Water Week Part 3 - Win A Free Distiller Sweepstakes! - Save Our Bones

I'm thrilled to announce that the ‘Win a Free Distiller Sweepstakes' starts today. In Part 1 and Part 2 of Water Week I've explained why drinking distilled water is the best choice both for your bones and for your overall health.

What I didn't tell you, is that at home, all the water I drink and cook with comes from my Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller. I've done the research, and it's by far the best distiller on the market.

I only have to fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button, and a few hours later, I have one gallon of the best tasting, purest, and fluoride-free water.

And today you have an opportunity to win the Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller, plus more great prizes… all valued at $510!

Here's How It Works

To enter, simply leave a comment below, along with your name and email. Feel free to write anything your heart desires :). Please leave your comment before Wednesday, September 12th, at 10:00pm ET.

My team and I will then randomly select one grand prize winner, and five runners-up. Stay tuned, because I will announce the winners on Thursday, September 13th. Best of luck!

  • Grand Prize: One lucky winner will get the entire ‘Save Our Bones Exclusive Waterwise Package', which normally sells for $510.
  • Runners-Up: Five lucky winners will receive the Waterwise BPA-Free Sports Bottle.

I really love being in control of my water with the Waterwise distiller, and I'm sure you will too!

add a comment to enter the sweepstakes

Here's What You Can Win: The ‘Save Our Bones Exclusive Waterwise Package'

Waterwise® 8800 Countertop Distiller

You’ll love using the 8800. All you do is fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button, and soon you’ll be enjoying the purest water possible. With the easy-to-use electronic monitor, you can program it before bed for that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. After running a one-gallon cycle, keep the BPA-free carafe in the refrigerator for a chilled glass of pure refreshment—whenever you want. Fill trays for perfectly clear and pure icecubes. Even take the 8800 along on your next trip. The portable, programmable 8800 is ready when you are!

The Waterwise 8800 combines steam distillation with carbon post-filtration, resulting in optimum water purity. The electronic monitor with its multifunction LCD readout even alerts you when it’s time to change the filter!

Sells for: $399

Deluxe Showerwise® Shower Filtration System

You’ll enjoy softer skin, healthier scalp and shinier hair after a Showerwise shower. Why? Because chlorine, commonly used to disinfect tap water, can make your skin dry, sensitive, flaky and itchy. It irritates your eyes and makes your hair dry and unmanageable. Worse yet, chlorine and chlorine by-products aggravate symptoms for many asthma, allergy, sinus and emphysema sufferers.

You may be shocked to know that your body can absorb more chlorine in a 1-minute shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water. But you can relax… chlorine is reduced by 95% with Showerwise. Also reduced is iron, lead, mercury and hydrogen sulfide. Bacterial, fungal and mildew growth are effectively inhibited.

Showerwise’s patented KDF-55 and Chlorgon filter material performs best in warm or hot water, unlike ordinary carbon filters that are effective in cold only. And Showerwise contains 50% more material for a longer, more effective lifetime than most filters, typically lasting 12-18 months!

Sells for: $69

6-Pack Carbon Filter Bags – 1 Year Supply

Carbon filtration enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification. Replace every 2-months or after 60-80 gallons distilled, whichever comes first. One bag drops into the filter compartment of the carafe lid.

Sells for: $36

Waterwise® BPA-Free Sports Bottle

Waterwise BPA-Free bottles are lightweight, reuseable and ensure that every drop of distilled water stays pure. They’re extremely durable and simple to clean (just use peroxide and water or baking soda and water, then rinse).

Sells for: $6

add a comment to enter the sweepstakes

add a comment to enter the sweepstakes

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  1. marion

    Everyone on EARTH ,deserves clean fresh unpolluted water, so lets start here, by banning fluoride and other poisons from our tap water

  2. linda simmons

    I surely would like to win this water purifier set but if i don’t i will still get it.

  3. Debbie

    Thanks Vivian for sharing all the wonderful information and for all the hard work you do to keep us informed.

  4. Laura Thomson

    Waterwise sounds like the answer to tap waater. Would love to have one as our tap water is very cholorinated and has added flouride.

