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There’s no doubt that remaining active is crucial for building and strengthening your bones. But if any part of your body is in pain – especially weight-bearing joints such as your knees – it’s pretty hard to keep moving.

That’s why today we’re going to discuss the importance of avoiding knee problems, and easy ways to prevent and relieve knee pain, including a simple exercise you can do at home.

Not All Exercise is the Same

If you’re a “Saver,” you know that not just any exercise will do when it comes to increasing bone density and strength. As I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, to really build bone, you need to engage in weight-bearing exercise that utilizes the effects of gravity on bones and muscles.

When your knees hurt, though, doing such exercises is certainly difficult, if not impossible. Even getting in and out of a car or climbing a short flight of stairs becomes a painfully challenging task.

The Importance of Healthy Knees for Your Bone Health

All of your joints and bones are important, of course. But knees have a particular role in bone health because they are so central to weight-bearing exercise.

Your thigh muscles are pivotal in maintaining the integrity of your knee joints. Walking, for example, is an excellent overall bone-strengthening activity, but it doesn’t target the specific muscle groups that stabilize the knee.

A study from the University of Iowa showed a 50% decrease in knee pain in women who had the strongest thigh muscles in the study.1 Other muscle groups play a role in maintaining the knee joints as well.

General Care of the Knees

Knee pain does not have to be an inevitable part of aging. I want to talk about some general tips for keeping your knees healthy, and then we’ll move on to a special knee-strengthening exercise that you can do right in your home.

  • Keeping your hip and bottom muscles (the “glutes”) strong helps keep the pelvis at the proper angle. Strong bottom muscles align the hips and thigh bones (femurs), which in turn keeps the knee joints in proper alignment.
  • Stretching is also important, because it keeps muscles limber and flexible. Muscles that are rigid can pull joints out of alignment, but supple muscles hold your skeleton in proper form and help absorb shocks.

    In our modern world, excessive sitting has become quite a health hazard. With regard to the knees, sitting weakens the outer hip and leg muscles while tightening up the inner thighs and groin muscles, creating imbalance. The knee, of course, is one of the main joints that suffer when this happens. Stretching the inner thighs and groin muscles helps even out the imbalance, especially when combined with strengthening the outer hip and leg muscles.

  • Strengthening your core muscles also improves your knees’ integrity. It may seem odd that abdominal muscles would affect your knees, but they do. You see, when your abs are weak, your pelvis tends to tilt forward, creating a “sway back.” Strong abs “tuck” your tummy in and pull the bottom of your pelvis forward. Once again, it’s all about alignment; you can’t have healthy knee joints if the rest of your body knocks them off-balance.

And now I want to share with you an easy exercise to prevent knee aches and pains:

The Knee Curl

  1. Stand and hold onto the back of a chair.
  2. Lift your right leg straight out behind you, without pointing your toes.
  3. Bring your heel toward your buttocks as far as you can by bending your knee. Don’t move your hips, and keep the leg you’re standing on
  4. slightly bent. Hold for one second, then lower to the floor.
  5. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times.
  6. Switch legs and do 10 to 15 curls with the left leg. Then perform another 10 to 15 curls with your right leg. Finish by doing 10 to 15 curls with your left leg.

I chose this exercise not only because it is geared toward the knees, but also because it is typical of the moves you’ll find in the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System.

You see, Densercise™ is designed with knee pain prevention in mind. You’ll find exercises that strengthen the thighs, core muscles, and knees without hard impact, such as:

  • Step Up
  • Side Lunge
  • Chair Dips
  • Wall Squats
  • Heel Lift
  • Chair Knee Lift
  • Mountain Pose to Chair Pose
  • and Many More!

As the name implies, Densercise™ was developed to increase bone density. This makes the program unique and very effective. And it gets better: to obtain the full benefits of Densercise™, you only need to do the exercises three times a week for just 15 minutes. You can do it right in your home – no special equipment necessary!

