How I 'Grow' My Bone Health At Home And How You Can Too - Save Our Bones

What has five Foundation Supplements, bone-healthy antioxidants, smells and tastes delicious, is alkalizing, and you can grow it in a small pot? If you guessed basil, you're spot on!

I use fresh basil in as many dishes as possible and in salads as well – it’s a great way to “dress up” almost any dish. And if you’ve only used dried basil, you’re in for a treat! Fresh basil is a lot tastier and richer in nutrients than dried basil. That's why I grow it myself in a pot right on my patio.

I'll soon give you simple instructions, so you can do it yourself too. It’s so easy that you’ll always want to have a fresh supply of basil on hand.

Basil, the King of Herbs

Basil is native to India and Iran and has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years. The word basil comes from the Greek work basilikohn, which means king or royal. Basil was indeed considered a sacred herb in India; it was often planted around temples and “holy basil” is still featured in many Indian wedding and funeral ceremonies.

Basil is actually related to peppermint, and the plants have a similar appearance.

Full of Bone Healthy Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, basil is rich in bone healthy Foundation Supplements:

  • Vitamin K – Basil is an excellent source of this important nutrient; just two teaspoons of chopped basil provide 60 percent of your daily requirement. Vitamin K is related to osteocalcin or bone Gla protein, a calcium binding protein that is synthesized by osteoblasts. It also works synergistically with vitamin D to regulate the production of osteoclasts, cells that remove old bone so that new bone can be deposited in its place.
  • Calcium – Two teaspoons of chopped basil provide over 60 mg of calcium. For more information about this essential Foundation Supplement, check out my free Ultimate Calcium Guide.
  • Manganese – A trace mineral necessary for the synthesis of connective tissue in cartilage and bone.
  • Magnesium – A critical supplement that works in close synergy with calcium and is involved in over 300 essential body reactions.
  • Vitamin C – A multi-tasking water-soluble vitamin/antioxidant that, among many other functions, is crucial for the production of collagen.

Basil is also a good source of potassium, an alkalizing mineral, and fiber. And its full of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. The unique strain of flavonoids in basil has been shown to provide protection against unwanted bacterial growth.

And last but not least, basil contains a substance called eugenol that acts as a COX-inhibitor. Studies have found it to rival NSAIDS in terms of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Growing Your Own Basil

As I mentioned earlier, I have basil growing on my patio and just grab a few leaves whenever I want to add them to a recipe. So much better than dried herbs!

The easiest way to get started is to buy a small basil plant from any nursery or home improvement store. Then it’s just a matter of nurturing the plant and transferring it to a larger pot as it grows. Here are the important considerations:

  • Basil likes sun, so find an area where your plant will get five or six hours of sunlight a day. If you’re keeping the plant indoors, place it on a windowsill or near a window and turn the plant regularly so that it gets exposed to sunlight evenly.
  • Don’t over water. Use just enough water so that the soil feels moist – too much water can damage the roots.
  • When your plant gets to be about six inches tall, pinch off the tips right above the leaves. This will encourage bushier growth.
  • Remove buds before they flower; otherwise, they’ll turn to seed.
  • Harvest single leaves rather than the paired ones.
  • When your plant gets too large for its container, transfer it to a larger pot, making sure to good organic soil and, if necessary, some organic fertilizer.
  • That’s about all you need to know! If you’re adventurous and want to try growing basil from seeds, you should be able to get advice at any nursery.
  • And here’s a little secret and added benefit to growing basil in your patio or backyard: it’s an effective – and deliciously fragrant – natural mosquito repellent.

Basil Tips

  • Puree or chop fresh basil and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Then, whenever you want the goodness of fresh basil, just drop a cube or two into your recipe.
  • If you buy fresh basil, make sure the leaves are a rich, deep green.
  • To maintain its freshness, basil should be wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel and refrigerated.
  • To maintain the maximum flavor and nutrition, add basil toward the end of the cooking process.
  • For a healthy, dairy-free pesto, mix fresh chopped basil and minced garlic with olive oil. Absolutely yummy on pasta or salmon!

And for a refreshing summer treat, try my delicious and alkalizing Green Goddess Salad.