  5. Pamela Bush

    All I want to drink is water & we have always lived with well water in small residential communities…not sure what our wells are exposed to! I would love to be absolutely sure of my water since we are learning how to save our bones! Isn’t this a wonderful time we live in?

  6. Elisabeth Hann

    I would love to win the distiller. I have an acid stomach & use drops in every glass to help the PH balance. If I eat anything a little too acidic, I get sores in my mouth. I believe that would help to be a little healthier.

  7. marion

    Everyone on EARTH needs clean, unpolluted fresh water.




  9. Sandra Eichman

    This is a very informational website giving an array of ideas,
    facts, suggestions that really help the readers in a variety of
    healthy ways. I always enjoy receiving your emails filled with
    a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

    Thank you for all you do to help others.

  10. Rosa Cliff

    I’m really trying hard to regain confidence in trying to rectify my bone loss by following your program, and winning the distiller would be GREAT!!! because to find the right kind of water to buy not only to drink but also to cook with is very expensive and not attainable to us. Thank you for your program and God bless you as you help so many of us!

  11. PJ Vanasten

    If the local Florida tap water is so good, why do they recommend us west coast people drink only bottled water?

  12. Bonnie

    I would love to try the Waterwise 8800. We have hard well-water, lots of iron. We got rid of our softner because of the salt. Right now we have a system from Germany called Calmat Water Conditioner which changes the chemical make-up of the water, but it doesn’t purify the water.

  13. Angela Walden

    Dragging home bottled water is difficult, expensive, and what are we really buying? Our new frige has a filter but I doubt is gets rid of all the contaminents but it does make water taste much better. We do have very good tasting water here in S IN but what lurks therein? I’d love this wonderful opportunity to win a top-notch water filtering system that would eliminate impurities and give my family peace of mind. I even give bottled water to our cat! She’s worth it too!

  14. Diana Davis

    I would love to win the water distiller so I could have great tasting healthy water at home without adding plastic bottles to landfills.

  15. Michael W

    Finally a trickle down effect that benefits the average person.

  16. Meredith Lee

    This sounds like the best way to clean water.
    Would to have one.


    I would like very much to have a reliable filter, now that I realize how important pure water is.

  18. Janet Rea.

    I live in farm country where loads of fertilizers are used. I worry about drinking my well water. Now the gas industry wants to frack here. Now…I’m really worried !!! The distiller sounds like a great product.

  19. Sherilyn Presti

    I would love to win this, I had no idea they existed! that is so neat! I usually buy the gallon of distilled water at the grocery store.
    Thank you for your program ! I love it !


    I now realize how very important it is for my body to be supplied with pure water. My under sink water filter was 6 years old and not filtering well enough. I really need something much better.

  21. sara Cook

    I see the particles left after my water glasses sit overnight. Sounds like your distiller would take care of that business!

  22. Veronica Austin

    I work for Doctors offices who are always trying for their patients to get the shots Prolia and other like them and so far I have tried to stay away from
    all these “miracle cures” for osteoporosis as two of my dear friends after
    a few years of being treated with Fosamax they both got necrosis of their
    jaw bones and they are still suffering the terrible results of this. I was
    so fortunate to have come across your website and find out that there are
    such wonderful alternatives for osteoporosis.
    Thank you for your care.

  23. joykennedy

    everybody that understands should get into this….i have always been conscious of what i drink….this is the best for sure……………………

  24. Connie Hirni

    Sounds wonderful to me….our water supply is greatly threatened by all the chemicals, pesticides, and other elements draining into our aquafirs.

    Thanks for a solution to this problem.


  25. Kathy Maeda

    I am still looking for a cheaper distiller that would do the same job. Thank you for the detailed information on the 8800 model you use.

  26. Jean

    I’d love to win a distiller. I’m very health conscious and try to stay away from as many chemicals and GMO’s as possible. This would certainly help me achieve my goal.

  27. Sue

    Dear Vivian,

    Knowledge and information give us power. We all have to be proactive about our health. We all must not be afraid to question conventional wisdom! That is why I am a part of the Save Our Bones Community!

