Don't Skip The Stairs: How Basic Daily Physical Activities Build Bone And Prevent Fracture - Save Our Bones

A new study has revealed the profound significance of daily physical activities for bone health and fracture prevention. The findings will make perfect sense to Savers who are familiar with Wolff's Law, which describes how bone tissue responds to mechanical load.

In this article, we'll explore the specifics of the study and why its findings are significant in the global fight to reduce femur fractures. Fortunately, the lessons of the study are ones you can apply directly to your life, starting right now.

A Model Of Femoral Architecture And Loss

Two researchers at the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom have published a paper demonstrating how changes in daily physical activities impact femoral architecture and fracture risk.

The authors previously created a computational model of the impact of daily physical activities on the architecture of the femur. They included daily physical activities such as walking, standing up from a sitting position, and climbing stairs.

The researchers used this model to assess the impact of ceasing these activities. According to Wolff's Law, the daily use of our bones shapes them. Therefore, if we suddenly stop those activities, our bones would lose the mass required to safely conduct those activities.

The results of the computation showed that exact result. When activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and standing up from sitting were removed from the model, the algorithm showed a loss of bone mass in the femur.1


Researchers in the UK constructed a computational model of how daily physical activities impact the architecture of the femur. They used their algorithm to model the effect on the femur of ceasing those daily activities and found that it resulted in bone loss.

Femur Failure

The loss of bone mass makes bones more susceptible to fractures. The authors of this study used their computational model to predict the exact relationship between bone loss and reduction in the failure load of the femur. Failure load is the amount of force required to break a bone.

The researchers ran their simulations on side fall fractures. They found that bone volume and failure load were reduced in all cases of activity cessation, regardless of which activity was ceased.1

Another study, published in The Orthopaedic Forum, estimated the worldwide annual femur fracture incidence at between 1.0 and 2.9 million. This figure illustrates the global impact of femur fractures on people's lives and on the healthcare systems that support them.2


The study found that any cessation of regular physical activities reduced bone volume and failure load, which is the amount of load that will cause a bone to break. Another study calculated that worldwide there are between one and three million femur fractures each year.

The Actions Of Youth Perpetuate Strength

The basic actions studied by the authors of the first study, such as walking and climbing stairs, are everyday activities for able-bodied young people.

They noted in their study that older people will sometimes reduce or cease daily physical activities, including those, out of fear of falls and fractures. However, their study shows that cessation is a mistake because these activities in fact reduce fracture risk.

By continuing to engage in basic physical activities we maintain the ability to perform them and prevent fractures in the event of a fall or other trauma. The study authors concluded their report with the following passage.

“It is interesting to note that the physical activities involved in the daily routine of a young healthy adult are thought to reduce fracture risks by improving muscle strength and flexibility, balance and reaction time, and thus decreasing the risk of falling itself, as well as the force associated with the impact. Overall, this study yielded strong indications that this type of physical activity also provides a substantial protection against bone loss, thereby maintaining a higher fracture load under side fall.”1

Everyday physical activities help to maintain a base level of bone strength and reduce fracture risk. Taking the next step and adding additional physical activities– such as a workout routine, a yoga class, or another targeted exercise– builds even stronger bones and helps you to prevent and reverse osteoporosis when practiced alongside a pH-balanced diet and a bone-healthy lifestyle.


Continuing the daily physical activities that are typical for younger people maintains bone strength in older people. Those activities build bone and help prevent fracture. Adding additional, targeted exercises furthers these benefits.

What This Means To You

Stay active. Physical activity keeps our bodies strong and allows us to maintain our independence.

The Save Institute created SaveTrainer so that Savers could take simple and effective steps to build bone and maintain lifelong physical function through regular physical activity. SaveTrainer is a digital video workout platform offering a wide range of exercises and physical practices led by professional trainers. With the ability to customize your workouts to your fitness level and goals, SaveTrainer provides what you need available anytime, anywhere.

Keep moving toward the life you want, and your momentum will carry you to a long and healthy future.




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