Green Goddess Salad


2 Servings

1 pound asparagus, steamed
11/2 cups tomatoes, cubed

1 ripe avocado, cubed

1 cup basil leaves, chopped

1/4 cup walnuts, chopped
Feta cheese, sprinkled sparingly (optional)


1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons lemon juice


1. In large bowl, mix all ingredients
2. Stir in the olive oil and lemon juice

3. Sprinkle sea salt and pepper to taste

Enjoy in good health!

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  1. Jan Anderson

    I received the Osteoporosis Reversal Program book this week. It is interesting and informative.

  2. Deborah McKinney

    After being diagnosed with osteoporosis in ’06, the 1 medication that we decided would work best for me without side effects found in Fosomax & others containing the same ingredients, is the EVISTA. I’ve been on Evista for nearly 4 yrs. now. What do you think about this? But, I do incorporate as many other methods of building bone loss as I can. My calcium levels have been good on my blood work the past several times.

  3. Ruby Shedlock

    Thanks for the information about basil. I have a plant and so far have been drying it in the microwave and freezing some in a plastic bag. I will try the ice cube and also eat it fresh.

  4. juvy

    Dearest Vivian,

    Thank you I will surely try your Green Goddess Salads.

    I will have a happy eating, hi hi hi

    Wish you were here, bye for now


  5. Maria Castle

    What can you tell me about bisphosphonate
    (Reclast) yearly infusions for treating severe

  6. dona

    for sheba bunting.try this for vertigo.sit in the middle of the side of the bed.for the right ear.turn head 45degrees to the left fall over to the right wait 2to 3 min.with head still at not move head from this position.then fall to theleft in one movement.again wait 2 to 3 min. without moving your head.with head still at 45 deg.swing yourself up to middle position again movement must be done quickly..repeat for left ear turning head the right move quickly to the right ,then right over to the left then back up to middle pausing for 2 to 3 min as for right ear,,make sure you cant hit your head on anything when you may have to repeat this but it works..dona

  7. Milana

    Thanks Vivian for all the valuable information! I was taking Fosamax for about 7 months and developed severe lower back pain. It was so bad that I could not get up from my bed, I had to slide down. So, I decided to stop taking Fosamax, and in few days my back pain was gone. This is how I know it was caused by the Fosamax. I came across several articles from others that had the same experience with the same type of medications. I missed the 50% sale of your book. Would you have it some other time? I value the information in your book, just can’t afford it now. I greatly appreciate the helpful tips and information in your articles. So much to learn and use! I am going to get a basil plant, did’t know it is so rich in nutrients. Thanks again! Hope to get your book!.

  8. Joan

    O by the way Vivian got one of your recipe breakfast ready for morning looking forward to it, Farmers Market Cereal, a great start to my day yummy

  9. Joan

    Hi Vivian,your book has arrived got it so quick looking forward to getting started one guestion.I am only a size 10 any advice to keep to that size as i dont want to go under that I am even trying to put on a bit more i cant see this diet putting on any weight so i certainly dont want to loose any happy days for me thanks.

  10. Lois Rappaport

    Hi Vivian

    My basil plant is growing like crazy and so now I will have a green goddess salad for lunch
    today and again later this week, I had just dried some basil in my micro wave this am as it is
    getting large. Thanks;now I will use it more. THANKS for All you Do.

  11. Mary

    I had my doctor appointment yesterday for the check up on the ulcer and he was going to perscribe something for osteo or talk to me about possible treatments. He asked me how the celebrex was working for me.. I told him that I didn’t take it. I told him I was exercising daily and that was helping me with pain. I told him I looked up osteo exercises on the net, bookmarked them and do them daily, ride the bike, watch the diet and follow guidelines from Save Our Bones…

    My doctor is not one to pass out compliments but he was impressed with me doing what I am doing and told me not to take the Celebrex and that if I had a flair up, to buy Chrondroitin..but only with a flair up…I take MSM regularly which helps me greatly as does the exercising..No more mention of me taking osteo drugs, much to my relief….

    Buying the Save Our Bones book was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself…I refer to the book all the time and look forward to all the emails…

    Thank you, Vivian..


  12. Elaine Schaeffer

    Thank you, I will try the basil plant. I like basil and i tend to over water. I seen a small self water bulb. Will try this and see it I can keep it going.

  13. Nu Ly

    I have ordered your den sell already, it all
    include the books as your video, but I still have not received yet. Thank you.