  28. Sam & Betty Marcum

    Been using a Waterwise 8800 every since they came on the market. Before that a 9000 purchased from hacres.com………use it everyday…….would like one for the RV…….cheers

  29. Jweems

    Sounds very interesting. Would like to try one.

  30. Isabel M Valdes

    Dear Vivian. I enjoy your publications and have learned a great deal. Recently bought a whole house water filtration system to better our family’s health. We wish you success in all your endeavors.

  31. Joyce Pate

    I’ve always been a water drinker; I actually like the taste of water! Your information has been so helpful, but now I realize that the water I drink may not be that healthy. Oh, how I would love to win the Waterwise Package.

  32. Andrea Lawrence

    What a savings in both money and my carbon footprint to not feel the need to purchase bottled water. We ought to be ashamed at our indifference at the mess we are in and are leaving to our children. A native American proverb reads, “The earth is not ours; we are simply borrowing it from our children.”

  33. Lila Angel

    The Waterwise distiller can make us “wise” about our water consumption!

  34. heidi

    4 years ago a bone density test showed that I have bones of an eighty year old, I was 44 at the time. I found this website by accident but I think it was fate. I am inspired to take care of myself and take each day to appreciate life. I have celiac sprue which means I cannot eat gluten. It can be very hard at times but the information I have gained from this site enables me to remain confident that I will be alright.

  35. Karie

    Our body is mostly water, therefore the quality of our water is essential to our health and our bones:)

  36. Jayne

    Clean water is so important for everyone. I never take clean water for granted. I thank God for it everyday. And that is the water out of the tap.

  37. Cindy Miller

    My life through my daily meals, drinks, snacks, and the way I live my life has changed thanks to your book and emails. Thank you. You gave me hope when I was feeling I had none,

  38. Maria

    The information is very useful. Thank you for sharing!!

  39. Sherrill

    Hi Vivian,

    I am always so confused about the water we should drink. This has been very interesting and I would like to try the water system.
    Thank you for all you do.

  40. Darla Neal

    I would love to win the water distiller so I too can have fresh pure water and stay even healthier. I mostly just drink water and my green smoothie every day and am trying hard to eat as healthy as possible.

  41. Paulette Mark, R.N., Ph D

    I have long known of the benefits of drinking pure water. That’s why I drag my glass gallon bottles constantly to the supermarket.

    Thank you for your wonderful articles.

    All the best,

  42. Mona G. Carpenter

    Thank you, Vivian, for all the information you have been providing to all of us getting your newsletter. This is a great service, and it is so appreciated!
    Mona Carpenter

  43. marcy plavin

    Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on the faucet
    And find heathy water that already met
    The Gold Standard that Save Our Bones set?

    But, lo and behold, it “ain’t gonna happen.”
    So it’s back to square one
    For Viv’s distilled water machine
    To make our drinking water clean,
    Clear, and safe for us to drink
    Throughout the year.

  44. Kay Bird

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you for providing this open and educational community to exchange information about keeping ourselves healthy, especially our bones.

  45. Verlie Freeburg

    Thanks for the great information on water!

  46. susan rivers

    I am looking forward to being a contest winner and experiencing the benefits of drinking healthy water. This goes along with my plan for balance in my life for mind, body and spirit.

  47. pat Leavitt

    I have tried to boil my water and it is so time-consuming. Yet I find that if I keep trying to drink healthy water then I feel I am helping my bones. I have been on the save you bones program for about l year or more and I have absolutely felt the difference. My doctor is also very surprised. I cannot say that I do not eat the odd “junk food” because I have and yet if I go right back on the plan, I feel my body takes control and repairs.

  48. Amarylis Cintron

    Since we all evolved from water(the oceans)
    and developed in an aquatic environment (our mother’s womb)
    and our bodies are more than 70% water,water is sooo important,
    I would very gladly like to win the water distiller to improve
    to its best the quality of my family’s water!

  49. Mary Webster

    I drink only flouride free water. This filter would be great. In fact when I have no choice but to drink tap water, I sip it very carefully trying not to drink too much because of the flouride.

