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Summertime is perfect for long, enjoyable walks that build your bones, especially early in the day or in the evening when the weather cools off.

Walking is also a great stress reducer. As I discuss in he Osteoporosis Reversal Program, stress is actually an acidifying process because of cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands when your body is under stress.

You'll also soak up bone-healthy Vitamin D while indulging in one of the best weight-bearing exercises you can do… So what could ruin this perfect combination? Some uninvited guests: those annoying, persistent mosquitoes!

Before You Bring Out the Bug Spray…

Yes, it’s tempting to slather on bug spray so you can enjoy your walk in peace. But mosquito and other bug repellants are loaded with acidifying and toxic chemicals that can have a negative impact on your bone health.

OFF, a popular mosquito repellant, lists the active ingredient as N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide. You probably haven’t heard of this, but you may very well have seen news reports about DEET, which is the abbreviation for this chemical. DEET, the most commonly used ingredient in insect repellants, is a highly acidifying toxic substance that has been shown to have negative effects on the central nervous system. 1

So what can you do? Well, you sure don't have to be a walking bug banquet or let mosquitoes stop you from your weight bearing activities – I'll let you know a little later how to naturally deal with them.

But first, let’s look at some of the reasons those pesky critters are attracted to you.

Why Do Mosquitoes Like to Hang Around?

Mosquitoes are attracted by several physiological factors that occur when you're out working up a sweat:

  • You excrete lactic acid in your perspiration fluid
  • Your skin temperature increases
  • As you perspire, your skin becomes moist
  • You exhale carbon dioxide – exhaling CO2 is part of the normal breathing process, but as your breathing rate increases during exercise, you exhale even more CO2

All of the above are natural and necessary effects of exercise, and are not under your control. There are, however, a couple of things you can do to make yourself a less attractive target:

  • Wear light-colored clothing – mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors
  • Avoid perfumes with floral or fruity fragrances – the mosquitoes like them just as much as you do!

A Built-In Mosquito Repellant

You might be reading this and thinking, “What’s the big deal? Mosquitoes don’t pay any attention to me at all.” If that’s the case, lucky you!

But there may be more to it than luck, and studying people who aren’t bothered by mosquitoes could very well lead to some breakthrough natural repellants.

Researchers from UK-based Rothamsted Research are working to isolate naturally occurring odors that repel mosquitoes in certain populations and have already identified a few that appear to be stress-related.

According to James Logan, one of the scientists involved in the research,

“Mosquitoes fly through an aerial soup of chemicals, but can home in on those that draw them to humans… when the combination of human odors is wrong, the mosquito fails to recognize this signal as a potential blood meal.” 2

Those lucky few whom mosquitoes do not find attractive seem to produce higher levels of particular chemicals.

Until the researchers figure all of this out and come up with the perfect natural repellant, you can…

Make Your Own Natural Insect Repellant

Combine the following essential oils to make a  100% natural insect repellant:

1/2 ounce citronella oil or peppermint oil

1/4 ounce lavender oil 
1/8 ounce tea tree oil

1/8 ounce jojoba oil or almond oil – preferably organic

Dilute in 16 ounces of  witch hazel and pour in a squirt or spray bottle. As a general rule, do not use essential oils undiluted.

Armed with natural solutions that don’t acidify your pH, you can enjoy the bone-healthy benefits of the great outdoors in the summer.

Have fun in the sun,



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  1. Pat Richardson

    I use Misty Mountain Soap’s BugBeGone lotion and stick repellant. It is made right here in the Smoky Mountains and she used lemon eucalyptus oil. It works really well and is all natural. Others might like to know about this. She has a website and does a lot of mail order.

  2. Jenny

    Vivian, Thanks for sharing mosquito repelling tips..I have tried Natural insect repellent..Its amazing.I have even tried insect repelling wristband available nowadays..They are also very effective..And are also trendy and available in may colors.