Now is the perfect time to get started to help offset the effects of holiday stress, lack of exercise due to cold weather, and holiday food “indulgences.” I hope you’ll consider adding the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System to your list of year-end resolutions before the year ends!

Till next time,


1 Segal, Neil A., et al. “Effect of Thigh Strength on Incident Radiographic and Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis in a Longitudinal Cohort.” Arthritis Care & Research. August 27, 2009 (DOI 10.1002/art 24541). Web.

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  1. Lyn

    Hello Vivian
    I am writing to you from Adelaide, Australia. I have osteoporosis and I am about to see a specialist to tell me why I should take Fosamex and how I can, without damaging my jaw and $15,000 worth of Dental Treatment! And I have found your programme. I have started doing Densercise 3 times per week, downloaded stop the bone theives and am waiting for the programme to arrive. I also walk on a treadmill and do a combination ofJoey Atlas and Belinda Benn’s cellulite stretches. Is there a number of times I should be walking on the treadmill weekly? Thankyou so much for all your information.

  2. anabella c david

    can u give me the right exercise for my wrist, because of lifting heavy things, my wrist aches.tnx & more power

    • Betty

      I broke my wrist 5 yrs ago and did all my own rehab. The Dr gave me exercises and I did them 3-5 times a day and have no trouble. But I do still do them once a week to maintain
      Put your elbow on the table make a fist, very important, with your other hand pull down as far as you can and hold. Then pull back, toward your arm the same way. Do this 10 times as many times a day as you like

  3. Jay Pither

    I have had chronic low back pain for years and have had a positive result from continual exercise. However, recently I have bought a pair of MBT trainers [similar to Fitflops – don’t know if the latter would have the same effect] – I only wear them around the house and when actually walking in fine, dry weather – but my back has improved enormously. From this it would seem attention to posture might be a good road to take. Very many thanks Vivienne for all your research and input – i have been following you for years after being prescribed Alendronic Acid [generic Fosamax] and my digestive problems and concern subsequent to taking this once a week supplement were discounted – I was told this couldn’t possibly be due to this acid. That I have had no further problems since taking my own path – with your help – tells its own story and I am sooooo grateful. I follow a largely vegetarian/fruit/nuts/seeds diet, though not slavishly, and this seems to suit me well.
    All the best
    Jay [UK]

  4. Marlena Santoyo

    As a woman of 75 years, who does water aerobics walks and is an appropriate weight, I’d like to know after having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel, what supplements and the specific amounts and how often I/we should be taking daily. Thank you

  5. MESS

    I am 63 years old. was taking Fosamax about 3 to 4 years when I was 57 then the doctor made me stop them because I had stomach problems with polyps. They had to remove the big one but I still have the other two.They gave me injections every three months for one year but my oteoporosis remained the same no change whatsoever. It even became just a little bit worse.
    I have been now following a special diet based on your save our bones diet books and exercises and will take the test in about end of December. I am anxious to see if there will be any difference and I will inform you. My question is if rope skipping helps osteoporosis as I am doing it now for a month, every night about 20 jumps. Waiting for your reply. Thanks Mess

    • Jeannette

      You can try terramin clay, also called red desert clay. The astronauts used this to keep their bones strong while in space. It is available at

  6. Elaine

    Thanks so much for this exercise and your explanation – I think it is an additional one that I need. I have been doing your Densercise program since February and I like the variety in exercises and how it is built to go at one’s own level, but always increasing regardless of one’s current level. Thank you so much, Vivian, for all your research and what you are doing.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Elaine!

  7. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You Very Much For Showing Us How To Do The Exercises That Will Help Keep Our Knees In Good Health, And All The Other Things You Do, As Well.


  8. catherine

    A big thank you Vivian for creating this beautiful cook book and the extra supplements, they have arrived extremely quickly to me here in Cheshire, UK. I will be sharing these gorgeous recipes with my sister, also following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program who is on holiday here from France. Catherine

  9. Betty

    Glad to receive the info about knee exercises. Thanks for providing a diverse coverage of elements that affect our bone/body health.