  50. annegret Besch

    This looks like a good system to have, most certainly will promote and contribute to a healtier life style. To good health

  51. JoAnn Zarins

    thank you for all the information you give us on line to help with our bones and our health.

  52. Ashley Daberkow

    My family and I would be most appreciative to have you distiller. I think it would be a healthy and handy thing for our family since the filter we have on our sink is inconvenient and in the way.

  53. Rick

    If flouride is so good then why does commercial toothpaste come with a warning on the label to call poison control if you swallow it?

  54. Maureen Baumann

    Thank you Vivian for all the information you have shared!! I am grateful..

  55. Paula

    great information! Thanks.

  56. Mary

    Neat looking idea. How does it compare with reverse osmosis filter?

  57. Claudette Carroll

    With all the hooplaa out there about what to eat, drink, etc. I really love the fact that you have done the research and “practice what you “p”teach. 🙂 The world needs people like you, Vivian. Thank you for all your efforts and sharing. I know that pure water is hard to come by, and would definitely love to have the water distiller. God Bless!

  58. Gerald Daberkow

    I have a lot of health problems so it would really be nice to have your distiller. Thanks.

  59. Kay Pappas

    My dad had a complicated distilling process he used back in the last century (lol) and only made one gallon of distilled water per day! This water system sounds like an exciting product that I would love to have.

  60. Lori Drake

    Just love Vivian!

  61. Jennifer Blakley

    this distiller would be the perfect thing for me and my family. I spend a lot of money on bottled water and on organic food. However, after hearing what you have said about this distiller, I think it would be best to use. Thanks.

  62. Connie Daberkow

    I am very interested in finding good water to drink. So far, I haven’t been successful. I would like to know more about your distiller, or at least win it to see for myself.

  63. jacky odre

    Please pick me!!! Our water is bad, buying bottled water isn’t much better, especially for the environment…and we have photopholtaic panels for electricity to power the distiller. Please Please Please!! jack

  64. amanda

    I really like all de informacion you send to all of us

  65. Carolyn Petit

    Thanks for your information… It has helped me immensely.

  66. Felice St-Germain

    Reverse osmosis seems like the way to reverse many health issues.

  67. Nena Kleimola

    I am interested in naturally preserving the health of my bones. Thanks for providing information we can’t find from the traditional medical community

  68. Marlena June Bennett

    You have helped me learn a lot of things to be more healthy. I really appreciate your mailings to me. Thank you.

  69. Felice St-Germain

    This looks like the answer to ageless beauty!

  70. Eva E Bernard

    I think this would be the perfect win. We live in the country and have many fields around us. We also have iron in the water. I feel we really need a system like this. I never win anything so this is the perfect time to win a useful prize. My fingers are crossed.

  71. Karen Johnson

    I am a big water drinker, especially not that I don’t drink milk anymore. It would be great to have a water filter so I can drink healthy. I am not too fond of distilled water. Good luck to me!

  72. Deborah Sipple

    Thank you so much for all your information on bone health; it has been very helpful to me. And it would be wonderful to win this great water distiller!
    I buy filtered water at the store and so this would be a real time saver and I would have cleaner water!

  73. Debbie Birkner

    I just started receiving your emails and LOVE them! Vivian, I am now realizing how important clean/pure water is and am trying to get my fiance to purchase a Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller. I’ve been comparing Reverse Osmosis, under counter filtration systems, etc. and found the Waterwise to be the best option. I’m hoping to win this one. If it works well and gives you great tasting water and saves money, I will be a great advocate of this product. It’s also my birthday on Thursday, September 13th and I can’t think of a better gift!!! I look forward to hearing from you that I’ve won!!! 🙂

  74. Marilyn Ward

    This certainly is much better than a Brita which I have used for years.
    It is so important to have good clear drinking water.

  75. Anita Richardson

    Would love to win the filter, have an old one (another brand) that no longer does the job. I enjoy your mail and also the letters back to you, I pick up a lot of information from others in what they write.

