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As part of the Save Our Bones community, you may have already heard me speak of the late Dr. Robert Salter and how I was honored to have received his enthusiastic endorsement of my work.

To this day, I’m convinced that it’s his endorsement that continues to encourage doctors and scientists in the mainstream to come over to “our side” and embrace the truth about osteoporosis.

I say this because Dr. Salter was a giant in the field of Orthopedic surgery. He literally “wrote the book” on that subject. His “Textbook of Disorders and Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System” is used in medical schools around the world and has been translated into six languages.

So I am really humbled to say that I truly considered him a friend and mentor.

Today, I wish to share with you an easy-to-make recipe that my dear friend Robina, the wife of Dr. Salter, gave me not too long ago.

A Cool Bone-Smart Treat

It’s getting hot outside. As the mercury rises, so does our appetite for cool and creamy treats. If you’re on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you know that regular ice cream is not the preferred choice, since it contains milk.

But really caring about your bones doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the cool goodness of ice cream, especially in the summer.

Here’s the recipe:

Summer Day Delight

4 servings


• 4 very ripe bananas
• 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa (optional)
• 2 tablespoons maple syrup
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Beat all the ingredients just enough to blend together.

2. Freeze for 1 to 11/2 hours before serving.

3. Garnish with fresh strawberries or your favorite berries.


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  1. doris

    I use rice milk which has a slightly sweet taste to it and Greek yogurt (0% fat) is great to mix with fruit.

  2. helen singalawa timoteo garcia

    thank you for the ice cream reciept

  3. Mar

    I disagree with your assumptions regarding rock, movie and sports stars. I’ve worked in the Entertainment Industry and with Professional Athletes for 20 years and they certainly don’t have all the answers and a big majority of them are narcisstic, self-indulgent, and exhibit very poor judgement and behavior in their careers and especially after their careers are over. Money only affords them easy ways out of situations that the rest of us have to work through and struggle on a daily basis with. I am shocked that you would use them as your examples as people we all want to emulate.
    Why not make an example of teachers or nurses? This is exactly what has gone so terribly wrong in society is that we hold these people up as role models and when they crash and burn it is the “whoa is me” syndrome over and over again!!
    These people are extremely demanding and have not a 2nd thought about treating others as “less than!”
    So in conclusion, please try not to reference this part of society that is use to being catered to and has so much more access to extraordinary healthcare. They have access to top notch doctors from all over the world and jets to fly them to get this help……..and “we” look up to that? Count me out on being part of this dynamic. I guess I’m somewhat jaded as I’ve been up close and personal to this “imaginary” world!

    • Kimberly Heimerl

      Hi, Mar! I am not sure where you got the rock (etc.) star comment from as I could not find it in this article. Your frustration with that lifestyle sounds very real and warranted. However, there are good and bad apples in every profession, including nurses and teachers. The trick is to look for good qualities in people and learn from them.

  4. Jo Lynne

    I have been making “ice cream” with frozen bananas for years. I found the best technique is to use a food processor rather than a blender. I put about 2 cups of vanilla flavor soy or almond milk in first (about 1/2″ deep in the processor). Then a teaspoon of vanilla and 6-7 frozen bananas. (I simply peel the banans and pack them whole into gallon zip lock bags. Then cut them into 1″ chunks when I use them.) I process it until there are no chunks of banana and it is very creamy. It is about like soft serve ice cream. Sometimes I throw in a cup of frozen berries at the end, or just stir in some fresh ones as I serve it. (If I use strawberries I add a couple tablespoons of orange juice concentrate. It really kicks up the strawberry flavor and you don’t notice it at all.) This makes enough for 6 8oz glasses of “ice cream” and tastes heavenly. We contact our local grocery and ask them for overripe bananas. They need to be speckled when they are frozen in order to taste right. They call us when they have a 40# box of them and we froze a whole box yesterday that we got for $8.00. You might want to try that. Saves a lot of money.