    Thank you for the receipe on basil. I love basil, I only eat it on occasion, now, I should
    eat it more often.

  14. gloria

    I love basil and think I’ll buy a plant. Thank you Vivian, for the instructions.

  15. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian;

    Thanks for the information on basil, and I will use more of it now. Really like your book
    which I just received. Keep up your helpful

  16. Irma

    Hi Vivian; thank you for the good information about Basil and its nutrition.
    My regards,

  17. Sue

    Thank you for the information on basil. I do grow a pot of it on my deck but have only used it in spaghetti sauce I make. I will now eat more fresh basil in salads and other dishes. Didn’t know it was so nutritious and bone healthy! Keep the emails and advice coming!

  18. Jill Adriance

    I am so frustrated that I missed your ‘scratch and dent’ sale…if you have any more, please reserve one for me–I have been down with the flu and was not checking my e-mail. I desperately need your information as I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the right hip and osteopenia in the left hip and I do NOT want to rely on medication. I appreciate your e-mail information so very much! Thank You!! Jill

  19. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,



    LOVE, MS. L.

  20. elle

    I was out of town, in ft. lauderdale, near you Vivian so I missed your scratch and dent books. If you have anymore I will buy it today. Thank You Elle

  21. Joyce Hall

    Vivian, thanks for sharing, I didn’t know Basil was so very healthy. So full of vitamins&minerals

    I love basil. I eat it by the leaf or sometimes as an appetizer or for my lunch.
    I take two or three fresh picked basil leaves. A slice of tomato, a slice of vidalia onion, a slice of mozzarella cheese.
    Sprinkle with Organic No-salt seasoning. I also serve a plate of sliced veggies: mushrooms, cuccumbers, squash,these are good to eat or serve on basil too.

    I make a yogurt dripping sauce to go on top
    1c non fat plain yogurt
    1/4cfreshmint, pinch of nutmeg,tarragon and tsp lemon juice
    mix and serve with basil and sliced veggies. VIvian, I’ve been Saving My Bones about six months with your program. I will have another scan in Dec. to see the improvement. I can feel a difference in the last three to four weeks. So I believe it works and I need to stick to the program. Thanks and God bless you for all you do for women needing to know the truth! It works!

  22. Kelsey Fickling

    Hello Vivian, Thanks for the GREEN GODDESS SALAD- I do grow quite a few herbs in an old wheelbarrow in full sun – but unless I’m doing pasta I seldom use Basil – what a great herb!!! I’m soon going for another Bone Density Scan – all my blood tests are good – so here is hoping (and praying) my bones are growing stronger – I feel good – can’t believe in November I’ll be 80 years old – thanks for all your work Vivian – Many Blessings, Kelsey. (Australia).

  23. Dorothy B, Cooper

    Dear Vivian,

    I have been on the “Osteoporosis Reversal Program”, since August 2010. I find the program very easy to follow. Also, I have lost 12 pounds, and weigh 115. I am 5’3″, and 115 pounds was my normal weight for many years.

    When I went for my annual check-up this year, my doctor looked at my weight, and ask “what is going on with you”. I told him about the “Osteoporosis Reversal Program”, and he was very interested.

    I took Fosamax from the day it went on the market. After the reports of it causing dangerous side effects, my doctor took me off immediately in March 2010. I had a bone density in 2010, and it was still in the very low level, which has been the case for many years. I am not scheduled for another test until next year, since Medicare only pays for it every two years.

    Thank you for your wonderful updates. I’m not on facebook, so I am glad I could respond this time.

    Thank you

  24. Carol Cook

    I grow basil every year and love it in salads. Been growing slowly this year because of cold and late rain. Will be sure to use as much as possible this summer!

  25. Heather Gale

    Brilliant post
    I can never get basil to grow though

  26. Karen

    I’d like to hear from those of you who have been on this diet for a year or more and have had a recent bone density test with positive results. I’ve been on it for over a year and had mixed results. Just curious.

    • Kelsey Fickling

      Hello, My 2nd bone density scan showed slightly more bone loss – and I was disappointed, but my Doctor said it was so slight a change and that it surely would have been worse if I was not “working on it”. I’m looking forward to my next scan and praying for a great result – do the best you can and try not to be anxious – anxiety is a bone destroyer!!! Best wishes and many Blessings, Kelsey Fickling, Australia.