  10. Sally

    I am on 40mg of omeprazole per day for life as I have Barrett’s eosophagus. I have read that this drug can interfere with the absorption of calcium. Can you advise me on how I can counteract this to keep my osteopenia from getting worse?
    I have just ordered your save our bones and cookery book.
    Thank you for your help?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re right, Sally – Prilosec (omeprazole) does interfere with the absorption of many bone-healthy nutrients, including calcium, because sufficient stomach acid is required for the proper uptake of these nutrients. But let me share something with you – many in the Save Our Bones community have sent me e-mails celebrating the fact that, by following the Program, they have gotten rid of acid reflux (this is often a precursor to Barrett’s esophagus). 🙂

    • Christine

      Hi Sally, I am from the UK and I was told that calcium citrate was the type of calcium to use with omeprazole as it does not require an acid medium for absorption. Check it out though.

  11. Nancy Burnham

    Just wondering if you new cookbook has been mailed yet. I getting anxious to receive it!!

    • Nancy Burnham

      I just got a confirmation that the Library Of Wellness order had been shipped. It only shows one book and I order the second copy. Can you check in to this?


      • Customer Support

        Nancy, please drop us a line at, and we’ll be glad to look into this for you!

  12. Crete

    Thanks for the knee exercises Vivian. They have come at just the right time for me. I have had a knee problem on the right leg for two years, and have just this week started a knee problem on the left! Due to a knock against something. Pain is increasing – will start exercises right away. Thanks for caring about us – Crete

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I hope your pain improves very soon, Crete! It’s so hard to move when you hurt.

  13. Reina

    Thank you. You’re a blessing. Reina

  14. Nu Ly

    Can you do me a favor for me? make a copy of The Densercise eBook System send
    to me, I don’t mind how much do you charge , I don’t learn much about computer,
    I always ask someone to help, it is inconvenient for me. Recently, I am busy to see the doctor for Acupuncture, no medicine, but wait for long time. thank you.

    • Customer Support

      I am sorry, Nu Ly, but Densercise only comes in the digital version! Some of our US customers have had luck sending the Densercise links to their local office supply store (like Kinkos or Office Max) where they’ll print it for just a few cents a page. 🙂

  15. Christine

    Thank you so much Vivian for the knee strengthening programme. In general osteoporosis does affect the older person who also has other age related problems and knee pain is one of them. Keep up the good work as we in the UK have nothing to match your website regarding exercises. Even the National Osteoporosis Society does not have an exercise programme which is so badly needed.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s wonderful to hear, Christine! 🙂

  16. rosanna

    my dear Vivian, as akways your advices are gold, I am 80, have been on dialise 10 years, for the last 2 half years VERY low diastolic BP, arthritis, osteoporosis plus plus, BUT reading your info. HELPs a lot.
    This morning I received shocking news from a friend: her 13 yrs.old son, has the worst type of scholiosis, he has to wear special type corset, cannot be operated because too young. What advice can you give, regarding diet.
    i would be most grateful to know (at the hospital “vit. d,
    Many thanks

    • Elaine

      Another method by a woman who studied under the man who discovered Feldenkrais Movements is Anat Baniel. She has developed her work further and has exercises for Scoliois. You can also look for a practioner on her web site. If you can’t find a practitioner who does Feldenkrais movements see the Anat Baniel method at I am doing her exercises on one day and the Densercise the opposite day.

    • Kathy

      Feldenkrais Movements have been known to help and actually reverse scoliosis .Check for local practioners in your area.

      • peggy pennington

        There is also a protocol for scoliosis developed by Young Living Therapeutic
        Essential Oils. It is called the Raindrop Technique. A friend of mine had a
        very bad case of scoliosis and was going to acupuncture and chiropractic every week for a long time. She had the Raindrop Technique and had immediate pain relief and gradually her spine became straighter.
        Find someone in your area or contact

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