  5. Gail

    Love receiving all the info Vivian.. But am curious, where does one find your reply’s to these many questions? I too have had questions in the past, but no response by you.. Been a faithful follower of yours for 4 years now… Need to scehedule another Nexia screening but am optomistic it will have improved. Like many others, 20/80 at every meal is quite a challenge, but my diet is much higher in the alkaline than acid. Hope it’s enough to improve the bone density. Also have been using E-Zorb Calcium 4 several months which I believe will add to needed bone density as well. Will let you all know how the Nexia screening goes… Gail

  6. Brenda

    just wondering i take clacium with magneium and 600 iu of d3 also in my multi there is 600 ius of d3 the dr decided to check my d levels and they show to be low, now he wants me to take 1000 of vitamin d no d3 or d2 i am very confused, what is your endput much appreciated Brensa

  7. Sue

    I use frozen fruit and coconut milk to make delicious ice cream. To the woman who asked about her diabetic husband, you can use stevia to sweeten the ice cream, or you can try a little coconut nectar (made by Coconut Secrets) the glycemic load is very low on that. However, I find that I don’t need to sweeten the ice cream if I use berries. Frozen peaches are wonderful too! But my favorite is mixing frozen organic strawberries with frozen bananas.

  8. doris

    Keep a sliced banana in the freezer. Add to a can of unsweetened crushed pineapple and blend. It makes an instant sherbet. Put back into the freezer if you want it more solid but I bet you’ll eat it right away.
    Will try the ice cream ASAP. Thank you.

  9. Carol Hayes

    This is really a question. 1.To follow the 80/20 program, does it all have to be at one meal. Can you eat an acid breakfast and then all alkaline lunch ? What should you do if you have indigestion- gas or diarreha from the fruits and veggies? 3. Mustard appears twice once as acid and once as alkaline. Which is it? Thanks for the information. Carol

  10. Marion

    Does going gluten free help the absorption of calcium and vitamin D?

    • LynnCS

      Everything I read tells me that being gluten free helps with absorbtion of all nutrients. I feel so much better gluten free. Helps unglue the brain too. lol!

  11. Ellie Kaminetsky

    Hi Vivian, thanks for your caring. Would you have any ice cream recipe that would be ok for my diabetic husband to have also.
    keep well

    • LynnCS

      Elle…An all fruits and vegis diet seems to be reversing a lot of peoples diabetes while they lose weight with reasonable exercising. Try some frozen banana, frozen mango and an orange in the Vitamix. No need to refreeze or add any syrup or sugars.

      Doris…The pineapple sounds great. I will use fresh, but thanks for the great idea. Always good to get a new way to enjoy my daily fruit.

  12. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    This Was A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE! Thank You VERY MUCH For Sharing It With Us!

    Is Almond Milk A Good Replacement For Regular Milk?
    Also I Love Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Is There A Good Sharp Tasting Replacement For It, That Just As Satisfying?

    And How About Yogurt. Is That Bad For Your Bones Also, Because I Really LOVE Most Of The Flavors?

    Thank You Again!


  13. Kim


    I eat a lot!!! of natural fruits and wholesome all natural smoothies.
    I purchase a lot of Naked and Boathouse all natural smoothie drinks too which I still add berries or bananas on top of that.
    I’ll take vanilla yogurt, topped with natural black,red,strawberry or blue berries with almond slithers on top.
    I only use stevia as sweetener.
    I have a mixed portion of either dark chocolate raisins, cranberries, plums or acai berries into a nut mix salted wit sea salt setting own my counter as sugar snack.
    I have done, tried and liked your banana with fresh Amish peanut butter with no additive or sugar in the peanut butter to combat the cake crave.
    All of these life skills to combat satisfying that sweet need.
    But, I still struggle with wanting and wondering what are healthy sweets to eat… that are not bone or pancreas losses?

    I know, that manufactured high fructose corn syrup which is in every food item on the shelf!!! I also know that white sugars, brown sugar, sweet and low, splenda sugar substitutes are harmful junk to body systems.