  27. Mary

    That sounds like my kind of salad…TY!!!

  28. Rita Black UK

    Thank you Vivian.
    I love basil and grow it on a sunny windowsill. Is the one on your patio called” Sweet Bush Basil” in the UK? I tried the basil sold in supermarkets here and it curled up its leaves and died in my Patio raised bed!
    I still await a reply to my question re how to buy ORGANIC CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS in UK.
    Perhaps another kindly UK member of our community might spot this comment and help.
    Best regards
    Rita Black

    • Giovanna

      Hi Rita
      I live in the UK too and cannot find the vitamins & mineral supplements that Vivian reccommends, I mean in those quantities and containing no addictives (aspartame etc) or other harmful colourants and caking agents. Have you found any? Please everyone, can you share where to buy the right supplements perhaps from a website online? At the moment I am only taking Vitamin D3 and Algea calcium, separately, but I need all the others reccommended by Vivian.
      Thank you and best wishes to all with Vivian’s fantastic programme!

    • Carole

      Hello Rita,
      I Googled AlgaeCal and sent for it to the U.S.A.
      This is the one Vivian recommends. Best of luck, Carole

    • Kelsey Fickling

      Hello Rita, I’m in Australia – and I use an organic Natural Calcium. The company is LIFESTREAM – it comes from a pure sea-vegetable. Lifestream International Ltd. Website: – it is a powder – I put it in with my morning cereal – but you can cook with it – nursing mothers can take it- and children can have it – it is a great product – my Doctor was surprised when he looked it up and found it to be an excellant source of calcium with essential co-factors zinc,magnesium,selenium,and boron. I hope you can find it in England too. Blessings, Kelsey Fickling. (Australia)

    • Debra

      You may want to look at Dr. Christopher’s natural, plant based calcium. I use the liquid form, but it also comes in capsules.

    • Tillie Berger

      Hi, I found you Vivian while searching on a new medicine my doctor suggested that I use. It is Calcitonin-Salmon nasal spray. I also take Raw Calcium -1200 a day and the calcium in the womens one a day which is 1200. I also use a zooma worldwide packet that I put in my water bottle. Contains Highly active calcium -947 mg.Magnesium -34 mg. & trace minerals 14 mg. l-ascorbic acid -5mg. the product is called xtreme 20. I ;have used this for about 2 yrs. My dexa-scan reads -3.2 and has been this way for at least 5 yrs. I do have osteo.-4 vertabrae and lower back and a slight trace in my left hip. I am going to start low exercise today as previousely my back doctor said no. I walk 3 miles a day. For the last 2 yrs I have taken shots in my lower back for pain. And lastbut not least I took that horribele lFosamax for 10 yrs. and I feel this is what caused my problem. Thank God I had no after effects when taking this horrible medicine -found out later about. I would welcome any suggestion that you might have. Also I drink Zango a mangostese supplement for inflamation. Please reply-I also ordered your book on Saturday-looking forward to reading this good stuff.Thanks -Tillie

      • Linda T

        It sounds like you’re taking way too much calcium. You can look up some of Vivian’s older posts about how much to take.

  29. margarita Rodriguez

    Hi Vivian and the Universe blessing your mind for all the duties you do.

    I have basil plants in my garden, also lemon grass, bananasm etc. I am starting to plant more and remember your knowledge. Thanks Margarita Rodriguez from Sydney my warm regards.

  30. Avis Mawson

    I had a bad fall this past week, scraped my knee and my elbow, have a few painful ribs but lo and behold no broken bones. I broke my femur in 2008 and after trying the Doctor’s prescribed drugs, fosamax etc. which all made me ill I have tried to follow your program and I do believe it’s working. Thanks Vivian

  31. Annie

    Thanks Vivian, I love Basil, BUT:

    I see that Vit K is in Basil, but I get leg cramps from K2 or any K..
    Would you or anyone know why?
    I try to avoid foods that have K, even my organic greens for salad that I grow..

    Thanks you..

  32. Cathy Court

    Thank you for all your encouraging and positive tips, Vivian. It’s great to hear about the nutrients in basil. I have it growing on my window-sill and am enjoying the leaves in salads. I often just nibble a leaf in passing as well.

    • Suzanne Law

      Try your basil on a sandwich in place of lettuce. Very tasty!

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