  3. Louise B.

    Hello Vivian
    I read your information on osteoporis with great interest and apreciation.
    My husband having experienced pain in his knee has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.
    He has been seeing a physiotherapist who teaches him exercises etc.
    What I am wondering is can he reverse the damage and how?
    Thank you Vivian and keep up your wonderful work

  4. bea

    vivian i have wrote you so many times asking you about your cookbook you were suppose to come out with the early part of this year and i just cant get an answer i have been on the save our bones for almost a year now and i need some new recipes please help me bea

  5. Susan

    Dear Vivian,
    I’ve noticed that Dasani water is purified through reverse osmosis – good, but has added minerals to “enhance” the taste – good? bad? It seems that this would be better than natural spring water for bone-building, however, I have no way on knowing that for certain. I don’t often drink bottled water, but for the times I do, it would be very helpful to know which bottled water is best. I would greatly appreciate a response to my question.
    Thank you,

  6. Guy

    Years ago I had two wisdom teeth extracted and was unable to chew for a week. I subsisted on brewers’ yeast, wheat bran, homemade yogurt, and blended veggies. Then, as now, I avoided all sugar. At the end of the week I attended an outdoor concert and sat on the hillside for three hours during prime mosquito feasting time. For the first time in my life I got no mosquito bites whatsoever! I deduced that it was due to the brewers’ yeast.
    Several years later, I was bitten on the cheek by a nasty little black fly, which then died tangled in my sideburn. About the same time a mosquito bit me on the arm but never flew off – she died with her proboscis stuck into my skin. Evidently the brewers’ yeast makes my blood toxic to little blood-sucking insects.
    A few years later I learned that my father was being eaten alive by mosquitoes while mowing the grass in the evening. I told him to try eating brewers’ yeast. It worked for him too (DEET had been totally ineffective).
    I don’t know what effect brewers’ yeast has on your bones or your candida population, but I will never give up my tablespoon/day of edible insect repellant.

    P.S. The FDA has launched a vicious attack on the entire supplement industry and we all need to take immediate action. For all the details read Byron Richards article:

  7. Carmel

    I should have mentioned Listerine mouth wash!!

  8. Carmel

    Listerine (original) works like a charm as a mosquito repellant. Must remember to reapply.

  9. grace

    Thanks for sharing your research and knowledge about osteoporosis. I had been taking Fosamax since 1996 and did not do any good. Dexa scan showed no improvement but instead results were getting bad. I stopped taking the Fosamax for the side effects that may/can occur. I started natural remedies,has no results yet.I hope to follow your advice regarding nutrition.

  10. Dolvies Coke

    I will share this information with family and friends. Timing is right. ThANKS

  11. Carla Gless

    Do you prefer any brand of vitamin, or perhaps a pharmaceutical grade vitamin. I am having trouble making a choice for a good quality vitamin, the physician where I work prefers the ones NASA uses. Any comment?

  12. Rose Rizzo

    Hi Vivian,
    The information you send out is very interesting. You say that milk is highly acidfying and is no good for our bones. I understand your explanation for this but why is it that so many of us who have grown from drinking so much milk since birth have no bone problems.

  13. christel

    all I can say is THANK YOU! Keep going. God bless you.

    Ad your mail: ” I need your help” — my suggestion:
    have a one sentence advice for the day in your mails. May be under the line”: ceterum censeo..
    It is the short wordings which stuck to the mind.


  14. Connie

    I found out that the “Skin So Soft” Bath Oil of Avon products help keep mosquitoes away. I could leave it on my skin and don’t have to wash it off. I love reading your articles. Thanks for all your time sharing good things for our health. Take care and have a nice day Vivian.

