distilled makes the difference. I know I feel better (can actually feel the difference) when I drink distilled.

  100. Mary Beth Boone

    I tried to add a comment regarding the water distiller at each point and could not get through – I would love to have my name enteres!

    • Customer Support

      Please try again, Mary Beth. The Win a Free Distiller sweepstakes has generated tremendous traffic volume at the saveourbones.com website, and at times the system is too slow. But this is being taken care of, so you should be able to leave a comment to enter 🙂

      • Linda

        Not so, you exceeded your size limit and a fatal error happened. Did this wipe out all our entries?

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