    The question I always ask myself …just what is a healthy sweet treat for ice cream, brownies, chocolate chip cookies,pies or cheese cake? Is there an actually recipe book for all natural sweets or recipes to encoporate these cravings into? Please, don’t tell me fruits…for that’s already be over consumed in my diet…but it doesn’t answer those craving for healthy sweet treat that I want or need. I also know, that this excessive “bad” sugars which is just about in everything…does eventually kill.

    At least you’ve given me an alternative to fill that void for ice cream.
    Coming from you…I know this is a healthy ice cream alternative to craving and missing ice cream treats. Thanks!!!
    Kim Ohioan.

  14. Isabel

    Thank you for the ice cream recipe. I have a recipe using yoghurt instead of milk. Is this okay?

    • ThankfulX3

      My understanding is yes as long as you start with plain, unflavored yogurt with no additives…and stevia or honey would probably be your best choice to sweeten.


  15. Avis Mawson

    Thank you for the recipe for icecream. I shall certainly try it. Re the article on eyes I clicked on it but nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong???? Thanks Vivian.

  16. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian;

    Glad to have your emails and to read about others who are helping their bones.

    When I was put on Evista quite a few years ago, along with Actinol, it had me acting as I wouldn’t have otherwise. I blew up at my best friend, and I went back to the Dr. and told him the meds. were making me volatile. He said,”Oh, that would be the Evista” and discontinued it. Have been free of drugs for yrs. now and feeling well. Thankyou sincerely for all you do.


  17. Sue Mortson

    I just read the recipe for good ice cream for your bones. I think if you used frozen ripe bananas you might not have to freeze it. I’m going to try it that way–sounds good

  18. elle

    I bought Volcano Lemon Burst from Whole Foods using it when drinking my water every day instead of buying lemons to put in my glass of water. Its organic lemon juice and is a lot quicker than cutting up lemons everyday.
    Good idea?

  19. Janice Miller

    Hi Vivian,
    I want to known how much vit D to take with calcium. Is it necessary to take with calcium? Had blood work done and vit d number is 80. The doc wants me to quit taking vit d. I have osteoporosis and need the extra calcium. Don’t take prescribed drugs. Hope to hear from you for my doctor is driving crazy.
    Thanks for your great work

  20. Debbie

    Dear Vivian,

    I have been following some of your program for several years now. I was not strict with it, but did eat more greens, etc. Unfortunately I have developed diverticular disease and whenever I eat anything in the way of fresh vegetables or fruit I have too much trouble with my intestines to the point of bringing on a full blown diverticulitis attack. So I have had to go to a more low residue diet. My concern is that this will affect my bone health. I have even read that calcium is not that good for you. I take a small suppliment of it though. I have always exercised, and my bone density test did show some improvement last year. Any suggestions on how to still get the benefits of this program without eating all the raw foods suggested? Thank you.

    • Bev G

      Not a reply from Vivian, but a suggestion– try the Nutribullet- its one amazing little machine that completely liquifies any greens/veggies/seeds/nuts that you put into it. I’ve read that its much easier to digest and since liquified it may work for you. I bought one last week and have used it every day so far for at least one Nutribullet drink/day, sometimes 2. You will feel amazing! It can be purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, or from Hope this info helps! To your health!

  21. Rodney Hearth

    Is Pasteurized hermogenized Whole goats milk an acceptable alternative,

    Also is cold pressured fruit juice preserving acceptable.



  22. Jan Wood

    Dear Vivian

    I have purchased your book on Osteo and have been been receiving your emails for a few years now – both of which I have found helpful.

    I am wondering if you could help me – I take Evista as the Fosamax disagreed with my stomach and now have developed irritable bladder symptoms. I wonder if there is any connection. I also take calcium and Vitamin B supplements.

    Many thanks
    Jan Wood

    • Shirley

      Jan, read about Evista on page 58 of Vivian’s book.

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