  15. Bertilla Baker

    The most effective bug repellent I’ve ever seen is Best Yet. The active ingredient is Cedar Oil. It is suspended in a solution of hydrated silica, a naturally occurring substance that is not harmful. You can even use it on your woolen clothes to prevent moths. It leaves no stain at all. You can even use it on pets as a preventative and treatment for fleas and ticks. It can be bought online

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      This looks like a great option, Bertilla. It’s 100% natural and organic. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. Nu Ly

    I am interested in your article, but I don,t have this trouble, thank you Vivian

    • Claudia

      mosquitos pretty much leave me alone, but torment my husband. I have a question, now that I read that SWEAT attacts them…I have Anhidrosis, which means I do NOT SWEAT, not even on the hottest days. This is a very dangerous condition, and has even caused a heat stroke, when I was 11. The question I have is this, I am very acidic, even concentrating on alkaline foods every day. Is this acid (lactic acid you mentioned) trapped in my body, because I don’t sweat ??? please reply ! (I loved the article)

  17. Evelyn Slusky

    My daughter and her family will be camping this summer, so I am happy to learn that there are bug repellants that are safe to use. I will pass this valuable info on to her. Vivian, I’m very grateful for all the helpful info that contributes to our well-being. Thank you!!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Evelyn! I hope this info makes your family’s camping trip even more enjoyable. 🙂

  18. Helen

    Another area I would never have thought of in connection with bone health. Thanks! AND, for the recipe!

  19. Renate

    Hi Vivian
    I read with interest your article about insect repellants. I am one of the unfortunates who attracts all the bugs. I have tried all sorts of natural products to no avail. I now have found that “Off” provides a fan that you hook onto your belt which is supposed to engulf the body with a repellant that insects do not like. Can you please verify if this is harmful as the repellant does not touch the body? I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      OFF is toxic, Renate. If it’s “engulfing the body,” then you are certainly exposed to the toxins.

  20. Shula


  21. Lesley B

    I have had the same fears about using Deet based products. For our forthcoming trip to Thailand have bought a product called MossieGuard, a natural product made from the oil of the Australian lemon eucalyptus tree. More expensive at the moment but has wonderful reviews and a healthy safe alternative, certainly want something proved to keep those Dengue Fever mossies away.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sounds like another healthy alternative. Thanks for sharing, Lesley! 🙂

    • Shirley

      I am in Australia, were can I purchase this product ?
      I am using RID.
      I do have many allergies
      Thank you

  22. Chloa

    I am so very pleased to share I just had my bone density scan and from 2 years ago I had just a slight improvement. I feel really good that at least I’m not going backwards. Thanks for all your information you have shared. I’m not sure I am doing every thing right, but It helps to be able to know you’re not along. Others are going through the same.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s great news, Chloa! Keep up the good work!

  23. Jennifer

    I seem to have become one of those lucky people not attacked by the bugs. Where I live in Alaska plenty of fellow humans complain about being bit by mosquitoes and white sox this time of the year. I have recently inhaled and swallowed a couple of bugs so I know they’re around but am not bitten as I was 30 years ago when I’d have sever reactions. I’m thinking its don’t taste so good but haven’t tested this on the bears yet. Obviously if you’re not thinking of getting bit you’re not putting out stress indicators either – this works for all creatures except in cyberspace.

  24. Mrs Mary Turner

    Please help me-have received e-mail re the dangers of Diet Coke and Aspartame. Is it true? Is it damaging my bones and causing pain.
    Have been giving this drink to others as well as myself

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Mary,

      Yes, sodas and artificial sweeteners are acidifying and have many other negative effects. It’s best to stay away from them.

  25. Marsha

    Thanks for the great information! I am one of those people that mosquitoes love!!! My husband & I are going kayaking with a group of people in Aug. in the evening & beaching around a camp fire for a bit & they say the mosquitoes can be pretty bad their. I’ll give the Burt’s Bees repellant a try. I’ll certainly pass the information regarding repellants to my kayaking friends. Have a awesome day!