  76. Alice Long

    The demo was so fascinating! My husband and I are into a healthy lifestyle and try our best to stay abreast of
    helpful products to enhance our lives. Thank you for the information and clear presentation of the water purification.

  77. Robin Thompson

    Vivian, You are one of the seven wonders of (my) the world! I have learned so much from the valuable information that you share with all of us. Thankyou for helping me learn natural ways to save my bones!

  78. Marlene

    It would save me running to he store regularly to buy distiller water since our tap water tastes awful!

  79. Tom B

    Is there a back-up if the electricity goes off?

  80. Cheryl

    I have been wanting to get a water filtration system for some time now but have not been able to find one that does all it says it is supposed to – until now. I so enjoy getting your emails and reading all the great information you put on your website. Thank you thank you thank you

  81. Frances Das

    Thank you so much for all the amazing information you provide, it’s so nice to know others out there think like me when it comes to health care!

  82. Fay Neuber

    Thanks for all of the wonderful information on saving our bones and water.

  83. uma acharyya

    Hi Vivian,

    I can only say that since the time I started raeding your articles and other such enlightening information which I knew even existed, I have been thrilled, intrigued and thankful all together. to take care of my health, (and others whome I care for ), most of all learning to PRESERVE it, has been great. ThankYou, and do please keep up the good work. Uma.

  84. nena recon

    this system really looks good and could benifit us all by drinking a clean and pure water. Thank you for your support and great information. I really learned so much. More power to you and God bless you.

  85. kd

    Can’t wait!

  86. Kathy O'Neal

    I think one if the most important things we can do for our body’s is to take care of our bones. I always filter my water. When I make tea if I don’t use filtered water there is a film on the top. but when I use filtered water that doesn’t happen. Also besides lemon in my water to keep my ph down I put a teaspoon of bragg’s raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and I haven’t felt better. Thank you Vivian for your news letters I love them. I would love to win this filter system

  87. gloria Fransisca

    Vivian,I love your E-mails They are very interesting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  88. Eleanor Basgall

    I have been using the Save Our Bones program for over two years and love it. Although I don’t use it 100% of the time, it has changed the way I view food and think about what I am putting into my body. Thanks for all the information you share with us, particularly about water, and of course, our bones.



  89. P Keefe

    Pure water is extremely hepful. My husband uses a CPAP machine & is required for this machine. Purchased your bones book, am following your recommendations, have my sister & a friend doing so also. Appreciate your research, as most of us are too busy to do it ourselves.

  90. Hannah Hart

    I love your program. I use it everyday and feel much better. Thanks so much.

  91. Melanie Hart

    I love your program. I use it everyday and feel much better.

  92. Vero

    Just want to thank Vivian for all the invaluable information she passes on. I’ve learnt so much about how to take good care of my bones since I’ve joined the Save Our Bones Community!

  93. Ruth Purvis

    I live in the country and have well. I would love to win the distillery.
    The last bone scan I had showed there was no change from 4 years before, its only been in the last year that I have been following you advice and am glad that I have.

  94. Lana Lefebvre

    Hello…..I have long known about the benefits of distilled water, but have never had an in home system, which is why I am writing in.
    I have recently been diagnosed with immune defeciency disorder, and am drinking several teas that require distilled water. I have been boing water for these purposes, but understand it is not truly distilled water.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your draw!


    Lana Lefebvre

  95. Vera Nelson

    The peace of mind that comes from having a distiller on your counter is priceless. My doctor advises me to drink lots of water, and when I know that my water is absolutely pure, I find it easy to drink more of it. That pleases my doctor and that makes me happy. Nothing is better than being HAPPY!

  96. Gail Stroeher

    we are the water we drink and the food we eat,thanks for all the great infomation.

  97. Thelma Naval

    Thank you for having me join the Save Our Bones Community.

  98. shelley wilson

    I really enjoy reading all the e-mail information and tips from Vivian.


  99. Nilli

    Glad to learn that distilled water is best.

  100. Helen Keymon

    Thank you for telling us about the real cause of bone loss and telling us what will make a real difference in turning it around.

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