    • Cristina

      excellent, Bob. grab a cold one as my way of saying carngots . here’s to many more years of B&R, enlightening discussion, boneheads and other things of the day, and a general increase in fan base. what has it felt like to still be creating an amazing legacy?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Marsha. I hope you and your friends have a wonderful, bug-free trip! 🙂

  26. Myrna

    I was at a friend’s home last weekend and the mosquitoes were just awful. We used OFF – but after reading Vivian’s article on this I will now purchase Burt’s Bees repellant instead. Thanks Vivian for this very useful information and I will pass it along to friends and relatives.

  27. Michelle

    I just love your website and all the valuable information you have given me. I thank you soooo much.

  28. Carol Rose

    I’m grateful for Vivian’s information. I’ve been on the Save our Bones program for about 6 months. I have a weakness in the spine and with her diet suggestions and exercise suggestions (her suggestion that I watch the Cordova posture exercises has been very helpful), I have almost no pain in my back at this time. I am 71 years old.—Carol Rose

  29. Carol Rose

    I’m grateful for Vivian’s information. I’ve been on the Save our Bones program for about 6 months. I have a weakness in the spine and with her diet suggestions and exercise suggestions (her suggestion that I watch the Cordova posture exercises has been very helpful), I have almost no pain in my back at this time. I am 71 years old.

  30. Janet

    I’m wondering if the wristbands (acting as an insect repellant) work? They are rated high at QVC and were a host pick, I believe. Any danger with those?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Janet,

      I’m not familiar with the particular wristband you’re referring to. Check the ingredients — If it uses commercial pesticides, I wouldn’t recommend it; if it uses essential oils and other natural ingredients, it’s probably fine.

  31. Katie

    Brilliant info – so helpful for this time of year! Thanks. Will try the bug spray next time I’m on the West coast of Scotland (famous for its midgies!!)

  32. Lynne Lapidus

    The native Americans knew how to change their body chemistry so the mosquitos wouldn’t like them. I do it and it works. Plantain (not the one that looks like a banana), but the ‘other weed’ in your lawn besides the dandelion, is actually a very valuable herb. Roots, leave and seeds have multiple uses. When the seed stalk is very young and green, eat it. It is a little bitter, but eat at about 5″ or so every day from a lawn that does NOT use pesticides. After about 2 weeks, the mosquitos will pretty much leave you alone.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for sharing this interesting info, Lynne!

  33. Kerry Butcher

    Hi Vivian I have been following your program for a few months now after being advised by my GP to start on the injection after refusing the fosamax. My GP has now recommended prolia (denosumab)and I was wondering if you had done any research on this as it appears to be composed solely of amino acids and carbohydrates as native immunoglobulin and is stated to be fully human lgLG2 monclonal antibody with high affinity and specificity for RANK ligand. Made from chinese hamster ovary cells..Given as a subcutaneous inj every 6 months.GOOD??

  34. Rosemary

    I heard that spritzing the area outside with listerine keeps them away also. Wearing a little spritz of listerine could be quite pungent too, but if it works..

    • Hazel

      I have used Listerine & it seems to work, but mosquitoes don’t bother me much. Mosquitoes love perfumes. Get rid of all scented products!

    • Sharon

      @Rosemary – use the amber Listerine or Store Brand equivalent. It is pungent but the scent disipates (sp) quickly. Spray the area you’re in or yourself. I hate the smell and feel of bug sprays – my lungs don’t like it. Don’t like gnats that get in your eyes either.

  35. Avis Mawson

    Fortunately for me I have never been one to be bothred by mosquitoes. I thank my lucky stars.
    Thanks for the information – I shall certainly pass the information regarding repellants to my friends. Have a good day.

  36. susan tristem

    I am very pleased to be part of your Program.
    I am passing your book around and there may be some media interest here in the U K . Are you interested in joining in IF it happens??
    Sue Tristem

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for helping me spread the truth about osteoporosis, Sue. Keep in touch 🙂

      • susan tristem

        Certainly will – Thanks – Sue

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